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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 19, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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you may consider taking action or do you want to see the fed take action? and secondly, why do you believe that the budget bill is the appropriate legislation for a pathway to citizenship? >> well, first of all, i think we need to find pathways to citizenship. the budget bill is an appropriate way to get around the filibuster to be able to make a judgment as to whether or not they should have a pathway. that's for the parliamentarians to decide, not for joe biden to decide. the first part of the question was -- >> you mentioned unchecked inflation. >> there's nobody suggesting there's unchecked inflation on the way, no serious economist. that's totally different. i mean, look, the stock market is higher than it has been in all of history, even when it went down this month. even down this month. now, i don't look at the stock market as a means by which to judge the economy like my predecessor did, but he would be talking every day for the last five months about how the stock market is so high, higher than
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any time in history, still higher than any time in history. so that's not how i judge whether or not we have economic growth. >> mr. president, on china and cyberattacking, your administration is naming and shaming china, but no sanctions. why? >> they're still determining exactly what happened. the investigation is not finished. thank you all very much. >> what is your understanding of the biggest difference between what they've done versus what russia has done in terms of cyberhacking? >> that would take a longer explanation. >> we have all the time in the world. >> no, we don't. i have to go see king jordan. to the best of my knowledge, and i'm getting a detailed report tomorrow morning, my understanding is that the
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chinese government, not unlike the russian government, is not doing this themselves, but is protecting those who are doing it and may even be accommodating them being able to do it. that may be the difference. thank you. >> this is "andrew mitchell reports" in washington as the president taking questions, tries to focus on the booming economy, while america is also gripped by the explosion of covid cases, which he acknowledged, which along with inflation is the big factor, covid tanking financial markets today. >> tragedies are avoidable. the data couldn't be clearer. if you're fully vaccinated you have a high degree of protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death. if you're unvaccinated, you are not protected. so, please, please get vaccinated. get vaccinated now. it works. >> and on covid, a huge blow today to the u.s. olympic team,
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with news from tokyo that an unnamed alternate member of the powerhouse women's gymnastics squad tested positive and tennis phenom coco goff is out of the games after her positive steph. >> let's talk to mike memoli and stephanie gosk and dr. a pell. >> the test follows coco goff and bradley beal. what do we know at this hour about the individual, how this could impact, potentially, the whole gymnastics team? >> reporter: andrea, these athletes come here and they're preparing for events and dealing with training and the events themselves, and now here in japan you have this cloud of this pandemic. and we are seeing now covid cases starting to pop. the latest usa gymnastics, an
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alternate member of the team -- so the team is made up of six gymnasts who are selected to compete, one of the alternates tested positive for covid and she's going to be moved to a facility, a medical facility, and then another teammate we are told by usa gymnastics has to go under enhanced quarantine protocols until she is cleared. that comes on top of this news about coco goff. now, it's important to make a distinction. coco goff tested positive while she was still going through protocols to get here. she hadn't arrived. this case of this gymnast here in tokyo, this is a person who had already gone through those protocols, had already tested negative and then tested positive here. it's not to say that she didn't contract it outside of the country, we don't know for sure. all of this coming just days before they are scheduled to compete. their competition begins on sunday. usa gymnastics saying that they have moved their training
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facility to a different spot, they have moved where they are living to a different spot. that was going to happen anyway, but it was part of their own protocols to keep these gymnasts as safe as possible. but in this case it's making everybody nervous. andrea? >> quick question, these athletes, i kind of assumed that all of them would have been vaccinated before coming, but that's not necessarily the case? >> reporter: well, we don't know. and they're not being asked publicly to state it. presumably the government here in japan knows, but we do not know. and they aren't necessarily. you have some very young members on this team as well, and there have been some athletes who have said they didn't want the vaccine to interrupt their training in the lead-up to the games. we just don't have those numbers right now, andrea. >> thank you so much, stephanie gosk. and mike memoli, the president wanted to highlight the pandemic recovery and also promise more
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on potential infrastructure, but now in answer to a question, he's tried to roll back -- he said i'm glad you're asking me that question. what he said to peter alexander on friday, that facebook is killing people with their misinformation, he rolled that back and said it was the 12 agitators. let me play what he just said in answer to a question, which he clearly welcomed. >> i was asked that question about what do i think is happening. facebook isn't killing people, these 12 people are out there giving misinformation. anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it. it's killing people. it's bad information. my hope is that facebook, instead of taking it personally that somehow i'm saying facebook is killing people, that they would do something about the misinformation. >> mike, you've pointed out for context that, of course, during the campaign joe biden was unhappy with the way misinformation and trump
