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tv   Ayman Mohyeldin Reports  MSNBC  July 16, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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ppt muscle health. try boost today. good afternoon. today, a new and urgent warning from top white house doctors about the spread of the coronavirus among young people and unvaccinated. >> clearly, we're seeing younger people from a relative standpoint more hospitalized than we're seeing before. because of the shift of the veil of protection which is much more dominant among the elderly. >> over 97% of people entering the hospital right now are unvaccinated. >> and moments ago, we heard
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from peter alexander talking to the president about what is happening. the most provocative comments we've heard about facebook. stay tuned. we're just getting comments in. then the pictures you were seeing just last hour, major league baseball announcing the red sox and yankees are cleared to plau tonight after postponing last night's game over coronavirus concerns. this follows earlier reporting that several yankees players were in covid-19 protocol including all star aaron judge. that is according to espn. a new dead line on capitol hill for senate bipartisan infrastructure plan with the two parties still at logger heads over how to pay for that bill. at the same time, nine protesters advocating for voting rights arrested in the heart building, getting themselves into what they call good trouble. and that catastrophic flooding in germany.
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we're getting new numbers in this morning. we'll bring you the latest on that later on. let's begin with the coronavirus pandemic. there are a lot of new developments across the country. we're beginning to see more of those breakthrough cases. people who are already vaccinated testing positive. in california, los angeles county reimposing an indoor mask mandate this saturday. in response to the rapidly spreading delta variant. and in mississippi today, six children are hospitalizeded with the virus. three in intensive care as hospitalizations rise among children and unvaccinated. joining me now, allison barber in jackson, mississippi. senior white house reporter for nbc news digital. let me start with you. a lot of the concern that we're hearing from the white house, from health officials, is the misinformation that is out there about the impact of getting the vaccine. we just heard from the president in what sounds to me just
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looking at the short comments he made the strongest he's made about the impact of platforms like facebook. what did he say? >> i agree. the white house really ratcheting up the pressure in the past few days, specifically on facebook. here's what the president had to say a few moments ago. >> on covid-19, can you comment? what is your message to platforms like facebook? >> they're killing people. look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. and that's -- and they're killing people. >> the white house is indicating they think this is something that facebook can do more of. they cited research from may that found just 12 people account for the majority of misinformation out there that report was by an outside group. st it does identify those people and some of them are still
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active. and that's in a type of issue the white house would like to see addressed. >> i'm wondering what the strategy is. i mean those comments to say they're killing people, you know, are unlike anything that we have heard before. i just came back from arkansas which for a couple days last week had the highest number of new cases. i think the second highest number of deaths. republican politicians across the state who have been pushing for vaccinations. vaccines. so what do they think is really going to get through here? what is the strategy? >> right. and to that point, you're right about arkansas. they said today that majority of cases, about almost majority of cases, 40% of cases right now are coming from just four states. and one in five cases are coming from just florida alone. the cdc director referred to
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this as a pandemic for the unvaccinated. they're really trying to focus attention on getting to the people who are not vaccinated. there are the early warning signs that we're looking at another surge in certain places. the white house advisors and health officials have indicated that they're going to continue the strategy that they're on of trying to get messaging out to people. trying to combat this misinformation, doing this sort of one-on-one outreach. truing to lean more on physicians but the asked the press secretary today, are they going to do anything to madate the vaccine for federal workers or military? she had no update. we have not heard the administration coming out and encouraging employers to require the vaccine for their workers. so another lever potentially they could pull down the road. one they don't appear to be pulling at this point. >> all right. to the exact point of why the white house is increasingly concerned. you're out sued the university of mississippi medical center. that's the state's only level
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one trauma center. >> they're looking at the rate of new infections steadily increasing. it is going up really since the beginning of this month. this hospital in particular right now as of this morning, this he have six children hospitalized because of covid-19. three of them in intensive care. most of those children are under the age of 12. which means they're not eligible to get vaccinated. but this is a state that is among the lowest vaccinated states in the country. like arkansas. they only have about 33% of the population fully vaccinated. so doctors say what is happening is you have children or other people who might be more vulnerable and for whatever reason run able to get vaccinated. not that they're just choosing not to. they literally cannot say the under 12 age-group that people
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around them, the ones who can get vaccinate ready choosing not to. and therefore it's making the children and people who might be compromised or cannot get vaccinated even more vulnerable. listen to some of what we heard from a couple of doctors at this hospital. >> i rouse people don't like being told what to do. but we also as a society are told what to do for a lot of things. it's not surprising that we're seeing this increase in pediatric populations. if we can get the vast majority of the eligible people vaccinated, then we can really slow down some of the progression of the pediatric population. >> so that number, six children hospitalized at this particular hospital because of covid-19. on paper it may not seem like an overwhelmingly large number.
