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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  July 22, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪ breaking news as we join you live right now on msnbc reports. any minute, house speaker nancy pelosi is about to appear in front of those cameras on the left side of your screen, live on capitol hill, answering questions about her decision to reject two republicans from the january 6th committee, a decision coming less than a week before that committee's first hearing, with a couple of big question marks still
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outstanding. so, let's get to it. i'm hallie jackson, joining you this morning from st. louis on assignment on a story we will bring you soon. all the action is back home in washington where nbc news team is. leigh ann caldwell on capitol hill and mark murray. we expect this news conference to begin any minute. it's slated to start at the top of the hour. we know sometimes house speaker pelosi runs late. we don't have any indication that will happen right now. as you and your team pointed out there's a couple of big questions for her as we come on the air. number one, specific reasons for booting jim jordan, congressman banks as well. and, second, is she going to fill those seats? and if so, with who? do you have any insights from your conversations with sources? >> reporter: that's right, speaker pelosi threw a bombshell in the process when she said she was not going to approve two of leader mccarthy's choices to serve on this select committee. speaker pelosi was mostly silent yesterday. she did not come and speak to cameras.
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she did not really talk much to reporters. instead, representative liz cheney, the only republican currently serving on that committee because she is a speaker pelosi choice, she's the one who came and spoke to reporters saying that she supported speaker pelosi's choice and also gave a little bit of insight into the speaker's decision-making process, saying one of those people, representative jim jordan, could be a material witness to the select committee. now, the reason she said that? let's listen to a little bit of what jim jordan and representative banks have said in the past and most recently, and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> this is impeachment round three for the democrats. the democrats normalized anarchy, rioting and looting. >> the president was clear in his speech. he told his supporters to go to the hospital, make your voice heard and do it peacefully. >> americans instinctively know there was something wrong with this election. we should object to and vote for
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this objection to the arizona electors. >> reporter: and we know representative jordan met with the former president trump in the days leading up to january 6th. that's why he could be a material witness. but we are going to see if speaker pelosi will appoint five other members regardless, though, hallie, she says they're going to continue their work and have their first hearing next tuesday. >> right. that hearing is going to happen whether there are five others added to that committee or not. sahil, we heard from the democratic sper expectative from leigh ann there. talk to us about the gop side. what are you hearing from republicans on this? >> hallie, republicans are widely criticizing speaker pelosi's move, saying it proves their initial point that this committee was going to be a partisan, political exercise. kevin mccarthy stood with the
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members of the committee, at least his choices for the committee who were kicked off by speaker pelosi and made this point standing with them. let's have a listen to what he said. >> this panel has lost all legitimacy and credibility and shows exactly what i warned back at the beginning of january, that pelosi would play politics with this. >> reporter: the fact of the matter is this is always what republicans were going to say, whether or not jim banks and jim jordan were added to this committee. this simply gives them more ammunition to make that point. jim jordan later yesterday, hours after speaker pelosi's decision, was fund-raising off of this. and the irony here, hallie, they want a an investigation focused on january 6th without the more effervescent allies of former president trump, who they believe will be running interference on his behalf. >> effervescent, sahil, very
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fitting in this instance. kevin mccarthy accused nancy pelosi of playing politics. wait a second, right? people who have been around the last few years might think back in 2015, kevin mccarthy was talking about the benghazi committee and here is what he said then. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi spiae. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. no one would have known any of that had happened had we -- >> i agree. >> mark, that was a big deal when he said it then because it was mccarthy saying that was a political committee and it was very much intended to be political. here we are, six years later, and he's singing a bit of a different tune. >> yeah. hallie, like out of the movie, cass blanka.
