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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 16, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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this friday evening and for this week. our thanks for being here with us. my thanks to stephanie ruhle for filling in here last night. have a good weekend, unless you have other plans, on behalf of all of our colleagues here at the networks of nbc news, good night. this woman, says she's a doctor who is invited to speak to the ohio legislature by a republican lawmaker to the ohio legislature by a republican lawmake of the covid vaccine. she was billed as a witness, the expert kind. an expert witness to help inform the legislature's opinion about whether to pass legislation around covid vaccines. this is how that went. i'm sure you've seen the pictures all over the internet of people who have the shots now they are magnetize and put
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a king on their forehead, spoons, forks, and it sticks. now we think there is a metal piece to that. there's been people how long suspected that there was some sort of an interface yet to be defined, between what's being injected in the shots and all the 5g towers. not proven yet. >> not proven yet. the operative word there is yet. this came right after the testimony. >> i just found out something when i was on lunch, and i want to show it to you. you are talking about doctor tenpenny's testimony about magnetic crystals. i have a key and a bobby pin here explain why the key sticks to me. it sticks to my neck as well. if somebody can explain this, it would be great with. any questions?
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>> you know what? no. i actually don't have any questions about whatever that was. the covid vaccine does not make a metal key stick to your forehead, or to your neck, or to any other part of your body unless it's a little bit sweaty. while we're at, it lets knock a few more out of these. the covid vaccine does not contain satan's microchips. since that turned humans and hybrids, it will not spread communism, it will not give you mad cow disease. it will not kill everyone and estimate the world's population. if you interact with a vaccinated person, it will not affect your mental cycle. the covid vaccine will not turn you into a biological timebomb carrying a coronavirus -- coronavirus super strain. these are some of the fringe east of the fringe reasons why people are hesitant to get the covid vaccine. vaccine hesitancy comes in all shapes and sizes, not just naughty conspiracies. maybe you are afraid of needles. maybe you are afraid you will get sick and have a bad reaction. whether you think the covid vaccine will imbue you with the
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microchips of satan, or whether you are just scared, or skeptical, the refusal by millions of people in this country to get vaccinated against cope with his its gary fit into thing right now in america. for the first time in months you are seeing a steep rapid rise in new covid cases. positive tests are up 121% in the last two weeks. this are up 9%, new cases on the uptick in all 50 states. . covid-19 is still killing more people in this country than guns, the flu, automobile mobile accidents combine. it is a triggering thing given just what we've been through as a country to see declarations of a fourth wave about to come crashing down on us. of course, this time, we are not all equally vulnerable.
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this time we have vaccines. the more than 160 million people who have been fully vaccinated remain at a lower alaska -- risk of contracting covid that could land them in the hospital or potentially kill them. the realtime data bears that out. of all the people currently hospitalized for covid in this country right now, of all of them, 97% are unvaccinated. for all intents and purposes vaccinated people in this country are not the pandemic like the unvaccinated are. both the president and the head of the d.c. cdc talk about the dual nature of this fact in the pandemic. the president asked -- blasting facebook about conspiracy theories that are encouraging vaccine hesitancy. >> this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. we are seeing outbreaks of
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cases in parts of the country that have low vaccination coverage, because unvaccinated people are at risk. >> we are add this bizarre juncture of the pandemic right now. on planet vaccine we will go to the grocery store without masks, leaning indoors without fear. on earth to, in parts of the country where most people are unvaccinated, people continue to get sick. there got continue to die of covid. let's not just a danger to those it's a danger to everyone. vaccine hesitancy has the
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potential to compromise all the hard fought progress we made here on earth one. take a look at los angeles. l.a. county, largest in the country where going to wear masks it will be mandatory while indoors. not just for people who are unvaccinated, for everyone. the county health commissioner calling it an all hands on deck moment with covid on the steep rise in l.a.. mosome more news in las vegas, half of that state is fully vaccinated. vegas health officials say that we should wear masks again in crowded indoor places regardless of vaccination status. every time the virus duplicates, that provides more chances for more variance to emerge. variants that could be resistant to the vaccine. vaccine hesitancy is a threat, not just to the unvaccinated, it is a threat to all of us. as long as there are unvaccinated pockets of the population, that presents a
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feeding ground for the virus to take hold. let's take a, mississippi, new cases are up 95% in mississippi over the last two weeks. hospitalizations are up 79%. only 34% of mississippians are fully vaccinated. they are tied for last place with this most proportion of their population fully vaccinated. the states with low vaccination rates like mississippi, continue to be in dire straits until more people get vaccinated. that will take work. it will take creativity. it will take someone like denise taylor. denise taylor used to be a professional basketball coach. she was the head coach of the woman's team a jackson state for ten seasons. she went on to be a coach for the wnba. these days, she works in health care. she runs an operation for a clinic and the restaurant started the -- part of the state. now she's doing something in mississippi that could be the playbook anywhere, struggling
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to get people vaccinated. mr. taylor is essentially one woman traveling salesforce trying to sell the vaccine across our community to people who have not gotten it. she drives around looking for pockets of unvaccinated neighbors having personal one-on-one conversations to convince people to get the shot. yesterday, if you went to a conference of teachers to talk to many educators about boosting mississippi's vaccination rate before the school year starts. miss taylor said she talked to one teacher for half an hour. >> tell me,
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the program run by denise taylor's clinic has gotten more than 700 people in the communities they serve, vaccinated. how is she doing this? why are we not doing it everywhere? joining us now, denise taylor.