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information, misinformation, all post-campaign about the big lie and all of that, does get, of course, amplified by facebook. so there's been sort of an historic bit of bad blood here. but clearly the president and the white house team thought that he had gone too far in his very off the top of the head answer out on the south lawn on friday to peter. >> reporter: that's right, the president could not have been clearer. i was standing right next to peter when the president did say facebook is killing people. and that is something that facebook obviously bristled at clearly over the weekend with an unusual, and perhaps even politically loaded back and forth in which facebook essentially said it's not our fault that you're missing your vaccination target here. and so an interesting moment here. but look at the context during the campaign, the biden campaign was regularly increasingly pointed in terms of its criticism not just of facebook, of twitter as well, and it only took the insurrection to prompt
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former president donald trump now to be taken off of those platforms. but you look at what the president was trying to do today on the eve of the six-month anniversary of his inauguration, taking stock of the state of the economy, trying to claim a measure of credit for the fact that the u.s. economy was rebounded more significantly than the rest of the world. the projections for growth continue to be ratcheted up. but it was two weeks ago that the president, the white house was engaged in a campaign, really, around marking our independence from the virus, tied to the 4th of july, and yet the white house continues to engage in important messaging about the severity of the pandemic, the idea that americans can't take -- let their guard down here. i thought it was interesting, andrea, that the president singled out the fact that four states are responsible for 40% of these new cases, but we are seeing a number of breakthrough cases as well. it's not just the olympics that are reminding us of the continued severity of this crisis, but the sports world,
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baseball, you have several star yankee players who we believe were vaccinated also on the injured list now because of this. and the fact that in ordinary lives we're seeing this as well. and so this continues to be a challenge for the white house, having to devote time and resources to the pandemic at a time when clearly the president wanted to be pushing forward in support of his infrastructure agenda as the senate is getting ready to take up an initial vote later this week. >> and it's a perfect time to bring in dr. patel, to have you here today, because you've got all of these resistant people, the unvaccinated, particularly in those four states, southern states. how bad could this get in coming months? you've got all your 12 and under, you know, your elementary kids, basically, who are not vaccinated because they're not 12 years old yet, going to school, and the colder weather coming, which is a tipping point. what about the fall and the
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winter? >> it's a great point, and i'll be honest, we were all kind of thinking that the summer would be a more quiet period, as you recall, and that it would be the fall and winter. the delta variant has really thrown a kink into that. so we are going to see in the next several weeks, especially in states that you mentioned like florida, where we don't have proper surveillance, we're going to see them get to the same critical point that they were this past winter and it has to do with the simple math of unvaccinated individuals. so come fall, we might actually have kind of gotten past a surge that we will see over the next several weeks, but to your point that leaves an even more exposed group, children. and you're starting to hear administration officials acknowledge that even though children don't get the same degree of hospitalization and severe illness, that they understand that parents are scared because this can lead to symptoms and there are a very small number of children that do get severely ill. so it's so unfortunate, andrea, because we can actually
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vaccinate our way out of this, but ironically we might actually have more people with a natural infection that receive immunity as well as the half of the country that has been vaccinated combined giving us the majority of immunity. >> and what about these breakthrough cases? a lot of us who are vaccinated, thankfully, had been getting more casual about going inside, going to restaurants again, getting on airplanes with masks, of course. but are we all being too relaxed about this because these breakthrough cases can lead to more infections, as we can be carriers? >> yeah, we're not all being too relaxed. i think we're all thinking about risk in a way that doesn't acknowledge the people who are at the most risk, elderly, health care workers, correctional officers, firefighters, police, that we were all vaccinated pretty early on and that we know our immunity is decreasing and we're also still in high-risk occupations and we have high-risk contacts,
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front line grocery store workers. the cdc is going to have an important conversation thursday where they're going to talk about potentially population, as well as the immunocompromised that might need that third dose of one of the mrna vaccines. i think it's going to highlight this is a virus that does go everywhere, but it does go into selected populations. i wouldn't be shocked if we see a recommendation for some of those higher-risk populations to get the third shot. >> and with so many eys on tokyo, clear up the information. so many athletes fear that the vaccine will hurt their conditioning. >> yeah, it's unfortunate, because we do know that there are side effects and we usually see those in the 24-36 hours after the first or the second dose. i understand that these are elite athletes and they don't want to take any risks, but look at the risk of getting covid.
