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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  July 20, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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health and we, like so many add others, have made some time to answer questions for us. with the 11th hour with brian williams begins now. we 11th ho ur with bria willia good evening >> once aga, day 182 of the biden administration and tonight yet another member of the twice impeached former presidents inner circle is in very deep trouble with the feds and behind bars in fact. >> on lobbying the trump administration on behalf of the uae. he's accused of failing to register with the -- as well as obstruction and lying to the fbi about his dealings with the uk he he's been friends with donald trump since the eighties, barrack helped rescue his business and later became a top fund-raiser
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for his presidential campaign and the and augury shun they note instances of where they use that relationship with trump to advocate for the uk-y without disclosing it apparently, during the 2016 campaign barrack allegedly had language inserted into one of trump's speeches after request of a uae official. >> we will work with our gulf allies to develop a positive in energy relationship as part of our anti-terrorism strategy will work with them because we have to knock out terrorism. . >> the indictment notes that after the speech and emerati official email tom barrack saying that he mentioned the gulf allies which is great, adding congrats on the great job today everybody here are happy with the results. federal prosecutors say barracks effort continued after the inauguration as he pushed uae interest to the trump white
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house, he's also accused of giving the uae sensitive non public information and accused of meeting and assisting senior leaders from saudi arabia. and because he has the means and the potential motive the u.s. government says tom up barrack is now a flight risk. they want him to remain in custody, he's being detained at least until a hearing next monday. in a statement a spokesperson said quote mr. barrack has made himself voluntarily available to investigators from the outset. he is not guilty and he will be pleading not guilty. tonight's other big story continues to be this delta variant. a top concern of that health officials who testified this morning about the state of are still ongoing pandemic. >> we now have a variant circulating in this country that is at the time was less than 3% and it is not 83%. much more transmissible. >> and there are new questions about the effectiveness of that
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one and done single dose johnson & johnson vaccine. one study suggesting it may be less effective against this oncoming delta variant. we've also learned a white house official and an aide to speaker pelosi are both tested positive for the virus despite being fully vaccinated. it is suspected one case may have developed after contact with those texas democrats now in d.c.. as you may know at least six members of their delegation have now tested positive. today as the president marks six months in office he remains focus on the battle against the virus, and vaccine hesitancy in our country. making his latest pitch for vaccination during in all hands cabinet meeting. >> i know folks who are watching the number of cases rising again and wondering quite frankly, what it means to them? we have to stay vigilant especially with the delta variant. all the covid deaths are from unvaccinated people.
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the safest thing to do is to get vaccinated. get vaccinated. >> and more bad news the virus is also surging again in japan. today, the head of the tokyo olympics organizing committee, the ceos suggested the games could still be canceled, despite the fact that the opening ceremony is just days away. so far, over 70 people affiliated in some way with these olympic games have tested positive. on the domestic political front, the first hearing for the house select committee investigating the january 6th insurrection, exactly one week away. this afternoon the government released more body camera footage from the desecration of the capital building. latest video shows vicious attacks on officers as they try to protect the stage on which joe biden would be inaugurated just weeks later. tonight though, members of congress or focus on other matters.
