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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  July 23, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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's affordable. looking good, george! we just want to spend as much time as possible, in our home and with our grandkids. they're going to be here any minute for our weekly spa day. ooh, that bubblemassage! have fun! stay in the home and life you've built for years to come. call 1-800-986-5068 to receive fifteen-hundred dollars off your kohler walk-in bath. and take advantage of our special offer of no payments for eighteen months. it is great to be with you on this friday afternoon. i'm geoff bennett. cases of coronavirus are climbing once again both here at home and abroad, and just hours before the opening ceremony of the tokyo olympics, the organization announced record new cases. bloomberg is reporting that 19 new infection linked to the
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games were reported today alone. bringing the total to more than 100. now, here in the u.s., cases are on the rise in all 50 states and here in washington, d.c. and we are seeing significant spikes everywhere. now, three states, florida, missouri and texas now account for more than 40% of all new cases. and in florida, as cases surge, so are hospitalizations. south florida hospitals have more covid patients now than at any other point in this pandemic. a doctor in jacksonville told "the new york times," quote, if we were able to get more people vaccinated earlier than this, we probably wouldn't be here, and in texas, some counties are being forced to bring back the restrictions from the early dark days of the pandemic. the county judge in texas has raised the covid threat level for harris county which includes houston, the fourth largest city, to a significant level of
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danger, and the judge will join us in a moment. but we start with nbc news correspondent antonia hilton from provincetown, massachusetts, and morgan chesky from dallas, texas, and also, dr. vin gupta, and it is great to have you with us. and antonia, there is a disturbing trend of unvaccinated people there in provincetown. tell us about it. >> yeah, geoff. that is right. look, they have a outbreak of 256 confirmed covid cases, and of that number, according to the town manager here in provincetown, 70% are people who are fully vaccinated. they went out and got their shots. so for many of the people who own the businesses here, and live here year-round, this is a major cause of concern, because many of the folks went out and got their vaccines is, thinking that it made them nearly invincible, and realizing that in a tourist town in a very popular tourist town like p-town where people come from all over
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the country unvaccinated, they are still at risk. to put some of it in perspective, massachusetts is one of the most vaccinated states in the country, and cape cod, this area is the most vaccinated areas in the country. they tied it to fourth of july celebrations when many unvaccinated people came here to go to venues and parties with unvaccinated residents and people, and that is why they are seeing the spike now. i want you to listen to a conversation with a guy named michael mubarak who is a cab driver here who works with the tourists, and he is one of the break-through cases, and listen. >> i felt invincible for a while. and i was kind of going out to enjoying my life and doing things. i figured that because i knew that i had been exposed previously when i was not vaccinated and so, i think that i figured that like, if i am vaccinate and i have not caught it when i was unvaccinated, i
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thought that i would not have a chance to get it, because that is the message to young people my age, it is still possible. >> reporter: many of the business owners say it is the young staff members in their teens or 20s who are catching the virus even though they are vaccinated and they believe it is because they are here working in the venues and seeing the tourists coming in and interacting with thousands of peoples per day, anded tho they are vaccinated, they are exposed to people who may not be, and so, please, if you are visiting p-town this summer, get vaccinated and wear the mask inside because it is not just about health, but these businesses fought to get open, and they don't want to shutdown and reduce the number of people who are trying to enjoy the rest of the summer. geoff? >> yes, and in dallas, what about the surge of new hospitalizations? >> yeah, geoff, a 67% rise in
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the hospitalizations in last two weeks and the numbers are just in. and it is causing concern not just in the dallas area, but across the state. we are having a deja vu moment, because we are at a drive-through clinic where we saw a surge in cases across the state, and they are saying here in the parking lot last week, 30 cars rolled in everyday and now it is 130. the people inside are predominantly younger, and talking about adolescents and children driven here by the parents and some symptomatic and some not, and i wanted you to hear what doctor running the operation says about who he is encountering and why the delta variant is giving him concern. take a listen. >> we don't feel as secure about the people vaccinate and the people positive about the virus even after vaccination, and so we are mandating the masks again in the office, and with reraising the red flags for the folks for people who could be
