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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  July 25, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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of the government. there's pictures you just saw in france. over 160,000 people had protested across france yesterday against these covid restrictions and against the vaccine campaign which they are very upset about. we saw there were huge clashes in paris with a vast police presence. the riot police were forced to use tear gas and water cannons. demonstrations organized by far right politicians saw demonstrators carrying placards saying no the dictatorship and macron was a tyrant. it will be mandatory for health workers and people in certain other fields to get vaccine and it would also introduce a health
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pass which would stop people from going to restaurants and bars unless they can show they have been double vaccinated or that think have a negative covid test. opponents of that bill say that's the state defacto forcing you to get a vaccine and an assault on their liberties. it's really quite amazing, alex. in france a country that's been hit very hard by covid over 110,000 people have died of covid. there's widespread vaccination skepticism and hesitancy. that's what all this is about. >> thank you for telling us. appreciate you. a very good day for msnbc world headquarters here in new york. welcome, every one. we're beginning with break news to share. house speaker nancy pelosi has just appointed republican
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congressman adam kinzinger to serve on the january 6th select committee. the first hearing is on tuesday. in statement released the last hour, the speaker said he brings great patriotism to the committee's commission to find the facts and protect our democracy. also defending her decision to block two of kevin mccarthy's appointments. julie, we understand, congressman kinzinger has accepted the appointment. what is he saying about it? >> reporter: speaker pelosi came out saying it's essential to democracy that the committee is bipartisan. adam kinzinger accepting that position. he said it's not a position he expected to be in but when duty calls i will be there. my faith requires the same of
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me. it's necessary for order and that's what i will do. why did speaker pelosi point republicans to join democrats. we might get it while on air. maybe we'll have that luck like we did last hour. kevin mccarthy did remove all of his picks and that's because jim banks and jim jordan, the two he chose, speaker pelosi rejected. she defended that decision this morning but jim banks hit back at her. watch. >> the two that i would not appoint are people who would jeopardize the integrity of the investigation and there's no way i would tolerate their antics as
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we seek the truth. >> the claims the reason she booted me from the committee was because of antics on the part of jim jordan and i. in hindsight, we were prepared to ask questions that no one else asked and demand answers as to why the capitol was vulnerable to an attack on january 6th. >> reporter: jim banks who heard him there, the reason kevin mccarthy pulled the picks is because jim jordan and jim banks are not just rank and file republicans. they hold leadership positions. jim banks on cyber security in the house. you heard them. speaker pelosi saying they might have played a role in the insurrection. they're allies of former president trump. when you peel the layers back on the politics of this, we have to talk about the hearing itself and four capitol police officers are testifying tuesday morning. i was texting with one of them who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.
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he will be testifying for the first time on tuesday. nay are nervous as they prepare their testimony before now and nine-person committee panel. that's seven democrats and two republicans. alex. >> okay. thank you so much. if you hear any word from kevin mccarthy making an official statement, come on back and let us know. joining me is arizona congress congressman. what do you think about adam kinzinger being added to the committee nor the investigation? >> i think it's great. it's great for the country and adam is really serving us again. he is a veteran. he's an even shooter. he'll tell us what is the truth. we don't always agree, republicans and democrats. i felt he came from a center point of truth. i think that's what we need many this country right now. >> do you think, ultimately, that hen the findings are
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released it will blunt any reaction from republicans, conspiracy theoryist, 1/6 d deniers because we have the presence of republicans on the committee. whatever the finds are, they will be interpreted as legitimate and truthful. >> i think some will. unfortunately, there is a cult that surrounds president trump that will never accept any responsibility even if you have direct proof. we're here to get the truth. there's no reason why we put jim banks and jim jordan on there. that's like putting the people that broke into watergate on the the watergate committee. that's just insane. we need to get to the bottom of the truth. doesn't matter who we have to talk to. we'll be a stronger country for it. >> i'm going to you to stand by. you were going to come on in five minutes but i wanted to get your reaction about adam kinzinger. im come back to you in a moment after we check on what the
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president is doing today. we're talking about the president's infrastructure bill which is facing some new set backs. this is the deadline to pass the measure before the senate recess in august approaches. how important is it to this president that this bill gets passed many next few weeks? what does it say about his entire administration and the future of a first term? >> when they go into 2022 trying to tell themselves to be re-elected to maintain control of the house and senate.
