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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  July 23, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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welcome to "the beat," i am ari melber. covid is surging. it is worse for areas not getting vaccinated much leading the governor of alabama to say this. >> almost 100 of new hospitalizations are with unvaccinated folks. >> what is it going to take to get people to get shots in arms? >> i don't know, you tell me. folks are supposed to have common sense. it is time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks and not the regular folks. the unvaccinated folks with letting us down.
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>> common sense as she put there dealing the fact of this is as problem among the unvaccinated. that makes it a problem for everyone. politics and ignorance shakes so many of this debate or dialogue and fox news, the governor here does not have the luxury of treating this as another avenue for content or another place for political posturing. people are getting sick and dying. her constituents are getting sick and dying in case of skyrocketing. people going to the hospital almost doubling in a place. take florida, the worse state for vaccination rate. the case count tripled over the last two weeks. everyone wants to move on. florida's whiplash had hospital rates rising, the start of the outbreak from last year.
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former vaccine skeptics are urging others to get the vaccine. >> if i can do it all over again. i wish people would reconsider and listen to what we went through. >> doctors are relaying stories of people who are now asking for the vaccine and being told it is too late. conservative who's in the hospital now is telling people that he wishes he had a different attitude about all this. fox news partially changed course of this week of the psa and sean hannity promoting the vaccines. here we are, this is a tough way to end the week. there is so much lies and drama that it would be easy to miss some of the larger facts here. the covid vaccine is a
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scientific breakthrough, it marks the fastest vaccine to combat a virus in world's history. a great record for safety and advocacy. the vaccine prevents the virus, period. when the virus does breakthrough, the version of the virus -- if we didn't have the vaccine, you may very likely be sheltering in place in america right now. and yet this effective vaccine is a point of great controversy and ignorance. tragically reminding us for people who claim they don't want to be force fed something, the propaganda they are putting in their mind making it far dangerous than the antidote they could put in their body.
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>> we bring in our experts now. with joan walsh. what's your thoughts? >> i think it is a depressing place to be. we made great progress and now we are seeing backsliing in blue state and much worse in the red states. i don't only blame the unvaccinated, i blame a lot of republicans who for months have been either discouraging it and certainly not encouraging it and never mandating it and generally playing this down for almost a year and a half now. it is not just about the vaccines, it is about making masks such a partisan divide. so i thought about ron desantis and greg abbott and sarah
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hucklebee sanders, she wants to be governor of arkansas. on fox, nah, no mask mandate or vaccine mandate, i am going to be about freedom. even those who are vaccinated, i am learning more and more people having fairly break through cases. that is because of the unvaccinated mingling among us and it is frustrating to see. >> you mentioned breakthroughs and dr. fauci discussing it this week. >> for the most part, thankfully we are seeing that when you do get a breakthrough case, you are generally protected against severe disease, there are shots showing the break through cases going up but the hospitalization
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not going up nearly at the same rate the cases are going up. >> david. >> and the other thing or two, it is not just people getting sick and the end vaccinated having last minute death bed conversions which is tragic to watch. we don't have most people vaccinated, it allows the virus to transmit and move around and that could possibly lead to other variants. we may not be at the end of the delta variant, we could be epsilon. there is a communal value, we as a community have to do the same thing and even of this idea of freedom over anything else. this idea that if you are on fox news and you suggest to people they should do this, you get
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shutdown. we should not tell people what to do, it is about freedom. oh no. it is not about freedom. this is a sort of stunning development and conservative movement. you still go back to trump. he started all this. where is he? where is he? he can still come out today. he can come out in the next hour, you know what, everybody, let's put all the bs aside, get your shots. there is nothing wrong, i am joining the biden administration to do this, i am doing the psa and of course he won't do that. this comes out as trumpism and the war on expertise. you see people spent attacking anthony fauci, pushing conspiracy theories.