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susceptible. for folks who are positive, they tend to be younger and healthier, and less comorbid condition and don't tend to be as sick. but the main concern is they are taking it home and infect someone who is immune-compromised situations. >> and we have already seen the impact of covid-19 on that younger generation, and not necessarily on their health, but the potential it could hold for others. a church camp affiliated with a galveston church had to be temporarily shutdown, and 150 cases had to be tied to that one camp. another camp had to be closed temporarily, and the staff told to quarantine after another outbreak there. the medical experts that i have spoken to have said it is incredibly clear that the delta variant is significantly more contagious, and while it may not impact the population from a health standpoint as antonio envisioned, they may spread it to someone who may be at risk
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and that is why everyone is keeping a close eye on the number as they tick up. again, 67% increase of the hospitalizations over the last two weeks, and the forecast is showing it rising higher. geoff. >> and dr. gupta, i know that you have perspectives of why it is that the vaccination rates are lagging among certain populations -- young people and military service members. >> geoff, good afternoon. i think that we need to focus on the perception and engagement and accountability and approval. so what do i mean by that. threat perception, and especially for the 16 months we have been telling the younger people that it is grandma and grandpa that is going to end up in the icu, and so someone like me, we have to pivot and understand that it is taking some time, and we have to be understandable to that and not judge and be patient. so it is a threat perception that is key using the story telling, and graphics and leaning into the strategies like adopting the anti-smoking campaign, and vivid storytelling and using the pictures to help
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pivot to a younger audience. so i have done it, and my colleagues have done it when we answer the questions about the vaccine, we can reach people. most people are reachable, geoff. we are casting aside one-third saying they are not reachable, and plateauing, but no, most people are understanding that it is going to take direct engagement. accountability, and we have to tell the mds some still saying that vitamin d and other things are going to be all you need, but we have to puts a side the white coat to tell them that they need to have the vaccine. and so whenever we talk about the vaccine breakthrough, geoff, a vast majority of the 99.2% of
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the people across the country looking at the empirical data coming in with symptomatic disease are unvaccinated and essentially here, what we are seeing is the rate of the break through vaccine is 1 in 100,000, and those who are 65 and above and we have to keep the context. >> dr. gupta, as you were speaking, we saw a covid-infected lungs, and as we show it to the audience, that is what you show for the direct engagement with the patients, and tell us about this. >> this is a side by side lung comparison. so this is a pair of lungs that i was allowed to share and patient confidential, but it is a patient that i cared for in august of 2020, and 45-year-old patient and otherwise healthy and even then we were seeing the younger people becoming susceptible, but the imagine the right is acute distress
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syndrome, and the image on the right is normal lungs, but geoff, i would see those lungs in 65 and older, and now exclusively as are my colleagues seeing them in 40 and younger and in some cases 20-year-olds. that is the perception piece. >> i thank you all three. still ahead, we will talk to jemele hill about a new nfl policy to pressure the players to be vaccinate and the league is now threatening -- but first, i am told that we are going to be bringing in judge lee na hildalgo who is the chief of harris county, and my apologies judge. you have raised the threat level to orange, and tell us what that means and why you believe that right now is the time to act. >> so, in harris county, home to houston and 33 other cities, and
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we have been seeing in the past few months a consistent decline in hospitalizations and positivity rate, and we were at the second to lowest threat level, and now we have begun to see the climb in all of them just as we have seen around the nation. our positivity rate is doubling just about every two weeks. hospitalizations are on track to double within a month. and so orange means that the spread of the virus is once again uncontrol and once again headed in the right direction and the main message to the community is getting vaccinated for those who haven't, and everybody having to go back to wearing masks, because those of us who are vaccinated in not wearing the masks are normalizing it for everybody else, and then the spread of the disease becomes more rampant, and so unfortunately, we are asking the people to sacrifice once more, but as you heard it, it is dangerous situation, and we have to protect the community against the virus. >> and so it seems unlikely that
