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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 21, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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as you can tell, i do not have high expectations for what's going to come of that vote but hey, take comfort in knowing just how often i am completely wrong about things like this. ha ha, we shall see. we'll talk about it tomorrow night. "way too early" is up next. over the last week, we have averaged 239 deaths per day, an increase of 48% over the prior week. each death is tragic and even more heartbreaking when we know the majority of these deaths could be prevented with a simple, safe, available vaccine. >> with hospital zagdzs and deaths on the rise, the cdc director says the highly contagious delta variant accounts for 43% of the cases. the question, have we entered a fourth wave of the pandemic? lawmakers are still at odds
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over how to pay for the infrastructure bill. what happens if republicans block the vote scheduled for later today sdmroop and tom brady and his tampa bay buccaneers celebrate at the white house. did brady really poke fun at president biden during his visit? you bet he did. and it's way too early for this. good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that congratulates the milwaukee bucks on their title and is not even going to try to pronounce yannis's last name. we begin with the explosive fourth wave of covid-19. the dangerous delta variant is now responsible for 83% of new infections, this is a full seven months after the first highly effective vaccine became available in this country. yet hospitals are, begin,
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inundated with a surge of patients. the wave is crashing over the most vulnerable states. miguel almaguer has the latest. >> inside a growing number of hospitals across the country, there is little doubt our nation has entered a fourth wave, an explosive summer surge in covid cases few predicted, fueled by the highly contagious delta variant now accounting for 83% of all new cases, the u.s. is averaging 26,000 new infections a day, over 1,000 an hour. >> the reason it's so formidable is the fact that it has the capability of transmitting efficiently from human to human in an extraordinary manner. >> on capitol hill, the nation's top pandemic doctors said it's tun vaccinated accelerating the pandemic as deaths skyrocket by
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50%. >> we have things over at 100%. nobody is wearing masks. >> states like missouri, arkansas and florida have vaccination centers that are emptying and hospital beds that are full. >> how concerned are you that children would be at the center of the next surge? >> yes. i think that there's that concern. >> at the university of alabama birmingham, the pediatric care unit was nearly forced to shut down after a flood of children suffering from respiratory viruses that usually spike and spread in the winter. cases of rsv are surging as restrictions loosen and more children gather together, the same way covid can. >> people just be smart, be safe, try to protect yourself. >> now fearing a widespread fall surge, even vaccines are no guarantee against delta's serious threat. we learned a fully vaccinated white house staffer and an aide to house speaker nancy pelosi
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tested positive for the virus average meeting with fully inoculated democratic texas lawmakers who flew maskless to washington and suffered break through infections. an evolving threat as the unvaccinated face a future that look more like our past. >> meanwhile, a new study released yesterday suggests the covid vaccine made by johnson & johnson is proven to be much less effective against cases of the virus including delta and another second variant. still, more research is needed. although troubling, the findings result from experiments conducted with blood samples in a laboratory and may not reflect the vaccine's performance in the real world. however, the 13 million people inoculated with the johnson & johnson vaccine may need to receive a second dose, ideally one of the vaccines made by pfizer or moderna. it's worth noting this study has
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not been peer reviewed or documented in a medical journal. joining us now, dr. patel. thank you so much for getting up early with us. let's start here. with these covid variants on the rise, what do you think, what is the likelihood that all americans will eventually need a booster shot? >> yeah, jonathan, good to be with you this morning. i do think that it's an eventuality that we will all need a booster shot. the critical question is timing. the cdc advisory committee is meeting tomorrow to discuss that. i have a suspicion that coming out of that meeting they will recommend a third shot if you've had the mrna or a second shot if you've had the johnson & johnson vaccine and that's for a lot of important reasons, including the fact that as you mentioned, we don't have the real world evidence or some of the clinical trial data that would support
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that we all need that booster today. so i do think it will be limited. but eventually, we will all need some sort of third shot or second shot. >> and those limited populations, you think that is -- is that senior citizens, is that underlying health conditions, first responders? and what is your timing? if you've had your first shot at the beginning of the year, when would you think they recommend you get your third shot or your second shot depending which vaccine you have? >> those are exactly the kind of data points that we're going to review. i do think it is going to be the populations you mentioned, including organ transplant. 5% of the population that has, as you mentioned, the compromised immune systems and potentially, again, the high risk. myself, front line workers, grocery store staff workers who kind of, as you're pointing out, in the middle of a lot of people not wearing masks on a daily basis. i do think the timing is going to depend kind of when you
