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tv   Ayman Mohyeldin Reports  MSNBC  July 21, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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we're bracing for what's going to happen but we hopefully can get it over here that will do it for me today. ayman mohyeldin picks up our coverage right now. good afternoon, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin in new york on what is shaping up to be a very busy day on capitol hill. house republican leader kevin mccarthy saying republicans will not take part in the january 6th select committee unless all of his picks are seated. he blasted house speaker nancy pelosi for blocking two of his choices for the panel, ohio congressman jim jordan and indiana congressman jim banks. the. >> this represents something that has not happened in the house before for a select committee by the historian. it's an egregious abuse of power. pelosi has broken this institution. >> and for her part speaker
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pelosi says this shouldn't impact the panel's ability to get the work done. >> we have a bipartisan quorum. we can proceed. >> reporter: now on the other side of the capitol the senate is set to vote soon on whether to begin debate on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. a vote is expected to fail because republicans want to see the final text first, and later this hour we're going to talk about all of this with connecticut senator richard blumenthal hand massachusetts congresswoman katherine clark. as president biden heads to ohio to make another push for his build back better agenda, the white house announced that ukraine's president will visit the white house for a meeting on august 30th. meantime, a new study suggests the one-shot johnson & johnson vaccine may be less effective against the delta variant of the coronavirus and that people who got the shot may need a booster. and we are hearing from the nation's highest ranking military officer about what a new book has to say about his
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statements and actions around the january 6th riot. actions a the january 6th riot we'll have a lot more on the pandemic in just a moment, but we want to begin with what is going on on capitol hill. for that we cross over to nbc news correspondent leanne caldwell. good to have you with us on this very busy day. we just heard from kevin mccarthy. let's talk about what this decision means for a moment, his decision to pull his picks from the january 6th select committee. what does it actually mean for the panel's work, and how will it be viewed in the general public, do you think? >> reporter: yeah. those are two separate questions and two excellent questions. let's start with the panel's work. while democrats vin sifted that they are going to move along with this investigation with or without republicans, they said that before it was even known if mccarthy was going to pick anyone to serve of on the commit, and that's the same message that they are sending now. the first hearing is scheduled
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for next tuesday to talk to rpg and file capitol police and members of the d.c. police who were here on that day, and that hearing is going to take place. the democrats say this isn't just -- there is one republican. it is representative liz cheney, someone who speaker pelosi chose to serve of on that committee and so they are saying that it is still bipartisan. they just have a bipartisan group of members who are taking this extremely seriously. now, as far as mccarthy is concerned, he said that he's -- he's going to take his five members and continue to investigate. i think we have a clip of him, and let's listen to that, and we'll talk on the other side. >> should we not question why the national guard what is not allowed on to the capitol? should we not question why -- why the capitol police were not fully trained? you're putting their lives in danger. why were the riot gear stuck and locked in a bus down the street?
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we need these answers for these officers. >> reporter: and those are similar questions to what democrats want, but what leader mccarthy is implying is that speaker pelosi had a role in the decision-making process on january 6th when it comes to security, and that is something that my republican sources have been saying for the past few days that they were going to focus on once they served of on this committee. now republicans are choosing not to participate and now democrats are going to have full control over the messaging and where this goes. ayman? >> let's talk about the senate side for a moment because this is obviously happening against the backdrop that the senate is set to vote on whether to begin debate on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. tell us a little bit about what we can expect to see at this vote as it takes place and why by some estimates it's likely to fail. >> reporter: yeah. we expect this vote to fail
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because it needs the support of 60 senators, and we do not expect it to gain the support of ten republicans which are necessary. republicans have said that they are not going to vote in favor of this vote. now, i just want to be clear that this is not a vote for or against any legislation. this is a procedural vote that the senate has to take to even begin debating legislation. now the bipartisan group of lawmakers who are still trying to finalize the final last details of their bipartisan infrastructure bill, the republican members of that say they are not going to vote any part of the process until they have legislative text that is complete. they are pushing for leader schumer to hold that vote on monday, and leader schumer has indicated that he might do just do that, so even if this vote nails today, aiman, which we expect it to, it doesn't mean that negotiations are dead. it's just that it's going to take a little bit longer, and time is not something that democrats and especially leader
