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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  July 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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thank you so much for letting us into your homes these extraordinary times. let me apologize for our technical difficulies a the beginning of hour. we are grateful for you watching. "the beat" with ari melber starts now. >> welcome to "the beat," i am ari melber, we begin with breaking news of domestic terror. two men charged in plot to attack democratic party headquarters in sacramento.
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they had detailed plans to attack. one of the men found with five pipe bombs and 40 rounds of ammunition. this was an active plot intended to kill. one suspect saying to the other according to this information, "do you think something is wrong with me how i am excited to attack the democrats." the suspect writing "after the 20th we go to war." all of this investigators investigators -- basically, we know what's going on out there. we also know from the government warnings about domestic terrorism and white national groups. these false claims that biden lost and trump won, these claims that somehow trump may return to
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power during these four years, he won't. all of these are context of ongoing threats and attempted attacks on democracy that we are seeing. here is more of the context i mention. 216 bills introduced in 41 different states that basically allowing legislatures to politicize and interfere with elections. the plot unfolding in plain sight is to build together with some means that may be technically legal in passing these laws and other means obviously not when you look at the indictment to overturn an election in the future if that is what these individuals deemed necessary. i want to give context to this because we have been reporting on this as i mention for a while. "a failed coup is practice for a successful coup." this is an idea that experts and lawmakers across the spectrum that many of us have been
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warning about for quite some time. >> it is imperative that we establish the truth of that day and ensure that the attack of that kind can't happen. >> what is essentially a bloodless coup. a failed coup without consequences become a training exercise. >> resume his efforts to convince the americans that the election was stolen from him. >> we begin our coverage with our michelle goldberg from "the new york times," and neil kataja. neil, i very much hope as a human being and an american that this is not a warning sign of more of these or such coordinated actions. it seems like the news tonight is we are seeing yet again these exact types of warning signs and
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they come with political encouragement. >> 100%, ari, you can't ignore the big thing, the inspired chief. what happened in sacramento and what happened on january 6th, it all happened under his watch. you said in the lead up to this that this was all fallout from donald trump's big lie. that's exactly right. i just came back from two weeks in england where i met high-level government officials as well as corporate leaders and ordinary britts. everyone is shocked at what happened to the united states. they're calling us the declining civil concentration, the britts are calling us that. the damage to our democracy by what this big lie has been and all the excitement and encouragement of violence, it is not just the damage of democracy but the perception of our
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democracy around the globe and you know we can't forget. people die on the capitol. this is not like there is two sides or both sides to this. people die on sacred ground on hallow ground and our capitol. republicans don't want to have an investigation, they don't want to even have a commission to look at this. i mean that's the starting stages you say setting up the big lie and the next coup. >> ma sell, -- michelle, there is a lot of information here already about this plot and we'll update as we go and learn about it that it was very much a political project to carry out join-in and further inspire a
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right-wing movement, that's literally what they said they wanted to do. i am reading here from two charged with plotting to bomb the headquarters. they hope their attack would prompt a movement, michelle. >> one of their attorneys told the washington post that this is hyperbole and they sounded like thousands of other trump supporters out there. i am not sure how much comfort we are supposed to take. in way they do sound like, you know, many members of the republican party. that's not a statement about their innocence. it is a statement about the profound irresponsibility of the party and its leadership. they were reporting reaching out
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to crowd boys that donald trump shouted out to and heavily involved in january 6th, there is some association that seems like of the 3% militia and another group associated with january 6th. i don't think we know however long this plot was. sometimes the fbi fumbing peoplt pull off what they had in mind. >> it also goes to neil, the complete laundering, normalization and in degradation of the barrier we have. you have done a lot of work on this and michelle wrote about this before donald trump was elected. you can normalize the type of hate and from qanon to maga and
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trump, people start to actually believe that. i want to point you something to something i never thought i would say. we have a former president mounting a full-blown oj's defense. it was dark and although legally he was not convicted. a lot of evidence taken lives. trump now "if i was going to do it with a coup, one of the last people i would do it with is general milley." viewers know that i rarely quote donald trump's statements for a variety of reasons but this one i want to point an attention to. when you are accused of murder or a violent coup, you want the person to say i am not into that.
