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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  July 24, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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reports." i will see you tomorrow at noon eastern. my friend alison yasmin vossoughian continues the coverage. >> good afternoon, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. a lot to cover for you. new developments on capitol hill involving the up-and-down infrastructure talks as well as the start of the january 6th commission. new reporting on the man donald trump has repeatedly pushed as a potential georgia candidate. disturbing revelations about former nfl star her shell walker. i will talk to the reporter that broke the story. also, surging covid cases among the unvaccinated and even amongst some that are vaccinated. we will look at the big difference between the two. new signs of a republican split over messaging on vaccines. mitch mcconnell, marjorie taylor greene, telling people very different things. we will dive into who the gop faithful are really listening to. and then a major change for
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a major league team leading to swift reaction this weekend. plus, next hour, some trump bombshells. i will talk to one of the authors of the new book "i alone can fix it" about his interview with donald trump and what it says about the former president's plans for, yep, 2024. we are going to begin though in washington where despite failing a test vote earlier this week senate democrats and republicans say they hope to release and push ahead with their bipartisan infrastructure bill as soon as monday. we've heard that before. let's bring in sahil kapur. there are so many deadlines that have come and gone before but here we are wondering if it will be pushed across the finish like. you have senate negotiators not necessarily releasing details. talk to us about what we know about any final sticking points being worked on to get it past the finish line hopefully, or begin to get past the finish line i should say on monday.
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>> reporter: yasmin, infrastructure week increasingly feels like infrastructure season, infrastructure summer right now as the negotiators try to finalize the details. the single biggest sticking point is the money for public transit. negotiators are in a standoff over the question. democrats want 20% of the overall transportation money in the $579 billion package to go to public transit. they cite precedent dating back to the 1980s for that. republicans say that number is not set in stone and they want it to be a little less than 20%. they say they have a reasonable offer. until one side blinks, senate negotiators are not able to move forward on the deal. that is the main sticking point. there are some other issues where the details are still being ironed out, things like broadband, what to do with unspent covid relief money and labor provisions as it relates to the construction of these infrastructure projects. now, sources i shannon pettypiece to say they are optimistic that once the transit issue is worked out they can finish the details, they can finish the text of the
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legislation and hammer out the other details with relative ease but we will see if they actually stick to that next week. >> we will see. okay. that's on one side of the spectrum. we are also talking january 6th obviously, wanting to pivot to that for a moment and the commission. i guess the major question here is where does nancy please go considering now that leader mccarthy has essentially pulled his picks all together after pelosi rejected jordan and banks as two of the five picks mccarthy put in the run. >> yes, the january 6th select committee is going to have its first hearing on tuesday. it is called the law enforcement experience. they're going to hear from police officers in capitol police and d.c. metro police who were on the front lines tasked with defending the capitol complex from the attack and riot. speaker pelosi has eight members she appointed to the committee, seven democrats and one republican in liz cheney. they have a quorum to conduct business and that will happen
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regardless of the final makeup of the committee. there is talk of potentially adding another member, another republican in particular. all eyes are on adam kinzinger, the republican from illinois. the reason is apart from liz cheney he's the only one who voted for the creation of the committee and probably the only candidate willing to serve on it. speaker pelosi has not indicated whether she intends to appoint him. her office has only said she believes she has the power to do it. democrats have had warm words for kinzinger so it is an open question. regardless, the committee will have its first hearing on tuesday. yasmin. >> any other names out there besides adam kinzinger willing to be a part of this january 6th select committee, considering there were some republicans that voted in favor of impeaching donald trump a second time around? >>. >> reporter: nobody has raised their hand on that. ten house republicans voted for impeachment. one is liz cheney, who i mentioned is already on the committee, another is adam
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kinzinger who is being talked about as potentially on the committee. the other eight did not vote for creation of this committee. they have kind of moved aside from this. they don't really want to pick this battle anymore, so it is unclear. probably unlikely at this point that those eight would be willing to serve, yasmin. >> sahil kapur on capitol hill. i will be speaking with phil rucker who spoke with former president trump on his view on that so don't miss the conversation. we have now reporting on the man donald trump has touted as his choice to jump into the georgia race. the ap out today with a story on herschel walker and a turbulent past that could come back to haunt him if, in fact, he does decide to run. trump has been hyping walker's potential candidacy, claiming in a radio interview just last month he was ready to jump into