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schumer want to take because they have a long agenda, including not just this bipartisan package but their $3.5 trillion human infrastructure that they want to get to, too. >> not to mention they have an august recess right around the corner. >> reporter: yeah. >> thank you very much. we'll checking back in with you throughout the hour as things develop. we're two days away from the opening ceremony at the tokyo olympics which is proceeding despite the threat of the coronavirus as teams from over 200 countries descend upon the city. positive covid tests are already knocking athletes out of contention. in the u.s. the delta variant driving covid cases and hospitalizations as vaccination rates dip, and as one study suggests the johnson & johnson vaccine is less effective against the delta and lamda
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variant. dr. blackstock, the study about the johnson & johnson vaccine is concerning, but help us put this in context what, this actually means. how should this affect people's decisions about the vaccine and those that have already got on the j&j shot? >> that's a great question. so just to put it in context. this is not a published report, hasn't been peer-reviewed so we need more details from the study but it's showing a steep decline in neutralizing antibodies against the delta variant over time in those who have received the johnson & johnson vaccine. it's not a lab study. we know there's other parts. i -- other parts of the immune
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system that play a role. it still remains to be seen and it may be that people need an mrna vaccine as a second dose burks again, we need to see what the study results truly show and it will be released very soon. >> let's take a check on the coast-to-coast. you're in south carolina which last summer had their icu overrun with covid patient like many other part of the country. what's it like today and are there growing concerns about the delta variant as it spreads in this country? >> reporter: yeah. we were here in that covid icu almost exactly one year ago, and the biggest difference, the biggest outward difference just looking at the patients are the ages. the patients that are in the icu because of covid-19 today are a lot younger than what we saw last summer and doctors here say
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the majority of them run vaccinated. most of them do not have any sort of pre-existing condition or comorbidity to make them more susceptible to covid-19. one icu doctor i spoke to said the primary common factor between all of these patients is simply that they are unvaccinated. they went at this icu from zero covid patient in intensive care to last month to eight as of this monday, and within that group ofch eight. all of them had been ventilated. yesterday when in they were on the floor, four patients were intubated on ventilators fighting for their life. take a listen to what one doctor told us. >> and i think we've seen how bad this can be. we've seen the effect on people and families. we've seen the effect on the community in every way, and it's -- you know, none of us
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want to get back there. last monday when i came any thought covid was gone and then yesterday when i came if i felt like, well, we're -- we're going to fill up. >> reporter: in south carolina the percent of covid patients in icus has increased by 77% in less than a month. >> stay with us. dr. blackstock, stay with me as well. i do want to cross over to capitol hill with breaking news. representative liz cheney speaking on the steps of the capitol. >> today the speaker objected to two members, objected to two, one of whom may well be a material witness to events that led to that day, that led to january 6th. the other who disqualified himself by his comments in particular over the last 24 hours demonstrating that he is not taking this seriously, he is not dealing with the facts of
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this investigation but rather viewed it as a political platform. this investigation must go forward. the idea that anybody would be playing politics with an attack on the united states capitol is despicable and is disgraceful, and i am absolutely dedicated and committed to making sure that this investigation holds those accountable who did this and ensures that it never happens again, and the american people deserve that, and that is what we are going to do. >> congresswoman, do you think -- do you think you can still get that non-partisan investigation you want given that no other republican but yourself will participate? >> i am absolutely confident that we will have a non-partisan investigation, that it will look at the facts, that it will go wherever the facts may lead. there are three members that the minority leader proposed that the speaker did not object to. she has objected to two members, and the rhetoric around this from the minority leader and from those two members has been disgraceful. this must be an investigation that is focused on facts, and
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the idea that any of this has become politicized is really unworthy of the office that we all hold and unworthy of our republic. >> you personally -- did you personally urge the speaker to take this step? >> i agreed with what the speaker has done. >> and also, mccar think, of course, wants to become speaker next year. do you think that he deserves to be speaker in the aftermath of his actions here? >> i think that any person who would be third in line to the presidency must demonstrate a commitment to the constitution and a commitment to the rule of law and minority leader has not done that. >> last question. last question. >> are there other republicans that you or speaker pelosi believe should be part of this investigation in the other three that you mentioned that she did not veto are not going to participate. are there other colleagues that you've spoken to? >> there are many republicans, the vast majority of the republicans both in the house as well as across the country recognize and understand that this was an assault on our
