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tv   The Mehdi Hasan Show  MSNBC  July 11, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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speech on tuesday. what he is prepared to do? i'll ask the white house press secretary jen psaki. and the gop's other obsession, the fake moral panic over critical race theory. u.s. health officials are pushing back. an epidemiology youist will weigh in. and england doesn't come out of top. pawnfully. but tonight's soccer match is one for the books. i'll share my thoughts on why england making it to the 2020 final of the euros may help redefine what means to be english. >> good evening. there are two words to every american concerned about the future of our democracy should be aware of, election subversion. that is the biggest threat we face. yes, the assault on vote rights
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is a huge problem. we documented on the show. week in and week out. and, yes, the myriad and grotesque ways in which local republicans are perfecting the art of voter suppression. but the biggest threat of all, shamefully underdiscussed in our politics and needa so far is the threat of election subversion. to quote election expert, it's trained to manipulate the rules for who counts the votes in a way that could allow for a official to declare the loser as the winner. in a new essay for the atlantic which i urge you to read, political scientists authors of the acclaimed and rather envelope book how democracies die issued this stark blunt hair raising warning. "the greatest threat to american democracy today is not a repeat of january 6th but the possibility of a stolen
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election. at the ballot box through measures no, ma'am inally constitutional. the looming danger is not that the mob will return it's that mainstream republicans will illegally pick a election. "the new york times" reported, in georgia, republicans are removing democrats of color from local boards. in arkansas, they stripped election control from county authorities. the republican secretary of state in georgia who stood up to trump has had his powers taken away by the gop controlled state legislature. barbara, the republican secretary of state in nevada who defended the result in that state for biden has since been censure bid her own party. one recent study found that 216 bills across the country are introduced that allow state
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legislators to politicize, criminalize, or interfere with elections. 24 of them have already been passed into law. it's about getting ready to successfully subvert the 2024 election. and by the way, every day it looks more and more likely that it will be trump running in 2024. he just took 70% in cpac straw poll tonight. this is, of course, the same candidate that tried to subvert the last election. as they point out in the atlantic, the 2020 election was in effect a dress rehearsal for what might lie ahead. adding that in 2018 when they wrote their landmark study, we did not consider the gop to be an anti-democratic party. the bulk of the republican party is acting in an anti-democratic member. so what are the republican party opponents, the democrats in it
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control of the white house and both chambers of congress. what are they doing about it? i mean, yes, there is the for the people act and the john lewis voting rikts act. neither of them set standards to protect election officials and election results from parties and manipulation. plus, the for the people died in the senate last month because of the filibuster. some democrats in congress have introduced the preventing election subversion act. we don't have hear much about it. they can use the fill buster to kill it. what is the leader of the democratic party, the most powerful man due on earth, what is he doing about all this? he has talked the talk on democracy. >> this is jim crow on steroids what they're doing in georgia and 40 other states. it's an atrocity. the idea -- if you want any indication that has nothing to do with fairness, nothing to do with decency, they pass a law saying you can't provide water
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for people standing in line? they're waiting to vote? you don't need anything else to know this is nothing but punitive design to keep people from voting. you can't provide water for people about to vote. give me a break. before god and all of you, i give i must word, i will always level with you. i will defend the constitution. i'll defend our democracy. i'll defend america. >> but can he walk the walk? this coming tuesday the president will give a speech, yes, a speech, in philadelphia on actions to protect the sacred constitutional right to vote. but will it include a proposal for election subversion? and aren't we running out of time on all this? given our democracy is at stake.
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who better to ask than the president's white house press secretary jen psaki and she joins me now. thank you for coming on the show tonight. >> thanks. >> you know very well i wasn't always a huge fan of your books. yet praised a lot of what he has done in office on covid-19, on the american rescue plan. this past week on monopolies, all good stuff. but i feel like on the big voting rights picture, easeled the end but not the means. where the hell is the president on voting rights? he's being totally mia. jen, make the case for why i'm wrong and why others are wrong? >> well, first, thank you for doing everything do you in raising this issue. and hold us accountable, everyone accountability who is not doing enough.
