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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  July 13, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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legislators fled texas to try to save voting rights in their state. they're going to be on capitol hill pleading for federal help starting early tomorrow. the president will be speaking on voting rights at 3:00. it should be a big news day tomorrow. i'll see you tomorrow night. we're dealing with an obstinate governor who's wanting to run it on the backs of taxpayers' experience. we're not putting up with that. everyone stuffed their suitcase with as much clothes as they could. >> isn't that the most un-texan thing you've heard? they're running from the fight. they're quitters. this is not over. i will continue calling special session after special session because overtime will continue until they vote. once they're brought back to texas, they'll be arrested,
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brought back to the capitol, and we will conduct buzz. >> texas democrats flee their state. they're now here in washington to lobby congress to take action. the question is where does that leave things. plus, a new warning about the johnson & johnson vaccine amid a new concern of covid cases. the question is which states are getting hit the hardest. emmy nominations will be announced this morning. the question is will the showing that helped lift you through the pandemic be honored today? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and "way too early." "the queen's gambit" has got to be a favorite, right? i'm kasie hunt. we begin the with news. we have over 41 states who have
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an increase in average daily cases. nine states in particular including seven in the south have seen cases double in that time period. in los angeles county, officials recorded 3,000 new cases for three consecutive day this week for the first time since march. arkansas also reported a thousand new cases for a third straits day since friday. the latest uptick serves as a painful reminder the pandemic is not over despite the eased restrictions. the united states has shown a 60% increase compared with two weeks ago. meanwhile the fda is out with a new warning about the johnson & johnson covid vaccine. there's a rare side effect call ed guillain-barre syndrome.
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based on an fda statement of these reports, 95 cases were serious and required hospitalization and one person died. all right. let's turn now to washington. today president biden will kick off the white house push against restrictive voting laws. the president is expected to deliver a speech in philadelphia at the national constitution center. the highly anticipated speech comes as the administration has faced some criticism for a lack of action while a wave of consolidate republican legislature passed new laws restricting votes to the ballot. white house press secretary jen psaki prefaced the address. >> he'll lay out the moral case for why denying the right to vote is a form of suppression and a form of silencing lechl redouble his commitment to use every tool at his disposal to continue to protect the fundamental right of americans to vote against the onslaught of
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americans. he'll also key cry efforts to strip the right to vote as authoritarian and anti-american. >> and joining us now is nbc news white house correspondent mike memoli who's expected to cover the white house speech. thank you for getting up early. a long day for you. what do you expect. >> good morning. yeah, kasie. you lead your show with the big dramatic push democrats are making in their fight back home against new voting restrictions. to a lot of activists and some of the president's closest allies, they've been waiting for some kind of sense of urgency especially with respect to the voting rights legislation you've been covering on capitol hill. what the white house is saying is they're taking both a longer view of this issue, thinking that this is something that needs to be communicated more regularly and directly to those who are in the middle of our politics, who aren't necessarily following the ins and outs
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closely, but also viewing this as a political fight, especially that's going to be waged in the midterms yochl saw the white house last week announcing a real ramp-up of funding through the dnc. you have the president delivering today the first of what the white house promises will be many speeches that he'll deliver on the importance of this. he'll call these republican voting restrictions anti-democratic, autocratic, anti-american. he'll link them to some of the most aggressive voter suppression tactics we've seen in our history, including the violence directed at black voters through the kkk and others. the question for activists is what is the president going to say about the filibuster? they want to see the president come out and support a change to filibuster so that you can get the for the people act, you can get the john lewis voting rights act approved without republican support. the white house isn't really telegraphing whether this speech today will include a much more forceful push. i spoke with jim clyburn. you talked about his comments
