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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  July 25, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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their body cam footage showing exactly what happened next. >> somebody's got to pull the baby out. >> grab the baby. i got it. i got it. i got the baby. i got the baby. >> hold up, hold up. okay. think about the emotions that were running high at that moment, but thanks to the heroic actions by the officer and bystanders. nobody was killed. the baby has a skull fracture and burns to her back and foot. the mother has a broken leg, but both are doing okay. the driver is facing a drunk driving and vehicular assault charge. more on this amazing story, ahead, we are approaching the top of the hour, you are
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watching "msnbc reports with yasmin vossoughian." high, everybody. if you are still with us. thanks for sticking around. if you're just joining us, welcome, take a seat. nancy pelosi drives the news today, like a boss. >> will you be reporting more repping like adam kinzinger? >> now it's official, the speaker adding adam kinzinger to an increasing january 6th committee, much to the annoyance of one of the republicans she will not seat. >> he claimed the reason she booted me was antics on the part of jim jod jordan and i. we were prepared to ask questions that no one else was asked. coming up.
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>> you could call him the pied piper of vaccine disinformation. "new york times" profiles a florida doctor that is response for more misinformation on the vaccine, that leads to things like this. >> what about the efficacy of the vaccine itself, among adults? >> why does it matter how many covid cases we have in this country? >> there's a lot of people giving you medical advice on television. you should ignore them. >> obviously we're not doctors. we're going to look at the disinformation and very late efforts by the republican in congress to try to convince their supporters to get a vaccine. a losing embattle so far. more on the amazing story from yonkers, freeing a baby. but we do want to start with the january 6th committee and its newest member. nancy pelosi teesed
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republican brings great patriotism to the mission to find the facts after pelosi rejected two of them. mccarthy expressed his anger over the kindsingser appointment, in part saying plodsi's rejection to serve on the committee and self-appointments of members who share her preconceived narrative will not used a serious investigation. the select committee is set to hold their first hearing tuesday. charlie, good to see you. major news today with the
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appointment of adam kinzinger. yesterday we were literally have this conversation with some guests i had on. at that point, we said, will it? won't -- won't it? now we have the answer to that. kinzinger releasing a statement. let me be clear. i'm a republican dedicated to conservative values. while this is not the position i expected to be in, when duty calls, i will always action. this requires a clear-eyed, nonpartisan approach. what is your reaction to this appointment? >> i think it's an excellent choice and bold move. nancy pelosi rejected the new normal that would allow the republicans to turn this investigation into a clown car, into a farce. it was an unprecedented move to reject two of the republican appointees, but i think nancy pelosi came to the conclusion that an active set decent aimed
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at overturning a presidential action required unprecedented action. you may disagree with cheney's and kinzinger's politics, but these two individuals are committed to finding the truth. i'm impressed by their guts and by their patriotism. i think it's a very -- it's a creative move by nancy pelosi to make this bipartisan, by naming two outspoken pro-democracy republicans. >> i wrote in this piece earlier this week about congressman jim jordan being, quote, a material witness, and potential co-conspirator. you write this -- mccarthy, who is himself a potential co-conspirator to the panel vasting the attack why do you think jordan should testify? who else would you like to see before the committee? >> i think any member in
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congress engaged in planning for the insurrection should be called at witnesses, or should be interviewed. we know that kevin mccarthy was on the phone with the former president during the insurrection. we need to know what was jim jordan's role along with the rest of the sedition caucus in encouraging this. look, you know, mccarthy's argument about this committee is, unless you have members of the sedition caucus who supported the big lie, then it's really not bipartisan. i think that that's the rejection -- i mean, pelosi's appointments are a rejection shun of that particular theory, that anyone who participated in this, encouraged this, was in contact with the people who organized this and pulled this off, should be brought in as witnesses. that was why somebody like a jim jordan, who is absurd in and of
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himself, but why he should immediately have been disqualified from serving. >> stick with me, charlie. i want to bring in michael steele, and contributing columnist to "the washington post" and msnbc analyst, donna edwards. michael, let me start with you. talk about this point of adam kinzinger. how do you think this is going to affect how the majority of republicans see this january 6th select committee, or will it? >> it will. first off, congratulations to adam. i appreciate his stepping up. i called for this appointment the day mccarthy said he was pulling all of the players off the field, so i'm glad to see this has pursued the court it should, with the outcome we need.
