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tv   Ayman Mohyeldin Reports  MSNBC  July 12, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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on key parts of president biden's agenda including infrastructure. in the coming weeks and more. we're going to look at what lies ahead. over at the white house, the president brought in local leaders and police chiefs to talk about ways to curb rising crime and gun violence in the country. >> we rise we have to come together to fulfill the responsibility of democracy, keep each other safe. that's what the american people are looking for when it comes to reducing violent crime and gun violence. >> and one of the leaders who attended that meeting, washington, d.c., mayor joins us later this hour to talk about what came out of today's session. the president also says that he stands with the cuban people after rare protests against the government over a lack of food, fuel, and other important items. we're going to look at what this could mean for cuba with a reporter live on the ground in
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havana. we'll have a live report what is going on in texas where dozens of state house democrats plan to have the state as part of an effort to stop the legislator from approving new voting restrictions. and a new warning that johnson & johnson's vaccine could lead to an increased risk of a rare neurological condition known as gian beret syndrome. today the senate is back in session with a daunting list of deadlines as they stare down the august recess. key committees are drafting a bill for the bipartisan plan. the budget committee paves the way for a reconciliation bill. capital police funding and police reform as well. all of of that is on the docket. this as president biden meets with state and local leaders today to address the growing problem of gun violence here in
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america. joining me now are senior white house reporter for nbc digital and our white house correspondent. what you are hearing from the administration in this surge in gun violence across the country? >> administration officials say that one of the key messages of president is going to try to get across to the local leaders, is to encourage them to use some of the $350 billions in covid-19 relief funds that were designated to state and local governments to use that for police hiring and community programs that they believe will help address this issue of gun violence. it is a big contrast to this defund the police movement that the president and the white house have been trying to distance themselves from. they're actively calling on state and local governments to hire more police officers to try to address that problem. and, of course, all of this comes with a political optics framed to it too. republicans are certainly planning for 2022 to seize on
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this issue of violent crime and try to turn that on the president and argue he's done a worse job than republicans at handling violent crime. there is a mixed bag on how the public will respond to that. >> from your perspective, is any progress being made on both the senate bipartisan infrastructure bill and the democrat only reconciliation bill? >> both of those pieces of legislation are somewhere in the process of becoming pieces of legislation. remember, both are just frame works really at this point on the reconciliation piece. we don't have top line numbers yet. but staff did work through the recess. now with lawmakers coming back in town this week. they continue to try to flush out the proposals and turn them into actual pieces of legislation that can be voted on. some problems exist before the break remain notably on the bipartisan framework. just how to pay for it.
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using covid-19 money is one of the possible pay fors for the bipartisan infrastructure framework. we have to find out how much is left in the governmental couch cushion it's you will as all of these frame works move forward towards becoming actual things that are voted on here. we're not that far away from the recess. they talked about a shortened recess to get something done. how likely is it that the senate will accomplish all of its legislative goals before this recess? >> they have a month to work here. on both of the issues here around infrastructure and the broader families plan, jobs plan, things that are not in the bipartisan deal, they have to move in tandem essentially to keep all democrats onboard here. and so i think you'd be hard pressed to see the senate going home without having passed altogether the bipartisan framework and without having at least had their first vote on a
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budget resolution to move the reconciliation piece forward. all of this, again, involves the bill getting drafted, the congressional budget office telling us how much it's actually going do cost and moving through the procedural pieces to get this on the floor. i think it's highly unlikely that the senate will go home without at least those big pieces getting done. but things like police reform, you know, immigration, does that go in or out? there are other elements to this that may get left on the way side. that's for the democrats and the administration. >> shannon, voting rights are front and senter in this country. the president is set to give a speech tomorrow focused on that. it is happening against the same time, excuse me that, this high stakes drama is playing out in texas where this widely watched restrictive voting bill is making its way through the texas legislator. we're going to dig into that later in the program. do we expect the president to speak directly to that?