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yesterday, trying to push the president on this. there's no closer and more important ally in the white house than jim clyburn. he says, if we don't get this issue, raphael warnock is not going to be in the senate in two years. we're not going to win a senate race in north carolina or florida. they want to see the president do much more in the near term as the president takes a longer and more than 30,000-foot view, kasie. >> i think at the end of the day, that's really what this is about. mike, one of the things -- one of the people obviously at the center of the filibuster fight is senator joe manchin. i know there are some people familiar with his thinking who believe that this issue is going to come to a head again in congress. there's going to be another attempt to put it on the floor and that it's possible that manchin, while he is the line in the sand on the 60-vote threshold may want to put more
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pressure on republicans or be willing to make the filibuster cost more for republicans who are -- maybe they don't want to go down on the floor and say they oppose this bill. i'm not necessarily sure that's going to be enough. i don't see a scenario where republicans aren't willing to do that. they seem to universally oppose sb-1. do you see where they flip on it that they make enough changes to the rules of the senate that this could actually get through? >> it's interesting as part of my reporting ahead of the speech, i spoke with a senior adviser in the white house who's playing a big role among others in advancing these voting rights issues, and when i talked to him, they want to see president biden giving speeches, much more use of the bully pulpit ahead of the senate vote on s-1. what richard responded is,
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heading into that vote, we got that vote. he's suggesting the president was a big part of getting senator joe manchin to give the vote to get on the debate. then he said, listen, hr-4, the john lewis voting rights act, hasn't been written yet. suggested that's the area where the president is working very closely. he said biden and manchin are talking all the time to mauer sure that has enough broad support within the caucus that the president would also join manchin with potentially some modifications that would put more political heat on the near term saying we want to sign something sooner rather than later, perhaps this year on voting rights. >> very interesting. nbc's mike memoli, thank you as always for your great reporting. we really appreciate it. let's go abroad. cuba has arrested demonstrators during the worst crisis the country has seen in decades. security forces are being deployed across the country.
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nbc news chief correspondent of affairs andra mitchell has the details. >> reporter: thousands of demonstrators spilling into the streets of cuba this weekend, calling for an end to the 62-year communist regime, chanting "we want freedom" echoing through the streets, demonstrators throwing rocks. demonstrations of blackouts. in miami, protests in solidarity with havana. >> we've been wait for change for so long. >> reporter: maria figueroa has family in cuba. >> i don't even know what their situation is right now. >> reporter: an economic crisis exacerbated by the pandemic and no access to approved vaccines. a perfect storm for anti-regime anger as more gain access to the internet. the president blaming the unrest on u.s. sanctions.
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>> translator: the lack of medicine and food, all of those are embedded in our society i.'s blockade. >> they simply are not hearing the voices and will of the cuban people. >> reporter: the trump administration put cuba back on that list, imposing tougher sanctions, which president biden has not lifted. >> you call on the government, the cuban government to refrain from violence in their attempt to silence the voices of the people of cuba. >> reporter: a senior official says when people protest for human rights, the administration will stand with them. >> our thanks to andrea mitchell for that report. still ahead, as we
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mentioned, texas democrats flee the state in an effort to block republicans from passing a new voting law. we're going to talk to one of those lawmakers who's now right here in washington, d.c. plus, all the high litts from the 2021 all-star mlb derby that took place. we'll have those stories and a check of your weather when we come right back. r when we come right back. feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help.
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alonso comes out of the time-out and walks it off! what a finish! alonso defends his title. the 2021 derby champion put the belt on again. there you have it. new york mets slugger pete alonso successfully defends his home run derby round. in the final round he'll join
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ken griffey jr. and cespedes to join. shohei ohtani could not power past the first round, ousted after a second swing-off against washington's juan soto, whose derby debut included a 2,5 hunter -- 250-foot. he can save some strength for tonight's all-star game where he's slated to start on the mound. it will make ohtani the first two-way starter in the midsummer classic. wow. and now to the olympics, we're ten days from the start of the games and the u.s. basketball team is struggling, playing without three of its stars who are still competing in the nba finals. team usa dropped its second