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governor abbott there in texas is going to reinstate any limits on gatherings and impose that mask mandate this you talked about, and so what does that mean for texas as this virus is surging? >> i am most concerned about the schools. the schools are starting here in a couple of weeks, and not only has the governor removed the authority that i have as a county executive to require masks, but he has also forbidden the schools from requiring the masks. in our county buildings and when the folks come to speak at our meeting of governing body, we can't require the masks and libraries and none of that. so we are appealing to people's better angels, and i'm being very direct with the communication, but we know that historically from just the experience that we have had with this virus that people don't quite follow it as much when it is not a requirement. so we are doing everything that we can to give the give aways
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and scholarships and whatever it takes to get the vaccinations, and at this point i am concerned to get folks vaccinated. at this point, you are not hesitant, but you are enabling the virus, and we have to draw a line somewhere and they need to get that vaccine. >> when you talk about everything that you can, you are also taking steps to combat misinformation online. and you have to surgeon general saying that misinformation is also a threat to the country, and what more should state and local governments do to face this head-on? >> consistent messaging is important. vi heard -- i have heard some folks on the anti-vax, and you are literally costing lives spreading the disinformation,
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and all of the leaders who have a platform recognize it and own up to the fact that it is not about politics, and it is not, it is about health and lives and having the consistent message, and more funding and more robust media campaigns, and we have our own here with the paid media campaign since february, but the most impactful thing if each individual person, and even who has gotten the vaccine and changed the behavior and sacrificed in covid, and you have to wear the mask again, and you are an influential person in somebody's life who does not have the vaccine, and you are the most influential messenger to get the vaccine, and that is something that we can all do, and it is more impactful than any government message can be. >> thank you, lina hildalgo. and now, we have more news
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from the trump inaugural chair. his inaugural chair is likely to be released on ball. tom barrack is described as a flight risk, but what persuaded the judge to change his mind? >> it is to decide whether he can be fitted with a gps monitoring device ahead of the weekend and, geoff, billionaires like us, nobody wants to spend the weekend in jail, and that is what is happening with tom barrack, and the judge has now entered a release pending the release. his assistant had the hearing, and he was also charged in the case. so we will see the same limitations that the assistant
11:16 am
has that tom barrack has, and a couple of those that we will highlight, and again, this is for the assistant, but this is the way that barrack's release is going to be to the greater los angeles and district of new york and greater new york, and new york city and surrounding counties and on top of that, they have to travel by road or common air, and so in other words, no private jets. his assistant is not allowed to speak with any individual from the united arab emirates or saudi arabia or any government officials and restricted in the types of bank moves they can make with the transfers of monies and transfer of securities, and needs the permission of federal prosecutors and we are likely to see the exact same conditions that will apply to tom barrack, and right now, we don't have the full summation of what those conditions are going to be, and what the prosecutors and the defense attorneys have agreed on. one thing that appears likely
11:17 am
here, geoff, we will see tom barrack in a brooklyn courtroom as soon as monday, because that is where the case is being prosecuted from, and that is where we expect him to be to formally enter a guilty or not guilty plea. we do know that his attorneys have already signalled that he intends to plead not guilty. geoff. >> tom winter with that breaking news. thank you. >> and still ahead, we will talk to jemele hill about a new nfl policy pressuring the players to get vaccinated. and the olympics are officially under way, and we will take you to opening ceremonies, and there are empty seats inside, but outside, a record number of covid cases. and three years after the contentious confirmation, new questions about the fbi inquiry into supreme court justice brett cavenaugh. with plant based cleansers. and moisturizers
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the 2020 summer olympics or
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the games of the xxxiind olympiad if you want to be fancy, and a year delayed and crowds denied, but for those chasing their dreams, the hope is strong. stephanie gosk is there, and what is the latest? >> well, geoff, let the games begin, because the caldron is lit, and the opening ceremony was defined in a lot of ways by the pandemic that we are living through. the ceremony in itself was very much an ode to the athletes who a year ago, they were essentially put on ice when they were told that the olympic games were going to be postponed and they had to figure out a way to train and get ready for the games. you saw the lovely imagines of the athletes alone, isolated on treadmills trying to get ready for the games. the theme of tonight was this
11:23 am