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the case ready to unseat raphael warnock, saying they will love him in georgia. joining me for the associated press, bill walker. thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. i want to read more from your piece and you where this. as herschel walker eyes a senate run a turbulent past emerges. the documents detail accusations that walker repeatedly threatened his ex-wife's life, exaggerated claims of financial success and alarmed business associates with unpredictable behavior. walker, now 59, has at times been open about his long struggle with mental illness, writing at length in a 2018 book about being diagnosed with diss associative identity disorder, once known as multiple personality disorder. i want to put two things into a bucket here as we are having this discussion, bill. one is kind of these accusations made, this history of possibly
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threatening his wife, financial issues. that's in one bucket. then there is this mental illness issue, and i think it is important we make that distinction, right? because we're not here to have a conversation about whether or not someone is qualified to run for office or to be a member of senate with a mental health issue. i think it is important someone is forthcoming about their mental health. that's something that should be applauded. we will get to that in a moment. but let's talk first about what we know when it comes to herschel walker and his history with his wife and his financial dealings. >> yes, as you said in your introduction, walker had talked about some of his anger management issues in that 2018 book where he was very open about his diagnosis. he tied the two together, explaining that he created these alters, he called them, to shield him from childhood trauma. he was an overweight child, he
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had a stuttering problem, and he built that up and recognized as an adult these anger issues. he acknowledged those in the book, but not to the extent that we found in these records from divorce files with his wife in 2001, 2002, a follow-up application that she filed and won for a protective order about four years after she initially sued for divorce, and then depositions in lawsuits tied to his business dealings that revealed what some of his business partners and associates and suppliers had thought about their dealings with him. that paints this fuller picture that these issues have extended well beyond when he said that he acknowledged his problems, sought help and saw himself and presented himself in that book as sort of on the road to dealing with all of these issues that manifest as a part of his particular diagnosed disorder and the anger, outburst that he
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has attributed to that. >> is there any indication or evidence to suggest he is continuing to deal with these issues now? and, if so, how could that affect his candidacy? >> i want to be clear. we state this in the article. we made multiple attempts to reach mr. walker through his sister, who functions as his executive assistant, through some political advisers that we know he has talked to in recent months and through his long-time attorney. so mr. walker was aware, of course, the story was coming. he did not respond. so we simply can't answer that question and i don't want to represent that we know exactly where these things stand in 2021 as he considers this bid. on the just pure politics of this -- >> do we -- >> go ahead. >> yeah. no, no, no, please continue. >> yeah. on the politics, i think it is
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important to note and republicans in georgia and in washington have been chatting quietly about this, quietly because he is such a popular, well-known figure, absolutely beloved among long-time georgians who are university of georgia football plans, but whispering some of the issues, some of which are known and now the new ones that are coming out, would harm him only in a general lexicon text, not necessarily in a republican primary. georgia is a swing state, a legitimate battleground as we saw in 2020, but the republican primary base is still very conservative, very loyal to former president trump, and is older, whiter, less urban, which also overlaps with, you know, long-time georgia football fan has are among those who love herschel the most. >> right. still very much a legend in the state. bill barrow, thank you for your reporting on this. i very much appreciate it.
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i want to pivot now to the fight against the coronavirus and, of course, a new outbreak that officials are investigating at a summer camp actually in upstate new york. you got more than 30 children that have tested positive there, and more than 100 now have subsequently been sent home. it really illustrates the vaccination dividing line. all of those infected are under the age of 12 and unable to get the vaccine, while those over 12 and vaccinated, they haven't even gotten the virus. nbc's cori coffman in hudson, new york, with more on all of this. good to see you this afternoon. this is a fairly troubling story, i'm going to say personally as well considering the fact my kids are currently in summer camp in the state of new york. so that aside, i guess my first question is how are all of the kids doing? do we know the status of the kids that subsequently tested positive that are so young? >> reporter: yes, yasmin. good afternoon. it is really difficult for a parent to hear, especially if you have a kid in summer camp right now. we've been reporting on the out-blakes not just here in new york but an outbreak of 130 kids in houston as of late as
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well. now, these kids here up in columbia county, we are told they are mostly -- all of them were sent home, mostly from new york but also some from other states. they are doing well. however, they are being monitored at this point. in addition to the 31 who tested positive, more than 100 were also sent home just for coming in contact in general. now, this camp has about 550 kids totally, yasmin, so all were then subsequently tested, and moving forward the camp tells us they've instituted stricter measures. they've gone back to mask wearing even outdoors with some of the crowded spaces and, of course, indoors, which is the latest guidance from the american academy of pediatrics. but it leads to questions about what the schools are going to do in the fall because, of course, we will have a lot of tight knit groups of kids indoors learning with these younger kids who are not able to get vaccinated. so i spoke with the county's health department about what their goal is here, if they have to change anything when it comes to school. listen to what he told me.