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look at the smile on your face. that's exactly how you should. >> what time is it? vaccination time. what time is, it vaccination time? >> you have made it vaccination time for a whole bunch of people who weren't gonna do it. on the one hand, it doesn't seem like the most efficient way of doing it but it seems remarkably effective. you are getting out, they're spending half an hour if you have to talking to someone. she comes away not only ready to get a vaccine, but she tells 100 people to get vaccinated. >> absolutely. that was so awesome. again, my heart starts beating so fast. i was so pleased to hear that. i talked to her yesterday, today she was like, i am going to do it. it makes a difference. >> talk to me about what it is that makes a difference. can anybody go up to anybody, or what is that you have to
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understand about this person that allows you to speaker language and speak to her own four years to overcome her resistance in order to get her to say i'm moving from vaccine hesitant, or vaccine resistant, into a sales person, frankly? >> first of all, it's a no judgment zone. when i approach people, it's like, you meet them where you are. their fears, their hesitation, it's real. i was hesitant. you know, the blueprint is, it's a one, face to face contact, and to commit kate with them. i always ask, why? once they tell me why, that's where the communication comes in and the education comes in and answers the question. d
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meet people where they are and answer their questions. educate them to trust the science. look at the facts. trust your providers. meet them where they are. let them know it's okay to be scared, it's okay to be hesitant, but once you educate them, and makes a big difference. >> there is a wonderful woman, and doctor and philadelphia, she's been making the same argument to me. for all the government and twitter campaigns, social media campaigns, they are good with good information, but actually, there's something about going to peoples communities and meeting them where they, are sometimes it means churches, community centers, barbershops, out there and having the communication on their terms. if they are hesitant they won't come to your hospital or clinic. >> absolutely.
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you have got to go in the streets, and you talk to people, it's like hey, there's not one person who i me wherever i go ghastly, shun convenience store, is grocery store, have you been vaccinated? if they say no, i say, why? that's when the conversations start. i let them know it's okay. i was hesitant as well. then you listen to them, and now you are able to answer their questions and give them the feedback to educate them and to inform them on the questions and concerns that they have. you know, you have to be in the no judgment zone now and put yourself in your shoes. it's real that they are scared. some are scared of needles. some of them, there is a transportation problem. some of them, which just
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misinformation. they have so much information. they are so confused. i listen. sometimes it's 45 minutes, it's even been an hour. but, you know what? once you listen and you answered the questions, and they feel good about that, then they make the decision to take the vaccine. that's the charge that i give to everyone. all the teachers, cultures, leaders, people they trust you need to meet them when they call. >> did he, see need to do a master class or t.e.d. talk for the rest of us to see how we do it. i hear everything you are saying. if i'm in the midst of this conversation with someone, at one point am i gonna feel like putting out my hands and say i'm done with yo. there is no talking to you. you are stubborn, getting garbage information from facebook. how do you get past that part.
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we all hit the zone with someone when you say you are speaking nonsense now, i don't know how to continue the conversation. >> it's patience. i have a nephew. i talked to him for 45 minutes and he moves from first base to second base because and first, it was like, no way. then he said, okay. i'm going to consider it. we have to be patient, and we have to understand that these are real fears people have. these are real concerns they have. some people, we are here in the mississippi delta. but i found is some people didn't listen to some misinformation, but some people are not capable of reading and understanding the information that's out there. it's important for us, the
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people that they trust that we help them to understand and explain facts. that's the other thing i found especially here in the mississippi delta. everybody can't read, and everybody can't understand. all information that's out there. when you listen to them and you meet them where they are, trust me, it makes a difference. that's where the success has come from. you empathize, and you understand and you answer the questions. >> he put more gas in my tank for this one. i'm ready now. there's going to be a name for people like you and 35 years when we are talking about how at the end of this pandemic we still had people who weren't getting vaccinated. there was no way to get through them. the government to guards out and all the, and they're going to tell the story of people like denise taylor who said going to go into every corner of every state and every church and we are going to find people and we are going to get this done. thank you for all you do. denise taylor, coach tea!