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received obviously your first doses and it should be as some of the studies have shown anywhere from 6 to 12 months. so for many people, including myself, we're already in that period of time. here is the real issue, though, jonathan. it's going to be this logistical kind of -- you know, we all have our cards, but verifying that you're in that population and getting whatever proof you need may prove to be challenging. so i just want to warn americans who are already kind of wondering, do i need a third shot or a second shot if you need j&j, it's going to have to be done consulting your medical professional because you'll need some verification. >> so covid hot spots are popping up across the country as the delta variant drives the surge among those unvaccinated. how does this current surge in cases that we're seeing right annoy compare to the peak of the pandemic a year ago? >> yeah. it's really interesting to bring up this point. certainly we're not at the peak in terms of numbers of new
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cases. what is interesting is the slope. we're literally create ago vertical line of how fast our cases are ascending. that is unlike any of our country's previous resurgences. we were all thinking this would be hanging around in terms of numbers until the fall when we started to see people returning to the workplace and school. so you have to ask what is the driver? and it is unvaccinated people that are the driver of that straight line up. will it go to the numbers of cases that we saw in our worst kind of waves? no, i don't think so. this is going to definitely keep burning through, but it will work its way around the country but not at the peak levels. probably about a third of the numbers of new cases is where we'll see as we're seeing now, but i don't -- here is what i don't know.
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the next 6 to eight weeks are going to be incredibly important to see whether increased hospitalizations and deaths that we would not have expected become more likely. that tells us that this delta strain knot just more infectious, but also more deadly. there was a heated exchange yesterday between republican senator rand paul and dr. anthony fauci. senator paul accused him this time of lying to congress about the role played by the national institutes of health in funding lab research in wuhan, china. take a look. >> dr. fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to congress, do you wish to retract your statement of may 11th where you claim that the nih never funded function research in wuhan? >> senator paul, i have never lied before the congress and i
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do not retract that statement. >> take an animal virus and increase its -- >> that is correct. and senator paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly. and i want to say that officially. you do not know what you are talking about. >> fauci's desire to say that officially, it was almost like he wanted to spell it into the record. still ahead, we'll dig into the arrest of tom barrack. we'll take a look at last night's big game and celebrations. plus, billionaire jeff bezos can officially add astronaut to his very thin resume. what his history making flight means for the future of space travel. plus a check on the weather when we come right back. check when we come right back.
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turn, shoots, fires. shot won't go. rebound. and that will do it. it's over. the long wait has ended after a half century, the milwaukee bucks are nba champions once again. >> the milwaukee bucks crowned nba champions after defeating the phoenix suns, 105-98 in game six of the finals. giannis led milwaukee to its first final since 1971 and is the seventh player in nba history to have a 50-point game. giannis joins michael jordan with a rare collection of trophies to win all-star mvp, defensive player of the year, mvp and -- >> trust me, they believe in me.
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just do my part in the championships, but this is the hard one. and we did it. we did it. we did it, man. >> great guy, great story. the nicknamed bucks now belong to two of the major american sports champs as president biden welcome the tampa bay buccaneers at the white house yesterday. >> you know, a lot is made about the fact that we have the oldest coach ever to win a super bowl and the oldest quarterback to ever win a super bowl. i'll tell you right now, you won't hear any jokes about that from me. as far as i'm concerned, there is nothing wrong with being the oldest guy to make it to the mountaintop. that's how i look at it. >> biden, the oldest person to assume the u.s. presidency comparing himself to bucks coach bruce arians and quarterback tom brady. as for brady, the very handsome seven-time super bowl winner, it was his first visit to the white house since 2005. bush was in office then. brady has won the super bowl
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during four different administrations. the patriots as a team chose not to attained after winning the title in 2019. >> it's nice for me to be back here. we had a game in chicago where i forgot what down it was. i lost track of one down in 21 years of playing and they started calling me sleepy tom. why would they do that to me? not a lot of people, you know, think that we could have won and the fact i think about 40% of the people still don't think we won. >> i understand that. >> you understand that, mr. president? >> i understand that. >> yeah. >> tom brady has jokes. how do we think those played in bed minister, new jersey? i'd hazard not well. turning now to major league baseball, for the first time, an all-female announcing crew called a game. yesterday's youtube broadcast
