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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  July 24, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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i'm yasmin yasmin vossoughian. we are getting "back to the future" vibes. back to the summer of 2020. we have duelling campaign-like rallies between joe biden and donald trump. the current president taking shots at his predecessor while stumping in the virginia governor's race. >> this is a big deal. terry and i share a loot in common. i ran against donald trump, and so is terry. [ applause ] >> i whipped donald trump in virginia and so will terry. >> so while the former president is getting ready in a state that's at the center of his false election claims, arizona, preparing to spew more lies though he likes a different word. >> i'm a big believer in science. are you talking about disinformation or are you talking about lies?
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there is a more beautiful word called disinformation. >> that interview just part of the bombshell book- i alone can fix it." i will be talking to co-author phil rucker in a moment on trump's views on lying. what is ahead for 2024 and more of the amazing revelations in the book in a moment. also this hour ready to go -- >> it is my responsibility as speaker of the house to make sure that we get to the truth on this, and we will not let their antics stand in the way of that. >> the january 6th committee about to get started in congress, and there is new reporting about a new potential move by nancy pelosi that is sure to enrage republicans further. plus, disturbing new revelations about the fbi investigation of then-supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh that raises questions about whether we knew as much as we should have about the man who now has a life-time appointment to the country's highest court.
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. >> did you consume alcohol during your high school years? >> yes, we drank me, my friends and i, boys and girls. yes, we drank beer. i liked beer. i still like beer. >> but we begin with what feels like the 2020 election all over again. president biden taking shots at former president trump during a rally in virginia last night in support of democratic nominee for governor, terry mcauliffe, and the president is expected to hit back at biden and fuel false election claims during a, quote, protect our elections rally in phoenix today. nbc's shannon pettypiece is in wilmington, delaware. steve patterson is in phoenix, arizona, with the latest. i will start with you on this one, shannon. what more can you tell us about the president's appearance and what he has been saying about the former president? >> reporter: well, this was a little bit of a warm-up lap to what we'll be seeing a lot more of in 2022. he's out there campaigning for a
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democratic governor in what has really become a blue state, but democrats, they kind of face a heavy lift going into 2022. the party that controls the white house often does worse in those mid-term elections, so that's why we're seeing the president now out there campaigning in what should be a pretty safe governor's race. you know, i think, yasmin, you raised an interesting point here in noting the criticism of former president donald trump by current president joe biden. historically we really haven't seen a sitting president attack his predecessor until, of course, about five years ago when it was something that then-president donald trump did a lot of. but before then you wouldn't see obama attacking bush or bush attacking clinton, that sort of thing. well, that's obviously all changed. here is a little bit more of what biden had to say last night about his predecessor. >> i ran against donald trump and so is terry. the guy terry is running against
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is an acolyte of donald trump for real. it is just like i don't know where these guys come from. we just have to keep making the case, just as the republican party today offers nothing but fear, lies and broken promises. >> reporter: but broadly on the message we can expect to hear from this president when it comes to 2022 it is going to be on trying to sell the infrastructure package, these big spending plans he is trying to get through congress, his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the stimulus package that was passed back in march. those are the things that are going to be central. and how much of that he is going to be able to sell is really going to depend on what happens in congress over the next couple of weeks and couple of months, how much of those ambitious spending plans can they get through. >> yeah. >> that is really going to determine what type of message we are going to hear from democrats about a year from now. >> and how much could actually be bipartisan, aside, of course,
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from infrastructure if they can even get that one through. we have a split screen moment here, steve patterson, kind of foreshadowing, as shannon put it, looking ahead to 2022 ahead of the mid-term elections and this trump rally happening in arizona. what can we expect today from the former president? >> reporter: well, we've heard from several speakers that trump is going to follow, so i think we get a good sense of what the former president is going to say based on what they say because obviously subordinates recycle a lot of the information that comes up in his speeches. some of the things we have heard are the classics, right, focusing on the media, focusing on an election that he felt like was stolen, but also focused on this scorched earth policy trump has often had, focusing on republican opponents he feels like backstabbed him, both with the election results and throughout his career here. there's a lot of that obviously in arizona when we look at governor doug ducey and others who have been oppose it to president trump and several of his policies, but also really