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number two, i think republicans are going to be of a split mind. the hard-core trumper types, this is a write-off, this is all politics, the big lie is the cause celeb. for the rest of us, wet to know exactly what happened. to charlie's point about being called will they actually come in called? to make sure they do testify. republicans are beating their breasts right now in texas, because, you know, when those democrats come bulk, we're going to arrest them, force them to pass this regressive voting bill.
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so i wonder just how much they're going to be applauding whether the speaker of the house calls for the sergeant-at-arms to arrest the minority lead tore come and testify. i think they'll be singing a different song when that shoes is on the other foot, to mix a metaphor. >> charlie, could you respond to that? do you think jordan would show up in fact to testify? >> i think they all in on fighting the trust. they do not want a fair investigation. they do not want awful facts to come out. they about beat their chests and finds all kinds of ways to obstruct this. you now the adage,ist not the crime, it's the cover-up?
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they're not even bothering to cover up. they're just try to go discredit it. >> there's two sides the way i see it. why this happens, making sure it never happens against, and then there's all the politics of it. speaking to that bublgt of this, who is this january 6th select committee for? >> well, it's for the american people. if you look at recent polls, it suggests a majority of americans, democrats, and independents, some republicans, really do believe there's more to be learned from the january 6th commission there is the slide of the american public that cares about democracy, and cares about whether we'll have a system in the future that can stand up to this kind of authoritarian move. so i think that there's a huge audience out there, and a desire
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among the american people to get to the truth. i think that nancy pelosi has done, you know, the kind of move she's done her entire career, which is to care about the country, and to put the country first. so i'm actually looking forward to hearing and listening to the testimony, but i speed a number of americans will be in tune as well to seek the truth. >> let's talk about infrastructure and voting rights as well, as michael steele talked a bit about with voting rights. that is, if we're talking about infrastructure, the president trying to get this deal across the finish line, has not been successful as of yesterday. it seems any moment, i believe earlier today, one of the networks, that it's going to happen, certainly soon. you have texas democrats camped
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out in washington, d.c. to make sure there's a national movement when it comes to voting rights. how do they stay focused on infrastructure and voting rights? >> i do believe the bipartisan infrastructure deal and climate change is going to happen. i think that democrats cannot go home without dealing with voting rights. this is fundamental it's a mortgage imperative, but also a political one. i've read the reports. you know, organizing, litigation, can only take you so far. we need a real change in the law to make sure that across the country, these laws that have been put into place, and the ones that are not very far
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behind don't ever really take hold so that voters are able to cast their votes freely and fairly. house democrats have actually done their work. it's on senate democrats to get the job done. >> potential governor michael steele, talk to me about this consideration in running for governor, and what is possibly -- i'm putting all of these words of couching what may or may not happen in my question. what is it that's inspiring you to enter the arena? >> for me it's all about service. it always has been. i think i've shown independence in thought and action, but
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there's a lot of recovery yet to come on the heels of covid, and not just in terms of health, but in terms of economies, how communities now come toes in texas, arizona, the voting space so i think particularly for likeminded republicans like myself how do we reset the national and the state conversation. >> that's what you kind of look at. michael steele i appreciate you joining me. coming up, "new york times" says he is responsible for more
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antivaccine information than -- >> he's not alone. a member of the disinformation dozen, who are spearheading the internet lies. spearheading the internet lies. >> they say i'm dangerous. people might die, because i'm a super spreader. of what? the truth? who am adangerous to? the cabal? i'm joined next for how these people are getting away with this. stay with us. are getting away h this stay with us appliance superste where we've got the best deals on refrigerators, microwaves, gas ranges and grills. and if you're looking for... ♪ ♪ experience, hyper performance that takes you further. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr financing on the all 2021 lexus hybrid models.
