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tv   Craig Melvin Reports  MSNBC  July 23, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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a lot more with krs jansing picking up coverage right now. good morning, i'm in for craig melvin and right now in some areas the delta variant is unraveling months of progress we made in this pandemic. across the country cases, hospitalizations, and deaths all up. this virus is hitting everything from summer camps to hospitals. and the cdc director is calling this one of the most infectious respiratory viruses she has seen in her 20 year career. our reporters are spread across america and in tokyo. until the last minute we were not even sure would happen are officially getting under way. also we're staying on top of big developments on capitol hill. the new reporting on possible
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republican voices for the select committee. and a new snag in the infrastructure bill in time it is about public transit. we start with the latest on this pandemic. morgan cheskey is at an over flow covid testing lot. and i also want to bring in internal medicine position dr. shashana. so you are talking to folks there that are seeing an increase in the number of kids getting tested. summer camps in central texas shutting down to outbreaks. tell me what you're seeing there on the ground.
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>> yeah, were were at this site this time last year as that surge went across texas and now we're back here again. a week ago they had about 30 cars roll through. they are attributing that to a couple different reasons. number one the spread of the delta variant coming across the south, midwest, and here in texas. number two they're seaing a new kind of patient when they show up to get tested and that is adolescence and children around the age of 12. some of whom are still ineligible for the vaccine. we have seen this play out at several summer camps. one camp had more than 150 cases frult that. we know that within that number there was about two dozen that had already been vaccinated. that tested positive still. we had a chance to hear from a doctor administering some of these tests on the new kind of
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patients he is seeing this go around. >> now we're down to a whole different level, the kids coming in, they're generally healthy and they don't get super sick, but they just spread it like crazy because this is such a viral form of the disease. >> yes, the delta variant certainly more contagious. he is saying that of the children that come through here, their symptoms appear to be more mild. if they're not symptomatic a lot of them coming through here as well want to make sure they're virus free when they go back to participate in early practices ahead of the start of the school year. when it comes to the start of the upcoming school year, we heard from greg abbott that said as of right now it is the parents decision whether or not they want to mask their child up. there is no statewide mandate for students when it comes to going back to school here and it will be here in just a few
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weeks, christ? >> yes, these are decisions being made across the country right now. >> yes, they can it p-town. and there is a cluster of more than 250 new covid case that's officials sort of take back to 4th of july celebrations. are the cases among the fully vaccinated. >> what i was told by the town manager here is that 70% of those cases are fully vaccinated people that went out and got their shots. so as you imagine there is some frustration. some of the people that live here are fully vaccinated. massachusetts is the second most highly vaccinated state in the country and the cape cod area is the most vaccinated part of the state. many people who live and own businesses here feel like they they listen to doctors and scientists and unvaccinated
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people came in and mixed in large numbers at events and parties and that is where officials have seen the outbreak spike stem from. i want you to listen to a conversation with a man i met that owns the pilgrim house which is a boutique hotel and venue venue. >> it was surprising to see so many fully vaccinated people testing positive. we're all really concerned about what this means long term. and the number of visitors, quite frankly, not vaccinated, it is alarming. >> several of his own employees have been breakthrough cases and he has sequestered them, in some cases, in rooms in his own hotel. they're asking people to do the right thing. business owners are saying they're wearing their own masks,
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be vaccinated or wear masks inside, but as you imagine people fought to keep their business open over the past year and they really want people who will visit and come to a great, very popular tourist town, to do the right thing and to be safe and not expose people that live and work here year round to the virus. >> let's start with where we just heard. 70% of new cases there among fully vaccinated people. what is your advice for people. if they're going out to summer vacation, sending their kids to camp, what do they need to know. >> the vaccine was never intended to prevent us from getting covid. but what do is keep us from getting severely ill and dieing if we get exposed to the virus
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and they do a really good job at that but they're not 100% effective. so we expect new cases and the fully vaccinated as the weeks and months go on. these are viruss like a cold. and we know it is now dominant in this country. they are holding up really well to prevent serious illness and death. so the recommend would be first and foremost get fully vaccinated. you can think twice about going there. >> we learned from the white house, actually. it happened in this hour. 40% of cases come from florida, texas, and missouri.