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what are he hearing about what he will or won't address when it comes to what is playing out in texas? >> it certainly does provide dramatic split screen. and press secretary jen psaki was asked about reporting from my colleague james tim that a big group of texas democrats were heading to washington in protest, a way to stall this texas bill. she left the door open to the president or administration officials meeting with these texas lawmakers tomorrow. nothing is nailed down on that front. as far as the president's speech in philadelphia this was scheduled before the real blowup here in texas. but certainly reaction to a number of these state legislators that have been moving to put new restrictions on voting in place, jen psaki said he's going to lay out the moral case for why restricting people's voting is such an issue and way of silencing people into once again make that case for why he believes this is something that the public needs
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to be aware of and push back on at the state level. >> we'll see if it has. >> thank you both for starting us off this hour. i greatly appreciate it. and we have some breaking news that we want to tell you about right now. coming out of texas. according to the lone star state, in an effort to prevent republicans from passing voter restriction legislation, dozens of democratic state lawmakers have actually left the state under the texas constitution the legislator requires that two-thirds of lawmakers be present in order for you it to conduct state business by leaving democrats can block republicans' efforts to pass bills. >> so what is the latest on where this voter restriction legislation stands today? >> so texas democrats are actually in the process of
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leaving. so we're not -- we don't know if they broke quor yum. they won't officially and legally do it until tomorrow when the house goes back to work. there is a reason they're leaving town today because they -- to be legally compelled back to the senate or back to the state house under the texas constitution, you need to actually have the lawmakers vote on that. the remaining law machers need to vote to say you know, texas rangers, go get the democrats who have fled the state. with he no he that more than 50 law makers are planning to leave the state today. that will deny them the two-thirds quorum in the state. most of them are leaving by two private jets out of austin later today. and once they get to washington, they hope to use this time to put some focus on voting rights legislation and this past weekend we saw two of the bills be advanced very quickly out of the committees. and one of my colleagues on the ground actually spoke with one
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lawmaker about this weekend and why it was such a pivotal breaking point for them. let's take a listen. >> the house democrats here in texas decided enough was enough. you know? we came back in good faith once again trying to always be the bigger people. and we saw those hearings. you were there all day. you saw the hearings. you saw people come from all over this state at a moment's notice for the purpose of trying to educate, you know, the committees on their experiences with voting in this state. and sadly enough, you know, they may as well have stayed at home. no one was listening to them. >> now the hearings went all night. they started -- one of them started as early as 8:00 a.m. on saturday. and the vote was taken around 7:00 a.m. the next day. 24 hours, hundreds of texans signed up own stayed many through the night to testify about the bills that they say are voter suppression.
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now these lawmakers previously some of them actually met with the vp harris in washington to discuss their previous walkout back in may. of course, this is round two of this fight. we know that vice president harris recently just commented on this report and this plan. let's take a listen. >> i do want to make a statement about the legislators in texas. who are showing extraordinary courage and commitment. i met with them when many of them traveled to washington, d.c. we sat down and had an extensive conversation in the roosevelt room in the white house. and i applaud their standing for the rights of all americans and all tex yabz. texans to express their voice through their vote unincumbered. >> they have to stay out of
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austin, texas, for three weeks. this is going to take a long time snchlt very important story. jane, thank you for that. still ahead, thousands of cubans take part in an unprecedented protest over food and medicine shortages amid increasing covid-19 cases in that country. it comes during cuba's biggest economic crisis in decades. we're going to talk with a reporter live on the ground in havana. plus, a new arrest in the assassination of haiti's president. how a florida based doctor thought he was going to take over the presidency. that's coming up next. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." g up next. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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president biden is speaking out on behalf of cuban protesters saying the u.s. stands in solidarity after anti-government demonstrations. i don't think we've seen anything like this protest in awe long, long time.
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quite frankly, ever. the united states stands firmly with the people of cuba. >> the protests are the culmination of frustration over an on going economic crisis that has been aggravated by the covid-19 virus. joining me is ed augusta who joins us from cuba. good to talk you to. help us contextualize the protesters. what contributed to the uprising? >> this protests are hugely rare in cuba. i've been here reporting for eight years. never seen anything like it. the last protest that was anything on this scale was back in the 1990s after the soviet union collapses. there they were only concentrated in havana. we're talking about 1,000 perhaps 2,000 people. yesterday we had thousands of people protesting in havana and
12:18 pm
across the country. it is really unprecedented. in ermz it of the factors that led to it, there is the pandemic. cuba is going through an unprecedented peak in covid-19 cases. it is worth pointing out that compared to the united states, the infection rate over the last 16 months has been far lower than the regional average. mortality rate very, very low. everyone who gets covid-19 here detected is hospitalized. having said that right now, the country is really struggling. almost 7,000 cases were confirmed yesterday. and the measures of wearing a mask, the measures of not being able to socialize and not being able to do all social things that cubans and people around the world are use to boiled over yesterday. the other major contributing factor is the economic situation. there is huge depravation and huge plight. i don't know anyone in havana that are hungry but plenty of people are eating badly. it ought to be said that u.s.