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rates go up in their states. i see where this came from and it did not happen by accident and it could be changed. people take responsibility but i am fearful that's not going to happen. >> you mentioned fox, what it takes to create a controversy over there. you have sean hannity playing and headline claiming fox news is killing its viewers of the data of the vaccine. hannity reported on this came out and seemed to urge people to take covid seriously. >> please take covid seriously, i can't say it enough. enough people have died. we don't need more deaths. >> it makes sense for many americans to get vaccinated. i believe in science and the science of vaccination. >> hannity may not have realized
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it yet, when he said that he can't say it enough, that didn't prove to be true. or at least prove to be something he could standby his own recent words in front of the audience. because o f the backlash and other justifications are, here is how he then changes his tune last night. >> i never toll anyone to get a vaccine. i have been very clear. i am simply not qualified. i am not a medical doctor. i know nothing about your medical history or your current medical condition. i think it is inappropriate for me to do so. >> not being a medical doctor -- it had not stopped him and this whole pandemic from offering his ignorant and bias and harmful opinion. it is funny that's his line now.
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rupert murdoch got the vaccine in december so did donald trump. between the two of them, they're killing their own followers, they are. again when governor iv trashes the unvaccinated, they have been poorly treated by their leadership and particularly so much of their media universe. and so i am able to have at least a little bit of compassion for them given the terrible advise they have been getting from people like tucker carlson and sean hannity and others on fox. >> you are a writer and analyst like joan. this is more than traditional, political analysis required here. you have this sort of anti-vax energy, there is a maga version of it and a version on facebook where people seeing themselves as spiritual or whatever you want to call that. we are trying to deal with the
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facts. the political surveillance and intensity of the antivax views for fox viewers that sean hannity could not go a day or two, he wilted after the original statement not all that extraordinary to begin with to what you saw last night. what's the pressure on him to go running like that. >> look at what happened on the january 6th attack. it was a nano second or two nano seconds, mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy came out and blasted trump. there should be censored and mcconnell laid at trump's doorsteps. that lasted for about 20 moments and all of a sudden it was not a big deal, it was tourists coming in. we don't need an investigation, we should move on. the left is the problem here. there is something similar of
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denial of reality. anything that convenience the trump's views, if you listen to expert that there is a reality and republicans and extremists making a mistake. you get shutdown for being reasonable and even for a new york minute. be personal a little bit. i know tuck. i used to be on another network with him and debate him. he was conservative and i was progressive, we disagreed but after we talked, it is just staggering to me that he can do what he's doing and if you come out there and this week after sean hannity, he keeps on raising skepticism or things that people should fear the vaccinations. he's gotten vaccinated and i am sure his friends and family have
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and parents if they are around. for him to do this when he's already making a ton of money between the show. he has the ability. he's at the top of the food chain, he's not at the bottom. he's telling donald trump that he's serious about this. he can do the pivot better than sean hannity. he can find a clever way to do it that would coffer up everything he said up to now. >> sean could not pivot because he landed on his face, you know? >> i think tucker is more steering that shift than -- >> is it a ship of fools, david? >> yeah, we won't sing the song. you can sing the "titanic"
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theme. it is a disaster. i am taking too much time from joan. it is aggregating and sad and tragic. i care for the people by this even though they see me as the enemy. >> you both made an important point and joan, i will give you the final thought. you don't see this is a time to demean or be little the people who are getting these information, they are living their lives and these are the influential leaders. final thought, joan. >> tucker carlson is smarter than this. he's taken a dark turn the last four or five years. it is worse coming from him than hannity. i don't know how much he has upstairs to begin with. tucker knows what he's doing.
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>> we'll fit in a break, coming up a republican official revealing what their voter suppression effort in their own words. also, is indicted trump ally getting some billionaire treatment at the hearing tonight? matt gaetz is doing something most people facing fbi probe never do. all of that, we look at the world of science and everything we can learn, i am thrilled to tell you bill nye "the science guy" is on "the beat" as well. stay with us for a special edition. well. stay with us for a special edition. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ experience, hyper performance that takes you further. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr financing on the all 2021 lexus hybrid models. experience amazing.