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this is a fight and cause of his presidency. he said that and we have to deliver on. that he's giving a speech at the birthplace of democracy in pennsylvania on tuesday. because he thinks we need to keep talking about the fact that these legislation, these laws putting into place in states across the country are based on the big lie. he's also going to talk about steps he has taken. he signed a historic executive order on the anniversary of selma. it was more expansive in terms of executive actions than any president in history. he also nominated and fought for the confirmation of two huge advocates. he's going to keep fighting fog for the for the people act. he's going to keep talking about this as president and empower the american people. he believes in the american
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people and in our democracy and what we can do to fight against these laws. >> so what kind of actions, jen k. we see the president call for on tuesday in philly? is he addressing the issue of election subversion? interfering in vote counting and election certification? >> he thinks that's one of the big issues. if can you overturn or the outcome of an election that, is something that people across the country should be aware of. we have to make sure that we're growing grassroots countries to fight the efforts. he will, of course, talk about. that he's also going to talk about his on going commitment to getting the for the people act passed. he's going to talk about how he's going to invest in resources to educate and empower the american people. now remember, 2020 election, that was a tough one. right? there was a lot of sketch qui fights against that. 80 legislative fights. none of them worked. more people voted than ever in history. he also wants people to know and
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gauge and empower them to fight against this not just 2024. i know you were talking about. but 2022 as well. we need to have our eyes open there as well. >> yes. good point. the mid terms as well. jen, it's been four months, four months since joe biden sthed said this about reforming the filibuster. >> so you're for that reform? >> i am. that's what it was supposed to be. >> but four months later, there's been no movement at all on filibuster reform from this white house. none. why not given the biggest block to the president's agenda? the biggest block to voting reform. the for the people act which you twice tonight said he wants to get passed into law. died in the senate last month because of the filibuster. >> well, i'm -- i'm not going to accept that it died. we're still fighting for it. the vice president is going to help lead this effort. and the president is going to be engaged in this effort. we're going to continue to do hard things from the white house. look, i will say he still
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supports the talking filibuster. still thinks it shouldn't be easy to filibuster legislation. we also recognize and he knows as somebody that served in the senate for 36 years this is a senate procedural process. not one he gets a vote on. important one. one that warrants debate. we'll see. but it requires the majority of the senate to change the filibuster rules. it's not something that president actually gets a vote on. >> but as you well know, jen, better than me, i'm sure, previous presidents exerted pressure on legislators tell us what the president take a lead on this. the house majority whip who is the most senior african-american democrat in congress who helped put joe biden in the white house, he told "politico" yesterday that biden should endorse the idea of a legislative carveout to the filibuster for all constitutional related and voting related bills. bide cone pick up the phone and tell joe manchin, hey, we should
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do a carveout. i don't care whether he does it in a microphone or on the telephone. just do it. jen, will the president just do it? >> i don't think it's that easy. i will tell you. first of all, it requires the majority of senators, yes, we focus a lot on senator manchin and a couple others out there. it is more than the members that oppose changes to the filibuster. we'll see what happens. it's up to them to determine if they're going to make changes. but the president's going to continue to fight, of course, for a legislative path. but he also believes there are other tools. can you use from the federal government. many that he already employed and will will continue to build on. executive actions. obviously the department of justice and the steps they've taken. but he also just won an election and gauged and empowered, educated people across the country. we want to build on that as well. that is also something he is going to continue to talk about and engage grassroots groups and organizations across the country to fight this fight. >> you mention other tools.
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would you include budget reconciliation about senator amy klobuchar mentioned it. jim clyburn said the same thing. you would rule out using budget reconciliation? >> i'm not here to rule anything out. as it relates to budget reconciliation. there is going to be a lot of work done over the next week or two as you know. writing that legislation and what they want in there, we'll see how had a plays out. >> when joe manchin says they oppose changing the filibuster because they believe everything should be done in a bipartisan way, even though republicans are getting rid of voting rights in a very partisan way, they're wrong about that, right? i just want to confirm the president does not share their view that reforming the filibuster or protecting voting rights needs a republican buy
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in. >> well, first i would say the president has never advocated for changing the filibuster. he said he's -- he supports changing to a talking filibuster. he believes though that voting rights is a fundamental right, something he wants to sign into law and pass into law. so, yes, of course, he's going to have discussions with democrats. some you mentioned. many others about their priorities, how can they work with them to move the aagenda qua forward. but it is also a legislative procedural process. one that democrats in the senate and the senate, members of the senate have to decide if they want to approach moving forward. >> okay. i understand that. democratic members of the senate. he doesn't think republicans should have a veto, the same party that is gutting voting rights shouldn't have a veto on how it is protected the federal level. i want to check the white house position. >> on the voting rights legislation? which piece are you asking me about here? he believes that there needs to be a majority that they want to change. if they want to change the filibuster in the senate, there
