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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  July 25, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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all right, we're nearing the top of the hour here on msnbc.
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gymnastics in prime time, women's gymnastics i think u.s. members -- this is their shot it won't be in paris 2024. >> yeah, for the first time skateboarding is an olympic sport getting ready today. a busy day getting place there in tokyo where it is 8:00 at night but the temperatures causing quite a bit of problem it's in the 80s right now at night. >> we have reporters and
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analysts following the olympics right now. americans will hear firsthand from capitol police officers. that hearing will get under way on tuesday despite the tensions of the selection of the committee members themselves. >> julie sirkin is joining us. what do we expect to hear from from these officers. >> first i want to take a moment to read the words of one of the officers that will testify on tuesday. he said "i can be fine now and see or hear something and the next thing i get tears and get emotional. i try to be strong. but i completely broke down. he is getting set to steph on tuesday with the three other officers to basically explain
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what they went through that day and relive, in all reality, the drama they faced physically and emotionally. i was texting with an officer that was xtpreviewing his testimony to me on tuesday. this is the first hearing that the committee is hearing, that they are having on tuesday. and the fact that they want to give the four officers a chance to take their time and tell the stories of what they went through that day, talk about their pain and share their story, that is telling. it shows how essential the committee believes their testimony is to the investigation. speaker pelosi ordered, she named eight members of that committee including even democrats, she was ousted from leadership just a few months ago for her criticism of former president trump. i want to go back to those officers on tuesday. some of them have been on tv before telling their stories,
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but they're suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. every time they need to tell their story again and again they relive that day. now they're doing it so publicly on tuesday that it will be a heavy and emotional morning here on capitol hill. >> julie, thank you for getting us started. with us now is jennifer lynn, member and founder of republican women for progress, also jesse moore, founder of common thread strategies. welcome both of you. adam kinzinger has been critical of trump and voted to impeach him. does adding him to the panel make the panel less bipartisan? >> bipartisan is the goal, but non-partisan is really the affect onal hand. >> but he is already sort of a
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pariah in the parparty. >> yeah, he fell on his sword once he stood apart from donald trump. it's sad to see that a single person can dictate your political future, but i think he already made that decision that he will stand apart and do what he believes in. >> jennifer, the members could be stripped of their committee assignments. is there a big price for them to pay to take part in the this quest? >> of course,e you know, of course i think that liz cheney should be the north star of the republican party right now but we already saw what leadership did to liz cheney. she is well liked in her state. she is raising tons of money. one of the only republican women
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in leadership. we have seen what they do to women in leadership that speak out. so i think we would definitely see the same thing happen that would happen to others. there is other republicans that they could have selected, but you can't pick someone like jim jordan meant to sow chaos on the commission. i feel like there could be a balance achieved here that would protect the integrity of the investigation, and show that this administration is working in a bipartisanat way. >> jennifer, i want to play you some of the questions of former federal prosecutors, let's listen. >> the key is who told them to
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go there, who got them there, who organized them, who got the bear spray, those are all questions that are more important. >> what will you be watching for? >> i feel like what i really want to see is the commission get back to the facts of what happened. i think it is disterming how the truth of what happened has been so skewed since then. on january 6th and the days ahead. they were in agreement that an attack on our democracy happened. so much disinformation has been sewn since then about what happened that day. i think it is so critical to kind of push back on that narrative. because we have video from 100 different angles that you can
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see. donald trump had a rally yesterday and he peddled the same stuff. >> if i lost this election i couldst handle it pretty easily. when they steal it from you and rig it, that's not easy and we have to fight. >> to treat it for what it is, it is a pr campaign, it's misdirection, and it is a shot of narcan to a movement that grew up around a single person and that is now looking. i would not treat it as a real narrative, but that works.
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leader mccarthy thoughs the difference between people who are principaled, he is not looking to send people on a fact finding mission. he wants to obstruct the truth, he wants to change a narrative to deeply harm republicans. that is on his mind, and we heard his narrative on day one. and that is the consequence. >> thank you both so much for your time. we want to get to the new developments in the tokyo olympic games. another member of team usa gets knocked out due to covid. bryson dechambeau tested positive and he won't be able to compete now. alsoco a u.s. olympic staffer
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testeded positive. and athletes came back big and strong, stephanie gosk is joining us in tokyo with the latest. i noticed we have a bigger audience here in studio than some of their big events there in tokyo. yeah, you know they do. and i think it is worth saying thatrt it is tough on some of these athletes that really thrive. having seen the beach volley ball, the crowd lights the place up and they don't have that this time around. the pool less so. there is members in the space that sounds pretty ruckus. it was a huge day in the pool.
