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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 16, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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rachel back here on monday. i will see you from here in portland oregon tomorrow on velshi, well i will air the rest of my interview with pete buttigieg. it's time now for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. lawrence, i have to tell you, watching the arrest of joyce baytieh and the others, and these texas representatives who are threatened with arrests, and quite likely will be arrested when they return home to texas on the eve of the anniversary of the passing of john lewis, i think to myself that there is deep pride that americans should have the long history of civil disobedience that this country has seen, that south africa saw, the country of my ancestry saw in india with mahatma gandhi, this does sustain and does work. >> and ali, joyce betty was here last night after her arrest yesterday. latosha brown will join us. she was with joyce baby at the
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heart senate office building and it's been a fascinating week with the texas democrats and just with the very high level of integrity that voting rights has in washington this week. >> as it should be. have a great show. we will see you soon. >> viewer note. what was happening at the beginning of the show, i was trying to deal with my allergy eyes, and that kleenex that quickly disappeared from your screen. tonight we have a strange twist in the texas democrats go to washington story. one of the people that texas democrats went to washington to speak to, has now gone to texas. one of the most important meetings that the texas democrats have had, if not the most important meeting, was with democratic senator joe manchin, yesterday. one of the texas democrats who was in the room with senator manchin, texas state senator
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caroline varadkar will join us in a moment. texas democrats made their -- to senate voting rights to protect senate voting rights which they say republicans are trying to protect the day after the meeting with the texas democrats, senator joe manchin reportedly went to texas and went there for a fund-raiser for himself. at the fund-raiser, many of the contributors are republican political contributors to donald trump, as well as republican governor, took six republicans governor and lieutenant governor who are both trying to crush the efforts of the texas democrats who senator manchin met with yesterday. the host committee includes
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some democrats won over to alexandria virginia, where five blackburn were arrested for the crime of applying for a library card. here is texas state representative, send phony and thompson outside the library today. >> haven't we done enough? have we not paid the price enough? what is it gonna take for us to be americans in this country. i am an american. i want to vote with that someone infringing upon my rights and the rights of my constituents. >> natasha brown met with kamala harris today in a group of black women to talk about voting rights.
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latosha brown saying and it was deemed criminal by the capitol police. the capital police arrested nine people in the vast lobby of the party. joy speedy also said this last night on the program after she was released from custody. >> we lose our voice since then we speak up and especially black women we have become powerhouses. we deliver presidents of the united states. we have a strong voting base, strong working, base and this is our time to make sure that we passed the voting rights act. >> in that meeting today, vice president kamala harris said this. >> i look at the leaders at this table who are also woman, also black women, i see truth. when i look at the women at
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this table, i see amelia boston, i see fanny liu hayman. i see constants baker motley. these are the modern versions of those great woman -- >> leading off our discussion tonight, latosha brown. founder of black voters fund. she met with kamala harris today. before we get to today i want to get to tomorrow. you are at the heart senate building, why didn't you get arrested? what did congresswoman beatty do that you didn't do? >> we all did the same thing. part of it is that there was nine people who got arrested and others had to make sure they were taken care of, they
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had revealed it was an organized strategy. part of what they wanted to do to get into the spirit of peace. we also want to reserve voice and say we want to be relentless around voting rights getting secured to this country. it's not something that cannot wait. as we are looking at what's happening right now, we see it attacks all across the country. on the county, level state, level federal level. we wanted to make sure our voices were heard. we are going to be relentless and fighting for voting rights. one senator, two senators, nothing's going to stop us. particularly on the eve of what we are talking about with john lewis. >> just to be clear, no senators tried to stop you, right? un into a vast canyon of a lobby, and no one came out and ejected to being there, other than the capitol police, right? >> no, no, no one objected for us to be in there. we were able to go in and sing. we went peacefully. we wanted to use our democratic
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right of protesting, to really say we were upset about what is happening and we were taking back our voting. right i think the response was difference. we came in a different kind of spirit that even those that came on january the 6th, even in the context of us coming in that way we were immediately arrested, which did not happen -- which did not happen to the people of january six. we need for the people acts and john lewis and van spent act, voted owners who are black, and black women voters all across this nation should create a system and environment that is powerful and not fearful. i >> want to get your advice for coming up in this so later on, amy klobuchar, she will take her committee to georgia
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to have a field hearing which is something the committee almost never does. they haven't done it and at least 20. here's a field hearing outside of washington, about voting rights in georgia. what should the chairwoman klobuchar be focusing on? where should she be aiming her questions when she is at that hearing in georgia? >> i think there is three. things we need to understand not just the urgency, but how this is a layered approach. how the administrative process, we about not being too give out water. the secretary of state, a republican, called for the red stagnation of election officials and fulton county. the most populous county and a heavy majority, black county in the state. this is the same county that trump actually wanted to turn over the election, and it came up there where the votes were correct.