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focused on this maricopa county audit. i apologize about the noise. it goes up and down. the audit now obviously the sole focus of a lot of the politicians that are in this area, specifically happening here. it has proven not to have shown any false information, any voter fraud whatsoever, despite the length it has been going on. still, a lot of people here believe it. we spoke to them. a lot of people in this crowd believe in the sanctity of the audit, and a lot of the speakers, most of them, have brought up the fact that they're proud of what is happening here in phoenix. we spoke to one man who was just outside the venue, he was waiting for hours to get inside this venue. here is what he said. listen to this. >> i'm ready to hear the president speak. i am hoping to have some sort of hope that he's either going to be back for us, whether it be in the mid-term elections or in the 2024 presidency. i'm crossing my fingers. the amount of ballot dumps and everything that were happening in the middle of the night, we've seen signature accounts
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not matching up, i'm 100% sure he won the 2020 election. there's no way joe biden got 80 million votes. >> reporter: and just to clarify, none of that, of course, has been proven true. meanwhile, more speakers are expected, again running for governor, running for state office, running for congress, all expected to speak before president trump in just a few hours. back to you, yasmin. >> steve, shannon, thank you guys both. appreciate it. and speaking of the former president, joining me now to break all of this down in his latest behind-the-scenes reporting on president trump is phil rucker, senior washington correspondent at "the washington post" and msnbc political analyst and co-author of the brand-new book "i alone can fix it." i don't know how you guys do it, man. you guys just churn out these books and they're incredible, philip. i don't know how you find the time to do it. i've written like one page of a book i maybe want to do in the future at this point. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations to you. >> thank you. >> i also don't know how you got the former president to sit down
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with you. why is it you think he even decides to speak with you? >> well, you know, we spoke to 140 of his senior advisers and cabinet members and other people close to him doing our research and reporting for this book, "i alone can fix it." at the very end of the process he invited us down to mar-a-lago for an interview. carol, my co-author and i were sure what to expect from him, but we wanted the opportunity to put questions to him, to hear his side of the torrey, to challenge him on january 6th and other important topics, the coronavirus. he gave us an hour, but when we sat down with him he ended up talking to us for two hours and 45 minutes. it seemed like almost every sentence out of his mouth was some sort of distortion of the facts. of course, his election lies and so forth. it was really chilling for us to hear what he had to say. >> i want to play some of the sound that we have of that
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interview, but there was a part in which you talk about him kind of lamenting on his interview with you. i actually thought it was incredibly self-aware of the former president to say. he says -- >> yeah. >> he talks about possibly you guys coming back and asking him any questions if you need to. he said, i enjoyed it actually, trump said, a twinkle in his eye. for some sick reason, i enjoyed it. >> you know, he did enjoy it. he seemed to at least, because his aide kept giving him an opportunity. every 30 minutes she would say, sir, we've gone on for an hour, we've gone on for an hour and a half, we've gone on two hours, to give him a chance to cut off the interview and he wanted to keep going. i think, yasmin, it is because he thought he could persuade us of his alternate reality. he thought if he put on the charm and he, you know, gave us dinner at mar-a-lago and told us all of his stories that we would leave there believing that the election was stolen or believing that he had managed covid
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miraculously well or believing that he actually won arizona when he lost arizona. but, you know, we're pretty hard-nosed scrupulous reporters and we're not won over that easily. we will see what he thinks of this book. he doesn't seem to like it so far. >> yeah, i don't doubt that. i want to play some sound of the president talking about the 2020 election. >> there's tremendous proof, there's tremendous proof. statistically it wasn't even possible that he won. i mean, things such as if you win florida and ohio and iowa, there's never been a loss. >> there was a loss. >> and did you need better lawyers because they took it to court but they didn't give enough evidence to convince the judges. >> no, i needed better judges. i needed better judges. the supreme court was aggrade to take it. >> and it is -- he brings up the supreme court, right, having so many of his own appointees on the supreme court. >> yes.
