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tv   Craig Melvin Reports  MSNBC  July 19, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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can wallie funk be on all of them? i love her. >> she is amazing. >> there is a lot of people looked forward to that tomorrow. tomorrow you can join me for special coverage of this blue origin space test flight. it begins tomorrow only here on msnbc. that is tomorrow but that does it for us today for this hour of hallie jackson reports. highlights and more reporting on our twitter. craig melvin picks up our coverage right now. craig melvin here. already shaping up to be quite the busy hour here. right now we have critical senate hearing. this is not the dollar room that you're used to seeing.
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this is atlanta, georgia. republican senate leader mitch mcconnell calling the off site hearing a silly stunt. but the people testifying right now see nothing silly about what is happening in georgia. also, president biden putting the economy front and center. he hopes to build consensus around the country's recovery and job growth. but casting a shadow this hour? the markets. the dow's plummet continues down more than 2%. nearly 800 points. new york stock exchange also down. in the last hour the american academy of pediatrics opening schools in the fall. everyone over the age of two should wear masks regardless of
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vaccination status. plus, this morning, the new olympic hurdle and a troubling dose of reality with this virus. in the last couple hours we learned that a teammate of team usa's winning team tested positive for covid. also coco gauff will have to sit out after testing positive. and even though this is all happening at seas, we're watching a resurgence in covid cases and hospitalizations as well. right now the sickest patients are almost all unvaccinated. we start with gabe gutierrez. >> good morning. florida now accounts for 20% of all new covid cases in the u.s. and this hospital in jacksonville is now one of the many scrambling to keep up as
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the cdc director points out this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. this morning a troubling sense of covid deja vu. many hospitals are seeing younger and sicker patients. >> we'roverwhelming numbers. it is a lot faster. things are worse. >> nationwide cases are up nearly 70% in the last week. deaths 26%. >> california is open again. >> a month after california essentially put covid in the rearview mirror, it boomeranged in the state. los angeles just reimposed it's indoor mask mandate even for vaccinated people as it deals with 1,000 new cases every day. >> m afraid this mask will start to adhere to my face. >> over the weekend five texas
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democrats that travelled to dc to stall their state's controversial voting rights legislation tested positive for covid even though they had all been vaccinated. today illinois will announce the winners of the statewide lottery in an effort to encourage them to get the shot. around the country vaccination rates dropped by more than 35% in the last week. in part the white house is blaming disinformation. >> what's your message to platforms like facebook? >> they're killing people. i mean they're really, look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. and that is -- they're killing people. >> facebook firing back saying it will not be distracted by accusations not supported by the facts. the social media giant says it removed 18 million petes of covid miss information. >> right now in jacksonville there is 100 covid patients in
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this hospital alone. we thought we were past this, but the statewide covid rate in florida is about 10%. >> gabe gutierrez for us in florida. associategi
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a large swa#q of them not eligible for the vaccinations just yet.w3 should we be returning to in-person learning before our children can get the vaccine? >> my little sister is a principal at an elementaryq school, and she said what should i do to protect my kids. we nowe1 know they are moret( symptomatic. do i think we have done a great job of adjusting our educational system to match the demand on the teachers? no, but i think we have done a
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great job makingq sure they get the resources they need be vaccinated themselves. i don't think. i think we have room to move. we're getting there. but do i think we're going to be there by all of this? no. with our cases surging in every single state, where florida has an increase of 190% in the last two weeks. arkansas 140% in the last twoi] weekq think about nextq month it is entirely too soon. >> my northeast and nephew go to school at your sister's school there.