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in that process, he's also saying there are plans to take over the election. they are up a saying -- weaponizing and undermining. it comes to really hearing what is happening on the county level, and the state level. really people to hear people and the frustrations of voters and how this is created a barrier. i don't think we can ignore the elephant in the room. unless we address and deal with the filibuster, it has the end. we need all senators to really put pressure on things. whether it's biden, the senate -- we're gonna have to end the filibuster to move forward. there's been no good faith on the side of the republicans. we can imagine, if we have ten votes to be paid. >> let's do more of what the vice president had to say today. >> let's be clear -- not about anyone racial group
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or gender, group this is about all americans. this is not an issue about democrats versus republicans, this is about americans. this group of national leaders are fear -- aware of that. it's regardless of who you vote for. what was your reaction? >> she's absolutely right. when we have to recognize is that black and brown voters are being targeted in these communities. the impact will not just impact black voters, it will undermine democracy for all of us. that's a true statement. that's why we have to see this as the most critical and urgent issue, in protecting democracy in this country. when you affect voting rights for a few, you infected for all of us. it's an abuse of power. that's political corruption. when you have a party that is
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in power that says, the way they will maintain power, by literally marginalizing or silencing some of the citizens of the nation, that's the definition of political corruption. we have to recognize the far-reaching impact of what's happening right now, even though many of these attacks have been targeted at black and brown votes. >> latosha brown, who ordered out of the heart senate office building yesterday, and welcomed into the white house today. thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you lawrence for having me. always great to be here. >> thank you. joining us now is a woman who represents the sixth district of texas. senator, thank you for joining us tonight. i want to begin with joe manchin in your meeting with him and what you believe was accomplished there? >> thanks for having me.
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senator manchin was gracious with his time, he sat down for over an hour. he wanted to know about things that were in the bill that the legislature has taken up twice and will take up again. my total of three times. we wanted to hear about things that were important to us, and we told him that having the provision in the bill, that congress can pass, would be pre-currents. that's important for state like texas that has a long history of discrimination, a gerrymandering, intentionally, and texas always ends up in courts when it comes to voting rights and all these issues. he was in agreement that something has to be done. we have to make sure that voting rights are protected. he knows that the voting rights act has been chipped away, before you know it, it will no longer is exist. it would be detrimental to states like texas and many
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others in the south. >> did senator manchin mentioned to you that he will be visiting his state as i would yesterday, and if i was coming to texas tomorrow, i think i would mention something like that. did he mention something like that? >> no, sir. >> were you surprised to discover in the trucks-ish tribune reports that he's having a fund-raiser in texas earlier this evening with people who support governor and lieutenant governor and supported donald trump? >> i have not seen the list, so i'm not sure who is on their. i know a lot of people come to texas to raise money. >> in fairness, it is a bipartisan list. former mayor bill white is on that list. other democrats on that list. it's just such a striking juxtaposition. did you ask him about senate rules and the 60 vote threshold, and what that means to voting
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rights? >> we focus mostly on substance of the bill, and we are leaving the tactics and the senate procedures to he and leader schumer, and others in the senate. we wanted to make sure that he made our case, how much of a time constraint we were under. the special session will end in a few weeks, and we know that the u.s. senate may be taking a break in august. it's right around the same time. we wanted to press upon him the urgency to get something done, and he agrees that we have to pass legislation to protect voting rights. he wants something a little more narrow with and what you see in the for the people act. also he wants to make sure you have to have something in there for preclearance. >> did chuck schumer, or any other washington hands give you