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>> he actually thinks these supreme court judges are his judges, right, his attorney general, they advocate for him, when, in fact, that is not their job. >> that's exactly right. it is their job to rule based on the constitution, and he talked to us about the supreme court as if he saw it as a transaction. in fact, he brought up brett kavanaugh who, of course, faced those sexual assault and harassment allegations during his confirmation proceedings, and trump said, look, you know, a lot of people told me i should have withdrawn kavanaugh's nomination and put in somebody else, but i stuck by kavanaugh and therefore kavanaugh owed me. so he said he was very angry with justice kavanaugh for not having ruled, not having taken this case about purported election fraud and ruling to overturn the election because he thought he owed him a favor. the supreme court justices might
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be liberal or moderate or conservative, but all rule based on the evidence and the facts and based on what the constitution says. there were clearly not enough facts to back up the trump campaign that these states were -- had the wrong results and that there was fraud that could have resulted in the election being overturned. >> let's also play a little bit of your exchange when it comes to, of course, january 6th. >> i think it was the largest crowd i've ever spoken before. it went from that point, which is almost at the white house, to beyond the washington monument. it was -- and wide. and -- >> but if you could have waved your wand -- >> and it was a loving crowd, too. it was a loving crowd, i have heard that. many, many have told me, it was a loving crowd. the capitol police were usualinging people in. the capitol police were very friendly, they were hugging and kissing. i mean you don't see that. >> i can't help but shake my
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head in listening to this, phil, being on the grounds of the capitol that day, on the steps of the capitol during the insurrection myself, it was not a loving crowd. we've said this over and over again. hugging and kissing, we have all seen the videos with our own eyes. i'm sure the former president has seen the videos with his own eyes at this point. >> yes. >> and yet he continues to push this lie about january 6th. >> that's right. and i remember your reporting from the steps of the capitol that day. it was harrowing and frightening. i'm glad you showed those pictures as listening to trump because it was a complete diss portion we heard from the former president. but he has either convinced himself something different happened on january 6th or he's decided to commit fully to this lie. the scary thing for our democracy is not that he's saying it but that tens of millions of americans are believing what he's saying, and that so many republicans elected in congress are acting as if what trump has said about
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january 6th is true. you know, they're resisting the full investigation into what happened that day. some of them are even saying these were tourists who came to the capitol, that they weren't intending harm. you look at this video here and they're clearly intending harm. these are violent rioters. >> i just want to play one more piece of sound, and it is when he talks about mike pence. >> i always liked mike. i was very disappointed and so were a lot of republicans, very disappointed. because had he sent them back, had he been thomas jefferson, had he sent them back, which took courage but not a lot of courage. what courage would have been is to do what thomas jefferson did when taking the votes. he could have done this, too. >> i actually think -- because as i was walking towards the capitol steps on that day, so many trump supporters were telling me, this is on mike pence's shoulders it they
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thought he could overturn the results, when we know it was not constitutionally within his power to do, and yet the president still thinks he was able to do that. i wonder why it is you think we haven't heard from the former vice president considering kind of what we've heard from former president trump? >> well, we've heard very little from pence so far, although he is at work on his own book. so i presume he will share fully his account of that day and the days leading up to it when he feels the moment is right. but what carol and i learned in our reporting for this book, "i alone can fix it," is that pence actually wanted to try to find a solution to do what trump wished of him. he wanted to see if there was some constitutional -- >> wow. >> -- or legal way for him to overturn the results of the election. he had his lawyers look into it. he consulted some constitutional scholars, but they quickly determined this was not possible. the constitution was very clear that his role as the vice president, his duty as the vice president was to oversee the certification of the results