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to wear a çómask. i tell myq cousins, we have to h!itect our grandmother who is 81 years old. she is veryon# active. i tell her as much as i hate for her to have to be in aqjf situan where she has to ñrisolate, it not wosúh the risk of your life. you can get long covid. you may have an increase incident of development orñi neurologicok injuries. they did not present with injury
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-- neurologic z0y we don't know the long-term impact and it'sñi not worth you life and and it is not worth a disability because we did not want to wear a simple xdfacemas. >> thank you, we'll have to leave it there. we always appreciate your voters, local officials, and a georgia senator rafael warnack. >>q we're seeing anq attempt to1
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deny certain people thei] abili to have their voices haerd in our democracy.ñi some people don't want some people to vote. >> garrett okñihaake took the r trip for us. what sticks out to you. what isñi amy klobucharxd hopin accomplish today? >> you heard there they're r11e settinñ they aresá saying it is the mos theytay t( saying it is the mos but also for other state laws that are popping up around the country. we heard from voters here, talking about long lines toe1 vote. the challenges presented by this law inok the run off systems he. it is important to the democratic aspect to this andt(
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the small, and the capital decents 's the party. they are expecting to be very important next year. as far as what this areaing was meant to do it is meant to bring attention to the issues. also trying tot( bring back the data. it is a democratic only effort if there will be an election reform bill passed.ñi there will be changes to the 50 vote threshold. it is convincing thei] democrat holdouts if the situation here is bad enoughok they should chae their views on that. a former secretaryçó of state i california, how he used thatq ad the secretary of state forñr th senate for joe manchin. here is what he told me. >> look, i sat with him.
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he and i are twoi] of the view former stateçó secretaries. walking before the people act. and it is impopj there may be some tweaks in orderñir we're looking for any and all options. it may not beñi there yet, but
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filibuster. they had to stand in the chamber and talk to them. rather than the majority to r)fp)hw3it.t( this is as hezv floats those ids hefá walks3w them back. it keeps hope alive for democrats trying to change his mind but i think hope is minimal at this point.çóu onpá committee. we have speciale1 guests on
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guests, joy read will be talking tofáok stacey aprograms, andv will bee1 talking about pushing forú)ñáñ democrats. that will be tonight only on msnbc. we're also seeing a year long rise in gun violence in this country. and this weekend we saw deadly shootingst( spanninge1 from portland,e1 oregon to washingto dc.xde1 the suspea÷ was thenjc=%q%11e wounded by an officer there. this is more shootingsçó plague the washington dc over the weekend including a drive buy shooting that left a 6-year-old girl dead. and in a separate incident, gunfire echoed in national's park in washington just before
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the 7th inning. fans running for the exit there as the announcer urged them to stay put. police say three people were shot outside of the park including ae1 fan who was there for the game.w3 folks here didn't know what to folks here didn't know what to think, the gunshots =e= frome1 inside dium. there was shouts of active shooter. mof what has played out in so many ameri#@p cities that could be happening here in the nation's capital as fans took cover in the t(bathrooms, hidin in the concourse, and tryingt(e take refuge in theq dugouts of the e1padrpadres and the washinr nationals.
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at least two vehicles werefáe1 involved in thee1e1 shootout. but one fan was outside waiting for her uber, she was struck by a gunshot in the back of the neck and she is now recovering from that graze wound. the other two showed up at local e.r.s with gunshot wounds. they may be involved in the shooting and there is now a $10,000 reward for people with investigation about what exactly transpired here.e1 but it came during a deadly weekend of violence in the nation's capital that started during a drive bye1 as she was riding her scooter late at night with here1ñi parents. five other people also injured in that incident. years old. josh, thank you. just a few minutes from now. we expect to seeq and hear from president biden e1soon. he is going to be making a push
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fore1 the package. we're adiady seeing one complication for the economic message. take a look at the markets, the dow down more than 2%. the new york stock exchange down. more than 250 points sinceçó th open. and blaming china for a massive microsoft breech. how the u.s. plans to confront the chinese government. next. the chinese government next spend less, smile more, when you shop back-to-school at amazon. ♪ someone once told me,, that i should get used to people staring. so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory.
