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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 12, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that's gonna do it for us for tonight. but in terms of tomorrow's news, we're gonna be watching charles emmanuel sanon for president biden's big speech on voting rights. tomorrow afternoon around 3 pm eastern time. this is a message from president biden that was already going to be urgent and fraught. even before, more than 50 texas democratic legislators fled the state of texas tonight to try to save voting rights in their state. those texas democrats that we spoke to at the start of this hour, they're gonna be on capitol hill pleading for federal help starting early tomorrow. the president will be speaking on voting rights at three. it should be a big news day tomorrow. i will see you here again tomorrow night. but now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. good evening lawrence. >> rachel, our first guest tonight will be representative gina hinojosa. who, on this program last week, gave us a little bit of a hint. i asked her if they had any
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other secret moves up their sleeve for this session and she kind of said yes. we do. but i'm not gonna tell you. and so i think now we know with that move turned out to be. >> it's one of those days where you're looking at the headline that you think, oh yeah, there it is. that's what she meant. yes. >> yeah, we were so close. we were so close. i'm rachel, thank you very much for getting david to come on your program tonight. i was watching that hearing today that went on forever and i so admire the way he handled himself. the way judge parker modeled sanity won surrounded by insanity. it was just a remarkable thing to watch. >> every once in a while. i mean the courts don't always work this way but every once in a while, the courts, by imposing rationality and fact based discourse, can bring up -- they can put gravity back into
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work into what is otherwise a totally in sane maelstrom. and all of this is been an insane maelstrom from the beginning. when you force it through a fact based filter like you must in a court of law, it really does sort of feel like accountability. it feels like you can regain your sense of which direction the horizon goes. and that hearing today was one of those moments for me. having covered all this election nonsense every step of the way. today it was like a grounding moment. >> yes, it really was. and judge parker has this huge advantage that no one anchoring shows like this has, which is when someone like linwood wants to go on in an ever crazier way, the judge can simply tell him to stop talking. and she has to say more than once, but it did work. >> yes, seriously. and spare a thought tonight for the court reporter who has to deal with not only the six hour
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hearing but a six hour hearing with nine effectively defendants. and all the attorneys representing those defendants and the defendants are themselves lawyers. plus there's the judge riding herd over all of them and they were all on zoom. it wasn't like they were all in the same room. so you could piece them together from their voices coming from different places. the court reporter in this case has been asked to do a plea heroic work. and when we finally get the transcript of that hearing, it's probably gonna cost 1 million bucks. >> and that moment with the court reporter spoke saying listen, you can be interrupting each other because i'm just gonna get a bunch of dashes here. i've never seen him all like that with the court reporter but she did heroic work today, that's for sure. >> you have to push a court reporter really hard before they get to that point. >> yes. thank you rachel. >> thanks lawrence. >> well, texas house democrats are, in the words of the great, on the road again. after blocking the republican
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voting bill on a staging a walkout in may today. at least 53 democratic, members of the house of representatives love the state capital to deny republicans the quorum needed to move ahead with a vote on their voting restrictions bill that could've happened as early as tomorrow, according to nbc news. 51 members traveled on to charter flights will at least 700 others flew separately. julie johnson tweeted this photo from one of those planes, with our first guest tonight state representative gina hinojosa. last week on this program, representative gina hinojosa gave us a tiny hint of what was to come. >> representative, do the democrats, do you have a strategy going into this or might you have secret strategies you get at least acknowledge but not share with us? >> well, right.