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top republicans getting himself in trouble by admitting partisan motivation for election meddling and thus breaking the cardinal rule, dating all the way back to "fight club." >> welcome to "fight club." the first rule of "fight club" is you do not talk about fight club, the second rule is, you do not talk about "fight club." >> you don't talk about "fight club" because you don't talk about something that's an illicit secret. you don't talk about something where people knew what you are up to, they would shut it down. top republican admit the trump
3:20 pm
call style audit is a partisan way to try to curve the votes. the republican replied, "what's the point, all the small counties are red." to break it down completely when you think about "fight club," they're talking about the purpose of these so-called audits and admitting they are basically an abusive power and they only want to help red areas and hurt blue ones. the whole point is partisan and not truthful or legitimate audit. you may have already figured that's the goal. if you are keeping track, that's the kind of illegal evidence that the supreme court already held and will be used to over turn election laws as partisan. the court tried to avoid getting involve in this stuff because they say it is political. they also say politicians are
3:21 pm
only writing the rules to help themselves to be partisan. those are the kind of laws they overrule. texas democrats remained in washington fighting new voter restrictions in that state. we have someone who knows all about this issue and where the lines are, david plouff. let me share a little bit more of this quote here, not auditing certain counties and again, all the small counties are red. what do you think is important here for people to understand and what do you say to skeptics who look at this and go don't most republicans do things on their own side? >> it is repugnant.
3:22 pm
this is an existential threat. i saw after barack obama won in 2008 -- they quickly tried to suppress the vote, making it hard to vote early or register. we were able to organize our way through that. what's going on right now is so much more insidious. it is of course making it harder to register and making it harder to vote. it is targeted at minorities or college students. they want to basically make election irrelevant and decides who wins election almost no matter who votes. we saw this in the georgia run off elections where the democrats want to control the united states senate. when you shout loudly enough that you can't trust elections, even if it is 5% or 6% of not worrying about turning out.
3:23 pm
you can cause yourself the election. you know for democrats you have to use everyone. the power of congress and the power of losses. the power of organizing and fight through this. we reached the breaking point. we should never lose an election, we should never lose power ever again. and that's how you lose democracy. when barack obama made that staple during the convention of 2020, everybody was shocked. how could it be serious? we seen how serious it is. this is the most important issue facing us and even with covid d and the economy. if we lose this, we lose the country. >> there has been more party debates about this. voting rights goal is sort of widening.
3:24 pm
expressing confidence to organize voter suppression. we can't litigate our way out of this or organize our way out of this. i am curious for you at what point did you raise about republicans also becoming a cautionary tale to political organizing for democrats which is something where you and president obama and some of the folks you worked with and had quite the track record which is whatever you can't change, you have to get over and you dealt with that and some of the states. where is the line in your view politically of not making people feel like, gosh, even when democrats win elections, they keep on losing other squirmishes or they don't fight as hard and that could be politically demoralizing. >> it can be. first of all, i would say you have to exhaust every remedy prior to organizing.
3:25 pm
we need to pass voting rights legislation in washington. i hope manchin and sinema will protect our country. seems like you can create a permission structure for that. the republicans are being clear. you have to file every lawsuit and be aggressively as you can. you have to win the messaging war which is to try and turn some of that energy against the republicans. by the way, that's not just based democrats. most swing voters -- i think you can make some political gains there and you have to organize. early voting has changed. those are really organizing issues where you got to have more people and more money to make sure people are ready to vote. what you can do is we are going to let the rest of this stand. we were able to do that.