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mercy hospital says they have to open a third ic unit, and if you're looking for a silver lining, i wonder if people will see just how challenging the delta variant is, maybe it is what some folks need to push them over the line. >> well, chris, it is heartbreaking to me fr people hesitant to get vaccinated, i'm sorry it took witnessing suffering to encourage them to get their vaccines. sadly it seems some people need to see illness and death firsthand to recognize the reality of the situation with this pandemic. i think what people need to know is that we absolutely have a path forward here. severe illness can large i will be avoided if people take the vaccine. >> let's talk about texas, which
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has covid positivity at 10%. that is according to the federal guidelines. the texas tribune says that when governor greg abbott announced a mask mandate the positivity rate was 20%. is there a baseline that you think is time to consider bringing back those restrictions? >> what we're seeing in texas is high positivity rates measuring the amount of viral transmissions in the communities. that tells us it is spreading quickly and how infectious it is. it means the virus will continue to spread. unfortunately we're going to continue to see it to spread. and the fact that masks are not mandated and like we won't be
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from my perspective, i think it is a good idea for people to area masks when in public and avoid crowded indoor spaces. it is certainly my advice to bring back the mask mandates at this point. >> thank you to all of my guests, we appreciate it. in the meantime the global fight loomed over the opening ceremony at the olympics. more than 11,000 athletes took part in the kick off of the games in a nearly empty stadiums. no cheers were allowed because of strict covid protocols. tokyo organizers announced 19 new positive coronavirus indications. stephanie gosk is there following all of the changes. the main theme of the opening ceremony that had a lot of great moments, the athletes still looked very happy, was unity and
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overcoming this global pandemic together. and i'm wondering what it is like there on the ground. >> yes, unity in the face of all of this isolation. it seems like it might be at odds, but so much of this ceremony was defined by this pandemic. and i'm going to get back to the athletes for a moment. that's what it comes down to. they walked into a stadium that fits 68,000 people. these are athletes that were essentially put on ice a year ago and told sorry, we're going to try to do it for you next year and they have moved mountains to put this event on here in japan. and the athletes moved mountains as well. training by themselves, training to get ready for the games, and the beginning of the ceremony was really an ode to their efforts to do that. you saw great images of solitary
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athletes on treadmills or bikes. and the world coming together to get them to this moment. and as they walked in, they were in a procession, many of them not with their entire teams, but you saw an incredible enthusiasm on their faces. you saw smiles. team usa just thrilled to be there even though there was not cheers, even though they were not dealing and having their family and friends in the stands. and this is the message that organizers in japan want to send to the world. they want it to be a sim boll of the world coming together to get over this pandemic. but we haven't gotten over the pandemic and that is important to note as well. there is more cases of people testing positive associated with the games. officials said they will still
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cancel the games if there is a spike they think is too dangerous. they have not seen it yet, there is 100 cases but that positivity rate is still really low. so the games will continue. >> i know there is people that think it never should have been held, but we still have to cheer those athletes that have done so much for so many years to get to this point. thank you for covering it. good to see you, my friend. gunfire sent people scrambling for safety last night. just an hour after they cracked down on the escalating virus across the country. plus, new hints about speaker pelosi's plans for the january 6th commission. and taking on misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine that is rampant online. e corona
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this morning two people are injured after gunfire erupted in a popular neighborhood in washington dc. it happened in logan circle. police believe one of the men was targeted. this was the dc chief of police's response. >> it is unacceptable. totally unacceptable behavior. >> josh letterman has more on the shooting and the investigation. what can you tell us. >> unacceptable is one way to put it, a outrage is what muriel bowser called it. they are still being sought by
8:19 am
police this morning you can still see some of the ram nants. including the medical supplies used to street one of the two victims. both recovering in the hospital. you can see over here the broken class on the ground. we saw bullet holes in vehicles that had been parked here overnight. but this is a issue that the city has been grappling with for weeks. in the 15 years that i have been here i have never seen this level of gun violence. we're hearing from activists that say that covid-19 really exacerbated the underlying causes for gun violence and a massive surge in gun purchases. but they also say the vast majority of these incidents are being carried out by a small number of people.
