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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  July 18, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the new shepard team as it is called, held a news briefing and discussed the safety aspects of the mission. >> my number one responsibility as flight director is the safe execution of this mission and the safety of my launch crew which includes our astronauts. new shepard will not launch until i am satisfied it is safe to do so and i give my go for launch. i'm proud to say we just successfully passed our flight ratings and are currently on track for launch at 8:00 in the morning central daylight time on july 20th. >> it will be the first crewed launch for blue origin's new shepard rocket. if successful, bezos will make history for taking part in the first unpiloted sub orbital flight with a civilian crew. of course we'll carry the test flight with coverage beginning at you heard, 8:00 a.m. eastern.
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a very good day to all of you from msnbc world headquarters in new york. welcome, everyone, to alex w.itt reports. 11:00 a.m. pacific time. we begin with facebook firing back at the white house for denouncing vaccine misinformation, saying the social media giant is, quote, killing people. in a blog post, facebook calling for the administration to stop finger pointing and laid out what it has done to encourage vaccinations. we're going to have more from the white house in a moment. first new polling shows president biden getting some strong marks for his handling of the pandemic. 66% say he's doing a good job even as the vaccination rates are stalling nationwide. and on capitol hill, democrats plowing ahead on infrastructure. a procedural vote set for wednesday to advance both the $579 billion buy bill as well as the massive $3.5 trillion agreement. democrats seek to pass through reconciliation. the only problem, neither bill
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has been written yet. this morning, democrats are confident they're ready to move forward but republicans say they need more time. >> with all due respect, he is not writing the bill. nor is mitch mcconnell, by the way. so that's why we shouldn't have an arrest by trade deadline of wednesday. >> i think we need a deadline. i think we need to get going. >> let's go beyond the headlines with josh at the white house, amanda golden at the capitol. welcome to you both. josh, you first here. how the facebook officials reacting to president biden's comments overall? >> this war of words just escalating throughout the weekend, with facebook clapping back at the biden administration, accusing them of trying to scapegoat facebook for the biden administration's own failure to meet its stated vaccination goals. facebook also putting out a brand new statement. this is their second time they've been responding to these allegations, really, from across the biden administration, saying
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now that the data shows that 85% of facebook users in the u.s. have been or want to be vaccinated against covid-19. facebook saying president biden's goal is 70% of americans to be vaccinated by july 4th, saying facebook is not the reason this goal was missed. so you hear them saying, look, this is not our fault. the white house falling short of their own metrics. we heard once again from the surgeon general this morning who said, he's trying to call balls and strikes here. he's praising the social media networks when they are taking steps to fight disinformation but saying, they're still seeing a whole lot of this stuff spreading like wildfire on social media. that these companies need to do even more. he told fox news this issue is bigger than just facebook. take listen. >> this isn't about me or about a specific social media company. this is about the health of americans, and the reality is misinformation is still
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spreading like wildfire in our country. aided and abetted by technology platforms. i don't question their intentions. i have been in dialogue with a number of companies and expressed my concerns to them. where they've taken positive steps, and some of them have, i've acknowledged them. >> reporter: the white house may be thinking this is not their problem at the moment because of some of the polling they're seeing, showing president biden still enjoys broad support for his handling of the pandemic showing two in three americans they say biden is doing a good job on this. only one in three saying they do not approve of his handling. one person who disagrees with that assessment, former president donald trump who put out a statement today calling into question the vaccine that his own administration helped develop, saying that if the biden administration's mishandling of the rollout of that vaccine that is contributing to america's lack
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of confidence in it. >> yeah. okay. thank you so much from the white house. let's go now to capitol hill. amanda, this is the start of a pretty big week there. according to democrats and republicans, they've been working through this weekend to try to get agreement on some big issues. and they have yet to come up on something official. >> that's exactly the point. there is indications of progress here but there's still no final text for either of these two passages. the $2.5 trillion, the human infrastructure that they'll go at it alone, or the $579 billion traditional harder elements of infrastructure that is seeking bipartisan support to get over the finish line. this comes as the senate majority leader chuck schumer is putting that date as a real advancement as priority for either text finish. the text for the legislation around the reconciliation package, that can't written until the democrats take that vote. they need all democrats on board to get that over the 50 plus one