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that came forward from the states in the electoral college. so he decided to go ahead and do what he was obligated to do by law, but trump wouldn't take it as a suitable answer and continued to apply pressure on him including the morning of january 6th when he called mike pence, the vice president at his home in the naval observatory, and told him he did not have the courage to do the right thing that day. >> whose life was just threatened hours later, of course, in the capitol as we now know in history. phil rucker, amazing. amazing stuff. congratulations to you and carol, my friend. great to see you. >> thank you so much. >> by the way, your prediction, 2024, does trump run or not? does he run or not? >> you know, i think if he had to make a decision tomorrow he would run and do it but, you know, he has a year and a half to think it through. it is a long time. we should keep in mind he is 75 years old so who knows how his health will fare as the
1:17 pm
presidential comes closer. >> i want to note as they were coming back to me, i was swatting away a fly. >> good to know. >> thanks again. coming up, a lot more ahead in the show. the fbi background check of one of former president trump's picks for the supreme court justice, brett kavanaugh, is being called a sham as new details emerge. we're going to dive into legal questions, whether anything can be done now. plus, the first medals of the coronavirus were awarded today but the coronavirus is still casting a shadow over the games. with more than 400 cases confirmed, a report from tokyo coming up next. ming up next there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure.
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the white house will be glowing in red, white and blue through the weekend in honor of team usa competing at the olympics in tokyo. those lights will go on at sunset. in a statement the white house said the entire nation is behind team usa. in tokyo the games are in full force despite 127 people linked to the games have now tested positive for covid. right now first lady jill biden is on her way back to the united states from tokyo where she led the u.s. delegation to the olympics. the first lady will, in facts, stop in hawaii to visit a vaccination clinic and join military families there for a cash cue. before believing she watched the u.s. women's soccer team put on an offensive display against new
1:22 pm
zealand, beating them 6-1. yes, go get them, ladies. the u.s. women putting on a dominant display in watt owe polo, crushing japan, 25-4. the women rule. they set a record for the most goals scored in a match in women's watt owe polo in olympic history but hours later it was broken. team usa has not won any medals as of yet. china is leading with three golds and one bronze. nbc's stephanie gosk has more from tokyo on how covid is impacting the olympic games. >> reporter: there's the pandemic, there's the hot temperatures, and now a possible typhoon headed this way in tokyo, as if they don't already have enough problems. there's a tropical storm they're worried could be upgraded in next day or so and head more or less in this direction. it has already affected some of the scheduling. they've moved some rowing supposed to take place on monday to sunday just in case the
1:23 pm
waters get a little choppy and out of control. but the hope is that that storm stays off the coast and doesn't affect the games. there are 127 cases of covid so far according to the organizing committee, but let's put that into perspective. that's out of tens of thousands who are accredited for these games. we've been talking a lot about how the pandemic has affected enthusiasm here in japan. there's a majority of people in this country who did not want these games to go forward. there are also people who are interested and excited in these games. we saw it last night at the opening ceremony where you had pockets of people protesting and then you had pockets of people sitting outside hoping to hear some music and see some fireworks. we saw that in this cycling event today. the cyclists had to stage up mt. fuji. all along the route, even though they weren't supposed to be there, there were people cheering and clapping. stephanie gosk, nbc news, tokyo.
1:24 pm
>> thank you, steph, for that. coming up, everybody, the house's january 6th select committee is set to hold its first meeting tuesday add gop leadership refuses to play ball. there's reporting that nancy pelosi might be ready to make a move that may anger kevin mccarthy further. we will talk about that when we come back. ut that when we come back. i may not be able to tell time, but i know what time it is. [whispering] it's grilled cheese o'clock.
