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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  July 11, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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okay. i feel lucky to have watched this launch today with him, living through him, with his excitement and reliving my own with a much better outcome this time around. we'll be right back. right back. good evening, and welcome to "politics nation." tonight's lead, suppression season. right now, on this summer sunday, i have faith that the resources are there to thwart the republican party's coast to coast campaign to suppress the vote. yes, i do believe that president biden understands the danger faced by minority voters. i saw it in his eyes when i sat with him and other civil rights leaders at the white house last week. and he will address that danger
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tuesday in his speech in philadelphia. in advance, of course, he tasked the justice department, his justice department with boosting voting rights enforcement. and last week he announced democrats will pour $25 million into getting voters engaged ahead of next year's midterm elections. it is not money or manpower i refer to when i talk about resources. no. my concern is that the intangibles of democrat express and a principled opposition, those values that should drive our lawmakers, are nearly totally absent in this version of the republican party. hence, the stalemate on voting rights legislation is in congress, where you have an engineered blockade in the senate. the republican caucus continuing to exploit the thinness of the
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democratic majority with the inevitability of a filibuster should they feel the need. when it comes to suppressing black voters, they have always felt the need. joining me now, michigan senator garrett peters. he is the chair of the democratic senatorial campaign committee and the chair of the homeland security committee. senator, first of all, my appreciation that you are joining us tonight. as we watch the nation convulse with voter suppression legislation with eyes on texas right now over its special legislative session to basically jam through a gop bill with expand restrictions, i wonder what your view from the senate is right now. because democrats in the housekeep getting voter protection bills passed. they come to the senate, where the opposition makes it clear in advance that they will not pass.
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unfortunately, you have an executive partner in this white house. but i ask you, what has to change in your chamber in order for some senate democrats to be able to meet this moment? >> well, i think we have to meet this moment. there is no question in my mind. as you mentioned, reverend sharpton, i appreciate your focus on this issue. this focus is ultimately about this democratic republic. this is about democracy. and repeated attacks by republicans across the country to disenfranchise folks, particularly communities of color, to make it more difficult for folks to exercise their constitutional right. to me, it tells me that we have a republican party that's brummett on ideas. they know they can't win this the marketplace of ideas. so they are trying to restrict who can actually vote. and it is incredibly dangerous for the future of this country. eel continue to use every tool available. you mentioned vice president
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kamala harris with the investment the dnc is making. we are doing at the democratic senate campaign committee. we have launched a defend the vote project with a minimum of $10 million to be able to call out what we see. but also to advance litigation to aggressively challenge what we are seeing from the republican party in court as well as we are not going to -- we are not going to sit back and wait. we are going to be engaged with a grassroots campaign getting into communities now and making sure that people have the opportunity to vote. my experience has been, when folks see that a party like the republican party s trying to make it more difficult for them to vote, they will often respond in force and say we will vote, whatever it takes, we are going to get out and vote. and we are going to make sure that we have the resources, the will, and the effort to make that a reality. >> democrats are obviously ramping up their response to the
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suppression campaign with 2022 and the mid terms in mind. you know, vice president harris announcing that the dnc will pour about $25 million into voter engagement ahead of next year. but i also know the democratic senatorial campaign committee, of which you are chair, is putting $10 million towards its efforts to, quote, defend the vote. and i would imagine, to project a way to protect the slim majority in the senate. what can you tell us about these efforts? because the majority of the senate clearly is something that has to be on your mind? and how we deal with the filibuster. people like me and now congressman clyburn and others have been saying we have got to deal with this filibuster, particularly on the voting rights act. either find a way to work around it as one of the things that you don't need 60 votes for, or to deal with changing the filibuster, period. >> certainly, that has to be in
