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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 15, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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she's ran actress and model. she has tens of thousands of fans and followers on social media and she has down syndrome. she's been an inspiration to many and she hopes to help the world understand that down syndrome is a superpower. mia and her mother will join me at 9:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow morning. i hope you join us. thank you for staying up late with me tonight and i so this was a week ago today, in phoenix, arizona. thursday last week, it was 112
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degrees in phoenix that day. can't >> can take no more. can't take it no more. can take no more. >> fired up, can't take it no more. 112 degrees that day in phoenix, not counting the radiate heat on the tarmac right there. that was outside of the office of the office of during the village. they were outside protesting his office -- also arizona's new rules about how the states elections will be conducted in the future, new rules explicitly designed to make sure officials from the democratic party can't play a top role in -- only republicans will be allowed to do that from here on out. of those folks, protesting outside of eternal john of
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inches office. none of them were arrested. it was civil disobedience, it was a planned act, they stepped into the streets with an understanding that police would warn them and then arrest them technically for blocking traffic. but nine people put themselves forward for arrest that day to dramatize their case for voting rights in arizona and against what's the attorney general had done to throttle them. that same day, this is a week ago today, president biden and vice president harris hosted a small group of influential civil rights leaders and voting rights advocates at a closed-door working meeting at the white house to talk about what could be done, but the plan is, what's plan can be developed to try to save voting rights. to try this backstop voting rights and be fray free and fair, and nonpartisan. because republicans are attacking both of those things so aggressively in every single
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state that the whole power in. and all of the -- on the republican side, it has been driven, as you know, with this increasingly jeremiad with -- that he did not lose the 2020 election, there must have been terrible's fraud. and he insists that republicans who support them must lead weird inquisitions into the 2020 vote and proclaim that really, he was the real leader and that he should be named president now. today, arizona republicans who are doing there, so called, audit, in arizona, they gave a briefing on the progress. only two republican senators were there but they try to call it a hearing. this audit that they're doing in arizona, they launched it in april, this it will take three weeks. it's of course mid july under still going strong. they make clear today that they're definitely finding all the fraud they've been
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fantasizing about. but it's definitely gonna take a lot of more investigation, lots more materials, probably lots more donations from trump supporters nationwide. it looks like they will subpoena more stuff from the county america where they got all the ballots from. the way they're talking about it today it sounds like they have weeks to go, maybe months still to go. it's such a big and complex investigation. there is no sign that there was anything wrong with the presidential vote in arizona. nothing. there is no sign that there was anything wrong with it, at all. and i'm saying that because i can observe it, because i can observe that the vote in arizona was subjected to multiple official recounts, including hand recounts by people who are actually certified to do that work in the weather talking about. they found that the arizona presidential election was sound and there were no problems. but of course that won't do. at today's briefing on their new different special pro trump
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republican audited, the grip of cyber ninjas, the guy on the left this qanon guy, he kept insisting at this hearing today that this is an incredibly in complicated, incredibly complex, very difficult process. and therefore, it's gonna take a lot more time, and obviously a lot more money, for him. it's gonna take lots more work to figure it all out. maricopa county itself, we they responded with this, quote, it's complicated and difficult for senate contractors to do this audit because they are not qualified to do this audit. it be like asking doug logan to play point guard for the sons. that would be complicated and difficult. we he's not qualified to do that. we also from the county itself, the republican chair of the county board of supervisors
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responded to this briefing on the arizona clown show today, with this. he said, quote, it's clear that people hired by arizona senate leadership to supposedly bring integrity to our elections are instead just bringing incompetence. at today's briefing, the senate's uncertified contractors asked a lot of open-ended questions, portraying a suspicious what is actually normal and well-known to people who work in elections. in certain cases they dropped bombshell numbers that were not accurate. when we heard today represents an alternate reality that has veered out of control since the november general election. senate leadership should be ashamed they broadcasted half baked theories to the world today. two senate leaders i say, stop accusing us of not cooperating when we've given you everything qualified auditors need to do this job. finish your audit, released the report, and be prepared to defended in court. we prepared to defended in