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so now 13% of the hospitalized patients are children. they tell us that is the highest percentage they have ever seen since the pandemic began. they say one of the big reasons they feel like they're up against the wall, they're hitting it and hearing it from everyone today is misinformation. ti talked to one doctor and she is from here. her children, she's raised them here. they love this community. they're part of this community. people come to them to ask what they should do in regards to children's health, what vaccines they should get. they come to them if they have cancer and need help. on this particular issue, covid-19 vaccines for whatever reason, people here seem to be choosing to believe misinformation on the internet instead of the doctors that they normally trust for some of the biggest health decisions they
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have to deal with in their life. >> allison, great reporting. thank you for bringing us that breaking news. joining me now, the co-director of the center of vaccine development at texas churn's hospital. can't think of a better person to have right now. let me start with where allison left off and what shannon was talking about. you cannot put it all on facebook. facebook, there is a problem. number one, are the platforms that are disseminating the misinformation and in many cases disinformation. the other social media platforms are also problematic. twitter, instagram have not made a good faith effort to take down
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a lot of the content. amazon also has books on vaccinations on you get a horror show of misinformation. those are the disseminators. but let's remember the source. that's what i think the document from the surgeon general did not address and the president hasn't addressed. there are three main offenders. they're using facebook so let's remember the pushers of the disinformation. tlaen is an organization called that. identified 12 leading sources that are responsible for awe lot of that information with 58 million followers. number two, this, the anti-vaccine by the far right conservative groups. all you need to do is put on fox
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news or news max on any given night. anti-vaccine and number three, believe it or not is the russian government. this is reported by u.s. and brit ush intelligence is using the anti-vaccine messages coming from those organizations and the far right as a wedge issue to destabilize democracies. and that's the piece that now the biden administration needs to address. that triple headed monster. as important as facebook is in this, facebook is not the only actor by far. >> so you have this big picture. they're trying to convince people who have trusted them in the past to get vaccinated and suddenly they don't get
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vaccinated. obviously they're facing a deluge as you point out of misinformation. but then it's also what are the maybe easier things we can do including wearing masks? i want to play for you little bit of aconversation i had yesterday when i was in arkansas where the numbers are devastating. from a superintendent who said in some ways his hands are tied. here's what he told me. >> unfortunately, we have a challenge in our state now where our legislature banned us from mandating masks. it's even more important to us to do everything we can to help those students who may not make good decisions on their own. parents who may not be informed. there are positive options. >> so from the macro to the micro on a community level, what can folks like that do? >> yeah. i mean, chris, remember, interest is a reason why 600,000 americans lost their lives from covid-19. part is due to the coronavirus.
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but in equal measure, it is due to defiance. defiance around masks, social distancing and now defiance against vaccines. this was all aggressively promoted by the political right in many cases some of the governors of the red states. and that's what i mean. we have to identify the source and be able to work for the sources of this disinformation. don't worry about it. the older people are vaccinated f you're young and healthy and fit, you won't get sick from covid-19. it's not true. the we're seeing lots of young people get hospitalized. and the devastating effects of long haul covid-19 in young people and adolescents and kids. that is the message very with to get out there. we're dominated on the internet by the fakery. >> doctor, thank you so much. much it's always a great to you have on the program. appreciate it. >> german media is calling it the death flood. more than 100 people are dead.
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1,000 unaccounted for due to raging flooding in that country. we're live in germany with the frantic search for survivors. plus, the first vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill could come within days. democratic senator joins us to talk about what it's going to take to get that bill over the finish line coming up. you're watching msnbc reports. e. you're watchinmsg nbc reports. had an influx of new patients. so he used his american express business card, which offers spending power built for his business needs, to furnish a new exam room. the doctor will see you now. get the card built for business. by american express.
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next sweek a crucial week in fixing america's crumbling infrastructure. there will be a procedural vote bill wednesday. republicans are resisting because the bill still isn't fully written. and some say they won't vote to even begin to debate on legislation without knowing everything that's in it. although they have done exactly that in the past what can happen if there is not a vote by wednesday? >> republicans could vote against it if there is no agreement yet. if they don't feel like they're ready to vote on this procedural vote that could take place next wednesday. and that would essentially fail the process at this point. they need 60 votes to -- for this procedural vote. now these republicans saw thauf been negotiating.