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even a mild case can ruin an entire career. we have evidence of that from x-rays and ct scans we've done on patients. so very important to keep trying to get people vaccinated. some of those countries, andrea, as you know don't have enough vaccines, so they don't have an option. >> thank you so much, dr. patel, mike memoli, stephanie gosk. and next hour, dr. francis collins, director of the national institutes of health joining hallie jackson. first, shots fired outside washington's national park, sending players and fans running for safety just one day after a 6-year-old little girl was killed while riding her scooter. the heartbreak, the fear, what is the city doing? dc mayor muriel bowser joining us next. and fighting cyber hacking across the globe, what president biden just said about teaming up with your allies against china on this.
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community is reeling from two shocking incidents over the weekend. >> i hope that the fans come back and fans understand that, hey, this happens everywhere, unfortunately it's scary when it happens this close to us. but, you know, as you all know, this is not just us. it's happening everywhere.
9:18 am
>> at nationals park fans scattered throughout the stands and into dugouts after hearing shots fired, but some feared inside the stadium, late in a game saturday night against the san diego pat rays. it's another national wakeup call over the concerns of gun violence. >> everybody stood around for a moment because nobody knew what it was. and then a whole storm of people started running and we all kind of locked into a room and then started coming back out, and then the people came running from a different direction. at that point everybody started clearing out. >> and that surge in gun violence led to another tragedy friday night, the shooting death of a 6-year-old girl caught in the crossfire outside a corner store in her neighborhood. she was on a scooter. devastating her family and hitting home with local leaders. >> i am asking that we all stand
9:19 am
together and say no more. i am sick and tired of being sick and tired. the cowards who committed this crime came into this community without any regard for human life, without regard for naya's life, and opened fire and that can not and will not be tolerated. >> washington, d.c. mayor muriel bowser joining me now. we just heard the clip, of course you were with him at the town hall meeting. i was watching it live. our police commissioner, robert conte. i saw you brushing away a tear at one point, madam mayor. it's just intolerable that a child on a scooter 6 years old would be gunned down in a crossfire with these killer gangs or whoever they are. do we know anything more about who did this? >> well, we know that our police
9:20 am
department is investigating this, thoroughly investigating this. we're asking for the public's help. we know that the people who did this are killers in our community and we as a community have to stand against anybody who will use a gun and we're focused on finding the perpetrators of this violent crime. this 6-year-old baby is not with us anymore. it's not a game and we have to do everything that we can to protect our children. >> do you have any leads on this or on what's happened outside nats park? >> the police have already located the vehicle involved. they continue to interview witnesses. there's a $60,000 reward for anyone with information leading to this. i issued a statement with the
9:21 am
washington nationals just yesterday, also focused on making sure we're taking illegal guns off the street and making sure that the people responsible are brought to justice. i have directed our police chief to use any and all overtime necessary to make sure that we're not only increasing presence in the neighborhoods around nationals park, but in all of our hot spot areas. >> the courts recently have actually been ruling against vocal ordinances that control guns. how do you deal with this when there is no national push? don't you need help from the white house? >> we need help from the white house and we've got some in the form of an atf task force that we're participating in that is meant to stop the trafficking of
9:22 am
guns into communities like ours. we're also pushing for the entire criminal justice system to be open and in person. covid has shut down some of our in-person activities related to trials in our courts, and our offender supervision agencies, and we need all of those agencies will be open in person and providing their services as well. >> so regarding the nationals, this was on national television. this is a stadium we all go to all the time. are people going to be afraid to go to the ballpark because of these gangs or whoever they are who are shooting up our streets? >> well, we know that we've worked with the organization, not only our police department, our homeland security agency, but we'll be working hand in hand with the nationals. what our preliminary investigation shows us, andrea,
9:23 am
is that this incident, while tragic, had nothing to do with the stadium or the players or baseball. unfortunately it looks like two vehicles engaged in some kind of gun play, and unfortunately when people use guns, innocent people can get hurt. so we will locate those vehicles and the people involved and bring them to justice, and in the meantime, we're making sure we have maximum coordination between the city and the ballpark, as well as enhanced police presence. >> there was some confusion just in terms of what happened in the moment of the incident, because people were scared, people sitting near the third baseline thought they were in danger, they thought there was an active shooter inside the park, so they started running for exits, which was arguably the wrong thing to do. but since there were still shooters outside that might have been involved.