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but it was definitely too soon. you had chase kalisz one the first gold medal for the u.s. the u.s. continuing to be dominant andg australia is rig there as well. they had a back and forth for years in the pool. and then you have tough news about covid that continues to pull away at these games and dash the hopes for some of these athletes to participate. bryson dechambeau, he can't come, and also jon rahm who won the u.s. open, he is from spain. he also tested positive. so two beg names that cannot participate. some challenges here. the weather continues to be extremely hot. you have a storm that is still a tropical storm. it can be, even though it is called a typhoon, it is not as
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strong as a hurricane but we see winds here, heavy rains, it may disrupt some of the competition, and it would be great news for the surfers that could use the wave height. >> one t of the things that man people have been looking forward to is women's gymnastics and specifically simone biles. she admits that the balance beam has been a problem spot for her and on day one it was a hiccup for her today. yeah, it is really only a problem within the world of simone biles which is an entirely separate universe from basically every other gymnast. i expect her to rebound pretty strongly even with a hiccup hery and there. she is the overwhelming favorite in theserw events and certainlyn thean overall. what wille be interesting in t
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qualifiers that we're watching is whoal goes with her to the final events. it will be interesting there are great gymnasts on that team. they will be so much fun to watch in the next week or so. joining us from tokyo, thank you very much. stale head right here, a heroic rescue. a suspected drunk drive and a baby pinned around a vehicle. and what is holding up a big infrastructure bill and what trog can we expect in the week to come? r performance that takes you further. at the lexus golden opportunity
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all right, we have an amazing story where police and bystanders lifted a car to release a baby that was pinned underneath. a suspected drunk driver struck the mother and child. the car plowed through a barbershop pinning the two. two veteran police officers were near by and here is what happened next. grab the baby. >> i got it, got the baby. okay. >> that is just incredible. very hard to see as well, but thankfully no one was killed. the baby has a skull fracture
4:19 am
and burns to her back and foot. the driver and passenger are okay but the driver is facing many charges. >> all right, we want to talk about infrastructures could this be the week that some things may be ironed out? senator bill cassidy says senators should be prepared for a delayed august resource. shannon pettypiece is joining us right now. i'm not sure if you're a gamblinger, but what do we say at this point. at least their extending to august with this.
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>> yes, it is always a good motivator for folks in the senate to try to get things done here. we're about two weeks away from that. you hear senator cassidy talking about there being language, we have been hearing that for, you know, at least a week now. so potentially we will get an actual bill with language and details in it this week. then, though, senators have to figure out if they have enough support if they still have 60 votes. once we actually have a bill to pass something and get through all of the stages procedurally that it has to go through to pass. so still a road ahead on this $500 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill, but really that is only the type of the
4:21 am
iceberg for what the senate wants to and needs to get done by the end of the year. there is still a spending bill that the president wants to get through. there are other thing that's have to get done like a budget for the government and the defense spending bill. the clock is sticking down here, even in the summer there is not a lot of time left on the senate calendar this year. of course next year when you get to 2022, really senators and members of congress start looking at their reelection, their midterm elections coming up, and they tend to grind to a halt in congress then. if democrats lose those thin margins it will become even more difficult for president biden to get his priorities through. the coming weeks ahead, the next couple months ahead will be key and crucial for defining how much of president biden's
4:22 am
domestic agenda he may be able to get through. >> and as such what he can run on in the mid-terms. vaccines may not be the golden shield that some were expecting. breakthrough cases are stacking up. we're going to break down what you need to know. >> coming up, dr. fauci speaks out about the covid surge, plus congressman benny thompson explains what to expect. those are coming up at 10:00 a.m. e coming up at 10:00 a.m. and fermentation. fermentation? yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness, well done. at philadelphia, we know what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese. the recipe we invented over 145 years ago and me...the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection.
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the number of fully vaccinated americans getting covid is growing. >> but by and large these are mild cases, correct?
4:27 am
>> yes, if you're fully vaccinated you should be able to go back out to restaurants, meet up with family, go to bars and concerts. but at the same time we have seen a spike among the unvaccinated population, we have also seen a rise in cases among those fully vaccinated. what does that mean? take a listen. the headlines unexpected. seven vaccinated stanford students, positive. >> tease are headlines that make us stop and think where is this going. >> if you're fully vaccinated, you most certainly won't be hospitalized or die from covid. >> the in your opinions of people that get infected from serious illness or die from covid-19 after being vaccinated is extremely low.