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court. we again, that's the county that had all its ballots and voting machines taken for this thing they're doing in arizona by the republicans in the legislature who literally turned all of the ballots in the voting machines over to this qanon conspiracy theory, bizarro world processor. which apparently is gonna go on indefinitely now. we literally, the quasi-official document about the arizona audit where all of the republican and contractors in participated in it were made by a guy who made movies about how it was all tom -- lizard people living inside the earth and special pods that control is all. check your feelings. the mayor maricopa county guy who said that you should be embarrassed about broadcasting this half baked deep rigged theories, that's the deep rig reference. deep rig is the name of the
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insane movie about the arizona audit from the filmmaker who brought you 9/11 started on mars. for what it's worth, former president trump apparently watched the arizona hearing today about the audit and considers it a done deal. he considers the election of biden to be debunked. he expects to be reinstated in washington, gas of the beast! former president trump said today that arizona must decertify its election because he won there and he won all the other swing states to. he is ready to be reinstated as president, why is it taking so long? he said today, quote, the arizona senate patrons are moving forward with the final results to be announced in the not too distant future. but based on today's hearing, why even wait? why even wait? president biden should move out now. because republicans and cyber ninjas have fix the problem of
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trump apparently. he gets to be president again. why even wait? but so, in all seriousness, that whole thing about trump thanking he's still president and, importantly, telling his supporters that the fraud has been proven and biden's and only pretending to be president, and he got there based on a crime, and he needs to get thrown out because he's not a print real president, he's a legitimate, that little thing? that's getting worse and not better right now. that's heading faster and faster for the clip that keeps getting higher and higher. ignoring that problem is not making a go away. that is heading toward a very bad and. more quickly all the time. but even republicans who aren't willing to explicitly espouse those craziest trump's election fantasies, they're all going after voting administration hammering tongues regardless. and democrats plans to try to
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stop it frankly aren't coming together. at least they're not coming together at the national level. that same day last week, when the civil rights leaders went to meet with president biden put vice president harris, here on the show that night, i put the question to one of the people who had been in the room at the white house for that meeting. way henderson, i asked mr. henderson, basically, why he didn't feel more despair about voting rights right now. i mean republicans succeeding with all these anti-voting rights restrictions in the country, the courts with the conservative majority in the u.s. supreme court leading the way, stripping legal protections for voting, even for voting restrictions that admittedly only go after minority voters. the courts effectively closing themselves off hearing with people who have been victimized by restrictions on their voting rights. unified -- win and democrats who can
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figure out a way to pass voting rights protections without the help of republicans. whereas all they need is a little bit of unity to do it. but so i asked him after that meeting, after get come out of that meeting at the white house, i said to him, it feels to me like all doors are closed. why do you feel encouraged? what do you know that i don't know, what else can be done? this is what he said. >> there was a real belief that we who are advocates for change have to take direct action if we are going to be effective in rolling that when we see happening at the state level, in the courts, and the failure of congress, particularly the republican senate, to address these issues. we will be engaging in a seller of direct action in order to highlight the importance of
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this issue and what is needed to help turn it around. for example, next week a group of black african american women will be leading a week of action in d.c. that they hope will help give voice to the concerns of african american women and will help propel this issue to the front of people's agenda. ople's>> a summer of direct act. he was speaking one week ago today here on the show, talking of a summer of direct action led by, he said last week, next week, a group of african-american women leading a week of action in d.c.. the courts are increasingly closed to the american public on this issue. republicans are ramming through restrictions in the states. democrats can't get it together because of people like democratic senator joe manchin. they can't get it together to protect anyone from washington. so this is the other way. direct action.