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the senate is now hours away from a test votes on whether to move forward with a trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill, which as of now is still being worked out. republicans appear to be gearing up to block what they say is a rush process. but on this 52nd anniversary of the first steps on the moon, there was a moment today that appealed to that american desire for exploration. this morning in texas, amazon founder, jeff bezos, and crew successfully lifted off in the blue origin you shepherd spacecraft before safely returning back to earth, about ten minutes later. we will have a full report on that achievement later on in this hour. but for now, and with that, let's bring in our lead off guest on this tuesday night, ashley parker, police applies winning for the washington post. sam stein veteran journalist who is now white house editor overhead political, and this barb mcquade, a veteran federal prosecution, former u.s. --
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worked with doj during the biden transition, a professor currently at her all modern university of michigan law school, which barbara is why i would like to begin with you. let's talk about mr. tom barrack, he's an interesting character among various other claims to fame, he brought michael jackson's never land ranch in california. but tonight he is in trouble. you've read the indictment, what stands out to you in the document? >> well, brian, it's whatever was referred to as a speaking indictment in that the allegations are very detailed. this is not some vague allegation that just parrots the language of the statute, it stone from email where it talks that he was acting under the control and direction of foreign officials in the uae. as you said, he inserted parts of their suggestions into a trump campaign speech. he took credit for getting you
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excluded from the trump travel ban in 2017. he wrote an op-ed for a national publication with uae input, and he agreed to advocate for the appointment of individuals in the trump administration, at the recommendation, including a u.s. congressman. i think, brian, sometimes people dismissed charges under the statutes as regulatory offenses. but that is not with this allegation is it'll. it is a legend that tom barrack acted as a secret agent on behalf of the uae and betrayed the united states and betrayed donald trump. >> to your point barbara, we've had caused over the last five years to forget that there are rules governing each and every act by government employees, ideally. ashley parker, i want to play for you john bolton on cnn tonight we will discuss on the other side. >> trump's propensity began during the transition. i think that has been clearly
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documented to ignore more moral policies, to engage with foreign governments. >> actually, you're among the living experts on donald trump in the trump administration, does that square with your reporting? >> absolutely, dow was one of the first things that i was struck by when i saw the indictment and read the news, just how easy it would be for someone like tom barrack or anyone really to get in the presidents orbit and influence him in major ways. you could see in another administration someone not disclosing their lobbying ties, trying to do the same thing, but there is an internal structure, there's a traditional way that they are held in policies are debated, and it would be hard for them to get as far that tom barrack allegedly did. this is a president, where the
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last person to talk to him who calls his cell phone late at night, somebody who stops at the white house unannounced, ended up in the oval office could put a news story or tweet in front of the president and absolutely changed the direction of policy, and one person remarked to me that president trump goes around the room and peppers everyone with questions, and the wife of his son eric could be saying -- and he's likely to as democrats chen about what he should do on some issue on foreign policy and is likely to take their advice as his actual foreign policy advisor. what you have here, is a perfect storm for this to happen. >> sam stein, a sign from being a living reminder of the grift that everyone just survived, it is their essential feature of the tom barrack story that stands out to you?
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>> well, it's would actually talked about which was here is a president without any firm ideology, with access, money and political instincts with a pool of frying instincts. you could be someone like tom barry, we who has a limited experience, and influence the presidents middle east policy because you were the last person to talk to him. the other thing though, there are so many people who are being paid by different foreign governments, who had access to trump and it was sort of the wild west of ethics here. keep in mind that michael flynn was also a floor foreign agent at the time of the transition, for the turkish government. it was like of foreign policy for [inaudible] in the early years. it's a little bit scary. we have to see that thomas barrack pleaded not guilty to this, but if the charge are
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proven it is pretty scary that you could have for a few billion dollars, which is what it looks like the uae put into his accounts, a abrupt shift in policy, the ending of alliances with qatar, and suddenly a presidential administration taking a different approach in middle eastern affairs with limited insight into why or what the actual endgame will be. and all because of money. >> someday we may get the answer as to why the trump administration didn't seem that concerned over the murder of one of ashley's colleagues at the post, mr. khashoggi at the hands of the saudis. but these are questions i guess for another time. barbara, back to your legal expertise. back to the document, does it read to you as indictments go, like there is more to come? >> well, it does, only in that it names by label in category