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people may be shocked that there are politics going on in capitol hill. kevin mccarthy was campaigning to be speaker, which was unsuccessful. republicans ended up getting paul ryan as speaker. he was extolling how much that benghazi committee ended up doing to hillary clinton. as democrats were able to say, aha, this is all about politics, at the end of the day, what the committee ended up finding with subpoena power ended up proving damaging to democrats in 2016 and may have cost them that election. >> you're right, mark, right? politics will always be involved in something like this on capitol hill. there's a real reason to this committee and investigation. that is the unanswered questions that remain about january 6th. peel way the layers of he says this, she said this, what actually happened. right? when you look at the actions and what triggered the riot on
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january 6th, it related to the words of the defacto leader and then very official leader of one of the parties involved, right? not both. it was very specifically former president donald trump. that as you know deniable, right? there's no bipartisanship on that front. it's very clear what led up to january 6th. talk about some of the things that this committee needs to get to the bottom of as they unfurl this investigation, starting next week. >> hallie, we've had so much discussion on the politics as well as the process. when it comes to the facts and the ones that we still don't know, you know, a january 6th special committee or even an independent commission that ended up being scuttled would end up answering so many questions. number one, what is an official account of what then president donald trump was doing, particularly after he returned to the white house. can we end up getting confirmation of his call to kevin mccarthy when he ended up apparently telling, allegedly telling mccarthy that it seems
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like my supporters are really upset, they're more upset about the election than you are, kevin. to be able to kind of get an understanding of why it took so long to deploy the national guard. as kevin mccarthy argued yesterday and asked yesterday why was the capitol police so ill prepared? and then finally, was there any kind of coordination, not only amongst some of the extremist groups we know that attended the january 6th attack but also anyone else who might have been involved. >> and here is the house speaker. we'll listen in. >> a visit of chuck schumer and his first grandchild, noah. and noah looked in at the house and saw the american flag. he got some chocolate at my office. and it was the perfect way to begin, because he is the future and all that we do is about the future. as we speak right now on the floor of the house, we had the allies bill. promises made, promises kept to
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those who helped our men and women in uniform in afghanistan, to have the visas and the opportunity for them to be safe. i've been to afghanistan nine times, bringing the best wishes of our -- the american people to our men and women am uniform and also thanking those who have helped to keep them safe. this is a very important measure in that regard. and then when i leave here, we'll be welcoming the king of jordan, his majesty, king abdullah, to talk about peace in the middle east. it's a busy -- it's a busy time. in terms of where we are on this, we have the fact that the bipartisan agreement in the senate looks like it has prospects to be brought up soon. i don't know when. i hope that it will, because that infrastructure legislation is very important. i want to talk about our men and
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women in uniform. we always promised them that we will bill them -- we will build for them a future worthy of their sacrifice and president biden's build back better initiative does exactly that. we are -- jobs are coming back, going to about 60,000 every three days. wages are rising. paychecks are growing. the strongest rate before the pandemic since 2006. the economy is booming. cbo imf federal reserve world bank and others all project we'll reach the highest levels of growth in nearly four decades and we'll do that this year. and we need bold infrastructure investment to build back better, better jobs. when we ran at 18 and then in 20, we said we were going to lower health care costs, lower health care costs, bigger
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paychecks, cleaner government. that's what we had set out to do and are in the works to accomplish. jobs are coming back, as i mentioned before. now, as we go forward, it is important for us to, again, have them pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. as i said earlier, we don't know when. >> you have been listening to house speaker nancy pelosi. any moment she will take questions from reporters and we expect her to get a series of them about what is happening related to that january 6th commission, select committee set to hold its first hearing next week. the house speaker currently talking about the importance of passing this infrastructure deal over on the senate. we'll be talking about that later on in the show. our own leann caldwell made her way inside that room. sahil and mark are still with us. we'll go back into house speaker pelosi. she's talking about that
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committee. >> darkest days in our country's history. it was an assault on our democracy, assault on our congress, an assault on our constitution, as rioters tried to undo or prevent us from honoring our constitutional responsibility to ratify, to certify the electoral college vote and officially name joe biden president of the united states. in the time since then, six months or more since then, we've tried to have a bipartisan commission. in the house, we passed it, it was -- many scores in terms of makeup, process and timing. and it was bipartisan in terms of the committee and i salute our chairman, benny thompson, and the ranking member. even though it was something that was bipartisan and yielded
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on many points to the republicans in order to achieve bipartisanship, the leadership of the republican party in the house opposed and went against the bipartisan commission. still, in all, we had the votes. 35 members in the republican side voted with us to send it to the senate. it was very hopeful that we could pass it there. seven republican votes, not ten. and we needed ten to get up to 60. hopefully, one day, that opportunity will still present itself. but because it was not possible in this timeframe, last month we passed our legislation for a select committee. a select committee is bipartisan and it has a quorum and will do the job it sets out to do. that is to investigate the
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causes and that of what happened on january 6th to find out how it was organized, who paid for it, who messaged to get those people here for the assault on the capitol. well over 100 people were injured. some died. it was a horrible, horrible thing. i'll never forget the trauma it caused not only for our members, but for our staff and for the people who work in the capitol to make our work here possible. some of you were here that day as well. so, you can attest to the fact that it was not all love, hugs and kisses, as it has been characterized, mischaracterized, i should say. i've renamed our commission, committee, it's bipartisan. and we have a quorum. staff is being hired to do the job. we're there to seek the truth.