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is a process for that. you mention some of the senators and the position. there are members of senate have also said that obstruction becomes more difficult, we'll see how the conversation changes in the senate. >> okay. just -- i want to change gears. lots more to discuss before i let you go. there are people on left. but progressives are waiting to see how the white house and the budget reconciliation bill. will it be closer to bernie sanders' $5 to $6 trillion or joe manchin's $2 trillion. >> that's quite a choice you laid out there. i can tell you that what the
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president and they're not in the infrastructure and the bipartisan agreement. climate tax credits that were not included in, there a climate forward and the climate crisis. opponents of the american families plan. like universal pre-k, making access to community college free for people. paid leave. huge priorities that lots of democrats and frankly republicans even across the country support. so those will be the pieces he really fights for. this is going to be a big week ahead. two weeks ago everybody was saying his agenda was dead. now the leader of the senate is saying he's going to vote on both pieces of legislation. hopefully this july. so we're moving forward and going to be a big couple weeks ahead. will we'll see where the final package lands out. and a big couple weeks on the foreign foreign policy stage as well. good thing. today we've seen for cuba and there are protesters on the
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streets. there is lack of food and medicines and the state of economy. that is u.s. governments advice if anything to the cuban government on how to handle it. first of all, they're supporting humanitarian assistance. i don't know, the government is waiting for our advice from the united states. but certainly we would say that protecting for, standing up for people making sure they have helpage siftance. that is something that any government should be providing to anybody today. >> yes. >> i think people will be happy to hear u.s. government talk about human rights. happy to see the u.s. government pulling out of an endless war in afghanistan. welcome to d.c. by the state department.
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and there is foreign policy. >> you enter the word yemen, we want to bring peace and stability to the middle east. we want to voice our views on issues and injustices. on media freedoms, around the world and we certainly don't hold back. and it's quite a difference from what we saw over the last four years. i want to talk about that and come back. you come back tonight. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, jen. >> i really hit a hard spot. >> thank you.
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>> so what exactly is with the bizarre fixation. we'll ask the congresswoman with very good reason and she was the national teacher of the year in 2016. later, leaving afghanistan. what did americans longest war actually achieve. that's coming up. first, we'll have breaking news. hello, corey. >> we have breaks news out of cube yachlt thousands of people gathered to call for an end to decades old dictatorship and demand food and vaccines. unprecedented display of civil unrest as the island struggles under the worst economic crisis since the fall of the soviet union. people took to the streets to demonstrates as chants of freedom, down with communism and we're not afraid could be heard from the crowd. activists called on cubans to gather in old havana to protest the island's authoritarian
5:19 pm
regime. he went on a hunger strike earlier this year to gain international attention for civil liberties before being forcibly removed from his home and hospitalized. we'll, of course, keep an eye on this developing story and bring you more. more of the show after this he can brachlt more of the show after this he can brachlt ♪ ♪ and they're always glad you came ♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. welcome back, america. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste.
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. back in the day it was creeping law then there were the death panels. the latest targets of the dishonest conservative culture wars are our schools and our teachers. because they're spreading anti-white racism to our kids in the form of critical race theory. they're not. it's all a lie. but it hasn't stopped becoming a hot button issue on the right. all stopped tucker karlsson from saying ridiculous things like this. >> it's civilization ending poison. but tsz everywhere. how widespread is it? we can't really be sure. until we finally get cameras in the classroom as we put them on
5:24 pm
the chests of police officers. >> treating our kids in elementary schools like victims of police brutality. and sadly this issue goes far beyond tucker and fox. in virginia, we've seen arrests after angry protests from conservative parents erupted at a school board meeting over the nonexistent theory of critical race theory. a teacher was fired as he teechd a essay about white privilege. also in tennessee enraged parents lashing out that books and ruby bridges goes to school, they protested that being included in the curriculum because they said it is anti-american and anti-white. this isn't just about isolated extreme incidents. look at all the states thant deuced legislation to try to combat the nonexistent teaching of critical race theory. joining me now is democratic congresswoman for connecticut johanna hanes. she was also the 2016 national
5:25 pm
teacher of the year. congresswoman, thank you so much for coming on the show tonight. you were a social studies teacher for 11 years. you taught world hist rich. roots of american citizenship. u.s. history. civics, african-american history. today you may be accused of brainwashing your pupils or anti-white racism. you might have your job threatened. >> you're absolutely right. thanks so much for having me. as i was listening to your intro, this is bizarre is the only way to describe it. yes these are the same people for last year that are in front and now their questioning what is taught in those schools. we're a country. history is a time line. can you not teach about the civil war without teaching about slavery and the anti-bell um south. you can't teach about the civil rights movement without teaching