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so our strategies for gamesmanship purposes cannot be broadcast on television but yes we are committed to fighting this and using every tool box that we have to make it so that we protect voting rights and not make it harder for texans to vote. >> and now we know. two hours ago, the texas democrats landed in washington and nbc news reports that the unusual move, quote, will paralyze the chamber and stopping business until the lawmakers return. or the session ends. the lawmakers try to spend more than three weeks in washington running the clock on the session which we can thursday. and advocating for federal voting legislation. texas democrats released this giant statement today explaining the decision to leave, saying that today they stand united in our decision to
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break quorum and refused to let the republican legislature through dangerous legislation that would trample on texans freedom to vote. we are not taking the fight coronation's capital. we are living on borrowed time in texas. we need congress to act now, to past for the people act, and the john lewis voting rights act to protect texans and all americans from the trump republicans nationwide war on democracy. here is what texas state representative jasmine crockett told nbc news on her way to the airport. >> that texas democrats decided enough was enough, you know? we came back in good faith once again trying to always feed the bigger people and we saw those hearings. utah had been there all day. we saw those hearings and we saw people come from all over the state and i almost notice for the purpose of trying to
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educate the committees on their experiences voting and the state. south africa, they made as well have stayed home because no one was listening to them. >> a surprise move followed by a marathon of public hearings in this house of the senate over the weekend. the texas with hundreds of waste waiting hours to be testified against the voting restrictions so that overnight and early morning hours, the hearing in one house nearly lasted over 24 hours. >> texas has a long and and racist history of voter suppression that continues to silence 90 votes and voices of every day concerns. >> it was nothing about an attack on the voting rights in the interest of preserving intellectual integrity. but the voices that showed up
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to vote and record numbers last fall, how many eligible voters can you squeeze out of our democratic process and be okay with it? i believe the answer should be zero. >> former texas congressman beto o'rourke testified at the hearing on saturday. >> an election's bill that is premised on a like, that it there is widespread fraud even though there is not a solution in search or problem. it's gonna disproportionately hurt and harm some texans more than others. for those who support directly above the democrats in the room, i encourage you to fight with all you have. do whatever it takes to ensure that we preserve the right foot in the state of texas. >> texas democrats risk being arrested by fleeing the state as nbc news details. quote, absolute lawmakers can be legally compelled to return to the capital, and the source said that democrats said that state republicans want to ask the department of public safety
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to track them down. texas house speaker issued a statement saying, texas house use every available resource under the texas constitution and the unanimously passed house rules to secure a quorum to meaningfully debate and consider election integrity. >> the texas tribune reports, quote, even if democratic lawmakers stay for the next two weeks, the governor could continue to call 30 days sessions or add voting restrictions to the agenda. when the legislature takes on the redrawing of the states political maps later in this summer. during a discussion of voting rights today in michigan, vice president kamala harris said this about the topic texas democrats who have left the state. >> i applaud them standing for the rights of all americans. and all texans to express their voice through their vote. unencumbered. they are leaders who are
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marching in the path that so many others for dead. they fought and many died. all right to vote. i do believe that fighting for the right to vote is as american as apple pie. it is so fundamental to fighting for the principles of our democracy. so i applaud them. >> leading off our discussion tonight is texas state representative gina hinojosa, she was part of the delegation that flew to washington today. she is joining us from an undisclosed location of a moving bus somewhere in the washington d.c. area. representative, thank you very much for joining us tonight. and you have now made last week's hit on this program into today's breaking news. what happens next? >> well, now we go to the u.s. capitol and we earn in the senate and you earn past
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federal voting rights legislation. it's all of their power to protect their -- and preserve voting rights and our democracy. >> now can the speaker of the texas house send texas law enforcement to washington to track you down and bring you back? >> well, it's my understanding that you cannot have authority in washington to do that. and so we are here in a safe place to do the work, advocating for constituents. advocating for texans, all texans. and you preserving rights and so this is a 14 trip. tatiana had been a bit awkward and safe from arrest sides. it's the worst thing for us to be talks to who while lawmakers
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have the capitol every day about how there is urgent needs. you have federal voting rights legislation now. she can only hold the line for other -- as the majority power we can use our power now. >> nbc news is reporting that your delegation considered going to west virginia and to arizona because senator joe manchin and senator kyrsten sinema opposed abolishing the filibuster. but your group of fear in that states with republican governors would help return you to texas. do you feel that you will still make attempts in washington to contact senator manchin and senator sinema? >> there was a delegation of house members who came to washington a few weeks ago after the first time we broke quorum to meet with senator
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manchin. i myself went to west virginia. about two weeks ago, to participate in the voting rights rally, where the freedom ride landing in west virginia and heard from these constituents that they had hope and they were working with their senate and encouraging them to do his part so that west virginia could be as human passing voting rights legislation. of course i'm talking about the for the people act. the john lewis voting rights. as you know, in 1965 there was a texas president, lyndon johnson and he was a champion and ultimately succeeded and having i passed. and here we are, 50 plus years later fighting for the same rights and again but to washington for help. texas has now become a leader in this fight because our voters are being targeted.
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the west virginia also stepped up and lead in this federal fight with voting rights legislation. >> we might be losing your signal, i guess it's okay. one more question. the texas governor greg abbott issued a statement today saying as they fly across the country on cushy private planes, they leave undone issues that can help their districts and our state. what is your response to the governor? >> well, i think that's just not sense. we travel the way you travel across the country and there is a bunch of us. so we needed a plane that couldn't dumb comedy all of us. we had two planes that accommodated all of us. and so we left our families behind, we lost our jobs. and -- you'll get paid professional salaries to do our job. you get paid about $7,000 a year so most of us have to go back to paying jobs.