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some additional individuals. it's talks about this congressman who was recommended by the uae for an ambassador position. it talks about executives who were working at the company that was run by tom barrack. sometimes when you have references to others who are not charge, it could mean that additional charges are coming. of course, there's always the possibility, if i were representing tom barrack, my first call would be to the prosecutor to say, is there any way we can work on a deal, where my client would cooperate? and so, being a close adviser to donald trump, someone who is in his close orbit, is a prosecutor, i would be very interesting being indication what tom barrack has to say about that. >> ashley, change of subject i have another one for you i'm gonna play for you parts of the clash today, now famous, between rand paul and dr. fauci. n >> doctor fauci, knowing that
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it is a crime to lie to congress, do you wish to retract your statement where you claim that the nih never founded a center of research in wuhan? >> i have never lied before the congress, and i do not retract that statement, and you do not know what you are talking about and i want to tell that officially. you do not know what you are talking about. >> so actually, to update the story, rand paul who is often more parts performance artist and he is certainly medical doctor or united states senator went to say that he is going to ask for a criminal referral for fauci for lying to congress. ashley, where do you put this? is this the culture war on steroids? is this a medical doctor, not just that, for most public
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health experts of our time, and a recipient of the presidential medal of freedom when that had actual meeting -- meaning. is that just a guy who is being set up as a cultural straw man? >> in some ways this is a side debate and a pet project of senator paul, who has frequently gone after doctor fauci and previous hearings, although not as dramatically as we saw today. it does speak to, as you said, the broader cultural issue, and it is worth noting that the washington post fact checker, the previous claim -- is grossly exaggerated, misleading. but this on a macro level -- things that are not quite true and to take it a step further, about the wuhan lab, or the coronavirus and general, this misinformation is something that doctor fauci and the
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medical professionals have been grappling since they took office not just about his legitimacy about president, which again he won the election fairly but about coronavirus, and vaccines are harmful to you, and now as we see the rise of the delta variant, these cultural issues -- going after medical professionals, pushing conspiracies, hoaxes, fair not just issues for republicans, they're becoming more so incredibly dangerous for the nations and you are seeing an ironic twist in the population who are not getting vaccinated, or showing up in emergency rooms, catching the new variant, and getting catastrophic consequences, or those who voted for president trump, who listen to fox news, who believe this misinformation. listen to fox news, wh o believ this misinformation. sam stein, you are out front today on a story that was characterized by a couple of people on social media this way,
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it's as if's fox news received a bad signal and several of their prominent on air people are suddenly pro vaccination, at least no longer casting doubt at every opportunity about the vaccine. talk to us about your reporting, do we call it interaction between the biden white house and fox news? do we call it outreach? what wording do you prefer? >> i would say tiptoeing will, the biden white house raised a lot of -- when it went to after social media companies for spreading disinformation, misinformation, around vaccines. what was notable was that they had not done something similar with fox news. even though i think objectively we can say that some of the evening hosts and guests have been some of the chief purveyors of disinformation and fearmongering about vaccines. so we can ask why the white
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house took a less -- walks aggressively like that. that you turn to the very people that you need to convince to get the vaccine. but on top of that, they don't want to put people on these evening programs because they don't think necessarily that they will get a fair shake. what is notable, pry, and to your point, is that yesterday, sean hannity came out with and plea to take vaccines in which few of our hosts have done the same. there is something that i would like to piggyback on to ashley's point is the clip of ron paul and doctor fauci is indicative of the problem that the white house faces. that clip, which does nothing to move the conversation around whether or not they are effective or if they should be taken, it's the argument back and forth about the origins of covid. that clip it is going to be shared prominently on fox
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broadcasts. that is the hurdle that the white house faces. they have a disinformation campaign but they also have information that is going into the ether that gets prominently featured but does not necessarily advance our objectives. >> if there's an earnest team, the earnest team often loses and it's a giant distraction to your point in the pandemic. we are indebted to our starting line tonight, ashley parker, sam stein, barbara mcquade, our thanks for starting us off. coming up, as delta becomes the alpha strain of this virus in our country, but we're all these breakthrough cases mean for life coming back to normal as we thought it was? i'll ask one of our leading physicians standing by. and later, with one gop member already calling the one six committee impeachment round three, can we ever expect any