5:26 pm
about some of the, you know, jim crow laws and those -- in that era. you use primary source documents. you don't inject your bias or your opinions and you present kids with all of the information. that's not critical race theory. that is our history. i really can't imagine how we would teach any part of our history and a large gap out. when i taught world history, i had to teach about the different people that were discriminated against. i'm not really sure -- i would be very hard to understand how you would teach with and take out the large gaps. the idea of critical race theory that, is academic scholarship at the college level. at the point that people can make a decision to dive into the habits. >> so you're right. 100% about the college level stuff and history becoming propaganda. we no they is not just about a
5:27 pm
couple of cases. it's a ratings winner on the right and right-wing media. we can see the number of mentions skyrocketing on fox news. they think this is the ticket to winning back states like virginia. do you think it might work because democrats are often focused on policy while republicans are busy winning these cultural wars. >> this is their new border wall. this is a conversation -- this is why we need people at the state and local level. curriculum is decided at the state and local level. congress has nothing to do. we have no input in how curriculum is taught and how materials are used. this is why with you need to make sure we always have witnesses at the table to evaluate and decide what is taught in curriculum. i heard you talk about the teacher who had a essay included in the curriculum number teacher should have the ability to ash contrarily choose what uses reuse. but there is some buy in and weigh in from community members to say i'd like to use this
5:28 pm
document or this piece of information. we have a wide variety from all different platforms, backgrounds, perspectives. that's how you -- that's what any good history teacher does. you know? a good teacher has an open door policy to do it. observations have been a part of teacher evaluations for years. principals and administrators can walk in. there is nothing to hide in our classrooms. so it's -- i don't know what else to call it except bizarre. republicans are -- think this is a tactic after everything that teachers have gone through to make sure that our kids have a solid education in the last year and a half. >> and i have to tell you the rest of us not to be snowflakes they're so thin skinned now. the political action conference is taking place this weekend in a three day schedule. there are two separate panels on the war against critical race theory. donald trump's also joined in the fight. he spoke at cpac today. have a listen.
5:29 pm
>> we will completely defund critical race theory. 1776, not 1619. and if government runs schools are going to teach children to hate their country, we will demand school choice that we already have. >> trump v. won the straw poll. how concerned are you about the prospect of another presidential election with this candidate who still won't admit he lost the last one and is now backed by a gop that is as unhinged as he is. >> the american people overwhelmingly voted joe biden in november. since he got sworn in, been working to deliver relief for the american people. the fact that republicans this is the message they want to put out to the rest of the country and this is, i guess, their standard-bearer, that is their
5:30 pm
message. i think that democratic message is very different. we're not campaigning. we are legislating. and we're working to deliver relief to people. we just have to make sure that we're messaging that and people have a true appreciation for what we've actually done. we want to make sure our schools are supported, that they have the resource that's they need, and that our children get the highest quality education. this gas lighting is -- it has been effective. and that's the dangerous part of it. his gas lighting is effective as we've seen across the board and local elections and state elections and congressional elections. he has been effective. so we have to remind people of what we have done and really be as transparent as we possibly can. you cannot teach history -- >> i apologize for interrupting, congresswoman. we're out of time. i do want to give you an opportunity. i know you're sponsoring a bill to improve kids' meals and life chances in school. we have only 30 seconds. i do want you to mention that bill tonight. something substantive about
5:31 pm
education rather than republican imagination. >> well, the care for kids act allows guardians and grandparents, foster parents to make sure that kids in their care can receive school meals without having to recertify every year. it will be automatically. but i have lots of legislation to support educators in the work that they are doing in the classroom. that's what we've been focused on. that's what democrats are doing while our congressional and republicans are at cpac promoting baseless theories. >> yes. well said. congresswoman johanna hayes, thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. america's longest war is coming to an end which leads me to one simple question. should america have been involved in the first place? i'll share my perspective in the 60 second round. that is coming up next. don't go away. round. that is coming up next don't go away. ustomizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts
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it's time for the 60 second round. joe biden announced an end to the war in afghanistan. the longest war. but what does it cost us? three quarter of a million troops and two decades and 2400 killed, 20,000 injured. more than 47,000 afghan civilians dead and $2 trillion of our money achieved. girls back in school. good. bin laden great. democratic elections, fantastic. but also civilian casualties from our war in campaigns for much of the past decade, resurgent taliban in control. 150 of the country's and afghanistan one of the most corrupt countries on earth. and they're still supplying opium. afghanistan are around happen the population live below the poverty line and three quarterers are food insecure.