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he's not saying oh, i would never do a coup. he's saying if i get a coup, i would use a different team, neil. >> 100%. trump can't deny the story is about general milley. he just goes and attacks him. magic trip of what he's doing is collective amnesia of whatever happened on january 6th. people died. as the same thing michelle was saying the attorneys at sacramento, oh, this is just talk. it is not just talk. first of all, i 100% support people's rights to free speech. people should be able to criticize him or praise him, you cross the line when you say you want to blow up the democratic headquarters and you have thousands around with ammunition and five pipe bombs as well as military manuals like the u.s. army improvised
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handbook -- that's far too far. that's why law criminalizes those types of behaviors and those types of threats and criminalizes what happened on january 6th. trump saying it is peaceful, give me a break. you're chief responsibility to protect the people. if you can't protect them in the capitol building, where can you protect them? he did nothing but except for a lame twitter video hours too late which did nothing and the result is the result. >> and michelle, most people are familiar with the ritual after a certain types of terror attacks.
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does the republican leadership have the responsibility to condemn on camera or in-person of what was busted today? >> of course they have the responsibility and the media has the responsibility to ask them to condemn it. the same people who'll ask, for example, leaders of black lives matter to condemn every act of arson or act of vandalism, muslim leaders condemn every act of terrorism. condemn the acts that's being done in the name of their leader. >> yeah, all fair points on a serious story and one that does not look to beover. neil and michelle, i want to thank you for kicking us off here. there are new witness claims that ties donald trump of the
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scheme that his cfo is indicted for. michael besloch is here. olivia rodrigo is teaming up with dr. fauci on vaccines. >> if olivia rodrigo tells you to get vaccinated, you get vaks vaccinated. >> here is one, i got my first dose of the fauci-ouchie. >> we got more on that and what the biden administration is doing on this outrage why it could save lives. sounding good. the fauci-ouchie, stay with us. s two young daughters. he was a scout and he knew the land better than anyone. he came from italy with nothing for a new life. his family depended on him. he sacrificed so much.
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we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. donald trump's company and his top money man had been indicted. that puts tremendous pressure on allen weisselberg. the unflip, illegal filings today do not prove donald trump's potential dodge of alleged crimes of the company he founded and run for a long time. a new witness is actually doing that and drawing that link. jennifer weisselberg told prosecutors that trump guaranteed the chemoto hire
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employer income to hang school costs. he saw trump do so in 2012, telling her then husband, donald trump would cover tuition. tonight i can tell you "the beat" reached out to jennifer weisselberg, she confirmed the same statement. she says she saw it and she says she told the da's office about it. now, this tuition for income arrangement may sound con lewded. the trump org. would write it down but never basically complete it. you can think of the all term "paid in full" or the movie "paid in full." here the guy in charge of the books was paid off the books.