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>> they feel like they're in limbo right now. they have some huge issues. transportation. these school districts, rural school districts, can't go out and acquire twice the number of buses that they have if they were going to socially distance kids on the bus. that's what they would have to do. they're waiting for something from the state health department on that. lunches. you can't keep your mask on when you're eating your lunch, and last year the kids ate in their classroom. we are concerned. the superintendent and i are concerned about the delta variant. we are hearing stories out of england that it is ripping through schools over there and we're concerned about that when it comes to the fall. >> reporter: and, you know, yasmin to your point about how these kids are doing, even though most of these kaszs the kids are being monitored and they have mild symptoms, there are still a few cases where the symptoms are more severe and there have been in very rare circumstances deaths reported. we can understand the added urgency and concern with the
12:14 pm
delta variant. does that mean that in-person learning will have to be rolled back? well, according to the aap, their latest guidance says the benefits of in-person school outweigh the risks in almost all circumstances slojs mask wearing is prioritized, as long asprioid and as long as vaccine is taken by the groups those that can, those 12 and up. >> glad to hear the kids are doing okay so far. cori coffman in new york. thank you. coming up, we will dig more into the conversation surrounding covid and the delta variant, dr. uche blackstock with more on the breakthrough cases. first, the nfl has taken a
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surfside, florida. the search has come to an end. firefighters declared an end to recovery efforts just yesterday. however, one victim out of 97 is still missing. the members of miami-dade fire-rescues two task forces were honored at headquarters friday as they demobilized. the site of the florida condo has been swept flat with rubble moved to a miami warehouse where police and forensic scientists will continue to examine debris there. the nfl has taken a stand against anti-vaxxers in its ranks. in a memo earlier this week the league announced any outbreaks caused by unvaccinated players could result in forfeited games and neither game will be paid for the lost contest. plus, the team responsible for the cancellation will, in fact, cover the financial losses and face possible discipline from the commissioner's office. but the league faces an uphill climb since it's announcement
12:20 pm
the minnesota vikings released its coach over his refusal to get vaccinated while quarterback dak prescott evaded questions over his vaccination status. he incorrectly stated he couldn't reveal his status doull to hipaa laws. so far only 75% of nfl players received one dose of the covid vaccine. so after countless demand that it was racially insensitive, cleveland's major league baseball will change its name after more than 100 years. the team declared cleveland was always the most important part of their title but now will honor all americans by removing the rest of the name and mascot. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on this. >> and the game -- >> reporter: in a video narrated by tom hanks -- >> -- we are all cleveland guardians. >> reporter: cleveland's baseball team announced it will be known as the guardians starting next season. >> indians will always be part of our history just as cleveland has always been the most important part of our identity.
12:21 pm
>> reporter: the new name, a reference to large art deco statues on cleveland's hope memorial bridge, the team's first name change in more than a century. >> well, it is sad. you know, i have known him as the indians forever. >> i am all for it. it was going to happen. >> i think probably most of the fans would have preferred to have kept indians. i know i would have. >> reporter: the move part of a larger cultural shift across the country. the nfl's washington football team also announced last year it was changing its name, although it hasn't said to what. >> we are just a better place to not have those kinds of names. they need to be relegated to the dust bin of history. >> thank you to nbc's gabe gutierrez for that reporting. still ahead, everybody, variants and vaccines. that's what is coming up after the break. dr. uche blackstock joining me live to answer some of your covid questions. we will be right back.