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in about two hours the biden administration blaming china for that microsoft hack. so ken. walk is through what is the white house going to do. >> they are accusing china of a broad array of cyber opportunity. the massive hack in march and a series of ransom wear attacks. what is significant here is that the biden administration for the first time is publicly accusing chinese intelligence of working hand and glove with criminal hackers to steal money. it is one thing to hack for
8:24 am
national security spying, but the white house is acting like an organized crime family wrecking havoc. what is missing here is a punishment. they are going over hacking, but the u.s. never has. white house officials are saying this is the first step of rolling out future action, craig. also as i understand it they're trying to enlist our allies to call out the chinese government as well. ken, to be clear, are we accusing the chinese government of stealing the money from our businesses? for just their own use? >> in -- well, it is a little more complicated than that, craig. in essence, yes. the chinese intelligence is
8:25 am
working with criminal hackers and they're providing them with attack vectors and they are profiting from this, yes. the three indicted today are part of the schemes. it is all one thing, craig, and they're saying that china is a rogue actor. >> china is working with hackers, ken delainian. thank you as always, sir. we expect to see president biden making the case for a big infrastructure deal. we just got word from the white house that things, surprise surprise, seem to be running a little behind. we're going to run those numbers and check in on the senators scrambling to finish up a deal
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keeping a close eye on the white house. the president set to tout the nation's job growth. his speech will come as we see the stock market take quite a
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major turn right now. we see the dow, the nasdaq, and this could put a wrench in president biden's plan for the bipartisan infrastructure plans. and you have the other spending plan that the president is trying to get through. this week will be a pivotal week on the infrastructure bill. chuck schumer plans to move forward with a bill on wednesday regardless of a final draft that has been written. mike memoli will be at the white house. leann caldwell joining us about what we can expect from the speech as well. >> craig, you seat it up as a very important week. the senate vote at least an initial vote later this week to get that process under way.
8:31 am
look at this speech today as the president is really trying to set the table and build momentum going to it. he will look backwards and see the gains from 600,000 in the most recent month and attribute that plus some of the economic imperatives contained in that. what do we know is the republicans chief argument against what the president is proposing to do going forward. some of the really steep pricetag on that build back better agenda. a white house official tells me the president will address that head on by tackling some of the persistent and unresolved challenges in this country like childcare and transportation infrastructure, trying to revitalize american manufacturing, these actions will over time reduce costs on the average consumer and that
8:32 am
the price spikes are temporary in nature. so that will be important for the president to make. the president hoped by this point to be talking about a pandemic largely in past tense. and what have when see not really just in the last few weeks, but since the 4th of july when he wanted to mark independence from the virus. so this is likely something that he will be asked about. >> ben white joining us now. politico's chief correspondent. i want to ask you about something you wrote last week. you wrote last week there is a new fear circulating inside of the white house, the west wing of the white house. maybe larry summers was right. the former treasury secretary has been warning since president joe biden's big spending agenda was creating an inflation spike this year potentially cutting into an economic recovery from
8:33 am
the covid-19 pandemic. how serious are those concerns, ben, and could that change the calculation for the rest of his economic agenda like that massive reconciliation bill? >> it could and there is serious, i mean 5% plus inflation that we saw last month. serious price by the white house, expected to see, as mike said they're continuing to argue that they're temporary that the economy comes back online, but it caused some concern and caused some concern with the fed as well that we're seeing these price spikes. and that makes it a little hard to argue for another $3.5 trillion in spending, but they will make the case and we will hear the president make the case later that we can get more people back into the workforce through childcare and universal pre-k. these are efforts to bring more people back into the labor
8:34 am
force, increase productivity, and it undercuts inflation. in the near term it is a real risk. we see prices rise more than wages. it makes people feel like they have less money to spend, makes them worry about the economy, and couple that with the delta spikes that we're seeing and you have a risky time right now for the u.s. economy. >> leann, we know that senator schumer said he wants this deal done before the august recess. he wants a procedural vote on wednesday. at last check there had not been a bill written, but take us through the time line. >> it is really crunch time. majority schumer wants to get this done including a bipartisan plan that he gets up and going and he forced a timeline to start the process.