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he was never paid in full. the da says that's a crime and they have the evidence to bust him for it. now, what does it mean legally for the road forward? if prosecutors do have this eye witness to trump's involvement, why is that an indictment? why is that not a reason to charge trump? well, there are two leading contender for possible answers. one, more development coming later or two, this evidence that donald trump allegedly knew of tuition payments, that alone does not automatically prove legally that he was involved in hiding if those payments were properly counted. >> now, you may be thinking okay, ari, give me a break given his decades of tax dodging. many people would say donald trump's criminal intent and the scheme is a logical presumption and i would say to you, yeah, that may sound logical. you need more than logic in
3:19 pm
court. you need evidence to prove it to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt. with that framework in mind, we want to bring informer prosecutor john flannery, thank you for being here. >> nice to be here. what is the significance of an eye-witness saying trump was in on the payment and what more do you think if prosecutors would want of evidence to tie it all together? >> well, i read one report and i don't know if it is accurate or not that jennifer weisselberg also said they were doing this to avoid paying taxes and evade paying taxes. it is true that would be additional move, if this is coming out of trump's mouth towards proving his intent for what this transaction was about. as i understand it he signs this and more checks himself, $50,000 for the school each year. i wonder because the state
3:20 pm
reported in the news is june the 25th, the indictment is june the 30th. the statement of the 50th count against weisselberg that talks about donald trump detailed general ledger, and it talked about in the context of them obstructing justice by taking out, removing from that ledger and an event in september which may have to do with the pay offs for the ladies if you will. it tells us these guys have a separate set of books which you mentioned before which are contradicting what they are doing publicly. that means that we have the kind of proof you don't normally get in a paper case. i have always said as a prosecutor and the paper case, you don't catch the geniuses because it is hard to put together the trail.
3:21 pm
you may have one or two witnesses, what we find ourselves is we are into the family and into trump himself and the walls are closing on him personally and what the indictment suggests maybe that was the last meeting and the fact they have in the indictment and this other book is the tease of the general ledger of correspondent of donald trump. this teases us other things may be seen coming down the road that tracks this and perhaps other misconduct using that general ledger. only one element taken out during the presidential election which was in a much controversial with mike cohen and so on. it tells you something else about their investigation. >> yeah. i think that's all interesting
3:22 pm
of the way you tie it together and they may have gotten very close and anyone can do the quarterback and say well, they could have been more aggressive. we don't know yet where they are going. you are making the point that there is a lot of paper that it is bad whether they feel if they have trump's intent is the opening question. john, i am going to fit in a break because we have a lot coming up. will you stick around so we can get culture by the end of the hour with you. >> i would love to fall back with you. >> we are going to fall back, there it is. john stay near your camera. i am going to see you soon. we have our shortest break in the show, it is just 60 seconds. vice president harris huddling with civil rights activists, we have a special guest, next. s ac have a special guest, next re, moisturizes for hours. soft, smooth.
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democratic legislatures are taking extraordinary measures to try to protect voting rights. vice president harris met with some protesters who are putting their lives in the middle of this. >> that was the scene at the peaceful protest on thursday "this little light of mine." it was sung back in 2018 when staging a pivotal protest against the white supremacist event there. ♪♪
3:25 pm
>> the song's roots go back to the civil rights movement. a woman known in selma. the most well-known version where she used that song in the platform that people listened to call out opposition figures by name. last year she had the honor to sing at john lewis' funeral. nothing about this is ancient history. you can use all kinds of examples from policy to culture to see that in our living memory
3:26 pm
if we are listening there are people here who had been warning us and had been fighting and sometimes tragically getting hurt or dying to try to protect our democracy to make good on what we were told america was supposed to be, a place where we govern ourselves which we can only do if every person has the equal and unfeted right to vote. that right is a factual matter is under assault by many republicans in america today. to educate us further, we do have and amidst of all the sad story, she was one of the nine protesters arrested yesterday and someone who i have gotten to known over the years and learned about laws from. thank you for coming on "the beat." >> it is a pleasure to be on and thank you for all your great work that you do all the time and keeping these issues in front of the american public. >> oh, thank you, let's get you
3:27 pm
into one of the individuals there. why was it important for you to take the steps. skeptics may say you could be heard at a distance or on tv, what were you conveying and what do we need to know about the protest and the stakes? >> we are not going to wait. we are at a pivotal moment in history right now. we have to defend our democracy, we have to defend the right to vote with all these attacks all over the nation on the right to vote. it is time, ari, for direct action. we can't just sit back and say we hope people feel better about voting rights and they're going to vote the right way. we went into the heart of the building and stood there. there had to be hundreds of staffers watching us. senate staffers who report to their bosses of what's going on. you know what they're going to tell their bosses?
