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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  July 14, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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of serious side effects. see for yourself at all right, that is going to do it for us tonight. thanks for being with us here tonight. i'll see you again tomorrow. "way too early with kasie hunt" is up next. ♪♪ in america, if you lose, you accept the results. you follow the constitution. you try again. you don't call facts fake and then try to bring down the american spirit just because you're unhappy. that's not statesmanship. [ applause ] that's not statesmanship. that's selfishness. president biden delivers a forceful speech on voting rights looking to review the rights,
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and the question is will his words be met with action? plus, the russian-based hacking gang that's been attacking u.s. companies has disappeared. the question is, is the group gone or has is just gone dark? and a historic night in the mlb what will it take to put an end to the american league's dominance. it's "way too early" for this. good morning, and welcome to "way too early," the show that is a strong supporter of designated hitters everywhere. i'm kasie hunt on this wednesday, july 14th. let's start with the news. president biden speaking from philadelphia in his most forceful terms yet the president blasted the purveyors of the big lie we'll demonstrating strict voting. >> no other election has ever
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been held under such scrutiny and such high standards. the big lie is just that. a big lie. [ cheers and applause ] denial of free and full elections is the most un-american thing that many of us can imagine, the most undemocratic, unpatriotic. and sadly unprecedented. time and time again, we found a way to vote in free and fair elections. each time we found a way to overcome. the jim crow assault is real. it's unrelenting and we're going to challenge it. it's not only who gets to vote and making it easier for eligible voters to vote. it's about who gets to count the vote. who gets to count whether or not your vote counted at all. we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war.
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the confederates back then never breached the capitol as insurrectionists did on january 6th. i'm not saying this to alarm you. i'm saying this because you should be alarmed. puts the burden back on congress to restore the voting rights act to its intended strength. as soon as congress passes before the people act and the john lewis voting rights advance act, i will sign it and watch the whole world see it. that will be an important moment. to react to my republican friends and friends in state and cities to stand up for god's sake to help concert this to undermine our elections. have you no shame? >> 17 states have enacted laws since the 2020 voting to restrict voting and texas can
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become the 18th. we'll have more on that fight coming up. meanwhile, a warning to haitians and cubans not to travel by sea saying they'll not be allowed in if they try. it came the recent assassination of the president of haiti amid the worst economic crisis in decades. nbc news correspondent morgan radford has more. >> reporter: a third day of protests in miami. >> a change is coming and it's time for a change. >> reporter: some demonstrators blocking traffic, many cuban-americans worried about families back home. >> it's now a life or death situation. >> reporter: where cuban on the island are grappling with food shortages, and rising dictatorship while they cry out for help. >> they're starving, literally there are food and medical choices and people need help. >> what is it going to take?
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if it doesn't happen now when is it going to happen? >> reporter: their outrage captured by a viral song meaning homeland and life, a spin on the communist era slogan -- meaning homeland or death. even the musician who fled cuba 25 years ago is one of its creators. you changed that slogan? you changed this for life. >> yes, of course, we need life. >> reporter: we need life. to support this. and he says they are fighting because their families on the island cannot. this activist was arrested by cuban authorities while expressing her views to a spanish news channel. romero was on the show when it happened live. >> they came. >> reporter: you thought that could have been my daughter?