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everyone's mind. we know that we are going to continue to push the voting lights legislation forward. in fact, leader schumer announced that it's likely we will see another vote coming on the floor as we continue to push this effort as aggressively as we can. but there is no question. we do need more democrats in the senate. as you mentioned, we have a 50/50 split. that's a majority, thanks to kamala harris breaking the tie. but we need to have more. my number one goal as chair of the dscc is to protect the incumbents, bring all of them bark they will still be in the majority, 50/50, but we have to expand that majority. part of it is the $10 million plus investment that we are putting into the ground, putting into the litigation and also organizing the kinds of grassroots efforts necessary to make sure that we can continue to turn out the kinds of numbers of people necessary in order the make sure we can protect this
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democratic republic of ours. but we are going to continue to push on the legislative front, as you mentioned. and whether or not we are going to have to reform the phil buster. certainly, there is a growing view that we need to do that f. not -- at least to make some sort of changes, to bring back the old-fashioned filibuster which said if a minority party wanted to talk on the floor they could talk on the floor but eventually there needs to be a vote. eventually, the people of this country deserve to have a vote. and when you are dealing with something as fundamental as voting rights, fundamental to this democracy, the majority should be able to have its say and make sure that we are actually expanding the franchise and making sure that more folks have the opportunity to make sure that their voice is heard at the polls. >> senator, your state attorney general in michigan will now investigate where individuals may have viewed the controversy in the 2020 election results in
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one of your counties to benefit themselves testimonily or otherwise. the amount of g. investigation was prompted by a report issued largely by state republican lawmakers after allegations of fraud in your state were debunked by republican lawmakers, which is refreshing to see. but we are approaching dwoo. it doesn't appear in a trumpism will cease to be a political force that democrats will have to contend with in our next election. your brief response? >> i am please in addition the attorney general is taking this action. you are right, it was actually a recommendation coming out of a report from the senate. and in the state legislature. and state that folks who profited should be investigated. here you had folks putting out what were clearly lies. they were completely debunked in terms of what happened in county in michigan. there wasn't any evidence of
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fraud whatsoever. yet you had people continue to put out those lies and profit from it. profit personally as well. that's simply unacceptable. that meets the classic definition of fraud. we cannot tolerate fraud perpetrated against innocent folks, particularly when that fraud is putting out lies that underlines our very democracy. so i am very pleased to see the actions from our attorney general. she is highly professional. and i'm confident she will get to the bottom of this issue. >> lastly, this week american parents should start receiving monthly checks under the expanded child tax credit that was part of the president's pandemic relief bill in march. i know you were a big proponient of the credit and join us tonight to discuss it with our viewers. the floor is yours.
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>> this is a big deal, for families, 90% of families with children will get a major tax break. this is a tax cut that will help families with children. in fact, starting on july 15th, folks will see money hitting their account up to $300 per child will be coming to them to make sure that middle class families can get through this pandemic, to deal with all the additional costs associated with raising children, the cost of child care, for example, which right now stands in the way of many folks going back to work, and increasing the productive output of our country. but i think it's clear that folks should look at this tax cut, monumental tax cut, one of the largest tax cuts for middle class families and know that it was democrats that delivered this tax cut. not one republican voted for it whether they were in the house or whether they were in the senate. not one republican. this was passed with 100%