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we're not -- we're this to get the truth not to get trump. t-r-u, truth, trump. that seems to be what the other side is obsessed with. as the legislation allows, i did not accept two of the five people who were appointed. they had made statements and taken actions that, i think, would have the integrity of the committee, work of the committee. this is deadly serious. it's about our constitution, our country. it's an assault on the capitol that's being mischaracterized for some reason at the expense, at the expense of finding the truth for the american people. i'm very pleased at the response we had received across the country and my caucus on the subject, and we will -- i'm very
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pleased with the leadership of benny thompson, our chairman, the bipartisan nature of our committee with liz cheney, the other members who are on the committee, who have experience and patriotism as their calling cards. so, we will proceed. as i said, they're in the process -- their committee is in the process of hiring staff to that end. it's my responsibility as speaker of the house to make sure we get to the truth on this and we will not let their antics stand in the way of that. on another subject, again, we are working very hard to get the job done for the american people, to lower health care costs, lower pollution, as i said when we ran, lower health care costs, bigger paychecks,
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cleaner government and that's what we are about. it comes with the hhr-1/s-1, combine them, the house resolution, senate resolution, to get this done. in any event, as i mentioned, we are here to get the job done. we cannot respond to some of the legislation until the senate acts. as i said, we will not take up the infrastructure bill until the senate passes the reconciliation bill. with that, i'm pleased to take any questions. yes, ma'am? additional members on this committee given the fact that the legislation says -- [ inaudible ] >> yes. i did suggest to the leader that three -- make sure you understand this. i hear the press saying, well, they didn't vote to accept the -- that had nothing to do with it.
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right from the start when the members acted in that way and said they were not going to vote for the certification that joe biden was president, i said to the members, do not let that stand in the way of you finding bipartisan agreement on legislation here. i'm not encouraging that at all. you find your common ground. we strive for bipartisanship. so how they voted on that bill is not relevant to how we are legislating. on the other hand, the two people that i excluded -- so of the three that i appointed, one of them voted against the ratification and the other two voted for it. having said that, though, the other two made statements and took actions that just made it ridiculous to put them on such a committee seeking the truth. at the same time, we have a committee to address economic
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disparities in our country. and the leader gave me six names for that committee. five of them voted against making the election of joe biden official, but i approved all six of them, even though only one of them voted in that regard. so, it has not been a factor, even though the press somehow or another you think it might be. it has not been a factor. the chairman of that committee, jim himes, is already staffed up and ready for hearing, a hearing next week, as is mr. thompson for a hearing next week. but the leader may want to rescind those names. i'm ready to have them be accepted on the floor of the house. so we'll see. we'll see. i mean, there are some members who would like to be on it, but we'll see. yes, ma'am? >> can you elaborate more specifically what actions caused you to --
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>> i won't. i'll just give you their statements. i'll give you their statements. one of them, i think, was sort of the -- mr. banks was that the biden administration was responsible for january 6th. there was no biden administration on january 6th. let's not go into that. have you -- are you up-to-date on their statements? i would like you to see them, because they completely just make it impossible for them to exercise judgment. again, this is about seeking the truth. and it's about not -- as i said in my comment with respect for the integrity of the investigation, with concern that the american people want to know the truth, and in light of statements and actions taken by them, i could not appoint them. i said that while this may be
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unprecedented, so was an attack on the capitol. i'm not going to spend any more time talking about them. >> so on the bipartisan question on this committee, when you talk to republicans, many of them believe the election was stolen from them and so on. how do you convince people on the other side of the aisle what's going to go on in this committee is going to be bipartisan? >> yeah. it's not even -- it isn't even bipartisan. it's nonpartisan. it's about seeking the truth. and that's what we owe the american people. and probably the biggest incentive for that is that the more -- the less partisan it is, the more it will be accepted by the american people.
