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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  July 18, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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coverage begin on tuesday at 8:00 a.m. eastern right here. we're approaching the top of the hour. this is msnbc reports with yasmin vossoughian. welcome back. for those just joining us. welcome. year in the making, a chance to strike a deal is now. looking inside the pivotal final vote this week. cashing in on the mid terms, democrat or republican? we'll show you the millions of dollars that incumbents and challengers are raising for the mid terms. what those donations are telling us about the fate of power on capitol hill. plus -- >> what is has been in cuba is not just an abuse of power, it's not 62 years of on totalitarian
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system, killing and abusing our people. it's a humanitarian rights issue. >> passions and emotions spilling over in miami. another day of events by the cuban-america community. what they hope to accomplish inside the communityist island that they or their families led from. also this -- >> people have threatened to remove our hard access, remove access to e-mail, to the entire building at all. they can do anything they want. texas democrats are here and ready to take any punishment in order to fight with texans freeing the vote. >> the professional and personal toll. i will talk to representative gene wu, after he and more than 50 of his texas colleagues fled their state to try to stop voter
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restriction legislation being passed. i'll speak with him. the act of kindness. after rude behavior by customers in their restaurant. we begin this hour in washington where chuck schumer has vowed to force a vote on wednesday, nbc's josh lederman is in washington with the details. do you think it will happen? >> republicans are already pushing back, saying the timeline is arbitrary. still, the senate majority leader chuck schumer, aiming to actually take the first step tomorrow to set up that procedural vote on wednesday, to be able to move ahead with this, and actually get the ball rolling, even while they're still ironing out the details.
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the latest wrinkle coming when senator rob portman, who actually has been negotiating this bipartisan deal, said one of keys was to use tax enforcement to recoup some of the lost money that's owed to the u.s. government, by stepping up enforcement, portman says that's no longer in the deal. that that was not something reps wanted in there, so it will not be excluded. that's raising real questions, well, how is this going to be paid for? portman says there's other pay-fors that they're looking at. of course, because this bill hasn't been fully written, there hasn't been a chance for the congressional budget office to crunch all of the numbers, figure out what is and is not paid for. that is clearly top of mind for republicans. >> and what about the other democrats-only bill? the main complaint with a huge
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infrastructure package was democrats are including things that aren't typical infrastructure, so democrats split that. are they hoping to do that through budget reconciliation? >> that's exactly the plan. in fact, that bill is the reason why chuck schumer is in such a hurry to get this bipartisan deal through. he wants to get it off the senate's place so they can move quickly to the massive $3.5 trillion infrastructure deal that democrats would do without any republican support to be able to to get ahead, all of those major biden priors wouldn't great to in the deal. climate change, efforts to help families as well as families and child care, other steps like that. the real question there is, can the white house keep automatic 50 democrats in line? because they're using reconciliation to try to sidestep republicans, push it through only with democratic votes, lindsey. >> josh lederman, thank you.
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on to some breaking news out of the california. a tense scene unfolded in the town of riverside. it's about an hour east of los angeles. take a look. [ shouting ] all right. there are protester and counter-protester and chuck loyalists and marjorie taylor greene, one of counter-protesters you saw there was pushed. the protests outside riverside city hall was put together by gates and greene after a third venue in the state canceled their event over public safety concerns among other reasons. jeff, you were there, what led up to the escalation there?