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finish line to go ahead with the budget reconciliation package. and then they can make moves without the text finish but there are a number of key senate republicans who say they will not do that including snart rob portman, one of the lead negotiators around all this. he was speaking earlier on cnn about where these conversations and the progress has been throughout the weekend as they inch toward next week. >> again, we're meeting today. 11 democrats and 11 republicans working on this. and we're moving as fast as we can. we've had one week of legislative sessions since then. for a bill that as you indicated earlier, over a ten-year period. over $1 trillion. over a five-year period, $579 billion. it makes historic investments in our infrastructure. we want to get it right. so it is not too much to ask that we have the time to do that. i was on with the white house last night negotiating some of the final details. we're still very much in that process. >> reporter: with the
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negotiations ongoing, we did hear from senator portman saying one of the key issues around all of this bipartisan infrastructure package is to pay for it. how they will paid on the largely agreed upon platforms as part of the bill. but a can he part of that, the irs enforcement provision, that was something republicans had really balked at. portman did say that is no longer being considered a pay-for. what is remains very unclear and that will be what the next few days will really reveal as they're looking toward that wednesday date to start opening negotiations and have the first preliminary vote on all of this. >> okay. thank you for the set-up to the week ahead. much appreciated. so let's dig in a bit deeper and bring in a pediatrician. sometimes i call you congresswoman. sometimes i call you doctor, given our interviews. let me ask you in terms congresswoman position here. how do you feel about infrastructure and the fact we have this procedural vote wednesday without either of
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these bills having yet to be written? is it more about lighting a fire and getting them written? we have a republican criticism of that. how can you vote on something that you don't even have written yet? >> well, at this point, and it is great to be here. at this point we're just voting on the framework and saying, yes, if we get this budget passed. now we can get on work on getting the details in. then the bill gets written? we come up with something that gets america back to work after this pandemic and recession. i believe it is time to get moving. these are the steps we have to go through and i'm excited to be working in my committees to get this bill going. >> okay. let's talk about the child tax credit. it could cut child poverty in half. you have treasury secretary yellen. that sounds great but how do you make it happen in congress? >> you're speaking to a pediatrician and a mom. i think every parent out there can tell you that it is very
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expensive to raise a child, to pay for daycare, et cetera. so you know, what this bill does, it helps 92% of children out there. and i think of it kind of like social security for children. we decided did he go aids ago, we will not tolerate people living in poverty. we never made commitment to our children. that's what the child tax credit does. it says we'll bring half of children out of poverty. we'll give them a real shot at the best possible life by getting them better educational outcomes, better jobs in the future, better health and more. >> okay. let's talk about the pandemic, doctor. the delta variant spreading everywhere. less than half the country is fully vaccinated. cases are surging again among the unvaccinated. how worried should we be? how worried are you? >> look. i think at this point for people
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who are not vaccinated, they should be very worried. this is an incredibly contagious virus that will find you if you're not vaccinated. and that means people who have chosen not to vaccinate. it also means children under 12 who cannot be vaccinated yet. and so for those people, they need to do all the other things that we know can prevent this illness. like wearing masks and staying outdoors. for people who are vaccinated, at this point, you should be very comfortable that you are well protected in most situations. >> what do you say to your patients when you have parents come in and they say, we've done everything by the book. we are fully vaccinated. but our child is too young yet. you've heard it reported that we won't have a vaccine for kids 12 and under until early mid winter at this point. what do you say to them about how they have to continue to conduct their lives? >> well, for most of those
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families, remember that younger children really need a role model. so those parents and the children should continue to mask. and they really need to consider that this is a bit of the wild west out there. when they are out and about, they will likely encounter people who are positive. and unfortunately, the same people who are not getting vaccinated in many cases are the same people who will not wear masks. so they need to take every precaution. i will also, you know, just say that even for those of us who are vaccinated. there are certain circumstances, and i'll give you one for me just yesterday. i went to my child's basketball tournament. indoor setting. lots of people. parents yelling, children panting in an area with low immunization rates. i put on, even though i'm fully vaccinated. i put on my mask and i would recommend that people just consider the risk of the situation that they're in when
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making these decisions. particularly if you have children at home who are not vaccinated. >> how many people did you see there with masks in that experience at your son's basketball tournament yesterday? how many people said something to you about it? or did you get a sideways look clik with is that lady wearing a mask? >> i'm used to the sideways looks. i saw zero people wearing masks. >> what? zero. >> zero. zero. with parents yelling, children panting, zero masks. and i just think that people need to have their guard up. the delta variant is incredibly contagious. so i know it was in that room. no question about it. >> the zero factor, is that something that you have seen all along in the community, or is it something that you think now with the passage of time, knowing more people are vaccinated and neighbors are saying, i'm vaccinated, people are just becoming more lax, or