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support from democrats who understand that middle class families and those who aspire to be in the middle class families are struggling each and every day. they need help. and that's what this tax cut provides. and those funds start flowing on the 15th. >> on the 15th. all right. well, thank you senator peters. joining me now is democratic congresswoman representing massachusetts's fifth district. she's the assistant speaker in the house as well, catherine clock. after my discussion with senator peters' regarding the senate's plan, how is the dccc fighting for american's voting rights. >> we are working every single day not only for the american people to meet this challenge, but to make an unprecedented investment in organizing on the
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ground. particularly in communities of color, because we know it is those communities that are the target of the republicans' plans to suppress the vote. so that is the work that we are doing with our partners in the senate at the dnc because we are really at a opponent for our democracy where the lines are clear. are we going to stand for our country? are we going to do everything in our power to ensure that everybody can vote securely in this country and that we combat not only these voter suppression laws that are taking root around the country in way too many states, but also that we are rooting out corruption, that we are getting special interests and dark money out of our politics, that we are doing what we can to answer these threats to our democracy and to fight
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back against the big lie about our elections that is still being promoted bye-bye republican colleagues across the aisle. >> let me raise this. speaker pelosi named republican congresswoman liz chaney to the house elect committee. chaney and kin zinger were the only republicans who voted in favor for the formation of the committee. with that in mind, how do you think speaker pelosi plans to integrate the findings into the new select committee? >> she has been clear from the beginning that she will bring all the information that we have in our pursuit of the facts, of the truth, and memorializing that truth for the american
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people. since january 6th, house leadership and speaker pelosi have been working to establish a bipartisan commission. in fact, one was agreed to and had bipartisan support in the house. but it was dismantled by leadership in the house. and as you said, only two members of the house caucus, and none in the senate came to vote for it. so we cannot let them obstruct the truth. they obstructed the non-partisan commission, so we will move to the select committee and use the findings that have already had hearings, and that the senate has been working on, and other committees in the house. but we are going to do an independent investigation because this feeds into exactly what we are talking about, protecting our democracy, making sure that we are understanding
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what led up to january 6th so that we are not bound to repeat that history and that we can get to the truth for the american people. that means, you know, that we are going to do everything we can to not only look at the truth of this, but how we address domestic terrorism in this country, and how we know that it is rooted in white supremacy. so we are excited that these hearings are going to start in the next ten days or so as announced by chairman thompson, because the american people are anxious for us to get to the bottom of this for accountability and truth. >> i certainly agree with you when you stress rooted in white supremacy. let me bring another subject up. you have been a champion of the child tax credit and called for universal child care in the past year alone the pandemic has caused so much struggle for many
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families across the country. how will the child tax credit in particular help families in need? >> well, thank you, al, for that question. because those checks are going to hit families' accounts starting this week, on july 15th. and it is so important to understand this is up to $300 per child for families. and this is the crucial funding that can make a difference in can a family put food on the table, make a rent payment, afford diapers. these issues that families are struggling with. and there is no greater contrast than this huge middle class tax cut, this huge anti-poverty measure, than looking at what the republicans did when they were in the majority. their tax policy went to
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corporations, special interests, and the very, very wealthiest americans. democrats are saying, our focus is on the american family, on working families who are doing everything they can, but who have the cards stacked against them. and that's where our tax policy is focused. and this is a week where americans are going to see this. >> which is basically the opposite of the tax policy of the past administration. let me ask you this finally, the white house american jobs plan, invests in infrastructure and climate goals, amongst many other comprehensive ideas. how are your democratic colleagues helping to sell president biden's plan to the american people? particularly in red districts with democrat representation. >> we are out in our districts every single day talking to americans about what this means.