8:35 am
some of the republicans in this group are really balking. they want to take a vote and they will vote for it once the legislative text is complete. let's listen to senator rob portman yesterday and what he said about it. >> we should not have an arbitrary deadline of wednesday. it is incredibly important. it has been talked about for years and it has to be done in a thoughtful bipartisan way. we don't want to rush this process and make mistakes. >> so this bipartisan process of course needs the support of 60 senators. that means ten republicans. so the power that republicans have in this process at this point is that they can vote against this procedural measure causing the vote to fail and forcing everyone to reassess. the things that we are waiting for is legislative text, and the
8:36 am
congressional office score to tell us how much this really cost and if in fact it will really be paid for. something that many americans say is necessary before they can vote for it. that is still completely from the $3.5 billion infrastructure package they want to start in a few weeks. >> i know the irs enforcement being paid for, has that been resolved? >> it has. senator portman said that $60 billion in revenue expected to be gained by enforcing people paying their taxes, especially corporations and the wealthy, that has been removed from this legislation and so they're going to have to come up with another $60 billion of a different way of how to help pay for this $579 billion bill and that is one of the things they're discussing and one of the reasons they don't have legislative text yet.
8:37 am
>> i want to come back to you for a moment. june was block buster month for job growth. the economy adding some 850,000 jobs. you mentioned the growing increase. is the white house painting a rosier picture than what the numbers might suggest? >> to a degree, yes they are. the numbers were good last month. \than they have been. it alleviated the fears, but they're not nearly as robust as what we would like to see. part of the reason for that is the mismatch.
8:38 am
people are worried about childcare and all of the rest of it. the conversation in the white house is mostly about what happens in september when the extra unemployment rolls off, and it is time for everyone that is hesitant to get back in. we should see numbers twice what we're seeing now if things are operating properly. so it is a slightly rose your picture. but they're not big enough and fast enough. if we're not seeing over a million plus then we have more problems and more structural issues that we need to examine. they look good on paper, but it's not what we need. >> that is a good point, the fall, returning to work, and
8:39 am
unemployment benefits running out, thank you ben and leann. mr. memoli, do not go far. i want to keep you around because president biden set to start speaking momentarily. "terrifying." that is how angela merkel is describing the aftermath of the deadly floods in europe. we'll check in on those rescue efforts. and this florida man is in federal court right now being sentenced for his role in the deadly january 6th insurrection. we'll look at the details of his case and what it could mean for the other suspects.
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believe where we're headed. before i took office people were making bold predictions about how it would turn out. you might remember some of the predictions. that if i became president we would "see depression, the likes of which we have never seen." it is true that the economy was sputtering before i got here, adding only 60,000 jobs a month and for three months before i was sworn in. now six months later we have changed that. we went from 60,000 a month to 60,000 every three days. more than three million new jobs all told. that is the fastest growth i'm told at this point in any administration's history. another prediction, and it is my favorite, i must add, is that if i got elected i bring the end to
8:45 am
capitalism. i never understood that one, but we heard it an awful lot. six years in, experiencing the highest economic growth rate in nearly 40 years and we know, now, we knew that we needed to launch a war-time effort to get the america vaccinated. pass a powerful american rescue plan. we did both of those things. and now the forecasters have doubled their projections for growth this year and the economy to 7% or higher. in fact, the u.s. is the only developed country in the world where growth projections today are stronger than they were before the pandemic hit. at the same time companies across the country are giving workers a raise and the number of new unemployment claims has been cut by more than half since i took office. and two weeks ago i issued a major executive order.
8:46 am
banning non-compete clauses, lowering the price of things like hearing aids, internet service, and dozens of other actions. it is your honors out that it is working very well. it works the way it is supposed to, for the american people. so for all of the predictions of doom and gloom, here is where we stand. record growth. workers getting hard earned breaks. we brought the economy back from the break. but to lay the foundation for a
8:47 am
long-term boom that brings everyone along. that is why we designed the american rescue plan. to help not just all of those, everyone at once, but over the course of a full year and beyond. so we can help families with small businesses weathering the ups and downs. and there will be ups and downs. we saw a great example of that just last week. for the first time monthly payments started going out to nearly every working family raising a child in the united states of america. thanks to the expanded child tax credit in the american rescue plan, $300 a month going out for each child under the age of 6. and $250 for every child 6 through 17. every month for the next sixth -- six months with more coming in the spring. for some that is a lifesaver.