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>> vaccination time! let's win this game of this vaccination game. you know? let's shoot the shot and let's score points in our community. every one of you. all of us can make a difference. i am challenging every coach, every leader, every athletic director, every student athlete. first of all, start with your family. your family, your friends, your coworkers. each one of, us and we get one person. if it's one person today that you get to take the vaccine, that's a win for all of us. now, we can start watching basketball games. we can continue to hug people, and kids can go to school and get their socialization that they need. i am asking everybody to join this campaign. let's shoot the shot. let's win this vaccination game. let's do it!
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>> thank you -- >> vaccination time, yes! >> the operations manager at the delta health center. i feel like getting another vaccination after this whole thing. thank you for all that you do. thank you for your time tonight. we are going to be right back with the rachel maddow show. the rachel maddow show. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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the congressional black caucus. zip tied and lead away by the police. but it is an image that reflects a long tradition of black leaders causing good trouble to protect voting rights in america. i'm referring to yesterday when chairwoman of the congressional black caucus congresswoman joyce paty and eight other voting rights activists were arrested at the heart senate office building. there are protesting a lack of momentum on two big voting rights bills in the senate. john lewis voting rights act and the for the people act. today, vice president kamala harris hosted some of those activists in a meeting at the white house to push the issue further. we are five days into a dramatic active civil
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disobedience by the democratic members of the texas state legislator. on monday, 51 democratic state for president lives literally left the state to deny republican state legislators the quorum that they would need to pass anti voting legislation. the governor of texas has since said as soon as they stepped foot back into the state they will be arrested. and all of this, this civil disobedience, all of this good trouble is somewhat cosmic lee timed. tomorrow is the anniversary of the death of the civil rights leader, the former congressman john lewis. who is acts of good trouble that helped bring around the voting rights act of 1965, tomorrow the official ceremony honoring lewis will be the christening of the u.s. and as john lewis, 742 foot long navy ship. speaker of the house nancy pelosi will lead a congressional delegation to send sand diego to participate in the christening that will honor the former congressman's legacy.
9:24 pm
in a less official manner, protegees of john lewis like the congressman joyce paty are calling for some more good trouble in his name on voting rights and there will be vigils around this country from georgia, to new york, to north carolina, to texas to honor the late congressman and to carry his torch for democracy. specifically, the protesters who were arrested yesterday and the texas representatives who are hold up in d.c. and the americans holding vigils across the country. they are calling for voting rights legislation at the federal level. without legislation at the federal level voters and in republican controlled states across the country might be out of luck, which means all eyes are on moderate swing vote senators like joe manchin who have the power to act at any point they want to do to protect the right to vote by agreeing to carve out voting rights from the senate's filibuster rules. which would allow voting rights protections to pass with a simple majority in the senate without meaning ten republicans
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to sign on. that is all it will take a. tonight, while 51 texas democrat representatives are in d.c. to plead with senators like manchin, manchin himself has flown to texas for a fund-raiser held by, are you sitting down for this? prominent republican donors. which seems to me like just the opposite of good trouble. thjoining us now, one of the democratic state representatives currently in d.c., representative jasmine crockett. thank you for being with us tonight. you are in a state that, over the last 50 65, years we have not often had the chance to talk to someone. you are actually in a state of civil disobedience right now. you have left your state so that you will not be arrested by the sergeant at arms as assigned by the governor of texas, so you cannot be brought
9:26 pm