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and here's what i can tell you, that when i go to my district and talk to restaurant owners, they say to me, child care. the number one reason they cannot get people back in to work in their restaurants. when i met with chair -- and parents and business leaders, they are saying let's make these crucial investments in the american people. it's not only about child care and elder care and paid leave. it's about expanding broadband, and affordable housing, making sure that we are creating great green jobs that pay well and address climate change as well as our roads and bridges. we have seen what this pandemic has done to our economy, and this is our chance and opportunity to show the american
2:19 pm
people whose side we are on. we are on their side. and we are not going to build an economy of the future with the policies of the past. we are going to do it in a way that meets this moment of racial, economic, and climate justice. >> all right. congresswoman catherine clark thank you for being with us. coming up on "politics nation," police violence in america is a threat whether you are black or white. more of you black, but also whites have been caught up in this web. i will explain to you why you all must rise up. and later, wildfires raging out west are just one example of the growing climate crisis which is hitting minority communities especially hard. find out what the white house is doing to fight back. but first, my colleague corey kaufman with today's other top news stories. >> stories we are watching at this hour, the major step in the
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space race, billionaire and virgin galactic founder richard branson is back on earth after a successful trip to space this morning. the plane launched around 10:30 a.m. from new mexico and made to it the edge of space before returning home. california is in the grip of a dangerous heat wave as temperatures hit record highs n. palm springs, the mercury soared to 120 degrees. officials are warning californians to stay indoors and stay hydrated. the high temperature is fuelling wildfires waelz. this is video from inside the largest wildfire of the year in california, the rapidly growing beck wit complex fire near like tahoe is growing. 90 people are now confirmed dead and 31 still missing in the surfside condo collapse. more than 14 million pounds of debris and concrete have been
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for this week's rise up, i want to return to the topic of police violence in america. i'm often invited to eulogize the victims of police killings. and while it can be a heavy responsibility i am honored that the families of these fallen americans trust me to pay tribute to their loved ones and demand justice in their name. this week i traveled to arkansas to join the family of 17-year-old hunter britain, an unarmed white child shot and killed by police during a traffic stop late last month. and while the officer who shot and killed young hunter has been fired, the violation cited by the local police department wasn't unnecessary use of force, buy failure to turn on his body camera before he fired the
2:26 pm
shots. activists in the fight against police violence know that police kills cross all racial lines. black folks are much more likely to be killed by police than other racial groups, at 37 victims per million. but white folks are a larger share of the population. and since the "washington post" began collecting this data in 2015, nearly 3,000 white folks have been killed by police. of course even one death is too many. but these numbers show that this issue impacts americans of all races at different degrees. a study by the national academy of the sciences in 2019 showed that the seventh leading cause of death for all young men, regardless of race, was police force. that tragic statistic makes the united states a major outlier in the developed world. and our approach to police
2:27 pm
training is also unique, and not in a good way. while there is no national standard for police training in this country, american officers receive, on average, six months. their german counterparts are required to train up to five times as long. worse, a 2015 survey of american police departments conducted by the police executive research forum showed that officers received on average 58 hours of firearm training and spent only eight hours on deescalation techniques. while black folks are disproportionately likely to be killed by police, this issue is not solely a black issue, that's why americans of every race showed up to march last summer demanding immediate changes to this bloody status quo. and we cannot stop now. we have to keep rising up together until this violent tide
2:28 pm
reseeds. the george floyd justice and policing act currently stalled by senate republicans would help, but there's plenty to do in your own community. keep marching, keep fighting, and demand accountability from the police department in your town or city. the system is broken, and it needs to be reformed. we cannot bring back hunter britain or breonna taylor, eric garner, or jid or any of the thousands taken from us too soon by the scourge of police violence. so the least we can do is remember their stories and honor their memories by rising up every day to end police violence once and for all. clearly, velveeta melts creamier.
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remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. welcome back to "politics nation." a lot of news to get to with my panel.