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democracy and an assault on our constitution and that there must be a fact-based investigation so that this never happens again, and we cannot allow those voices who are attempting to prevent the american people from getting the truth to prevail and we certainly will not. >> last question, olivia. >> doesn't this play right into republican messaging that this committee is going to be partisan from the beginning? >> absolutely not. this committee has been focused and i am certainly focused on ensuring that we get to the facts, and, in fact, there were 35 republicans who supported an independent bipartisan commission which as i've said would have been the far preferable way to go. minority leader mccarthy oppose that had actively and aggressive and lobbied against it in the senate and the senate blocked it. we must have this select committee investigation. this is our only option left, and people must be willing to put their oath to the constitution above partisan politics and above party, and i am absolutely committed to doing that. i'm committed to ensuring that
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this investigation gets to the truth of what happened here on january 6th. >> thanks, everybody, thanks. thank you, thank you. from. >> all right. you are listening to representative liz chain they coming out in defense of the actions by speaker pelosi to reject the appointment of two republican appointees made by leader mccarthy to that select committee to on january 6th. one could be a material witness and the other disqualified himself with the comments he's made. she also says anyone who does not support this, at least in terms of the investigation finding out what happens and the actions behind it, it is disgraceful. she said it is the only option left and we must have this select committee. she agrees wholeheartedly with what speaker pelosi has done here. let's cross over now back to capitol hill and bring in leanne caldwell with us for her
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reaction. as i was saying, if you had any doubt where liz cheney was going to come down on this she made it abundantly clear that she is siding with speaker pelosi, that she thinks that the actions by speaker pelosi, that she agrees with her decision to accept three of those appointees and reject two of them, as i mentioned, saying one could potentially be a material witness to what hatch january 6th and the second disqualified himself with his comments. fill in the blanks this time on who she was talking about. >> yeah, ayman, she was talking about the material witness being potentially representative jim jordan because he's reportedly met or spoken with former president trump on january 6th, and so she gave some insight into perhaps what the members of the select committee, the remaining members anyway, are thinking in who they might call to testify, and so that -- that perhaps would have been quite awkward if they called a member of their committee to testify so
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that was representative jim jordan. as far as the other person she was referring to is representative banks. there's a lot of concern about some of the comments he's made about the committee itself and january 6th. are you know, she said also that this was the last best chance into january 6. she noted that many of her republican colleagues opposed to the creation of the independent non-partisan commission though there are 35 republican members who who support it. she said this committee needs to go on because the country needs answer and is putting it on the committee, that it's up to them to find it. >> let's turn over to garrett
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hake who asked a question to representative chapie on the capitol hill steps. you asked her a pained question and she responded with a little bit of news there. break that down for us in terms of her confidence that this will be non-partisan and as we also heard that, that this is really the only option left to find out what happened on january 6th, that this will be a fact-based investigation despite not having any republicans beside herself on that committee. >> yeah. let me give you the important context here. it didn't really have to be this way. the republicans had the ability to go the non-commission route. you heard chain's commitment to see tluls this investigation. i think it's important that she talked about it not as a committee or a function of congress really but as an
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investigatory body, and you can see the importance that she will have for democrats now as the lone member of the republican party involved in this investigation. the she is more than happy to lend her credibility as a conservative to this idea, why, and the think the fact that she's choaten out here to do this. she has had a very different strategy than monk car think, once this to be in the spotlight and wants her body to cop front what happened on jer 6th and about congressman jordan and the idea that he could be a witness. could not be more at odds to mccarthy who just wants this to go away and that's what you shaw in the mccarthy press conference today call it a partisan exercise, and by her very preps on the dees tuesday she gives
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the lie to that. say she will make it a bipartisan exercise by being being there and then she'll start tuesday and wednesday, this is a factual predicate, to make being this point of what happened here but the most reliable individuals. that's something cheney can deflect attention back to. >> you know real quick. she did have some choice words as well for leader mccarthiy with some may find surprise. certainly no love lors between her.