unity within the isolation, and bringing people together through this event, even though we can't actually physically be there, and of course, the stadium, itself, it was the perfect example, because it holds 68,000 people, and less than 1,000 people were actually able to watch the ceremony. outside of the stadium was the dichotomy that we have been talking about all along in the country. you had about 500 protesters who were angry that the games are kicking off. they believe that the international olympic committee has forced the games upon japan in a dangerous way in this pandemic. but on another side of the stadium, there were groups of people sitting down, and hoping to get a view of the fireworks, and hoping to hear some of the music, because they are so proud about what their countries is trying to paufl. overall, the message from the organizing committee is that they want it to go off, and show the world that if they come together, we can get over covid, and the pandemic that has so drastically defined our lives in
11:24 am
the last couple of years. geoff, back to you. >> our thanks to stephanie gosk for that update. with the olympics already under way and hit by positive covid cases, here back at home, the nfl is going on the offense to prevent covid outbreaks. the nfl is warning all 32 teams that the games may not be rescheduled due to positive cases among nonvaccinated players. and if that happens, the team responsible for the outbreak would not only for fit that game, it would be counting as a loss. this is the kicker, the players on both teams would not be paid. the same consequences do not apply to potential cases of vaccinated cases. so there is a lot of reaction to this news, and joining me is jemele hill, and author of the spotify podcast, and welcome back to the show. i know that you have a lot the say about this, because we have been reading your tweets about
11:25 am
this, and we can put one up on the screen. so what is your general reaction of this news from the nfl? >> well, they are for-profit business, and they had to reschedule games, and play games on days they don't normally play games, and considering that we have a vaccine available, they don't want to mess up the money. there is an old phrase don't mess up the church's money. so if they mess up the money for larger league, there has to be a penalty for that. so with the vaccination, they can get covid-19 under control. >> you are right, it is a private organization, and the league can do what it wants, and money is a factor, but it is not mandating the vaccines, but the threat of a loss and not getting paid is as close of a mandate as you can come.
11:26 am
>> yeah, a lot of people have framed that it the nfl is forcing players to get vaccinated. no, they are not forcing them to do anything, but to make a choice to get vaccinated or not, and these are the consequences that come with it. if you are unvaccinated and if you are not protecting yourself, and not adhering to the protocols, and not being careful when you leave the facility and the team. and realize, there was some version of this in play, and maybe not with for fitting the games and missing money, but before the cam even started, they already said that unvaccinated players had to follow certain protocols that vaccinated players did not, and the players began to complain, and look, my thing is this. this is the a league that we have seen nfl players do whatever it takes to win, and this is interesting that this is the line in the sand they are drawing. a lot of them take pain meds and pain killing shots to go back
11:27 am
into the game to play, and broken bone and serious injuries, but for some reason with this vaccine, it is drawing the line. i understand the vaccine hesitancy, and that is normal, but for deandre hopkins to say that you are thinking of retiring, you are playing in a game where you are risking brain trauma where you are playing in the game, but this is where you draw the line. it seemed to me that there was ignorant outrage on behalf of nfl player. >> you mentioned the tweet that you have, and we can put it up there, and he deleted it and put up freedom question mark. and football is the most violent sport in the world, and it is interesting how getting a vaccine is a bridge too far. is this move by the nfl is going to be the thing that pushes these holdouts one way or another? i think it will. they are letting the players know that they need business,
11:28 am
and it is paining me to agree with the nfl. i feel like i am al agreeing with the establishment right now, but looking at the nba, and 99% of the players are vaccinated. and in the other leagues, most of the players are vaccinated, and so to create a safe environment, everybody has to make a sacrifice. people have framed getting the vaccine as individual choice, but it is actually not. it is a community choice. we have to realize good or bad, we are in this together. and part of the way that we stamp out covid-19 is everybody has to get vaccinated. >> jemele hill, thank you for your insight as always. cleveland baseball team is changing the name to the guardians. the franchise has been under pressure to drop the racially
11:29 am
insensitive name it has had since 1915, and it is a nod to the famous statutes known as the guardians of traffic, and the name change will take effect at the end of the season. now, more than six months after the january insurrection, and the capitol police have a new chief of police, and the man tapped to to lead that department. and now, the kavanaugh inquiry, and why some democrats say that the inquiry is proof that it was a sham all along. n ♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪