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they will only have a few months before thinks kick into mid-term re-election season. there's a number of other things like passing the government budget andh e ceiling. there's a lot still on the table. here is a bit of the back andf congress earlier today. have a listen. >> the reason that the procedural motion was defeated last week is because we were asked to vote on something that truly did not exist. most senators think it's a good idea for there to be some legislation. >> there's a little bit of wordsmanship going on here. there were half dozen times when mitch mcconnell was leader to the senate where he would put up what's called a shell bill because you've not finished the details and you substitute the actual text once you get into the negotiations. it will be amendments on this infrastructure bill. we'll have that text. it will be out there tomorrow.
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>> so, you hear there back and forth about procedural questions. we still don't have a text. it sounds like something that is coming very soon. hopefully we have been hearing that for well over a week now. then still questions about how to pay for this and whether or not this bipartisan deal is going to get linked to this bigger $3.5 trillion spending bill the president wants to see. a lot of issues that need to be resolved and not a lot of time, alex. >> yeah, 100%. thank you so much. now let's go to donald trump doubling down on the big lie during a rally in arizona. the president continuing lies of stolen election speaking where a 2020 review mains under way. >> the big lie, they call it. you know what's the big lie. the opposite is the big lie. the election was the big lie. if i lost this election, i could handle it pretty easily. when they steal it from you and rig it, that's not easy and we
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have to fight. we have no choice. >> actually, you did lose the election, sir and you're not handling it very well. joining me is arizona congressman ruben. congressman, donald trump praising the arizona state senate for its audit of the election in maricopa county. >> i think the result will be so outrageous. you have already seen some of them come that they will go many steps further. is every one here fully understands the 2020 election was a total disgrace. it was the most corrupt. >> i'm curious what surprises you more. that is he is still singing his same old tired song or that the crowd is cheering so much? what kind of message is it all sending? >> the message is number one, donald trump is a loser. he's a sore loser. you have to be a pretty bad
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politician in order for you to lose as an incumbent president and he's not accepting that. unfortunately, i think his cult following is still dealing with that. secondly, it tells you this republican party is not a party of ideas. it's now a person, a cult of personality. they are just going to follow his lies all the way until the end. it's not working. last night, if anything, he lost more votes in the state senate for this sham audit because many of the state senators feel like they are being pushed around by trump and his followers. the sham audit is not going to show anything at all the lies they have put out have been brought back, have been taken back by the actual auditors and this thing is just basically one day fund raising mechanism. donald trump has raised $75 million for this quote, unquote audit. it has nothing. this is one of his other scams
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like trump university. >> why do you think he hasn't put any money there? why does he not put some of this money into supporting the audit? why doesn't he put his money where his mouth is? >> because he's cheap. this is man that has stiffed a couple of cities. he stole millions of dollars of security costs during the campaign. this is the man that didn't pay like small contractors for building construction, things of that nature and all he really cares about is himself. he knows he has a willing, gullible audience that will keep feeding him money. this is his new scam. he'll keep on riding this until the end. he's a grifter and he's going to keep grifting. >> earlier you called on attorney general merrick garland
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to determine the possibility that trump and his allies interfered with the maricopa county election. where does that stand? have you heard back from the justice department? >> i've not heard back. other reports there supposedly is some level of investigation happening or looking into it if there's a possibilities for investigation. the fact is, we do have it on record. we have the county -- arizona republican party calling harassing county supervisors asking them to stop the vote. we had rudy giuliani calling and trying to pressure the county supervisors to stop the vote and you had president trump doing it himself. calling a county supervisor. all republicans trying to pressure them to stop the vote. had this been occurring in any other country, we call this type of election, interference. something that would be akin to authoritarian governments but it happened here and this is why we need to continue to push forward on january 6th committee.
