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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  July 15, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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effects. see for yourself at that is going to do it for us tonight. i'll see you at this time tomorrow night. "way too early" with kasie hunt is up next. are you surprised that this president is willing to go this far? >> if you don't tell anybody, yeah. >> president biden huddles with senate democrats as the party tries to push through a massive spending plan, expanding education, health care. democrats are pleased. will moderates get behind the plan. the question is what does the nation's top military leader do as donald trump tries to cling to power after losing
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re-election. and from new coke to diet coke plus. it's had its fair share of soda fails. now comes another change. the question, whether coke fans will drink it up. it's "way too early" for this. good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that remembers joe biden pretty well who ran basically to the right of bernie sanders. i'm kasie hunt on this thursday, july 15th. we'll start with the national news. the democrats worked to pass another spending proposal. he's pushing for a blueprint. nbc news chief white house correspondent peter alexander has more. >> reporter: president biden back on capitol hill urging senate democrats to unite around a massive $3.5 trillion spending
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proposal. >> we are getting this done. >> we're getting this done. >> reporter: focusing on social programs and climate change, democrats planning to go it alone on this package. that means they can't afford to lose a singerle vote. progressives like bernie sanders who wanted even more new spending sounded satisfied. >> this is, i would say t most consequential piece of legislation being proposed since the great depression and fdr. >> reporter: but moderates concerned about the steep price tag. >> do you think it's too high? >> depends who's going to pay for it. >> reporter: it would include universal pre-k, and others. democrats want a tax hike. republicans are slamming it and says lit send inflation skyrocketing. >> $3.5 trillion number is a
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shocking figure. >> what we're seeing is a radical train, their freight train to socialism, and everybody, one way or another, in america is going to end up paying for it. >> our thanks to nbc's peter alexander for that report. >> and later on this morning, senator joe manchin will meet with the texas democratic delegation as they seek to get the senate to pass federal voting rights legislation. here's what manchin had to say when our own leigh ann caldwell asked him questions about the civil rights filibuster. >> is that something you could support? >> well, the bottom line is we should be working together on basically legislation that protects the people's right to vote. that should be something that should be common sense. people should have a right to vote, it should be secured, it should be accessible, and it should be fair. >> are you getting any republican support? >> we're getting there. >> reporter: senator kyrsten
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sinema said she's friends with one of those. she's been outspoken. joining us now, senior politics reporter, grace. thanks for joining us. we've got this critical meeting with joe manchin coming up. he's come up with enormous pressure from civil rights activists, voting rights groups to essentially outline what he would support. he finally did that. he knows if this is going to come to a head, maybe sooner rather than later. what's at stake for these texas democrats today? >> for them, everything. they left the state and went halfway across the country, leaving their families and jobs. legislature does not pay well. if you talk to them, they're on message, that they think they're out of options in their own state and their only hope is to persuade joe manchin and kerstin
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sinema. >> obviously democrats are trying to move voting rights along. what's actually in front of them, of, is this this infrastructure plan. >> they say it's all paid for and nobody's actually saying no. right now it's holding. i wasn't convinced it would hold to the end of the week, but we're almost there. what's your sense of the week as this dance continues? >> yes. the excitement on capitol hill is unpalatable. you see it when they come out from lunches. all the hopes and dreams, the penalty up things democrats couldn't achieve during the obama years when they didn't have control of the chambers. the next two weeks are going to be a bit of a ballet dance to try to convince joe manchin, try to keep as much in this giant
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package as possible and not lose things. >> i have to ask you. the singer olivia rod rigo made an appearance at the white house yesterday to urge young americans to get the covid-19 vaccine. watch. >> i am beyond honored and humbled to be here today to help spread the message about the importance of the new vaccination. i'm in awe of the work president biden and dr. fauci has done and am happy to lend my support to this initiative. >> very serious comments from olivia rodrigo. we had a lot of people in washington who weren't sure who she was perhaps, but obviously everybody else in the world does. what kind of impact is this going to have? >> it's not the first time a celebrity has come out to speak. elvis made an appearance to get everyone to get the polio vaccine. with olivia, there's more
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information targeting young people on facebook and tiktok. she has such a reach and her music has captivated the world and came out of nowhere. a lot of people are like, olivia said it. i know who she is. >> grace panetta, thanks for being here this morning. still ahead here, game four of the nba finals and the milwaukee bucks have a few incredible moments on the court. we're going to have all the highlights. >> plus, michael c. bender will join me on set to discuss his new book about former president trump's final year in office. don't forget that important c. we'll be right back. t c. we'll be right back.