8:48 am
think of the struggling mom, the parent has to say we can't afford dance classes or the sports team you want to play on this fall. we can't do it. you know they can't wait for the credit to come in for their taxes as a tax credit. they need cash in their pocket today. for families with the least it will do the most to dramatically reduce child poverty in america. for millions of middle class families it will give them a little breathing room every month. that is just one example of how we're building an economy from the bottom up and the middle out. despite that progress we cannot afford to be complacent. we know that our economic recovery hinges on getting the pandemic under control. you know and by fully
8:49 am
vaccinating. the disease with severe impacts. and we can't let up. especially since and because of the delta variant. which is more transmissible. particularly in communities with very low vaccination rates. just four states account for 40%, four states, 40% of all cases last week. hospitalizations and death that's are occurring among unvaccinated americans. these tragedies are unavoidable. the data could not be clearer. if we're fully vaccinated and you have a high degree of protection against severe illness, hospitalization, and death. if you're unvaccinated you're
8:50 am
not protected. so please, please get vaccinated. get vaccinated now. it works, it's safe, it is free, it is convenient. you know, this virus doesn't have to hold you back any longer. doesn't have to hold our economy back any longer. but the only way we put it behind us is if more americans get vaccinated. we also know that as our economy has come roaring back, we have seen price increases. some folks raised worries that this could be a sign of persistent inflation. that's not our view. our experts believe and the data shows that most of the price increases we've seen were expected and are expected to be temporary. reality is, you can't flip the global economic light back on and not expect this to happen. as demand returns, there's going to be global supply chain
8:51 am
challenges. we've seen that in semiconductors, which are used in automobiles. that global shortage has slowed vehicle production, creating a temporary spike in car prices. that's a real challenge. my administration is doing everything we can to address it. but, again, these disruptions are temporary. lumber prices are another example. they spiked early in our recovery, but in recent weeks they began to fall. they've fallen by more than 50%. the hospitality industry, prices are returning to where they used to be. economists call these things transitory effects and they account for about 60% of the price increases we've seen over the last few months. i want to be clear, my administration understands if we were to ever experience unchecked inflation over the long term, that would pose a real challenge to our economy. so while we're confident that isn't what we're seeing today,
8:52 am
we're going to remain vigilant about any response that is needed. as i made clear to chairman powell of the federal reserve, when we met recently, the fed is independent. it should take whatever is necessary to support a strong economic recovery, but whatever different views some might have on current price increases, we should be united in one thing, the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure framework, which we shook hands on. we shook hands on it. and my build back better plan will be a force for achieving lower prices for americans looking ahead. it's another reason why the investments are so important. if we make prudent multi-year investments in better roads, bridges, transit systems and high-speed internet in a modern resilient electric grid, it breaks up the bottlenecks in our
8:53 am
economy, goods get to consumers more rapidly and less expensively. small businesses create and innovate much more seamlessly. if we increase the availability of quality affordable child care, eldercare, paid leave, more people will enter the workforce. these steps will enhance our productivity, raising wages without raising prices. that won't increase inflation. it will take the pressure off of inflation, give a boost to our workforce, which leads to lower prices in the years ahead. so if your primary concern right now is inflation, you should be even more enthusiastic about this plan. as we promote fair competition in our economy through the executive order i mentioned, it will drive down prices even further. new businesses will get in the game, competing against those giant corporations who have been free to ramp up prices because
8:54 am
they haven't had any real competition. look, the bottom line is this, what the best companies do and what we as a country should do is make smart, sustainable investments with appropriate financing. to make this nation more productive, to advance america's leadership in clean energy, the win the jobs of the future, while meeting the threat of climate change and ensure that all working americans benefit from the growth they're helping produce. the independent experts who have analyzed my plans have found that they would do just that, expand output and enable millions of americans to enter the labor workforce. now, just this year, not just for the next -- not just this year, but for decades in the future. it's not temporary. this is the best strategy to create millions of jobs and lift up the middle class families and grow wages and keep prices