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>> some big changes today as a result of the fallout of to january 6 attack on the capitol. they have a new police chief for the capitol police. a police chief from maryland and virginia and he is taking over a bruise and batter and physically otherwise overwhelmed by the violent mob. a new top cop, but a old fight getting nastier over the investigation as to what happened before, during and after the insurrection. joining us now is the nbc news national reporter, and we also
11:34 am
have our betsy woodruff swan. and so, what do you know about this new capitol police chief? >> as you mentioned, he is thomas manger, and he is the new police chief in fairfax county n maryland, and also has been the police chief in washington, d.c. he says that the capitol grounds are complex, and never so unique. he says that the role is to make sure that the police officers have the support, and the resources they need to make sure that something like january 6th never happens again. >> betsy, talk about the january 6th select committee, and they have the meeting tuesday morning, and more republicans being appointed to the meeting
11:35 am
with adam kenzinger among them. and how would that affect the work? >> it is not sure how close pelosi is to naming kenzinger, and kevin mccarthy, the top republican in the house says that any republican who par tes pates could face punishment by the party. and nancy pelosi is trying to paint it as an arm of democratic party rather than a serious investigative body who is looking for outstanding questions from january 6th chblt i spoke with some of the committee members and one thing that comes up multiple times is that the focus of the committee is likely to investigate or at least be pushed to investigate the connections that any members
11:36 am
of congress, and potentially including the republican members could have had with the people who incited the violence that happened on january 6th. it is possible that republicans could have created according to the democrats a conflict of interest. >> it is possible that, as betsy thompson said, that they will have created before them tuesday some of the law enforcement officers who actually served on that day, and then what? what do they do? how long does the investigation last? >> not specifically, geoff. benny thompson has not said where it will go, but the eight appointments by nancy pelosi has said that they want it to be a serious, and sober investigation into the facts of what happened january 6th, and the speaker is invested in bolstering the
11:37 am
credentiallies to maximize the level of trust that the public will have in the findings and the conclusion, and this is a tall order, because as betsy points out, they are doing everything to undercut the legitimacy of the committee. but that is where they begin tuesday, and the next hearing is enforcement, and the other offenders who are supporters of president trump, and there is nothing more nonpartisan than that, and that is the first hearing, and of course, geoff, we will be watching that closely. >> and betsy, the house speaker said at a certain point she will not entertain any more questions of kevin mccarthy, and so she gives the impression that she is not vested or care about the questions that the republicans have to say about what this committee is doing. privately, is that the case? is she going to have to absorb the criticism as this moving for
11:38 am
wrd? >> pelosi and the congressional democrats realize that the republican counterparts are going to be doing everything to undermine and delegitimize this process, and they are going to throw their hands up in the air, and say that there is only so much that they can do, and it is possible that some of the committee's work could involve investigating republicans, and maybe it is possible for them to interview republican members of congress themselves. so if there were a significant larger president footprint on the committee, that type of work could have been more difficult to do it, and it could have faced hurdles, but the reality is that they have to deal with a limited republican participation on the committee, and they have
11:39 am
to make the best of a situation that is not ideal. >> thank you, both. meantime, the fbi has released new details of the investigation into supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. they were tasked into a inquiry into his background in the confirmation of 2018 after the allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. in a letter written to senate democrats who asked for further information on that inquiry, the fbi said they received more than 4,000 tips, but that the department only conducted ten additional interviewed and passed what the agency perceived relevant tips to the office of the white counsel, and the trum administration. attorneys for the dr. christine blasey ford at the confirmation hearing slammed by the investigation saying that this is a sham and major institutional failure. with us is glenn kirschner and
11:40 am
former prosecution attorney, and analyst, and thank you for joining us. the first is the obvious one, what are we to make of this? our team rer ported at the time that the fbi was ham strung by the white house counsel, and don mcgann at the time, and the white house could only investigate as much as they were directed by the trump administration. >> well, there is a lot to dislike about what we are learning how this played out. geoff, when the fbi sets up a tip line, and encourages people to call in and provide relevant information about a supreme court nominee, the public has a right to believe that if they pick up the phone, and they, you know, provide relevant information, it is going to be investigated professionally, and responsibility, and acted upon,