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>> reporter: i personally didn't see the escalation what fold was a sweep behind city hall s. the counterprotesters on the other. >> occasionally people would try to cross over to the other side and get in each other's face and everything. >> i mean, three venues cansling their appearance together, citing public safety concerns. what were some of the reasons the venues are cancelling the event? >> well, it was originally supposed to be held at a venue
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in la do you knowa beach, and they don't want to be involved with the controversy. then we learned it was going to the riverside convention center, the priority company said they had booked them, and then we found out later it will be the headliners, and then friday night word came out the private company was not going to have the event. that set up a whole scramble, and then anaheim event center, and i think the common threat is, yeah, there was concern about public safety. i know in riverside, there was a huge social media campaign, e-mails, phone calls from people who did not want these two members of consequence in the city, you know, assuming that they didn't represent their values, that they spread
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disinformation, so i think it was a combination of public safety and people just not wanting them here. >> what can you tell us, jeff, about how unusual it is to see something like this in your community? very political divisive figures, you know, what are you hearing there on the ground of how people are feeling about not only the fact that they're coming to your state, but then we're seeing these clashes as a result. >> well, it is unusual, because, again, speaking with riverside, it's become a much more blue city in recent years. riverside county traditional was orange county was very rub, and what we've seen in the past 10 to 20 years, becoming more purple than blue, especially in the city of riverside. the city of riverside has representation in the state legislature and in congress.
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the city council is now much more liberal and diverse than it used to be. so they have two figures like this come in here for this type of rally, this is not the city you would expect for that to happen. jeff horseman there from the "san bernardino sun," thank you for your reporting. we'll speak to james clyburn about this. i want to bring in my panel, though. basel, we're going to start with you. what does that tell with you messaging from people like gates and greene? >> i think -- we always talk
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about this country being divided, but it certainly seems so more so than ever before. certainly along cultural lines, but i think it's so much more than that. i think that you have leaders on the republican party who are content about drumming up, energizing, mobilizing their base, all things we are hearing about critical race theory. the intentionial is troubling, but i want to warn some of nigh friends and colleagues, whether you're republican or democrat, i care about mott raise, care
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about the policy. but i caution them to think this is not a one-off. >> evidence of the political divide, but can it be calmed when some have become far stream? then you have the remnants, the left jersey fraction of our party to attract supporter.
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clearly marjorie greene and gaetz, they're -- the water. it's something that our party you know they're trying torrie that is red around that this fringe is energizing some fraction in the party. it's not my cup of tree. there is a lot of big donors, and i raise money for republican candidates. there are a lot of big donors very turned off by this rhetoric a lot of the comment they make their absolutely way out in left field.
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>> i'll push back in a bit. gaetz and greene are doing quite well, but basel, are you quite confident an agreement is coming this weekend? >> i'm not confident about this weekend, but i'm confident it will happen soon. you know, things like broadband, how you consider businesses like child care, small businesses, these are things we have to consider this has sped up this conversation about the future of work. you could talk about infrastructure until you talk
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about how people are going to work in the future. i don't know that anybody is willing to have that conversation, but i do believe that conversation is necessary. >> all right. i'm going to circle back. looking ahead to 2022. liz cheney raised a whopping $1.9 million.
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behind what she is doing. i will clarify something. i deal with a lot of super-pacs, a lot of high net-wort individual donors, called a megadonor. so a lot of the fringes candidates, like gaetz and greene, they get a lot of thought from the small donors. he raise the money as far as liz
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cheney, she has a lot of your ceos, mainstream big donors behind her. >> let's put of a graphics of these how could this play into the democrats' strategy here to maintain control. >> that would be different. i apologize if you hear theme music behind. that said, i think it will be important for democrats to maintain what level that they do
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have. even folks like antonio delgado, who might have some trouble. we could be in danger of losing the majority. >> basil rubbing it in all other faces, and nicole, thank you both so much. good to see both of you. we want to turn to the mass rallies now in florida. people are gathering at miami's freedom tower, a landmark for cubans seeking a better life. today marks the eighth straight day stephanie standing is in thick of it all. i see a lot people behind you
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what are you seeing there? we're going to try to get her live shot back. do we have stephanie? we're going to work on reestablishing that connection, and gets that live report in miami. still ahead, a lot of weighing in washington. texas state lawmakers in exile after fleeing a special session to halt legislation. texas state rep gene wu joins me after the break. good afternoon. p gene wu joins e after the break. good afternoon visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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mirror. happening now, we're going to show you a voting rights roundtable in smyrna, georgia. it's being hosted by stacy abram and senator klobuchar. you see both of them in the center of your screen.