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she had some sharp words for leader mccarthy. >> she did. she said if you're going to be third in line for president you have to believe in the rule of law and you have to defend and uphold your oath to the constitution and it's pretty clear she doesn't see mccarthy as doing that. as you say, again, the context here is important. they have not seen eye to eye for a long time on this issue. they could have once upon a time been seen as republican rivals for that post and in a future republican-controlled house. i don't see that as case anymore but it's clear that she sees mccarthy's entire attitude as what happened on january 6th as dangerous and unworthy of the leadership position that he holds. >> all right. that report live from capitol hill and let's bring into the conversation democratic senator from connecticut senator richard blumenthal. thanks so much for your time. i know this is happening on the other side of capitol hill, but i do want to get your reaction to developments today.
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what do you make of what has played out with speaker pelosi's decision not to accept the appointees by leader mccarthy and the subsequent reaction from both leader mccarthy and lids chain? >> speaker pelosi's decision was absolutely right. what we saw on january 6th was a desecration, an assault on the united states capitol here on the senate side. we saw it is a well as our colleagues on the house side, and we need an objective, independent, bipartisan commission and investigation which is what we have sought at every turn, and my colleagues here on the other side of the aisle voted it down here in the senate and she's simply insisting that members of this investigative body are determined to seek and speekt truth and representative mccarthy i think has been disingenuous and dangerous.
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representative cheney is absolutely right about that fact. >> let's talk about what's happening on the senate side and i appreciate your patience waiting for us as you dealt with that breaking news. what do you make of the republican push to delay the vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill until the text of the bill is finished? do you believe that republicans are serious about trying to get something done on this issue, or are they trying to delay this as long as possible only to vote against it in the very end? >> ayman, my hope is that there can be a bipartisan framework or a structure, and, in fact, the deadline set by senator schumer has actually spurred negotiations. it's brought negotiators closer to resolving the pay-fors and other issues they are now close to resolving. they may be able to do so over the weekend. a failure of the vote today to
12:23 pm
begin debate, a vote to begin debate, means that we should come back next and vote again to begin debeat because setting dead ryans are important, and i strongly support and wholeheartedly endavid ortiz schedule that senator schumer has set to achieve an infrastructure bill before we leave on the august recess. we should not go home, and if i have anything to do with it we will not go home without producing a bipartisan bill and/or a budget reconciliation resolution to move forward with an infrastructure bill that's as strong and robust as the american people deserve. >> as you know today is the deadline that senator schumer set for finalizing the details of the $3.5 budget reconciliation bill that will accompany the bipartisan infrastructure bill and focus on
12:24 pm
climate change and what people are calling human infrastructure issues, such as education and child care. what do you know about where things stand with pulling and putting that bill together, and what would you like to see in it? >> what i have seen and know about the bill is there has been herculean progress. it's extraordinary how unified and determined we are to produce the a bill that is in the range of $3.5 trillion and meets the need for repair and building of our roads and bridges, railroads, airports, va facilities and broadband, but more than just the physical infrastructure, we need the human capital to be met as well. day care made universal, the child tax credit made permanent,
12:25 pm
community college made froempt we need to invest in the skills and the human potential that is a benefit to all of us in the long run. people of can't get to work if they don't have the skills and the day care to do it, even if they have the roads and bridges to travel on. so i think there has been herculean progress towards all of the specifics that are necessary to put a bill together and preserve our unity, and i would just say that senator schumer's deadlines have helped to achieve that progress because nothing concentrates the mind like a deadline and the meeting of the minds, and i think that's been very important. >> all right. connecticut senator richard blumenthal. sir, thank you so much for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. let's turn back to the covid pandemic for a emt movement certainly what's happening in florida because today miami-dade jackson's health system will
12:26 pm
suspend much of the activity due to the delta variant and the health department has said that the number of new infections has increased fourfold in the past month alone, up from 10,095 cases for the week ending on june 17th to approximately 45,000 last week. joining me now is the democratic mayor of miami-dade county in florida, mayor daniela levine cav a. thank you so much for your time. we'll get back to coronavirus in a second, but i first wanted to ask you about the community of surfside after the terrible condo collapse almost a month ago. we've continued to follow the story. we've learned today that the site is nearly cleared. can you bring us up to speed on how your community is doing. >> thank you so much. an unimaginable community that brought this community together. we have the best first
12:27 pm
responders who have recovered all the victims and all the evidentiary debris has been moved into a warehouse and we're continuing to search with people and with dogs. >> let's turn back now to the coronavirus. the what measures are you considering taking right now as we see these cases tick up in your community? so we have been pushing the vaccine from christmas eve when it first appeared in miami-dade county, and we've done a great job. we're over 75% vaccinated above age 12, but we know that truly the only truly important thing that we must do to save our community is proceed with the vaccination. meantime we're going back to strongly urging masking in crowds, in buildings, in county