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now, tucker. a block. what a block from giannis.
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>> that was one great block by giannis. >> pulls down and lost the ball. >> holiday, milton, inside, he backs it home. >> with that big block from giannis at the end of the fourth quarter and a team-high 40 points from khris middleton, the milwaukee bucks outlast a 42-point performance from the suns' devin booker to defeat phoenix, 109-103, and teen nba finals at two games apiece. last night's game marked the second time a row in which the player checked out early in the quarter. here's the bucks' two-time mvp explaining why. >> to be honest, this is the second time you went out early in the quarter. what's going on? >> what do you americans say? a tinkle. a tinkle.
2:12 am
i took a tinkle and came back. both games. that's plight, right? i took a tinkle. >> i don't know what to say to that. it's kind of amazing. while the two nba teams battle for a title, they're battling for its debut. the olympic status of bradley beal is now in doubt. according to an a.p. source, beal will be considered. now this, nfl star and former seattle seahawk richard sherman is facing several criminal charges after his arrest in washington state where the free agent quarterback is now being held without basement nbc news correspondent erin mclaughlin has the details. >> reporter: richard sherman is facing a southeast of charges
2:13 am
including burglary and domestic violence. the police were called to his in-laws' home responding to a report, burglary in progress. he was attempting to force entry into a family member's home. he fought officers while being taken into custody. police deployed a canine dog to help make the arrest. >> there was a minor injury on the ankle. >> reporter: he left his severely damaged vehicle and leaving on foot after striking a cement barrier. the state police are investigating him for a hit-and-run and driving under the influence. the free agent and super bowl champ is regarding as a leader on and off the field. he's the vice president of the nfl players association.
2:14 am
they say they've activated the domestic crisis protocol. he said he's shocked calling sherman a family man. erin mclaughlin, nbc news. >> and our thanks to erin for that report. and, finally, it is opening day at saratoga race course where trainer bob baffert can enter horses following a ban back in may after his kentucky derby winner medina spirit faced a post-race drug test. the judge nullified the suspension after finding that they acted unconstitutionally. an attorney arguing for the association in a hearing on monday said it acting quickly because the belmont station, the third prong of the triple crown was fast approaching, but in her ruling yesterday, the judge wrote, baffert will face damage to his income and clients. he's lost one prominent client
2:15 am
and will lose others and has been deprived of competing at belmont. they're reviewing the course decision to determine its legal options and next steps. finally let's go to the weather and to bill karins for a check on the weather. bill, seems like we've got tough stuff in the middle of the country. >> storms and heat, and how about this from arizona yesterday, kasie where they had a flash flood for two days. this man and two daughters were rescued. this was a swift rescue. one daughter is in the arms of the f. the man is on the roof with his o'daughter each eventually he passes the daughter. i can only imagine what the mom is thinking if she's watching. yeah, pretty dramatic scenes
2:16 am
there. also, iowa yesterday, a tornado outbreak. we had a lot of todays yesterday. 27 today reports. we had a couple of houses that were destroyed. we did not have any juicing or fatalities thankfully. here's what it looked like yesterday on radar. most of these storms were north of des moines and north of cedar rapids. every one of those red icons is one of the tornado reports. we do have a few strong storms rolling through northern michigan. chicago will be wet. in the east,ite goes doing be a hot two days. 15 million people with heat advisories around new york city. and from d.c. to philly all the way down the east coast, it's warm, it's muggy, and it's going to pretty hot i. is going to be dry. d.c., 93, 94. when you factor in the humidity.