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so, of course, that's "the daily show" taking a humorous -- it's running rampened.
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platforms are inundated with altogether untrue posts. our next guest says we know exactly who to thank for this crisis, this disinformation dozen, let by jo coffee mercol amercola, a florida doctor, part of 12 online conspiracy theorists, who turn quite the profit by convincing people it's a hoax. their content accounts for, now, about 60% of the disinformation. emron, thank you for joining us on this. this piece was troubling but joseph mercola. he has made a lot of money, according to an affidavit filed back in 2017.
1:21 pm
his net worth right now is around $100 million, and some of his posts are able to stay up. how does this happen? >> well, i mean, all of his posts can stay up, because none of his 14 accounts on mainstream social media platforms have been deplatformed. it's extraordinary, even though the platforms themselves have said spreaders will have their accounts shut down. even though in the fast few weeks, he's used his instagram account to promote vitamin d, and prohad the his book, which recommends that acute -- he's managing to get away with it, despite building revenues of
1:22 pm
$7.2 million, he has 159 members and staff. extraordinarily, he received $600,000 in ppp loans, most of which have now been forgiven. he took out loans because of covid to undermine the -- >> 65% of the disinformation we see online is coming from 12 people. guys, let's bring up the list of the disinformation dozen. i want people to see these name names. if you come across information authored by these people, know it's not accurate. i think it's important to take note of these names. what is being done to stop the spread of disinformation? >> well, look, the disinformation dozen, the folks we identified as being the
1:23 pm
super-spreaders on social media, the 12 of them produce two out of three bits of every sing bit of misinformation share about covid or vaccines on social media. we know they are taking lives as a result of the information. it's exactly as the president said, as the attorney general said. misforms helps to misinform people, and misinformed people make bad decision about their safe, and by extension, safety of their families and loved ones and their communities. so misinformation is being spread at a rapid rate. sadly the platforms have not done much. they're really resistant to it. it's almost curious as to why, if we have done the hard work of i did fitting them, they have never pushed back on you're
1:24 pm
research. they have been told about it by many now, but they have not pushed back on the core findings. why on earth have they failed to take any action? >> so what is your organization doing to stop it? >> the center for countering digital hate, we were set up after the eu referendum in britain, in the mid of that, my colleague was assassinated by someone who is radicalized on the enter net. since then we've been studying how they use digital spaces to undermine democracy and enlightenment values. we disrupt the architecture, in part through exposure, in part through moral campaigning, asking the platforms not just to say they're going to do something about identify-based hate, misinformation. they always say they're going to do the right thing, but showing
1:25 pm
the gulf of their claims and their action. sometimes that works, but in the instant of the disinformation, this doesn't. only about 40% of total followers have been taken away by platform action. that's sort of a c-plus to me as a south asian boy, i always want to get an "a." >> thank you so much, ahmed. in the face of all that disinformation, an about-face for leaders who are now urging americans to get the covid vaccine. >> you do see about 95% to 98% of people in the hospital for people with covid are not vaccinated. i was ready to get the vaccine. >> these shots need to get in everybody's arms as rapidly as
1:26 pm