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now to a new warning from dr. an thopny fauci as the number of covid cases and hospitalizations are on the rise. new york times estimates the daily average number of cases over 51,000 with more than 29,000 hospitalizations and 267 deaths. the rapidly spreading delta variant has caused several cities and states to reinstate mask mandates and make vaccines mandatory for some employees. just over 45% of the population is vaccinated but dr. fauci is warning while unvaccinated people are at higher risk for severe infection and death from
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covid, there's another compelling health reason for many people to get the shot. here is what he told my colleague jonathan capehart earlier on the sunday show. >> if you allow the virus to freely circulate because so many people are unvaccinated, you give it another opportunity to mutate even more and you may wind up with creating a variant that is alludes the protection of the vaccine. >> not sobering as as the virus spreads, a poll shows 63% of americans approve of the president's handling of covid. that's down from 72% in march. to get more on the covid surge, we have nbc vaughn hilliard joins us outside the cdc. welcome to you. tell me what experts are saying about the rise in breakthrough infections. how prevalent are these cases? >> exactly. we have talked to medical
10:20 am
experts, public health officials over the course of the weekend. butting right up against what dr. fauci is laying up. that's the reality that 40% of the american population, duts are still unvaccinated. you see a surge, a spike among unvaccinated, you'll see it among the vaccinated too. these three are not a shield. what we are seeing is a spike in cases among those who are fully vaccinated. now we should point out that the vaccine is doing what it set out today. that is to protect those individuals as fully vaccinated. individuals like myself from serious illness that leads to hospitalization or death. that does not stop everybody from getting infected. the potential mutation of these covid variants in continued spread. perhaps you or i could be walking around passing it off to unvaccinated or other vaccinated individuals. i want to let you hear part of
10:21 am
my conversation. she's the dean of the yale public school of health, take a listen. >> if one were to get infected, having been vaccinated. one is likely to have mild disease. more like a standard flu or a bad cold. i'm not living in fear of the delta variant. having visits but trying to keep some distance, consider mask use. these would be additional precautions for vulnerable individuals. >> reporter: that's where we got two hands here. one of them saying, yes, the vaccine is working. it's doing what it is supposed to do. that is to protect us from serious illness and death. on the other hand is the fact that covid is continuing to spread even among the fully vaccinated. perhaps we should consider masking up when going into places outside of our own home bubbles. we're looking at concerts, restaurants, at bars here.
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there is community spread that's taking place. the outside advisory board to the cdc suggesting that there should be a potential third booster shot for immunocompromised individuals. pfizer has acknowledged that after six months the antibodies begin to wear off among vaccinated individuals. that's why you're seeing concern here at the highest levels in the u.s. when you see the spikes it's not about the ub e unvaccinated. >> even more to be concerned about. thank you so much from outside the cdc. let's go now new york. the push to vaccinate health care workers. welcome. i'm curious the reaction to the city now requiring vaccinations at the city run health care facilities in hospitals for employees. what do you know about that? >> reporter: this announcement
10:23 am
coming this week. it's the major announcement for the first epicenter when the pandemic started. they are encouraging them to get vaccinated. if they really do not want to do that, they will have to provide weekly testing. i spoke to new yorkers about how they feel about these options now going into the city. listen here. >> i hope more industries will start requiring testing or vaccine instead of just like texts and saying no. that kind of thinking is what got the whole country into the biggest part of the problem. >> i feel safer to take care of somebody if i'm vaccinated. >> i think if you choose not to get the vaccine. that's fine. that's on you. then you have to follow other requirements accordingly. for instance, a mask mandate or testing, whatever the case is.
10:24 am
>> reporter: this program in an effort to tamp down the surge of the delta vaiant and try to prevent another mass surge in new york city that is so vulnerable. it's not just new york. we know that a dozen hospitals in north carolina are committing to vaccination programs as well. we have the states banning any vaccine passport like texas even as cases surge in those states. >> thank you very much. it's starting to feel like the beginning of 2020 all over again. before we saw the mask mandates and other covid restrictions.