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we've been away from these families for six months. so this is a big sacrifice on our part. i have a friend who's supposed to be getting married on thursday. she will not be getting married so she can speak. so we have sacrificed in the fight for that democracy. but fight for voting rights. we are willing to make the sacrifice and we need to watch the setback. >> texas state representative gina hinojosa, thank you very much for joining us. thank you for that hint last week and we really appreciate. thank you. >> pleasure, thanks for having me. >> thank you. and joining our discussion now is senator amy klobuchar. she is oversight over federal elections. amy klobuchar, thanks so much for joining us klobuchar. it looks like that bus might be coming your way and i saw that some of these people want to talk to it about you. what did you have to tell them as they arrive in washington?
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>> well, i have met with representatives when she was here last time and i believe that they're doing what's right. they are trying to stand up for whatever way possible for the freedom of people to vote and they're coming to the very place that they're supposed to find salvation. and i really actually like the trip johnson, along with vice president hunt -- protect civil rights in the sixties. when you have a conservative effort across the country, but in georgia and in other places, it doesn't stay have passed voter suppression's laws to limit people's freedom to vote. and you know the answer should be in washington, where the constitution clearly says that a new congress has the right to make or alter our federal elections. if i don't know it causes greater than doing that right now, this is the moment to get
10:17 pm
it done. >> i want to read something that politico is reporting from congressman jim clyburn. it says the biden could pick up the phone and tell joe manchin, hey, we should do a carve out. he referred to the west virginia democrat who's resisted filibuster were torn. just do it. so there is jim clyburn saying to joe biden, just do it. you have to get this rule in the senate. vents at least for voting rights legislation. >> well, you know. i would abolish the filibuster and i've come to that decision after seeing obstruction, and so many other important pieces of legislation. thanks people as you get done to help their families for childcare. to do something about climate change because we're seeing record heat but also about voting rights and senator manchin worked in such good faith with me on a number of his versions of the bill.
10:18 pm
we were very close to getting an agreement and we had all kinds of things registration. so a very strong provision. and i think when you listen to him he talks about the standing filibuster and changes that we could make to reform the bill. and reform the law. so i am still hopeful that we can see change and i can tell you in the meantime, i'm taking the world's committee for the first time in almost two decades on the road and we're going to georgia. another place where you've seen voters suppression efforts and i'm also looking forward to seeing president biden's speech tomorrow. joining vice president harris who today was in michigan. this is such an important moment in time and to just act like this is not happening because of an archaic procedural rule and to deny people the right to vote, we cannot do that. our democracy cannot stand for it. >> i want to go back to the point you just made on the hearing in georgia.
10:19 pm
it looks like it's gonna have a field hearing when you go outside to washington and i've never seen the rules of anyone got side of washington as you just mentioned. if this is the field hearing on voting rights that you're gonna have in georgia, why that location and what we expect to accomplish? >> well as you know lawrence the legislature there has done everything they could to mess around with the voting rights and made it so that literally now when you can't give the voters water and food, volunteers can't do that. all kinds of limits on their voting that was completely irrational and unnecessary. basically buying into the donald trump lie that something was wrong with their election when we know that there wasn't anything wrong with their election. they just had a big turnout and two democrats, warnock and all self won that senate race. and then joe biden won the presidential race before that. so what's the answer? as reverent warnock likes to
10:20 pm
say on the senate floor some, people just don't want some people to vote. and it's to limit the number of voters. so that is why we are bringing the rules committee. we're gonna have some witnesses. we announced today with the state legislator for a long time advocating on voting rights as well as a voter. and hear from other voters as well over the weekend about what happened to him and their own individual stories. because when people hear the stories of the long lines, and seniors waiting in lines. hot. when you hear those stories, you know that there's only one pass to go and that is the path towards the righteous democracy and allowing people to vote. >> senate rules committee chairwoman amy klobuchar, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thanks lawrence. >> thank you. and coming up, supporters of donald trump interrupted a town hall for families held this weekend by congresswoman katie porter. the los angeles times reports that she rushed into the chaos