11:41 am
and we don't know what the content of the 4500 tips were, but not a lot of folks use the fbi tip line to say, hey, that brett kavanaugh is a swell guy. and probably a good bit of derogatory information provided and it is looking like that the tips were sort of passed off to the white house, donald trump's white house and the white house counsel. and we know that donald trump's white house was going to try to get brett kavanaugh confirmed by any means necessary, and so congress should do a deep dive into the nature of the tips, and the fact that they were uninvestigated and i think that there is a good bit of the congressional inquiry that should go on now. >> and yes, don mcgann who was the white house counsel has not responded to the msnbc requests. and so, he has a lifetime appointment, and likely not impeached by the senate
11:42 am
requiring a 2/3 vote, and should the senate come up with a provision to do their own background check for the supreme court nominee separate from the fbi, and whatever the politics of the day is? >> it is a great question, jeff, because we need institutional fixes, and one of the ways to figure out going better moving forward is by having certain procedural items that need to be put in place or laws that need to be passed. i don't believe he will be impeached, but there needs to be an assessment of the 4500 tips that came in about brett kavanaugh's suitability to be a supreme court justice, and it is to look at that information and compare it to the testimony that brett kavanaugh gave in his zeal to be confirmed that he was being straight, and not
11:43 am
misrepresenting things in the zeal to win confirmation. >> also question, glenn, when i saw this i thought immediately about the doj inspector general report that said that they botched the report into the usa gymnastics trainer larry nasser, and is there something about the way they handle the allegations? >> the fbi should think long and hard about opening up a investigation, and when the fbi is setting up a tipline for that purpose, it hurts the legitimacy of the institution and public's perception of the legitimacy of the institution when those tips go uninvestigated.
11:44 am
>> and thank you, msnbc legal analyst glenn kirschner. and the state of mississippi is asking the supreme court to overturn roe v. wade. pete williams is going to breakdown the argument from the lawyers. and now, the coldest place on earth, siberia, is experiencing the worst wildfire season on record. that gives you the options and extra time needed to help you avoid an overdraft fee. it's one way we're making a difference. low cash mode on virtual wallet from pnc bank. don't settle. start your day with secret. low cash mode on virtual wallet secret stops odor- causing sweat 3x more. and the provitamin b5 formula is gentle on skin. with secret, outlast anything. no sweat. secret. all strength. no sweat. - stand up if you are first generation college student. (crowd cheering) stand up if you're a mother.
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11:48 am
correspondent pete williams. pete, how serious a threat to this, how serious of a threat is this to rowe? >> well, it is no more serious than the court agreeing to take the case in may, when it agreed to it, so it is more serious, and june of last year until may of this year, and the court was considering it, because the stake were so high, but here's the problem. ton der role in a place called case dr but under the role in a place called case under that law, it is a case that is implicitly in it, a follow-on case called case si. now mississippi is putting all of the cards on the table saying
11:49 am
there is nothing for there to allow abortions. so you might as well wipe the slate clean. so this is a fundamental challenge to roe, and the state making it clear. >> while we have you, you have the latest on the terms of tom barrack who is accused agent of long-time friend of donald trump, and earlier, we were told about the bail hearing, and bring us up to speed. >> the hearing is over now, and he is going to be transferred to brooklyn over the weekend, and where he is going to be wearing a gps monitor, and he is subject to $250 million bail bond. now, that does not mean that he has to come up with all of that, but that is what he would forfeit if he does not come up
11:50 am
with the hearing and come up with $21 million and roughly 10% of that, and in the meantime, he can't travel overseas or any financial transactions with foreign governments. subject to a cur few from 10:00 at night to 6:00 p.m. in curfew thaenz just for now. because when he gets monday he becomes under the jurisdiction of the judge in brooklyn where the charges were filed and the judge will impose conditions of his own or her own. and they're likely to be quite similar to. this the whole point here is that tom barrick does not have to sit in a cell waiting for his trial which is months away. >> thank you for that late breaking update. we have somber news today. officials there tell the associated press that firefighters have ended their mission in clearing debris from the collapse site. authorities including forensic specialists will continue their work, they say, to identify
11:51 am
human remains. wow. all right. coming up next, 2020 was california's worst wildfire season ever. and experts say this year will top it. we'll head live to california coming up next. ufive to califor coming up next er... hold on, we're coming! mio... water tastes like, well...water. so we fixed it. mio.