2:17 am
the heat index will feel like 100 for the next few days. unfortunately as we mentioned the last few days, kasie, it looks like the rain and storms return for the weekend. the cool is off, but who wants rain and storms on the weekend? that's kind of the thing we're going to be dealing with. finally, thunderstorms in ohio valley. by the time we get to saturday, the storms roll through the northeast and down through the tennessee valley, and sunday, kasie, the wet weekend continues. wah, wah, wah. >> thanks. >> still ahead, amid concerns over the taliban's resurgence, the biden administration lays out a plan. plus, a chance for russia and the united states to find common ground. we're going to explain that coming up next. we're going to explain that coming up next when you have metastatic breast cancer, what does it mean to be a thriver? it means we grab a hold of what matters most. we sweat the details. ask for what we want. get what we need. and we need more time.
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power, the white house has announced a plan to remove dangerousal lies for the country. it's set to begin at the end of the month and will airlift afghans because of the danger of withdrawal of u.s. troops. more than 18,000 have applied for visas. it will include drivers. they moved to american bases in other countries. it was just days after he handed over command. the president hosted general miller to thank him for his service. he spent three years before stepping down on monday. this included overseeing the majority of the recent u.s. troop withdrawal. taking his place is marine corps general frank mckenzie.
2:22 am
the meet will focus on it. biden will release a washington declaration to work together in the future. and the white house and the kremlin reportedly found some common ground yesterday in a phone call between u.s. special climate envoy. the state department says they discussed a wide range of climate issues and the two sides working together. they're going to redouble climate efforts and discuss the emissions problem. meanwhile brazilian president is in the hospital after ten straight days with the hiccups. according to the "associated press," the doctors say the cause is an intestal obstruction but say they will not operate immediately. he's had several health concerns in the recent past. he was stabbed in the stomach while come paining in 2018.
2:23 am
he contacted covid in july while downplaying covid and while in quarantine, he was bitten by a giant bird while trying to feed it at the presidential palace. okay. that's quite a list. still ahead here, the state military is worried about what the president might do. 've compared it to nazi, germany. we're going to dive into those details. before we go to break, we want to know as always, why are you awake? i'm your reasons for being up early or drop me a tweet @kasie #waytooearly, and we'll read some of your answers coming up later on in the show. ur answersp later on in the show there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose
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welcome back to "way too early." it's a few minutes before 5:30 here on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. we are learning more about donald trump's final days in office. there's new reporting this morning from the "washington post" that the nation's top military officer joint chiefs mark milley worried about what donald trump might try to do to hold onto power after losing the re-election. here's how "the post" summarized the account, quote, after attending a november 10th security briefing about the maga march a protest rally, he said
2:28 am
he faced the equivalent of brown shirts in the streets. later that evening an old friend called milley called expressing concerns that those close to trump were attempting to overturn the government. he said, you're one of the few guys standing between us and some really bad stuff. milley was shaken, leonnig and rucker write. he called to ask if a coup was a thing. he asked what the -- am i dealing with. they were strategizing how to block trump's order to use the military in a way that was dangerous or illegal. if someone wanted to gain control, milley thought, they would have to sway the fbi and others. they may try, but they're not
2:29 am
going to effing succeed, he told some of his closest deputies. the book details how milley confronted white house chief of staff mark meadows at the army/navy football game that the president was planning to replace gina haspel with a loyalist. what the hell's going on. what are you doing? >> don't worry about it. just be careful, milley warned. he spent weeks assuring officials who shared his concerns. everything is going to be okay. we're going to have a peaceful transfer of power. we're going to land this plane safely. this is america. it's strong. the institutions are bending, but it won't break. we should mention this account has not been independently confirmed by nbc news. joining us now, reporter for the "washington post," you ian scott. this is, of course, from the blockbuster book, your colleagues at the "washington
2:30 am
post." it really underscores how tenuous things were in that period where there were so many republicans on the hill. i remember the anonymous quote also in your paper where a republican said, you know, what's the harm in humoring him? i don't know about you, but i'm grateful we had military leaders who saw the potential for said harm and were doing something about it behind the scenes. what are the ripple effects of this new reporting going to look like? >> i like you am grateful. the reporting is going to just confirm so many of the concerns that people on both sides of the i'll have about the previous administration. the fact that the institutions were bending is significant enough for many people to rethink about whether or not this is a direction that america needs to go in again. as you know, this is something that many americans are even entertaining as a possibility because of the popularity of the former president with the republican party remaining so high still in this current state. the fact that there were