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any advice about how to discuss this with the various senators you would be meeting with? >> we had a lengthy meeting with leader schumer as well. i think he gave some very helpful tips. >> have you had a chance to speak with senator sinema who is in a similar position to joe manchin on this? >> we had a phone call, i believe yesterday, or the day before. we are personal friends. we spend a lot of time catching up. we talked a little bit about what's taking place. she has been following it very closely, she had some questions about what was taking place in texas as far as the bill itself. so we could talk about that. >> you're the only member of the texas delegation who has had direct communication with senator sinema on this trip? >> i believe so. >> okay. >> do you expect to have more
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communication with senator sinema as this goes forward? >> i hope so. we are friends, so i hope we can continue the dialogue. and hopefully, the next time we talk, maybe there is some movement. >> texas state -- state senator caroline alvarado. >> senator amy klobuchar is taking to georgia to hear from the voters there and talk about restrictions. klobuchar joins us next. r joins us next. you now hold in your hands? yeah (laugh) keep your downstairs dry with gold bond body powder.
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her position last month as a county election official in georgia after a republican goarn governor brian kemp put into law voted restrictions that among other things, gave the republican-controlled commission authority to appoint members to local election boards. ellen butler appeared on this
10:21 pm
program last month to discuss why she thought she was being removed from her position. >> we had great turnout, we had people who are able to be hired as coworkers that can really implement the process. foreign members who are also a part of a county process so they didn't like that outcome so they decided they wanted to change it. >> and in a remarkable tv moment we are wearing the same shirt and tie. the senate rules committee is heading to atlanta georgia on monday to hold its first field hearing in two decades. the hearing is intent of protecting the freedom to vote, recent changes to georgia voting law is in the need for basic federal stands to make sure all americans can vote in the way that works best for them. one of the witnesses who will
10:22 pm
testify at that hearing, is ellen butler joining our discussion now is amy klobuchar in minnesota she is the chair of the senate rules committee which has oversight over federal elections. senator, i hope you are listening earlier, i was trying to do some staff work for you with latosha brown who knows georgia well and knows that election law well on what you should be aiming for in georgia what do you hope to accomplish there? >> i think she had some great advice and that is to allow the people like helen and the voter of student line for three hours, the state senator who fought this tooth and nail, let them do the talking. what we are going to hear is the reason that helen butler was removed from her post, and that is because there is a concerted effort, not only in georgia, but in texas as you just heard from the state
10:23 pm
senator, to basically take away people's freedom to vote, lawrence. one of the things many of us are focused on is the provision in the bill that passed in georgia that says you cannot give water to voters and. line and agree just major. there's so much more in that bill. that is what i'm natasha was getting out. the state legislature kicked people off the voting board. then they said, and if we just find a few technical violations, we can replace you local officials. we were luck for staff and we will replace you. one of the things people haven't noticed very much is they require runoffs. that is where senator warnock and senator ossoff became great senators as they are. they produced the time for that runoff to only 20 days. there is no time after the general election. they reduced it, and, wait they can't replace a law that you cannot register as a new voter
10:24 pm
you have to do it 29 days before, pretty obvious. >> we did see the astonishing thing in the runoff senate campaigns in georgia and that was that they were able to get more voters in that senate election for the second round of the senate election. >> exactly. and the ballot boxes, the jump up boxes, so important. i'm sure a lot of your viewers use. that they said you have to use less of them, you could only use them at the early voting locations and, only during those hours. a bit redundant. it's just a measure after measure. i'm looking forward to working with our two great senators in georgia, member of the rules committee. the day before i will be seeing the great stacey abrams. we think it's really important for these senators to go to
10:25 pm