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exhibition game last night falling to zrail, 91-83. the team has now dropped four of its last five games dated back to the world cup where they finished seventh. it led to a testy exchange between coach gregg popovich and a reporter who asked about the team winning big ahead of the olympics. >> when you just mentioned blowing these teams out, that's never happened, so i don't know where you get that. could i finish? >> no. you're saying that's not true. >> can i finish my statement? >> 30 points a game. in those last two -- >> can i finish my statement? when you talk -- >> you just told me it's not true. i'm tell -- >> are you going to let me finish my statement or not? so you'll be quiet now while i talk and then i'll listen to you. in general, nobody's blowing anybody out for the good teams, so when you make a statement like that, it's like you assume
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that's what's going on, and that's incorrect. >> yikes. team usa will play three more exhibition games before olympic competition tips off. meanwhile the pandemic continues to impact professional sports. former british open champion zach johnson tested positive for coronavirus before getting on a charter flight for the golf tournament, forcing him to withdraw and ends his streak of playing 69 majors. and matsuyama also had to withdraw. that brings it to 17 so far. and the tampa bay lightning celebrated their second straight championship during a boat parade that cruised down the hillsdale river yesterday. the players took turns holding the treasure. it appears the players may have
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pa partied too lard, leading to some damage to the lord stanley cup. here's a photo of the chalice with the bowl carobed in on one side. luckily it's just a replica used for this. it will be shipped to montreal for repairs and will be back to celebrate with the team next weekend. time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins for a check on the forecast. bill, good morning. >> good morning. remember, when the bucks won, remember tom brady throwing the super bowl trophy from one boat to another? yeah. they have a little fun when celebrating the super bowl championship. it's been soggy. it continues day after day. it's been a very rainy month. we have rain in northern new
2:19 am
england, boston has showers, new additional storms rolled through pittsburgh it's going to be a very humid day. boston, hartford, new york city, i think you're going to be left out of it today. you'll get a dryish day. watch out, buffalo to syracuse, there could be wind damage. tomorrow, a heads-up. all of our friends from minneapolis to green bay, mason city, anywhere north of des moines, cedar rapids, the quad cities, we have a chance for amy nr weather outbreak, possibly tornadoes too. we'll talk more about that tomorrow. but that's an early heads-up. feenlt not to talk about the heat in the west, it finally rained. vegas had a little bit of rain and tucson. we had a monsoonal flow. you do have a chance of flash flood watch. there's something called slot canyons. google it. really cool images. when the water flows in those,
2:20 am
you can get flash flooding and burn scars we expect a possibility of it, very heavy country in the rim country they call it like prescott, possibly 1 to 2 inches. the forecast for today, kasie, not quite as hot in areas like boston. much cooler, 66 degrees. middle of the country, no complaints, typical summer-like weather. typical storms in the southeast. i'm happy to say a lot of areas in the west are slowly cooling off. it's not exactly chilly or cool, but it's not the record heat. >> a relief, i'm sure. still ahead here, the trump organization removes indicted top finance officer allen weisselberg in leadership roles at dozens of subsidiaries. what that means for the trump organization going forward. we'll be back in just a moment. d we'll be back in just a moment t? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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been removed from top positions at more than two dozen trump subsidiaries nbc has confirmed. his overall role with the trump organization remains the same. according to a report by "the wall street journal," weisselberg was removed from 20. nbc reports one of the companies he's no longer listed executive at is the trump payroll corp which was hit with sanctions. rolls are now filled by donald trump junior, according to the filings. meanwhile a federal judge released two more capitol riots. this video contains graphic images, and we should warn you it's disturbing to watch. the videos are evidence of
2:25 am
michael steve perkins of the state of florida who can be seen attacking two police officers with a flagpole during the capitol riot. according to documents, after another slammed into the line with a stolen police shield, you can see per kings thrust a flagpole into an officer's head. then he raised the flagpole over his head to strike an officer with it. among the charges, assault on a police officer and theft of public property. and two of of donald trump's outspoken attorneys, sidney powell and linwood appeared by a zoom that lasted over six hours. the pair attempted to distance themselves from their claims yesterday with wood even saying in part, quote, my name was placed on there, but i had no involvement. i kid not review any of the
2:26 am
documents. last week another former trump attorney rudy giuliani had his law license suspended in washington, d.c., for similar reasons. this was weeks after a new york court took the same measure. still ahead, we're digging into president biden's plan for tackling a surge in crime, plus the tab ban is racing terror concern as u.s. troops with draw from the region. before we go to break, we e want to know why you're awake. email us or drop me a tweet @kasie, use the #"way too early," and we'll read some of the answers coming up in our show. and comfortable long-lasting protection. because your strength is supported by ours. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you. i'm evie's best camper badge.