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we are now challenged with the very difficult variant referred to as the delta variant. it has now been detected in at least 90 plus countries in the world. it has the capability of
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transmitting efficiently from human to human in an extraordinary manner, well beyond the other variants we've experienced up to now. >> what kind of sounds like an expert. the delta variant already sending unvaccinated americans in hospitals in alarming numbers. doctor red lender warns us, quote, get ready for a fast moving surge now. and as long as we don't share vaccines and resources with low income countries where the virus is festering and few vaccinated, expect surge after surge for the foreseeable future. no way around this. so back with us tonight doctor learned we founder for the revises -- us on public health. he is also professor of pediatrics at the albert einstein college of medicine. doctor, to put it plainly, we have 100 million unvaccinated
11:24 pm
americans. that is a whole lot of potential damage ahead, in your view, would do the next six months look like and what's the level of worry once and for all four vaccinated people in the face of this delta variant? >> hi brian, yeah, well i'm will really concerned as the majority of my colleagues. the problem here is that us experts need to be humble about predicting the future there's a lot that we don't know about this delta strain. and a lot of this is going to unfortunately remains to be seen. the facts though, as you started talking about, there are 100 million potential americans who have not either had the natural disease or not been vaccinated, or perhaps not eligible for vaccination. and that is a big problem when we have a rapidly moving variant like this delta. the fact is the person who has
11:25 pm
dealt a variant as their infection has 1000 times more viral load than somebody who had one of the previous versions. so we have a lot of virus surrounding and a lot of targets, and we're worried where this will go and how long it will last, will it end up being more severe in terms of hospitalizations and deaths, that remains to be seen. and we have to follow some new rules now, brian. that's why i'm very supportive of wearing masks indoors whether you're vaccinated or not vaccinated, we need to avoid large tight crowds. i hope more organizations and companies will mandate vaccines for employers, students, participants, and so on. but we have a lot to worry about, so sorry to say, but i think that's the way it is right now. >> and then, in light of this, comes the study today that the j&j one and done vaccine may be less effective in the face of the delta variant. what should j&j vaccine
11:26 pm
recipients be thinking? >> this is obviously a new piece of research that is concerning. however, we have to temper this because these results are not peer viewed yet, they are not officially published, and they are also not consistent with earlier studies. what we know about j&j is that it can prevent serious hospitalizations and fatalities, even if it's still allows you to get infected. we don't quite know what to do yet, and clinically this is a challenge for all of our physicians. if i had to patients in my houses, a 30 year who is healthy and an elderly person, both who received the j&j vaccine, to the person with who is older, i would say let's get you another one booster shot just to be sure. and i would be able to do that as a doctor. the younger healthier person i
11:27 pm
would say, let's wait a while. but none of those agendas is actually approved by the cdc. a lot of clinical judgments in an uncertain of environment right now, brian. >> doc, i got off the air last night and saw the story about apple telling its employees, not so fast, we're gonna delay by at least a month coming back to work in person. do you expect to see this kind of thing at companies across our country? >> i absolutely hope so. i think we're not ready to hop with on the gains right now, and i hope that every company actually mandates vaccines that can be proved to have been taken by employees when they come back to the workplace. and i understand that tensions that companies and universities, and other organizations are, but we're in a dangerous, uncertain situation right now. we have to behave like we're taking this seriously and i think that apple is making the correct decision right now.
11:28 pm
>> with dr. irwin. redlner, as always dog, thank you so much for coming. thank you for taking our questions and for your fourth right answers. coming up for us, the last minute, the desperate efforts to keep the bipartisan infrastructure proposal, now on life support from total collapse, how is that for optimism? wow fo optimism wo
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flowers are fighters. that's why the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's is full of them. because flowers find a way to break through. just like we will. join the fight at >> look, senators of goodwill
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on both sides want to finish the bipartisan infrastructure bill before the august recess, but in order to finish the bill we first need to agree to start that. is the first step, let's all agree to start. that's what this week's vote is about, and i hope my republican colleagues will -- >> that is sense speech for god knows what's, a bipartisan group of senators emerge from a meeting just tonight, sounding hopeful on infrastructure agreement on the horizon. but majority leader schumer still pushing ahead with a procedural vote tomorrow, that is expected to fail, for their part republicans are threatening to filibuster, denying democrats the ten votes they need to proceed. with us tonight, cornell belcher, veteran of the obama campaign among others and matthew dowd, former george w.