possible, or we'll be in a situation in the fall that we don't yearn for, that we went through last year. >> if you are fully vaccinated, the chance of you getting seriously ill or dieing from covid is effectively zero. >> so "the washington post" has an article that explains why republicans are becoming louder in their calls to get supporters vaccinated after months of resistance. mariana, thanks for joining us on this. i read an op-ed a few minutes ago from former white house press secretary sarah sanders, she got a vaccination, urging folks in arkansas, to go out and get this vaccine. she cited the trump family and said, listen, if they're getting it, and they feel good about getting it, then i feel good about getting it. you should necessarily feel good about getting it. are you surprised about this about-face from the republicans
1:27 pm
now, saying go out and getting this vaccine, being vocal about it? >> yeah, it's definitely been an amplification of voices. even the last several days, you had that highlight reel that's happened in the past week. you've heard especially mitch mcconnell kind of amplifying that message, but really hitting that tone this week, and it comes as many other house republicans are also start to go really tell their supporters, go get the vaccine, it's safe. it really comes at a time and what's motivating them is this delta variant is more contagious. it is really putting all of the unvaccinated people into the hospitals in a majority of republican states. as you heard mcconnell kind of imply there, there's also economic consequences to this. they don't really want to see any of that happen, but, you know, it's interesting, as you
1:28 pm
mentioned, whether this is a 180 recently, you still have a lot of house republicans who aren't vaccinated. cnn actually did a very herculean task of pinging every single office on capitol hill, and they were able to yea and nay, but for republicans less than a majority were actually vaccinated. there's still a number who aren't saying they are. they're saying it's a hipaa violation if anyone asks, but you are very much hearing people like steve slice, others really going, trying to go either post on social media, or when they're at home, just go get the vaccine. >> good reporting on this, thanks for joining us. i appreciate it. moments ago, everybody, at the white house, the president stepped off marine one and answered a question about a
1:29 pm
pathway to citizenship. take a listen. a pathway to citizenship take a listen. >> reporter: a pathway for citizenship. >> there needs to be a pathway. what it is remains to be seen. we'll see what action this spurs, of course, in congress, now that he's on the record with that. up next, a life-saving rescue. we'll show you the heroic saving of an infant after it was pinned under a car by a drunk driver. r. yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness, well done. ♪♪ things you start when you're 45. coaching. new workouts. and screening for colon cancer. yep. the american cancer society recommends screening
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welcome back. we want to show you some unbelievable video, captured by surveillance cameras in yonkers, new york. a speeding car loses control while rounding the corner. it first crashes into a parked car, then hit a mother, carrying her 6-month-old baby.
1:34 pm
it carries them as it crashes through the front of a barbershop. it's what happens nest that's truly amazing. richard llui has been covering this story for us. i want to tell, everybody, as you are explaining this, that everybody survived, thank god. walk us through what happened in this video. >> a lot of emotions coming together when we watch this video, but all said, just without on the story. >> a mom looks both ways in the intersection, it looks clear, they then begin to control, as you saw there. this is what happened. the video can be distressed. here it is. a blue hyundai, moving at what could be 15 to 30 hours or more. we slowed down parts of this for
1:35 pm
you. it makes that left turn, clips that market car. there you see the mom, she hears a noise, trying to run away. she could not escape. the car then hits the mom and her data, drags them crashing through the barbershop storefront. that's somewhat 20, 30 feet, right? >> oh, my god. >> this is what happens, yasmin. two yonkers officers next door, they rush over and they do this. >> we've got a baby under the vehicle. >> look on the, look out, we got it. somebody's got to pull the baby out.