3:26 pm
do you remember 2012, we got a lot of relief and space after they passed restrictive voting laws. it is not one of the other, you got to do both. >> you used this term twice in the interview and i remember figuring it into your book about the campaign, what do you mean when you say permission structure? >> we are seeing it by the way with covid, the rise of delta and you see some people like kay ivy and desantis, okay, was not going to push it and take it but now that delta is on the rise so i will take it. for manchin or sinema who say they don't want to get rid of the filibuster, i am not going to get rid of all of them but i am going to accepting a carve
3:27 pm
out to protect our constitution to protect our democracy. the permission structure is all the laws that's being cast by republicans around the country. staples like you mentioned with texas legislatures for people who say i didn't want do this, this is the only recourse, that's what i mean by permission structure. what gets somebody to do different today than they said they're going to do yesterday. >> it is very interesting. you think in an interesting way which maybe why then senator obama put so much faith in you to run his campaign. when you put it like that is different from a lot of political narrative or people have to win or who's dunking on whom. you are talking about a way someone can keep their stance of what they call their own integrity depending on the issue while getting some where will you want to go. we always learn things from you, david, we appreciate the lesson. >> thank you, ari, good to be with you. >> thank you, david plouffe on
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sales event. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing. a top trump ally in court today, this is 2017 inaugural, tom barrack. he's released from jail on a big bail, one that most people could not pay even with a loan. it is a $250 million bail. he'll be back in court for arraignment. he's expected to plea not guilty and fight this case of charges relating to lobbying and the idea that he lied to the fbi. >> and an investigation whether the doj suppressed or delayed the process of this problem. the timing is interesting. cnn has reported that
3:30 pm
prosecutors believed they had enough criminal evidence to indict barrack last year and held off at that time. i am joined by barbara mcquaid. i want to get into all of the above wu. what does it mean when you have a quarter of a million dollars bail? >> i have never seen a bail that high. what a judge is trying to do in federal court is make a decision number one whether the person before is either a danger to the community or risk of flight. in this instance, tom barrack is a risk of flights. he had context all over the world so it would be easy for him to flee. you want to set an amount that provides sufficient incentives for him to come back. and so for you or me, that number may be lower, for tom barrack to provide an adequate
3:31 pm
incentive, $250 million is mess. that does not mean he paid it up front today. i think he paid something like 5 million up front but if he fails to appear, he would owe the u.s. government a debt of $250 million. and the $5 million up front is not something people can get around that. go ahead -- >> you don't carry that around in your wallet? >> these rules are dicey. when we talk about the reasons, sure. if somebody is not a flight risk or a proven risk, it is totally fair they should be out and provide for the defense. they may be in on $100,000 bail which means they are in and not
3:32 pm
out. that's the financial side. i want to be clear with viewers, there is not enough evidence here to say there is meddling with the doj. there are a lot of stories about things going up orover the line with demands made under the trump justice department, what do you make of the timing or anything here with the indictment. >> there are few different possibilities, we know the conduct wasover in 2018. here we are in 2021 with these charges being filed three years later. it does cause questions. it could very well be, it just took that long to get the evidence together. in a case like this, gathering records from around the world and gathering these e-mails which are quoted in the indictment can take a fair amount of time, longer than you may think. three years is a long time and some speculation that i don't
3:33 pm
know. is it possible that prosecutors were waiting until the trump administration ended to avoid the possible of a pardon? i suppose it is possible. i was lucky enough to work as a prosecutor where i never had to work anything like this. the other thing that comes to mind is, was there anything of the leadership of william barr when he was the attorney general pushing back against these charges. stop it if they wanted to, ordinarily as long as the evidence is strong, they wanted to be brought in and given heads up about cases like this but they don't do anything to stop it. there is a possibility that the attorney general could say no, i don't think you should bring that for whatever reasons there is is. so those are all possibility and we don't know the answer to that
3:34 pm