11:33 pm
bush strategist, founder of country over party. gentlemen, i hope you are ready for this we, have a lot of work to do, cornell i will start with you and play for you some mitt romney from earlier today. >> are you concerned that if the vote will happen this week and registration -- >> i think the vote should be held next monday, not wednesday. give us a time to solve the remaining issues. >> cornell, sorted out for our audience, what is schumer up to? >> well i think schumer is up to trying to push for legislation, the question isn't what's schumer's doing, the question is what mitch mcconnell is up to? i'm channeling the great philosopher, -- i saw this for eight years under obama when you remember brian he said his number one job is to make barack obama failed presidency, and mitch mcconnell has basically said
11:34 pm
that about biden as well. he's 100 percent focused on stopping joe biden, joe biden's agenda. but i would like to see democrats do, mcconnell is gonna try to stop this because he thinks it is in his interest to do so, because it would work for hen. -- you begin to see this from the biden white house. they should dare mitch mcconnell and senate republicans to kill a bipartisan infrastructure bill, that depending on what pulling you see has as much as 16 approval, when americans know their bridges are crumbling, the roads are crumbling, they know they need infrastructure to compete with china, on the global marketplace. and they know that this is a bill that will create millions of blue-collar jobs. quite frankly, from a political
11:35 pm
standpoint i would dare senate republicans to kill a bipartisan bill that the vast majority of americans want. i would like the president to go on the road and make them pay for it in a way that the obama administration did not take it to the street and made republicans pay for blocking everything that he tried to do even though a majority favorite it. >> point of personal privilege, i have known political hacks, cornell, i would never list your names along there, so let's not be getting into that area. matthew dowd, you may sense my frustration with the inside game here, and i think a lot of the folks watching tonight are in the same place. jeff zeleny did a piece on the spent bridge, that all cincinnati wants, the thing is going to fall down one of these days, millions of dollars in trade goes through that's been every day. chris matthews reminds us the
11:36 pm
democrats of all back when spines were standard equipments. go state to state, city to city remind people of the steaks, what's infrastructure, money could buy. are you as frustrated as i am that we are losing track of what is at the heart of this? >> i think i'm more frustrated than you are. you and i have judge these truthers temperatures in the few days. i think democrats are still in a reality that no longer exist. i think chuck schumer and joe biden, to a degree, and some of the other senators, are still acting as if the republican party is somehow the republican party fate worked with 20 years ago, 15 years or even ten years ago. it is not, that is a reality that democrats need to fundamentally face and come to terms with. if they finally come to terms with that, and get over the denial that they've been in over what the republican party
11:37 pm
is today, which is not a party that is interested in consensus, it's not a party interested in the common good, it's not a party interested in a common set of facts, and it is fundamentally not a party interested in democracy. once you admit that, then i think you're strategically in tactically you have to go completely different route. i don't understand why we've been in this position of pursuing bipartisanship as of bipartisanship is the goal. bipartisanship is not the goal. bipartisanship is a process to a goal, and if bipartisanship no longer works because you don't have a partner you can trust, then you have to let go of bipartisanship and pursue what matters, whether that's infrastructure, bridges, or infrastructure on our democracy, that has to be the gold and whether you get 50 votes, and the vice president has to vote to push hidden over the line, democrats have to do that they have to give up on the idea that the republican party is what we all thought the republican party was ten or 15
11:38 pm
years ago. >> you guys are forcing me to dust off my favorite rick wilson walls, they always bring a soup ladle to a knife fights. they have agreed to stay with us after this break. coming up, one of kevin mccarthy's january six committee picks, already trashing the investigation before it started, which of course is exactly why trump, i mean mccarthy, this decided to pick him in the first place. the first place.
