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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  July 23, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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if it is friday, new alarming data suggesting the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. with the delta variant surging and hospitalizations spikes among the unvaccinated from east to west. leaving a dark shadow over the olympic opening ceremonies. plus, joe biden takes his midterm messaging for a test drive as he makes his first presidential appearance on the campaign trail today to rally support from terry mcauliffe. and more bumps in the road for the deal that might be bet ere described as a deal to get a deal.
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welcome to friday, it is "meet the press daily." the event pandemic never really left, but plenty of folks left their guard down and now it is back with a vengeance. we're seeing cases spike in nearly every state. from virginia to alabama with the nation's lowest. both have seen case numbers triple in the last two weeks. according to health officials the contagious delta variant is relentless as it rips through the unvaccinated population. >>. >> compared to the virus the delta variant is more
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transmissble if is one of the most infectious viruss that we have heard of. >> a lot of republican leaders allowed covid misinformation to flourish and a number of people are shifting their message. listen to this from kay ivy. >> the new cases of covid, nearly 100 folks. they are are causing horrible lifestyle unconflicted pain, and
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the most effective and immediate way to save lives is to get vaccinated. overall, they are covering around 39%. meanwhile there is a booster shot as breakthrough cases appear to be more frequent. cal perry is joining us now where hospitals are seeing a jump tick. cal, let's start with you, how are the hospitals there coping with infections. we have not seen since the winter surge. >> yeah, you know they are adapting but they are adapting to a situation they have seen before. they are creating another.
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there was no patients and doctors were back to that normal way of life. it is depressing. i had a chance to speak to an er doctor in the last half hour, listen to what she said. >> we were there thinking we were at the finish line and that we had a handle on this and now we feel like we're going back in again and it is definitely a another wave. >> when you talk to health officials, they will tell you it is a number's game. we had five told cases in the last month. and some word about the breakthrough cases. we heard yesterday that 20% of the cases since the beginning of the year are breakthrough cases, those are cases from both vaccinations and a very small
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percentage of those folks, but listen it is having an effect on everyone when you take l.a., for example, you can be vaccinated, end up in the hospital for unrelated reasons and see that effect of these resources being put at a stretch. >> so many people that i talk to are worried about their kids that can't get vaccinated. are they seeing an increase among children? >> they are, they're seeing younger and younger cases. 1.3 million folks are under the anyone of 12 and they're not eligible for the vaccine. >> the white house has been doubling down that if you're vaccinated you're safe. are they finding that to be true in province down? >> there is concern and
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frustration here. they mixed around coulds of unvaccinated and vaccinated people here. according to the town manager 70% of the cases are vaccinated people. some people say that there is confusion and frustration about that. they did what they thought would protect them. one guy thought it would be like a shield for him. he works here every day with tourists and he has covid and he has recovered. so what we have seen happen is they're encouraging people that can't social distance. to put their masks back on and take this seriously. some business owners are taking
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it a step further. i spoke with an owner of a hotel and venue. he says if you're not vaccinated you will not be a guest in his hotel and we're seeing more owners follow suit because they fought to keep it open, and it's not just about health, it is about keeping this place open and having a fun summer while keeping people safe. >> do the business owner there is want to see more restrictions go in place? i know the governor was in the cape yesterday and he was not planning to do that. >> from what the business owners that that i have spoken to, they don't want further restrictions in place. they are concerned that would make people here worried about visiting. they want people to know it is safe to come here, that they're taking vaccinations very seriously, and they're trying to access the message to
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individuals that want to visit this summer, take the health of the people living here seriously. this area, cape cod, is the most vaccinated area of the state. so people here have taken this very seriously and they're asking people to consider that when they childhood to visit. >> i think it is so interesting in these tourism based economies, the tight rope that they're trying to walk. joining me now dr. earl and dr. rob davidson. he is an er dock in west michigan and the executive director of the committee for health care. we heard about how 70% of the how concerned should the vaccinated folks be about
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breakthrough cases. they are still overall a minority, but it is something that we have to keep in mind. we don't know where it is going, we don't know where other issues are going relative to covid. people are trying to make predictions about where it will be in a month or three months are stepping on thin ice here because we just don't know. not only the status of the delta variant but other variants. the second thing is that we have too many unvaccinated people still in the u.s. we have 100 million americans. that is a hot of targets in addition to those that have been vaccinated. they represent a massive problem
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for us. we're going to have an on going recurrence. people around the world that have little if any access at all. multiple problems on multiple levels. >> this doesn't go away until we vaccinate vast amounts of people. i'm interested in the idea of two different pandemics. do we have to think differently about how we think about covid? the idea that yeah, you might still get it like anything else, but the vaccine does appear to be a reliable shield. >> yes, this is an extremely important point that you're making here. yes you can still get infected
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and you can still test positive, but the chances of you getting sick enough to be hospital sides, on a ventilator or not surviving is very, very low. if you compare the vaccinated to the unvaccinated there is no contest. those who are unvaccinated have the biggest chance of not surviving the disease and having to end up on a vent lay forest. that should drive decision making. you should put it away you should do it for your sake and for the community, really. >>. >> listen, we had a cupped admitted each shift. the first wave of covid last year we didn't see a lot.