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understand, no one knows we're here. so far, the biden administration is not intervening. but issued a statement in support of the cuban people. this as cuba's president blames protests on the u.s. government and its embargo. but romero says this movement is for cubans and by cubans. there's nothing more beautiful than freedom. and this, he says, is just the beginning. >> they need their freedom, they deserve it. it's been enough. it's enough already. >> reporter: morgan radford, nbc news, miami. >> all right, joining us now immigration correspondent for politico sabrina rodriguez. sabrina. good morning. it's lovely to see you. thanks for getting up early with us. let's talk about what we're hearing from the homeland security secretary, alejandro mayorkas. we're seeing senators, marco
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rubio tweeting about this as things escalate. what is your sense of why this is coming out now, what pressure the administration is under and what's next here? >> well, good morning, kasie. the problem right now that the biden administration is confronting is that cuba policy was not a priority for them. they've made very clear in the first six months of this administration that it was not a top priority. now, they're being forced to handle it and forced to talk about it. we saw yesterday that mayorkas, the dhs secretary did a press conference, amid big fears people will take to the streets to come to the united states. whether it's the haitians as they see the civil unrest following the assassination of the president there. and cuba, with the protesters, with the frustration and desperation caused by the dictatorship that's run for 62 years. so, they're telling people, you know, we don't want to see a mass migration crisis. they've already heard fears from
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different cuban-americans in south florida talking about it. so, they're trying to prevent this from happening. mayorkas said they have not seen a surge so far. but it's more of a presentative measure at this point. although there are no real programs in place to help these people. >> of course, the reminder, that the journey is incredibly dangerous as well for anyone who might attempt it. sabrina, let's talk a little more broadly about immigration as well because senate democrats yesterday evening announced they have at least a deal and principle on the reconciliation package and there's been some conversations about potentially immigration related items in that bill, related to daca and other things. what do we know about whether that's in, whether that's out, and who's pushing it? and why this is the right place to implement those policies? >> yeah, at this point, we've seen that senior democratic leadership is in agreement with including it. there's, of course, a question if ultimately the parliamentarian will allow it
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and what are the constraints and kind of the parameters around what they can allow. but broadly speaking senate democrats and we're talking senate majority leader schumer, we've seen budget chairman bernie sanders, senate foreign relations chairman bob mendez, they've talking about this, including a pathway to citizenship for 5 million people which would be dreamers, temporary protected status recipients, as well as essential workers including farm workers. >> very interesting. as we keep an eye on this process as it unfolds over the next few months. politico's sabrina rodriguez, thank you for getting up with us. let's go to other news. as we approach three weeks since that collapse of the building in miami the search is and rescue is now over. 95 are accounted for.
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over 18 million pounds of debris has been sifted through to try to recover the bodies of those killed. the site of the collapse remains an active crime seen over investigation over what caused the building to fall continues. engineers from the national standards and technology are looking at how the building was constructed including the area around the pool and parking garage. as well as decisions made by local officials and the condo board about repairs. and on capitol hill, senator tim scott is setting a new deadline for his police reform bill. speaking with axios, the lead negotiator said he hopes the senate would pass the bill by the end of the month. scott is working with congressman cory booker and saying, quote, we're now swapping language on that text. of course, there are outlier issues that you have to figure out how to solve but there are a number of pieces of the legislation that we agree in
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concept, and now we're waiting it out. critical time for that legislation as well. still ahead here, the latest battle in texas. republican lawmakers try to track down democrats who have left the state. plus, the american league wins its eighth consecutive all-star game. we'll have those highlights and a check of the weather when we come right back. i'm evie's best camper badge.
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yes! wow! junior has doubled the lead. >> vad giguere jr. highlighted the victory. eighth straight win in the all-star game. it also helped to make the 22-year-old the first member of
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the blue jays and the youngest player ever to earn the honors as all-star mvp. meanwhile, the angels ohtani police officered from the mound and started on the mound and earned the win in the game including in the regular season. man. the catch of the night came from the angels jarod walsh on a sliding ball lined to left field to preserve the lead. take a look at that. amazing. white sox reliever liam hendriks earned the same for the a.l. which has won 15 of the last 18 all-star games. congratulations to them. the all-star game was also an opportunity for fans to receive a more intimate view of favorite players actually micced up during the contest. yikes, here's first baseman
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freddie freeman at the plate in the second inning, watch. >> 2-0, down and away. >> that's so short. geez. >> how tall are you? >> i'm about -- just under 6'5" and i'm about to look really, really small here in a second. >> yeah, judge is 6'7." >> oh, got that. >> owe, gosh darn it. >> you look short. i told him i'd look short if we got to first base. here we are. a couple of guys with perfect teeth, though, i know that. >> yeah, they do. >> that's really odd as well. okay. on the heels of the 91st all-star games a pair of rule changes could be on their way out. baseball purists rejoice. i'm among them. commissioner rob manfred said he doesn't see the seven-inning
2:17 am
double herds or extra innings rule. if the league prepared to play through the uncertainty as a way to shorten games and mitigate players. the league can now explore reverting those rules back to where they were pre-pandemic. it was definitely a revolt of these rules from the fans. and finally, one day after dropping its second olympic warmup game in a row, team usa defeated argentina in a 108 to 80 blowout, while the win should temper the calls for the panic button, but it doesn't still account for the slow start with two weeks to go. bill karins with the forecast. bill, good to see you. >> good morning, kasie. finally it's a quiet-ish
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forecast. with our friends in the west and the northeast. with possibility of bad weather and tornadoes. if we get bad storms it's in the darker, kind of the orangish colors there. quad cities, rockford, milwaukee, all of those cities have a chance for strong storms later today. even chicago, minneapolis could see strong storms. and then the northeast not as widespread as we've seen lately but widespread. d.c. and philly, not everyone is going to get hit in the northeast but we will have isolated storms. the storms will go on all day long in the midwest. for chicago, madison and milwaukee it's more going to be late this evening, towards the overnight. pause that at 8:00 p.m. and then pause this again during the overnight hours at 3:00 a.m., you see the storms continuing des moines, madison,
2:19 am
chicago. finally, the forecast, what you call a typical summer map. nothing extreme. the west is hot like it should be but not the record-breaking heat. let's get to the weekend outlook. kasie, i know you wanted a hot friday, you got it it's a beach day in the mid-atlantic, 96 in d.c., 96 in new york. but then unfortunately as the cold front moves into that hot air, we're going to have a stormy saturday in the ohio valley and northeast. be prepared for chance of rain for your outdoor plans. even on sunday, looks like we see showers and storms lingering there in the mid-atlantic. the opposite what we needed kasie, more rain. >> all right. bill karins, thank you very much, my friend. we will see you tomorrow. still ahead, new developments involving two republicans who stand up against donald trump.