12:28 pm
facilities. of course, the distancing, the disinfection. for anyone not vaccinated this is best way to protect yourself and your loved ones. >> this is obviously the same challenge we're seeing play out elsewhere in the country. how are you going to encourage people in your community to get vaccinated when they may be wary due to the politicized nature of the shot? what do you think will actually convince them to go out and get it? >> i think the reality that it's even younger people that are being hospitalized and dying and is a function of them not being vaccinated. those who are vaccinated are much less likely to get serious conditions even if they catch the disease so it's really critical to see that they are at risk and they are putting their loved ones at risk, so we've
12:29 pm
seen more and more people getting the reality that they are truly the ones that can stop this spread and with the new more virulent strains like delta, all the more important because it is spreading like wildfire. >> all right. mary daniellea levin kava, thank you so much. appreciate your time as always. >> thank you. more ahead from the other chamber on capitol hill where kevin mccarthy has pulled all republicans from the january 6th select committee after nancy pelosi refused to seat two of them. more on the reasons why the speaker made her decision and what it means for the future of the select committee with the assistant speaker of the house, congresswoman catlin clark. she will join us live next. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports. and come straight from the earth. and last time i checked, pretzels don't grow on trees. just saying. planters. a nut above.
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we continue to follow the breaking news from capitol hill where the senate is now taking a procedural vote on whether to begin debate on the infrastructure bill negotiated by a group of democratic and republican senators. the vote comes as president biden is on his way to ohio to make another pitch for his build back better agenda, and joining us now on the road nbc news white house correspondent traveling there in cincinnati, ohio. mike, good to see you. let's talk about the president over the past couple of weeks. he's traveled to several swing and republican-held visits in the midwest to pitch his infrastructure plan and this build back better agenda. what's the strategy behind these
12:34 pm
visits, and what's the president hoping to accomplish by traveling to these specific and particular locations? >> yeah. ayman, it's quite conspicuous, isn't. it just a few weeks ago the president going to a republican-leaping area of a district represented by a district who barely won re-election last year and the president going to only a small handful of districts in which donald trump carried in the last elect. joe biden in the years i've been calling him has been a national democrat who keeps close eyes on the mid-term elections in, 2010, 2014 and even 2018 when he was out of office. he was one of the few national democrats who a lot of swing state democrats wanted to come in and campaign for them. biden's agenda over the full time will rise and fall on if
12:35 pm
they maintain control in both the house and the senate. the view here is good governance leads to good politics and the president has learned the lessons of his former partner in the white house who biden said did great things but didn't go out to sell them enough to the public and that's why in policy-make the white house has made sure that americans are seeing the benefits directly in their bank accounts in real time and he's coming here to a particularly, it's notable that this is the home turf of republican snofr rob portman who is part of that bipartisan agreement and he's retiring and this will be a key. this is a president who wants to make sure he has -- really in what's 16 months, believe it or not, before the mid-term
12:36 pm
elections. >> let's talk foreign policy. the white house announcing that ukraine's president will visit the white house on august 30. is this announcement and its timing a response to some of the criticism before the geneva summit that the president was prioritizing russia over ukraine, or how is that playing out in terms of the reasoning behind the timing of this meeting and why announce it now? >> well, the white house announced when president biden spoke by phone at least with president zielinski that they had in that conversation agreed that the president would come to washington sometime during the summer. now what's significant about the announcement today of that date when the ukranian president will join president biden at the white house is a separate announcement that we heard from the state department today which is a long sought agreement between the u.s. and germany related to the nordstream pipeline. germany will stand to benefit from the pipeline bringing oil directly from russia to germany,
12:37 pm
expanding the supply of oil, instead of the pipeline which exists now which runs through ukraine and which ukraine collects revenues from, and one of the concerns, and there's been a lot of the bipartisan agreement and germany's role in it. jermale will take steps to enshower that in learning is not being held. >> thanks as always. back to that breaking news that we've been following on the january 6th select committee. joining me now is massachusetts senator katherine clark, assistant speaker of the house. less talk about the decision. what does the minority leader's decision to pull -- will they be able to proceed with speaker pelosi and congress many cheney
12:38 pm
have said, that this would happen even without any of mccarthy's appoint yeses >> again, you know, he's about her met pet baiting around the insurrection and what up to it. well, democrats and the sneaker are doing what the american poem are asking for, getting to the truth, memorializing the truth of what happened so that we don't ever repeat it. this was the most violent incident. the gravestch attack and we need to answer this moment by getting to the facts and doing that in a way that is transparent to the american people and i am sorry that the republicans do not want