3:28 pm
black women are mad. black women are through with this voter suppression, we are going to take every step in our means to make sure that the for the people act is passed. we are not going to talk about some filibuster being acceptable. we are not going to sit back and talk about we don't want to hurt people's feelings. it is time, it is time for real action. >> huh! i hear that. that goes to one of the criticisms that we heard from people in the voting rights and civil rights community and just progressives at large. joe biden appears to be saying something that's a logical tension. let me read from "the washington post" here. biden describes it as an
3:29 pm
existential threat. it is one thing for joe manchin to say logically, he's not that concerned. i think that's obvious. and another thing for joe biden, this is existential, but he won't go in and put the screws on it. he can press them however he can lawfully and political pressure but to take something that was never a law or a constitutional prerogative, it is a tradition, one of roots of racism. why not do that? do you think biden is coming up short? >> yes. i really liked this administration, i think they have done some amaing things. on this one, they got to do more. i mean when i listen to the speech the other day, i kept waiting, i kept waiting for
3:30 pm
something about the filibuster. i kept waiting to hear him say senator schumer, no august recess the for the people act is on my desk. where was that? i kept on waiting for him to say we are going to those 17 states where there is been these 28 voter suppression bills passed. we'll talk directly to the people and talk about how we are going to stop this. i didn't hear him say i am calling every single senator into my oval office. i am going to meet with every one of them and over and over until they tell me yes that they're going to vote the right way. this is what you call an lbj moment, that's what we need. lbj when we saw of what happened on that bridge. i am glad that we'll be honoring the legacy of john lewis with
3:31 pm
150 candlelight vigils around the country. if he saw what john lewis and so many others went through that bridge, he called for the pass passage of the bill, he gave a speech but he called all those senators in and he one-on-one brought every bit of his presidential power to bear on them. that's what i want to see. nothing less is acceptable. we are going to be back and we are going to keep on doing direct actions and we'll keep on doing everything until this bill is passed. >> yes, well, that's what we want to hear on this story we have been saying on. i will say to viewers, if you didn't know her then, you know her now. barbara, thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. everybody, light up a candle for john lewis tomorrow. >> amen to that. hopefully, i wish that's
3:32 pm
something we can agree on. i am going to fit in a break. democrats going big on job. michael beschloss is joining us, we'll get the larger view and later dr. fauci and olivia rodrigo is coming up doing something important, we'll show you the tape. important, we'll s you the tape by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪ no matter how you got copd it's time to make a stand. ♪ ...and i'm feelin' good ♪ start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed.
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this is a historic day. >> biggest ever, debate grows over $12 billion legislation. >> this is a big effin' deal. it is one of the biggest deals been passed in decades and decades. >> democrats making it clear they're going big and gigantic. this multi-trillion dollars plan expanding healthcare and family leave and democrats say will juice the economy and providing more jobs and support. even if it does not pass and democrats are doing everything possible to pass without republicans, this moment we are living shows where the modern democratic party is headed and where its ambitions are and the response also to income in equality. a gap that's gotten worse in the pandemic which hits the poorest, the worse. these plans also do things for the middle class. of the debate that's running through america's politics for a
3:37 pm
long time. it was 40 years ago when president reagan says government was the whole problem and could never be the solution. 20 years before that was president johnson who was saying the government was the only entity in our country that'll ever fully wage a war in poverty. that's how we have medicaid and the great society and you have the tax on it of ronald reagan. >> now we are faced to face with a great society. it goes back further when michael beschloss describing it
3:38 pm
to war. what the federal government is suppose to do? is it the best or proper mechanism to spend a lot of money which was ultimately your money on infrastructure or education, sounds familiar? here we are echoing and we have the right guest for it. the historian i just quoted, michael beschloss, his new show will debut on peacock starting this fall. that was new this week, congrats on that, sir. >> thank you, ari, i am supplying the fire side and the history and tailoring with our great colleague and with our nbc archive that covers a new country. >> i love it because we get to dip into some of this stuff. i have no doubt that your show is going to be distinctive in that way and using that
3:39 pm
material. stay tuned everyone. as for the living history, michael, this goes to a flip on bill clinton, famously saying as moderate democrat, the era of big government is over which is a sign how far reaganism permeated and joe biden without saying it seems to be with this bill saying era of little government is now over. >> i think he is and he's tapping into a big historical thread in american life. if not for the civil war, we may be remembering president lincoln as the president who did this big public works projects that changed the country. and lincoln did that because it was a member of before he was the republican party of the wick party. they felt that was part of a great nation.