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this is the idea, this turns out is the plan. direct action to try to create a new way around what is otherwise and impenetrable political impasse. and of course, direct action doesn't mean forced, it doesn't mean violence, by any means, but it means physical action. it means demonstrations. it means tactical personal action. it means showing up in a way that is designed to move people, to wake up their conscience, to make them see their incentives act or not act differently than they had before. nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience. that was what we saw that same day last week at 112 degrees fahrenheit in phoenix, arizona. outside the attorney generals office. that's what we saw in arizona last week. that's what we saw today in washington just as way henderson said we would see. today in washington d.c., the
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-- joyce beatty and about a group of 20 civil rights activists marched through the streets in d.c. to the u.s. capital. this is congress woman joyce beatty up in front in the blue blazer, escorted by the congresswoman, the group entered one of the senate office buildings this afternoon. when they walked in the door, congresswoman took a second to really punctuate but they were doing there and what their intentions were. >> today we're sending a strong message. we have black leaders from across the country. black leaders who marched with john lewis. this is not about one generation, it's about all generations. and today we are representing all generations. and that's why today is important. look at where we stand. we stand in the united states senate, places where we can
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work, we couldn't even clean at one time. but today black women say, we are not waiting. black women says we are demanding our rights to vote. and it starts today. >> it starts today. congresswomen joyce beatty of ohio, chairwoman of the black caucus. she and her group started marching in the lobby, each room of the senate office building singing songs. you might recognize on the right there in the black vote will >> they clapped, as the senate to act to protect voting rights. police officer started warning them over a megaphone that they were all about to be arrested if they didn't stop. as you can tell their voices to
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them out. that's right about the time the singing turned into chanting, you can hear them saying and the filibuster, and the filibuster. they're all these police officers waiting in the wings, you know what's coming. congresswoman joyce beatty started a chant of past the for the people act, and you see that police officer off to the side, riding the zip ties. that is when they arrest joyce beatty. she was the first one arrested, as her hands are being put in zip ties, she started one more chant, fight for justice. congresswoman baby and eight others arrested today at the capitol. and the arrest gave us this stunning image today, and others like it. the chair of the congressional black caucus, hands zip tied behind their back, a police officer with her, belongings in a plastic bag, part of her processing for arrest.
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congresswoman joyce beatty, has been processed and has been released from police custody. she released the statement this evening saying i stand in solidarity with black women and allies across the country and of our constitutional right to vote. we have come too far and fought too hard to see everything systematically dismantled and restricted by those who wish to silence us. be assured, this is just the beginning. that was today, direct action and washington d.c.. there has been a lot of talk, a lot of speech on voting rights, including that barn burner of a speech from president biden. but unless some new path is opened we are heading into a very near future where not only is voting made significantly harder for all the communities least likely to cast votes for republican candidates, but we're heading into the next election, soon, in a whole new environment that we have never been in before. we're not only going to have these voting restrictions, but
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republicans, coast to coast, are primed and eager to believe that election results are not real and objectively noble. an election result should not count unless they win. where the administration of the election is taken over by partisans from that party who think the same way. where partisans, who think that same way, our newly empowered to handle, not only the counting, but disputes and rule changes and audits and recounts and certification are decertification of election results, especially ones that aren't to their liking. that is where we are heading to, for the next election. unless there is some kind of federal action to backstop voting rights, and the nonpartisan administration of elections. this massive effort from the trump wing of the republican party to corrupt and it legitimize the 2020 election result, do you think that's a stand-alone effort? do you think that only applies to 2020?