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welcome back to "way too early." it is 5:30 here on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. democrats say they're close to revealing the second half of their infrastructure proposal. democrats have been approached president biden's infrastructure goal on two separate tracks. senate majority leader chuck schumer met with budget committee chair bernie sanders last night and said they're nearly at a deal for a multi-trillion-dollar deal in a package. there was also a preview of the caucus's proposal. >> i think we are on the same page. my job is to do everything i can to see that the senate comes
2:31 am
forward with the strongest possible legislation to protect the needs of the working families of this country, our kids, our parents, the deal with the terrible climate crisis that we face, and to pass that bill as soon as we can. >> senator jeff merkley or oregon told reporters the democrats hope to have a reconciliation bill by thursday. the plan has also seen progress with nearly two dozen senators onboard. democrats are hoping to vote on both bills next month. meanwhile president biden hosted city leaders at the white house yesterday to discuss his plans for combatting the surge in crime across the country. watch. >> we've been at this a long time, a long time. it seems like most of my career we've been dealing with this issue. we recognize we have to come together to fulfill the first responsibility of democracy, and that's keep each other safe. that's what the american people
2:32 am
are looking for when it comes to reducing violent crime and gun violence. >> the president trump was joined by attorney general merrick garland, d.c. mayor muriel bowers, new york city city democratic nominee eric adams as well as police chiefs from mid-sized u.s. cities. president biden laid out his plan to providing more funds, offering community support and a crackdown on illegal firearms. he also emphasized mental health and jobs programs. joining us now co-author of the playbook, eugene daniels and an msnbc contributor. this ink you so much for coming to be on set with us today. let's talk about infrastructure just to start with because that hour-long meeting with bernie sanders, this is a very delicate dance obviously. 50 members of the u.s. senate. chuck schumer's job is basically -- it's almost impossible, but
2:33 am
people seem to be happy with the job that he's doing so far. still it sounds like this package may be larger than certainly joe manchin is willing to go along with. bernie sanders wants it to be much more than the $3.5 trillion they talk about as the biggest they could possibly go. where what's the next step and where is the white house on how to split this difference? >> yeah. chuck schumer and joe biden having to hold together the 50 democrats. there's a lot of different opinions up in there. one of the things that the white house continues to tell us, especially about the meeting with bernie sanders yesterday, is that these are two friends, they have worked together for a very long time, they know each other, so they know each other's language. they knew going into it they were going to be far apart, right? we also knew bernie sanders was going to want a lot more money than the white house or joe manchin. the next steps are going to be to continue to work it out. manchin is at $2 trillion. he said he would be comfortable with something like that.
2:34 am
bernie sanders, sometimes he's at 6, sometimes at 10. that is a number that a lot of moderates aren't comfortable with. he knows that number's going to come down, and so does everyone el. so they're doing the dance they have to do. i think it's probably good for bernie sanders, he knows the moderates are going to come down and bring the number down because he can say, look, i tried, but all these moderates, i just couldn't stop them. >> fair enough. i don't think bernie sanders is going to be excited to say that. i take your point. in seriousness, let's talk about the crime challenge because this is rapidly becoming an issue that's going to become front and center especially after democrats -- obviously there's what happened in the wake of george floyd, but the defund the police slogan, there are a lot of democrats who are concerned that went too far essentially for the politics and they have to to be careful. the white house says, we're going to send money to those who
2:35 am
need i. that's a change. >> press secretary jen psaki has been started to say it more forcibly because we've been asking her about what's going on, how the president feels like that. he does believe there needs to be more money in policing. what's interesting is when the civility rights leaders met with the president last week, after we came out and talked to them, they said they're also concerned about the rise in climb because it's happening in black neighborhoods too. and they're concerned about police reform. the leaders have to thread the needle between making sure they do something about the crime, but also work on police reform, changing the way that police interact with people when they're doing their job, whether it's training with police officers, how to do that. we have talked with activists. they're not happy the white house is not onboard with defund the police movement, and one of the things they continue to say is they're going to continue to
2:36 am
push, continue to push, and they have the midterms coming up. it doesn't seem -- eric adams being at the white house is a perfect example of how defund the police movement doesn't have a lot of steam and anywhere to go especially on the u.s. senate. >> and adams threaded that needle carefully saying he wanted that justice and safety. eugene daniels, thank you so much for being with us. still ahead here, a totally different type of flying fish. huh. wow. wow. okay. literally flying fish. "way too early" back in a moment. ck in a moment
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all right. still ahead here, texas president victoria neave is going to join me here. as we go to break, let's take a look at history. 36 years ago, a live aid concert took place in africa to raise money for people. >> we're live. ♪♪ the opening number was "rockin' all over the world," and that's what they were doing. 27,000 people and royalty turned up to what would likely go down like woodstock that would leave an imprint on its audience and its stars. imprint on its audied its stars. our softest, smoothesc keeping her comfortable, protected, and undeniably sleek. depend.