10:25 am
where are we on the largest spectrum of this? do you think the country is heading in that direction again or at risk of doing so in. >> we're in a different place than last year. last year was an incredible crisis over on hospitals very high fatality rates. now we have a rising rate again but we have 160 million americans who are fully vaccinated. at least plenty who are not vaccinated at all. about 100 million of us have neither had the disease nor have had any vaccinations. we have a lot of vulnerable at a time when have this new variant which we did not have last year but a very rapidly spreading dangerous variant. this means we'll have a lot of people getting sick, including people who are vaccinated but as vaughn pointed out, a lot of these people will not be getting very sick. a very tiny minority of people
10:26 am
who are vaccinated will get sick or may not survive covid now. they also become spreaders to people who are vulnerable. older people. people with immune suppression and so on. we're in a very dangerous phase but a different phase than last year. the big worry are other vary yantss which might not be so susceptible to the vaccine protection and maybe more deadly and spread even faster which is really why we need to make sure every one gets the vaccination as quickly as possible. >> that was the point that dr. anthony fauci was making this morning. it's a very sobering one. if you look at delta and how many people are being affected, it's not as it was with the original variant which we had efficacy from the vaccines and this one, there's some things that might slip through or those
10:27 am
unvaccinated are completely vulnerable to it. with regard to mask mandates, does it just make sense to say folks, when you're indoors, at least, just wear a mask. what's the hesitation in doing so? >> well, there's several hesitations which i don't agree with but one thing that is persistent argument it's interfering with my personal freedom. it's my choice to wear mask or not. that is not true. this is public health crisis. there's many things we're mandates to do that we don't complain about. we have to have a driver's license. we have to have car insurance. we can't drink and driver. a lot of decisions that are some ways not your own. they have to do with the protection of society in general. here is one case where it is. i think everybody vaccinated or
10:28 am
not should be wearing mask indoors. period. i think that should be mandated. i don't think we should be allowing people to go back to workplace or big events whout having proof that they have been vaccinated. we need to get really a lot tougher with all of this because otherwise we're allowing some arguments to somehow permit people to disobey common sense health guidelines. we'll have to step up and make sure people are doing what they need to do to protect not just them but all the rest of us. our children, our older people. people with certain immune compromising diseases. we have a lot to worry about. we need to get a lot more serious and strict with what we're asking people to do. >> particularly in this case that phrase that no man or woman is an island unto him or herself. it's 100% true here.
10:29 am
six months now after some got their vaccines, they really ramped up and got them earlier this year. there may be a diminished effect of its efficacy thus needing a booster. where are we on that? how long before we need the get a booster. it could be o developed for us to get? >> this is one of those areas of real uncertainty which is needing to make all of us in the field, the public health experts and scientists to be a lot more humble about predictions and certainty about where we are at any given moment. they are probably going to be as time goes on more and more evidence that the protection from the vaccines may be diminishing. i think we need to be preparing already for the notion of a third dose if you got the pfizer or the moderna and we need to understand that people who are at special risk especially
10:30 am
people who have immune diseases or being treated for cancer, those people should be getting another, addition flal shot, a booster right now. as for the rest of us, we'll have to wait and see what actually happens to our level of protection from the vaccines that we got months ago. >> okay. it's always a pleasure. thank you so much. you might wonder what donald trump was doing talking to the authors of all the trump books out there. trump called my next guest mentally deranged after his first book and yet he spoke with him again for his most recent book. in a moment, author michael wolf offers us his insights on the end of the trump presidency and why he thinks trump will run again. why he thinks trump will run ♪ ♪ water? urgh! (rocket ship) hey! hey! heads up.
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they actually tried to take credit for the vaccine. that didn't work out too well. they don't blame biden for anything, including the fact that virus is making an unexpected comeback. it's the radical left is determined to ruin everything in america. that's what they are doing. woke politics takes the life and joy out of everything. what's happening to our country is sadly happened to so many others. we are at the beginning of a communist system. radicals are seizing power and destroying everything we hold dear. they're still coming after me because i will never stop fighting and winning. >> and again, that was donald trump airing his grievances at a rally in phoenix. the e cent was created to help draw up support for ren candidates in arizona. the writer says he thinks donald trump is preparing to run for president again in 2024.
10:35 am
to write three books in four years about donald trump has been an immersion into his on sessions and fixations. this is why i know the obvious. donald trump will run for president again. michael wolf is joining me again. michael, welcome back to the broadcast. after fire and fury and our chat then, i'm glad to have you back for this one. let me ask you about this new column. why are you so sure that donald trump will run in 2024? >> i don't think he has a life beyond it. i think donald trump and the presidency have become intertwined in his own mind. he is the president. the once and future king. i think he has convinced his incredibly large base or, i like
10:36 am
to think of them as his fan base that he is the once and future president. that's what's necessary. that illusion or that mythology or that intention to hold their awe and devotion. he is running. that's what that -- yes, please. >> let me just push back with two counters to that. one being, look at all the legal issues. the legal hurdles he will have to go through between now and gearing up for a run say in 2024. answer that and there's another one. >> exactly. all the more reason for him to run. that provides him the pre-text to say this is all political. it's a witch hunt. they are after him. frankly, it creates a situation that becomes rather daunting to prosecutors. if they are prosecuting a man running for president, then it
10:37 am
is -- it becomes significantly harder for them to say this is not a political act. donald trump is the one thing he is exceptionally good at is fending off the law and fighting it out in any kind of litigation situation. >> second push back you heard congress on the show saying donald trump is really nothing but a grifter. he's raising money. he's not spending money on the election audits and all the things he fight against. if he's doing that, and this is all just kind of in a time capsule before he could have to declare a candidacy, why wouldn't the likes of anybody in leadership position within the true republican party say, no.