2:31 am
administration officials. people in congress, even on the right side of the aisle that people thought it could compare to global history. it's quite frightening to many people, and i don't think this is something that can be ignored, given this new reporting. >> yeah. so, eugene, what is your sense of where we go from here in terms of the forces that ultimately showed up on january 6th because, i mean, while the military was doing this planning, we did have this march, we did have these people overrun the place. it did take hours for the national guard to show up. there were hours when the capitol was essentially under siege. people as we've seen in the photos were hanging from the balconies and sitting in desks and destroying things. we don't know that those forces have gone away, and, in fact,
2:32 am
the -- some of those agenies like the fbi, for example, that apparently milley was worried about being taken other has warned that taking over is our greatest national security threat. so what our politics so polarized, how do we confront that challenge going forward? >> i feel like the only thing that we can do as members of the media is continue to report what actually happened. i think what we're seeing, the release of videos that can dispute the narrative that this was just a group of tourists have to increase so that those who are being fed misinformation actually have facts, and i think lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who have expressed concern and are going to articulate those with this upcoming commission and other events are going to have to speak loudly and very clearly about what actually happen and what almost happened because if we do not, it's very possible that something worse could happen again in the future, and that's not just hysterics.
2:33 am
that's what individuals who are actually in the administration and on the hill and even on the right side of the i'll have expressed. >> i mean, you know, eugene, thinking about some of the military leaders and we saw comments also about schools, critical race theory, kind of pushback on members of congress who were challenging milley about what was going on in the military in that regard, but there's also concerns about white supremacy. they've talked about combatting that. we've had the department of homeland security say they're worried about making sure there aren't extremists inside the government. what kind of support do those initiatives need from the biden administration, and how much risk is there? the future if there's turnover that -- support for those initiatives that could evaporate? >> there's significant risk. according to the book, one of the reasons why milley was concerned is he knew the president had supporters already in the defense department n the
2:34 am
cia n the fbi, in the military, and it was a numbers game to some degree. if he had individuals or some future leaders with shared world leaders and had enough individuals and supporters in high enough positions of power and influence, perhaps things could go very differently, and that's why you need an administration and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who put their feet down and say this is not acceptable. this is not the america we want to see beor the america of the future because i think what has been expressed is that if those procedures and initiatives and goals are not put into place, we could see something very different happen from what actually did happen, which was a peaceful transfer of power but barely. >> yeah. the more we learn about the day of the capitol insurrection itself and the days leading up to it, it's clear how close we came to a real disaster. "washington post" eugene scott,
2:35 am
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the classic coke change. it optimizes existing coke zero flavors and ingredients but consumers are hesitant. we'll see how this one goes. let's go noun to the former face of coke's rival pepsi, the pop icon britney spears. a los angeles judge ruled yesterday the singer can hire her own lawyers. spears tapped a former hollywood attorney and former prosecutor to oversee her case. the change comes after the singer questioned the motives of her court appointed layer for over a decade. she called for charges against her father during his conservatorship. while fighting back tears she said, i would like to charge my father with conservatorship abuse. her attorney ordered her father
2:40 am
to step down. he refused to step down and said he loves his daughter and only wants the best for her. the now infamous philadelphia site four seasons made a land mark there. the landscaping company is now hosting a summer rock concert announced on its instagram with a nod to giuliani and it sold out in 17 minutes. a punk rocker is headlining the event along with a singer. good for them. here's something you definitely wouldn't expect to find in your backyard. a michigan man working on a home improvement project unearthed 160 bowling balls on the property. he shared the number on facebook. the balls appear to be made in the 1950s by brunswick bowling products. some former brunswick bowling
2:41 am
employees reached out and said there used to be a factory in the area and worker woulsd take scrapped bowling balls and use them in projects. who knew. still ahead, author michael c. bender joins us about stunning new details about his final days in office. and as we go to break, let's take a look at this date in history. three american astronauts blasted off aboard an apollo spaceship hours after two soviet cosmonauts were launched aboard a soyuz spacecraft for a mission that included a linkup of them in orbit. >> he's coming in. here we go. >> oh, man. good deal. >> oh, man good deal. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted.