georgia and see exactly what is going on and hear directly from the people. just as the texas legislature scheme to washington, i think it's important that we go out in the field. we have to keep the pressure on. they said to me, when i met with them this week they said, we are passing you the torch. they came to washington for salvation and it's the one place we can find it and only if we pass the bills. >> mitch mcconnell said, you when the democrats are just using this georgia law, and when he says is that a shameless effort to manufacture an air of crisis, what is your response to mitch mcconnell on that? >> crisis? you know when a crisis is? you know what chaos is? chaos are the voters in milwaukee standing in voter lines with garbage bags and masks. chaos was the republican law that voters passed because the
10:26 pm
judges said it discriminated against african americans with surgical precision. cast is what we see in texas when there is one ballot drop off box in harris county texas with over 5 million people. where the line tucson georgia with voters waiting in the sand, with senior citizens not even being able to vote because they couldn't stand the heat. that is chaos, that is a crisis. so, we are going down there because the republicans in a concerted effort, are trying to take away people's freedom to vote, and he knows that. they can say what they want, but we are not going to stop fighting this fight. >> do you have any other field hearings planned or considered for any other states? texas for example? >> we are going to go to several other states and we are working all that out with people on the ground. all the focus now is on georgia, and we will go from there. my main goal for doing this it's to just continue to get
10:27 pm
people state by state to help us, to put pressure on the republicans, and our colleagues, to get this done. this is a concerted effort that people like reverend warnock, and he is someone who, in his own words, he decided to put his speech on the florida voting rights. as he summed it up better than i have in the whole interview, some people don't want some people to vote. that's what this is about. >> senator amy klobuchar, chair of the senate rules committee. thank you for joining us. we always appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> and coming up, mad bombers for trump. two men were accused in federal court today of plotting to bomb democratic headquarters in the hope of starting a war, for donald trump. that is next. rump that is next
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fast and easy. - [announcer] learn more at >> why do mad bombers love that
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donald trump? why do homicidal maniacs love donald trump? why do aspiring mass murderers love donald trump? those questions will not be answered by the federal criminal trial of ian rogers and jarrett kirkland, who were indicted today, by a federal grand jury in california on federal charges. including that they quote, did knowingly conspire to destroy by fire or explosive a building -- to which, the john albertan democratic headquarters in sacramento, california. five days before president biden's eggnog ration, the fbi raided ian rogers home and business where they quote, recovered several guns and five pipe bombs. rodgers admitted making the pipe bombs for what he said was his own entertainment. the fbi found text messages on ian rogers phone, to and from
10:33 pm
his now cool defendant, gerald kirkland. we can attack twitter or the democrats. you pick. i think we can attack either, easily. let's go after soros we. can attack twitter and democrats, easy, right now. burn their crowd down. i want to blow up the democrat building bad. planned attack. i'm thinking sacramento office, first target. sack office is the sacramento office of the democratic party. the jury in this criminal trial will be able to tell us if rodgers and corpulent are guilty of conspiring to bomb the democratic party headquarters. but that jury will not be able to tell us why they wanted to do it. and that jury will not be able to tell us how many other trump supporters want to kill us. how many trump supporters want to kill the people working at twitter. how many trump supporters want to kill the people working at
10:34 pm
democratic party headquarters. how many trump supporters want to kill for donald trump. we don't know. we just know, according to their own words, on january 6th and the evidence in this california case, that the number of trump supporters who want to kill for donald trump is not zero. joining us now, joyce vance. former u.s. attorney. professor at the university of alabama school of law. she's an msnbc legal contributor. joyce, thank you very much for joining us tonight. i have to say, reading these legal filings today, was like reading about what the filings would have been, it feels like, is to timothy mcvay they have been caught in advance. timothy >> i think that's exacte feeling that you get here. this is a big arsenal that these two had amassed.