12:39 pm
to participate in it, but that is not going to stop us from pursuing the truth in this matter. >> i want to give you a chance to respond to something, kevin. leader mccarthy -- leader kevin mccarthy said. he accused speaker pelosi of creating a sham process. what's your response to this process that this type of process in a select committee has never happened before and he said an abuse of power. >> let's look back on what led up to this select committee being formed. for months we have negotiated with republicans on how to put together a 9/11-style commission that would be non-partisan, that would be pulled out of politics, that we would be allowed to have bipartisan bicameral appointees, that they would be shared and subpoena powers and quorum and even number of participants. kevin mccarthy and mitch
12:40 pm
mcconnell and republicans rejected that, so today for kevin mccarthy to say if he is not allowed to put every conspiracy theorist that he wants on this very serious select committee, that this is somehow a sham process, it is beyond hypocritical, and kevin mccarthy needs to remember who he's sent here by, the american people, and at this time with the fragility of our democracy exposed we need to make sure that we are doing everything we can to get to the facts so that we can preserve and strengthen our democracy from this grave threat that occurred on january 6th. >> what's your understanding as to why these two individuals, representative banks and jim jordan, were singled out and not
12:41 pm
put on that committee? >> you know, i think that the speaker made a decision that these two representatives were not serious, that they have been known conspiracy theorists. i think you can look at congressman banks' statement about how he was going to approach this select commit, and, again, it goes back to making sure that this is not a select committee with members that are there to do anything but get to the truth. i did tell you that every time i'm home in the district people ask me about this. the american people want to know what we are going to do, and this select committee must have people on it with not agreement around policy matters but agreement that they are going to seek the truth, and these two members do not show that quality. >> all right.
12:42 pm
congresswoman, thank you so much for your time. greatly appreciate it as always. >> thank you. >> and as the last american combat troops leave afghanistan, many of those who served there over the past 20 years are working to save the lives of the afghans who worked to help american forces. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports.
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the instant air purifier removes 99.9% of the virus that causes covid-19 from treated air. so you can breathe easier, knowing that you and your family have added protection. ♪ ♪ so with less than six weeks to go before president biden's august 31st deadline to withdraw all u.s. forces out of afghanistan, secretary of defense lloyd austin and joint chiefs chairman mark milley briefed the public on where things stand today. secretary austin highlighting the remaining tasks at hand which include helping evacuate those afghans who have aided u.s. forces over the last 20 years. watch. >> and we've added a fifth urgent task and that is working closely and urgently in support with the state department as they relocate brave afghans and
12:47 pm
their families who have provided such exceptional service during our long mission. these are friends. united states who have conexemplary and courageous work. >> joining me now is matt zeller, afghan war veteran and advisory board of the association of wartime allies. good to have you with us. i know that you served in afghanistan, but tell our viewers how integral were these interpreters to you doing your job successfully? >> thanks for having me. simply put they were more important to our survival than our weapons. the taliban understood that, that's why they shot hat them first in fire fights. they knew that without these people we could not communicate with the world around us. we couldn't help the forces that we were trying to work for. they were our linguistic and cultural bridges and without them we were combat ineffective. >> as the biden administration works to complete this
12:48 pm
withdrawal out of afghanistan, you're probably heard and seen for yourself that the security situation on the ground there is quickly deteriorating, this as the state department announced this week that an initial group of 2,500 afghans who worked with u.s. personnel will be moved to a military base in virginia to finish their visa position nez a safe location. with time still running out, do you think this is the best path forward? would you like to see something else being done to save these afghans? >> i mean, it's a great first step. it's a drop in the bucket. it actually represents 4% of the remaining left-behind afghans. there's about 70,000 of these people that need to be moved. many of them are outside of kabul and have no means to get to the one place where evacuation flights are going to take place from and we still don't know how the administration plans to move people from helmand or kandahar which are completely surrounded now by the taliban. i for one would love to hear the
12:49 pm
administration stop talking about sending these people to a third country and send them to a place like guam. guam is ready to receive them. they have all the infrastructure. they have the historical precedent and anyone sent to guam would be afforded rights protected under u.s. immigration law. anyone sent to places like kuwait or qatar may end up in a refugee camp for years. >> i know from your own experience you've worked with interpreters as you were just telling us and other local officials, what do you think are the potential long-term impacts if the u.s. isn't able to uphold its promise to these interpreters and their families to ensure their safety? what is the knock-off effect in future military operations that the united states may rely on locals for help? >> that might be the most important question. it's simply this. if we don't keep this promise now, no one is ever going to believe us again in future conflicts which means we're not going to have allies standing next to us when we need them.