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they're in cobb county, where voters waited up to four hours for submit their votes. with national as, labor leaders to try to pullet pressure a congress to pass federal voting legislation. they're not backing down from their mission. >> i do believe that that is going to put a chill on our sit-down visits, but we're committed to this, and here until this bill dies on the 7th. we're willing to do whatever is necessary to make these businesses happen. >> the more than 50 democratic lawmakers in texas have been in the nation's capital for nearly a week already after fleeing the
1:24 pm
state. one of them jones my now. representative wu, what more details can you give us about this week's event? you know, i've been told that everybody is being tested every day. how confident are you that everything will go smooth? >> i think the basic takeaway is the moment we realized there was a problem, democrats were transparent we left everyone else know we. we immediately instituted mask wearing, daily testing, we immediately instituted a system where we helped out our colleagues who were testing positive, made sure they had food, could stay in their rooms and be isolated there's been
1:25 pm
some hiccup along theway. we are planning to go out to to dinner tonight as a big group. we're going to scrap that, do dinner at home, try to bring back food for our colleagues. >> how are they doing, by the way? how are they feeling? >> that is the beauty of being vaccinated. every single person who has tested positive so far have little to no symptoms. if nothing else, this is a reminder too get your stupid shots now. don't wait. you need the vaccine and to be fully immunized before the delta variant gets to you. >> you know, representative wu, you talked about the hiccups along the way. weddings westr were postponed, insulin had to be stockpiled.
1:26 pm
you're area from your wyche and two sons. how are you navy gaiting in time. how long are you planning to be away? >> i don't want to say we're suffering. that's being overly dramatic, but this is not -- all of us spend time away from our families and businesses, dealing with the business of the state. we want to spend time with our kids, take care of our yards, and make money again. we're not happy about being here. >> i want to pull up the live shot here the stacey abrams and amy klobuchar, holding this roundtable on voting rights. how do you feel about the moment tim now? i know you have a ton of events
1:27 pm
planned. how are you going to keep this momentum up, knowing the attention span of americans? >> earlier, you were talking about how there was five-hour voting, people waiting in line. we had the exact same thing in tex, except people were standing in 100 degrees weather, and republicans are looking to pass laws to make it eight hours lounge, and if you pass out water, you're going to prison. we're trying to let every single lawmakers floe, democrat and republican, these are the things they're trying to do. >> if they try to help somebody who is disabled, if they try to help someone who doesn't speak english perfectly, and they don't do it exactly right, they're going to be arrested and they're going to go to prison.
1:28 pm
representative wu, thank you for joining us. i hoar you and your colleagues are safe. we appreciate it. tomorrow, lawrence o'donnell and jonathan capeheart speak with the democrats about their decision to travel to the capital to push for voting rights. they're also going to talk about this hiccup, covid breakthere's cases. watch it monday at 10:00 p.m. eastern here. turning back now to the mass rallies across florida, in support of cuba demonstrators, what are you seeing? >> reporter: there have been events all day long in miami. i'm here in little havana at the bay of pigs monument. you can see the eternal flame still burns. this is where, just a few moments ago, a small gathering
1:29 pm
of venezuelans just wrapped up. they're standing in solidarity with the cuban people. one of those in attendance is joining me now. this is jaysee alvarez. you two have an interesting story here. obviously she's venezuelan, you're married to her, but what is your message? why did you guys want to be here today at this gathering? >> we want to stand in solidarity with the people in cuba seeking freedom from an oppressed dictatorship, and the cuban people are united in a way, because castro said what to do. and they're an oil-producing company, inflation is over 1,000% every single month, and my brothers in cuba are
1:30 pm
suffering. they're facing -- by the government. they're getting hit by whatever they call it, the police -- total chaos in cuba, and we need to help everything both in central and south america, the united nations, the o.e.s., we need everyone to stand behind us to get rid of this cancer in cuba? >> reporter: thank you for sharing those thoughts. again, that is the sentiment we are hearing over and over again. of course, as you just haed heard, the venezuelan people know full well what is happening in cuba, knowing that they were living under hugo chavez for so long. we're seeing events across miami, and in fact they will continue. we understand a lot of people will be moving or to the world-famous versailles restaurant, where the rallies
1:31 pm
and protests will continue. >> thank you, stephanie. coming up, pressure on president biden to offer a clear plan for legislate. plus what caused this chaotic scene at a washington nationals baseball game? chaotic scene at a washington nationals baseball game? experience our advance standards safety technology on a full line of vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing.