10:35 pm
they've got five pipe bombs. they've got fully automatic weapons. they've got 45 to 50 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. if this is how you entertain yourself, well, that means that you are a criminal. and to your point, tim mcvay, who is the touchstone for so many of these people, they all use the anarchist cookbook as a way to figure out how to make their devices and how to target their locations. and they all of that to timothy mcvay, with this singular focus on using violence to overthrow the government and using their own acts of violence deradicalize other people to their cause. >> i want to put on the screen an image that was included in the criminal complaint filed in court of this white privilege card, that ian rogers had. he had this in his home. this was part of what was collected in the raid. the white privilege card trumps everything.
10:36 pm
this is what these people believe in. joyce, it seems to me that as witnesses of, against and about themselves, they are very clear. >> they don't make any bones about their ideology. they don't make any bones about their allegiance to the former president. the difficult issue here, and i think you're right to say it may not be untangled in the criminal justice system, is not just what their motivation is, but also whether or not the former president holds some shear of responsibility for their conduct. not in the obvious sense. because we can all look at this ongoing course of conduct and trump's failure to moderate his rhetoric overtime, after he knew time and time again people were motivated to violence by his words. but whether there will ever be any legal comes ability is still the open question here. ility is
10:37 pm
>> the fbi caught these guys. caught them in advance of what they were plotting to do. that just feels lucky, joyce. i have to say. it just feels like great work. fantastic that they did that. but it's hard to believe that these were the only two and that democratic building in sacramento is the only building that anybody like this might be targeting. >> the fbi has a really tough job here playing defense. and i've been involved in this work for many years. you have to make the arrests, in this case, before they're actually able to blow up the democratic headquarters in sacramento. and then you've got to go back out there the next day and start worrying about the next guys that are coming at you with bombs and guns. it's a tough job. it's encouraging that the fbi caught these two. there seems to have been newly enhanced recognition at the bureau and in u.s. attorney
10:38 pm
offices and in maine justice, of the importance of focusing on domestic terrorism. it's far too easy for us to focus on foreign terrorism, at the expense of domestic terrorism. if you had found a jihadist with this kind of firepower, with five pipe bombs, everyone would have been up in arms. but we have a regrettable tendency to give the white supremacist a pass. maybe they look a little bit too much like us. or a little bit too much like law enforcement. they don't seem as threatening. but these people pose a deadly threat to our country. we are fortunate that the fbi one, today. >> joyce vance, thank you very much for joining us tonight. coming up, a colorado federal judge found, in his words, not one iota of evidence of fraud in the presidential election. colorado secretary of state jena griswold will join us. will also be joined by arizona
10:39 pm
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arizona by 10,457 votes. the ap is reporting that election officials in arizona have now identified exactly 182 potential cases of some kind of voter fraud, out of the more than 3 million ballots cast in arizona and only four of those 182 cases have actually led to criminal charges. two against registered democrats. and two against registered republicans. no one has been convicted. no vote was counted twice. in other words, fraud had nothing to do with the outcome of the election in arizona. and that is the reason our next guest calls what republicans are now doing with the ballots
10:44 pm
in arizona a fraud it. and now condo congress has decided to investigate the arizona "fraudit" the house oversight committee quote is seeking to determine whether the privately funded audit protects the right to vote or is instead an effort to provoke basic conspiracy theory sees, undermine confidence in americas elections, and reverse the result of a free and fair election for partisan gain. in colorado today, a hearing was held in federal court that was virtually identical to a hearing held in michigan federal court on monday, with a federal judge considering imposing sanctions on trump lawyers for bringing a completely frivolous and fraudulent election lawsuit. which was dismissed by the court in april. today, the judge said that the colorado lawyers presented quote, not one iota of evidence. to support their frivolous
10:45 pm
lawsuit one of the colorado lawyers facing sanctions in today's hearing said that he relied, in good faith, on accusations about election fraud made by others. including the my pillow chief executive, mike lindell. the lawyer said these are serious allegations, made by serious people. and when your defense rests on syria's people, like the my pillow guy, you are in serious legal trouble. joining us now is arizona secretary of state, katie hobbs. secretary hobbs, thank you very much for joining us tonight. what is the latest state of what you have called the "fraudit" in arizona? >> lords, really your guess is as good as mine. what there seem to be doing and what they've been doing for a while now is continuing to drag this out as long as possible. because they are continuing to swindle people out of their money to fund this process.