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welcome back, everybody. the long-awaited search for answers about what really happened on january 6th at capitol hill begins next week. as house speaker nancy pelosi's select committee is set to hold their first hearings at the capitol on tuesday. the members of congress that will be a part of the probe has been a point of contention between pelosi and minority leader kevin mccarthy after pelosi rejected two of the five
1:29 pm
republicans mccarthy picked to be a part of the investigation, leading mccarthy to pull all of his selections. the two republicans in question were congressman jim jordan and jim banks, who supported objections to the election results during the formalization of biden's victory on january 6th. congressman liz cheney is currently the sole republican on the select committee along with seven other democrats. according to new reporting, pelosi is mulling whether to add more anti-trump republicans to the committee. one of the names being thrown around is congressman adam kinzinger. joining me is democratic congressman raja krishnamoorthi of illinois, also a member of the house intelligence committee. thank you for joining us on a saturday. i appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> i want to get your thoughts on this back and forth between pelosi and mccarthy, and house speaker pelosi's decision to reject two of mccarthy's five picks for the january 6th committee. >> well, mccarthy from the start
1:30 pm
along with mcconnell destroyed the chance of a bipartisan independent commission taking the whole inquiry out of congress, which would have been the ideal. so now we're left with a special select committee since doing nothing is not an option. here, again, mccarthy put forward choices knowing exactly what would happen, knowing that jim jordan is not the appropriate choice to make an objective inquiry into the truth of what occurred on january 6th. and, as you know, yasmin, the vast majority of the american people want to know the truth. >> let me play devil's advocate for a moment. it is a conversation i have been having with my executive producer leading up to this interview with you. it is the optics of pelosi's decision to reject banks and jordan and whether or not that was a smart choice in that is she -- is she saying in a sense,
1:31 pm
i want my own people or people that are anti-trump, right? adam kinzinger, someone who has been vocally anti-trump. we know obviously where cheney stands on this as well, and the trump camp. is the optics of this, did pelosi think of the optics of her decision? >> well, remember, she said that she would be willing to accept the other three choices that mr. mccarthy made, namely mr. nehls, congressman rodney davis as well as congressman armstrong, and none of them are anti-trump. in fact, i believe that mr. nehls voted not to certify some of the election results on january 6th. so i think what she wants is, in my humble opinion, she wants people who are after the truth, and anybody who has been around jim jordan for ten minutes on any committee, and i have served with him on various committees
1:32 pm
at this point, knows that, you know, he's just going to get up there and create a circus at this point. the stakes are too high for that, yasmin. >> what do you think about congressman kinzinger being a possible candidate to add? >> i think he would be a fine addition because i think that he's, again, he satisfied that number one criteria, which is someone who is approaching this objectively and searching for the truth. we need to know, you know, how did this come about. we need to know where the federal government under donald trump was so slow in responding on the day in question, on january 6th. then we need to know how do we prevent this from happening again. i don't think it is a stretch to say that the american people were traumatized on january 6th and we need to get answers right now to the very important questions. >> are you worried americans won't trust the results of the
1:33 pm
committee? >> i'm always concerned about kind of the partisan lens through which a lot of people are going to see this committee, but at the end of the day i do think that the vast majority of the american people really do want some answers to some important questions. i'm very hopeful that this special select committee is going to present those answers in a way that's accessible and, of course, meaningful for the american people. >> democratic congressman raja krishnamoorthi of illinois. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> to talk more about the january 6th committee i want to bring in susan del percio, republican strategy, and juanita tolliver, democratic strategist. both are msnbc political analysts. welcome to both of you. let's pick off where i left off with the congressman. i want to read from a "new york times" piece. we know mccarthy has rejected the idea of shepherding his own
1:34 pm
committee as well. whatever the testimony or the findings, the results of either committee are unlikely to be trusted by voters from the opposing party, and reaching any kind of national consensus about what happened on that awful day feels like as much of a fantasy as any false flag conspiracy theory. susan, what is your reaction to that? >> i agree with it in the sense of, you know, kevin mccarthy set out to create a partisan agenda with this -- around the whole thing of the committee. so, of course, there's going to be this partisan, this deep partisan divide. i don't think, unfortunately, there was anything that could have helped it. perhaps there was a glimmer of hope when republican congressman katko was negotiating and negotiated a true bipartisan committee. but even still, i think that this was going to be something that both sides were -- especially -- i shouldn't say both sides. i am wrong there. the republicans would use in a