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[ inaudible ] >> i'm not talking about him. no, i'm not. i'm not concerned. let's not waste each other's time, okay? >> there's a bill before the house that would prohibit taxpayer funded abortion brought by republicans 37 times for a vote on the house floor, but has been blocked by democrats. can you explain why? >> it has been block bid democrats? >> it has been blocked for a vote to allow a vote on the house floor. >> it hasn't been block bid democrats. >> it has been -- it hasn't been accepted i should say. >> we won't be voting on it. if passed in committee we think it's the right thing to do. it's something that many of us have been concerned about for a long time as an issue of health, as an issue of fairness. and we will send the bills over to the senate. >> i think you misunderstood. it's a bill to prohibit funded
7:23 am
abortions, to have money go to taxpayer funded abortions. >> that's in the law for medicaid. you're talking about medicaid. that's in the law. what we have in our bill is to overturn that. there's no need to have that. that is the law now. >> the reasons to have it overturned? >> it's an issue of health of many women in america, especially those in lower income situations and in different states, and it is something that has been a priority for many of us a long time. as a devout catholic and mother of five in six years, i feel god blessed my husband and me with our beautiful family, five children in six years, almost to the day. it's not up to me to dictate that's that's what other people should do. it's an issue of fairness and justice for poor women in our
7:24 am
country. >> given how divided the country is at this point, do you risk half the american public not believing what the committee finds in the select committee? also can you talk about this changed role now after mccarthy has withdrawn his members? >> no. in fact i don't accept your stipulation that half the country -- there is a percentage of the country who is in denial about covid and getting vaccinated. it's sort of the same crowd. but overwhelmingly, if you look at the polls, if that's what your measure is, they want to know the truth. it's like in the 70s. people want to know more about what happened on january 6th. and 59% of republicans, according to the polling that came out this morning, think we
7:25 am
need to know more about what happened on january 6th. i think that just to take this to an end, these people are going to act up, cause a problem and people said to me, put them on. then he they act up, you can take them off. i said why should we waste time on something as predictable? the republicans that they put on will have their own point of view. nobody is saying that it should all be one point of view going on to the committee. but it is -- when statements are ridiculous and fall into the realm of you must be kidding, there's no way that they're going to be on the committee. okay. i've got to go. >> latino voters, should the democratic party be preparing -- [ inaudible ] >> you want to talk politics?