10:38 am
we have some legitimate republican candidate we want to put out there. we're not supporting you. wouldn't that end the prospect of his running? >> have you missed the last four years of the absolute inability of the republican party to say no to donald trump. to say anything to donald trump. >> what about the candidates? >> he doesn't listen to them. >> what about ron desantis or nikki haley or the others who have been preparing to run? >> because the republican party for better or worse, for -- to me, inexplicably has become wedded to donald trump. in each of those instance, nikki haley, the governor of florida, what do they live in fear? they live in fear of donald trump coming after them. donald trump saying they are ill
10:39 am
legitimate. donald trump saying they are the enemy. the point about this piece that i wrote the other day was that donald trump remains very powerful and democrats would like to think that he is out. he's gone away. he's in exile. he's been humiliated. forget about it. this is all more meat for why he will run again. he must run again. just call it revenge. he needs his revenge. >> let me ask you one more question before we get to your book. do you think either of the candidates that i mentioned or anybody else who could get 70 million votes in this country in terms of republican? >> not as long as donald trump still ambulatory. >> okay. let's get to the book. i mentioned fire and fury.
10:40 am
given his reaction to that book, were you surprised to even get an interview with him for this book. why do you think he did it? >> i was flabbergasted. in fact, i didn't even ask for the interview. he heard that i was writing this book and as this was related to me, the person who told him, he said that guy gets ratings. let's talk to him. then i was immediately invited down to mar-a-lago. what this is, again, in donald trump's world is all attention is good attention. he is front and center. >> couple of specifics i want to get to in the book.
10:41 am
when you write about black lives matter in reference to trump watching tucker carlson criticize them for not doing anything about the protest that were in portland and seattle. trump screamed at chief after staff to send in the national guard and he called those two men worthless for not doing anything. how much of donald trump's thought and intentions are as a result of what he conjures up himself versus what he watches on television and thus is reactionary? >> well, i think it's a come by -- combination of what comes into his head for whatever reason and what comes in through the television. he's always -- you know it's always a confirmation about what he wants to believe or what he wants to hear or what he thinks
10:42 am
will move his fan base. >> who is mining the store when it comes to the campaign fund raising. you report it has a 200 million budget gap. the president believed that campaign manager was stealing from him. where did that come from? >> it came from being $200 million in the hole. remember, he has to blame someone. in any situation someone else is to blame other than himself. in fact, he is the blame. he is -- anyone who, the head of the ticket, the president of the united states is ultimately responsible for his own campaign. he's responsible for hiring his campaign managers. he's responsible for knowing what's going on in the campaign. misplaced $200 million, the literal buck is going to stop
10:43 am
with the president of the united states because it's going to -- it's going to mean among other things he probably won't be reelected. remember, donald trump is probably went into the last weeks of the campaign, the incumbent being outspent three to one. that's probably never happened in the history of modern campaigns. >> did trump even listen to any of his campaign add visors because you report his own pollsters advised him that urging people to wear masks, it was overwhelmingly popular with his base and yet he refused. they told him he would be at severe disadvantage if he not encouraged voters to vote by mail but he refused. >> most of the people in the campaign felt it was involved in a world class catastrophe.
10:44 am
one of the worst run campaigns in modern history absolutely the worst run campaign by an incumbent. >> he actually came with this catastrophic campaign very close to winning. donald trump listens to no one. >> you report he wanted to reschedule the election. why? what's behind that in. >> no one knows. i went down the list of saying what's going on here and everybody would shrug. they all admit he doesn't know biden. his interactions with biden have been, at best, minimal.
10:45 am
you go into donald trump's own fixations here. the fact that joe biden is old but donald trump is also old. the fact that joe biden apparently, at least in trump's mind he feels he didn't do well in school. trump did terribly in school. it becomes this kind of thing that because biden has many of the same issues that trump has, it must be in order for trump not to have those issues, he has to demonize biden. >> last question here. it really brings it to present day. describe donald trump's nightly parade. i don't know if you used that word but it sure seems like that. the way he goes to dinner at mar-a-lago. he seems to relish the club members but he doesn't dine with
10:46 am
them. >> the dining area is off of the lobby. it's about, there are 40 or 50 tables and donald trump eats there every night. he waits until the dining room, the dining area fills up. at that point he enters and everybody stands up and applauds. then he goes to a table which has a red rope around it. he is there and when melania is there, they are kind of like a bridal couple. they spend the entire dinner greeting people. people kissing the ring. having a conversation with a receiving line every night. >> i don't know why -- that's kind of sad the picture you paint there, but having said that, there's so much in this book. land slide, here it is. you can pick it up.