back to the legislator to be present and establish a quorum for legislation that will pull back on the voting rights of your fellow texas citizens. >> that's absolutely right. thank you so much for having me in, thank you for covering this story. you know, it is quite disappointing we are coming up on the anniversary of john lewis, someone who gave so much of himself for the purpose of voting rights, yet instead of honoring his legacy and his sacrifice we are actually rolling back the hands of time. back the hands of time to a time in which he felt it necessary to march in selma. you know, it's unfortunate in addition to that that you see someone like congresswoman baby who was arrested and, you juxtapose that with january six, and the number of criminals that still have not been arrested, and you want to talk about lawmakers in texas, and
9:27 pm
the threats, the empty threats, let me be clear, that our governor is sending out about arresting us. it's amazing who we want to rest in this country. we are doing everything we can to fight for democracy. we don't want to arrest those that are breaking the law that are killing people, that are doing the things they claim that black lives matter, protesters were doing that what we're actually writing insurrectionists, but we want to arrest julia look did congress persons and state representatives. >> let me ask you about texas and voting. texas is one of the hardest states in which to vote. they don't make something easy we should make it easy. texas has no examples of widespread voter fraud. texas has virtually zero examples of any voter fraud and the very things this legislation is meant to pull back on 24-hour voting, drive-through voting, helping
9:28 pm
people get to the polls, none of them are at all connected to any instances of voter fraud in texas. in other, words there is no argument if you take away drive-through voting, you take away 24-hour voting, fraud in texas elections will decrease. >> you are right. i mean, you're trying to apply logic, right? i determined that there is no logic in the legislator, at least the texas legislator. this is all about a power grab. that's what people need to understand. they need to understand the full context of what's going on. texas makes it harder than any other state to vote. we simply say we want nice things in texas, right? when we look at the majority of states, 36 states plus d.c. have online voter registration. we had a number of bills that were filed a session saying, hey, give us online better registration which has nothing to do with fraud whatsoever. we are talking with the registration process, and guess what?
9:29 pm
we couldn't get a hearing on something as simple as voter registration being online. we also deal with in texas them saying, hey, we are going to expand the number of hours that you can vote. really good happens in our code and most coats is that there is a minimum standard that's developed within the code that says, hey, you have to have at least this many hours. what happened is, we had a millennial who is in control of the elections during a pandemic we thought outside the box. he expanded the hours. some people say, well, we don't have 24-hour voting. why is texas so upset? most states don't set a maximum. texas is trying to tell everyone else in the country if you don't have a maximum, you need to make sure that you do that. like i tell people all the time, he may not have 24 hour restaurants when you go to a small town. when you go to the big cities, you are going to have restaurants that are open 24
9:30 pm
hours a day, and if you can go and grab mcdonald's 24 hours a day, i don't know why it's so problematic for you to be able to about 24 hours a day if you are elections administrator feels as if there is a need and the money is there to make it happen. have you ever been arrested? >> i have not. i am prepared to be arrested because you may be very shortly? >> i'm prepared to do whatever is required. i am only the 22nd black woman ever elected in the texas house. the first ever elected black woman is actually here with us. so phony and thompson. when we look at the numbers, i know the sacrifice that she has made to pay for somebody like me. plenty people have died who fought and were beat. the least i could do is give everything i've got i was elected to serve. whatever the sacrifice may be
9:31 pm
it pales in comparison to what those that came before me were willing to do. i'm doing my part so the little one whom showed up to me, the four year old child that my office, she doesn't have to keep fighting this fight. it's ridiculous that john lewis is dead right now, yet we still fight for the same things he was fighting for when he was in his twenties. >> be proud of the good trouble you and your colleagues are getting into. jasmine crockett, thank you for your time. >> thank you so much. >> if you are eagle eyed you might notice i'm not in new york tonight. i'm in portland oregon. more on why that is next. is next ity sales event. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing.
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a drill. this is for real. for the first time in years, it really is about to be infrastructure week.