9:24 am
and then finally, i guess, through the p.a. system they started evacuating people through the opposite side, just because there was so much confusion inside. is there a protocol that could be improved when something like this happens? >> absolutely, and that's the communication that's happening with us, and not just with at nationals stadium, but we'll focus on all of our arenas to make sure that everybody is in coordination with homeland security and follows the best practices. i'm grateful to all of the employees and team members at nationals park who acted in the best way that they knew how to keep people safe. i'm also grateful to our first responders who responded to victims in our police department, who is going to be very aggressive about finding out who committed these crimes. >> and what is your message to parents of families with kids?
9:25 am
look, it's been 90-degree weather for weeks and weeks on end, a little better today, worse tomorrow. kids are outside. a lot of people don't have air-conditioning. there are power shortages. all of those things combined to people having their children on the streets later and later in the evening, after dark even. so what do you say to folks? >> well, i say to everyone that we have a beautiful city, we have parks and recreation centers and so many amenities for people to enjoy, and we are very focused on our public safety and we're not going to let any incident, even as tragic as what happened to sweet naya, stop us from living in our city. but we do have to be very focused on finding the people, and there are a few of them, and focus on the places. also a few of them that are
9:26 am
contributing to a lack of a sense of safety in our town, and we're very committed to getting to the bottom of it. >> well, we are thankful to you and to commissioner conte and what the police are doing, and we know how safe and wonderful our city is. this is just a shocking way that it was displayed with the whole country to see in a place that has been improving in safety. but we do have over 100 homicides already this year and it is of concern. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much, madam mayor. and we have breaking news. in the first felony sentencing from the january 6th attack on the capitol, paul hodgkin's sentenced to prison. he was inside with a trump flag, and goggles. he did not assault anyone or
9:27 am
destroy property. how do you judge his sentencing? >> well, the prosecution had asked for 18 months in prison. that was basically the sentencing guidelines here. his own lawyer said no prison time, maybe home detention, and randolph moss, the judge, sentenced him to eight years in prison, plus two years of supervised release. the judge addressing hodgkin's in court, although you were one member of a larger mob, you actively participated in a larger event that threatened the capitol and democracy itself. the judge said the damage that was caused that way was beyond the several-hour delay of the vote count, it's a damage that will persist in this country for several decades. now, hodgkin's himself did address the court today. he said that he was truly remorseful and regretful because he feared the damage that the incident has caused could hurt the country, but he said, i realize my involvement still did contribute to the greater problem that took place. so he did want to take some
9:28 am
responsibility. this is the first, as you say, felony charge. there have been two other guilty pleas. they were misdemeanors. this was -- the prosecution used this to lay down a marker that would say, you can't attack the capitol, you can't disrupt democracy, there are going to be consequences. but i think realistically, andrea, while this sentence is probably on the lower range of what will be the ultimate list of sentences from all these hundreds of cases involving felonies, there are many more serious sentences to come for those people who did destroy property or who did engage among the worst charges, engaged in violence. >> in terms of his own regrets or apologies, take us inside the courthouse. what happened today? >> well, he did address the court. he had submitted a court document earlier, an affidavit, but he did read a statement looking down at it most of the
9:29 am
time, addressing the judge, that says he was sorry for what he did, that he was swept up in the moment, but he asked, also, the judge not to sentence him to prison. he said if you sentence me to any time in prison, i'm going to lose my job, i'm a mechanic, i'm in an apprenticeship, it will set me back. so he was in essence begging the judge not to sentence him to any prison time. but the judge said some prison time is appropriate, given the gravity of what was at stake on january 6th. >> thank you so much, pete, for setting the stage. joining us, democratic congressman and iraq war veteran, reuben diego of arizona, who was on the house floor january 6th helping house colleagues put on their gas masks as the capitol was being stormed. and retired four star general barry mccafferty as well. your first reaction to the sentence, eight months, is that enough? >> well, i think that he got off
9:30 am