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former senator bill blake lands a gig with the biden administration. and liz cheney, and what it means for the gop. still ahead on "way too early." . business was steady, but then an influx of new four-legged friends changed everything. dr. petsworth welcomed these new patients. the only problem? more appointments meant he needed more space. that's when dr. petsworth turned to his american express business card, which offers spending potential that's built for his changing business needs. he used his card to furnish a new exam room and everyone was happy. get the card built for business. by american express. do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief.
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because this is our shot... getting back together. welcome back. russian-speaking ransomware gang revil behind the attacks affecting thousands of companies have suddenly disappeared from the internet. it's not known why the group including its blog infrastructure have gone offline, just days after joe biden promised consequences for a string of cyber attacks. and it's unclear if the group is indeed gone for good. ransomware groups have been known to disband and attack under a different name. in 2021 alone part of an extortion plea leading to exchange of an encrypter program and a programs not to leak sensitive files. and in politics, congresswoman liz cheney removed
2:24 am
from her leadership role in house raised more money than the woman shoo replaced. cheney outperformed and raise 1.88 million $ from april to june, after raising more than $1.5 million in the first quarter. and the fundraising haul set a record for the campaign. a cheney spokesperson confirmed those fundraising numbers. and the biden administration is set to nominate former arizona senator jeff blake, a republican, to be the u.s. ambassador to turkey. the move was announced by flake yesterday on social media and confirmed by the white house. flake was a frequent critic and target of donald trump before he left congress in 2019. his criticism continued during his time in office when he endorsed joe biden for president in the 2020 election. still ahead here, senate democrats unveil a new spending bill but doesn't step on the toes of a new infrastructure plan.
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♪♪ welcome back to "way too early." it is just before 5:30 here on the east coast. 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. senate democrats a $3.5 trillion spending plan in place.
2:29 am
it's separate from the $579 billion bipartisan deal. majority leader chuck schumer said the plan will bolster medicare including dental and hearing coverage and would add major funding for clean energy. according to a democratic aide the agreement would include people making under $400,000. president biden mr. join leaders to discuss that plan. and down the hall, the bipartisan group of 22 remaining senators were hashing out the last on their issues of the plan. they're hoping to nail down details before the end of the week so the deal have been finalized. the next group includes the congressional budget office for analysis to see if they can pay for the bill. joining us now, co-founder of punchbowl news, also a msnbc contributor. jake, let's start with the
2:30 am
reconciliation bill that democrats announced yesterday evening. it does include some priorities for climate cut out of the bipartisan plan. the big picture, could the news for reconciliation potentially trip up the ongoing bipartisan talks, or do we think that they're kind of moving along well separately? >> so, good morning, kasie. they are both problematic and moving along at the same -- on the same path or different paths at the same time. or something like that. so, here's the lay of the land. democrats need to hold, all 50 of their members together, on the budget deal. that's the only way forward for chuck schumer. and at the same time, he needs to get the bipartisan infrastructure deal through with republicans and democrats. and you need to have enough republicans. so if you have all democrats. you need to have ten republicans together on the bipartisan infrastructure plan.