8:20 am
to find these people before they carry out gun violence or become victims themselves. >> thank you, josh. this morning, cuba is rejecting claims. they are saying they were denounced on thursday. they include a payment between a u.s. entity or cuban special forces. the administration singling them out, and president biden is not ruling out further action saying "this is the just the beginning. the united states will continue to sanction individuals responsible for oppression of the cuban people." meanwhile this morning supporters are taking the wheel literally. a group of boats sailing from miami to havana to set off flares and fire works as a moral
8:21 am
boost. these supporters want to see more urgency from washington. what are you hearing? >> absolutely. they see this as an opportunity they had never seen before. but when you look at the floatilla here this morning it's a very small number of boats because the u.s. coast guard urging them not to go. firing flares is a sign of distress, they should not be doing that, so only a few boats left there this morning. and the concern is if they drift into cuban space they can run into problems there. among the issues being presented is how cuban americans here can send money to their relatives on the island without running into what is essentially part of that
8:22 am
money going to the cuban or communist government. the term is remittance. imagine you're trying to send money to a relative in cuba and you're trying to convert it, this is an old one they have changed the way the money looks, but when the money goes there is a service fee. depending on how it is paid, especially if it is not paid by the family in the united states, part of that service fee goes to the cuban banking system that is essentially going to cuba. and the general sense is that money is supporting the communist regime. so the biden administration wants to tend money to cuba without part of that money being siphoned off. another thing that people have wondered about and that they are demanding is the reason we saw the protests is because of the internet.
8:23 am
they cut it off preventing everyone from having access to community on the island, but there is technology and this st really surprising. take a look at this video from raven aerostar. this balloon goes up 50,000 to 70,000 feet and it can be positioned over cuba. once it is there it can send down a signal, wifi and lte cell phone allowing people to community again. this is not a balloon like the ones we think about that we release and it goes where it wants. they can steer it and as a result of being able to steer the balloon, they're able to keep it positioned. in some cases they kent one balloon in position for 320 days.
8:24 am
it is a demand to get the internet. >> the regime wants them not to communicate with each other or the outside world. if they can use some of the existing processes, to provide cubans with internet access, a lot of people believe that would be a very powerful tool for the cuban people. so you hear him talking about boosting the energy from the wifi that bleeds out from guantanamo and the u.s. embassy. but again, if the technology exists, it is not actually
8:25 am
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we are just four days away from the select committee and we're waiting this morning for
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two big decisions by speaker pelosi. will denver wriglmen be brought in as an advisor. and will another republican congressman adam kinsinger? good morning to my guests. with the first hearings on tuesday, do you toe when they could do that? >> adam kinsinger has been floated as a o potential add to
8:30 am
the community. we don't have any updates on when the full committee will be established, what the make up will be, but the first one when they will hear from the police officers tasked with defending this capitol hill against an attack by supporters seeking to block the vick toir from being certified. >> so denver riggleman has been sought out, congressman kinzinger has spoken out not just against donald trump but has choice words for kevin mccarthy. so the pool of republican lawmakers that would be part of the committee are pretty small. what do you advice the speaker to do here?
8:31 am
is it helpful to have more republicans or is it another target for people to say yeah, thee picked just a few people that agree with her. >> i think it would be good to add both, quite frankly. people need to hear throughout our political discourse more and more republicans that disagree with trump and disagree with kevin mccarthy on the events that happened on january 6th. and i think that will be important adding to those voices is important, and i think it is also crucial to understand that picking liz cheney made it bipartisan. he had the opportunity to be involved in a commission that helped both sides get to uncover the truth here.
8:32 am
his mishandling of that negotiation as well as liz whenny led us to a point where liz cheney is now bigger than she was when kevin mccarthy threw her out of leadership. she a greater voice right now and i think it will play a really important role as we see these hearings unfold beginning next week. >> but robert, if you were back in the white house right now and this fight was playing out, would you worry about the politics of this committee? it derails your agenda or takes attention away from your agenda. >> it certainly competes a bit for attention. i think the white house can and should be a little hands off on this from their perspective. this was an event that happened geographically at the capital.
8:33 am
it impacts not only capitol hill and not just all of washington, but all of america. i think if you're the white house, i think it is a good thing to have out there. i would not get overly concerned about that and i will say this. i give speaker pelosi a lot of credit here. two people that would not be serious about an investigation and were not really about giving to the truth on what happened on january the 6th. >> and they were propagating lies about it plane and simple. so let's go to the bipartisan infrastructure deal, seems like transit funding is one of the last remaining hangups, where do things stand? >> yeah, we saw it flair up.