very light. i'm sure this is the gentleman that kept screaming lock her up, lock him up, and all of a sudden he wants mercy when he wasn't ready to show mercy on january 6th. so i always say you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. he got lucky and hopefully other judges will not be as lenient as he was this time. >> your feelings -- i mean, if you can recapture what it was like on that day, you as a veteran were trying to help your colleagues and journalists and others, but were you afraid for your own safety, for the lives of the people around you? >> i definitely was afraid for the lives of the people around me. look, it is the closest i've been to what i would say in 15 years, we had a lot of people on the house floor, both democrats and republicans, that i'm afraid would not had survived if we had gotten run over by a mob,
9:31 am
especially when they were using bear spray and some of them were armed. but more importantly, those that were trained in riot control, the mob is the weapon and that's the most dangerous thing that can happen when you're dealing with a crowd like that, and especially when you have civilians trying to evacuate at the same time. but the biggest fear was democracy that day and people were able to get to it, that's the sadder part of the wagz. >> and general, 43 rioters of all have some sort of military background, many are linked to extremist groups like the oath keepers or proud boys. is the military doing enough to try to police this among the active duty forces? >> well, there's been a lot of discussion about it. for starters, one extremist in the armed forces is too many.
9:32 am
there's 2.1 million men and women on the active reserve and in a given year we have those that are a danger to the rule of law. mostly i think we police them up and get rid of them. i don't think that the number of active duty -- if i remember, it's one person and a reservist actually participated in one form or another. so the active military is responsive to the command of the president of the united states and the secretary of defense. we should not worry about that. it's not going to be a threat to the republic. but at the same time, you know, the extremism in this country, we have 15% of the country who believes in the qanon. that's millions of americans. we had a hundred some odd republican congressmen vote to overturn the election. so we've got to stay focused on what's important. the threat isn't from a
9:33 am
sheriff's department of the armed forces. at this point it's from extremism and a huge part of the american population. >> and now we're learning from these books, including phil rutger's book, that general millie played an general role in protecting things from not being worse towards the end of the administration. >> can i say something? i think it's important that we note that, yes, the military was a bullwork but it should not be the military that should save democracy but the elected officials society. and the reason we got to the situation is because we have political enablers that continued, politicians that kept feeding the ego of donald trump, these pundits that we invite on tv and treat them as if they weren't part of the insurrection and other people we find in the socialite scene. this is the problem. we can't rely on the military. democracy needs to be protected by the civilian society and the fact that so many people just played and fed into this lie is
9:34 am
a problem. and in the future if we don't actually protect it, if we don't actually have people who are being held responsible for their actions, the military may not be able to save democracy. >> and barry mccafferty, why don't you comment? >> we know between november and january trump tried to overturn the results of the election, he carried out unlawful actions in a variety of ways. the key to me, though, was when he fired secretary mark esper, a distinguished guy, and then sacked the top of the work forum and put an acting secretary of defense in there, retired lieutenant colonel white house agent, i said to myself, this guy is setting up the mechanisms for a coup against the constitution. i still think that's exactly what happened. the protection of the american people starts to fall apart when
9:35 am
you have a president who is lawless and has no character. that's what mark milley was facing for the last several weeks of this administration. >> yeah, and as you point out, and i was reporting at the time, the selection of those civilians who were all people of a particular political stripe to be in the pentagon when they had no experience and no reason for being in there, was certainly a red warning sign. that was happening in plain sight, absolutely. >> the military is senator always going to be our safety net and general flynn could have potentially been back in the pentagon and he is as much of a qanon nut as you can get. it is the lawyers, the civilian people, the secretaries of this cabinet that are serving on corporate boards and treated as if they weren't part of the insurrection that enableds this feeble man. donald trump is a very dumb man,
9:36 am