1:36 pm
pull the baby out. >> okay. okay. grab the baby. >> come on, come on. >> i go the it. i got the baby. i got the baby. >> hold up, hold up. okay. okay. >> yasmin, just the expressions of you and me watching this, i didn't know what emotion to feel all at once, but the quote of this weekend has got to be, i got the baby. i got the baby. a couple things about what we saw here, by the way. one yonkers, the first officer, the majority of time, he did not hesitate. he did not stop throughout the win video. that's rocco fusco. the other is the mom sitting on the ground. she had to sit right there with burns and a broken femur, having
1:37 pm
to see her instant daughter stuck and crying. what was officer rocco fusco going through to try to lift that car? what was he thinking? what was he doing? here it is from his very own body cam. [ screaming ] >> somebody's got to pull the baby out. >> come on, come on, come on, kid. come on. grab it grab it. there's the baby, grab the baby. >> i got it, i got it. i got the baby. >> hold up. >> yasmin, you can hear officer fusco there just lifting and
1:38 pm
grunding with everything he has there. this is the ambulance video thereafter. a couple thins about what you saw. that model car weight, byrne, it's about 2600 pounds for that hyundai. there was still one passenger in the car while he was lifting. office fusco was holding it up for a moment. luckily that clearance is about six inches, so he only had to budge it, hopefully, three, four inches to free that young infant daughter. police say the driver had a suspended license and drug and alcohols were in the car. both victims are expected to heal. by the way, yasmin, forgive me for saying this, nbc bosses, olympics, sh-lympics, after officer rocco rests, we have to
1:39 pm
get him out to tokyo. >> go, rocco. go mom. go baby. it's interesting, richard. we've talked about, in tern instances what type of adrenaline you go there through in moments like that. would you have the ability to lift a car. obviously the officer was operating with that adrenaline. nonetheless, we are so happy it turned out okay, but how scary for that mom to deal with, and everybody there. thank you, richard. we'll be right back, everybody. you, richard we'll be right back, everybody. life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna.
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1:43 pm
powerful position in the organization. it's coming following allen weisselberg's indictment and resignation from the board of trustees that controls the trump organization. as it ramps up, when it comes to donald trump's other children, an indictment filed earlier this month against the organization and against weisselberg was not heavy on names, but did list seven trump org companies, including one where ivanka trump head an executive role for eight years. joining me to -- barbara, thanks for joining us on this. first your reaction of the organization. >> you know, when trump said it would be his two sons and allen, i said, you know, allen knows something. i don't know about don junior.
1:44 pm
he comes across as not being very bright, in addition to ridiculous opinions, and using words that are inflammatory. i don't know how had he would know the business. he started out as an executive vice president of something. i just don't see it. hopefully there are people in lower positions that might be able to pick things up. >> does this put him more at risk now that he's heading up the company. i don't know, in terms of that, whether it pus it more at risk. the moment is past, not present. so i think even don junior would have sense to try to follow the law at this point.
1:45 pm
>> you said before, that if weisselberg was pushed into a corner, he would flip on the president. he has yet to do that. where do you stand on this? >> you know, i happen to think that allen will not go to jail for the rest of his life for donald. i can't imagine anyone that would do that. so, i do think eventually, if he's looking at a long term in prison he will not -- he'll stop himself from going to prison. what that means and what they need from him, i don't know. maybe he is talking to them. we don't know what's going on. there's one trump org member, who, quote/unquote, has caved in the past.
1:46 pm
that's jeff mccony. are there other past kind of lifetime employees that you field like could help advance this investigation that we have not yet heard of? >> i think that matthew calamari, he's c.o.o. or something like that. his was at donald's direction to supervise security when we were building trump tower. he's move on since then. but that was 1980 or '81, '82. that's 40 years. i think he's the other loyal employees. trump's got, like a personal assistance, and perhaps vp
1:47 pm
executive, i don't know. he tosses titles around. her name is rhona. i think probably she has a lot of information. i don't know. i haven't seen her name. i haven't seen it picked up. i don't know what they're doing with her. i would think she would have some information. >> have you ever been contacted by the d.a.'s office? >> i have nothing for them. it's 40 years. i mean, you know, it's just not -- i have lots of opinions, and you can real that in my book, but know -- >> or hear about them on television. >> yeah. >> barbara res, thank you so much. do people have a responsibility to tell others if they were not vaccinated against the coronavirus? that is next, in "the run." coro? that is next, in "the run. hello, everyone.