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we had massive spikes and then in march. and the reality that it will happen again, right? 40% of people vaccinated, 60% of people over 60 are vaccinated. and i have conversations every day surging people to get vaccinated. people are angry if people try to get them to get vaccinated. and one person said that and when i asked what ingredient and they said i don't know what is in it. they're getting information from me or their primary care doctor and we see that republican governors and elected officials are turning the page of it. i just hope that continues because that will be our hope of getting these places vaccinated. >> you're also getting into the journalism business on the journalism side.
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can you talk about what you're experiencing in michigan that lead you to write this disinformation. we tried to knock some of it down yesterday and i would like to do some of the same today. >> my wife is a family doctor and i'm an emergency doctor, and we're trying to convince people every day to get vaccinated. and what we're hearing is not coming from the health department and other places. people who frankly get angry with you when you try to bring it up, telling me they're not going to put that "poison" in their bodies. they hear it from somewhere. and i think they're hearing it from suker carlson. maybe sean hannity changed his tune, laura ingram, we have to knock it off if we want to get through this. >> science is a process of discovery. we're learning new things about
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the virus and the vaccines and how they work all of the time. to that point the vaccine advisory committee said yes they want more data before they make a formal recommendation. i want to read you something that one doctor in nashville is reporting. every single one of them, so i wonder do you think the committee is making right decision to wait? is the risk that they act too swiftly or too slowly? >> yeah, so this is the channel, and i spoke to dr. fauci directly about this issue. they can make policy recommendations. they have to be based on some evidence. and the advisory committee is holding to that norm. do we have enough scientific
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evidence to say someone should get a third booster shot. the problem is that doctors are taking care of patients. if you have an immunocompromised patient, you have to do what's best for that patient. when you're dreaming in a clinical situation, that immnuocompromised person, they should get that third shot if they need it. that is a decision between the doctor and the patient and it is completely acceptable to do that regardless of what that committee is saying at the moment. i know it is a little radical, and i don't mean to under mind the federal guidelines, but there is a different in the policies.
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under the concerns that we're discussing. >> we'll talk radical there. thank you both for joining us. coming up next, president biden is taking his 2022 mentor messaging for a test drive today. plus, how the japanese prime minister is defending that country's decision to move ahead with the olympics. we have a report from kyoto ahead. m kyoto ahd.ea
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welcome back, the infrastructure negotiations in the jan 6th investigation are the two biggest pieces of business in washington and we're set to see plenty of action on both in the coming day. senators say they're optimistic about moving forward on wednesday. they are drawing red lines on
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transit funding, classic urban versus rural state wedge. on tuesday we'll see the first hearing of the house select committee. but with joe biden hitting the campaign trail for the first time as president. he will be with terry mccauliffe. it is seen as a test drive for the mid tern messages and prospects. >> it is a really easy
10:21 am
community. he will be going to arlington to try out this message ahead of the midterms. former governor mccauliffe running to be governor again in november. they feel they can experience with all of this. there is 16 months left, but the clock really starts ticking now on some of the key ticket items. and you will hear the president talking about the successful parts of his agenda that is one of the thorniest. he will talk about the relief bill. of course there is a looming major question about where the white house goes from here. we expect to hear more about that from the president, it did
10:22 am
not require republican votes. this is a democrat who of course the president will be going to pennsylvania and there will be more battleground states coming up, as i compete here with the lovely white house cleaning crew, but this is the first he is doing with just a candidate specifically so we'll see what other kind of message he might bring. >> the glamorous tv news. sometimes it swings back the other way. in the big story, it seems to be political energy. higher turnout tends to really benefit determines in virginia.