9:36 pm
chuck schumer has said that on wednesday next week, the united states senate will hold the big vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill being negotiated by a group of moderate democrats and republicans in the senate. at the same time, schumer also said wednesday the deadline for senate democrats to finalize their much bigger three and a half trillion dollar infrastructure package -- next week, we should try to see what's in both those bills and have a good gauge on the likelihood of them passing. those two proposals appeared to be on radically better pass. bipartisan bill earned a snag after they refuse to get the democrats best funding for the bill because it would mean taxing the rich. they don't want to make rich people pay more taxes. as lawmakers scrambled to try to save the bipartisan bill. democrats appeared to be making better progress on their larger
9:37 pm
package, which does not to require any republican support. senator joe manchin indicated that when it comes to the democrats only much larger infrastructure bill, he's ready to be a team player. nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. if you know what the end result is going to be, i have a bridge to sell you and maybe a few roads and tunnels to all of which may need to be in repair. climate change legislation, immigration reform, and measures that make it easier to form a union. that is on top of the numbers proposal on childcare, health
9:38 pm
care, other infrastructure that president biden wrote that as part of the pace and for sure georgia through boards or go. today, the chance for station minister pete buttigieg pushed for the infrastructure agenda. i sat down with him here in oregon, to discuss the senate's two track approach to infrastructure, and what he thinks of the bill that senate democrats are putting together which takes a broader view of infrastructure than republicans do. >> the idea that americans ought to have paid leave just like people in pretty much every other country, it's something you don't have to be a democrat and republican to believe in -- and most people think we ought to do it. there is a problem with it in washington. a few months ago, when talking about human infrastructure, i heard republicans say childcare is great, building veterans hospital is great, we just don't think it is
9:39 pm
infrastructure. you should put it in a different package. fine. now it's in a different package. let's see if they vote for it now. >> yes, we shall see. you can catch the full interview with buttigieg on my show. as the democrats coalesce around a plan, there's another group who was input will be key to passing these major proposals. that group is house democrats. joining us now is coming in line jayapal. it will play a big role and what kind of infrastructure deal can pass in the house, congresswoman, good to see you and your part of the country. you ordered that conversation with the secretary who is prepared to do the easy, low hanging fruit side of the bill that bridges the roads, buses, and stuff republicans can agree to. he is talking about the fact that there is a much bigger,
9:40 pm
much more interesting bill that has a much broader and modern view of why infrastructure is. a lot of those things are things you support. >> that's right, ali. this is the opportunity for us to invest in all the things that will make americans feel different -- different about their lives. not just good green jobs and highways, roads, transit that we will take on climate change in a real significant way but also that we could get women back to work. families have childcare, people have health care. these are populist popular people and they are necessary. that's why the reconciliation package is so much support from republicans, independents, and democrats. it is so necessary for us to allow americans to have hope an opportunity again, where they wake up every morning and they feel differently about their lives and livelihoods.
9:41 pm
>> you make an interesting point. it's got so much support among republicans and democrats, not republicans in congress or the senate to the same degree. what do you do about that? americans get it. americans get that all these things are something that makes their lives better, their working lives and home lives. still there are some republicans who are caught on an old-fashioned view on, bridges, roads, buses being infrastructure. >> that's why we will do it without republicans. we are doing it as a reference -- reconciliation bill, a budget that needs 50 democrats in the senate. i hope we get some republicans with us. we certainly will try to do that. if they are listening to their constituents, they will vote for. ali, you know, not a single republican voted for the american rescue plan. a plan that put money in people's pockets, shots in arms, got people back to school. these republicans were nowhere
9:42 pm
to be found. we will do it for ourself if we need to do it that way, because we can, through budget reconciliation. that's why the progressive caucus has been so clear. i've been on the show with rachel before saying, we were not gonna move a bipartisan bill unless we had the reconciliation bill agreed to, and voted on. and it had to contain our five most important priorities foods to caucus. those five priorities are in the bill. it will be a long fight, but it's a significant step forward with the three and a half trillion dollar proposal that the senate has settled on. >> congresswoman, thank you for joining us. it's fun being on the west coast. we will finish the show and there will be time for dinner in oregon. i always appreciate you joining
9:43 pm
me. it's the morning, that's painful in this time zone. thanks for being here. up next, -- i've got the person ask after this. n ask afte this 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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plus innovative products that fit your needs and budget. with free service and adjustments for life. we're so confident we can improve your life, we're offering a 30-day risk-free trial. call 1-800-miracle today and experience the miracle-ear advantage for yourself. this week, we learned in the final days of president trump's presidency we learned that mike milley was making plans with other military leaders about how he would block an order from the president if you tried to use the military to remain in office. the revelations are contained in a new book
9:48 pm
there's an inherent shock and hearing the u.s. top military man calling the former president the for her and referring to him as a hitler. milley saw a specific analogy into what donald trump was doing. in february of 1933, the german
9:49 pm