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did you always have a level of object continue answer against mask wearing in that community. >> so there are lots of different communities in washington state. so there are some areas that have never really completely documented masks. and now they are feeling like they are post pandemic and the license is there and the masks are off. and it is really interesting, that the parts of the state that are the most vaccinated, that have been wearing masks the most, are continuing to wear masks in various situations. how people interpret this disease, what they're exposed to on social media, and the risks they're willing to take, but not understanding that this is not about individual risk. this is also about community risk and in particular, protecting children or other people who cannot get vaccinated, who are then subject
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to these kinds of risks. >> let me talk about the false information out there. president biden has said, facebook is, quote, killing beam the vaccine misinformation. dr. anthony fauci raised eyebrows comparing this to previous outbreaks. let's take a listen to this. >> probably we would still have small pox and probably still have polio in this country if we had the kind of false information that is being spread now. if we had that back decades ago, i would be certain that we would still have polio in this country. >> that's pretty stunning. thinking of the kind of misinformation out there then was the kind of stuff we have today, we would still have polio? do you agree with that? >> well, i do agree with that. but probably even more strongly, right? like then, misinformation spread slowly in small groups. now it's on facebook. it's on social media. everywhere. everybody's living room.
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like lies travel very quickly. misinformation travels quickly. and i don't know if people know this but polio still exists in many part of the world. it is transmitted by asymptomatic carriers, right? so if we let up on our immunization rates in this country, we will see polio here again. >> yeah. that's a stunning statement right there. >> let me talk about the new poll numbers about vaccine hesitancy. about half of adults who will not get shots say they're scared of side effects or they don't trust the government, they don't trust science. these issues are so much deeper than saying yes or no to the shot. how do we fix it? there have been so many information campaigns put out by the government and medical communities to try to get the proper information out there. what more can be done? >> so at this point, i think the best thing that happens, and i'm speaking as a pediatrician who
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for years, i've had parents come to me worried about information they've seen online. they've come to me about the concerns and we sit down and we have a conversation. fortunately, we built trust over the years so they know what i'm telling them is true and heart felt with what i'll doing for my own child. and at this point that's what people need. just take concern, to go their trusted doctor, health care provider, sit down and have a conversation. and you know, i can tell you, if you're a parent, please get your children vaccinated. this is dangerous. this is a dangerous virus. it is very contagious. we know the vaccines are safe and highly effective. and there is no zero risk scenario here. right? there is no zero risk. there are minor risks from the vaccine. there are big risks and unknown risks from the virus itself including long covid. get your children vaccinated. i did. >> okay.
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congresswoman and doctor, thank you so much. always good to see you, my friend. and we go from washington to california. the developing weather situation in the bay area. a red flag warning issued over exploding wildfires tomorrow afternoon. it comes as the tamarack fire not too far from the nevada state line. also the boot leg fire in southern oregon is the biggest wildfire in the u.s. it is even larger in circumference than new york city. scott is standing by in boulder creek, california. this western heat wave is not letting up. how worried are officials about how much worse it can get? >> reporter: they're very worried. that explains the red flag warning for much of northern california, including the bay area where i am. the santa cruz mountains, that's where boulder creek is. you can see what a lightning indeuced fire can do. this was a neighborhood that was
11:18 am
wiped out by a fire called the czu lightning fire last august. the tamarack fire that you mentioned at the california/nevada border, that was started by lightning around the fourth of july. that's what they're worried about. the forecast calls for these dry thunderstorms coming up in some areas as soon as this afternoon. you combine that with the very dry vegetation and you get a tinder box. >> lightning is not accompanied by a bunch of rain. it is called dry lightning. it has the potential to strike anything pretty much anywhere from california to the great basin, your nevada, utah area, through the fortune rockies. >> so they are on alert out here. they have fire crews positioned just in case to hopefully knock down any fires that get started. the biggest threat here where i
11:19 am
am expected later this afternoon, and they'll be watching it closely at least through tomorrow, as we've talked about before. this is early in the normal fire season. the normal peak doesn't happen until around september. >> thank you. so for keeping watch on things out there. the u.k. is gearing up to lift more covid restrictions as the leader self-isolates after coming into contact with a covid case. we'll take you to the fight across the pond, next. t across the pond, next. ? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. in this family, everyone does their own laundry, but they all do it a little different. honestly, i add a couple of tide pods and just stuff everything in. it works. and of course, everyone thinks their way is right. i stood in line for hours to get this. it has to be washed on delicate. it has to be cold water, it's better for the planet. the secret is, with tide pods it all works.