10:23 am
is that part of the reason he is going there? to juice the numbers? >> i think so, and this is not the first time. he went specifically to virginia to tout how the program had been going there. showcases all of the money they had been able to inject into the state and what they feel had been a successful example of a place that is doing well. as you know so well, typically the president doesn't fair so well. they are very keeply aware of that and they want to get ahead of that quickly. >> and sahil we have been talking about this frame work for weeks now and the idea that it is a deal. in the last few days we have been talking about how it is less than a deal and more of a deal to make a deal, how far off are they on voting on this?
10:24 am
>> they remain optimistic they can finalize this, but there is a major hold up. that is the question of money for public transit. democrats want at least 20% of money going to public strans sit. they site precedent all of the way to the reegen era. this is a problem for democrats. transit is a high priority for president biden, for numerous democrats, largely those that represent major urban areas. they want it as a way to combat climate change. one aid said that is not the only issue, there is slightly less issues that remain open like broadband, covid relief funds, and it ties into the
10:25 am
midterm message. what he wants to do is deliver pockets books for people's lives, go out and brag about them. that is easier said than done, he has to deliver and he has a republican party that is driving a hard bargain. the idea that transportation is not decided on this budget is concerning to me. there seems to be a lot of movement yesterday i was outside of speaker pelosi's office for awhile and i watched denver riggleman go in. will there be a sense of things to come from the committee? >> it is possible. speaker pelosi wants to beef up the chances that it's conclusions, analysis, and findings are corn collusive.
10:26 am
there is talk of adding one more, all eyes on adam kinzinger. it was a love fest money democrats for kinzinger. they said he is a fine representative and would make a good member. >> she has to do it soop, sahil, i know you have been covering this as well. what do you think departmented want to hear from the president? they just want those con careen deliver rabbles? >> virginia is always a pretty useful indicator of what happens in the midterm elections. it is usually right in the smack of a presidential election. this is a state thats that been trending blue but it is not necessarily a blue state.
10:27 am
we are in the midst of a realignment. the suburbs have moved, one question is does that help their traditional turnout problems. and they're more likely to show up, but for them they also have to get their people to show up and one of the fears that i have heard is whether or not the question of their coalition has become so department and like some of them wondering will people even show up. >> we know democrats will try to turn glenn youngkin into donald trump with a jump shot if you have seen the adds you'll know what i'm talking about. thank you all. we're moving to another story
10:28 am
with potentially major implications. asking the supreme court to overturn row versus wade. they argue that the conclusion that it is a right has no basis in structure or history. the state's filing comes after they announced that there was a law that plans abortions after 15 weeks. this will be the first suit before the current more conservative supreme court. but it could have implications around the country and we will be following it closely. a judge is ruling whether or not the trump ally will be arrested
10:29 am
or not. but first, what could turn into serious roadblocks in the senate.
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10:33 am
fund the program. and tom carper and bob menendez are all raising red flags. could that turn into serious barriers in the senate? joining me now is josh gotheimer. congressman, your caucus endorsed these bipartisan negotiations. but what do you think of the democrat senators adding red lines at this point in the game? this has not even made it to your chamber yet. >> thank you, we have been in the problem solvers caucus with the senators part of the g 20 for plonts now, and we're at the 5 yard line here, right? you always have things that come out at the end. and we will get there we're very close, and we will work through
10:34 am
them this weekend and into monday. >> one of the redlines was joined by bob menendezmenendez. he tweeted any bipartisan infrastructure deal will prior tide our transsis systems. and a bill that fails to have it will not have my support, will it have yours? >> i could not agree more. that is one of the reasons why it is in the package and it has been for months. some people raised questions about the transit resources and i agree with senator menendez. and it is good. that will be worked out. we had a lot of conversations on that. i know the senators have, and i'm confident it will get worked out the next weekend.