1:35 pm
way to make it more partisan, perhaps go after nancy pelosi and use it as a way to go after democrats. look, they're all against us, and rallying that base. i also think kevin mccarthy was very concerned about what donald trump would think and knew he had to not create something that could have been viewed as authentic. >> you got to love susan talking it through out loud. that's why i love talking to you, talking to you and having you on. no, i'm wrong there, i'm wrong there. it kind of talks about and identifies the predicament the democrats are in. it is part of the conversation i was just having with the congressman, which is to kind of appease the republicans in a way, right, the optics of the decision that pelosi made versus seeking the facts, anybody that has seen jim jordan in testimonies or in questioning knows what he would have done to the january 6th select committee and the way in which he would
1:36 pm
have led that committee. that being said, the optics of her decision i wonder, that's a tough one, right? because at this point it seems like in her rejecting jordan and her rejecting banks, it kind of says, i want my own people, right? we're going to have someone like adam kinzinger on who has been vocal about his opposition to donald trump. it is a fine line. it is a balance democrats have to walk. it is politics at the end of the day. >> it is politics and it is theater, too, yasmin, right? i appreciate the congressman emphasizing the fact while pelosi rejected jordan and banks, she accepted three other people who mccarthy said he wanted to have on this committee. so his decision to pull those folks back, again, feeds into what susan just mentioned. susan, thank you for catching yourself there. there are no two sides to this. it is either people who want to get the truth out to the american people and people who want to obstruct the truth and follow again the drum beat set by the leader of the republican party at this moment who is donald trump still. so that's what this comes down
1:37 pm
to. keep in mind, mccarthy has already sent out his fundraising e-mail for this. so i kind of reject the notion of pelosi needing to placate to optics that would be acceptable to republicans when it is republicans who are participating in this as a foil from start to finish. like rewind the tape in the lead-up to the attack on january 6th and play it forward to know, and they have constantly beat this drum, even to the point where they're turning out members of their own party from leadership positions like we saw with representative cheney and like we have seen the threats from mccarthy to remove other people from their committee positions if they participate on january 6th. republicans have held firm in the effort to obstruct this process and obstruct the truth from getting to the american people whereas we've seen democrats and speaker pelosi absolutely work to maintain a degree of integrity and intention behind the select committee about getting to the truth and making sure this never happens again. because the congressman also mentioned that the country was traumatized by this, but not only the country, the staffers,
1:38 pm
the police officers, the custodial team members, anybody who was in the capitol that day fearing for their lives was traumatized by this and should never have to experience this attack on our capitol or on our democracy ever again. >> and not to mention it is completely altered our position overseas and the way in which countries see us and view us as people swarmed the capitol on january 6th. i want to quickly talk about infrastructure here, susan, as we have been talking about infrastructure and droning on about infrastructure for months it seems, deadlines passing and coming and going. it seems like infrastructure is really the only deal that can be done in a bipartisan way. if they can get infrastructure across the finish line, is there any hope anything can be done beyond infrastructure that's not just along party lines, that is in a bipartisan fashion? if they can't even get infrastructure done, which is supposed to be a republican and democratic issue, what can they really get done? >> i see them getting the infrastructure bill over the line, barely, it will be on life
1:39 pm
support but it will get over the line. i mean we're talking about if they're going to lift the debt ceiling, they have to do it in a week. that's something we have to do as a country to keep our credit good. they will probably get that done. but as far as any major legislation, you are not going to see anything. i don't think they will get voting rights, and maybe there's the george floyd bill. perhaps there's a glimmer of hope for that. >> susan del percio, juanita tolliver, thank you both. appreciate it. great to talk to you on a sunday afternoon. coming up, everybody, 4,500 tips and nothing to show for it. why the fbi failed to fully investigate claims including those of sexual misconduct against brett kavanaugh before he was confirmed to the supreme court. former federal prosecutor glenn kirschner joining me to weigh in on that and whether anything that can be done now to someone with a lifetime appointment. we will be right back. intment. we will be right back. being tired.