2:31 am
and holding those two things together is very difficult. now, you alluded to the very real dynamic that there are people who are uncomfortable with the bipartisan -- sorry, with the budget deal, the $3.5 trillion. there are republicans who believe it's too much money. and they won't vote for it anyway. but they don't want to vote for the bipartisan deal because they believe it unlocks the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. so just a lot of moving pieces at once. as you know, joe biden is going to come to capitol hill today. we know a little bit of what he'll tell democrats behind closed door, but basic is that moderates need to vote. >> speaking of moderates, part
2:32 am
of joe biden demanding bipartisan negotiations, the $3.5 trillion price tag. obviously, it's way less than what bernie sanders wanted. he wanted 6. joe manchin saying it's hard to get to 3 because he is demanding that not going to the deficit. and that would raise taxes. what is the chance that this number is too high for manchin and sinema, when you vote. >> it's manchin, maggie hassan of new hampshire, and sinema. and john hester who indicated yesterday it was an expletive pile of dough. and you have to look at it carefully. it's a whole host of people that see that $3.5 trillion numbered with new spending on
2:33 am
infrastructure for $4.1 trillion saying, yes, it needs to be paid for it. how are we going to pay for it? we're not sure we want to raise taxes and people are not sure they want to put their name on $4.1 trillion of new spending this year. that's a concern. kasie, since you and i were covering capitol hill, i don't think you and i would have ever guessed that a $4.1 trillion package would come through. >> nope. >> and there was a pandemic. i get the inclination to do this. this is unheard of for people like you and me. i remember when we covered the first trillion dollar budget. it's very touch and go. >> yes. the numbers are just huge. very quickly, jake, on the number that will matter for the bipartisan deal that we've been waiting for, that cbo score, what do you think the likeihood the whole feel would fall through on the cbo?
2:34 am
>> for sure, it's money, and they're waiting for that money to come through and cbo doesn't score well. there are numbers that cbo doesn't view as real or unable to put a number to. >> basically, they think they're going to get billions from the irs. and the cbo is going to say, no. go pay for something else. jake sherman, thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate your reporting. still ahead here, we're going to take a look at this year's historic list of nominations. and the historic steps that the white house is taking to convince young people to get vaccinated. "way too early" back in just a moment.
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i said, oh, i'm sorry which is insane. [ laughter ] but whatever. [ laughter ] and then they're like, the violin and yelling and the old people are spooning on the bed ready to die. [ laughter ] and i was looking at this and i was like, oh, my god, they're going to make a movie about this. [ laughter ] it's time now for something totally different, "saturday night live" making history as the first featured player to be nominated for an acting emmy award. the sketch comedy show is one of the top contenders scoring 21 nominations. but "the crown" and "star wars" option "the mandalorian" came away with 24 each. "the handmaid's tale" not far behind and ted lasso, best comedy, best lead actor for
2:39 am
jason sudeikis and six for the supporting cast. love the show, if you have not watched "ted lasso" do it tonight. and mj rodriguez. and do you know who pop star olivia rodrigo is? she's visiting the white house to get young people vaccinated. a lot of people had to google her which is ridiculous. covid-19 vaccinations to be shared through social media channels. president biden confirmed it on instagram posting a throwback picture of himself, quote, trying to get other young people to vote. rodrigo tweeted back, i'm in. see you tomorrow at the white house. >> now there's this, an ohio hospital is apologizing after
2:40 am
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fuel desire, and improve performance. rush to walmart for test x180, the #1 fastest-growing testosterone brand in america. welcome back. vice president kamala harris and senator majority leader chuck schumer both met with democratic leaders who flew to washington, d.c. monday in effort to prevent passage of new voting limits in their state. on a strategy to get a voting
2:45 am
rights bill passed. on thursday, they'll meet with senator joe manchin of west virginia who so far has not fudged on eliminating the filibuster. but the texas lawmakers are urging their fellow democrats to make an exception for voting rights. >> we need to pass the john lewis voting rights act. it needs to be signed into law and we also need to pass hr1. our citizens can't wait any longer. and i want to echo what our majority w.h.i.p. here in the house talks about, jim clyburn when he mentioned a carveout for hr4, the john lewis voting rights act. >> we really want to drill down on the importance of democratic leader clyburn's comments about a carveout on the filibuster with respect to voting right. >> meanwhile, back in texas that bill democrats are trying to stop pass in the state senate, but couldn't move forward in the
2:46 am
house but just 80 members were present. lawmakers determined to send law enforcement to track down democrats who fled the state. however, texas law enforcement doesn't have jurisdiction outside of texas but they can't ask -- well, they ask, but expect local police to bring them home. joining us here, natasha brown. natasha, thank you for getting up early to talk about this important legislation. i actually want to start with what we heard from president biden yesterday. because it was a pretty passionate speech. it seemed to get some positive reviews. he cast this fight as really one of democracy versus autocracy, what was your reaction to the speech and what else do you think the president ought to be doing on this issue? >> i think a couple of things. first, i think it was a great speech, he made some great points, connected with the history of voter suppression, historically going through that, really acknowledging that we have a threat at hand.