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featured sara lentz, alanna rizzo and heidi watner. very cool. team usa could lose another member of its olympic delegation because of the pandemic. taylor crabs tested positive while in tokyo. it's unclear whether crabb will compete in the games. no replacement has been named so far. with more than 1300 new infections reported yesterday in tokyo, which remains under a state of emergency ahead of the opening ceremony these week, the chief of tokyo 2020 organized the committee at a news conference yesterday did not rule out canceling the games if cases spike. but olympic play is already under way in japan. as the u.s. began its quest defeating italy 2-0. this summer, australia is now set to become a three-time
2:18 am
olympic host as the international olympic committee awarded the city of brisbane the summer olympics in 2032. 2032 feels like a long way away, bill karins. why don't you tell us what the weather looks like around here today. >> i will. and did you notice the smokey conditions yesterday? >> yes. and the sun took on this long orange red hue. >> it was very unusual and not usually seen in areas of the east. to get the wildfire smoke all the way from california and all the way from areas of canada and oregon, all the way to the east coast, it's highly unusual. sometimes we get where it goes overhead, but a lot of the smoke particulates were down at the surface. they were saying yesterday the air quality is the worst in new york city in 14 years. you could smell the smoke at my house. i've never seen that before from fires burning in the west. lady liberty and the streets of
2:19 am
new york looks like. so let's go to the map. today we're going to see the smokey conditions pushing to the south. we have a cold front going to the northeast so i tell won't be that same smokey air mass in areas like new york and boston. we will see torms this afternoon. 37 million people at risk, including new york, philly, down through the d.c. area. this will clear that nasty massive smoke mass out. the rest of the country is looking very quiet. . still very hot and still smokey and fiery in the west. we will see that area drifting to the east all summer long. >> thank you. still ahead, cities and states across the country are nearing a $26 billion deal to resolve thousands of opioid lawsuits. sands of ooipid lawsuits nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey.
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several drug companies and distributors are finaling a $26 billion settlement over the country's opioid crisis. the companies, which including johnson & johnson, amerisourcebergen, cardinal health and mckesson, the dreths led to the overdosed deaths of more than 500,000 people in 2009 to 2019. harvey weinstein was extradited to california to face another sexual assault trial. weinstein is accused of attacking five women between 2004 and 2013. he had been fighting the extradition on medical grounds, claiming back and medical problems. weinstein is appealing his conviction in new york where he was sentenced last year to 23 years in prison for separate charges. if found guilty of the california crimes, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. jeff bay joes, the
2:24 am
billionaire founder of amazon and washington post got the ride of his life rocketing into space with three others yesterday. tom costello has more from van horn, texas. >> rolling off the launchpad in remote west texas, jeff bezos's billionaire space dreams came through as he, brother mark, oliver daemen and wally funk floated weightless, 66 miles up. >> is it everything you thought it would be? >> fantastic. >> their 10:30 trip coming to a soft landing in the desert sand. >> and touch down. >> 21 years after founding blue origin as an all purpose space company, bezos and his fellow
2:25 am
passengers earned their astronaut wings today. >> there are few people i know more deserving of this, jeff. >> for wally funk who nasa never allowed to fly bought of her gender, a celebration 60 years in the making. >> and i want to thank you, sweetheart, because you made it possible for me. i've been waiting a long time to finally get it up there. >> now the oldest person too far go to space, joined by the youngest, 18-year-old oliver. among the memorabilia on board, amelia earhart's aviator goggles. looking down at the earth's atmosphere, says bezos, makes climate change very real. >> what you see is it's actually incredibly thin. it's this tiny fragile thing and it's been moved. >> criticized for spending billions on a space tourism business, bezos is facing backlash for this comment. >> i want to thank every amazon employee and every amazon
2:26 am
administrator because you guys paid for all this. >> you used the spotlight earlier giving away $200 million for charities. meanwhile, bezos announced $100 million in ticket sales for future flights, each ticket reportedly costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> it's pretty steep right now. how do you bring the cost down so this can be more accessible for everybody? >> you have to do it the same way we did with commercial air travel starting with biplanes and growing to modern day flights. so will he fly again? >> hell yes. >> our thanks to nbc's tom costello for that report. still ahead, there's been a shift in messaging among some republican lawmakers. we'll take a look at that. before we go to break, we want to know, yep, why are you awake? email your reasons at way too early at or tweet
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast. only 2:30 a.m. out west. i'm jonathan lamere. the number two house republican finally got his first dose of the covid vaccine. congressman steve scalise waited
2:31 am