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joining me now is cher michael singleton, political contributor for the "boston globe." and -- cummings, president and ceo of global policy solution. moments ago, donald trump took the stage at the conservative political action conference. you can see him here live. he wasted no time in spewing his regular lice, scam mongering about immigration, and lying about his own record, and the nonsense wall that never got built. this is the man that won the cpac straw poll for 2024 candidates, with 70% of the attendees in support of him. what should we make of this? >> i think, rev, from some of the points that i have read going through social media, the president appears to be setting
2:34 pm
the stage for republicans to combat and formulate their overall message for 2022, focusing on retaking the house. in 2020 was not a big year for democrats. 11 seats in the house. republicans are estimated to win at least eight congressional seats next year. so i think what the president is doing is again sort of giving that faith -- or fuel, rather, to the base. and also sort of riding out the early playbook by which i predict republicans and republican candidates ready for office will utilize next year. >> if the democrats lose four seats, they lose the house, and it is projected the republicans will get eight. i think it is very important our viewers understand that. let me say this. earlier this week, cpac attendees were handed a card from an outside group of trump supporters with a conspiracy plan to somehow reinstate trump
2:35 pm
as president. amaya, as there is no legal way for this to happen, nor any justification for disputing the results of the election, why won't trump disavow these kinds of conspiracies? what will his supporters do when no reinstatement comes to pass? >> well, the republican party is hopeful that they will actually become insurrectionists and violent like the january 6th mob was. it is their home they can stoke the base with misinformation, lies and i think it is a sighoff campaign get these folks to believe complete and utter nonsense. it shows how disconnected from reality not just donald trump is, but the republican party, and how dangerous for our democracy they are willing to take this in order to win at all costs. this is asim met crick trickcal political warfare at its worse. and the republican party have
2:36 pm
shown they are willing to go there. democrats have lot to do between now and the elections of 2022 to basically get their message out the and convince the american people that they need to come out en masse to show their support for democrats. >> for all of their bluster about backing the blue and being pro-law enforcement and being the law enforcement party, republicans have been disrespecting capitol police since january 6th's insurrection with some voting against honoring the men and women who protected them on that day. others refusing to even shake their hand. cher michael, is the party taking its cues from trump? how do they reconcile this behavior with their pro-police posturing? >> i think actually it is easy, rev, for them to reconcile it. the reality is most of their voters don't trust capitol hill police. they do not believe there was an insurrection january 6th. they do believe that a lot of
2:37 pm
the messaging that have been reported are not factual messageless. they belief a lot of it is to target donald trump and paint him in the negative. those members of the republican congress are well aware of it of i think they are looking at the political objects and say, well, if i acknowledge these officers that is somehow in some way conceding to the fact that what indeed happened on january 6th was an issue. i think they are looking at that dynamic and saying i need to maintain support with constituents, i think the party needs to retain support with its voters. therefore it is not an option to acknowledge it. it is a political play here. >> the house select committee to investigate the events of january 6th is still short the five members meant to be appointed by minority leader, kevin mccarthy. with the first hearings due to begin at the end of the month, will the republicans seek to redetail the investigation?
2:38 pm
what are they so afraid had, in your opinion, amaya? >> they are afraid of the truth. the fact of the matter is that kevin mccarthy is in the pocket of donald trump. and they are willing to do anything possible to derail the truth. the american people saw with their own eyes what happened on january 6th. they saw the violence. they saw the disrespect for the police officers. they saw donald trump supporters beating officers of the law with basically flag poles. so there are two choices for kevin mccarthy. one is to stand back and let liz cheney represent the republican party on the select committee. of course we know that she stands with the democrats on this. or two, he can appoint his five members, and then have them try to muddy the water with lies, conspiracy theories, misinformation and disinformation. i think he is going to probably go with option two. that being said, the american people can see the difference between what they are feeling,
2:39 pm
the lies that they are feeling, the republicans, and what they saw with their own eyes on january 6th. democrats have a chance the drive it home that the republican party is anti-adriatic and heading our nation in the wrong direction and are not to be trusted with the majority in 2022. >> all right. thank you to both of you for being with us tonight. coming up, heat waves, wildfires, seas rising, droughts. is the white house doing enough to deal with climate change? and especially its threat to minorities. that's next. we'll be right back. ight back. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. you get both. introducing the wildly civilized
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welcome back to politics nation. we are only in the second week of july, and already our western states are in the grip of another round of extreme heat. we had flooding that left subways crippled in our largest city. the white house is pointing to its infrastructure plan as the way to prepare the nation for an unfamiliar future. but some climate activists of color are concerned their communities will be overlooked in the preparation because