parliament building went up in flames. german chancellor, i don't hitler, he had gained power and blamed the communists and said it was a terror campaign by the left. on that premise, his government proceeded to suspend constitutional rights giving hitler the power to rule by fiat, and germany turned from a democratic two authoritative straight -- state. milley feared that donald trump was created his own right tag. the suspension of the rules that demand a big response. we must stop the counting of the votes, we must suspend democracy. milley feared that trump would use the military to achieve this suspension of democracy. then came the insurrection, the
9:50 pm
insurrection that succeeded for a few days and ultimately failed. given that it failed, given that trump did leave office and democracy did prevail, it is tempting to leave this all behind us. to read the book as a historical artifact. reporting on a part of history that is behind us, though it is not over. donald trump has never had more of an iron grip over the republican party, then he does right now. that framing so alarmed mike milley milley and the election should be thrown out and trump should be re-installed as president and it's basically the platform for the 2022 elections right now. trump is the real president. just yesterday, there was a pilgrimage made to kiss trump's
9:51 pm
ring. republicans want trump to be the president, by a mile. they strip power from non partisan election members so they can attempt to make sure they win elections one way or another. joining me now is one of the most perceptive speakers on this subject, tim snyder. this is his book, on tyranny. 20 lessons from the 21st century. professor snyder, good to see you. there is an essay euro barely a month into the trump administration, back in 2017 and titled the reichstag warning. and shows how a modern republican can be turned into an authoritative regime. the founding fathers knew the democracy they were creating was vulnerable to uninspiring
9:52 pm
tyrant who met steve what is your response to and general milley was feeling in the last days of the trump administration? >> my personal response, i am grateful that general milley reads history. our leaders and inspiring leaders should be reading history, there are two really important references in what you just cited. the first is federal speaker 48, madison recognizes how fragile republics are and people who want to overturn the will use a real, or in the case of mr. trump, artificial emergency. the second is the right type fire. general milley was right to be thinking in those directions that mr. trump was a victim,
9:53 pm
and therefore everything was permitted. that is familiar from fascism. using something to do with the parliament, in this case, our congress, it's also familiar. the idea that we lost the election and something dramatic had to happen in parliament, that's terribly familiar. i am grateful that general milley is referring to history, that's important. >> one of the things you told dana middle bank, the journalist, this week, is that a failed coup is practice for a successful coup. your view is not that the insurrection failed, you're glad it failed, and now we know better. you are worried that the people who did what they did on january 6th are now inspired. >> we are now working within the framework out a big lie. one of the things i was trying to explain last fall is that once mr. trump makes the big claim that he won the election, we will have a polarized
9:54 pm
society. one political party that makes it a single issue, which is basically what happened. so long that we are in the framework of a big lie, we can expect one of the political parties -- if you tell one side of the other side to, did you are promising your people that you will cheat as well. the scenario is now playing out with the voter suppression, with the culture wars. we get ourselves to a scenario where in 2024, the republican candidate could lose by a lot. let's say 10 million votes. you could still break up some college majority, and then we would be in a position of much greater restriction than we were in 2021. >> and we're talking about this last year in the fall, the things you said seemed exaggerated and big, yet every single one of them has come to pass. what are you worried about? you think we will be heading into this situation in the 2022 elections? or is there any way that this
9:55 pm
is students of history and to not let this continue? >> as i said at the top, the encouraging thing is that people listened to history. if you compare 2016 to 2000, 20 i was saying the thing that you are kind to remember, for four years. it's different to see hell americans react in 2020 and 2016. we were in the motive saying we are expecting our institutions will save us. there were a lot of people thinking actively and ahead, thinking historically, making preparations for worst-case scenarios. those preparations are in fact what saved us. the institutions only save us if we make those institutions live, if we care about, them if we act them. i'm neither pessimistic nor optimist. the possible dark scenarios are very much with us. we could lose our democracy in the next four years. de mocracy in i am pleased that people are paying more attention history. if we understand that america is not outside of history,
9:56 pm
things that have happened elsewhere can happen here in various forms, if we understand that, then we have a fighting chance. >> northern optimist nor pessimistic, we are keeping you very close to for the next couple of election. -- thank you for being with us in all the other nights who have informed us about how we need to be looking at what's going on today through the lens of history. we will be right back. l be right back. (vo) the subaru crosstrek. dog tested. dog approved. i've been telling everyone, the secret to great teeth... is having healthy gums. new crest advanced gum restore...
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rachel back here on monday. i will see you from here in portland oregon tomorrow on velshi, well i will air the rest of my interview with pete buttigieg. it's time now for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. lawrence, i have to tell you, watching the arrest of joyce baytieh and the others, and these texas representatives who are threatened with arrests, and quite likely will be arrested when they return home to texas on the eve of the anniversary of the passing of john lewis, i think to myself that there is deep pride that americans should have the long history of civil disobedience that this country has seen, that south africa saw, the country of my ancestry saw in india with mahatma gandhi, this does sustain and does work. >> and ali, joyce betty was here last night after her arrest yesterday. latosha brown will join us. she was with joyc


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