4:28 am
really low. >> look at these numbers in l.a. county alone. 20% of confirmed cases were breakthrough cases but less than 0.01% of a percent. >> levels 1,000 times to what the early virus would have been in the airways and blood. >> i was weak and i was dizzy and just totally fatigued at this point. >> hannah fullerton is fully vaccinated and sick for a week. >> we're not doing enough testing to fully appreciate how many people who are vaccinated have a symptomatic infections. >> experts are making their own risk assessments. >> even if you're vaccinated i advise that you continue to wear
4:29 am
a mask indoors. >> if one were to get infected, having been vaccinated, one is very likely to have mild disease. more like a standard flu or bad cold. so i'm not living in fear. of the delta variant. >> evolving advice as the virus evolves. >> i want to reference the l.a. county numbers again. the 5.8 million vaccinated individuals, there was just 30 deaths money that 4.8 million vaccinated. there have been over 24 deaths total among those unvaccinated. the vaccines that medical officials insist are working. at the same time as we're seeing
4:30 am
this rise in unvaccinated individuals, we are seeing vaccinated folks, like myself, when we go into populated areas we're exposed. and that's where you concern bringing your mask back around because there is a chance you could have this. if grow to a car or a concert venue. the chances of you getting infected are that much higher. >> it is so troubling to hear you say those numbers. 45% of americans in recent polls saying they're definitely not getting the vaccine.
4:31 am
>> let's break down these cases now more, let's bring in a doctor. how worried should vaccinated americans be about where things are right now? >> good morning. i think they should be cautious, right? i think the delta variant is a game changer. and they have not really ajexed to that reality. it is not the same virus they're dealing with a year ago or six months ago. so i think they canstep back and look at what they're doing. they are completely vaccinated, and how the delta variant is. so i think having that mask
4:32 am
discussion and bringing masks back into our lives is the right option. >> and break it down for us. can they experience the same thing that nonvaccinated would experience? >> generally 99.9% of the cases they are not. it is mild or asymptomatic. that is why i don't think we can make blanket statements. we need to really be cautious about that and not turn our radars office. >> you're in east texas there, and things appear to be going in the wrong direction, how so?
4:33 am
>> yeah, so, i think back to two months ago when i would go into a shift in the emergency department and i would see none or one or two patients. i went into a shift yesterday and half of my patients were having covid related complaints and many tested positive for covid-19. they have fewer core morbidities and they have more admissions to the hospital. i'm seeing something that i wish i had not seen before. we're admitting so many parents for covid related complaint that's patients are in the emergency departments for a long period of time. we are having to transfer people out to rural cities. i'm seeing a lot of things that
4:34 am
i was seeing a year ago. i hope we can get a handle on this and this it doesn't continue to escalate. >> i'm curious. what should be done to try to convince people? we have done so much. we had republicans and democrats that got out and said yes, please get the vaccine. you had different songs, athletes that talked about it, so many people saying that you need to get the vaccine. what needs to happen to convince 45%, you said people were suffering from cancer because of smoking, do we need a psa like that? >>. i think it doesn't hurt. they were talking about the
4:35 am
vaccines in a positive way. i think we also had a great national campaign, but not a great transition to a local campaign. we need state and local governments to reach out to people that are very trusted. i think that is going to play a huge part as well. all in all i think -- yeah, and i think if you are vaccinated, and you were previously hesitant, we need to encourage people to talk about that and share what concerns they have. how those aleived. if your personal physician says i think you should get it, people have to go about doing so. still ahead, a judge going
4:36 am
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i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. thomas barrack is going back to court tomorrow. he was released on a $250 million bond after being arrested tuesday. he will be arraigned tomorrow. trying to influence trump's foreign wals. the codefendant was also released on $500 bond. so matthew miller, what can we expect tomorrow? any fireworks we're going to see
4:40 am
in this arraignment? >> no, it seems they worked this all out in advance. he posted a very significant bail. i think it will be a proforma event tomorrow. he made clear that he is going to trial to fight these charges. >> on top of that he will be monitored by gps, he won't be monitored, he can't chancer if money, he has a curfew. >> he has ample resources. he is not posting all of that in cash. but but it will be seized if he did flea. he has a private plane, extensive connections, and there
4:41 am
is a third defendant in the case that was dieted that fled the country after his initial interview with investigators. so if you're going to look at the resources and the connections to flee, and who has connections in the cases that he already has. >> in the tease we asked how much could the former president have included what is going on. you have been studying an analyzing so many indictments concerning current and former trump associates. how much do you think he knew about what was going on? >> it is a tough question. there is no evidence that the former president knew. in most cases he would say with a senior political opposition you would not have people doing that. it is inconceivable we would
4:42 am
have people hiding that respect a former government. let's be honest, this was never a typical operation. i think if there was evidence ever presented and the president knew something about it it would be less of a legal matter. and he didn't care. let's be honest. based on how we have seen others react around him. >> they are now calling on the inspector general.