he could not have done this on his own. there were people operating in levels of government that almost attempted a coup, so we can't just rely on the military. we have to make sure we have civil society and servants that are going to protection the constitution and when they don't, there should be consequences. we shouldn't just invite them back as if nothing happened. >> do you think the january 6th committee or commission, whatever you want to call it, committee, that is supposed to start meeting, can do anything if the republicans are not appointed, if kevin mccarthy doesn't appoint republicans or appoints -- well, nancy pelosi has final say over his appointees, so presumably certain numbers of the republican party would not be members. but what can they do with only democrats? >> well, we have a quorum, if the republicans don't want to appoint anybody, and we will go forward and we will have subpoena power and we need to deal with this. the republicans i think had 32 benghazi hearings, which the democrats responded to,
9:37 am
secretary clinton sat down for testimony for hours on end. but, you know, we have to get to the bottom of this. we won't let gamemanship stop us from getting to the bottom of what happened. just because the republicans don't want to play with us, or i would say work with us, doesn't mean that our work should stop and we have a republican that is being appointed by the democrats, liz cheney, who for all intents and purposes, has been a very even player on all issues, and at the end of the day the most important thing is getting to the bottom of what happened, who should be held accountable, also. >> congressman diego, thank you so much. general, it's always great to have you. thank you very much for being with us today. and the contract hackers, the u.s. nato and other allies formally accusing china of paying hackers. what makes this attack so unique? you're watching "andrew mitchell reports" on msnbc.
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administration is blaming china for an enormous microsoft hack, impacting companies, governments and military contractors around the world, and the administration is rallying u.s. allies against beijing, the u.s. accusing china of paying criminal groups to conduct large scale hackings to extort companies for millions of dollars. joining us, the former secretary of homeland security, co-founder
9:42 am
and executive chairman. it's great to see you again. thank you. what's different now is that the biden administration is not planning any sanctions against beijing, like it did against russia. the president spoke to that in a question and answer just a few moments ago. let me play that. >> to the best of my knowledge, and i'm getting a report tomorrow morning on this, a detailed report, my understanding is that the chinese government, not unlike the russian government, is not doing this themselves, but are protecting those who are doing it and may be even accommodating them being able to do it. that may be the difference. >> so that's what the president had to say. i guess that does make the same distinction as the way russia is being treated, they've had criminal syndicates protected by
9:43 am
russia, different from those that come from the russian gru or another part of the kremlin activity. >> yeah, i think the net effect was the same, what's basically happening is china is enabling groups to carry out attacks against american institutions, both in the government and the private sector, sometimes in order to extort money. i don't think that's much of an excuse. it may technically mean that the kinds of sanctions that could be used would be a little different than to a government agency, but i read the report and it's pretty clear that there was just one short step between these groups and the ministry of state security in the chinese government. >> i was going to say, just as we usually think that the kremlin has control, certainly
9:44 am
permitting these outfits to operate on russian soil, beijing knows everything that's going on in cyber, has complete control over everything that happens territorily. >> i think they could put a stop to this if they wanted to. i view it as a warning shot. i think there are two things that are important about what happened today. one is the degree of specificity about the nature of these attacks, identifying with quite a bit of precision the groups that carried them out and particular hack that were involved. i think it is a way of signaling to the chinese, we know what you're doing. even more important was the presence of allies joining in this effort. we've not had that much before, and i think the clear message to china is, if you continue this and you get into a conflict, it's not just us, but it is much of the globe that is going to be pushing back. so we will see what happens
9:45 am
going forward, but i think this was an important first step and, again, the second step will depend on chinese behavior. >> but is it too much of a slap on the wrist? should we have been doing more? >> first of all, i can't tell you whether we have actually done things that are quiet or secret. sometimes the government carries out actions, doesn't announce them to the world, but the chinese or the russians understand where it's coming from. so that may have happened. but, again, as i say, to me this is a first shot. i don't think by any means it suggests this is the limit. now, if the chinese continue with this, we then are going to have to step it up in terms of our response. >> and what do you expect president xi's response to be? >> i'm quite sure he's going to deny it, but i want to go back to almost ten years ago when president obama met with president xi and complained