10:35 am
i know you're following the back and forth. and whether or not you're supportive of the actions taken by the speaker to prevent the two republican members part of that committee. >> i we had that bipartisan commission worked out. they raised issues and changes, and they did so. that was the right depth to take. and we take it down and prevent it from moving forward. an attack heritage, an attack on republicans and law enforcement here we go again, games being played with the commission. with the select committee that
10:36 am
has been proposed, and that we voted on to support. we put two people on it. they were appointed today be a witness. he was involved with the president on january 6th. this is an attack on our democracy. but i'm hopeful that we can get things back on track and we have to get to the bottom of what happened. and i'm hopeful that we'll get there. representative cheney remains on board and focused and getting to the bottom of what happened. >> do you support adam kinzinger on the committee as well? >> that's not my decision, but he is a good leader, and he has been outspoken about this.
10:37 am
i support getting something done. nothing is more important than understanding what happened with our democracy being attacked on january 6th and preventing an attack like that in the future. everyone has to stop playing games here and actually focus and get to the bottom of this. >> you probably talk to more house republicans than most other democrats do, do you support the bipartisan commission? had they voted for a commission in a first place? >> many people are talking about this, and everyone is overall afraid that this is somehow political football and being, an
10:38 am
issue that we all agree on. the attacks on the capital. there is no reason why. there is no reason why this was not a reaction. it was an address. and they said we must end the uncivil war. that pushes read against blue. the only way that we're going to do this is by getting to this. this is so critically important. but for civility in this country, and that we can work together and we will get to it and sit at the together together. and people are sick and tired of the screaming and yelling.
10:39 am
and it is a partisan divide. >> the head win winds now of what is in happening in washington right now. you have the president on the campaign trail, knocking the dust off a little bit. what can he do to be most helpful to keep republicans in control of the house in the midterms. >> it will start by us working together to get this bipartisan package done. as you pointed out there is always a lot that goes on at the end here before a final agreement and so the next days are really important. i know the president is being very hands on. this is about infrastructure, transits, and there is so much that this is good for for americans across the country. i think it is so important. i know the president will be vr
10:40 am
helpful there. there is a lot going on. and not to mention other big issues that we have to deal with after. the best thing to happen is for us to keep doing the nation's business. put aside the partisanship and getting things done. >> get stuff passed, get reelected. that's the situation. >> get it done. solve problems, get it done, make it common sense and reasonable and they want to work together to get things done. >> thank you, we have to leave it there. how the politics of infrastructure are affecting leaders at the local levels. ly speak to one mayor who supports the president's bill, next. bill, next
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welcome back. lawmakers are facing pressure from the white house and hundreds of mayors back home. congressional leaders last week in support of president biden's infrastructure plan. among the singees is david holt. he joins me now from okay city. tell me a little about that meeting. what were you asking of the president and what was he asking of y'all? >> first, thank you for having me on. it was a great substantive meeting. >> you know, look, what we want as majors and other local and state officials want is this infrastructure that has been worked on for the better part of a decade. we feel like with the bipartisan
10:45 am
frame work we're at the cusp of something and that is why the mayors signed that later. and what we were there to tell the president is that we want to see it get done. we're here to try to support you and the message that we heard from him i also think it is important for the country. you echoed those sentiments. we need to get something done and do it with republicans and democrats and that is a secondary opportunity here. >> you have two republican senators not part of the negotiations and have not given what is your message to them. >> ultimately i respect their
10:46 am
ability to drive it on a final product. i think they want to wait and see what it has. what i believe it will have is money for roads and bridges, money for public transit. for expansion of road service in our country which means for oklahoma it is an extension to the north. but it would touch many, many small communities along the way. that is important to our whole state and if it can have a bipartisan character and a core infrastructure at it's heart i think it is very interesting and intriguing for republican senators from oklahoma and everywhere else. >> but i hope and i think it
10:47 am
will look like what they voted for for decades here in washington. >> to be clear james langford said on wednesday that he thinks the type of money that he is looking for is insane. >> i don't know that he is talking about this package. you have to draw a distinction between the $1.2 trillion and the different infrastructure packages. go ahead and vote with us on the stuff that you don't. i want to talk about covid. there has been a rough go. are you getting support you need and how he is handling the pandemic? >> so my first concern is the people. we're a little better vaccinated