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welcome back. covid cases are ticking upward in the cape cod town of provincetown, mass, with more than 250 people now infected after exposure to a delta covid cluster, and many of those actually were fully vaccinated. i want to bring in antonia hylton who is covering this for us. antonia, good to see you this afternoon. first, talk to me about what we're hearing from residents about this outbreak. >> reporter: so, yasmin, here this outbreak is stemming from july 4th celebrations that happened a couple of weeks ago, and residents right now are concerned and in some ways really frustrated. had is one of the most highly vaccinated communities in the country. massachusetts has one of the highest vaccination rates and here in the cape cod area it is the most highly vaccinated part of massachusetts. so what we saw happen here -- >> wow. >> -- were large populations of unvaccinated people come to provincetown, go to parties, not wear masks, and then we saw these breakthrough infections. so of now 430 identified cases
12:27 pm
in this area, 69% of them are breakthrough cases. you know, the good news is that people have mild and asymptomatic cases right now because they've had the vaccine, but that doesn't stop people from feeling concerned and upset here, in particular because provincetown is a community that is lgbtq centered. many people who live here have personal connections to the aids epidemic. i am actually standing right now near an aids memorial. so when you talk to folks, the notion of there being this outbreak and fear and stigma is hurtful to them because they feel they've done everything to keep this community safe. almost everyone here went out and got vaccinated. take a listen to a conversation i had with a resident here named joe carlio about this. >> we have artists. we have a huge gay population. we are extremely welcoming, but we also went through an epidemic that devastated this town. we're in the shadow of the aids monument right here. it brings back memories in a
12:28 pm
very not-good way, to think that folks are afraid to come here again 30 years later because of covid when we did so much to prevent covid from being here. so if i were to have a message, it would just be come to provincetown, we're okay. >> reporter: that message i thought was so important and a part of the story that i don't think has been talked about enough yet. >> yeah. >> reporter: just, you know, the impact, the decision to not get vaccinated and then to come and go to parties and not wear a mask, you know, it puts people's health and safety at risk. it puts an entire community's social experience, their summer at risk, businesses they own and run here. as i have spoken to so many people like joe, the message is we want you to come to provincetown and have the most fun summer you possibly can, but please keep other people and their specific communities in mind when you do that. please wear a mask or get
12:29 pm
vaccinated if you are going to come out here to provincetown this summer. yasmin. >> it is such a good point, antonia, and it destroys this argument about being vaccinated is a personal choice. maybe it is a personal choice if you are staying inside your house and not doing anything, not interacting with anybody. if you are actually going out to parties, as you said, and exposing yourself to others who are subsequently getting the delta variant and getting sick with the breakthrough infections, it is no longer personal. it is in fact public. great reporting. appreciate it. i want to bring in dr. uche blackstock, founder of advancing health equity. thanks for joining us on this. this is really troubling because we are doing more and more stories every day about the breakthrough infections, right? in the very beginning as more and more folks were getting vaccinated all we were doing was the numbers are going down, the numbers are going down and we were all so encouraged. then there was an idea whether or not we would get a booster shot, and much of the conversation surrounding that
12:30 pm
idea was, well, we have to wait and see how many breakthrough infections come through. that will tell us if we need that booster shot. are we there now? >> such great points that you made. i also want to say point you made about us all being interconnected is so important. that's why dr. wilensky's comments that it is a pandemic of the unvaccinated is not fully accurate because we see transmission level of people coming in from low areas of vaccination rate that they are infecting people who are fully vaccinated. what i will say is about these breakthrough infections, it is really important to categorize them. these are infections that were asymptomatic, meaning no symptoms or mild. they were not severe disease requiring people to be hospitalized or we don't have any deaths reported. from that we know the vaccines are working, right. the end point for those vaccines was to prevent severe disease,
12:31 pm
hospitalizations as well as death. so i think that's important to keep in mind. regarding the booster, now the cdc is talking about whether a booster is needed for people who are elderly or immuno compromised, and i think we will probably see that. i also want to say that booster may not be the appropriate word. we are still trying to figure out what is the optimal dose for especially people who are immuno compromised. that may require a third dose of the vaccine. >> why just elderly or immune compromised? is it because of a timing thing, they want to deal with them first because they're the most vulnerable and then deal with the rest of the population? >> well, two reasons. the first reason is that people who are elderly or immuno compromised, their immune systems don't develop as much of a robust response to vaccines as people who are younger or who have a normal functioning immune system. so they may be more at risk for being infected with one of the
12:32 pm
variants. the other thing is, as we've seen in the pandemic, we prioritized giving vaccinations to the elderly. that's why in that pfizer study out of israel they're seeing -- >> got it. >> -- maybe reduced protection at six, seven months. that's because elderly were vaccinated very early in the pandemic. >> got it. okay. i just quickly want you to comment on the story i did earlier with cori coffman talking about the outbreak in a summer camp in upstate new york. pretty troubling with folks like me whose kids are in summer camps an also ahead of the school year, in some cases school is beginning in the next couple of weeks, especially in the south. up here in the northeast, in september. what does this delta variant mean for younger kids that likely won't have a green light to get a vaccine until sometime mid-winter it seems at this point? >> right. so, as we know, children are still vulnerable. so when you put them in high-risk settings, so an away camp is a high-risk setting.