5:37 pm
isis set up shop in afghanistan and al qaeda spread aren't world. this was never a good war. a huge, huge apology. >> coming up, what you need to know about the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus which is now the dominant strain in the u.s. plus pfizer thinks there is a need for a covid-19 booster shot. the fda and cdc are saying not so fast. we'll talk through all of that next. so fast. we'll talk through all of that next ♪ ♪ ♪
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it's dry. there's no dry time. makes us wonder why we booked fifteen second ad slots. the delta variant is now the dominant strained of the coronavirus in the united states. the cdc says it may account for 80% of new covid-19 cases in parts of the midwest and upper mountain states. people under 50 now account for most new infections. take a look at the who maps. covid-19 cases are surging in counties where less than 40% of people are vaccinated.
5:41 pm
let's discuss this with an infectious disease epidemiologist in new york and faculty at the center for merging infectious diseases and research at boston university. thank you for coming back on the show. how concerned are you about the delta variant given the huge pockets of unvaccinated people in the country? >> what we have in the united states is two pandemics, one for the vaccinate the population which are protected with getting a full dose of the covid-19 vaccine. then you have a separate unvaccinated population that is still highly vulnerable and at risk for infection. so they're essentially playing russian roulette. they get infected with covid-19 naturally and suffer the consequences of, you know, hospitalization and even death and long covid-19 if you will. so it's one of the things we want to make sure that as many people are getting vaccinated as fast as pos wibl the delta variant making up over 50% of cases throughout the united states.
5:42 pm
>> does it change the threat of the virus and making it less lethal? >> it's 2.5 to 3 times more transmissible than the original strain that came out of china. and so we are so looking for data on whether it is causing more severe illness or hospitalization. so what we do know is that the variant spreading right now in the united states, the delta variant, many of the individuals that currently are hospitalized, 99% hospitalized and died are because of being unvaccinated. that goes to show you that while the variant that is highly transmissible, it is spreading throughout the united states, those that are vaccinated still remain protected. >> that is good to hear. yet on thursday, pfizer announced they're developing a version of the vaccine that specifically targets delta. a booster for delta. that news was not well received
5:43 pm
by some scientists including dr. fauci who said hold on, wait for the cdc and fda to say whether we need it. what is your position on the booster? do we need this or pfizer trying to make more noise and make more money? >> will is a koshgs for those that are compromised. what we're seeing is that even those that are fully vaccinated may benefit from a third dose of a covid-19 vaccine. so that's a separate conversation. for the general public, there is no need for a booster shot given that the vaccines, all three of them, pfizer, moderna and j&j are holding up have he with will for all the var yants. similarly, maybe down the road we see peoplely immunity waning over time and the variants are threatening vaccine induced immunity. it's too early to say we need a booster for the general population.
5:44 pm
>> and last quick question. in l.a. county they talked about bringing back masks even indoors for vaccinated people and in mississippi they talk belderly people, even vaccinated avoiding indoor gatherings. at what point do we have to say we have to think our liberalizing measures of recent weeks because of delta? >> it depends on the local contacts. here in the state of new york, you know, we still have a very -- we have a population that is highly vaccinated. we're still seeing pockets and communities that run vaccinated that you're seeing an uptick in cases. . when you're in settings where there are height rates of infection, when you are indoors or in large gatherings, it's good to wear a mask, especially if you have underlying health conditions. it is nuancesed. it depends on your overall context. we have over 1 thou dhoupties in the united states that have less than 30% vaccination rate. you want to see what is happening there and prepare accordingly. >> absolutely crazy those rates.
5:45 pm
doctor, thank you so much for your insights. always appreciate it. >> thank you for having me on. next, why england falling just short in the euro 2020 championship could still actually be seen as a good thing for the country's national identity. can passion for the sport overcome the polarizing politics in the uk and elsewhere? i'll share my thoughts after the break. stay tuned. i'll share my thoughe break. stay tuned m gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. ♪ ♪ experience, hyper performance that takes you further. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr financing on the all 2021 lexus hybrid models. (man) i've made progressg. with my mental health.