2:47 am
that democracy is under attack and there's rage related to that. what was disappointing what i did not hear in his 20-minute speech, he never talked about the filibuster. so, those of us who know that the filibuster has been used as a tool historically to stop, has a long history of stopping civil rights legislation. and so whether that means as representative clyburn suggested or many others, if that means ending the filibuster completely or even just carving it out as representative clyburn suggested. we have to have some kind of action to get voting rights legislation through, particularly on the federal level. now, what is happening in texas is also happening in georgia. and also happening all across this country, this nation right now, under attack as citizens. this is not a partisan issue. we cannot allow the republicans to make this a partisan issue. all citizens in this nation should have free and fair access
2:48 am
to the ballot. we need to make sure we're protecting it and not marginalizing it so that's what's happening now. >> latosha, we talked about the filibuster that or the carveouts that james clyburn is suggesting. you've been with civil rights leaders, and i'm just wondering how does the president explain his unwillingness to call for changes to the filibuster, because president biden, a longtime member of the senate, if he were to say he supports those changes it may make a difference. what does he say when pressed about why he's not willing to come out and say, hey, the filibuster needs to change? >> so, many my colleagues, i've not been invited to the white house. i have had conversation with many civil rights leaders that i respect and admire in those conversations. but what it appears, i can't
2:49 am
speak on behalf of what happened in that meeting but what i can speak about what i know publicly. publicly, the president has said he supporting the filibuster. publicly, until yesterday, i was not hearing the kind of language that i think needed to be heard from this bully pulpit acknowledging the urgency of the moment now around the democratic voting rights. i think we have to recognize that this country has actually gone to war in the name of protected democracy. here, we have domestically, democracy under attack. we actually measure the strength of a democracy by who has access. making sure people have free and fair access. and here we are right now looking at legislation that quite frankly, is targeted to be in the election process. what we need to hear is hear president biden say do everything in his power including in the filibuster if necessary to make sure we get voting rights in this nation.
2:50 am
>> what do you think the impact has been of the texas democrats coming up here, on the one hand, they've come under some criticism for leaving the state? but on the other hand, they've also got in meetings with top officials and put a huge spotlight on this issue. >> you know, i think when you have extraordinary times you have to have an extraordinary response to it. what is happening in texas right now, texas is the number one state in terms of, it's already the hardest state in the nation to be able to vote. so, they know what is happening in this moment. they also know that the that th they're experiencing in texas is not just limited to texas. it is a national issue right now, and so i think it's courageous the actions that they're doing, i think it's very courageous. i think they take their oath seriously around they're going to protect and defend the constitution and democratic rights in this nation. it also speaks to how desperate they are because we have to have federal legislation. that is what they're calling for. i think activists and organizers
2:51 am
on the ground have been saying the same thing. there's no way around it. we have to have federal legislation to make sure we're protecting voting rights in this nation. >> the cofounder of the black voters matter fund, latasha browne, thank you very much for being with us. erin writes, we're up early as always, and teddy has picked a new seat for watching the show. ron tweets this i'm very happy that kasie is we me that the second running rule is ridiculous. and i'm an airline pilot, and i just flew the red eye. i don't know why i'm awake, but the mac and cheese makes me wish i was asleep. we're going to take a look at the axios one big thing, and more on president biden's
2:52 am
stalled talks on voting rights, we're going to hear from the chairman of the house caucus, hakeem jeffries, and an inside account of donald trump's election night, a new reporting on how the big lie was formed. we have a jam packed edition of "morning joe" just moments away. "morning joe" just moments away. (customer) hi? (burke) happy anniversary. (customer) for what? (burke) every year you're with us, you get fifty dollars toward your home deductible. it's a policy perk for being a farmers customer. (customer) do i have to do anything? (burke) nothing. (customer) nothing? (burke) nothing. (customer) nothing? (burke) nothing. (customer) hmm, that is really something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. see ya. (kid) may i have a balloon, too? (burke) sure. your parents have maintained a farmers home policy for twelve consecutive months, right? ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ (burke) start with a quote at 1-800-farmers.