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welcome back. the number of covid case has doubled. it's being fueled by the highly contagious delta variant. it accounts for 60% of the new cases. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest. >> reporter: the summer spike is catching experts be i surprise who never expected numbers like these, new infections, hospitalizations, even deaths are increasing when many predicted they would be at all-time lows. in missouri, more covid patients are filling beds than during the deadly winter surge, hospitals here pleetd ingpleading for mor >> the tidal wave is coming toward our unvaccinated population. it's coming quickly and will devastate those in its wake. >> reporter: the dangerous,
2:46 am
highly contagious delta variant now makes up nearly 60% of new cases. as infections double, vaccinations are plummeting, down 54% last week. >> have you had yours yet? >> reporter: as states are going door to door offering vaccinations, the tennessee department of health will stop all adolescent outreach amid pressure from the republican lawmakers. the agency says they're re-evaluating their process and wouldn't comment on the former medical director michelle fiscus who said she was fired for not getting kids vaccinated. >> those who are not vaccinated at school, that's the tragedy that's here. >> reporter: with 60% of children eligible for vaccination still not inoculated, many fear with a return to school and after a
2:47 am
summer together, a fall rise is imminent. >> unfortunately the worst is yet to come. it's going to get worse before it gets better in terms of the spread of this infection right now. >> our thanks to nbc's miguel almaguer for that report. earlier on in the show we asked all of you why you're awake. sophie writes i'm one who has no idea who olivia rodrigo is -- i guess i can google her or ask a young person in your life who's on tiktok. emma frost is up "way too early" on theeve of hearing the forecast. robin says you can get hiccups by having hair in the eardrum. look in his ears.
2:48 am
no kidding. na is fascinating. casey writes i'm off because this guy has no offswitch and bob sends this photo, up "way too early" from jet lag after my trip to vietnam. going out for a run. coming up, we'll look at axios one big thing. and dayton, ohio, mayor nan whaley will be on. senator dick durbin will check in and dr. richard besser amid the alarming surge in u.s. correspondent cases. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" just moments away. "morning joe" just moments away. ♪
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this is a gamechanger, who dares to be fearless even when her bladder leaks. our softest, smoothest fabric keeping her comfortable, protected, and undeniably sleek. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you. senator joe manchin, aka, the one-man senate is weighing in on a few key points of president biden's agenda. he could support, including immigration in the reconciliation bill, manchin's approval is critical for the deal to pass.
2:52 am
it includes funding to grant a path for citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants or a path to legalization at the least. at the same time, the west virginia democrat said he would pose proposals to curb fossil fuels. he said democrats to understand that fossil is going to play a part, west virginia still weighs heavily on those fuels. but still good news for democrats that he has not come out swinging at this particular piece of legislation. let's go to michigan where a republican party leader has resigned after saying the 2020 election was not stolen and blaming president trump for husband own loss. according to the detroit free press jason roe stepped down wz he declined to provide a reason, he faced months of push back for his outspoken criticism. it comes at a time when michigan
2:53 am
republican lawmakers and party officials have faced pressure to investigate the results of the 2020 election. this was in response to a quote that he gave to tim alberta one of the few -- i guess he's one of several republicans who have been willing to tell the truth about the election and all of them have faced difficult personal consequences in the their own lives. devastating. the daily beast is reporting on an excerpt from the i alone book we covered earlier. this one, details a conversation between joint chiefs chairman mark milly and congressman liz cheney, the day after the attack on the capitol. cheney reportedly rips into trump loyalist, jim jordan, saying while these man yaks are going through the please i'm standing in the aisle and he said we need to get the ladies away from the aisle. let me help you. i smacked his hand away and told
2:54 am
him, get away from me, you f'ing did this. wow. what a confrontation. also, i don't know who you'd rather have protecting yourself in a fight, liz cheney or jim jordan. but let's ask mike allen. mike, i'll ask you about the one big thing, but let's talk about the confrontation between these two people. we knew relationships were tense between cheney and other members of the gop conference but this really punctuates on it. >> true. and you talk to them every single day, but we forget that these are humans, and we're so used to the sound bite, the script, and you have this visceral moment. this isn't an r&d, this is two people and you can tell what they think of each other. >> your one big thing this morning is a version of this but on a grand scale. that's the massive disconnect in