yet. >> yeah. >> all interesting and you gave us more things including whether they were playing trump pardon chess as well. >> barbara, always great to see you. we hope you have a great friday. still ahead on matt gaetz, it is not good news. new fact what had affected and demolished on climate change. bill nye "the science guy" is here on "the beat" with the facts, stay with us. beat" with facts, stay with us. all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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president biden is addressing climate chain. a package includes to get the u.s. 100% clean energy by 2035. this is clearly a threat, we are living through it this summer with evidence piling up everyday. >> deep in science, outside at the moment it was hot enough to sunbathe. >> this was going back to last week in germany. >> burning hotter and faster and more explosive before. >> the western wildfires sweeping across the u.s. with the worse air quality alerts in 20 years. >> the sun is blowing red in new york. >> you know what they say, red
3:39 pm
skies at night, sailors at night. when sun in the skies, we are all going to die. happy friday, i am joined by "bill nye: the science guy," thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> people are feeling the extreme weather. is it primary caused by chime change? >> well, of course. yes, we would all say that. it is difficult to connect like the heat dome with a climate model and this is a computer model for numbers of fluid mechanic and equations quite
3:40 pm
complex. >> the things that are happening, experiencing in person so that's what we call it a local news story, right? the larger -- >> everybody this is very serious. we have talked about this a long time. part of it for me which is keking to the problems we are having right now of people not getting vaccinated because people are scared. >> i understand. it is a scary thing. as i like to say if you like to worry about things, you are living in a great time. we got to get together and embrace the idea that i feel people are frighten. when we want to be sympathetic to those concerns. when it comes to the pandemic,
3:41 pm
the key idea is the more this virus has a chance to replicate, the more it has a chance to change. they're calling it variants. that's the problem. so many people getting infected and infected, this thing is changing and that's going to make it hard on everybody. >> yeah. now we are talking about covid because you are the science guy and you brought it up. mutations and these other terminoloies are important for the experts to do what they do. i would say they may want to think through what's going on in a way they could digest that maybe this is covid 21. this is the newer and scarier covid because what you are
3:42 pm
saying, david plouffe, there may be a permission structure that oh, i was not concerned about it in '19 and my city reopened, cool. no disrespect but this is covid-21 and it is more transmissible and more deadly. you need to rethink that, bill. >> that would be a great message. yes. >> it is going to take a lot of pushing and i know we are on msnbc and my concern is always we are preaching a choir, everybody you got to vote in the midterms. it has to be a different kind of midterms. we got to be on that.
3:43 pm
i know people on the other side don't agree with me and all sorts of things. look, this covid thing is serious and climate change is very serious. >> well, you say preaching to the choir and you say you know where you are, bill, we don't have choirs in synagogues. >> yes, more power to you. you have cantors though. >> yeah, the cantors reading from the good books. >> let me put one thing on the screen. go ahead. >> and we want the cantor or cantor or -- of the idea that
3:44 pm
these are two serious problems and one got to make the other one worse. >> yes. >> you can start -- >> i am not even sure we are talking about but i like it. i like it when you are here. before i let you go, i want to put on the screen. look at the number of disasters in the u.s. this year alone and many of them are basically estimated to be multi-billion dollar disaster. is this going to cost us something to do something but doing little or nothing as we see in the screen also is costing us billions. if you will come back, we'll get into that side of it, too. >> thank you, ari, let's change the world. >> amen, thanks to bill. when we come back, we have a
3:45 pm
special local news around here because it is our fourth birthday, four years on "the beat," we want to share some of our highlight moments and our favorit guests. the matt gaetz news i told you about of the sex probe and following the money. stay with us. probe and following the money. stay with us orld's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. i order my groceries online now. shingles doesn't care. i keep my social distance. shingles doesn't care. i stay within my family bubble. shingles doesn't care. because if you've had chicken pox, you're already carrying the virus that causes shingles. in fact, about 1 in 3 people will develop shingles, and the risk only increases as you age. so what can protect you against shingles? shingrix protects.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ republican congressman matt gaetz is facing a sex probe for possible sex trafficking with a minor. one investigation he's on a fund raiing tour and he's pushing all his maga lies. some of the greatest hits are this tour is not working. looks like they are losing money. spending four times as much as they raised. gaetz had been attacking the feds who are still conducting the investigation of him.