8:34 am
republicans want to spend that money on highways. they say there is an 80-20 ratio and the republicans say that is not fixed, it's not always used, and they want to drop it. it's a high priority of president biden and the white house. they represent a lot of sir ban urban areas, but it is part of the plan to fight inequality. they want clean buses, they want ways for people to get around. republicans usually represent rural areas and they need hays. >> if we can't resolve it we could bleed that out, i hope not. >> i'm optimistic that we will be able to come up with a proposal on monday. and that will have been our
8:35 am
goal. now i realize it is never over until it is over. we could have a monkey wrench thrown in the works but i think we're on track. >> that is optimism, but this remains a major sticking point. >> so the white house is planning to roll out an even more aggressive push behind this infrastructure agenda. so it opens up if they have enough bandwith for gunrights, voting rights, infrastructure, and the reality that joe biden had the steadyist six months of high approval ratingings of any modern president according to a new analysis. can he use that? can he get the wind at his back?
8:36 am
to make it possible to push multiple things? >> yes, i think so. one of the things you learn quickly at the white house is the list you just mentioned. there is probably three, four, or eight other things. some of which we know about and some that we don't. but you make a good point. there is a certain amount of bandwith that each white house has. i think it is important when you look at the history of those approval ratings, polariization, that is important not just in the short term, but as you take out the proposals for a spin, and as you try too push them
8:37 am
through a deeply divided congress, but it will be important in the medium and long term in setting up a midterm election strategy for democrats where they hope to add to those majorities so they're not worried about a 50/50 senate or just a few seats in the house where they can try to preserve in the house and grow in the senate. i think preserving that is important for this white house. i think the basis of that starts foundationally with a covid response. and i think that is why you see an increase in the president being out there, the townhall meeting this week being very forward on getting people vaccinated. >> sahil, stay with me. the tokyo olympics are now officially under way and between the pandemic and the protests the athletes are under more pressure than ever. first, the u.s. surgeon general says social media companies let conspiracy
8:38 am
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in a little more than an hour, a close al lie of president trump is expected in federal court for a bail hearing. he chaired trump's inaugural committee. it has been moved up to today, and the question is why it has been moved. he chaired trump's inaugural committee, as i said, he is charged as acting as an agent of the united arab emirates. two senators are going a step further with a bill to
8:43 am
target online misinformation. they want to amendment section 230. this bill would make companies liable for health relates misinformation fed to users through an algorithem. always good to see you, bn, this is complicated. even though lawmakers of both parties take issue with a broad liability protection, this bill is controversial. there are no republican sponsors, what's the concern? >> so the concern is from the right and the left here. let's start by breaking down 230
8:44 am
first of all. companies like twitter are not liable for liable speech. so that is why amending it is very complicated. and it is also a difficult thing when democrats are coming. you know what happens if another administration uses the tools. if you're trying to stamp out misinformation that's one thing, but if it is trump you will probably not agree with it. for example, at the end of this bill it says that hhs basically declares what is the can
8:45 am
consideration. what is to stop an administration from saying hydroxychlroiquine works. >> right, and facebook's vp of public policy kevin martin said this. we long supported common industry standards. we believe clarification on the difficult and urgent questions would be helpful and we look forward to working with congress and the industry as we consider options for reform. some people would question about whether or not they're serious about warranting it, but is there some middle ground here that doesn't make it so this becomes another political reform. right now two broad bills get
8:46 am
brought up constantly. the same stuff that is protected to help the left helps the right. if you are trying to take down 230, that means you want to remain on their platform. if you take down 230 in that case, it's much more complicated. facebook's response to this is just to show up with the fire hose. it completely changes the dynamics of the internet. but it will really change how it works. >> to be continued, ben collins, thank you and have a great weekend. one of the biggest american sports starts is not in tokyo for the olympics. i'm talking about shaquarri
8:47 am
richardson. we'll talk with a former olympian about cannabis and the rules he wants to see changed. fist, my hometown cleveland baseball team revailed their new name, 120 years since they first got a pro team, after years of criticism that many considered racist. in a new video narrated by tom hanks, they reveal they will now be the cleveland guardians, a nod to the guardians of traffic statues. >> it has been cleveland that is the best part of our name. and now it's time to unite as one family, one community, and build the next era for this team and this city. to keep watch and guard what makes this game the greatest.