12:19 pm
they don't want to be pressured to move to something on the senate floor before they're ready. they caught up with one of the republican negotiators yesterday. let's listen to what he had to say. >> the we're going to get it right. so they're as quickly as possible. we think there is an opening now to get it done. >> it is making it hard to get it right? >> no, because we're going to get it right. >> will you vote yes on wednesday? >> we'll see. you know, i'm not going to vote yes if we don't have a product. >> so senate majority leader chuck schumer is trying to pressure them to get this legislation done because he doesn't have a lot of time left. there is still problems, chris. that includes how to pay for
12:20 pm
this legislation. they're trying to figure it out including irs enforcement. they're trying to figure out a way to get agreement among the core group of senators so this can pass on the senate floor. >> thank you very much. and joining us now to continue the conversation, new mexico democratic senator who sits on the senate budget committee. they're drafting the reconciliation bill. what is the strategy in the senaten with now and wednesday and what do you sthu going to happen on wednesday? >> thanks for having me today. look, leadership is clear, he is going to be bringing a vote to the senate floor on wednesday. that's what i'm planning on. every one of our colleagues that is working on this bipartisan agreement are busy working with
12:21 pm
one another. it's important we all understand the urgency that we're able to come together and work with one another to provide what would be one of the most significant investments in infrastructure in america. this comes off the back of what the united states senate got passing another piece of legislation to improve our competitiveness and innovation with additional investment in the united states. i'm optimistic and hopeful. i certainly appreciate the work of senator portman who you had on a little earlier. he's well respected member, a thoughtful member. him working with our democratic colleagues and our leadership like mr. warner and senator manchin and others and, of course, leader schumer, i'm optimistic they'll be automobile to bring together strong package. >> i don't know anybody traveling that doesn't want better roads and bridges and a lot of this stuff. what i do hear concern about including among democrats, senator, is the pricetag. you no he that.
12:22 pm
some of your moderate colleagues in the senate are a lull concerned about that. i certainly hear it out there in middle america. so make your case. make your case with this? >> this is where we stand with donald trump tax scam cha cost the american people $2 trillion to give a tax cut to the most wealthy in america. if anyone was listening to senator warner who also spoke about the importance of not just having the strong package that we can move forward, but having it fully paid for. and included in the negotiations we'll working on in the budget committee as well as the work that is being done with the bipartisan package is coming up with pay for the initiatives and doing it such that people making less than $400,000 across
12:23 pm
america will not see a tax increase. we need to be thoughtful. but it is also showing how fiscally responsible democratic leaders are how we're putting this together which is directly a different path and a more responsible path that what our republican colleagues did just a few years ago with that tax scam that didn't help hard-working middle class families or families trying to work to get into the middle class. >> in our final minute, i want to ask you about the strong comments from the president. disinformation is killing people. he is talking in relation to disinformation about the coronavirus. is it time for the senate? is it time for congress to sit down and do something and make changes, have more aggressive regulations? what is the answer here? >> chris, it is absolutely irresponsible for everyone of the social media platforms and news networks that are allowing this misinformation to continue
12:24 pm
to spread. and not just on english language news but also on spanish language social media efforts as well as networks. >> so you agree with the president? you think it's killing people? >> i held a hearing in the subcommittee that i'm proud to chair within the commerce committee on the dangers of misinformation. we called networks out. took, tucker karlsson continues to -- >> the question is what do you do about it? there are a lot of hearings about what to do about social media. what is going to get done about it? >> myself and the senator called out on social media platforms the 11 leading efforts that are out there spreading this misinformation to pull them in and to get them to stop. it needs to be tougher efforts made whether it is oversight or
12:25 pm
regulatory treatment to stop the spread of misinformation because i do agree that it is killing people. this needs to stop. it's always great to you have on the program. thanks so much. have awe great weekend. >> thank you, chris. >> and stul ahead, you won't believe the latest on the devastating flooding in germany. the death toll is rising. we're going to bring you awe live report from there. plus more than 100 people are dead in south africa as week long demonstrations turn violent. the government deploying 10,000 troops to stop the riots. the looting, the fires. what is behind it all next? you're watching "msnbc reports." you're watching "msnbc reports." ♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪
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. >> there's a growth death toll to tell you about the flooding in germany and belgium. 126 people confirmed dead and more than 1,000 unaccount ford. a death toll not seen there this century. days of unrelenting rainfall leaving widespread destruction. can you see streets and cars underwater. the mountainous region in western germany got hit so hard. residents walked through the debris of they're homes is saying all they can do is wait for the insurance to come through. images of southwestern germany show the magnitude of what german media is calling a death flood. this morning the country's environmental minister made a grim assessment. climate change arrived in germany. joining me from germany is nbc