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welcome back, everybody. we are now getting some explosive reaction after the fbi disclosed this week it did not act on at least 4,500 tips about supreme court justice brett kavanaugh and allegations that he sexually assaulted christine blasey ford and two others. two attorneys that represented ford during the contentious confirmations for kavanaugh said, quote, the fbi's investigation into dr. christine blasey ford's serious allegations about justice brut kavanaugh was a sham and a failure. they went on to say the fbi handed the information to the trump white house, allowing kavanaugh supporters, trump among them, to falsely claim that the fbi found no wrongdoing. kavanaugh denied all of the allegations but offered the fbi checks as proof when he was grilled on it in 2018. >> i have served in many high-profile and sensitive government positions for which
1:44 pm
the fbi has investigated my background six separate times. six separate fbi background investigations over 26 years. all of them after the event alleged here. >> he, of course, went on to be confirmed to the supreme court by a 50-48 party line vote in the senate. we want to dive a little deeper into how this was allowed to happen and where things go from here, of course. for that i want to bring in glenn kirschner, a former federal prosecutor and msnbc analyst. good to see you. first, what do we know about these tips? >> so, you know, this was the first time the fbi ever set up a tip line for the public to provide information about a supreme court justice nominee. so this was the sort of maiden voyage of the fbi, but the fbi is well acquainted with how to run tip lines and what to do with the information once it is received. what they did here, yasmin, was they took it, they declined to
1:45 pm
investigate it, and they gave it to the white house, specifically the white house counsel's office which was then led by don mcgahn. so, you know, when the fbi sets up a tip line and solicits citizens to provide information relevant to whether judge kavanaugh was suitable or not to serve as a supreme court justice, the citizens who took the fbi up on that offer had every right to expect that the information would be handled professionally, responsibly, and it would be diligently investigated. now what we came to learn in a recent letter from the fbi is it went uninvestigated. it was given over to the white house counsel's office, and, yasmin, we know the white house was going to get brett kavanaugh confirmed by any means necessary. so it looks like at a minimum the fbi was sort of used as a shield to, you know, help donald trump get to where he wanted to
1:46 pm
be on this supreme court nomination. >> okay. but why would the fbi not pursue these tips? i mean that would fall on the shoulders of the fbi, right? yes, then it is sent up the chain to white house counsel don mcgahn, who we know obviously was advocating for kavanaugh to be confirmed. that being said, it started at the fbi tip line. why would they not pursue some of these tips and how do they disseminate what is real and what is not? >> here is why. here is how the fbi explains it, and in fairness to the fbi when they conduct background investigations, what they do is they collect up information. they don't typically investigate it. they provide it to the agency that requested the background information. so they will say, and they did say in this two-page letter that they sent on june 30th. they said, so we weren't investigating this information. we were collecting it up for the white house because the white house was the requesting agency.
1:47 pm
if it were a criminal investigation, then we would have investigated it. but here is the thin. when you set up a tip line for the first line and you solicit this information from the public, i suggest the rules change. let me use a quick analogy as vividly as i can portray what really went on here. what went on here is this is like the fbi soliciting information from the public on a tip line about bank robberies, and then receiving that information and simply handing it off to folks who are in the habit of robbing banks. i mean that is -- you know, might sound like hyperbole, but when you are collecting up information about a critically important topic, should somebody get life tenure as one of only nine people who will decide what our constitution means and doesn't mean, well, you have a responsibility to dig into the information that is provided by the citizens on the suitability of that person to serve.