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porter rushed into the scuffle, wrapping her arms around and under the woman near the scrum. joining us now is democratic congresswoman katie porter of california. thank you very much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. what happened yesterday? >> yesterday we -- >> tell us in your own words, what happened yesterday. >> yesterday we had planned an open air town hall. we had a lot of space for people to spread out and we advertised it as a family friendly event and there were people who advertised and confronted katie porter rally. they attended the event because we were welcome to do, but they began to shout and eventually
10:26 pm
violence broke out. it was really disappointing and scary, especially for families in seniors who are there. and i think we need to hear from every single elected official regardless of party that this is not democracy. >> the group was led by a republican who's running against you who is a white supremacist among other things. a nazi sympathizer. and when you saw this happening, and you decided to run towards the chaos, what were you thinking when you ran to protect that woman? >> well, there were no police in the immediate area. there were police on the grounds but they were not nearby. and as it began to continue, you began to hear people cry for help. and so i went up to a couple of people with disabilities and using lockers who couldn't move out of the way but i was very afraid that they were gonna get knocked over so i simply put my
10:27 pm
arm around them and told her to stand there and i was gonna stand there with her until the police were able to disperse the situation. >> now, after january 6th when there were people attacking the capitol looking for democratic members of congress like you to physically attack them, and possibly kill them. we don't know what they were gonna do when they got their. what is it like when you see something like this break out in otherwise peaceable around california? >> i mean, this is my home. so it's incredibly disappointing to have it here. or find has been the safest city of his size for 15 years running. and we make sure that we had plenty of space for everyone to attend. we took steps to make sure that every single person had equal opportunity to ask a question and put their questions in a bingo both spinner. i made very clear from the beginning, everyone is welcome here. but we need to be civil and
10:28 pm
listen to each other and it was incredibly heartbreaking when that happened. after january 6th, it's hard to feel safe in washington right now. and now it's hard to feel safe intervene. >> and some of these people attacking your event yesterday may very well be recipients of the child tax credit starting this week. and they presumably will have no idea that they have you to thank for that. >> well, we were trying to share with all of the audience about the child tax credit and that's the real loss here. everybody lost. whether you agree with me or disagree with me, you weren't able to hear what i was saying. you weren't able to get an answer to your questions because you are creating such a disturbance and ultimately there was violence. and so i think even for those who disagreed, they weren't even able to find out what is happening and how it might affect them and then be able to make up their mind and that's when they might say that this event was very counter to the purpose of a town hall. it made it hard for me to hear
10:29 pm
what constituents had to say over the shouting in the noise. >> you're gonna be having town halls. presumably doing this again. they're going to have a reelection campaign next year. it was in the same places. do you expect this to just follow you around? >> i certainly hope not. we're going to continue to make sure that we're doing everything we can to keep anyone who wants to come here me or speak with me safe. that's regardless of their party. regardless of their views. what's particularly upsetting about yesterday was the fact that people on one side supporters and people who were there to confront would all drag into it. like i said, innocent seniors. sitting there to listen we're nearly hurt. >> congresswoman katie porter, if you had a minute as you do right now to say the single most important thing you wanted to say at your town hall yesterday, what would that be?
10:30 pm
>> the most important thing i wanted to tell people is that we have to focus on an economic recovery that creates work and also helps workers. so we were talking not just about infrastructure and job creation, but also about helpful workers. things like broadband and childcare. and that was really the message i was trying to convey and get feedback from my constituents about what kind of support as workers they needed. >> congresswoman katie porter, thank you very much for joining us again tonight. we always appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. and coming up, michael wolf will join us with his reporting on what's on all trump was actually doing during the insurrection at the capitol on january six. it's in his new book about the final days of the trump white house. that is next. that is next it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect.