12:19 pm
policy, the sanctions against cuba do contribute to this. so secretary of state blinken just talked about how the cuban government ought to make food and medicine available to cuban people. but the u.s. sanctions on cuba restrict the ability of the government to do that. the strategy is to asphyxiate the economy. the strategy is to reduce hard currency. it is contributing to the long lines for food, the baron pharmacy shelves and cubans i spoke to say that vaccine rollout is slow down here. they're producing thur own vaccine because they've been able to get not get ahold of inputs they need to produce it and that in part contributed to the big spike that we're seeing that israel contributed to the mass protests we saw yesterday. >> ed, p it that in perspective for us based on your reporting on the ground and what you have seen. statement that's come out of the
12:20 pm
united states like we played for president biden. the statements from the secretary of state. will they make a difference on the ground? do they contribute to the protesters or does it discourage the protesters and give fuel to the conspiracy by the government that this is something that the united states is fementing? >> well, at the moment it's not playing out too much. the government's got the unt net. but it is certainly true by the united states having sanctions on cuba, cuba is the longest country in modern history since the french revolution to have -- to have been sanctioned. the government can point to that and say we're being strangled by the most powerful country in the world. and also the fact that the u.s. government spends approximately $20 million a year in federal funds financing what they call democracy promotion. what the cuban government and some cubans understand is regime change operations. that, of course, creates the
12:21 pm
pretext for the government to be able to say these protests are illegitimate. and protesters that came out hours later than the anti-government supporters, were convinced that these protests were awe foreign regime change operation. i think that's wrong in the analysis. i think it's clear that the protests were spontaneous yesterday and people were fed up with standing in line for hours only to see the food they buy go off because of a power cut. it does give the government an excuse for delegitimizing the protesters. >> that raises the question on what happens next. where do we go from here? do we expect more protests? how are they able to organize in the first place? and more importantly, do we expect a crackdown from the government now that the internet has been, as you reported, cut. >> i think the cuban government
12:22 pm
is between a rock and a hard place right now. our reporting yesterday, there were many cries of freedom, homeland, down with communism. but when you dig deeper, when you speak to the people who are out, their underlying grievance is not enough medicine or food to keep up with a level of life that people previously accustom to. and so that's the base -- the basic grievance here. the cuban government doesn't have the capacity to address that. the grievance that -- that is the grievance. the cuban government is broke. they invested everything they got in the pandemic and hospitalizing people who got covid-19 cases and came up with its own covid-19 vaccines. it plowed every cent into doing that. of its no the clear where the money is going to come from to be able to address that. they can't get to the world bank. they can't go to the imf or other regional lenders. the countries very bad credit rating with private lenders,
12:23 pm
it's very, very difficult to go to private capital markets or russia and china that are going to be thinking if we lend you money, how likely is it that we're going to get it back? so i think in that context, further protests and further -- this deep dissatisfaction is very, very likely. yes, i think we are unfortunately going to see more arrests. hundreds yesterday. >> ed, thank you so much for that eye opening report. i greatly appreciate it. >> and turning now to cuba's neighbor in the caribbean, more news out of haiti. we're getting more details about the those arrested in connection with the assassination of the president. this is a doctor that came into the country with "the intention of monopolizing the haitian presidency according to a statement by the haitian national police. authorities there say he was first person attackers called after killing the president.
12:24 pm
he is accused of having taken steps with a private investigation furm to hire mers on aries to carry out at sass nation. joining me now is founder and publicer of the haitian times. gary, good to have you with us. first off, what is the public reaction to this narrative being told by authorities about the assassination and is there trust that these details that are being provided are in fact accurate? >> thanks for having me. basically, this is yet another outrageous claim that we're getting from the haitian officials. sanon, i spoke to this morning with a doctor who knows him well. he describes him as basically a con artist to be kind. we checked his record. he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars. he has no money whatsoever. he was in haiti trying to hustle people and making claims that he
12:25 pm
has no ability to back up and so i take this really with so much skepticism. i understand that we rely on government information to do our job. i don't trust the information that the government is providing to us. they just don't add up. the cast of characters that they are parading around, accused of being the suspects is simply lack credibility. and we need more proof. these claims are outrageous. i don't know how to talk about this. how to explain this. they just don't add up. simply put. >> let's speak about the united states. the u.s. said that they're sending fbi and dhs agents to port-au-prince to assist with the investigation. is that help welcome from the haitian perspective when you
12:26 pm
speak to ordinary haitian there's perhaps who are skeptical of the haitian government's police and their ability to investigate this? will it increase the confidence in the investigation? >> well, i wrote about this last week. i think i called for it. i think it's a great idea. what happens is once you have the fbi and dhs investigating the situation, there will be trust. i'll accept the investigation. i trust the professionalism. they don't have a skin in this game. they're down there to do a job. they'll do it well. and so that's the sentiment of almost every haitian that i spoke to. i don't know anyone who is against that. what we're opposed is yet another u.s. military intervention. we've been there before. it didn't work quite as well. and there is no reason why we think they should work. this is a dialogue. it is the state department. it is other u.s. agencies that can really bring some solution.