1:48 pm
>> glenn kirschner, my friend, always good to see you. >> thank you, yasmin. up next, everybody, the head scratcher of the week. ahead, covid cases among the vaccinated are sending a wake-up call to many across the country. it is one of those things that wouldn't happen to me, you know. i'm vaccinated. i'm healthy. im'young. i kind of figured i would avoid it and i still caught it. . >> provincetown, mass, 70% of recent cases reportedly among the fully vaccinated. we are live there with the steps being taken to reduce the spread. we will be right back. water? why?! ahhhh! incoming! ahhhahh! i'm saved! water tastes like, water. so we fixed it. mio. if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has plans built just for you. switch now and get 2 unlimited lines and 2 free smartphones. water tastes like, water. and now get netflix on us.
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ . welcome back. my head-scratcher of the week. republican election audit fever reaching ridiculous heights. a texas republican has introduced legislation that would force a forensic audit of the election rults in a state trump won, by the way, by six points. here's the catch. representative steve tot's audit so the republican essentially wants the state to fund an audit on the remote chance it could show trump won the state by more than six points. excellent use of taxpayer money. so my high five of the week goes to a washington, d.c., restaurant with a simple message, no vaccination, no indoor service. the northern of pho banh mi said
1:53 pm
no service until they can prove their vaccination. a simple straightforward policy meant to protect ploys and other customers no matter the percent consequences for the small restaurant. for those not vaccinated, there's takeout and no touching of menus. the owner explained his policy. if you come into my house, my restaurant, i can ask for proof you've been vaccinated. we'll be right back. heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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welcome back, everybody. a cluster of breakthrough covid infections fueled by the delta variant in cape cod's provincetown, mass, account for 75% of new infections there. that antonia, good to talk to you once again. talk us through what you're hearing from residents there about this current pretty troubling outbreak. >> well, that's exactly how they feel. really troweled by it and in some cases frustrated by it. look, there are 430 confirmed cases of covid in this area that stem from july 4th celebrations when large numbers of unvaccinated, unmasked people mixed with this community that's one of the most highly vaccinated communities in the country. it's the most vaccinated community in massachusetts.
1:58 pm
and now we're seeing about 69% of those cases are breakthrough cases, people who got their shots and hoped to be protected. and so the good news is that these cases are mild or asymptomatic. haven't seen a spike in hospitalizations. but that doesn't mean people aren't concerned or upset because this is a tourist town. they hoped to host people here safely all summer, and now they're fearful that unvaccinated people are going to come here and put their health but also their businesses that they've fought hard to keep open. we want to listen to a conversation i had with a manager. he made it clear where he places in. >> it's time that vaccinated, responsible individuals have to stop paying the price for people that refuse to follow science and follow the data. and provincetown has always taken the lead on facts and the data and science, and we're not
1:59 pm
going to stop doing that. >> reporter: the town has put a new mask advisory in place, asking people to wear masks indoors or outdoors if they can't social distancing properly. but now some business owners here are taking it a step further and they're telling their guests or their visitors that they need to show proof of vaccination to even come onto their property because they're trying to send a message to people that this is a safe place, a place where most people are vaccinated and they feel, you know, if you are not vaccinated or not welcome to wear a mask, you're putting this entire community and its livelihood, business, and heartbeat of it terrific. yasmin? >> just quickly, do health officials feel fairly confident they can contain the outbreak, antonia? >> reporter: they do, but right now they're really trying to get a sense of the incoming populations. july 4th is one of the major weekends here, and so their hope
2:00 pm
is that since there aren't equivalent weekends coming up soon, they're able to get this under control. but they're really try to send a message if you're booking a weekend to provincetown, they want you here, but they would love if you would please get vaccinated. >> get vaccinated, show you're vaccinated. antonia hylton, great to see you once again. i'm yasmin vossoughian. i'll be back tomorrow, 3:00 p.m. eastern. "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lede, truth without reconciliation. on tuesday, a house select committee begins its investigation of the january 6th insurrection, a rebeio


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