7:26 am
obviously the latino community is the future of america. if you actually study the numbers, there was a very strong vote for joe biden in that. the message, part of our issue in the last election was that we could not go door to door. we could not go door to door to get out the vote. we will be able to go outdoor-to-door next. regardless to that, we should be paying a great deal of attention. and i'm so proud of our congressional hispanic caucus for the work they do in the congress to bring the concerns of the community into a priority place in our debate and our discussion, and that their communication is helpful to us, to understand more fully what some of the issues are. some of the issues are newer
7:27 am
issues to the discussion. the latino community say young population. it's a young population. and we really had to reach out better to young people as well as the latino community. i have to go to the floor because i have the king of jordan coming right now. >> dr. king's i have a dream speech be required to be taught in public school across the country? there's an effort in texas to strip that from the curriculum. >> you know, the curriculum in schools is a local decision. that's just the way it has been. i think it is a sadness for the children if they are not able to hear or learn about that speech because it is so inspirational about our country. it's not partisan. it's patriotic. it's fair. you remind me that this weekend we had the privilege, many of
7:28 am
us, to go to san diego for the launching of the john lewis -- the ship named for john lewis. it was such a beautiful occasion. and i recalled when i made my speech, i recalled two years ago around this time, end of july, a little bit later, john lewis and the black caucus went to ghana, first slaves that came to the united states, well, america. it wasn't the united states. got on those death ships if they survived, slavery was their destination. it was just so tragic. you should have seen the reception he received. it was so beautiful there. but john said to us, you know, this is as much a part of american history as the walk over the selma bridge.
7:29 am
this is how people came. and what he did say, and i'll close with this, he said we may have come to america on different ships, but now in the same boat. and that's how we view this. we're in the same boat of america, for a more perfect union. he's such an inspiration to us, as was dr. king. mr. clyburn has it, i think, constantly going in his office. no matter how many times you hear the speech of dr. king, it continues to inspire, strengthen and keep us focused on our purpose that we're all in the same ship. thank you. >> thank you. thank you. you have been listening to house speaker nancy pelosi make her first substantive comments about that january 6th select committee since blocking the appointment of two republicans
7:30 am
to serve on that committee, republicans who have, in her view, you heard her there, made statements and actions that she called them ridiculous essentially, eliminating them from the possibility of serving on this committee. as you know over the last 24 hours, republican minority leader kevin mccarthy pulled the other three republicans to serve on that committee. making it pretty clear that she is ready to move forward, having a bipartisan committee. liz cheney is serving on that committee as well. she has a quorum to move forward with the first hearing that is to begin tuesday. let me bring in sahil kapur, mark murray. will pelosi get specific about why she decided she did not want congressman banks and congressman jordan on this committee? she specifically kept saying these statements and actions they've done and then cited one particular comment from congressman banks when pressed
7:31 am
on this. i believe she's referring to something that he said monday night which real infuriated democrats. he said if democrats were series about political violence, it would be hundreds of political riots last summer, that speaker pelosi created this committee solely to malign conservatives and then saying, referring to the biden administration, he will do everything and responses from capitol leadership and the biden administration, saying i had not allow this committee to be turned into a forum for condemning millions of americans because of their political beliefs. speaker pelosi is pointing to that statement as well as others to say no, you cannot be on this committee. congressman jordan called this impeachment round three, if you will. sahil, she said it's not how they voted on the certification of the election.
7:32 am
one of the members of the republican party she was going to allow on the committee had, in fact, voted not to certify the election, congressman nails. that was not it. she was very clear, media who are saying that, you're wrong. take us through the significance of what we heard from the speaker. >> reporter: that's right, hallie. speaker pelosi was emphatic saying over and over again, that a member's vote on the night of january 6th on whether or not to certify the results for joe biden was not the deciding factor. troy nails was one of kevin mccarthy's appointees, republican from north dakota. she accepted that appointee. she did not accept jim jordan and jim banks. she cited that one statement from jim jordan and specifically pointed to his reference to the biden administration, which did not exist on january 6th as part of the reason she found it ridiculous. she used that word twice, by the way, ridiculous, she said, to put someone like jim banks and
7:33 am