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one of the coldest spots on earth is under a state of emergency because of unprecedented wildfires. fires burned 30,000 square miles in siberia, russia this year. and they're just weeks into their own fire season. now the fires have unleashed a haze that is now shrouding the biggest city in northern siberia. the region has seen some of the warmest, driest temperatures there in over a century. now back here in the u.s., california is already on track for the worst fire season ever. across california and west, we're already seeing conditions that usually don't happen until mid august. the two major fires have scorched an area larger than the city of los angeles. and with 85% of california under extreme drought conditions, the worst is yet to come. >> severing drier than usual. that's what we're seeing on the
11:55 am
dixie fire up in the feather river canyon. it is a fuel driven fire. and fires don't burn like that that big in forests under normal conditions. >> over the past 24 hours, the fire near lake tahoe spread across state lines into nevada. it now spans more than 50,000 acres and is zero percent contained. joining us from nearby el dorado county, california is our correspondent. tell us more about how the state is preparing for what could potentially be the worst fire season on record? >> so you mentioned the fire. it is 50 miles away from here. there are six major wildfires in california being battled by the state authorities. you move 50 miles away and you have this. this is a forest with vegetation that could burn rapidly fit wasn't trimmed. we're going to show you what they're doing. you have the large machines in
11:56 am
forest areas like these. this is essentially like a vacuum with a shredder. it will take in all the smaller trees. these are trees that can be as high as 20, 30 feet. but above these trees you have the giant ones that you really want to protect. so this is something that is being done across the state. the idea is to reduce all of this vegetation that is a lot drier now that we have a year with a drought that has been building up from the year before. so all of this would ignite immediately if we had a fire. the idea is to reduce all of this. right now the goal is to reduce one million acres throughout the state of california. the governor allocated more than a billion dollars for these experts and just moments ago, we saw part of the interview with the state director of cal fire who also spoke of why these efforts are so important. >> with the dry conditions, the drought that we've been in, heat domes, all that stuff, we're starting to see that healthy forests or forests that look
11:57 am
healthy are burning to the ground. what we're doing with these treatments is we're trying to take that fire, put it back on the ground and have a healthy ground fire. >> so essentially, what would happen as i mentioned, if a fire were to start this could burn to the top of the trees. i want to show you what we want to see in california forests. you have this area that is trimmed down for fire in this area. it would not possibly get to the top which would protect this forest. again, these are efforts being done just 50 miles away from the nearest large wildfire that burned 50,000 acres already in california. >> thank you for that report. that will do it for us today. ayman mohyeldin picks up our coverage coming up next. cks up r coverage coming up next. frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast.
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30 dollars per line per month when you get four lines- or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. good afternoon, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin in new york. the united states appears to be entering a new wave of the pandemic. cases and deaths are projected to rise considerably in the coming months thanks to the delta variant. former food and drug administration commissioner scott gottlieb told cnbc, things could already be much worse. >> i think we're vastly undermeasuring how much infection is already underway in the u.s. and where we are in this epidemic wave. i think we're further into it than we're measuring. >> this comes as a fight over


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