until sunday to get hits first shot. now, the delta variant on the rise, he said, quote, when you talk to people who run hospitals in new orleans or other states, 90% of the hospital with delta variant have not been vaccinated. that's another signal that vaccine works. he added that the vaccine is, quote, safe and effective. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is encouraging americans to get vaccinated. despite many republicans refusing the vaccine, mcconnell has been one of the parties more outspoken members in urging vaccination to stop the spread. >> these shots, you need to get in everybody's arm as rapidly as possible or we're going to be back in a situation in the fall that we don't yearn for that we went through last year. >> meanwhile, the senate will hold a procedural vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill today, even though the legislation is not finished. 60 senators will need to vote in
2:32 am
favor for the motion to move forward. but republicans seem united in opposition to the move. even bill negotiators say they're willing to vote against their own legislation. and a bipartisan group of senators met until late last night trying to resolve the issues. republicans are asking chuck schumer to give the vote until monday to move more time. the washington reports that several gop senators were readying a formal letter tuesday to schumer saying they would be prepared to vote to advance the infrastructure package on monday according to people familiar with its contents. >> my hope is that senator schumer will delay the vote next until week. so if the majority leader would just agree to delay the vote until very early next week, maybe monday, then i think we could have a show of our colleagues and be able to move
2:33 am
forward. >> washington really working here, folks. if the senate does not get enough votes to move forward, majority leader schumer can change the vote and bring the legislation back up again. joining us now, jake sherman. thankfully, he is an msnbc political contributor. good morning, jake. thanks for getting up. i want to ask you first about what we jud just heard, congressman steve ka lease is a new voice pushing to get the vaccine. we've seen some voice in the conservative media, not all, some voices, sean hannity among them stressing people to get the vaccine. what do you think brings on this move in terms of republicans on the hill and what are you seeing there? seeing reports of people putting on masks again. what is the move? >> i'm putting a mask back on. i started wearing masks this week. i have young children as you do, john, and i'm not going to put my kids at risk because some people don't want to get vaccinated.
2:34 am
and so i'm wearing a mask. i can tell you i was surprised by scalise. oddly enough, we asked him i think monday before this news broke, we asked the staff if he had been vaccinated. they said yes. we didn't think that they meant he had been vaccinated like yesterday. we thought they meant he had been vaccinated in due course, especially given the fact that he was gravely injured a couple of years ago and still -- you know, and i don't know his current health condition. i know that he had been in rehab for a long time. he's recently, thank god, gotten much better, but i would assumed that he would have taken the vaccine earlier. but listen, you take what you can get. louisiana is a state that has a relatively low vaccination rate and it's good, frankly, that scalise, probably the most prominent republican in the state is getting vaccinated and, by the way, getting vaccinated
2:35 am
with a photo. that's a big deal. so hopefully this has some positive impact in louisiana. >> yeah. let's remember that president trump got a vaccine behind closed doors. so, this infrastructure bill, what is going to happen today? and if the procedural vote doesn't pass today, what does schumer do next? >> okay. so about 2:35 today, chuck schumer is breaking up what is called a koes your vote. it's closure on the motion to proceed but it would allow the senate to get on to the infrastructure bill. it would allow the senate to begin the process of debating and amending an infrastructure process. so it's going to go down unless something crazy happens that we don't know. chuck schumer is not taking his cues from susan collins. so republicans are going to vote it down. if it goes down and there's a deal next week, they can bring it up again and schumer has said
2:36 am
that he will make that immediate business of the senate, meaning he will swap in that deal for the shell bill for the empty legislation that they will be considering at that time. so in plain english, they need to get a deal, they need to get 60 votes and then it's off to the races with the infrastructure bill. that is no easy task, john, because if you think about it this way, they need to have legislative text, they need to write the bill, get it scored by the budget office and the joint committee on taxation. so we're a long way from notching that victory for joe biden and chuck schumer. >> so if this accidents happen today, you think it would -- we've got movement next week? so we're looking at a matter of days or could the ill will around this, could the whole thing fall apart? >> oh, of course, it could fall apart at any point. if i was a gambling man today, i
2:37 am
would say it's probably 65/35 would be my guess. they seem to be moving in the right direction but, again, they need to get 10 republicans to support the bill to get to the point where they can amend it and they can consider it. you always need 60 in the united states senate. we're not sure that will happen, but we anticipate, we imagine they are closer than the they've been before. >> jake sherman of punch bowl news, we look forward to your newsletter coming out in a matter of moments. still ahead, slowing growth pushes one popular streaming service into a different direction. way too early is back in a moment. way too early is back in a moment