12:27 pm
we don't -- the majority of haitians do not want yet another occupation of the southern territory. >> all right. gary pierre, thank you so much for your time and insugts as -- insights. i greatly appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. it is the end of the u.s. military mission in afghanistan. the commander of u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan stepping down today. we're going to play for you brand new sound from an exclusive interview with general austin scott miller. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today. you're clearly someone who takes care of yourself. so why wait to screen for colon cancer? because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive and detect altered dna in your stool
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c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, 0% interest for 48 months. ends monday. a symbolic end to the u.s. mission in afghanistan today. 50 days before the u.s. is scheduled to complete with the draw, general austin scott miller stepped down today nearly three years after he took over this post. transferring authority to general frank mckenzie. miller's departure comes two months before the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks which led to the u.s. to invade afghanistan. before he left afghanistan, general milly talked with my colleague courtney kuby. >> you said you made a lifetime of memories here. can you chair the memories with us? >> i wasn't talking necessarily just memories. it's the people. it's the friends i met here. and that's also within the
12:32 pm
coalition. as well as our afghan partners. those are memories that stay with you forever. >> you've been here for almost three years. what does it feel like to be leaving for the last time? >> it's a little bit different to be leaving for the last time, certainly. something i will process over time. >> do you think you served more time deployed here more than anyone else? >> i don't know. i don't know what everybody served. the -- you know, i have a fair amount of time in afghanistan though. >> all right. she joins us now on the phone live from the afghan capital of kabul. what does it mean for the mission in afghanistan? and what has he had to say about what happens once the withdrawal is completed? >> so it is -- he's leaving essentially means that the u.s. military mission is over. the biden administration made a decision to continue the mission officially untilled end of
12:33 pm
august. the reality is the withdraw is complete. almost all u.s. troops is already out at this point. maintaining the mission in name, you know, that gives him the authority to continue to help the afghan military, the taliban and they can strike them. it also gives them the ability to keep contractors here who can support the afghan military particularly the afghan air force but the reality is what we saw here today in kabul was the end of the u.s. war here in afghanistan. >> yeah. so what is the symbolism of having the head of u.s. central command, courtney, take control of the mission in afghanistan? at least for the time being? >> it makes perfect sense. he already has oversight. he has oversight of the entire renalon. the authorities that were transferred to him today are air
12:34 pm
strikes and kind of u.s. military presence here. so it made sense to move it one four star general to a four star general who already had oversight in afghanistan. there are a couple of slightly more junior officers, one stars and two stars that will have much more oversight going forward. the big thing is what happens after august? as of now, you are not able to put the afghan military, the taliban after the 31st of august. the resalt that is possible that can change. we have watched the offensive that is sweeping across the country. and defense officials are concerned. they're concerned the taliban is going to put more and more pressure on the capital with the aim of trying to take back major
12:35 pm
cities. the entire country is turning into chaos, ayman. >> thank you, my friend. stay safe. joining us now to continue this conversation is the out going afghanistan ambassador to the united states. thank you so much for your time. thank you for coming back on the program. we've been hearing a lot of reports from reporters on the ground like my colleague and others. i'm ready to hear the twags from your homeland. what will likely happen once the u.s. completes with the draw next month? what can you tell us about the conditions right now? >> thank you for having me again. the situation on the ground is critical right now. more than ever. we need the support of our allies and partners to continue.