jim jordan on the committee. >> antics, she called it. >> reporter: antics, right. democrats will not let their antics get in the way. she had nothing comparable to say about jim jordan sheechlt really did not want to get into detail about these two republicans. and let's just remember for a moment who they are. jim jordan, once upon a time, not that long ago, used to be seen as someone on the far right fringes of the house gop. but now within the caucus at least, he's in the mainstream as the rest of the caucus has moved in his direction. he's currently the ranking member on the judiciary committee. jim banks has come to prominence more recently as a strong, fierce ally of former president trump. he is the chairman of a group called the republican study committee that works to move this caucus to the right. it has quite a few members. it's no surprise here that kevin mccarthy felt the need to stand by his members. hallie, as one of your first takeaways, pelosi made very clear that the committee will
7:34 am
move forward with or without these republican appointees. liz cheney is on that panel. she say republican. she said it has a quorum. that is her eight appointees and it will move forward and do the work it has set out to do. again, with or without appointees by kevin mccarthy and she did not rule out putting more republicans on that panel. >> that's right. and that's a big question mark that is still outstanding here. leann caldwell, i think, has made her way from that news conference to join us on capitol hill. make sure you're there before i ask you the question. there you are. >> reporter: hi. >> let's be real here. there's not that many republicans, i think, who would say sure, let me buck my party here, and buck kevin mccarthy and join. there are a few, however. i'm thinking specifically of people like adam kinzinger, for example, who has been vocal about his disdain for what
7:35 am
president trump has done and continues to do to the republican party. >> reporter: the speaker did not rule out adding more republicans or more members to the select committee. now, you point out adam kinzinger, someone who has stood by liz cheney's side throughout this entire process, throughout her bucking her own party, going to battle with leader mccarthy over january 6th and the former president's impeachment. he also voted to impeach the former president during a second impeachment. and there's others who did as well. but most of those others, they are in very difficult re-election postures moving ahead and liz cheney and aa.m. kinzinger are two who don't care. they said essentially that they are willing to put their political life on the line to do what they think is right. and so i would not be surprised if speaker pelosi did choose someone likekinzinger to
7:36 am
serve on the select committee. >> she was real clear, mark murray, she was not going to entertain a lot of questions about kevin mccarthy and the accusations he has made against speaker pelosi. i don't know who the questioner was, leann, sahil, may know. she basically shut them down and said i'm not going to go there. this isn't about politics, this isn't about donald trump. this is about getting after the truth. right? she has been saying that all along. she has opened the door to republicans being on that committee. and i think a point made clear, even if they voted not to certify the election, they could still have a home on the committee. that is not, in and of itself, disqualifying. that's important it note here. what is disqualifying, as she said, are comments that go above and beyond, go to the extremes about the validity of the investigation itself. i think it's interesting, mark. there's some reporting now, and i'll cite our friends over at abc news. i know we don't have this. perhaps the speaker might add former republican congressman
7:37 am
riggleman on as an adviser to the select committee. talk through the way this committee is taking shape. she mentioned they're hiring up staff, this is a committee that could take years to complete its works. >> the words from pelosi that struck me were this is about seeking the truth. she ended up couching those as the reason why people like jim jordan and jim banks were unacceptable. this their roles they wouldn't be getting at the truth. i wouldn't be surprised if she ends up reaching out to other republicans, current and former, to pursue that. we've talked about the politics and the process of this and, trust me, there's tons of politics as it relates to the midterms. when you hear from house speaker nancy pelosi, when you hear from a lot of democratic members and even some republican members, they're still haunted by that day. in some ways while we always kind of say, aha, there's always politics in this. the totality of their remarks is
7:38 am
that they are very serious about getting to the bottom of that happening, filling in a lot of the gaps, particularly with the situation that donald trump might find his way on the ballot in 2024 and you need to kick all the tires to find out what happened that day if he's going to run for president again. >> mark, you're making an important point, right? in many ways it's obviously backwards looking to what happened on january 6th, but it is also very much forward looking as donald trump looks to remain a force in the republican party, a potential run in 2024. mark murray, leann caldwell, sahil kapur, thank you, in erchs, for co-hosting the first 40 minutes of our show. there's a lot of news coming out on the pandemic front. we've seen masks and vaccines become these political flash points. now that dangerous delta variant is spreading, the republican party is pushing americans, get