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totally difference. netflix is jumping into the gaming business. the streaming giant is hoping this new adventure will attract new subscribers. it did not say when the service will launch or what type of games it will be developing. justin bieber has made history as the youngest solo artist to reach 100 songs on billboard's top 100 list. bieber had his first hit on the charts at the rain of age of 28. civilian astronauts, ashton kutcher decided it was
2:42 am
not a smart decision for him to launch into space with young kids at home. while he was not be on the next flight, he promised he would get to space some day. women are being fined for not wearing bikinis. the norwegian women's beach handball team has been fined for not wearing proper clothing. the team wore these shorts to protest the regulated bikini bottoms they were required to wear. when the international handball federation was asked why it was a rule, a spokes woman said she didn't know but they were, quote, looking into it. the male players, meanwhile, are allowed to play in tank tops and shorts no longer than 4 inches
2:43 am
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tom barrack who chaired former president trump's inaugural committee was arrested yesterday for acting as an agent of the united arab emirates. he's accused of influencing the foreign policy of the campaign between 2016 and 2018. the seven-count grand jury indictment says barrack used his friendship with trump to get language inserted into the then candidate's speech in 2016. it also said barrack provided the uae government officials with, quote, sensitive nonpublic information. the former trump fund-raisers faces counts of obstruction of justice and lying to law enforcement. a spokesman for barrack said he
2:47 am
has, quote, made himself voluntarily available to investigators from the outset. he is not guilty and will be pleading not guilty. two other defendants were charged with unregistered foreign agency along with barrack. joining us now, former prosecutor charles cole. good morning, thank you for being here. tell us about this. is this indictment as serious as it sounds? what are the potential penalties if he's convicted and what could be his plausible defense in this case? >> first of all, i think this is an indictment that needs to be taken seriously because of the amount of influence that they are alleging that mr. barrack had on the trump campaign specifically in the area of energy with regard to foreign interests. i do think that at the end of the day, what we have in front of us is another situation where prosecutors are looking to charge someone who is closely affiliated with mr. trump in a way that is potentially going to reveal some information that may be damaging.
2:48 am
so we are looking at another example, in my opinion, of what may be a squeeze play by prosecutors to try and get some information which can ultimately connect donald trump to criminal activity in a way that will lead to an indictment, but these charges are relatively serious. we're talking about a seven-count indictment that could result in multiple years of jail time and upwards of ten years in jail if not more because of what mr. barrack is accused of. so this is not something to sneeze at or to be taken lightly because of the nature of the charges that we are facing or he's facing. >> right. being a foreign agent is something i think a lot of americans don't quite understand yet. mr. barrack adds his name to a rather long list of associates of the former president who has faced criminal charges and certainly we'll be watching carefully if indeed he is used to turn on the former president. talk to us about the indictments here and what do you think the next step might be? do you think a congressional investigate might be on the
2:49 am
horizon? >> it's likely that a lot of these charges stem from the mueller investigation. the mueller report ultimately turned over about eight different sealed investigations to the department of justice and prosecutors and we don't know what the nature of those were, but it is possible that in terms of where we are talking about these charges coming from, i.e. that being far influence on american policy, that this could prompt a larger investigation. what we are going to see from this point is an attempt to cut a deal by barrack and his attorney as a means of securing his independence or a plea deal on what some of those could potentially be. but yes, because of the nature of these charges and because of the larger implications regarding foreign policy and foreign entities having undue influence on american policy particularly in the areas of
2:50 am
energy, this could ultimately result in a larger congressional investigation. >> all right. charles coleman, thank you for walking us through that. we'll be paying attention to it in the weeks and months ahead. earlier in the show we asked the question, why are you awake? victoria writes, watching the u.s. women's national team and yes, it is way too early, but i forgot how good women's soccer is. go usa. and the women's team certainly a favorite for a gold medal again. the men's team, not so much. michelle is up way too early because these two cutis woke up. adorable. baby on the left, dog on the right, both great. tom e-mails he's up early to train for a bike-a-thon to raise money for cancer research. he has to ride earlier to beat the heat. and jane writes i'm up too early because freddy and fiona want to
2:51 am
watch freddy la mere. cats to sit on the ropes, and turn on the television to this channel. up next, a look at the axios one big thing, and coming up on a special "morning joe," we'll hear from new york city mayor bill de blasio on the heels of a new policy mandating coronavirus vaccinations for public hospital workers. plus, the prime minister of spain will join the conversation to discuss relations with the u.s. and the rebound from the pandemic. "morning joe" just moments away. don't go anywhere. away. don't go anywhere. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health.