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welcome back, joining us now, political reporter for axios, hans nichols, what is the axios one big thing today. >> we're looking at how joe biden is trying to rebuild, and how he's going about that and a department that felt somewhat disrespected during the trump years, so yesterday we got two more announcements, typically they're putting forward someone who's political, jeff flake, former senator and anti-trumper from arizona, and pairing that with someone from the diplomatic, part of an effort to put diplomacy at the center of foreign policy.
2:56 am
the biden white house is later. they haven't given as many as ambassador names out there as barack obama did at this time during his presidency. what they are doing is trying to make sure that they have a case to tell for each of these ambassadors, and you look at turkey, which is going to be one of the more difficult challenges of the biden administration, so crucial on so many fronts. putting someone with political skills like jeff flake is an example of having someone with a political antenna out there across the globe, trying to feed information back to the state department, and crucially, directly into the white house. >> i was going to ask you about that, because flake obviously endorsed biden in 2020 after opposing the former president. what is their relationship like right now? obviously they served, i believe they overlapped for a little while, certainly in congress, not for quite as long in the senate itself, but, i mean, that does call for a personal relationship, no? >> yeah.
2:57 am
look, i mean, the criticism of having political ambassadors is that they don't have the kind of experience and the diplomatic core that other countries do. they're not career foreign service officers. the up side is that sometimes they can cut through bureaucracy, and speak directly to the principles, either national security council or in this case the oval office. anytime the other senator who's somewhere, they have a pretty good idea of how they can call into the white house and have that kind of gravitas and that direct relationship which they have. now, is the relationship between flake and biden as strong as it is between biden and some other senators that he has served with for 10, 15 years, no, but they have a relationship, and it's really navigating the politics of this that i think is important. >> for sure. hans, let's switch gears because you're also looking at inflation levels because we got some difficult inflation news yesterday, specifically around cars, and parol used cars.
2:58 am
this is all making larry summers look better than a lot of democrats in washington. what are you guys reporting on this? >> it's more of news you can use. if you want to buy a used car in the next couple of months, don't. the prices appear to be inflated. my colleague is looking at some of this. there is still a royaling debate in washington, and economic circles in wall street as well how long inflation will last. folks in the white house say a lot of these items it has to do with a few headline items like used vehicles that are driving i think that's a third of the pickup. the other side of the equation, there's no such thing as a one armed economist. the other side is looking at energy, food casts, seeing rent go up, increases in wages. this is the beginning of a debate. we don't know when it's going to end. we know a lot of people are going to be talking about it,
2:59 am
and you have seen republicans try to seize on this to criticize biden's spending proposal. the interesting thing about larry summers is he's for an infrastructure package. he's for the big back agenda. he thinks it should be probably fully paid for so it doesn't add any upward inflationary pressure. >> hans, you have been on the hill a lot. i mean, the reconciliation package that was announced yesterday, the sort of agreement and principle at$3.5 trillion, that does sound like a big number. i take your point on the taxes. do you think there's concern among moderate house democrats, a group i'm watching as they try to build support for that. they're going to need every one of them on board, it may be difficult to sell the number. it's not 6 trillion. there's that. i'm curious what you have been hearing. >> it depends where the tax increases are, and it depends how much of the 3.5 is going to be paid for by new revenues. if you get to say, 2 1/2 or 2 trillion in new taxes, especially if there's relief for
3:00 am
those democrats, you could see some centrist moderates, however we're supposed to refer to them coming on board. it will be a challenge, though, and republicans are always licking their chops and thinking about how they're going to message this, saying that democrats like maggie hasan, war knock, kelly, those seem to be the ones republicans are focusing on the most. we don't know where they are on a 2.5 to $3.5 trillion spending and tax bill, and those adds almost right themselves at a certain stage. >> they do. hans nichols, thank you very much for that. we really appreciate it. perhaps the best news we got this morning, the end of the 7th inning double header. thank you for getting up us with on this wednesday morning. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" starts right now. this is me touching the white house. this is why


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