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despite his assurance that the surges would diminish, "the washington post" writes that the president is very aware, saying as americans rate the president's handling of
1:36 pm
immigration poorly, the president himself worries that republican attacks will resonate political. anita, good to see you. "the washington post" also describes president biden ago being caught between the costly reality of a border inflection, and -- what can he do? >> he wants to -- he's been trying to strike this balancing act that's been very, very tough for him. if you remember, you know, he did take a tighter look at this. he did talk about deportation and used all these issues to really not have some immigrants here. reality is this is very tough to
1:37 pm
do. you can't just turn the system around overnight from one. to another. i remember covering protests in maricopa, where i'm from you, but the top immigration adviser in the points out, looks for such ugly purposes. could you see president biden seeing some of the same backlash from immigrants if he cracks down and from the party? >> i definitely could. there are so many democrats that say look what happened, to what it was, and we have to do something different. they really elected joe biden on this issue.
1:38 pm
there are other issues of course that are important as well. this was a key issue and something they want to change, and because of so many different reasons. we're not able to do it overnight. they are pending rules and regulation taking months to change. there are staffs that need to be hired and processes that need to be in place. it's tough for him. he's already facing a bit of a back can be lash from those who feel like he's not doing things fast enough and is not communicating what he's doing. that's a worry i hear a lot. >> before i asking about the big development this week, i want to touch on something you just said. we're still technically in a pandemic. we also have so many other voting rights issues, for example, do you think that the
1:39 pm
electorate will be forgiving and understanding? of course, everyone wanted it to be under control. what you see is president biden suspending plans and infrastructure, really his top priority. you see that going on right now. you're finding different factions, look, the voting rights should be number one. there's all sorts of a laundry list of things that they wanted him to work on, that he hasn't made it a top priority. real quick, anita. we know daca was struck down by a federal judge. does it impact people currently protected, but does impact future applicants, the biden administration saying they're going to appeal. is that enough? >> they have gere to appeal and
1:40 pm
it will wind its way through courts. it puts more pressure on congress to try to decide what to do about this program. that's alwaysing the issue. there are talks now, even before this court case, that they look at one of these spending plans. >>anita, thank you so much. fans scrambled after a shooting outside the washington nationals game. what police say about what happened. plus a rough return for some customers facing really rude customers. a couple is looking out for their employees. a couple is loo their employees. ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪
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has tested positive for covid-19. gauff joins a growing list of athletes. the olympics begins in five days. police in washington, d.c. have confirmed three people were hurt in a shooting outside the nationals park last night. fans ran for cover. authorities say at no point were those people inside the stadium in danger. this was not an active shooter incident. police are still investigating. back with me now is josh lederman. aid near scare in new york airport. we thought it was an active shooter situation. in that moment, that fear is so real, thankfully it wasn't an active shooter, but what do we know? >> reporter: what police say
1:45 pm
they have figured out so far was a shootout, they believe between two vehicles just outside the gates to nats park. one suspect was a woman actually -- one victim was a found at the scene, and two others showed up at the home with gun1409 wounds. police believe they are connected. really we're seeing an increase in gun violence, not only here in the nation's capital, but across the country with the latest incident this weekend. a 6-year-old girl in washington, d.c. was shot while riding her scooter, along with five others who were shot in that incident. >> people are saleming stadium
1:46 pm