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something else was going down on capitol hill. house republicans, some of them, trying to ramp up these public pushes to encourage people who have not been vaccinated to get the shot. check out what was going on in the last hour. members of republican leadership, gop doctors caucus showing up to talk shots, why people should get them. they also talked about why they want a more aggressive investigation into the origins of covid. the latest on the blame game and a shifting attitude for some conservative leaders. >> this vaccine does, in fact, protect against symptomatic delta variant. >> the question is, why are democrats stonewalling our efforts to uncover the origin of the covid virus? >> why is she trying to do the work of the chinese communist party in covering this up? >> so you heard some of the -- what they're trying to say is a blame game there, she, directly aimed at nancy pelosi. those are some of the named official leaders of the republican party. the defacto leader, donald
7:44 am
trump, still has a lot of supporters casting doubt on the vaccine, not stopping misinformation around it. that is something that a couple of pulitzer prize-winning reporters is asked him in march. new audio from phil rucker and carol leonnig's new book "i alone can fix it," here is part of his response. >> i'm a big believer in science. if i wasn't, you wouldn't have a vaccine. i don't do -- it depends. are you talking about disinformation, or are you talking about lies? because there is a more beautiful word called disinformation. >> let's bring in founder and ceo of advancing health equity, and msnbc medical contributor, and heidi pryzbyla out in nevada. as we come on air this hour you're breaking new exclusive reporting on what the biden administration is doing to try to ramp up some of these pushes around the pandemic.
7:45 am
tell us about what you're hearing from your sources. >> reporter: yeah. how do you treat a pandemic, hallie, when people will not get vaccinated? the answer is you can't do it with vaccines. you have to test, trace and treat where possible. that is the news we're breaking this morning, that the biden administration is make a major new investment in testing, of about $1.6 billion that will go out all over the country to high-risk settings, congregate settings like homeless shelters, prisons. the second part of this strategy is illustrated where i am right now here in nevada, in las vegas, where we have the largest of several federal s.w.a.t. teams going out all across the country to try to help. the governor here realized we've got another pandemic of the unvaccinated and we need some help. the s.w.a.t. team is here, going to be organizing later today, with the health and human services secretary. in each state, hallie, these s.w.a.t. teams will look a little different.
7:46 am
they're asking for a lot of logistical help, technical help, out at the local grocery stores, trying to spread the word about the need to get vaccinated in a place, hallie, where vaccinations here in clark county are only at about 38% fully vaccinated. we spoke exclusively with the white house testing coordinator carol johnson, who also talked about how these two strategies are going to work in tandem. you have the s.w.a.t. teams who will help with this new testing push as well, if the states want it, as well as just getting the word out helping some of these states try to tailor their messages. you have nursing homes with very low vaccination rates and officials i'm talking to, hallie, says it really does feel like we're back at the beginning of the pandemic for this second wave, this fourth wave, which is really a pandemic of the unvaccinated, hallie. >> reporter: heidi pryzbyla,
7:47 am
great reporting. i want to take a look at what heidi is talking about. the push from the biden administration to try to figure out how do we slow the pandemic here? "the washington post" is talking about making a bigger push for masks again, right, and wearing masks because of the breakthrough infections we've seen, et cetera. what would your medical advice be to, let's say, white house advisers or regular americans on that front? what do you think they should do? >> well, i will agree it does feel like deja vu again because of the transmissbility of the delta variant. there are still people who do not want to be vaccinated and testing is a mitigation strategy we've seen as people have felt safer as this pandemic is
7:48 am
ending. i think in l.a. county with the mask mandate, i think we're going to have to accept that in areas where there are higher number of transmission level cases that we will have to think about putting, reinstituting those mask mandates, especially for indoor settings where we know the virus spreads very easily. i think that, you know, we're seeing where the trajectory is going right now. >> yeah. >> in order to blunt that trajectory, we'll need to put multiprong strategy in effect right now, essentially. >> there has been, when you look at sort of the political front of this, and there is a political tie to this. the numbers so in many of the states where vaccination rates are low are states that tend to lean more red politically. and heidi, when you look at this, you are seeing over the last 48, 72 hours, it seems a very concerted push by some republican leaders, you heard some of them there, saying hey i got the shot. i got vaccinated. get vaccinated.