2:55 am
trust between americans. walk us through what you've learned here. >> kasie, this is amazing. we know that americans trust in all big institutions are down. but look at this new polling about who we do trust. this is a gallop poll. look at the gap in how people feel about the police. a 45-point gap. republicans, 76% of them trust the police. democrats, barely in the double digits. a similar split on church. republicans way more likely to trust organized religion that democrats are. who do democrats trust? with president biden in the oval office, you have the biggest gap of anything in the survey on the presidency, 49-point gap, more democrats than republicans trusting the presidency. kasie, this one won't surprise
2:56 am
you or your viewers a bit, double digits more of democrats trust the media. but this one surprised me. listen to this, twice as many democrats as republicans trust the public schools, still under 50% but a massive gap even now our public schools are a red and blue america. >> that's a remarkable and difficult number. how much of that do you think -- is it recent? is it about the way that we've seen school districts erupt over critical race theory and the way republicans are talking about that? is it covid? what do you think is behind it? >> all those things you just said have in common are the politicization of all of our institutions. public schools weren't political when you and i were growing up or much mess. but we've seen a variety of closing showing the closure policies, mask policies, what they're teaching, how they let
2:57 am
the parents talk about that, all has become very political. interestingly enough on police, a big race gap there. big gap between many more white americans than black americans say they have confidence in the police. but the number among black adults has increased since last year. this poll was taken right after the death of george floyd so that number was at a low. kasie, at the other end of the spectrum, guess who is among the least trusted people in america? you and me. so the media, way down at the end on trust. congress at the very bottom, less than the media. and gallop has been polling on this since 1973, during the watergate scandal and at the top all that time, military, small business. >> right. of course mike allen, thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you.
2:58 am
for those of you waiting for michael c. bender we recommend his book, but apparently it was a little way too early for him this morning. so we'll hope to get him on another day. as we are learning more about this final period, after the election before january 6th, increasing evidence of just how close we came to a true disaster. and the more we learn about how americans are feeling about each other, the lack of trust between people, the more i think it's important to remember that we aren't necessarily out of the woods yet. we have a lot of work to do to get ourselves back on the same page as americans. it's going to have to start in our own communities. thank you all for getting up way too early with us this thursday morning. don't go anywhere, "morning joe" starts now. are you surprised that this president is willing to go this far? >> if you don't tell anybody? >> yes. >> yeah i am. >> remember when joe biden won
2:59 am
the nomination running to the right of bernie sanders. now the president is looking to push through a grab bag of progressive priorities in a sweeping multi-trillion dollar package. what does joe manchin have to say about that? we have two top senate democrats joining us today to talk about it. speaking of west virginia's senior center, today joe manchin meets with a group of texas lawmakers who left their state to lobby washington on voting rights. what it means for the future of the filibuster and the republican efforts to change election rules across several states. also, the u.s. military is sounding new alarms about the american withdrawal from afghanistan, after 20 years of blood and treasure, will that country soon belong to the taliban? and a military matter closer to home as the top u.s. general sounds off on donald trump's attempts to subvert our
3:00 am
democracy? in the reported words of the joint chiefs chairman, they may try but they're not going to f'ing succeed. joe has the morning off, and willie those quotes attributed to general mark milly. they're something. and there's a lot. >> astounding quotes coming out of the new book "i alone can fix it". we'll talk to the authors in a moment about what was happening and what general milly believed was possible around the election. let's begin with president biden on capitol hill yesterday making the case for senate democrats to pass another sweeping spending proposal. the president pushing his party to support the multi-trillion dollar budget blueprint for health care, child care, climate change and other priorities. nbc news chief white house correspondent peter alexander has the


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