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let's go now to the concerning new number in the coronavirus pandemic. in fact, today, 44 states report an increase in new cases, at least 30 of those have seen a 50% surge in this last week. a warning today from the u.s. surgeon general for unvaccinated americans. you are at extreme risk for serious covid symptoms. >> you are very well protected against hospitalization and death. unfortunately, that's not true
11:24 am
if you are not vaccinated. we're seeing 99.5% of deaths right now from covid-19 in our country, happening among the unvaccinate. >> new today, new concerns in tokyo as two south african athletes in the olympic village have tested positive for covid. this just today after the first infection was reported in a game official there. they are now in an isolation facility. in the u.k., all will be tomorrow. cases are trending upwards. let's go to our reporter in london with more on this. welcome to you. what do you think the feeling is there ahead of these restrictions being lifted? the average person there on the street, what are they saying about it? >> reporter: good to see you. there is a mixed bag here of trepidation and excitement. a lot of people that work in the hospitality industry and shops, they don't know what to expect.
11:25 am
the guidelines haven't been particularly clear. sort of a patch work of what people should and shouldn't do. so people are a little confused and they don't know what will happen. more importantly, the health experts and the scientists in this country that have raised the alarm. they're saying, it is far too soon to open up the tabs. this is a potential disaster in the making. they're saying this country is seeing a big spike in cases. there are about 50 to 55,000 new cases being reported every day here. that is a 43% jump on just last week alone. and that's before they've lifted all the restrictions. they're warning that once all the restrictions are lifted, and venues are at full capacity like the formula one grand prix today which will see 140,000 spectators there, they're saying that once that happens, then the numbers could go into positive numbers, daily numbers, up to 100, 150,000 a day, which will
11:26 am
put enormous strain on the health service. they're also saying if you want any better evidence that the government has jumped the gun, look at the position they're in right now. the health secretary has tested positive for covid-19. he was in contact with the prime minister and the chancellor, who now both have to isolate and work remotely which is kind of iron pick they're doing that the day before they want to open up the country. but boris johnson has taken a big gamble here, opening up the country so soon. he thinks that there's been such a wide vaccination program that it has created a protective wall and he thinks that will be enough to get people through the pandemic and before we get to flu season. but like i said, it is a big gamble. if they're forced to impose new restrictions on this country. it will be an embarrassing u-turn for the prime minister and politically very damaging.
11:27 am
>> when you said it was the health minister who came down with covid, do you know if the health minute sister was fully vaccinated? do you know you know if it is a delta variant that he tested positive? do we know the condition of the health minister? any details? >> reporter: we don't know what variant was but he was fully vaccinated. he had both of his jabs. apparently he was taking all the precautions, still wearing masks, still disinfecting. he still got it. he is saying he is feeling slightly groggy and a little bit tired. he hasn't needed to be hospitalized which is the case is government is making here. if you've been vaccinated, yes, you may contract it. but it will weaken it from getting the virus to being admitted to hospital. >> extraordinary. many thanks from london. let's bring in the
11:28 am
co-director for vaccine development. it is good to see you. i'm curious what you're most alarmed about. when you see the u.k. is reopening. when you matter more than half of u.s. states are seeing a 50% increase in cases, are we right back where we were this time last year in terms of concerns? >> not exactly. in terms the u.k., they are seeing the full on effects of the drrnl and now we're starting to see that as well. in terms of the u.k., they still have room in terms of vaccinating their population. 70% of the population has received a single dose. i think 50%, two doses. if the decision were mine, i would have that, let's finish this vaccination campaign. let's get all the adults vaccinated and let's vaccinate the adolescents. so not many adolescents have
11:29 am
been vaccinated in the u.k. and then max out what you can do. i would have waited a few more weeks, maybe the end of the summer, maybe into the fall before you fully open. and we have a similar problem here. wherever you're seeing lots of delta and low vaccination, we're seeing this steep acceleration. and that's what we're seeing in missouri and arkansas, going into louisiana and across the south. he so many of us have been predicting a big surge in the south and we are seeing that. with one asterisk, we're not seeing as many deaths because a lot of older americans are vaccinated. i think the message that needs to be emphasized, a lot of people point to the low death rates among young people and say, we don't have to worry. but it ignores the simple reality that you can still get very sick and a lot of long covid effects. and this is what i'm worried about. we'll be seeing thousands and thousands of young adults and
11:30 am