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right now, hundreds of u.s. athletes are in tokyo wrapping up the opening ceremony. take a moment and put yourself in their shoe, all of the added pressure this year brings. of course, we're in the middle of a global pandemic with cases in the athletes village. there are new rules of when an athlete can protest, and oh, by the way, they have to compete in
8:52 am
events they've spent most of their lives preparing for without family and friends here to cheer them on. i want to bring in someone who knows the pressure of a big sports moment very well. former nba player al harrington who is now ceo and co-founder of the cannabis company viola. thanks so much for being with us. of course, the olympics, they call it the world's biggest stage for sports, but excitement for the competition is being overshadowed to some extent by the drastic rise in covid cases. can you even put yourself in their place and talk about the kinds of pressure they must be under right now mentally as well as physically? >> it must be very challenging because you are asking them to pretty much step out of the norm, right? obviously they're used to prepare in certain ways and having certain levels of support there by having family and people they can talk to before the race or different things like that or whatever the competition is. now you don't have any of that. so it's almost comparable to
8:53 am
last year when the nba guys played in the bubble and you heard how many guys struggled with it because when you take somebody out of something they're so normally used to it will definitely create the chaos with them internally. >> that's a great comparison because we think of world-class athletes as being mentally tough and this is extraordinary. we saw the u.s. and british women's soccer team take a knee before their matches. a big change, obviously, from more than 50 years ago when john carlos and tommy smith were expelled for the fist raising. the ioc allowed protest gestures before the ceremonies. in your view, is that the right way to go? >> think they should allow them to express themselves at any time. these guys -- these guys and girls have sacrificed so much to
8:54 am
get to this point and they fight through and they actually win and i think they should be able to express themselves any way that they want, but i think they are happy that they've obviously changed their stance with them allowing them to kneel and things like that to show gestures, but i think they should be able to show it all the way through. when you're at that level and that's the way you want to express yourself you should be able to do that. >> i want to talk about a popular athlete, i and millions of people was looking forward to seeing in these olympics and that's sha'carri richardson, and you are in another career, cannabis industry, you wrote a letter to usa track and field. what compelled you to write that letter. you're in the business, but you're also an athlete. >> definitely, man, for me it was so many different levels. i'll just start. i'm a father of two little girls 11 and 10 years old and look up
8:55 am
at sha'carri as a role model and it's one of those things where i always felt the media a lot of times build us up to tear us down. this girl is a hero for a lot of little black girls around the world that don't have a lot of people to actually look up to. you know what i'm saying? when you look at something like this over cannabis use and for me it's about an outdated rule and a rule that's just not consistent because i've never heard in my life, my 41 years of life as cannabis being a performance-enhancing drug. just the fact that in 2021 especially with all of these other professional leagues making their changes towards their policies towards cannabis, i feel the world should do the same thing, right? we realize with the testing and all of the different science that's come out around cannabis that cannabis is very beneficial for athletes and athletes should have access. >> al harrington, it's great to see you. thank you so much.
8:56 am
we appreciate you taking the time. there's probably some sports you want to watch some now, maybe a little olympics. thank you. appreciate you. that will do it for me this hour. i'm chris jansing. "andrea mitchell reports" starts next. great... the storm alert... dad. and the subtle but effective ding. that's why we created low cash mode. the financial watch out that gives you the options and time needed to help you avoid overdraft fees. it's one way we're making a difference. because we believe how you handle overdrafts should be in your control, not just your banks. low cash mode on virtual wallet from pnc bank. ♪ ♪ low cash mode on virtual wallet water? urgh! (rocket ship) hey! hey! heads up. thank you! water tastes like, water. so we fixed it. mio i'm still wowed by what's next. even with higher stroke risk due to afib
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due to the rapid spread of the covid delta variant, the nfl is out with a new warning today, teams that experience outbreaks among non-vaccinated players could end up forfeiting games with players not getting paid. in los angeles more bars and restaurants are requiring customers to show proof of vaccination. italy will join other countries like france and israel in requiring people to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test for many social activities including indoor dining and shows. we are live at a testing site in dallas where around half of new cases involve unvaccinated children. here in the nation's capital the hunts is on after another outbreak of violence. this time dozens of shots being fired outside of a restaurant in an upscale d.c. neighborhood. we are live at the scene with the latest. new u.s. sanctions on cuba. we'll talk to a top cuban official on the status of u.s.-cuban


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