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the state of texas because that was the best and right thing to do at the time. >> i'm tired of sitting as a hostage in the texas house of representatives while republicans strip away the rights of my constituents to vote. >> we have courage, conviction, and a little bit of defiance, and we're here today to rally the nation, and we hope that the u.s. senate will hear us. >> welcome back. texas state democrats are in washington, d.c., this morning after leaving the state in an attempt to block republican efforts to pass a bill making it harder to vote. more than 50 house democrats got on a plane and flew to d.c. on monday afternoon, vowing to stay away from texas until next month so the republicans can't vote on anything. lawmakers need a quorum, a certain number of members present in order to vote. this is similar to what democrats did back in may when they walked out on a session
2:47 am
that was nearly the identical bill. texas democrats say while in d.c. they plan to lobby congress to pass federal voting rights legislation. joining us now is one of those texas state representatives who flew to d. yesterday, victoria neave. thank you for being here with us this morning. i know you had a late flight getting here, so we appreciate it. talk about why you decided to take this pretty dramatic step. >> thank you so much for the invitation. what's happening now in texas, our freedom to vote, our freedom to determine our future, to change the trajectory of our nation is at stake. it's on the chopping block through legislation that has been brought multiple times to the texas house, and so we texas democrats are here to raise our voices. we need congress to act and fast federal protections so that what is happening in texas, legislation like this that could disproportionately impact millions of texans including
2:48 am
latinos, especially latinos and those with disabilities, we want to do everything to protect their right to vote. >> texas law says they can send people after you like the texas rangers. do you expect they're going to show up and arrest all of you in d.c.? >> we expect they will do everything they can to protect their power, and we're using all of the tools in our tool belt, using the first amendment to urge congress to act. this is a turning point for our country. right now when we have legislation, for example, that disenfran chineses millions of texans, we have to do everything that we can to stop that. >> so how -- who are you going to meet with? i mean which members of congress are you hoping to talk to to try to convince them to pass federal voting rights legislation? as we cover here on the -- they would have to eliminate the filibuster to do it, and that's a very tricky path.
2:49 am
>> we'll talk to as many people as are willing to listen so they take the necessary steps. we're living on borrowed time in texas. every day that passes is a day we get closer to legislation and passing. we need help. we in the past, several of us were here several weeks ago to meet with different congressional leaders, and now we brought the whole team. and so we're going to spread out and reach as many people as we can to urge them. >> what do you say to critics who look at what you're doing and say, you can't govern this way. i mean, texas voters sent the republican majority to the state house, and in the event the democrats controlled it, republicans started to walk out on your priorities. how do you defend essentially saying, well, we're here to govern, but we're not going to do it. we're going to take off? >> i think that's a great question. throughout the years we often work aid cross the aisle to pass meaningful legislation to help
2:50 am
fellow texans, to focus on education and health care and things like that. there are times when unfortunately hyperpartisanship has gotten in the way, and that's exactly what's happening now. we have an agenda, a special session with numerous hyperpartisan items, and that is not the texas that we are. we're a texas that is inclusive. we're a texas that wants to do everything we can to help lift people up, give them equal opportunity. and unfortunately legislation like this has driven us to this point where we have no choice to do -- we had to leave in order to protect -- we had to protect in order to protect the freedom to vote of millions of our texans. >> what happened in texas in the 2020 election? i know you flipped a seat a couple years ago that was a republican seat in the dallas area. but there was a lot of latinos who voted for former president trump, why did that happen? >> our district is a microcosm of texas. it took a broad coalition,
2:51 am
latinos voting in some of the highest numbers we are seeing. our democratic party is doing everything it can to reach out to our latino community and i believe our platform, giving people an opportunity to open up their business, focussing on education and access to higher education is a platform that resonates with latinos. but we are seeing divisiveness, hate and attack against our latino community and our latino community helped flip more of the seats in the last few years and i think that's what our colleagues on the other side of the aisle are afraid of. >> thank you for being with us this morning we appreciate it. we asked you, why are you awake? awake my daughter is getting ready to drive to tampa, where she is a nurse. julie emails because i love preparing for a tuesday mid-morning meeting, says no
2:52 am
one. indeed. good luck thanks for being with us. steven is up early for this healthy breakfast. and marie tweeted i'm up way too early because my son is home from london after 15 months of lockdown and he's still on london time. thank you for joining us. welcome home. should the u.s. send troops to haiti after the assassination of its president? and on "morning joe," a live report from havana on cuba's crackdown on demonstrations there. don't go anywhere, "morning joe" is just moments away. anywhere," is just moments away money mana) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility. (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better.