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as that desperate future gets closer, and closer, and as the normal paths around it seem to be coming to dead ends, we are now seeing the face, in this fight, where the people who care the most about it are willing to do the most about it, are creating brand-new paths to make progress possible. they're using direct action to do it. we're seeing that at scale with the democrats from the texas legislature all walking out and flying to washington this week. they're gonna be in washington for weeks, away from their homes, from their families. all to deny a quorum back home to slow down with the republicans are trying to do to voting rights there. and of course, dramatizing about their very presence in washington how much only federal help matters. how much only federal action can stop the country from sliding to what we are sliding toward. in just a moment we're gonna speak with one of those
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democrats who met with conservative democratic senator joe manchin today. fascinating the confrontation between him being the man who is stopping progress on voting rights in america, and the texas democrats who have left their homes and their jobs and come to washington to beg for his help. he came out of that meeting with the texas democrats today saying it was a good meeting, informative. he said they were all in complete agreement that action must be taken in washington to protect voting rights. he then said that every senator, democrat and republican should vote. should vote for voting rights protection. that's what he thinks should happen. so there shouldn't have to be a rule chain because it will be 100 to nothing vote. should be. that's what he is hoping for, i guess. and hope is good. hope is excellent. hope is lifegiving. but hope is not a strategy. as of right now, direct action
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is the last remaining strategy. joining us now is melanie kimble, she's the president and ceo of the national coalition of black civil participation. she's one of the people who was arrested alongside congresswoman joyce beatty today, i should add that all of the women arrested in the protests will be meeting with vice president kamala harris at the white house tomorrow, on the issue of voting rights. miss kimble i'm sure this has been a very long and intense day, thank you for staying up and being with us tonight. >> thank you, rachel. i'm always up watching you, so i'm good. >> that's kind of you to say. i have to get you a nielsen box before this is over. >> let me just ask you about this experience today, this was a dramatic thing at personal risk that you and your colleagues did today, how did you decide to do it? how did it go? >> first of all, thank you again for the invitation to join you tonight.
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what sparked me and several others to decide to organize a round you know lies-ing nonviolent civil disobedience was after the vote. where the ten senators would not even vote to debate voting rights. not just the name of the bill, but the notion that you won't have a discussion. and so for us, that was like a line cross to say that our votes can be shelved in this country and that is not okay. so we knew we had to continue to engage, as i was in the meeting with my civil rights colleagues last week with president biden, and vice president kamala harris. but we also knew we needed to really weigh in with the senate. for us, we're going to continue
9:23 pm
a summer of activism. not just in washington d.c., but across this country. as you mentioned, my brother weighed henderson, who will be doing some actions around congressman john lewis one year anniversary of his passing. it is in my dna, quite frankly, and i come out of atlanta where he spent a lot of years in the civil rights community. we know that direct action is one of the tools that we must use when we can't get our leaders to act. so that is part of our strategy. not the only part of the strategy, but it is a part of the strategy. >> i feel like democrats in washington have perfected the art of speaking on this issue,
9:24 pm
including, the president deserves credit for an impassioned speech that he gave earlier this week, they have not been able to translate that into action, and as you say direct action is another part of the strategy to try to push it, to try to get through this. i just have to ask, thinking about a tactically the way that you are, putting yourself out there, the way that you have, looking ahead to those other elements of direct action that we're expecting over the summer, are you hopeful? are you optimistic? do you see a path? >> yes i do. the one thing about it, history is a great teacher. sometimes you can look at something and you can say -- doctor bernie's king at a town hall this week, said it is those dark is before the dawn. if you believe in that, and we have faith in that [inaudible]
9:25 pm
spent a couple of hours with the leaders from georgia, who help make sure that the turnout happened in georgia, the texas legislatures came by, and we had several of our organizations from across the gamut come together in unity, to make sure that we are clear that for us voting rights is not an option to say we will go back to the 1940s, rachel. at the end of the day, for every american in this country we have always had to fight for our votes, we always had to have federal intervention. so for us to say, we don't have enough votes, what does that mean? we risk our lives in 2020 to turn out the vote, in the middle of a pandemic. and so we expect for our leaders to lead, and we're gonna continue to put the pressure on those leaders.