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>> tell us about your new simon on the january 6th commission, sir? >> we know what this is about, this is impeachment round three for the democrats, for five years they've been going after president trump. in some ways you can't blame them because whatever they're gonna talk about? >> that right there, one of kevin mccarthy's picks to investigate the january 6th assault on the capitol, the
11:42 pm
attempt to overturn the election results. of mccarthy's five appointments, three of them happen to object to the electoral vote and all but one voted against the idea of a bipartisan commission investigating the riots in the first place. thankfully still with us are cornell belcher and matthew dowd. so matthew, bob michael was a congressman he was a congressman, jim jordan is mostly a performance artist, i think everyone can agree to that, so mccarthy made some and 's elections for his opening bid, does that necessarily taint the result or just add on to the workload of the serious members of this committee? >> well, i think he may representative selections to the committee which happens to be foreman and serious caucus, i think it is very representative who he pick and that is fundamentally the
11:43 pm
problem with this. putting jim jordan and the others on this commission, it's like putting bernie made off on the security exchange commission. i think the democrats can still do what they need to, do which is basically surface information so we are aware of who did what and who said what to whom and let the public hold people accountable, which i think is fundamentally important and where we're gonna be in 2022, and that's ultimately where accountability is going to come from. i think even with his invitation of a clown show into the room, you can surface truth and get at the information you need to to finally hold people accountable, not just the 400 people that were arrested but elected officials who propagated and pushed this. >> cornell, i have a hell of a quote from vanity fair and it reads like this, any real investigation into the deadly riot and everything that led to it would surely find fault, not only in their demagogued leader
11:44 pm
but in themself, with his picks mccarthy is waving a middle finger at calls for accountability. cornell, showed pelosi ideally tossed those who voted for the big lie from this committee? >> i think she should. i think he is right, they still can't get truth out of this, it becomes a lot harder. if she did toss them, it's select used to the fire because republicans would still call this a partisan witch hunt, once again. but it allows them to muddy the waters, and that is what jim jordan and others want to do. politics one one. if you can't win the argument, muddy the waters. that is clearly what these picks say, these picks are saying from a political strategy standpoint. mccarthy wants to muddy the water, he doesn't want to get to the truth of this.
11:45 pm
and by the way, i hate to say this but their feet are is probably going to work, they're probably going to get some moments out of this where they pleased donald trump, and they are going to be able to raise money from the trump base for their caucus. that is just the ugly way politics works right now, they are going to -- democrats are going to struggle to get truth and break truth through this mud. i think they can do it, it just becomes a lot harder now. becomes a lot harder now cornell quick question, are you with the democrats especially on the left would like to see biden and schumer get angry and start playing rough? >> and thou to, apparently. i do take the point. i think democrats still want to play by the rules you, though
11:46 pm
mitch mcconnell could not care about the rules. they're playing a completely different game. i would like to see the president used some of his capital, they're preparing to do this, they're taking it out to americans and make the case directly to americans about his agenda and what he's trying to do. and again, let the american people decide, at the midterms, but whether they're with him and his agenda, or mitch mcconnell. will >> our thanks to two friends of ours, cornell belcher, and matthew dowd, and you put us on your dance card for your book out on out in september, revelations on the river, being a profit for your own path. i know we will be talking a lob between now and then, but i cannot wait to have a thorough discussion about this work you've put together.