10:48 am
here. we're still seeing a rise in our numbers. i support any message, i think at this point all the goftt can do is get people vaccinated. our governor was vaccinated on live television. i support him in any messaging that he wishes to do or whether or not there is innovations out there. i think best done at the state level. things i have seen at other states, whatever that is i certainly support that and hear in oklahoma city i'm doing my point in my backyard that this should be a wake up call to the unvaccinated. what is happening and please get out and get vaccinated. >> can we play for you alabama governor kay ivy talking about
10:49 am
unvaccinated folks. listen to what she said this morning. >> what will it take to get people to get shots in arms. >> i don't know, you tell me. folks are supposed to have common sense. but it is time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the vaccinated folks. >> several people have said it is a personal responsibility question. is that something you agree with? helping everyone else get past this pan determine snick. >> first, i have not seen that clip and i don't know governor ivy, but that was powerful testimony there. i don't know what works in terms of persuading people on this issue that has been the challenge of mayors and governors is trying to find right message to push buttons. i don't know that it is necessarily a question at this
10:50 am
point. of a higher calling, trying to get people to push around them. i say think about yourself. think about yourself for once, be selfish. i'm vaccinated. i'm probably not going to catch the and having fun and i love this new chapter to me that is post pandemic, but if you don't have a vaccination, you are in a previous chapter still, and think about yourself and your family and get vaccinated, and be selfish. that is as much of maybe a message to work as the community around you, and although -- >> mayor holt, i have to be selfish and cut you off, because we have to go to a commercial, okay. so thank you very much for making the time today and coming up. if it is friday, it is officially the olympics opening day, and we will head to japan with the latest on the opening ceremonies and how covid is affecting the games. that is next. rings) day one. ponytail game, tight. color pencil game, sharp. folders, alphabetically ordered by subject.
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when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪ >> welcome back. is the olympics officially kicked off this morning in tokyo with the opening ceremony that featured hundreds of athletes but no spectators as the covid rates continue to rise in japan hitting a six-month high two days ago. nbc's keir simmons has more. >> reporter: garrett, before that spectacular ceremony celebrating japan's history, we traveled the country to the historic sites including this
10:55 am
temple in kyoto and to talk to people beginning with japan's prime minister and now he literally has his job on the line over these olympics, and just in the weeks after the games, he will face a review of his mandate with his presidency of his party running out in late september. so, it couldn't be more important for him. it is important for the u.s. of course, because japan is a crucial ally and the third biggest economy in the world. so i wanted to pres the prime minister over whether he considered just canceling the games. >> many japanese people are concerned if there is a rise in infections, and did you consider canceling the games? >> translator: i think that canceling the games is easy to do, but as i said before while facing the coronavirus and while trying to hold a safe and
10:56 am
effecttive olympics would be perilous, but japan won the bid, and i feel that we must fulfill our obligation to the rest of the world. what worried me the most is that the public opinion was divided, and i also wanted the japanese people to understand that the games will be held safely and securely. >> reporter: there's a huge weight on your shoulders. your political career perhaps depends on these games. are the olympics worth it? >> translator: as i mentioned before, over 4 billion people across the world will be watching these olympic games, and in that context, overcoming the hardship of the coronavirus and to be able to hold the olympic games, i think that there is real value in that. and garrett, the prime minister talked about his close relationship with president biden and talked about the way he worked with allies in the way that president trump did not, and he has made the past few
10:57 am
days of the beginning of the olympics as a national holiday. we were out on the streets of kyoto and many folks out in the daytime, but when the opening ceremony was taking place, not so many, and garrett, so many were probably at home watching the pageantry with pride, and the japanese prime minister will be certainly hoping so. >> thank you, keir. thank you for being with us on this hour, and we will be back monday with more "meet the press daily" and more msnbc coverage continues with geoff bennett after the break. ues with geofft after the break. winner, seven years in a row. in fact, subaru has won most trusted brand for more consecutive years than any other brand. no wonder kelley blue book also picked subaru as their best overall brand. once again. it's easy to love a brand you can trust. it's easy to love a subaru. are you one of the millions of americans
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