10:47 am
michael, thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. highs, lows and oh, noes. that's next. highs, lows and oh, noes that's next. know this about the jungle, everything that you see wants to kill you and can. ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. applebee's and a movie, now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. (vo) nobody dreams in conventional thinking. it didn't get us to the moon. it doesn't ring the bell on wall street. or disrupt the status quo. t-mobile for business uses unconventional thinking to help you realize new possibilities on america's largest, fastest, and most reliable 5g network. plus customer experience that finds solutions in the moment.
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10:53 am
to climate change? i mean, can this be a oncen a lifetime type of phenomenon? or is this climate change directed? >> this is climate change. the science is very clear on this. we have long known that in a warming world we would see more extreme heat. we are seeing it. the world that scientists predicted for 30 years is now playing out before our eye seye. we are -- yeah, we are seeing heat waves, the drought, we know why that happens n. a warmer world you are going the see more extreme heat. there has been an analysis done of the recent events in the pacific northwest and canada. it was found it was virtually impossible to have an event like that in the absence of human-caused climate change. we see more heat, more drought, more wildfires that come with the heat and drought. then we also see the opposite extremes, the heavy rainfall and flooding that we are seeing in devastating waves around the
10:54 am
world. all are connected to climate change. >> let's talk about numbers regarding heat. to the pacific northwest. staggering. 121 n. british columbia, canada, 118. in portland, oregon where people don't own air conditioners, and siberia, a new record set in 2020, over 100 degrees. it is life-changing for people there, for societies. >> it is completely life changing. one of the big problems is in those places as you have said there is no air-conditioning. but the people are also not physiologically aclimbated to such temperatures, and their environment, infrastructure, is not built for such high temperatures. in portland when it hit 116, the roads cracked and buckled. they have a car system where they would take people in street cars to cooling centers but the power cables on those street cars melted. so they weren't able to give
10:55 am
people -- get people to the cooling centers. 6,000 people were out of electricity at that time as well, they couldn't even run an fans. >> yeah. >> the problem is that in these places, as you mentioned the town in siberia that hit over 100 degrees. that's town that calls it self the pole of cold. it is one of the coldest places in the world. it is completely unheard of. we are used to break records by a tenth of a degree. in this last record we broke records by ten degrees. completely unheard of. it is shocking even the climate scientists. >> which brings me to the question, can we still reverse this? it all seems to be coming nast and furious. much more quickly than was predicted. what's happened? >> yes. so, it is happening more intensely and sooner than even the best model projections suggested. but it's not too late. okay? i can tell you a little bit about why the projections have
10:56 am
been an underestimate. the projections capture much what have we have talked about, the basic fittics of heat, and the fact that you would see more heat and more drought. the basic physics that a warmer atmosphere holds more moisture. and so you get heavy rain that leads to flooding. what the models don't capture is how the jet stream is being affected by -- in a warmer world the jet stream gets slower and takes deeper meanders. it causes weather systems to become stuck in place. that's how you get the very hot temperatures and the very bad floods. but there is a lot we can do about this. we know what to do. we can do it. we have to transition quickly to clean, renewable energy. and we have ideas on how to do that. we have the technology. it's cheap. it's good for our health. it's actually the cheapest new source of energy. >> susan hassle we will have you back and go if urg into those kinds of things what we can do
10:57 am
to change things. in the meantime thank you for your time today. a car crash leads to an amazing and inspiring act of heroism. the video next. [sizzling] i may not be able to tell time, but i know what time it is. [whispering] it's grilled cheese o'clock. but i know what time it is. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. subway® has so much new it didn't fit in our last ad. like the new artisan italian and hearty multigrain bread. it's the eat fresh refresh™ at subway®. it's so much new there's no time for serena!
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so we have an amazing story to show you from just outside of new york city. it's where police and bystanders together lifted a car off a baby. incredible baby. here's what led to it. the guy in the black car hitting that mother carrying her child as they crossed the street on friday. we stopped the video because it is disturbing to see. the car drove into the barbershop with the mother and baby on the hood of the car. two officers were near the scene and rushed to the scene with their body cams showing what happened next.


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