12:30 pm
news foreign correspondent. tell us what you have been seeing there on the ground and how recovery efforts are faring. >> chris, what i'm seeing is an on going search and rescue operation. a few minutes ago we still had the helicopters from the rescuers. it is getting really dark now. looking for potentially other people, other residents who may have been still in their homes and on the roofs of their homes. people here in germany, the towns and villages around here which are most affected area, about an hour drive from cologne where basically caught by surprise in their houses because they did not realize the magnitude of this flooding and though they saw what happened yesterday. just literally spoke to a family and a brother and sister and father moments ago with tears in their eyes. they told me that their house
12:31 pm
was one of several that collapsed today. no the too far from where i'm standing. they're watching this torrential rain coming down we see many idyllic towns in germany turn into a raging river. st they got scared and packed bags midnight and they left. and they spent the night out. it was one of many that have collapsed and they were among the lucky ones. so many have died, chris. >> well, i know you'll keep us posted as that search and rescue continues. thank you for that. turning now to south africa. the government says more than 200 people are dead, more than 2,000 under arrest amid violent week long protests. the jailing of the former
12:32 pm
president spurred outrage among provinces triggering a wave of looting and demonstrations. authorities are cracking down deploying 10,000 troops and requesting another 15,000. joining me live from johannesburg is our reporter. in the middle of the unrest, how are they dealing with what has been a big increase in covid-19 deaths? >> yeah. it's been a real issue for them here in south africa. this past week has not helped their cause whatsoever. they're dealing with a third wave right now with the delta variant spreading and difficult to contain it. in terms of the violence, the president addressed the nation within past hour. they say that those 10,000 troops are now on the ground. he said the hot spots in the country and in two provinces in particular are now calm and
12:33 pm
under contro 15,000 troops will be on location. but look, this is something that 10,000 troops are already on the ground as of yesterday, as of last night and we did see more looting in parts of the country last night. so there will be a real test tonight, a lot of people on edge especially in and around the durbin area to see whether or not this will make a real difference. chris? >> thank you for that. we're getting more breaking news out of washington right now. u.s. customs and border protection says they apprehended more than 188,000 migrants crossing the southern border in june. nbc correspondent joins us now with more. julia, thanks for getting up really quickly on this breaking news. how does this compare to may? what is going on? >> it's up from may. up 10% and the number of
12:34 pm
families. it's up 25%. so what we're seeing here is a 21 huff year high. the last time the numbers were higher than this was in march of 2000. this is unusual because usually what you'll see is a down turn in immigration when the temperatures get really hot at the border. usually may is about the peak. and then when you talk about crossing the border as the temperatures surge above 100, there are fewer people especially children who are willing to make that journey. it shows that there are still many children desperate enough fleeing conditions of violence, poverty, a lot of that inflicted by the covid-19 pandemic. they want to risk their chances and come to the united states. the biden administration is considering ending the covid-19 restriction that's have been put in place that expelled many of the immigrants who are attempting to cross the border before they're allowed to make an asylum claim.
12:35 pm
if they lift that, more immigrants will be able to stay in the united states while they pursue those claims and border officials that i spoke to said they worry once the restrictions are lifted. they'll see more immigrants trying to come into the united states. they don't want that to be pushed past the limits of the border patrol. of course, immigration advocates would say those people deserve the right to come in and have their day in court. >> julia, thank you very much. appreciate you getting it to us so quickly on that breaking news. meantime, almost a dozen black women and leaders and activists arrested on capitol hill. they sat for a meeting with the vice president. we'll play for what you she had to say next. jur watching "msnbc reports." r .
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today kamala harris met with black women's roundtable and other leaders to talk voting
12:39 pm
rights and arguing that this is an issue that will impact all americans. >> this is about all americans. this is not an issue about democrats, versus republicans. this is about americans. and this group of national leaders are very clear about that. st this is the fight for all people regardless who have they voted for in the last election or who they vote for in the next election. >> that meeting following the arrest of nine people including the chairwoman of the congressional black caucus. during a voting rights demonstration at senate office building on thursday. the demonstrators were calling on law makers to pass the for the people act. that is the sweeping legislation that would expand voting access across the country. joining me now is the ceo of the new georgia project. it's so good to you have here. i'm so curious what was going through your mind as you were watching this.