12:36 pm
the afghan security forces will continue to defending the afghan people and its territory. and what comes next will really depend on how committeed all parties are to a peaceful settlement and ending this long line of conflict. >> can you tell me officially how much control does the afghan government have of the country of afghanistan? and how much do you believe are in the hands of the taliban? >> well, as you are saying, no single province and no center of any capitals are in the hands of taliban. the government continues to have control over it. the loss of this tricks have partly happened as a practical
12:37 pm
strategy. in order to focus their concentration and attention to centers of the population and also bring additional efficiency and efficacy to the work of the security forces. >> so what do you expect the relationship -- you're calling on help from your allies. what do you expect the relationship between the united states and afghanistan to look like now that the military kboen ent of this is winding down? >>. >> the relationship within afghanistan and the u.s. has entered a new chapter. we have parted from the u.s. officials that they support. to the afghan people and afghan government will continue. and the diplomatic forum, the humanitarian assistance forum and civilian assistance forum and support for the economy. at this point afghanistan is suffering because this is in a
12:38 pm
way that is shifting the people of afghanistan. conflict, covid-19, economy, and the drought. to get us through this, we need additional organization just systematic approach to address this. >> all right. ambassador, thank you so much for your time. we look forward to continuing the conversation with you in the weeks and months ahead. >> next, president biden meets with local leaders to push his plan to reduce gun crime. we're going to talk to d.c. mayor who met with the president a short time ago about her thoughts on biden's strategy. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." s strategy you're watchg in"ayman mohyeldin reports. ♪
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12:41 pm
>> we have to am come together to fulfill the responsibility of democracy. that is key to keep each other safe. and the american people are looking for when it comes to reducing violent crime and gun violence. and i think this group is illustrative of what we need to get put together. >> joining me now is one of the attendees of today's meeting with the president, washington, d.c. mayor. mayor, thank you so much for your time. did you find the meeting today productive? what did you hear from the president and others at that meeting? >> i thought it was very productive certainly the president and the attorney general are focused on how federal resources can be deployed in cities to not only address law enforcement strategies but community violence, intervention strategies. that's going to be hugely important to us. >> madam mayor, what is the message you communicated to the president based on what you see?
12:42 pm
and what are the specific needs of your city that you hope federal action can actually address? >> well, d.c. is unique in our criminal justice system in the u.s. and the federal government is actually in control of the courts and the united states attorneys office that prosecutes local laws. so my message to the president was everything that his administration has done to crush the virus, distribute vaccine, has allowed d.c. to open. our local government is fully open as of today. and we're strongly encouraging all of our federal partners in the criminal justice system. from the lawyers to pds to our probation officers to all be fully providing services. >> yes. so to that point, the fight against the pandemic and opening up businesses. do you think that the suggested
12:43 pm
plan that president outlined will be effective in the sense that supporting -- do you support him using covid-19 relief funds to hire and train more law enforcement officers in your city? >> we absolutely know that all of the covid-19 response dollars, the american rescue dollars that are going no local governments like ours is allowing us to not only have the officers we need but to have the community violence interruptors that we need to fund pilot programs that will help returning citizens. we'll have subsidized employment opportunities for d.c. residents who need it. and this all supports the ecosystem that will make cities safer. >> yeah, to that point, is it hard to have a conversation about reducing crime in this country without broader conversations about issues like gun control? >> i think talking about guns
12:44 pm
and controlling guns and keeping the hands out of -- the guns out of the hands of people that will use them is central to what we need to do. i think that we heard from law enforcement officials and elected officials like myself, the incidents of shootings and the fatality, the lethal part of that is leading to the rise in homicides. we can't have this conversation without talking about illegal guns. and the fact that americans from all stripes and backgrounds across our great country support common sense gun regulations. so all of the strategies that we put in place have to be aided by common sense gun regulations. >> all right. d.c. mayor, thank you very much. thank you for your time. i greatly appreciate it. >> a nail biter of a game in the euro 2020 fight will. before italy beat england's soccer team. but what happened afterwards, after the game is what is actual
12:45 pm
making news. an onslaught of racist attacks against some of the black players. the police are now investigating that. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." that you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports. the instant air purifier removes 99.9% of the virus that causes covid-19 from treated air. so you can breathe easier, knowing that you and your family have added protection. ♪ ♪ my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director knowing that you and your family have added protection. and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive.
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12:49 pm
on sunday w the game still tied after extra time, it came down to penalty kicks. italy ultimately winning, outscoring england 3-2. as italy celebrates the big win, three of england's players are now facing a torrent of racial abuse. osaka and sancho and rashford who helped bring them to the final in 55 years missed their penalty kicks and almost instantly became the targets of racism. and the attacks were not just on line. a mural honoring rashford in manchester and across the country was vandalized. joining me now from rome, italy, nbc news foreign correspondent molly hunter g to have you with us. i know you're in italy there covering multiple stories. fans across italy, they're celebrating the historic victory. but sunday's result also brought on a truly ugly side of racism in this sport. >> yeah. good evening. of it's a totally different
12:50 pm
picture. st so where i am the focus is on the win. on the players, on the beautiful game. they were in a bus around today. fans lining the streets. they visited the president and just joy kind of coast to coast. everyone is really excited. the picture in it england is very different. and for long time football fans for long time fans of the england team this nastiness and this ugliness wasn't new. now take a listen to gary neville. he spoke with our partners at sky. take a listen. >> neville. >> i expected it the minute the three players that missed missed. the fact of the matter is there is an issue obviously in football, there is an issue in society where we feel it's acceptable basically to criticize players for sporting actions because of the color of their skin. >> reporter: there are a couple things about this young, progressive, diverse team.