12:33 pm
it is a congregant setting, children are in dormitories in close contact indoors. it is high risk and they're unvaccinated, and it is unclear what preventive measures they were following at this camp. i would advise parents to ask what are the masking policies, what are the testing policies, what percentage of the staff and older children are vaccinated. those are important things for parents to know. like you, i always have children in camp. i'm worried about the fall, about children being in indoor settings and we don't have a vaccine yet. so we have to make sure schools are following the preventive measures, especially masking. >> i think a lot of us are worried. dr. uche blackstock. thank you for joining us. mixed messaging. while some are changing their tune on the vaccines, and we will look at who the republicans
12:34 pm
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welcome back, everybody. we are following breaking news out of europe where more than 150 people are still missing after catastrophic flooding hitting germany especially. officials now fear they may never be found. nbc's allie arouzi is following this. good to see you, my friend. give us the latest so far on the rescue efforts in germany with devastating flooding there. >> reporter: hi, hello, my friend. that's right. it has been a catastrophic week in germany with the flooding there, as you mentioned. almost 150 people are still missing. almost 200 people lost their lives in those floods. as we are speaking right now, there's about over 30,000
12:38 pm
survivors throughout germany in the flooded areas that are without electricity, without food, without water, living in makeshift camps. the very famous racing of the green there has been turned into a camp for people that have lost their homes, as firefighters and rescue workers are still wading through that mud and debris and what's left of people's houses, seeing if they can find families of loved ones that are still missing there. german authorities are warning that there is more rain to come in the coming days that could cause even more devastation, but they're not expecting it to be as heavy as the ones we saw last week. but, yasmin, the important point to underscore here is that scientists keep underscoring the fact that this is going to happen with more regularity, with more ferocity unless something is done to tackle climate change, which is the root cause of all of these floods. >> yes.
12:39 pm
>> and fires we're seeing across the world. >> we're seeing something like this across the world right now, whether it is 120 degrees in the northwest of the united states, flooding in europe. i mean it is one thing after another it seems when it comes to the consequences of climate change across the world now. while i have you, ali, i want to quickly talk about iran and the reporting we're hearing when it comes to the jcpoa. iran recently rejecting a draft of the nuclear deal. what does this mean right now for the status of the u.s. nuclear deal with iran? >> reporter: well, yasmin, the fact of the matter is that the longer it takes these two sides to come to an agreement the harder it is going to be to make an agreement because iran's nuclear program is going to continue to advance to a point where the jcpoa doesn't even make sense anymore. now, i'm not sure what is going
12:40 pm
on in iran, but, as you know, there's been a transition in government. i think the new powers that be want to throw their weight about, say, look, this is a new party in charge here. we're going to be doing things differently here. they've sensed that the biden administration wants to make a deal with iran, so the iranians now want to get as many concessions as they can out of the biden administration, things that they never thought they would get out of the trump administration. so they're playing hardball, but, like we've spoken about this before, i still think when push comes to shove the iranians ultimately will make the deal because the economy is in such bad position. >> got it. >> they don't really have a choice. >> they need it. they need it, the iranian people need it. ali arouzi, good to see you. a split in the party as some gop leaders urge constituents to get vaccinated. the impact on the vaccination double talk is ahead.