9:26 pm
and believe that at the end of the day we will win, will we win tomorrow? i am sure not, but we will continue to fight until we win. >> melanie campbell is the convene of the black women roundtable, president and ceo of the national coalition on black civic participation, and was arrested today along with joyce beatty. miss campbell, thank you for your time tonight, i hope you get a good night sleep after i know has been a stressful intense day, thank you. >> thank, you rachel. >> all right, coming up next. as i mentioned we will be talking with one of those democrats from texas who has left her home state, left her family, left her job, came across the country to stop republicans from doing what they're doing against voting rights in texas, to dramatize the senate, to dramatize to washington that federal help is needed to stop what is otherwise happening at the
9:27 pm
hands of republican legislatures across the country. she has an incredible story to tell, she met today with one of the democratic senators who is standing in a way of democrats protecting voting rights. she met with joe manchin. she will tell us about it. stay with us. stay with us ing liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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stripped from them. we fought too long and too hard in this country. and this legislature may have changed the messiah, jesus to trump, but i haven't! and i'm going to make sure that everything that i can do, that my consist joints right will not be stripped of them. because of what they believe, that it is a lie. trump lost the election! they need to tell the people of this country the truth. and if they won't, i'm going to! [applause] >> and if they don't, i'm going to. i believe her. she is the dean of the texas state democratic caucus. she was elected to the texas state house a year before i was born in 1972. at the time she was a single mother of three. she managed to put herself through law school while also serving in the legislature. she became a lawyer, should be
9:32 pm
opened her own practice. houston chronicle road of in her 50 years of lawmaking, she has been at the forefront of historic change. she raised the minimum wage in her state, she banned racial profiling by police, she forced insurance companies to cover advanced mammograms and hpv tests. she was instrumental in passing texas is first alamo knee law. representative thompson is the longest serving african american woman in the texas legislator. she is the first woman of any race to serve for that long. she's a tech station to have less left texas -- and to push in washington for federal help for new federal protections that would stop republicans from what they are trying to do, from what they're
9:33 pm
trying to do for administration, not just test texas, but everywhere. she was one of the first texas democrats to meet with joe manchin who stands almost alone to stop democratic efforts in -- joining us now is some phony a thompson. representative thompson, it's an honor to have you here tonight. thank you so much. >> thank you for letting me join you. >> let me just start by asking you how the meeting went with senator manchin today. >> i think it went well. we wanted to have dialogue with him and tell him about our pride in texas and the urgency, and the federal government legislature which to protect voters rights and americans. >> senator manchin came out of that meeting and said he was in
9:34 pm
total agreement with you and the democrats he met with on the need to protect voting rights. he said he has an idea of legislation that should get support from every senator that could get 100 to nothing bipartisan support. i have to ask if he shared with you and your colleagues with that is. it sounds like, it sounds wonderful, but it sounds a little bit like magic given the impetus that were otherwise out on this issue. >> i wish it was magic. but let me tell you, basically he said, we talked about the voters rights act, and we talked section five in section two. and we talked about the bill that we have pinning in our state legislature and what his ideas were, that he could pass, and get enough support from the senate to pass and protect the voting rights of americans. >> how do you feel things have gone in these few days since you and your colleagues took
9:35 pm
this remarkable step, got those planes in texas, and flew to washington. obviously, that has the practical effect of slowing down what's going on at home with both the republicans are trying to do, but you came to washington also, not to get gone, but to make this case. the dramatic case that you're making by your physical presence, that federal help is needed. how is it been these past few days, how do you feel it's going? >> i think it's going well. and the reason that we came, the part particularly the reason i came, was when i thought of what my childhood and i saw the struggle of african americans in the state, and my state was 84% people of color, and we went back at square one, almost, to protect a right that all citizens have been given, and we are up here trying to make sure that the republicans do not knit you late the law, and strip away our voting rights to stay in
9:36 pm
power. i think we have made some advancements and are able to advanced our arguments as to why we think congress is the ideal place to ensure that all americans participate and have a voice in the democratic process by voting. >> texas state representative representative we senfronia thompson. representative thompson, it was an honor to have you here tonight. i know that you and your colleagues have really put yourselves out a real personal inconvenience to do what you're doing. thanks for helping us understand and i wish you luck on the days ahead. >> my pleasure. >> we have much more ahead, stay with us. stay with us with subaru, you get kelley blue book's most trusted brand winner, seven years in a row. in fact, subaru has won most trusted brand