4:43 am
is there any evidence that you have seen to do this? >> they reach the confidence in the case. they are filling the political cases, this will be a challenging case, and steve barrett has the ability to hire the best in the country and this is not just novel, but unusual. and i think one of the interesting questions that i have is that if the attorney general and the u.s. attorney general didn't allow this to go forward, at least they didn't kill the case. i wonder if the prosecutors did
4:44 am
not slow roll this case on his way out the door. i might not actually want to, i may wait to see where the flexion goes. >> fascinating, all right, no stranger to this network. thank you. >> i wonder if there is a pocket pardon that we still don't know. rain that triggers floods and landslides. a frantic search for survivors. s a delicious, salty, crunchy ratio. planters. a nut above. [♪♪] crunchy ratio. if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control.
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we're offering a 30-day risk-free trial. call 1-800-miracle today and experience the miracle-ear advantage. all right, first we saw catastrophic flooming in germany. and now at least 130 people have been killed in flooding and landslides. rescuers are still searching for dozens of people missing. we have the latest developments. officials this morning are warning that more heavy heavy downpours are on the way. >> yes, it continues in parts of india with record levels of
4:49 am
rainfall. it cost the rivals of at least 130 people. and it is at least another 100,000 people. parts of india have never seen such torrential downpours that cause the deluge. just a perspective of how much rein. one weather state reported an inch of rain every hour. that caused clamitus damage. houses and buildings, buried them under the water, roads and streets into raging rivers, and blocked highways that connect major cities together. dozens of people are still missing. rescuers are wading through thick sludge and dedebris. but there is high tides and
4:50 am
persistent rainfall there. and of course this is hon soon soon in india and heavy rain does come down, but this is more extreme because of our rising temperatures. they say as the atmosphere gets warmer, storms move much more slowly, retaining more moisture that dumps this much rain on concentrated parts of area that sparks this flooding that we're seeing not only in india, but germany, europe and so many other parties of the world. that country has been hit so hard this year, first with the coronavirus, and now with these highly unusual storms for this years, ali arouzi, thank you. nasa is gearing up for a trip to the icy moon to find out if alien life exists. how elon musk is going to help them do it. w elon musk is goingp them do it
4:51 am
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okay, so one of the billionaire bros is at it again, the space race, this time it's elon musk. >> i knew he was going to get into the mix. of course. >> landing a massive contract from nasa. the spacecraft will fly past the icy moon 45 times. it will get close to the
4:55 am
surface. scientists say it could be an ocean on, with the potential for life. let's bring in former nasa administrator major general charles bolan. always good to have you on the show. talk to me about the significance here of this public/private partnership? >> first of all, thanks for allowing me to be there. it's always good to be with the two of you. we've said what sets us apart is the public/private partnership for exploration and human space flight. this is an example where we're combining the capabilities of government that's provided by a
4:56 am
commercial provider. we're finding that the commercial provider as a spacecraft is qualified and available at a lower cost that has helped nasa to offset the crunch of launching that they want to fly. >> what is it about this icy moon? has this europa moon always been in the back of your head as, i want to go there some day? >> i'm not a planetary scientist. >> you play one on tv. >> must admit, though i have stayed at a holiday inn express, what scientists tell me is it's been in the back of their mind. one of the goals is to search for life in the university. mars is our target right now,
4:57 am
because it's the easiest of all the planets to access. also, because we think at one time it was very much like earth. when we look at the icy moons of jupiter, saturn and other plan either, europa stands out, because the huddle telescope gave us images of plumes of water. it's a water moon that's covered by ice, so if you can think about, you know, some popsicle that's got fluid on the inside, ice on the outside, that's europa. we think that the water on the inside has the potentiality to contain life. that's what's so intriguing but the moon europa t. the moon of jupiter, but the environment around it is hostile. the critical part is the europa
4:58 am
clipper. and that's going to take it around jupiter, allow many passes of, you know, the moon europa without trying to get in orbit. >> so major general, i've got to be quick here. but say i'm here on terra firma on earth, struggling to keep a job, struggling to feed my family, stressed about covid, seeing, you know, wildfires and storms. >> floods. >> yeah, all over the world. why should i care about the billionaire bros sending rockets into space? >> you hit the nail on the head. people should not care about the billionaire bros. that's the wrong focus. what people should care about is the scientific discovery from the missions, the ability of humanity to determine whether or not there's life elsewhere, our ability in more than 20 years on
4:59 am
the international space station doing research into gene therapy, gene sequencing, vaccine production, things that are making a difference to humans here on the planet. that's what we should be focusing on. while i appreciate talking about the billionaire bros brings a significant audience, that's insignificant to what is being accomplished by nasa, and our partners making things be here on the planet. by focusing on someone that's our enemy -- we're always looking for an enemy. the billionaires are making it possible for us to do some exploration that maybe wouldn't be possible because the government couldn't afford it. >> so good to see you, major general. thank you for watching "msnbc reports." >> we'll be back next weekend at 6:00 p.m. eastern time.
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