11:47 pm
and i've been wondering about what you've been doing out there in texas, gentlemen thank you both. >> congrats to the milwaukee pugs. congrats to the milwaukee bucks. >> i learned through social media, i'm not meant to be glancing during -- trying to anchor broadcast. well thank you for that. news weather and sports from our guest tonight. coming up, he's just back from space, he says he wants to go back up again which shouldn't be a problem because he owns the company. ns the company. because flowers find a way to break through. just like we will. join the fight at >> 52 years ago this very night,
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there were three government employees and space. one of them orbiting the moon, two of them on the moon. it was the night of man's first steps on the moon. we don't know what it says about us or our times that earlier today there was a
11:51 pm
billionaire and space. in fact, the richest man on earth was not on earth for about ten minutes today. jeff bezos made history when he invented amazon as he reminded us again today, and he made history again today on board his first all-civilian, sub orbital's spacecraft, new shepard, named after the first shepherd of space travel, allen shepard who is the first american in space. we get all reports again for tonight from arms costello. >> roaring off the launch pad in texas, jeff bezos, billionaire space streams came to today. as he, brother mark, oliver damon, and wally funk, blue origin's first passengers flew a weightless 65 miles up. after a few minutes, a dramatic
11:52 pm
parachute plunge to earth. 3:10-minute trip coming to a soft landing in the desert stand. >> and touchdown. wow >> [laughs] [applause] 21 years after founding blue origin, as an all purpose based company, bezos and his follow passengers earned their astronaut ranks today. >> for wally fong, who was the not allowed to fly because of her gender, as celebrated. >> i want to thank you, sweetheart, because you made it possible for me. i've been waiting a long time to finally get it up there -- >> now the oldest person to ever go to space, joined by the youngest, 18 year old all over. among the memorabilia on board, 1 million a hearts aviator goggles looking down at the
11:53 pm
earth's atmosphere makes climate change very real. >> what you see is that it's actually incredibly thin, is this tiny little fragile thing. and as we we -- damage. it >> was his bezos is now facing backlash for saying this comment -- >> i want to thank every amazon employee and every amazon customer because you guys paid for all of this. >> he earlier use the spotlight to announce a new philanthropic initiative, giving $200 million to charities. he announced $100 million in ticket sales for future flights. each ticket will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. it's pretty steep right now so, how can you bring the costs down so that it can be accessible to everybody. >> you have to make it -- >> grow into modern-day passenger jets. so will he fly again? >> oh yes.
11:54 pm
how fast can you refuel that thing? >> our thanks to tom costello for that report from van horn, in west texas. coming up for us a report card on the crazy. emphasis on crazy. we we [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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11:58 pm
lincoln project. it's a reminder of where our politics are during this hot summer of 2021. it's a collection of crazy, deniers, haters, a few skaters in a production the lincoln project likes to call last week in the republican party. in the republican party. >> what's happening with the president? >> while his golf game is incredible. he's busting his driver, knocking the pins down. >> it's not even about covid, why can't we force uppity people to think thoreen? i don't like your attitude uni tranquilizers. >> doctor fauci looks like the laces outside of a football that i would like to kick. what did we do to saddam hussein? what did we do -- i mean, these people swung from their next in front of the world for killing far less
11:59 pm
people. >> we're not attacking the vaccine, never have, we don't judge anyone who takes it. >> this is a happy inclusive movement, we even want to free britney. >> i don't care what you think about fraudulent sleepy joe, he's a sex trafficking demon possessed mongrel. >> did election -- can you answer the question, they don't trump lose the election of 2020? is this an uncomfortable question for you? >> this is the party of donald trump. if you think otherwise, you're in for a rude awakening. [noise] >> sorry for the saliva noise this close to bedtime, the lincoln project to take us all of the air tonight. with thanks of course to the republican party for the raw material, none of that would be possible without them. that is our broadcast on a tuesday evening, with our thanks for being with us. on behalf of all our colleagues
12:00 am
at the networks of nbc news, goodnight. goodnight. >> tonight's on all in. >> i'm here because donald trump is one of my closest friends for 40 years. >> another one of trump's advisers arrested, accused of illegally lobbying trump four years as a secret agent for the uae. >> the uae is big stuff, the uae is very powerful, very strong. >> tonight, the wild charges against the ex president integral chairman, and the rampant pattern of illegality on teen trump. then -- >> if the vaccine is so great wouldn't it sell itself? >> 99 of the people who are dieting from covid are vaccinated. >> that is their choice. >> how the anti-vax -- through social media and right wing repetition. plus, with the death of bismarck-y says about structural


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