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it didn't come home. the england football team or soccer team who's international trials i followed since i was 7 years old and he did the hand of god thing. they lost in the european championships today in london in the final to italy in a penalty shootout. again. but, look this was a team that may not have triumphed on the pitch, but off the pitch, they are winners. they are unifiers, they are role models, inspirations. post brexit england as a country needs a football team like this one. not just for its soccer skills. british journalist wrote in the atlantic last week, at a time when england continues to grapple with the national identity and what it represents, the england team laid out its own vision of englishness, one that is compassionate, inclusive, unapologetically progressive. you had the england team taking
5:50 pm
the knee before the game in solidarity with black lives matter. you had team captain harry cane wearing a rainbow arm band in honor of pride month. you had an england squad at this tournament filled with players of color and immigrants. as pointed out on twitter, seven of england's starting 11 in denmark in the semifinal have parents or grandparents born overseas. this is now what it also means to be english. regardless of brexit and the rise of the far right back in my home country. from those who were with alien minorities. we were british, yes, but english? too nationalistic, too journalistic, too white. but today this english team is helping to detoxify english, detoxify the flag and help the bigots on racists who on wrap themselves in it.
5:51 pm
tonight there were reports of pen ants being socially abused, but those doing the abusing are a sick minority. let's be clear about that. today's english team has made englishness and patriotism itself an idea that not some of us are ashamed of but that all of us can be proud of. and, you know, we'll win the next one. i still believe. next, i'll co commiserate with the u.k. diplomat in new york and we'll also talk covid and the olympic games. stay tuned. and the olympic games. stay tuned oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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5:55 pm
all around the globe, nothing brings people together like sports, and especially big tournaments. it's something we all felt very keenly during this pandemic. on the international level, national teams like those from england and italy exist as one particular expression of our national identity. we take pride in their victories and suffer when they fall short as england did today. but this england team is being remarkable, sometimes regrettably a focus on national identity can feed into a person's worst impulses. but that's not happened with this english side. let's discuss with hannah young. she's acting attorney general with the british consulate of new york. hannah, thank you for coming on the show tonight. it didn't come home. we were defeated on penalties
5:56 pm
again. how painful was this for you watching from afar? [ inaudible ] >> hannah, i think we're having some audio issues, hannah, there. can't exactly hear you. it's a good day for england. we can't hear each other to continue on this somber day. i think we're going to try to get your audio fixed and get you back and see if we can hear you now. >> can you hear me now? >> i can hear you now. it's very clear now. sorry, do you want to start again on what today was like. >> i was just saying i want to personally congratulate itsy on
5:57 pm
their victory. they played brilliantly. they ever a tremendous manager and i'm confident they can gain from strength to strength. they have a very bright future ahead of them. >> i made the mistake of not congratulating italy tonight. i see you were very diplomatic there at the top. you said they were a young team, but also many members of this team are children and grandchildren of immigrants. and the team is being held up as an example of a progressive achievement, a progressive immigration policy. you said the government was being criticized for being anti-immigrant. do you think this tournament, this england team, this final in wembley can change the dynamic at home, make people more tolerant of immigration and immigrants?
5:58 pm
>> well, the u.k. has a proud history of welcoming immigrants from all corners of the world, and we celebrate the diversity that that has brought our country and the diverse backgrounds. as you say, it is a fantastic example of this and it is something that truly caught the nation. i don't think there was an intention between our immigration policy or what it means to be english or british. we fundamentally work on skills and talent, the bright and best of what you can bring the u.k. and that's what we've seen today. we also witnessed the team prepare to use that for good. they are role models and this team has demonstrated how important that impact can be, whether that's standing up for racial equality, supporting
5:59 pm
lgbtq, supporting children. >> we're almost out of time, but very quickly, over 60,000 packed into wembley stadium for the match. everybody had to have proof of coronavirus vaccination. it is still a risk, but everyone that wants to watch the olympics are curious about what they plan to do in the height of a current delta wave. >> we're confident the u.k. is on track for remaining restrictions on the 19th. what we've seen with our rocket vaccine rollouts, we're breaking the link between infections and serious illnesses and death. we believe we're heading in the
6:00 pm
right direction. we know people want to get back to as normal a life as possible, so we also know that this is something we've had to watch for some time. we want to continue to watch the situation. >> i do hope you're right. it is a big risk. but, anyway, on today's subject, hannah young, thank you for being with us. i hope when we win the world cup, you'll come back and we'll have this conversation again under better circumstances. >> thanks for having me on the show. >> thank you for coming on. thank you all at home for watching. we'll be right back here next sunday, 8:00 p.m. eastern. you can catch me monday through thursday live at 7:00 p.m. on "the choice" streaming at peacock. and now joshua johnson. >> thank you,


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