3:50 pm
>> he'll be charging decision. the fbi is not getting better, they are getting worse. >> i want to figure out what side the fbi is on. i need the facts from you, snitching is a tool of the fbi state. they are trying make us believe that our family members and neighbors are extremists. >> i do believe there's people at the department of justice trying to smear me. >> is it policy or is it personal? well the pressure is on, a charging decision could come as early as this month if there's charges or no charges we will of course report the outcome of what has been a case with a lot of intrigue. now, up ahead, i want to share with you something very special we have been working on
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we are wrapping the week and tonight's show right now, and i want to say a very big thank you to you, this weekend, we are is celebrating an anniversary, it's been four years since this show launched. our fourth birthday. tonight, we have gathered some of our favorite moments from the past full four years from breaking news and really big interviews and wonderful guests to occasional dad jokes and yes, the occasional -- um awkward silence. here's some of the four years we have spent together on the beat. the premier of "the beat" with ari starts right now, we are psyched. good evening. >> thank you for that. we have a big show tonight. >> a first look at previously
3:56 pm
secret documents. did you speak to the fbi. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> that is an admission of guilt? >> i'm not a lawyer, thank god. >> isn't this ridiculous? >> it's not ridiculous, sam. >> it's a fundmentlial question of what has done is legal will. >> the united states is face ago covid crisis. >> we saw a mob storming the capitol. you can see the groups gathering spurred on by the killing of george floyd. >> we cannot let trump play us off against each other. >> there's not a woman in merer that is not reliving the experience. >> we are shifting the blame and the shame to the harassers. >> what brings the tears? >> it was a hard fight. >> it's important for us as a culture to own the culture. >> it's important to be an artist and to speak truth. >> we are at the red rooster in
3:57 pm
harlem. >> trump finally left the white house since becoming the loser of the race. was that a low key reference to -- >> yes, it's over. >> i had a rap for you. >> it's a lyric. >> say it the way biggie smalls would say it. even when i was wrong i got my point across. >> are you majority leader if you are not running this -- >> yes, we do. >> we run kings -- >> the line from drake, which is a wise man once said nothing at all. >> you almost wonder if it's leading to an awkward silence. >> the awkward silences. >> oh. what can you say.
3:58 pm
>> wasn't it -- that said i believe there's a god above me, i'm the god of everything else. >> hm-mm. >> this is weird, right? >> it is super weird. >> i'm amazed that millions people watch the show. >> there's a saying in television news of a hard turn. >> i know a hard turn and luckily i can make one. >> for a dollar, define collusion. >> oh, god on, it's when you colude. >> your micro wave dinners? >> very dry. >> i'm talking to an empty chair. >> earth is in space and we are all on earth. deal with it. >> well ---er all right, i don't always see these in advance. that's really funny. >> this is a disaster. >> it's dangerous for me to step in the political arena. poopity-scoop. >> it's friday on the beat and you know what that means. it's time to fallback.
3:59 pm
i think you need to fall back and not give your guests home work before they come on the program. >> this is ending -- >> we have to say as we do, recuse ourselves out of the segment. classic miranda joke, do you have time for a bad passover joke. a lobbiest registration joke. do you have a favorite economist joke? >> you know the rapper, 50 cent, righty? given the increase in inflation, his name is now 64 cent. >> you know you are watching the beat. >> kamala harris is -- >> almost ready to end the interview. >> i appreciate you spending time on "the beat" tonight. >> thank you so much. >> if you don't know, now you know. and now you do. i want to thank our wonderful guests the production staff the
4:00 pm
crew, our team that puts on the show every night and i want to that i if you spent any of the nights with us over the last four years, we need an audience and you have are made it for us. thank you, and "the reid out" starts now with tiffany joy. >> your panel mentioned 50 cent and i have 21 questions for the panel up coming. congratulations on an amazing show. i'm picking it occupy here to begin "the reid out" tonight with a highly contagious delta variant and resistant ideas on vaccines. it's now a pandemic of the unvaccinated. people entering the hospital with covid have not received the shots in


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