10:46 pm
there's channeling those private dollars to unknown organizations into unknown people. and we do not know who is running. it their bottom line benefits by continuing to drag it out. who suffers here is the voters of arizona who continue to have their concerns over not knowing where their ballots are, not knowing what's going on. having their tax dollars spent on replacing equipment that is now not usual usable because of this fraudit. so, this is damaging in many ways to arizona. and it is unfortunate that the folks running the show continue to try to drag it out for their political goals. >> well would you advise the house oversight committee in washington in their investigation of this, what you call me fraudit? what should they be looking for and asking about? >> i think all the things that they highlighted in their
10:47 pm
letter it all of the right points. and the points that we have been making for months about all the problems associated with this exercise. i welcome their voices and their intervention into this fight. quite frankly, our offices here concerns from voters every single day over this exercise. and they are tired of these partisan games. that is why i am running for governor to get to work on real issues and problems that we have here in arizona. not rehashing the 2020 election. and folks can join me in that katie >> let me ask you about that. your secretary of state, now. you are directly involved in elections election security. wouldn't you have less authority or impact over that as governor? >> certainly we have got all kind of election officials in arizona that are trying to tie my hands. the governor, attorney general,
10:48 pm
the legislature. we are going to keep overcoming those challenges and doing my job. let's certainly as governor, i will have a say in legislation that is passed and other things in terms of our elections. the number one thing i would do is stand up to these fronts orders that are trying to continue to undermine voter confidence in our elections. because there was no fraud. and that is what we need the leaders in our state to stand up and stay. right now, they are too few and far between doing that. >> this "fraudit" has been run by just the republican senate in arizona, which i find incomprehensible how the senate, without other authority, could do that. that's apparently unique to arizona. they're asking now, oh, we don't have enough time to finish. we need more time and we need more information. they were handed all of the
10:49 pm
ballots. what more information could they possibly want? >> i think they are trying to make it look like maricopa county has not been cooperative with them, which is absolutely not the case. they are trying to make it look like there is potentially incomplete results because of this. the bottom line is, they are just continuing to try to drag this out, so that they can continue to sow doubts all the way into the 2022 and 2024 elections. >> arizona secretary of state, katie hobbs, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> we're joined now by colorado secretary of state, jena griswold. she is each or of the democratic association of secretaries of state. secretary griswold, this case in your state in colorado the, federal judge is saying not one iota of evidence of any kind of
10:50 pm
election fraud. in this lawsuit brought by lawyers who are now facing sanctions for lying in court, in effect. and it seems the way the judge handled that hearing today that those lawyers are in serious troubles. just like the lawyers we saw earlier this week in michigan. e lawyers we>> well, lawrence, u for having me on. as a lawyer, when you are sworn in, you swear to uphold the constitution. and that means you're not allowed to use lies to file frivolous lawsuits. i are not allowed to use the courts to undermine democracy. as you pointed out, these lawyers that are now facing sanctions said that they relied on the my pillow guy as a basis for lawsuits. lords, at this point, the my pillow guy gives pillows a back. so, we really need to see lawyers stop lying. and everybody who is using the big lie to suppress the vote for their own political motivation. needs to stop.