12:51 pm
these guys all do a lot off the field and they have united the country. take a listen. 7 out of 11 of the starters yesterday had a parent or grandparent who was not born in england. the condemnation was swift. the england team said they were disgusted, the prime minister, everyone really called this out. there is now a police investigation into these racist slurs and long time watchers of england football say this has reached a really new ugly low even compared to what we've seen in the past. >> joining me now is a professor of black studies at birmingham city university in england. thank you so much for your time. i want to get your reaction to the racist attacks toward the england players. as someone who follows the sport closely, i'm very familiar with racism in the sport, but were you surprised by even this level that we saw? >> i mean, i was watching the
12:52 pm
match with my 8-year-old son. he wasn't surprised. he knew straight away what was going to happen when this was three black players missing. the only thing that's different is people haven't been as open with it, but the idea it's gone away is complete nonsense. nobody was surprised. unfortunately racism and english football really go hand in hand. >> to be fair, it's also across european soccer. we see it in italy and other parts of europe. how do these most recent ones compare to what we've seen in the past? >> the one thing you're seeing is because of social media, you're seeing it openly, whereas if you do it in the stadium, there's video and cameras. you are seeing it on social media. one thing i would stress, the government is not innocent in this. the home secretary said it was
12:53 pm
okay for england fans to boo players who were taking a knee and then wonders why the atmosphere is so toxic and players are getting abused on social media. >> if england had won, we might have not seen the public attacks of these players, but there's no doubt that the racist undertones would still very much be there. how can we more openly discuss the racism that exists in what we call here in the united states soccer, in europe football and in sports overall? what do you think is the right approach to this conversation? >> a big problem here is we've kind of confused this open prejudice of using the "n" word or calling somebody a monkey and saying that's racism. just because people don't express it, it doesn't mean it goes anywhere. if england had won, everybody would be celebrating. it wouldn't have meant they
12:54 pm
weren't racist. i think we have to stop looking at these examples of what racism is. racism is in the society, in the public. that's really the switch, taking it away and looking at the bigger problems in society. >> are there any discussions being held with government and political leaders about race in england and the greater u.k. to try and address this? from your area of expertise, what needs to be done? >> this is a problem. this is why i find it offensive that boris johnson said this is terrible. the british government has really doubled down on their race regularly with a report that just said there is no institutional racism and a bill from parliament basically banning the protest we had last year and made the punishment for
12:55 pm
defacing a statue higher than the punishment for rape. the government is responsible for it. most of the things they do in immigration or policing or generally everything is making the atmosphere toxic. the reasons why this kind of more old school overt racism has come back into fashion is they're really tied to our government. i find it frankly offensive the comments they made. >> should governing bodies like uefa take more action against these types of racist attacks that may be coming out even from the fans of a specific club? should clubs be held accountable? >> you can track social media and the consequences. we have some quite strong legislation around racism saying it's the things that have happened, people should be charged and arrested. again, the bigger problem isn't the example.
12:56 pm
the bigger problem is society. that's what we should be focusing on. football is taking a knee, speaking out, that's kind of where we should shift the conversation, i think. >> thank you so much for your time and insight. greatly appreciate it. that wraps up the hour for me. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern. deadly white house with nicole wallace after this break. h nicoe wallace after this break feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day.
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♪♪ hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in the east. a showdown in texas over that state's voting restriction law in the wake of zero evidence of systemic fraud in texas is putting more pressure on the white house as the president prepares to deliver remarks on voting rights tomorrow. nothing less than biden's full-throated support for blowing up the filibuster if that's what it takes to pass federal voting rights legislation is sought by democratic activists. if biden fails to call for extraordinary measures to protect the right to vote, beto o'rourke warns that's happening in texas will become the new normal in texas, florida and georgia as well. >> whatever you see on paper today is likely going to become much worse as it goes into conference committee and other provisions are added to it


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