9:46 am
about theft of intellectual property, and ultimately president xi acknowledged that there should be some limit on using espionage for the purpose of benefiting commercial -- domestic commercial enterprises. it didn't stop the chinese, but for a while they kind of dialed it back. however, i must say that under the trump administration it resumed not only with full force, but even beyond where it had been. so it's time to reset with the chinese on this issue. >> okay, michael chertoff, thank you so much for your expertise. and coming up, the death toll has risen to nearly 200 in germany. other parts of europe as well. after days of torrential rain led to the worst floods in half a century, water wiping out bridges and destroying homes, rescue efforts are under way as officials continue to search for hundreds still missing. over the weekend, german chancellor angela merkel surveyed the damage, describing
9:47 am
it as surreal and ghostly. she's pledging federal aid to help residents rebuild. and experts say this historic flood of germany is going to change european willingness, that there's going to be a new attitude at the upcoming global climate conference, a global conference which will now see europe probably proposing more important, tighter goals to combat climate change. next, future dreamers in danger. a federal judge declaring daca illegal, putting all new applications on hold. what are the chances for a permanent fix? stay with us. this is "andrew mitchell reports." you're watching msnbc. e my credit card debt. i needed just one simple way to pay it all off. it was an easy decision to apply with sofi loans, just based on the interest rate and how much i would be saving. there was only one that stood out and one that actually made sense and that was sofi personal loans. it felt so freeing. i felt like i was finally out of this
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9:52 am
country as children. 600,000 of them living without fear of being deported or any other legal action. the judge's ruling will not affect them but has prevented new dreamers from entering the program. the program says it could take years. joining me now is the president and ceo of vote latino. what message does this send to dreamers who are already here? at the federal court doing this already after so many years. >> right, so andrea, thank you for having this conversation if is devastating. we know tens of thousands of dreamers that started to apply and received a text message over the weekend saying their application interview had been canceled. you can imagine being a 17 or 18-year-old, a 20-year-old,
9:53 am
thinking finally there is a path way to work to contribute to america and getting that text message? such a fax, and they have lived in this country for the ma yourty of their whole lives. then you have individuals part of the daca program that have successfully applied then you have families who have grown here who have children that are american and they are once again being seen as a not necessarily not american, but at the same time expect them to go and work on the front lines as essential workers. so one of the items that people are looking closely at is how they can include some sort of daca and immigration relief in budget reconciliation. it has been done before. now the biden administration
9:54 am
activists have a line budget. it not only merits it but it is substantial enough as a line item that it could provide us with toning down the temperature of the politicking and getting people back to their lives. >> they just said in answer to this that it is up to the senate parliamentarian. that the minimum wage was not part of the reconciliation process. why hasn't the administration put forth dreamer protection. they, the best possible option would be of course immigration reform, we have not seen that and it keeps failing for one reason or another. why not break it out, pitch that, and put it on the table right now. they promised to deal with dreamers in the campaign.
9:55 am
it has 70% of support according to many polls. why not do it. >> i think if you carve them out by themselves you will leave their families behind. it is roughly 11 million people waiting here on average 20 years, andrea. and they have been disproportionally the essential workers. and so while we're recognizing there might be a carve out in the future, how do you hold on to the immigration values in this country. how do you pass a path way to citizenship. and the congress on the house side is already approved close to $40 billion in supporting the pathway to citizenship. there is a fine line that is an
9:56 am
opportunity, and you're going to need democratic members of the senate to be on board with that. >> you are an optimist, but i continue to say you have to do something, time is running out this year. thank you. thank you. >> we will continue to talk about it. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports" we continue to celebrate joe scarborough with his optimism on where the country is going, and those are now at slash the next 25. follow us online on football and twitter at "mitchell reports." "mtp daily" is next. "mtp daily" is next.
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