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are most worried about missouri's covid-19 spread compared to any other state. and here it is in the washington post. the delta variant is ravaging this missouri city many residents are wary of vaccines. and here is the kansas city star, the southwest missouri counties are covid hotspots state advisory says. this is about this advisory warning that the health department issue today since hospitalizations have spiked across that state, counties in your region are experiencing a surge in covid cases and hospitalizations. you can take a look at the bottom part of that map, you can see the southern part of missouri is getting hit the hardest. green counties among the worst of it that is where springfield, missouri is. the hospitals say that they are overrun, they're at capacity already with the influx of new sick patients still steeply rising. the ceo of cox health in springfield said yesterday, we
9:42 pm
are at our capacity, mercy hospital also in springfield, we ran out of ventilator this month and had to borrow from other hospitals. they've been treating more than 130 patients every day since sunday, and i know that that is an absolute value number, what does that mean? for context, that is more patients than they have ever treated before, for covid. that is more patients that they treated during the big winter spike that people thought were the worst of it. they're treating more covid patients than they ever have before. and hospital administer say that over the next 3 to 4 weeks there anticipating higher and higher numbers in terms of the new daily influx. where will those patients go? springfield missouri is running out a room for covid patients already, they need a place to put the patients that are sure to come. as we talked about on the show last night that county health department and local hospitals as the state, they've asked the government of missouri, the republican government mike parson, to help them set up
9:43 pm
some kind of alternative care site in springfield for covid patients. they need someone to send covid patients who are stable enough to move, they need to make room for the dire cases coming in and dire numbers. we checked in with the health department about the status of their request after they made this public appeal yesterday. for a new care site, field hospital to be set up by the state. they told us that the state hasn't answered. hasn't yet given them any answer or timeline for when they will make a decision. but as the county health director put it yesterday when she announced the request, the request is pretty simple. when she said quote, we need help. will they get it? joining us now is doctor rob entrapment, infectious disease physician at cox health in springfield missouri, it's a pleasure to have you with us tonight. >> thank you, rachel. thank you for having me on. >> so we've been following what's going on in your region
9:44 pm
and at your hospital as best as we can from afar, and i think the country's eyes are increasingly on southwest missouri, with concern about what is happening there in terms of covid. covid hospitalizations, what should the country know about the trouble that you're in right now? >> well this has been similar to our previous surge that we would've seen that last week only this was much more explosive, that's the only word that i can use, we went from a law all in the spring two at capacity as far as staffing goes, we were ready as far as our supplies and our physical beds, well what we didn't have where the staff, and that is what stresses the system. that is why some of our hospitals, we have to transfer patients and can't accept them to our main hospitals. but the thing that has been the most surprising is the age, the
9:45 pm
demographic of the patients, there are much younger and gets sick quicker. this really -- we had a long lag time in the middle of the u.s., and this time it came up on us fast to where we went from 20 or 30 patients in the hospital, and now we're full with 130, 240 patients. the demographic is really different, younger people. fewer comorbidities, you wouldn't expect him to be so sick so quickly. this is just a warning to people around the country, as you watch this, delta variant evolved be ready to manage a different demographic of patients. >> will kind of help do you need? we saw that pretty dramatic help to the state that was made by the county health director and your hospital, yesterday. they're asking for an alternative care sites to be set up, and saying that physically things are maxed out. they need more space, more staff, more funding, for things
9:46 pm
like antibody treatments, if you can get them to people before they get to hospitals that can alleviate the progression of the disease. what kind of help do you need? >> all of those are true. probably priority run is a physical space to manage the less sick patients that are transitioning to homes. it's a lot different this time. before we had a lot of senior citizens in nursing home outbreaks, and they had a nursing home to go to. but now you have younger people who may be a little too sick to go home, and need a halfway point for oxygen and minimum medical care. another big one is the monoclonal antibody infusion, we're not doing those as much as we would want because of logistics and staff. we filled up some of our units, and that has a backup for people who have other urgent medical needs. broken bones and other illnesses. the alternative care side, this
9:47 pm
was just proposed in the state in the last couple of days, i know that it is sitting on their desk and they're willing to help, and we have a good track record of collaborating in standing up. but we could use that physical space for the infusions and we could use help with staff at least until more of our traveling contract staffs arrive. >> doctor robin trotman, again, the countries really looking at you with concern both to learn the lessons but pulling for you and your staff at this difficult time. thank you for your work. thank you for helping us understand it. >> you're welcome, thank you for your time. >> we will be right back, stay with us. with us.