12:40 pm
so what does a protest like what we saw yesterday mean? does it have an impact? >> i -- it absolutely has an impact. i think for me, what immediately came to mind was, wow! look at what leadership looks like. and look at these black women leading from the front. she knew the risk and knew she was making a statement. and she took a risk. i think that is the kind of leadership that we're looking for. the vice president said that isn't about who people actually voted for. this isn't about any one particular racial group. this is about americans. this is about american democracy. and at the threat is inside the
12:41 pm
house. and the second thing that came to mind as someone that had reached a professional high on january 6th when we sent the 33-year-old jewish kid from atlanta to the senate and now the senator was felt like a high. and also the -- a valley and low on the same day when we watched the capitol insurrection. and i watched domestic terrorists lead the capital unharmed. untouched. so just the clarity of the moment that we're in and how important the for the people act is. >> you're talking about black women leading. i was reminded i was talking to other black women who are following the footsteps of stacy abrams. fighting to get black women
12:42 pm
elected. i said to one of them, why is it that it always seems like black women have to lead and her answer was, you're welcome. and i thought to myself, you know, as you was watching this yesterday, there is the long term plan, right, for them. they know they're not going to stop winning a bunch offices in the deep south next week or next month. but there is an urgency to this voting rights fight right now. so in the immediate of it, what needs to get done and what can be done realistically? where is your head at with that? >> my head is at the filibuster reform. that seems to be the last domino that needs to fall. if we are going to be serious about making the biden-harris agenda real. listen, i began my career as a union organizer. i talk about the opportunities with the american jobs plan. right? with the american families plan. the pro act, a green new deal. i absolutely want to see all of
12:43 pm
this legislation become real. and mitch mcconnell did not stutter when he said that there is no way that he will release his caucus to vote affirmatively on anything that is a priority in the biden agenda. that is not the leadership that we need in this moment. i think that, you know, the filibuster and its racist history is once again presenting itself as a stumbling block as america is trying to drag itself into the future as we're thinking about, again, these attacks on our democracy and how they are -- our vision for america is real. >> what does history teach us? tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the death of congressman john lewis. what are the lessons of his fight and other fights that can be applied right now?
12:44 pm
>> one of the key lessons for me and i hope my president and vice president are listening. there are times where the moment demands you put your back into it. right? that when we think about -- i'll go back even further. we think about the revolutionary war. and i'm not, you know, add voluntary caughting violence in any way. but, you know, in defense of democracy and in defense of democracy gave his life. john lewis took bricks to the face on the bridge and cracked had his skull. others have taken arrests. george w. bush took on the most racist elements of his party to make sure that a clean re-authorization of the voting rights act was passed. and so for me -- i say myself this question, what is it that i am willing to do? what is it that i'm willing to sacrifice to make sure that the right to vote, that our ability
12:45 pm
to participate in shaping the america of the future actually becomes our reality? and i hope and encourage all of our elected officials to do the same. >> thank you for being on the program. the critical fight over the definition of infrastructure. beyond roads and bridges. we'll have an interview the transportation secretary pete buttigieg. plus, talking about selling the plan to the american people. you're watching "msnbc reports." " and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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please don't follow me in. the scramble is on. lawmakers expected to work over the weekend to get the bipartisan infrastructure bill done. transportation secretary pete buttigieg visiting cities and towns talking about what the plan will do. building support. our very own reporter caught up with the secretary in oregon where he is checking out a new fleet of electric buses by way the bipartisan bill includes $7.5 billion for those buses. he joins us now from portland. looks like another beautiful day in portland, oregon. what exactly is the main message that secretary buttigieg is out there delivering? and what he is saying about the, i guess you'd say, more politically complex half of this? the 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill focusing on human infrastructure?