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wolf joins us for his first interview about his new book,
10:35 pm
landslide, the final days of the trump presidency michael wolf writes that on. january 6th, after 1 pm, as the capital was being attacked, quote, white house chief of staff mark meadows, trump writer eric's herschmann and trump twitter manager dan -- pressed to make -- what was happening on twitter and his attention was out we're still focused on the president. the pressure for the president to say something quickly mounted. the president though was digging in his heels, he remained signaling -- singularly focused on the electoral challenge and had blinders on to everything else. almost every stage of the panic to response, and embodies push to get him to understand the urgency here, prompted the same reactions from him. reactions from him
10:36 pm
joining us now is michael wolff, author of the new book landslide, the final days of the trump presidency. michael, thank you for joining us tonight. i want to go with kind of your
10:37 pm
basic question about this book. what did you learn in reporting on this book that you didn't already know about donald trump? >> then he is even crazier than i thought he was. and i think one of the things -- i mean, from the beginning of this administration, the beginning of my reporting on this administration, it was clear that donald trump is not like you, and he's not like me. something is off, something is broken. but i think this comes to a head on november 3rd. he has an experience that he can't get his head around, that he has lost this election. and from november 3rd on, through to january 6th, through the genius -- january 20th, [inaudible]
10:38 pm
>> i guess we have a problem with michael's connection. if we can get michael on a telephone, or reestablish that connection, we will get there. >> there is michael, oh, do you have us? >> hello, yes. how is it? >> so, at any rate. what happens is he creates this new reality for himself. it is a reality that nobody else is a part of. that's the extraordinary thing that this is still hope all the election, to try to challenge the election and there's only one person in the bubble it's donald trump and occasionally with rudy giuliani, making it even more alarming and there's nobody else out here. everybody in his white house and campaign and in his family
10:39 pm
he saw on the periphery watching this incredible meltdown. in many instances, going out of their way to undermine any efforts that he is making. donald trump is alone. donald trump is crazy. >> we saw part of this show today, actually, and this extraordinary hearing in michigan where a federal judge is now considering sanctions among all the trump lawyers who were involved in the michigan litigation, but would bend them from ever practicing law in michigan again. you have passages in your book about how donald trump picks up these kinds of lawyers. you talk about him actually randomly asking people to do you know any good lawyers? i won't quote the book, the
10:40 pm
passages are extraordinary when you read them, but he is just wonder -- wondering around asking people about lawyers. >> it's important to note that he actually has good lawyers. there are good lawyers in the white house, there are good lawyers on the campaign. they refused to have anything to do with this. so he has to go out and find the only lawyers that he can find who will do this which are lawyers who are like rudy giuliani, completely marginal, completely out there, opportunists at a degree that no longer makes them, and anyone's man -- mind, serious lawyers. this is the gang that couldn't shoot straight, to put it mildly. >> former president trump is now under criminal investigation by a criminal grand jury in fulton county jury -- georgia for the phone call he
10:41 pm
made to the georgia secretary of state, as a phone call we've all heard these tape of. you have a forwarding that he made more phone calls in that, including going around the attorney general and making phone calls directly to u.s. attorneys around the country. is there any possibility we might never be hearing tapes of those? >> there is always possibility. anyone who speaks to donald trump's should certainly be switching on their phone, their iphone, to tape what is going on here. i think everybody knows that lesson. the other thing, and why this becomes somewhat of a difficult thing to prosecute, ayes that, donald trump is always on the phone. donald trump is always talking. donald trump is only half aware of what he's saying. it just spews out. there is no rhyme no reason to
10:42 pm
it. the georgia phone call, it lasted, i can't remember, it certainly lasted for close to one hour of him just repeating, repetition upon repetition, him going out of the lines and boundaries of any logic. boundariesthere are certain peoe call who were relatively astute politicians, mark meadows, for one thing, it's highly conservative and whatever you think of him, you may politically disagree with him but, he is certainly a professional, a political professional. what was he doing on this call? all these people are so used to donald trump just spewing
10:43 pm
meaningless, semi deranged things that no one really takes this case seriously. i think that's what will be the result here, and why it is so hard to prosecute, it's just the rantings of a crazy man. >> michael wolff the new volume in the trump's presidency, his book is called landslide, the final days of the trump presidency. michael wolff thank you for joining us tonight, always appreciate it. >> lawrence, thank you. >> and coming up, the two rivals for the latest democratic nomination, the most recent one for president, they had a one-on-one meeting today at the white house, and bernie sanders emerged saying they are on the same page. that's next. e page that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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page. my job is to do everything i
10:48 pm
can, to see that the senate comes forward with the strongest possible legislation, to protect the needs of the working families of this country. when our kids, our parents, the -- to deal with the terrible climate crisis we face and to pass the bill as soon as we can. >> joining us now eugene robinson, he's an msnbc political analyst. also steven t. dennis. jeanne, the budget -- lead with bernie sanders must -- met with schumer, and they say they are close to an agreement within the committee about how to pass this democrats only version. >> he asked, it was a long meeting. bernie sanders went into this talking about a six trillion dollar package, and in recent