7:49 am
you should do t it's very, very explicit, in a different sort of way than we've heard it previously. i wonder as you are on the road here, heidi, if you think that is going to make a difference. like dr. blackstock say people need to listen to trusted voices, whether that's a primary care physician or somebody they look up to on the political front as well. >> reporter: hallie, color me skeptical that mitch mcconnell will necessarily be the trusted messenger to many of the trump-based voters who we know that -- >> sure, that's fair. >> reporter: -- skeptical of the vaccine in the first place. >> steve scalise. >> reporter: maybe. i don't know that washington in general will be the voice that -- it can't hurt. it cannot hurt. also we should point out that this team at the time, hallie, when the markets started tanking and the party started realizing, hey, this is becoming a real problem. we're not able to tamp this down by getting those vaccinated who
7:50 am
want to get vaccinated. so it cannot hurt. but it is really hard in places like this. if you look at what happened, for instance, the other night here in the county commission briefing, hallie, there was a public comment period and people were livid simply about potentially having to mask up their children. some of them likened it to child abuse. they said the numbers aren't really that high. there's a lot of denial. they said some of the folks who have been admitted in the hospitals are, quote, medical hostages. there's a lot of denialism here that there's a problem. you can't solve a problem if you don't acknowledge that the problem exists. >> dr. don't acknowledge the problem exists. >> i'm around the state of missouri for unrelated reporting but i got a chance to talk with the governor briefly. he said the media is painting it as doom and gloom.
7:51 am
and he is sick of it. is it doom and gloom or it s it reality. just factually and objectively not a good thing? >> right, and we're seeing there are hospitals in missouri reaching capacity in the icu. and what it does is compromise not only people coming in with covid-19 but with other medical problems as well. i would see the messaging from the governor being very confusing and contradictory. he has incentives to get people vaccinated. government officials coming to your door when no, it is community based organizations that are already imbedded in the community. i think republican leaders nearly clare.
7:52 am
. >> coming up, do you think you could spot anti-vaxer posts on the internet? up next, we have exclusive reporting on what might help misinformation spread far and wide. on facebook, coming up next. facebot ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪ before we talk about tax-smart investing, what's new? -audrey's expecting... -twins! to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪♪ we'd be closer to the twins.
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let's say you go to facebook and you talk about dancing and glitter, and then go to swollen lymph nodes. this experience theory they said shed the virus and make them sick. not a real thing. facebook is having a hard time catching vaccine misinformation
7:57 am
like this because of those code words, but they already removed some 18 million covid lies so far. ben collins is with us. he is with us on the anti-vaxers on facebook that are being creative o get around the rules. here you have them using words like pizza for pfizer and molana for moderna. >> they're aware that facebook is on the lookout for them and they're trying to evade bans. one of the big ones, dance party. my nondancing doctor, there
7:58 am
there code legends at the top of the page. it is not exclusive they were swimming and then they were running. this was groups and followers. tens of thousands of followers or, you know, people inside of the group. >> they have a group called people against the vaccine filled with poison and why you should take it. it's not super obvious. they put it in this that is a drop in the bucket. people who evade bans for a living are the best of this. think about the boogaloo boys.
7:59 am
why did they wear hawaii shirts. they changed their name to the big luau to get around the moderation ploys and planes. they have been bragging in the last couple weeks that they're on the radar of the white house. this is a big thing for them. they think they are fighting against the government. they think the government is poisoning them. they're excited they're on the radar and they're fighting back against the government. >> these are closed groups, right? the idea is not necessarily to draw others in, but if you're not in the group you don't get the code speak, but there is misinformation and bad information that is spun out.
8:00 am
>> it's like how do i talk to my cousin about this. you know can you dm me or message me some papers or junk science that scares my family, basically. that is what this is about. it's not about fixing people inside of the group, they're in the group, it's about the real life administration of the documents. >> thank you for being on, ben collins. thank you for watching this hour. we'll be back in washington then. >> good morning, i'm chris jansing. big new details about the skts
8:01 am


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