adolescents get long covid at this point. >> and some of them right before the start of the school year. six, eight weeks from now. let me get to some of the details. we're hearing about these breakthrough cases across the country. hundreds in i will and i will massachusetts recently. and some of them are serious cases. the cdc says more than 5,000 americans have been hospitalized with this breakthrough time case. more than 1,000 have died. i would love you to put these numbers in perspective. i'm curious if vaccinated americans should be exercising more caution. >> yeah. i think it is a mixed message. i know that's frustrating for some people but that's the reality. 99 -- as dr. murthy said earlier today, 99.5% of the deaths are in unvaccinated individuals. and those a are vaccinated and getting seriously ill will be
11:31 am
those on immuno suppressant therapy. and that's why we might need to do a third immunization for them. if you're vaccinated, you may still get some break through infections, overwhelmingly, they'll be without symptoms. some with mild symptoms. there should not be too many seriously ill. but again, this gets back to how we're doing at the community level. this is where i think the cdc may need to modulate their messages. they're trying to do a one size fits all for the country. the reality, as dr. fauci says, two americas. so up in massachusetts, vermont, in the northeast, we're doing really well with adult vaccinations and adolescent vaccinations. then you slow transmission and you can feel more confident being vaccinated and going indoors without masks. a very different situation where i am, in this part of the country, where very few young
11:32 am
adults and teenagers and adolescents are vaccinated. so there's still a streaming level of transmission going on this summer and you may still need to wear masks when you're indoors. and that's more or less how i'm operating. >> a very interesting perspective offered by dr. scott gottlieb. he said the u.s. is vastly underestimating the amount of covid spread. because vaccinated people may get infected and have mild symptoms. they won't get tested because they think they're protected. do you agree with that? do people need to change their mentality? especially since more than half of americans are not fully vaccinated. >> yeah. the cdc issued a recommendation, if you're vaccinated, you don't have to be tested anymore. even if you become pcr positive, the vaccines are such high performers that you're not shedding enough virus to
11:33 am
transmit from one person to the other. what we don't know right now is whether that is still true of the delta variant. because the delta variant seems the replicate in higher numbers. so what we're really talking is the virus shedding from the nose and the mouth and we have to understand that better. whether vaccinated individuals with the delta have the ability to shed virus and whether we have to change those rules around. >> last question to you. there's a new cbs poll who asks adults who are not getting the vaccine, or they can't decide whether they would get the shot, if their physician recommended it, only 10% said yes. if a doctor's advice won't convince people, what will? >> this was the real reason the surgeon general's advisory on misinformation. because it dominates the internet, it dominates cable news channels, it dominates film, youtube. it is very pervasive. and i think part of the issue
11:34 am
there is, we're focusing a lot on the social media companies. but i think now, version 2.0, we have to focus on the sources of that disinformation. i'll have an article coming out, the early part of this week that identifies what i call the three-headed monster. the triple headed monster responsible for this vast production of misinformation and we have to get to the source if we're going to make any head way on this. >> thank you so much. so we told you earlier about that breaking story from washington, d.c. the heightened security at the nationals game after a shooting outside the stadium last night. the latest on the search for the suspect next. e latest on the see suspect next ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪
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the washington nationals game completed without any incident today. it was certainly under heightened security. this after the shooting we told but outside the ballpark last night.
11:38 am
>> please remain calm. the incident has been reported to the outside. >> three people were hit by gunfire as the game was in the sixth inning. thousands of fans ran out of the stadium. others hid behind seats. some went into the dugout. >> i've heard everything going down. and then as you saw people running through concourse, we basically went through into the dugout of the padres. we were there with manny machada. pretty scary. >> police say one of the victims was shot as she was leaving the stadium. she is expected to be okay. two other shooting victims were involved in the gunfire and they were being questioned. right now, police are searching for one of the vehicles involved. as we said, the rest of last night's game just wrapped up. well, the slew of new books about the trump presidency are prompting questions about the moral obligations of the authors
11:39 am
and the people interviewed. a critique of some of the insider book saying time and again, the political creatures in trump's orbit kept silent until it was too late to do anything. let's bring in the writer and editor for msnbc daily. really well written position that you wrote there. what is the most shocking information you've learned from the early excerpts of these books? >> i think the most shocking thing is how little people inside trump's orbit really took seriously this idea that trump would actually try to overthrow the election. that he would try on move forward after it was clear that joe biden had won. >> can i -- was it because it was just crazy? i mean, it was not rooted in any kind of fact or anything?