1:48 pm
ahead for us, january 6th and white supremacy, as congress prepares to hold its first hearings, the rise of extremists and how the biden administration is taking on the problem. that's ahead at 6:00 p.m. here, "american voices" only on msnbc. . . who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today.
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like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be worth waiting for. ask your doctor about eliquis. welcome back. i had a personal experience recently with a friend who has chosen not get vaccinated. this is a friend i have known
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for a while and who i would have never thought to make this choice. in march of 2020, they contracted covid and were subsequently very sick. not at all a mild case n. fact, the whole family got covid during a time in which we knew very little about this virus. that alone i thought would convince them to get it. in fact, it did not. this person didn't come to this decision on their own but in fact was influenced by a doctor providing misinformation about the vaccine, a doctor they highly respect and trust is believe is guiding them in the right direction. it was upsetting to find out this information that my friend had become an anti-vaxxer but what was even more upsetting was i was standing across from him as he told me and my unvaccinated children were just feet away. we had been invited to an outdoor party and i was pulled into this conversation because i was told of what i do for a living. they wanted me to be a part of conversation only to learn this
1:53 pm
random fact as likely my kids shared food and random drinks as kids likely pick up from it. not only are folks not choosing to get this vaccine, but they are not telling others so we can make the choice whether or not we want to be around you. in provincetown massachusetts a cluster outbreak happening because of unvaccinated people who traveled there with the delta variant. you are putting our lives and the lives of the people who simply cannot get vaccinated at risk. my 2 1/2-year-old, my 4 1/2-year-old. your immunocompromised mother or father. read the facts, trust the science. if you still choose not to, wear a mask and give other people the choice to at least know the danger you may be putting them in. because it's not personal. it's public. we'll be right back. public. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. day four of the tokyo olympics is about to start. the u.s. has won its first medals. although thing are different this time around, the thrill is still there. nbc's lester holt shows us. >> it's happening a. year later than we imagined. in front of empty seats, and under an instaip escapable shadow of covid. olympics have always been about achievement against the odds, the will to find a way, albeit on the field of play, not against an insidious virus. this is my tenth olympics, as i arrive here in tokyo, tested,
1:58 pm
weary, and preparing to go into soft quarantine, it's starting to come back to me how many times right before opening ceremony it felt like things were teetering on the edge. take my first olympics. salt lake city, 2002, just five months after 9/11. the games were secured by armed soldiers. the fear of follow-on terror attacks haunted us in those case. >> out of the original security rules before september 11th, this balloon or any airplane would not be allowed within three miles of that site. i remember athens, 2004, there were genuine worries the venn views wouldn't be ready. overbudget and out of time there was even early talk of whether the games would be relocated to another country. the leadup to the 2014 sochi games in russia security fears hung in the air with terrorists from the north caucuses make a move. the rio games in 2016 played
1:59 pm
against the backdrop of the zika outbreak. there were all serious concerns. but every single time, something magical happened. >> unbelievable. he has done it! >> the athletes stole the show. >> simone biles! >> and rewrote the headlines. adversity suddenly not something to fear but to be overcome and washed away in heady triumph. the olympics have always been about excellence, pride, and patriotic glory. and yes, as we've already seen, these games will be different in so many ways. and there is potentially much more to risk. but leave it to the athletes who have waited so long for their moment to do what they were born to do to find a way to rise above it all. >> thank you to lester holt for that. that wraps up the hour for me, everybody.
2:00 pm
i'm yasmin vossoughian, i will be back next saturday and sunday at 3:00 p.m. eastern. going to turn it over now to reverend al sharpton and "politics nation." good evening, and welcome to "politics nation." tonight's lead, drama in the district. on tuesday, a congressional committee begins its investigation into the january 6th insurrection, an event seared into the memory of washingtonians the same way new yorkers such as myself will never forget the events of 9/11. the rioters do that i might have been screaming "hang mike pence" but it was the people of our capitol who were truly under attack. the mob wanted to throw out millions of


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