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as many as 200 americans have come forward to describe symptoms of directed energy attacks, a wave of reports that includes newly identified incidents around the world. the so called savannah system. >> reporter: u.s. officials telling nbc news as many as 200 americans have reported possible cases of that so called havana
2:55 am
syndrome, mysterious neurological symptoms, sometimes brain damage, first reported by diplomats at the u.s. embassy in havana in 2016, then in russia, berlin. u.s. officials say potential victims are on every continent but an arctica. >> we are investigating incidents from around the world. >> reporter: including personnel from the state department, and pentagon. no proof of the cause. in 2018, nbc news reported u.s. intelligence officials suspected russia. russia denies it, but mark told me he had to quit the cia because of symptoms that started in moscow. >> i couldn't stand up. i was falling over. i had incredible sense of nausea and ringing in my years. i was frankly terrifying. >> reporter: we sat down with cuban investigators in 2017 who denied blame. >> translator: cuba doesn't
2:56 am
possess this technology. cuba has never produced these types of weapons. >> our thanks to nbc's andrea mitchell for that report. joining us now with a look at axios a.m., the cofounder, mike allen. happy wednesday. what is the axios's one big thing this morning. >> happy hump day back at you, and the axios one big thing is the capitol petri dish. yesterday on capitol hill there was a long line, the longest line we have seen in a long time, and that was for covid testing. the leadership office is now very worried that we're having a covid boomerang, so yesterday axios hans nichols scooped the fact that both an aide to speaker pelosi and a white house aide had after being fully vaccinated gotten covid, had very mild symptoms, and that led to a lot of other concerns.
2:57 am
turned out at least one member of congress fully vaccinated had gotten positive test. six members of the texas run away democrats tested positive, and there's a connection here, the biden aide and the pelosi aide had been at the same rooftop reception outside and the pelosi aide had taken those texas democrats around the capitol, so we don't know yet how it transmitted but there are close connections here. and so what's happening? leaders are talking about whether they should add back some of those protocols that had been gone. they're not making any changes now, but jonathan, you're seeing a lot more masks. >> yeah, jake sherman was on a few minutes ago saying that he has started wearing his mask again, and others as well. so to recap at the moment, there's nothing mandated on that, but they're in discussions.
2:58 am
quick answer there? >> that's exactly right. but jonathan, think about capitol hill, and think of why we're calling it the petri dish. you have a lot of older people. you have people in close quarters, and they're traveling around the country. we're coming up on midterms and they're in their states, in their districts, they're glad handing, interacting with people that they don't know a lot about. it all adds up to high risk. >> so axios, mike, has been reporting this week on democrats in rural areas, and their wariness of the progressive side of the party. walk us through that reporting. how are local politicians responding to this? what are you finding out? >> this is something you're hearing from the south, the midwest and the rockies, and what they're saying is that in tough districts, either close districts or trump districts where democrats want to hold or upset a republican that they're having to run against the party's national image, that the
2:59 am
more liberal part of the party that as you and i have talked about, jonathan has the excitement, has the media, has the fundraising, has the merch, now as we see with aoc merch, all of that is most unhelpful to democrats in these more rural districts or in districts that are tighter. and if you're going to watch one race to see this play out, that ohio senate race is going to be so instructive for so many reasons, and we have talked about j.d. vance seeking the republican nomination, will be testing a lot of the populist themes that we're going to see play out elsewhere, including tech censorship, and china jobs. but look at the other side, you know representative tim ryan, he's somebody who is now seeking the democratic nomination for senate and he epitomizes this effect. he's out with a three-minute campaign ad, and jonathan, in
3:00 am
three minutes, he doesn't have room, runs out of time, to say one word, that one word, democrat. >> mike allen, thank you so much for that great reporting. and thank you all for getting up way too early with us on this wednesday morning. mike barnicle, sorry, we ran out of time. "morning joe" starts right now. tom brady is a very good friend of mine. he's a great guy, for those of you who don't know him. he's an honorable guy and truly great athlete. he's a great friend of mine. i spoke to him a little while ago. he's so thrilled and so happy. >> that might not be what donald trump is saying now after brady cracked a joke at the white house about the former president's false claims. we'll show you what brady said straight ahead. this is the kind of stuff that really bugs trump, and speaking of sports, the biggest hurdle for athletes at the olympics may be avoiding covid. it's already


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