8:55 am
affordable for the long term. what we can't do is go back to the same old trickle-down theories that gave us nearly $2 trillion in deficit finance corporate tax gave-aways, that did nothing to make our economy more productive or resilient. the same people who chaired on that approach are now telling us it isn't a problem if big companies have to compete for workers and offer them a fair wage with some dignity. i could not disagree more. we can't go back to the old failed thinking. we need to grow the economy from the bottom up and the middle out, as i said before. the investments i'm proposing are investments the american people want and investments that our country needs. if we get this done, a wide range of independent forecasters project that it will have an incredibly significant impact on gdp and jobs, good-paying jobs,
8:56 am
with prevailing wages. and a majority of these jobs will go to people without a college degree. i've said it before, and it's true, this is a blue collar blueprint for building an american economy back. simply put, we can't afford not to make these investments, and we're going to pay for them responsibly as well by ensuring that our largest corporations and the very wealthiest among us pay their fair share, by reforming our international tax system with a minimum global tax which we've led the world to agree to. let me close with this. when i arrived in office it had been a long time since the government had worked for the people. things had been great for big corporations and folks at the top. those 55 major corporations that paid zero in income tax, while making billions in profits, they
8:57 am
had no complaints. when i took office, i made a commitment, a commitment to the american people, that we're going to change that paradigm. so working families could have a fighting chance again to get a good education, to get a good job and a raise, to take care of the elderly parent or the child with the disability, and still be able to go out and earn a good living. to stop losing hours of their lives stuck in traffic because the streets are crumbling or waiting for slow, spotty internet to connect them to the world. that's what the economy we're building is all about. that's why we passed the american rescue plan and that's why we need an investment in the bipartisan infrastructure framework and my build back better plan. our economy has come a long way over the last six months. can't slow down now. we can make this boom we're experiencing today one that will
8:58 am
ensure that all americans have an opportunity to share in it for years to come, and we can show the world that american democracy can deliver to the people. i look forward to continuing to build this economy and i'm incredibly optimistic about what we're going to be able to build together in the next six months and the years to come. thank you all for listening and may god bless you and i'll take a few questions. >> mr. president, you said last week that platforms are faced -- >> let me say precisely what you said. i'm glad you asked me that question. one, i had just read that on the facebook -- facebook, it was pointed out that facebook, of all the misinformation, 60% of that misinformation came from 12 individuals. that's what the articles say. so i was asked that question about what do i think is happening. facebook isn't killing people, these 12 people are out there
8:59 am
giving misinformation. anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it. it's killing people. it's bad information. my hope is that facebook, instead of taking it personally that somehow i'm saying facebook is killing people, that they would do something about the misinformation, the outrageous misinformation about the vaccine. that's what i meant. >> have they done enough in your opinion to stop -- >> to be completely honest with you, i don't know whether they did anything today. up over the weekend, i don't think they had. but i don't know. i don't know the answer to that question. >> you hold them accountable if they don't do more? >> when you say hold accountable, i'm not trying to hold accountable. i'm trying to get people to look in the mirror, think about that misinformation going to your son, your daughter, your relative, someone you love. that's what i'm asking. all the way in the back. >> mr. president, at what point will you consider inflation unchecked to a point in which
9:00 am
you may consider taking action or do you want to see the fed take action? and secondly, why do you believe that the budget bill is the appropriate legislation for a pathway to citizenship? >> well, first of all, i think we need to find pathways to citizenship. the budget bill is an appropriate way to get around the filibuster to be able to make a judgment as to whether or not they should have a pathway. that's for the parliamentarians to decide, not for joe biden to decide. the first part of the question was -- >> you mentioned unchecked inflation. >> there's nobody suggesting there's unchecked inflation on the way, no serious economist. that's totally different. i mean, look, the stock market is higher than it has been in all of history, even when it went down this month. even down this month. now, i don't look at the stock market as a means by which to judge the economy like my predecessor did, but he would be talking every day for the last five months about how the stock market is so hi


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