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welcome back. the white house says they are still reviewing haiti's request to send u.s. troops to help secure the airport and other infrastructure under the discord of the assassination of the president. when asked if ruled out, press secretary, jen psaki said no. joining us now is the president of the council on foreign relations and author, richard
2:56 am
haass. you need no introduction to our view ers. thank you for being with us. the leaders said haiti needs to come together and figure out a path forward. but the reality is on the ground it's very chaotic. what's the appropriate role for the u.s.? >> i don't think haiti's leaders are going to organize anything. the history of this country is one of division and recent events have only made it worse. i don't think there's an argument for unilateral u.s. intervention. but i would suggest one of two things, working with countries putting together a coalition of haiti's neighbors in latin america. and the united states could provide logistics and intelligence or support. or possible through the united nations. haiti is a perfect example of an independent country that can't
2:57 am
run itself. this was common after world war ii, called trusteeships. the idea is whether the world needs to step in, work with haiti and rebuild, reboot the country. what we've seen over recent years and decades is every effort we had has helped slightly and then things unravelled again. >> what are the consequences if we decide not to intervene and the chaos descends further? what ramifications does that have in the region, in latin and south america but also for the united states? >> not so much for the region. for haiti itself it's awful. the humanitarian effort will be terrible. this is a country that has suffered already. i think it would increase immigration pressures on the united states. when things go bad in haiti what happens there doesn't stay
2:58 am
there. this is not globalization so much as regionalization, and people will try to leave and come to the united states. >> let's talk for a second about afghanistan, events there seem to have been moving more quickly than some of our officials really expected. we saw general scott miller leave the country. it felt like a symbolic end to the war there or at least to the american presence there. but it does seem like the risks may be escalating more quickly. what are you seeing in the last 24, 48 hours out of afghanistan in terms of whether there is an increased risk that this could become a haven for terrorists again? >> predictably the taliban are looking to exploit the situation. worse than i thought, the government forces are beginning to unravel. we're seeing the government return to militias. this is the breakdown of central authority. it's happening faster than many
2:59 am
predicted and the danger in the short run is a humanitarian situation, massive refugee flows in that area and afghan will once again be a safe haven. you have these spaces where there's no government authority. and terrorists like nothing more than empty spaces to set up shop. i think in the short run this will be a humanitarian humanitarian catastrophe. >> a power vacuum and vacuum of control always opens up opportunities for people who otherwise wouldn't have them in a geopolitical perspective. thank you very much for being up early with us. we appreciate you being with us this morning. before we wrap up here, this week on capitol hill is unfolding very quickly. it seems as though there are optimistic signs for the
3:00 am
bipartisan infrastructure package and significant movement on the reconciliation package as well. we'll see how the week unfolds but right now i would say the biden administration, things are looking up. thanks for getting up way too early with us this tuesday morning. yesterday billionaire richard branson went to space on a rocket. the flight went more than 15 miles high to the edge of space. southwest heard and was big deal we did that last week when one of our pilots fell asleep. it was a pretty cool moment. i was a little surprised by that one part. did you see this? watch this. >> three, two, one. release, release, release. ignition. good rocket motor burn. everything is looking really good. >> just a little -- you don't need to do that. >> no need. >> it's not unnecessary. good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it is es


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