3:40 pm
progressives picked that up. the new deal, franklin roosevelt says it is a matter of our national security that we have to restore or economy and we have to do buildings and roads and dams of things like that, a lot of deficits spending to make sure that this country survives the depression and maintains its position in the world. that's what progressives do. same thing with dwight eisenhower who thought himself as a conservative but 1956, he was the one who said we got to have an interstate highway system. it will help the economy, plus, national security was called the national defense highway act. he said if there was a nuclear emergency, there were not roads to get people out of cities. finally, lyndon johnson, space program. unless we spend $20 billion on space, we'll lose the cold war.
3:41 pm
lbj in the '60s said, we got this big boom. this is the moment to spend things on housing and antipoverty and education. what we don't have in this era that says keep the deficits down. republicans were that party until the last 20 years or so. republicans said to eisenhower don't spend too much money on highways or nasa and make sure it is done in a frugal way. george w. bush administration says deficits don't matter and we got to donald trump who spent money like a drunken sailor. >> you made great on several points there. something i didn't thought about it for a while which you think friday's rush hour traffic is
3:42 pm
bad, imagine the traffic when you are fleeing a nuclear winter and why they wanted railroads and more and good highways in the cold world era. >> michael, thank you for being here. >> thank you, happy friday, ari, be well. >> happy friday. still ahead, pop star olivia rodrigo and dr. fauci, we'll show you the tape. rodrigo and dr. fauci, we'll show you the tape.
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the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. there is been much progress on vaccinations, the covid infection is rising all over america, 49 states. the biden administration is doing everything they can to finish the job especially with vaccine hesitancies. if you have not heard of her, i guarantee you your kids have, olivia rodrigo. this is a great way to tap into her as a huge platform for a lot
3:47 pm
of young people. she went to the white house did this video with dr. fauci telling young people that the shot is good for you. >> today we are here in the white house and we'll read some tweets about the vaccine. >> if olivia tells you to get vaccinated, you get vaccinated. >> here is one, i got my first dose of the fauci-ouchie. >> all the funny puns, as long as you are vaccinated, whatever it takes. the soon we get all vaccinated, the sooner we can hang out with our friends and sing songs, all the fun things. >> all right. >> rodrigo is the kind of vaccination pun that we encourage you here on "the beat." only 42% of young adults that are fully vaccinated now. it is a higher rate for 56% for older americans. the white house is hoing rodrigo can help change that.
3:48 pm
>> if i tell you the greatest concert that i ever been to, you are going to faint. with the temptation and the ford tops, i am sorry -- >> oh my god. >> i saw your bobble head today. >> did you like it? >> yeah, it was amazing. >> there is a fauci candle next to the bobble head all together. >> people post their pictures of their boyfriends. >> whatever it takes, if man crush monday helps you get vaccinated, go for it. >> seems like they had a good spirit and some good chemistry. to give you a little context of what the white house is up to, they seem to know what they are doing. some of the most popular shows on tv will pull several million viewers or five or six million. rodrigo has over 14 million followers on instagram alone and millions more on music streaming services. she's got a lot of people listening the her. now, i want you to stay with me
3:49 pm
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3:53 pm
the rap game that led new yorkers to dub him as one of the most influential hosts on hip hop radio. he still supports undiluted, untampered hip hop ish. it's a long story, every one. we don't have time for it right now. we do have time to tell you that peter rosenberg has a new compilation album out now, real late. it features method man. it's called real late. i'm saying it repeatedly because you can buy it, order it for your family member and look cool.