12:41 pm
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. >> reporter: what is it going to take to get shots in the arms? >> i don't know. you tell me. folks supposed to have common sense. but it is time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. it is the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down. >> reporter: as the leader of the state, don't you think it is your responsibility to try and help get this situation under control? >> i've done all i know how to do. i can encourage you to do something, but i can't make you take care of yourself that was alabama governor kay ivey's impassioned play for residents to get the covid shot, putting the blame squarely whether it belongs as her state is grappling with the delta variant and sits at 34% vaccination rate. take a look at some of the sudden changes in tone noted on fox news' airwaves. >> if you didn't get a vaccination, that's your choice. and if you did like i did and
12:46 pm
they did and maybe you did -- >> the administration has been very frustrated. they have not been able to get facebook to get rid of some of the disinformation. the disinformation is online. the vaccine is killing lots and lots of people or it changes your dna or there are little microchips. none of that is true. >> america, we're in this together. >> and if you can, get the vaccine. >> for information on vaccine sites visit the vax finder on the home page of >> yeah, despite this new and ambiguous on-air messaging from some of the cable network's daytime voices, many of the biggest stars are continuing to beat the anti-vaccine drum, ramping up dangerous rhetoric as the threat of the delta variant in fact grows. >> it is how you control people's choices through manipulation, through propaganda. this vaccine effort is part of that push to control what choices we make. >> but there are a lot of those people giving you medical advice
12:47 pm
on television, and you should ignore them. the advice they're giving you isn't designed to help. it is designed to make you comply. >> and what about the efficacy of the vaccine itself among adults? >> so maybe it doesn't work and they're simply not telling you that. >> i watch this stuff, jonathan allen, and i want to burst into a million pieces and throw myself against a wall. joining me senior political reporter jonathan allen. he has been writing about this gop mixed messaging i guess we should call it. we want to talk to him about it. jonathan, great to see you this afternoon with your beautiful backdrop, as always. let's dive a little bit into this mixed messaging, i should say. here is in part what you write. it is not clear yet whether the mixed messaging coming against the backdrop of a surge of infections against the juchlt u.s. elections or a bid for the
12:48 pm
trump presidency in 2024. i guess my question after reading this, is it about politics for them despite the fact we continue to see people die, continuing to see people test positive, outbreaks, people's lives stalled because of the misinformation? >> the short answer is yes, it has to be about politics because it is not about the truth. the truth is everyone should go get vaccinated. i mean this isn't something that's like up for dispute. i think it is interesting and i think it is very responsible for some of the hosts that you showed. i knowshon hannity, for instance, who you didn't show in that clip is somebody that's become in favor of the vaccine. the reason is that people are dying because of the uptick in covid and the spread of the delta variant. you know, the only reason to come out there and message against it is basically to hurt the biden administration and to please a base, a resistant base, a contrarian trump base.
12:49 pm
even former president trump who has said that people should get the vaccine is not out there banging that drum. it is not like he's holding rallies telling people, go out and get vaccinated. so i mean there is obviously a fear of that contrarian trump base on the part of the former president and on the part of some of these fox hosts. >> i mean even in the interview with carol leonnig and phil rucker that i will speak about at the top of the 4:00 p.m. hour, we talked about vaccines. in it he kind of couches it with, yes, you know, i think the vaccine is a great vaccine, you should go and get it, so on and so forth, but it is a personal choice. so he kind of couches it in knowing there are some supporters out there of kind of the former trump presidency that very much believe they don't want to get the vaccine, it is not good for them, and he doesn't want to alienate them it seems in that interview. i can't help but think when you have some of the gop voices speaking out and saying, go and get vaccinated, some of the fox news host during daytime, and it is great they're now speaking out, you have mitch mcconnell saying, go get your shot, go get
12:50 pm
vaccinated. at this point does it really matter? is it really going the make a difference or has the decision already been made? is it too little, too late i guess? >> i think for a lot of the people the decision may have been made, but i don't think it is ever too little, too late on something like vaccines where everybody that gets vaccinated who previously hasn't been vaccinated and hasn't been exposed to the virus and hasn't become inoculated against it because of their exposure, every person that gets vaccinated is someone else who isn't acquiring it and spreading it. yeah, even if you come late to the party, being at the party is a lot better from a perspective of public health than not being there at all or in the case of tucker carlson and people who should know better, you're spreading misinformation and you are harming people and potentially leading to their deaths. >> why is it at this point you don't think the former president or some of his allies, for
12:51 pm
instance, outwardly promoting getting this vaccine at this point? >> i think they believe there's a political risk. i mean after all of this time of so many voices in the republican party saying that this is an effort for the government to control you and that there are dangerous things, and i hate to even repeating some of the things that they've said because i don't want the misinformation to come out of my mouth and somebody half listening from the kitchen hears it. but you listen to the information so long, and this base, this trump base -- not everybody in it, but certain factions of it are so resistant to getting this vaccine that i think that they believe that they will lose credibility. president trump believes he will lose credibility. some of the hosts believe that they will lose credibility. marjorie taylor greene and others in congress believe they will lose credibility with that base if suddenly they're saying, no, actually, you should go get this vaccine, you should do what the democratic officials in the government are telling you to do. >> jonathan allen, great piece
12:52 pm
by the way. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. . >> thank you. coming up in our next hour, everyone, the former president on the record about the insurrection. . >> it was a loving crowd, too, by the way. there was a lot of love. i've heard that from everybody. many, many people have told me, that was a loving crowd. and, you know, it was too bad. >> one of the journalists behind the bombshell book "i alone can fix it" joins me live on more of his interviews with trump and what he learned about the chaotic days in office. fill rucker joining me at top of the hour. first, ready to rock. meet the youngest member of the usa's rock climbing team as the sport makes its olympic debut. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot. almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another.