10:51 pm
that is what democratic secretaries of state are fighting for, every single day. >> i have to say, in reading about this proceeding today, this hearing where these lawyers had a chance -- this was their chance to save their lives. save themselves from being sanctioned. barred from practicing in federal court, so forth. i didn't hear a single thing they said that was actually helpful to their defense. everything i read that they offered was actually more incriminating, like that point about the my pillow guy as an authoritative source. >> that's right. elections are not infomercials. they are very serious endeavors. what i can say as to election officer for the state of colorado, is that we are seeing the same type of lies that were fleshed out in the hearing being used as a basis to suppress the vote. there been attempts in colorado
10:52 pm
and nationwide. as a nation, we have seen 400 bills to suppress the vote in 47 states. we're seeing the stripping of authority from secretaries of state, who just oversaw one of the most secure elections in america's history. and it's all because some elected officials did not like the results of 2020. so now they are trying to change the rules. i think today's hearing is a good thing. i think these hearings across the nation underlined accountability. and that's what we need more of in this nation. lawyers and elected officials should not be able to live to manipulate the american people. >> that's what we thought law school was far. is there some deficiency and ethics teaching a law school, now? has it kind of collapse to the point where these guys think they can walk into a federal courtroom ally, and there won't be sanctions? ally, and >> i think the hearine pretty much showing that is not going to fly in the united states. attorneys are being stripped of their license.
10:53 pm
they are being sanctioned. but it's a bigger problem than just lawyers. we had a president of the united states lie and use the tools of the federal government to erect barriers to the vote. that's about as un-american as you can get. so, i think what we need to see is the recognition of the urgency of the moment we are in. we are seeing a systematic approach to strip away our freedoms. to strip away the very foundation of this country. the right of americans to choose their elected officials. that is why it is so urgent for congress to pass voting reform. to protect the right to vote. if they do not, in 2022, american voters will be able to choose their secretaries of state to stand up and protect elections. >> cholera secretary of state, jenna griswold, thank you very much for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. tonight's last word is next.
10:54 pm
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mark sucker bergh has gone from visiting in the white house with a president who profited from the false propaganda disseminated by facebook, to a president who now says mark zuckerberg's facebook is killing people. with the lies about covid-19. >> on covid misinformation, what's your message to platforms like facebook? >> they're killing people. i mean, there really -- look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. and they're killing people. >> on thursday, u.s. surgeon general doctor vivek murthy, warned that health misinformation is quote, a serious threat to public health. and he criticize facebook for not doing enough to stop the spread of false information on its platform. mark zuckerberg did not reply to the president today, but facebook issued a written statement saying, we will not
10:59 pm
be distracted by accusations which aren't supported by the facts. the fact is that more than 2 million people have viewed authoritative information about covid-19 vaccinations on facebook, which is more than any other police on the internet. and a programming note, before we go tonight. on monday night, at this hour, in this place, jonathan kaye part will be live in washington d.c. for an msnbc special presentation. jonathan kaye part will be joined by all of the texas democrats who are in our nation's capital to plead for federal voting rights protections. all of the texas democrats will join jonathan capahart for the special, battleground democracy, the texas democrats. monday, at 10 pm eastern right here on msnbc. that is tonight's last word. the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. with brian will good evening, once again.
11:00 pm
they won 78 of the biden administration. and with greatest nation on earth is back to this again. health experts say about our country entering a new and dangerous phase of the pandemic. that this is the time to be where. today, the warning from the cdc was direct. it left a little doubt about the risk. >> there is a clear message that is coming through. this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. we are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country that have low vaccination coverage, because unvaccinated people are at risk. >> this delta variant also fueling a rise in new infections which are now up by 70% over the past seven days. hospital admissions have increased by 36%. deaths are up by 26%. here we are again.


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