9:48 pm
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9:51 pm
lawyer dressing the judge quote, seriously, this is what you think is worth the time and effort of all the lawyers, your
9:52 pm
staff on this proceeding. the >> judge i would caution you to not question my procedure, i'm here to question what you've done sir. i'm here to evaluate. >> lawyer, and i am not a potted plant. >> the judge, i'm here to evaluate. >> lawyer i'm not a potted plant. i will represent my client. the judge, that is quite fine. but don't worry what i'm doing about at this point. you are here to answer my questions. that went well then. this hearing went on for six hours on monday, this week. it was a federal judge in michigan called the hearing to determine whether nine pro trump lawyers should face sanctions whether they should be punished by the court, for the laugh out loud trump lawsuit they brought last november demanding that michigan should be forced to give their votes to trump even though biden won the michigan election. the judge dismissed the lawsuit months ago but the same judges deciding whether there ought to
9:53 pm
be consequences for these lawyers, for using her courtroom to push lies and conspiracy theories with only made up lies. i say it's made up because of the judge ascertainment. the judge called the pieces of evidence, quote, fantastical and obviously questionable if not falls on their face. in one of the affidavits they tried to submit, a poll watchers said that the way that the ballots was being humbled was perplexing. in the hearing on monday the judge as the potted plant lawyer quote, and you think being perplexed by an observation is sufficient enough to get into court? it's sufficient to support an affidavit? do you feel like that constitutes evidentiary support sir? >> the lawyer, absolutely. in this case the judge, wow, okay. the word while only really comes up in trial transcripts and never from the judge. those lawyers could be in some
9:54 pm
trouble, they could face disbarment over their actions in that trump case in michigan. but here is something else to watch. tomorrow morning a whole different slate of pro trump lawyers are going to face their own, totally separate sanction hearing before a totally different judge this time in colorado. these are pro trump lawyers who filed their own lawsuits wanting to overturn the 2020 election. they brought their suit against the voting machine company dominion, and facebook, and facebook ceo and his wife and election officials in georgia, michigan pennsylvania was sick and wisconsin, they were all in on it. the deep plot to get rid of the election. they filed the suit as a class action. they named all registered voters in america. and they sought 160 billion dollars, you'll be shocked to hear that that case was a laughed out of that court.
9:55 pm
but now the people who are student that bananas case, dominion and facebook and pennsylvania, michigan -- they all ask the court to sanction those lawyers for bringing the ridiculous case. for using the court system for that purpose. the state of pennsylvania argues in their motion for sanctions against those lawyers quote the farfetched conspiracy theories being peddled here feed a dangerous narrative that the presidential election was somehow compromised. election workers have been threatened because people believe that live, people stormed the capitol for the same reason. states have relied on these lies as the reason to change voting laws. appropriating the court's legitimacy to package lies as illegal claims and then legitimizing dangerous conduct based on those false legal claims is a vexatious use of litigation. they acted in bad faith by initiating this lawsuit they should be sanctioned as a consequence. those attorneys, those pro trump attorneys, have been ordered to appear before a federal judge in colorado bright and early tomorrow morning, watch this space, i
9:56 pm
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10:00 pm
is out, and she is going to join our friend lawrence o'donnell right now in the last word. so lawrence i'm gonna get out of the way because i'm eager to hear about joyce beatty and her experience today. >> rachel, it is stunning to see how many minutes, and we're talking single digit minutes, it took for her to get arrested when you compare that with january six. it has taken months to arrest some of those people. in fact, most of those people who are at the capitol on january six have not been arrested. so this juxtaposition today, and your coverage of it, was brilliant earlier in the hour coming into this. it's just -- i understand it, theoretically, what's that arrest was about today. but stacking it against january six is just stunning. >> and in its own terms, it's stunning even as a stand-alone thing. she and those other


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