officials for how they handled saul of this. they say it took way too long to communicate what they should be doing. is there not an active shooter protocol for something like this? >> there are absolutely protocols in place, but what we have seen time and time again, in the initial moments, the fog can often by hard to figure out exactly what is going on, whether it's inside the stadium or simply nearby. in this case a whole lot of scrutiny on the five minutes that passed between when the folks heard gunshots and someone finally came over the loudspeaker. when they did, this is what they said. they did, this is what thy said
1:47 pm
>> reporter: just a total scene of chaos. >> you can only imagine what they're going through, in one of the photos -- we know the game was postponed because of this. is it going on today? >> reporter: yeah, the game was finished today just before another game that was also scheduled previously to take place today. that game we saw white house press secretary jen psaki throw out the first pitch. she did make it all the way to home place. >> josh, thank you. coming up, what a day of kindness means for one cape cod community. stay with us. kindness means for community. stay with us book's most trusted brandu get e winner, seven years in a row. in fact, subaru has won most trusted brand
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resilience. for more than 18 months, the restaurant industry weathered lockdowns, layoffs and tables six feet apart. many businesses couldn't survive the conditionconditions. but those that did face a new battle, human behavior. workers are reporting verbal abuse, with one saying it is just about the worst behavior they've ever seen. after watching one too many of their employees cry on the job, the co-owners of a massachusetts eatery decided enough is enough. regina and randy honored their workers by shutting down their restaurant for a day of kindness. the reaction was shift and positive. customers and businesses expressed solidarity. they delivered notes of encouragement, dropped off gift cards to get ace cream on their day off. it's just a reminder, any day can be a day of kindness, if we choose it to be. still ahead, keeping kids safe.
1:53 pm
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emergency approval for covid-19 vaccines in children under the age of 12 could come as soon as mid winter i cording to one fda official. but for some parents preparing to send their kids to summer camp, that isn't soon enough. corey? >> reporter: kids are having to restrict or halt their activity all together. we're see thing with kids across the south and midwest. one camp in illinois reporting an outbreak of up to 80 cases at just one camp alone. i spoke to some parents at bryant park where they have some activities, and they told me their kids are adjusting, even requiring masks for some outdoor activities.
1:58 pm
i asked them about their kids getting the vaccine, this is what they told me. >> i think it's important them so they don't have to worry about getting covid and spreading it to others. it's been a while and i would like them to be able to feel like they don't have to think about it any more. >> i'm a little more nervous for the kids and none of my kids are in the age group to be vaccinated, so i'm hoping for eligible for kids sooner rather than later. >> reporter: mid winter is too late for the summer camps, but even as kids get back into school with in-person learning, but it has many school districts deciding how they have to pivot, if they have to adjust any of the social distance or mask wearing policies and if they're going to require a vaccine to go back to in-person learning. at least eight states have put a
1:59 pm
ban on any vaccine requirements for in-person learning so far. >> corey, thank you. tomorrow, lawrence o'donnell speaks to texas democrats and will discuss covid breakthrough cases. watch the texas democrats monday at 10:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. that wraps it up for me. jasmine is back next weekend. "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. ♪ ♪ good evening. and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead, tour of duty. right now, democrats are sharing the trenches in this battle over our voting rights.
2:00 pm
and as texas democrats continue to stay away from their home state, risking arrest to protest this special session to pass voter restrictions, their federal counterparts are figuring out how to best support them. for some, even if it means ending up in handcuffs themselves. i'll talk to congressional black caucus chair joyce beatty after her arrest last week for protesting in solidarity with the texans. who nbc news exclusively is reporting will expand their talk this week, with labor leaders, and state attorney generals and will connect with democratic lawmakers in states where voter restrictions have recently passed. like arizona, florida, and, of course, georgia. still the epicenter of this suppression scam pain, and where


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