10:49 pm
days, everybody's been talking about a 3.5 trillion dollar package, a truly here, a trillion there, then you are talking about real money. then there is a question of how it's going to be paid for, and there will be dynamic scoring which we don't have to get into. it's basically the assumption that it will make money for the economy. i think democrats see this as their big shot to actually do something on climate, in addition to the human infrastructure that they are talking about. and so, i think they're still gonna try to go for what is really quite a big number and assume, and think, that they are going to have all 50 democrats on board for this. >> steven, the budget committee has bernie sanders representing one edge of the democratic party's argument, you have
10:50 pm
senator mark warner and probably representing the other edge of it. for those two to come to an agreement, it would be a similar kind of agreement that bernie sanders would come to with joe manchin, wouldn't it? >> i think not quite. what's you are going to see i think is mark warner bringing this package probably and several future lenient that bernie sanders might want. then he could go be a bridge to joe manchin and tried to bring joe manchin on board and saying hey, look, it's not this big scary thing that you originally heard about. here are some things we could sell as moderates. they don't yet have marc a deal, they are talking about hammering out something tomorrow night. they really want to have something ready to give to the budget crunchers of the staff, on thursday, so they can have
10:51 pm
the weekend to really righted and be ready to go as soon as next week with the committee. with joe manchin here, he is sort of still his own planted. the senate, ever senators their own planted. joe manchin is almost his own galaxy right now. when you talk about something like climate change, to get this gun board, this is a guy who before he ran for senate, when he ran the first time around, he took a copy of the campaign trade climate bill, the biggest in history, and he shot it with a gun. that sent a signal to people that they could trust him to take over their interests. to get him on board, you are gonna have to do some things in there, that make him and make west virginia feel like they are getting something out of this. they lost a lot of jobs anyway on other things. when you are talking about
10:52 pm
trillions of dollars in spending and trillions of tax changes you can not do a lot there for joe manchin and west virginia. that's an opportunity to mention the democrats, they really don't want to mention the -- mess this up. they can do something, but right now it's where negotiations are starting to hit the road. the next month will determine whether joe biden's presidency is big, and bold, or whether it's going to be sort of one truly in here, not the radical change in american government. >> we are days away from. knowing steven t. dennis and eugene robinson thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> after the biggest protests against the government in cuba in the last 60 years, occurred this weekend. republicans are cheering on their support of cubans standing up for freedom and democracy. democracy is of course, the
10:53 pm
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that's what a mother told her son in cuba. it took 20 years for the largest protests against the government in the six year history to happen, of the castro brothers dictatorship that is now being managed by the designated successor, cuba's president miguel diaz -- eunice. a 43-year-old woman in nevada told the new york times, people are fed up with the abuse of power. we are desperate. president biden issued a statement saying
10:58 pm
cuba refused to request international shipments of covid vaccine from the world health organization, but it has developed its own covid vaccine as of now, only 15% of cubans have been vaccinated. the president of cuba, unlike the casters before him, blames all of cuba's problems on this country 60-year-old trade embargo with cuba, which is supposed to force cuba to the tipping point over 50 years ago. the embargo does allow american shipments of food to cuba, and cuba is free to trade with the rest of the world, but somehow, the new york times reports cuba has run out of basic medicines like penicillin, and aspirin. if the united states had been wise enough to remove the embargo 50 years ago, the cuban
10:59 pm
dictatorship would have had no convenient excuse for the deprivations cuba has suffered. cuba's agonies tonight are only partial sign a bill to the embargo, and almost entirely the fault of 60 years of dictatorial govern -- govern ship by -- not too much socialism is the problem which republicans would have you believe, it's too much dictatorship, second only to north korea at this point. longest for more public -- -- loosen the embargo which was signed into federal law only in 1996 by president clinton during his reelection campaign, in which he won the state of florida. president biden does not have the legal authority to simply and the embargo, but didn't have the authority to issue an order on the basis of emergency
11:00 pm
humanitarian relief to send one of our great hospital ships to cuba immediately. the u.s. naval hospital as a mercy anchor off havana, where cubans can see it, ready to help and then let the cuban dictatorship make its decision whether mercy's medicine can be delivered to the cuban people. that is tonight's last word. is tonight's last word. >> well, good evening once again, day 174 of the biden administration on top of all of his efforts to hold his domestic agenda together and to hold his own party together for that matter. this is the eve of a major speech the president will deliver tomorrow in philadelphia. he will go there to talk about voting rights at a time when republicans are doggedly passing voters suppression measures from coast to coast. >> we don't accept the notion and he's an optimist by nature otherwise he wouldn't be sitting in the oval office by now that it's dead


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