11:40 am
it was just like, these fantastical spewings. everybody was like, no, you lost. >> yeah. but everyone around him was willing to humor him for the most part. there were people like giuliani and lynn wood who were actively pushing this idea, that no, you won. we can figure out how to make this happen. the people who knew better, even mark meadows who at times sort of, the white house chief of staff mark meadows, who at times facilitied trump's wilder conspiracy ideas, they knew better. yet they still kind of went along with it. there was an infamous point with an aide well, we all know that he will leave power. why not just let him get it out of his system right now. a lot of those same people i feel like are the ones and the sources and the subjects, the reconstructions that take place in these books that are coming
11:41 am
out soon. they're all really great, reported, ripping narratives retellings from people who made themselves look better now than they did at the time. so when you read anecdotes who were like, no, i was doing my best to push back. like vice president pence's national security adviser, keith kellogg. came out looking great on the day of january 6th saying no, i was there. i was pushing, we have to put out a tweet, stop this mob. but that's an after the fact retelling. i feel like we have to be really skeptical at times of how these sources are trying to make themselves look better in this drastic history. >> so, let me dig into that a little further. in your article, you said the fact we've seen to always learn about these things far after the metaphor use by date fills me with a latent rage. is that because, hayes, the insiders chose not to speak out while he was in office, or is it because some of these authors
11:42 am
have been holding on to important information and they are going to sell books by doing so. >> i think it is different than in the situation when bob woodward got at love heat for holding on to his audio interviewing, trump saying that the coronavirus was really deadly. i think this was different because so much happened after the fact of january 6th. i think the issue was, back when the authors were holding on to it too long. a lot of these interviews took place long after trump was out of office. but some of the people who were sources. if they had come forward and gone to the senate during the impeachment process. we had about a month between tend of the end of trump's term and the wrap-up of the impeachment trial, if any had that, i have a lot to tell but what happened that day. please call me as a witness. we would have had witnesses and we would have them talking you said oath.
11:43 am
instead they waited. much like john bolton. they waited to say, yep, it was all the ukraine stuff did happen but i want to sell a book. >> do you think we'll get anybody for this special committee that will do that, saying, i know what went down and we need to make this official? >> i really hope we do. there is one good thing i didn't point out in my article. now thanks to these books, the special committee now has a list of witnesses to confirm to confirm the things that they said and confirm that these statements are true. >> point well taken. as always, my friend, hayes brown, good to see you. despite protests, in support of cuban protests, there are calls to stay out of politics. live from havana, next. s. live from havana, next ♪ ♪
11:44 am
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new reaction to demonstrations that erupted nationwide in cuba. thousands hit the streets of havana on saturday for a government-organized rally. among them, raul castro who just stepped down in april. this as cuban americans rallied state side in support of the protests roiling the island nation in recent days. let's to go ed augustin standing by in havana. the mayor of miami, francis, who
11:47 am
is himself cuban american, has said that air strikes on cuba have to be explored. what has been the reaction to that in cuba? >> reporter: well, this huge discontent in cuba at the moment primarily because of the huge scarce city and the glacier pace. speaking to cubans, it is hard to find many in support of a humanitarian intervention. they do say a few things. they point out repeatedly the so-called intervention in places like panama, libya and in kosovo under clinton have killed thousands of people. in the case of libya, it was particularly gory. and made a safe haven for isis. so for many cuban that's were protesting last sunday, it is a bit of a joke and more of a conversation happening if south florida than here in havana and the rest of cuba. in terms of the government's reaction, as one could expect,
11:48 am
there is a vociferous objection to any suggestion of humanitarian or military intervention here by cuban diplomats. from their point of view, it is flagrant hypocrisy. over 100 activists in colombia were last year slayed by the state. in the united states, over 1,000 were shot dead by police. from their point of view, they've had one confirmed fatality after these protests last weekend. they say compare one here with 1,000 in the u.s. why are there calls for high school human intervention here -- for humanitarian intervention here bundle in other countries. thank you. new reporting on the criminal probe into the trump organization raises more questions about whether allen weisselberg will turn on his long time boss. long time boss to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill.