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12:56 pm
♪ ♪ the olympic games are finally under way, and while this year looks a bit different without the crowds and fanfare, the spirit of the games is alive and well. this year four new sports of make their olympic debut. among them, sport climbing. nbc's simone boyce spoke with the youngest member of the team. >> reporter: sport climbing is making its olympic debut in tokyo. so is collin duffy. at age 17 he will be the youngest competitor in climbing. >> i'm just excited. being so young there's not any pressure on me, so i'm just excited to get this experience and just hopefully climb to the best of my abilities.
12:57 pm
>> reporter: he never imagined his passion would become an olympic sport. >> in 2016, it was announced. i was 12 or 13 years old so i didn't have my mindset on the olympics at all, especially for 2020. so it is pretty crazy now to be able to get to compete since i had no idea back then. >> reporter: colin first started climbing when he was just 4 years old at the local rec center. >> i was mesmerized by the wall and the colorfall holds. it caught my attention. so i begged my parents to let me climb the wall. that's kind of where my love for the sport first started. >> reporter: sport climbing includes three disciplines, speed climbing, lead climbing and bouldering. >> all three happen on the same day. it is going to be back to back to back. so super taxing on the athletes. >> reporter: colin is all about speed. >> i'd say speed climbing is pretty much 50/50 mental and physical.
12:58 pm
for every body movements it has to be super precise. >> reporter: with speed climbing, the route is always the same and it is fast. athletes bolt up a 15-meter wall in less than ten seconds. >> the route is used internationally, like it is a set course that's been used for years now. so every time you get on the speed wall it is the exact same route, so people have been able to put up phenomenal times just by training on the wall every day. >> reporter: for lead climbing and bouldering the courses are random. >> for each comp anything is different with climbing. that's what makes the sport so unique every time you are on the wall. it is different sequences, different holds, something you have never seen before. you have to be able to, like, make quick decisions and really have good route reading. >> reporter: colin has taken the last year in stride. >> i think for me it was a really good thing because i've had a full year now to really grow and improve, especially being such a young athlete.
12:59 pm
>> reporter: he's also taken advantage of the extra training time. >> and obviously the postponement was the best option for everyone's health and safety, so it is i think it is a win/win situation for me. >> reporter: and now olympic gold could be at his fingertips. >> this is a tricky last move. there's an olympic spot depending on this. colin duffy has done it! >> it means the world to me, an honor to get the opportunity to compete and, hopefully, the rest of the world loves the sport and it can continue to be in the olympics in the future. >> that is a super fast climbing. good luck to colin. we will be rooting for him from here. that was, by the way, nbc's simone boyce. thank you for that. approaching the top of the hour. you are watching "msnbc reports" with yasmin vow suingan. ♪ ♪ top of the hour.
1:00 pm
i'm yasmin yasmin vossoughian. we are getting "back to the future" vibes. back to the summer of 2020. we have duelling campaign-like rallies between joe biden and donald trump. the current president taking shots at his predecessor while stumping in the virginia governor's race. >> this is a big deal. terry and i share a loot in common. i ran against donald trump, and so is terry. [ applause ] >> i whipped donald trump in virginia and so will terry. >> so while the former president is getting ready in a state that's at the center of his false election claims, arizona, preparing to spew more lies though he likes a different word. >> i'm a big believer in science. are you talking about disinformation or are you talking about li


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