3:54 pm
good to have you. >> good to be here. >> i love it. you dress differently for the occasion. we begin with the bow tie, john. long week. what needs to fall back? >> well, you know, in the sports category t i'm upset with the olympic committee for barring sha' carrie richard zone. the only enhancement i observed from pot was that they got bigger and fatter. i don't think that would help her speed which is something like .83 seconds to do a hundred meter dash.
3:55 pm
they should have let her go the 400 meter run. that would have made sense to me. they didn't do that. >> i think that's -- >> asked them to do it. that's my fall back. >> it's an important one. it's an important one and it speaks to how some of those rules seem really out dated especially as pot is legal in so many places. peter, what's on your list? >> i'm going to keep it sports as well. it's interesting. we know that three soccer players in england, three black soccer players in england missed their penalties in the euros on sunday and as a result england lost to italy. it made my think more about the united states. i was disgusted by the comments
3:56 pm
online. however, the uk managed to arrest four of those people so far who were people online being racist and disgusting. they did it once last year. they will play the black national anthem at all league games between 2021. meanwhile, you and i both know, john knows, collin kaepernick was never give an job again. we know that was absurd and made no sense and further more, we just found out this summer through a lawsuit that the nfl has essentially been asserting through documents that black players started out at a lower i
3:57 pm
intelligence level which is why it's less likely to be compensated for brain injuries. we found out the most racist thing about the league and what we're going to get is the black national anthem. >> i appreciate the points, the rigor you present them with pete and the double talk. i'm going to do a fall back this week because it's special when we have d.j. rosenberg here. i'm going to tell drake's haters to fall back. one of the greatest international artist of our time who continues to give great music to all people and do a lot of interesting stuff and has some of the most enduing base of haters for whatever sets of reasons. we have something special. you've been in this game for a while. people learn a lot from you. let's look at one of your very
3:58 pm
old school interviews with none over than drake. >> said that some great things about me in the press. i was like cool. i haven't been on rosenberg yet. >> you're sitting this -- i was wonder is that tea? >> i never drink tea before a show. >> you don't understand how big you're about to get. >> you don't understand how big i'm about to get. >> normally, i would be mad about someone interrupted my interview but peter rosenberg. how are you? a couple of your favorite hip hop albums. >> kanye. >> the knowledge is firm. the camera work is shaky. you spent time with legends. that was back when drake would admit he loved kanye. that's changed. i got 45 seconds, peter. do you agree that drake's haters
3:59 pm
need to fall back and what is the state of drake today? >> drake is now an all time great. i've said this to you before. he has the greatest supply of hits in hip hop history. i do think, i did say on the internet this week, i do think his assertion, all the comparisons to beetles, i think we need to ease back. we're in different eras. i think that's a very tough comparison. i will say, to who i know is the world's most public and loving drake fan, he's an icon. i'm critical at times but i will never deny the status. >> with 20 seconds left, where would you tell john to start. what album or song should he start with for a drake course? >> john, if you want to dig into drake and my opinion, the best record he made, played out as it may be, started from the bottom. shout out to new jersey mike
4:00 pm
zombie on the track. >> you have to read this stuff. >> here we are. john and i started out at the bottom in law school and here we are with dj rosenberg. what a fitting note to end the week on. thank you. dr. fauci is up next on the reid out and tiffany cross is in for joy reid. >> i want to say i too start frd the bottom and now i'm here. i'll take it from here. have great weekend. see you on monday. good evening, everybody. we begin the reid out with a snapshot of america starting with washington, d.c. vice president kamala harris met with black women voting rights activists at the white house just hours ago. >> i look at the leaders that are at this table who are also women and also black women


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