12:50 pm
i wouldn't be talking to you today had not my afghan interpreter been standing next to me when i needed him in a fire fight. he killed two people saving my life. my fear is that in future wars, future soldiers won't have their interpreter like i did standing next to them and that means that we'll have to accept higher casualty rates in future wars. that's the result of all of this. we save american lives tomorrow by saving afghan lives today. >> time is certainly running out. matt zeller, thanks for your time and putting that in context >> thank you. >> another one of former president trump's friends and advisers arrested. this time for not registering as a lobbyist for a foreign government. what will it mean for mr. trump and the people closest to him? that's up next. first, let's get a quick check on the markets. the dow jumped more than 200 points, rebounding for a second day after monday's big drop. the s&p and nasdaq are also in the green today. you're watching msnbc.
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12:54 pm
concluded. 51 voting no, 49 yes. that failed. it was widely expected. it does not mean the bipartisan infrastructure bill has failed but simply a procedural vote on how things play out in trying to get things moving faster. while that plays out trump ally and investor is in jail ahead of a court appearance. this as we're still learning details about the newly unsealed indictment that alleges that he, the chairman of trump's 2017 inaugural celebration, illegally influenced foreign policy positions of the trump team to advance the interests of the united arab emirates. the doj claims he lobbied for the uae while trump was running for and serving as president without ever registering as a foreign agent. we should note that a spokesman said he plans to plead not guilty to those charges. joining me now is joyce vance, a former u.s. attorney and msnbc
12:55 pm
legal analyst. great to have you with us. what stands out to you the most from this indictment? >> the more i've studied this indictment, and it's 40-plus pages, seven counts against him and two co-defendants, the issue in the case that we don't see very often is the president of the united states is presented as the victim of one of his allies, tom barack and that barrack was acting as an agent of the uae without registering which is the technical violation here. what likely brought him to the attention of investigators and prosecutors wasn't just the failure to register knowing that he was acting on behalf of the uae but also lying about it. there's a charge he did that in
12:56 pm
connection with the grand jury. it's not clear what the conduct was, but that he lied to investigators when they were interviewing him. all of that would work together to convince prosecutors this had to be an indictment to be brought. >> should anyone else from your area of expertise be concerned about being targeted by the doj as this plays out? >> that's the most interesting unanswered question in the indictment. there are people who could be participants or victims. it is silent to that. people involved in conduct that brought them in early days, for instance, scheduling that early visit overseas that the president made to the middle east. there's a live question here this indictment does nothing to characterize folks as anything other than victims.
12:57 pm
>> a lot of unanswered questions. thank you as always. i'll see you right back here tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern. "deadline white house" starts after this break. e white house" after this break ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪ hearing is important to living life to the fullest. that's why inside every miracle-ear store, you'll find better bedtime stories. you'll find a better life is in store at miracle-ear, when you experience the exclusive miracle-ear advantage. it starts with our free hearing assessment. plus innovative products that fit your needs and budget. with free service and adjustments for life. we're so confident we can improve your life,
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hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. i'm claire mccaskill in for nicolle wallace. as nancy pelosi draws an unprecedented red line against the republican party's attempts to distort and distract from the investigation into the january 6th insurrection. pelosi just this afternoon rejecting two of five of mccarthy's picks for the january 6th select committee. congressman jim jordan and congressman jim banks. both of them voted to overturn the 2020 election result even after the riotous mob stormed the capitol on the


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