12:50 pm
>> yeah. they have the heat wave that has gone through the west. we were talking about the part of infrastructure that isn't that controversial, right? the physical infrastructure which we think of as roads and bridges. we also think of as transportation. he is saying, look, we have 75,000 city buses in this country that run on diesel. they can be made into electric buses. we have half a million school bus that's are diesel that can be made into electric buses. they can be made in america and create jobs. we have to electric buss? however, he was saying that a lot of republicans had said, hey, we understand hard infrastructure. we're prepared to put some money into these kinds of things, vehicle, transport, bridges, roads, stuff like that. we're not sure about this human infrastructure stuff. it's not that we don't think it's important, but it shouldn't be in the same bill. here is what secretary pete buttigieg said to me about that. >> the idea that americans ought to have paid parental leave just like people in pretty much every other country, i think is
12:51 pm
something you don't have to be a democrat or republican to believe in. across the country most people think we ought to do it. it's in washington there seems to be a problem. early on in this debate, if you remember a few months ago, when we were talking about human infrastructure, i heard a lot of republicans saying, oh, child care is great, building veterans hospitals is great, we just don't think it's infrastructure so put it in a different package. fine. now it's in a different package. let's see if they'll vote for it now. >> reporter: that becomes prescient. the secretary heading to chicago. he was talking about there this whole bill, wanting to sell the bipartisan part of the physical infrastructure but trying to push the idea there's a bigger bill out there. it's 2021 and we have to think of infrastructure as roads, bridges, people. >> thank you so much. great interview. be sure to tune in to "velshi" tomorrow for his full interview
12:52 pm
with secretary buttigieg. plus he discusses the impact of climate change and scrambling infrastructure has on their everyday lives. you won't want to miss that tomorrow morning. let's bring in the chair of the congressional progressive caucus and a member of the house budget committee. such an important time for this infrastructure negotiation, infrastructure bill. i'm curious the cases you make to your constituents. why a focus on human infrastructure is important right now. >> yes, chris, it is so important. we think about it as being the roads that we drive to or the transit that we take to get to work. what about the infrastructure you need if you want to actually be able to go to work. that is child care for millions of families. we've seen how difficult it's been out of the recovery and particularly for women to be able to get back to work because
12:53 pm
they are largely the caregivers at home, and we still don't have the child care that we need for women to be able to get back to work, and women in particular have taken a big toll out of the recession. we know that out of the covid pandemic, i should say, and on top of that look at the long-term care needs that we're really illuminated through the covid pandemic. we need to be able to take care of our seniors. this care giving economy is a piece of that, something that if we are really going to build an equitable opportunity for people to get back to work, whether you're a man or a woman, we are going to have to invest in this kind of family's infrastructure. on top of that, this package that we're pushing has all of the five priorities of the congressional progressive caucus, which we're so proud about. health care is another big piece of that. expanding medicare. expanding medicaid. these are critical pieces coming out of the pandemic that we saw
12:54 pm
again the burden that was placed. community college, free community college for people across this country to be able to get the trades that we need and the skills that we need if we are to really build these jobs around the physical infrastructure piece. >> so i get, congresswoman, i get how many people support many of these things if not all of those things. i spent time going to daycare centers where people are struggling to stay open and they're worried about what's happening in the fall. i've talked to those parents. on the other hand, and i was talking to the senator just a few minutes ago about the price tag and how nervous it makes people, including those who support these things. i heard you say last night, i think you were on lawrence o'donnell, saying this is just a down payment. and then they think already we're looking at a price tag that's roughly 70% of an annual budget in the united states. and we're talking about it only being as a down payment. how do you make that argument
12:55 pm
about the price tag? >> yeah, well, when we were at $6 trillion, the original amount that we really felt we needed to spend, we did the calculation, and that is a very, very tiny percentage of gdp. that's how i think about it. this is an investment in our future and the vast majority, republican, independent and democrat, support this kind of investment because they know it's going to pay a return a million times over. and so even at this $3.5 trillion, an even tinier percentage of gdp, think how it will dramatically change americans' lives and allow them to give back in much more significant ways than we have. to me it's a no-brainer and we know that this kind of infrastructure pays dividends a million times over and fundamentally changes the opportunity that the united states has to really -- for people to wake up in the morning and feel like their lives and livelihoods are materially
12:56 pm
different. that's why people -- everyone supports it. >> i only have 30 seconds left, but i want to make sure i ask you given what's happening in germany where they said climate change has arrived to germany, what this bill -- overall, these two packages -- would mean to addressing that urgent need? >> massive. and i'm sitting here in seattle where wildfires have been burning us up, as you know, and heat waves. so had is a massive investment in addressing climate change and climate justice, clean energy standards. 40% of all the funds to communities that are affected the most. a climate civilian court. these are fundamental shifts that will allow to us preserve our planet, chris. >> congresswoman pramila jayapal, thank you for taking the tim to be with us on this friday. that will wrap up this hour for me. i'm chris jansing. "deadline white house" with nicolle wallace starts right after this quick break.
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