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11:51 am
organization with some potentially thorny aspects for the former president. first reported by "the daily beast" confirmed by the former daughter-in-law of al enwise enberg, she told prosecutors donald trump offered to pay her children's tuition instead of a taxable salary raise. let's bring in contributor katie fang to discuss all this. i do want to talk about your new column, but first this new information from jennifer weisselberg. it's not necessarily a crime, because the former president could pay for tuition, it's about taxes and who would be responsible in that scenario. what is the answer to that? >> so a lot of people need to be aware that the tax code requires that, if you are to receive
11:52 am
comp, including fringe ben fits -- like somebody else picking up the tab for your kids to go to private school, in excess of $50,000 a year -- that that is taxable income, and must be declared. and when a company is picking up the tab for these types of things, an employee is benefiting from the receipt of these types of things, like tuition being picked up, the company is also responsible for reporting that they're picking up the tab. in the absence of the organization and weisselberg actually reporting those, both the organization and weisselberg are actually committing a crime. they're actually doing tax evasion. in the specific instance of weisselberg, he received more than 1.76 million benefits in that for which he evaded taxes,
11:53 am
but also got $130,000 in improper tax refunds. it wasn't just he didn't pay the taxes, he actually got money back from the federal government. with him resigning from all of his positions, all of them, and the fact he did it before the indictment was announced, and the day after his lawyers met with prosecutors in a failed attempt to commit them to not conspiracy them, it smells really bad. it just goes to show you he was actually was a really critical employees of that for decades. >> i want to say that everything you talk about here, all of it is in the allegations, things that the grand jury will look at, but it's yet to be proven. i'm going on record to say that, and members of the trump organization have denied things. that said, when it comes to your piece, weisselberg newly toxics, removes himself from the helm to
11:54 am
try to save the ship from sinking. the trump organization just might be the "titanic" it's ending already written, what's the likelihood you think that al enweisselberg will flip on his boss. >> it's becoming more and more likely. the reporting from "the daily beast" you have somebody like jennifer weisselberg, who i wrote a piece on a few months ago. it's the person in the background, someone like jennifer. she reported a meeting in 2012, her husband was there, allen was there, donald trump was there, donald trump signed the checks used to pay for parry and jennifer's children's attitudish. allen weisselberg has two children who used to work for the trump organization, and he will want to protect his children.
11:55 am
the reality is loyal can only go is so far, is loyalty as thick as blood? i guess we'll find out. right now there's going to be a lot of motions to dismiss, a lot of, hey, maybe this is a politically motivated prosecution, but why would allen weisselberg resign unless there was a legitimate fear there's exposure there for not only him, but the trump organization. >> you'll be back to tell us more, i'm sure. thank you very much. the search is on in germany for the hundreds of people missing after days of flooding. we'll take you live to germany, next. we'll take you live to ger next ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪
11:56 am
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11:57 am
some new and sobering moments from europe. at least 168 people are dead, hundreds more missing, after catastrophic flooding hit large parts of western europe. what are you seeing there, raf? >> reporter: we're at the remains of a local railway
11:58 am
station, i've got to say it is hard to believe that water cause ed all of this damage just ripped out from underneath the tracks, and everywhere these cars are looking like they were just dropped from the sky. police were searching cars just like them, looking for bodies. as you said, there are hundreds of people still missing the situation a bit like that surfside condominium collapse. the german officials need to figure out who was actually at home at the time of the flooding.
11:59 am
she said there are barely words in the german language to explain the devastation here. she said this is a warning to the countries of the world, we need to move faster to combat climate change merkel is stepping down soon at the end of -- but now during a major national crisis. one last thing, you can see here in western germany, it is sunny. the water has receded. that is not the case in into -- bavaria. two people were schooled there, schools are closed. raft sanchez, thank you so much. that will do it for me, everything. i'll see you again nest saturday. our coverage continue.
12:00 pm
we'll see you soon. good afternoon. i'm lindsey riser in for yasmin vossoughian. this hour, political leaders are meeting to protect them. plus becoming an internet provider, president biden says the u.s. may take stem to restore internet access in cuba, after days of political unrest. what does that mean? how can it get done? we're live on the ground in ha vanna what was supposed to be a fun night at the ballpark turns into chaos. what we are learning that sent tens of thousands scrambling for safety. another blassoff in two days.


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