2:44 pm
historically, they always have been. joining me now is peggy shepard, co-chair of the white house environmental justice advisory council and executive director of we act for environmental justice. ms. shepard, first of all, thank you for joining us. i might say, despite you co-chairing the white house committee, i have known your work many -- a quarter of a century. a colleague used to make all of us watch who you were doing in the new york area and others. you are not new to this. you are true to this. tonight we have had climate actiists of color recently that have expressed their concern that the president curtailed the infrastructure plan and it doesn't do enough for
2:45 pm
communities. they worry they will miss out on modernizing homes and buildings. as co-chair of the council, what is your response to those fears? >> we have got the save our cities, save our local economy. that's what a green new deal is really about. many of our communities have unique vulnerabilivulnerabiliti. in detroit, combined sewer overflows are creating a mass of flooding in community of color. it is not being addressed. we have got to have a very strong robust infrastructure bill. we think one of $4 trillion to $6 trillion is what the need is, because the need is so great. and we also have to understand that their yard money from justice 40 which is to plan to
2:46 pm
invest the -- energy investments in the front line community. in order for us to see the benefits of those investments we have got to ensure that the federal government ensures that our states and localities get that money to those frontline communities. and all of us as advocates have to work to ensure that our elected officials and our local and state officials understand that we are going to hold them accountable for that money going to our community. >> and you i are both new yorkers. you have done much of your work around environmental justice here in this city, the city of steel and glass and concrete. so i would imagine that at least for some, even in our audience, a major metropolis like this wouldn't be the setting they think of when they think about the fight that you fight. as i think about that to the footage from last week where extreme thunderstorms led to flash flooding that crippled is
2:47 pm
upways here in the city i think of two of things -- the implications for the future, and then the thousands of poor and working class people heavily, if not predominantly black and brown, whose lives are disrupted first by these kinds of events which appear to only be growing more frequent. would i be wrong call that the core of this moment in your movement? >> absolutely. the need is desperate in our communities. we have got to here in new york city -- we have got to get some pumping stations. we need a new drainage system. our subway is hundreds of years old, yet we have not made the investment that we need to ensure that people can get to work. and new york city thrives on the use of that subway and our frontline workers getting to those jobs. so we really need for the federal government to begin to have a dialogue with states and
2:48 pm
localities to address new revenue streams because the need is incredible. again, as advocates in our localities, we have got to ensure the accountability for the money that will come from the infrastructure fact, that the money that will come from justice 40, goes to our communities. we know -- we can look at some of the communities in the south. and we know that some of them still -- black communities -- have not been made whole from the last hurricane. engo, we not only have to address getting those funds appropriated by congress. but then we have to address the racism that has kept that investment out of our community. >> ms. shepard, before i lose you, you have read where you have had disagreements with the administration over what kinds of energy projects are brought to marginalized communities under the president's actions on climate. how do you grade the biden administration thus far on its
2:49 pm
pursuit of environmental justice in those communities? >> i think it's too early to give them a grade. but guess what. the white house environmental justice council is working on a score card so that we can develop the metrics by which we are going to grade the agencies and the administration on environmental justice progress. that will be coming. it is a little early. the agencies are still getting settled. there is an interim guidance going out to agencies to begin to understand the kinds of programs and budgets that can be used to do these enhancements in front-line community. and so we are going to be holding the administration's feet to the fire. but it's too early for a grade. >> thank you for being here tonight. up next, my final thoughts. stay with us. h us
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on thursday, when several civil rights leaders met with the president in the white house and vice president on voting rights, we urged him to speak out. we had heard rumors he was thinking about it, and we joined those that were urging him to do so. and we were glad to hear that on tuesday, he will go to philadelphia and speak on voting rights. there is nothing more critical to a democracy than to protect the right of citizens to vote. that is what this country purported from the beginning. even though it never fully lived up to it. that's why they said they did not want to be subjected to a monarchy with england. that they wanted the right to vote a democracy. though they denied that to blacks and to women, that was the language of the country. so it is great symbolism that he
2:55 pm
goes right to philadelphia and addresses this issue that is clearly being designed by republicans in states all over the union right now in texas, they're going through the debate that they're targeting undermining blacks to vote. and those areas that are black and brown in states around the country. we must fight back. that is why people are rallying. that is why we're having the national march with drum major institute led by martin and andreia king iii, by national action network and me and others on august 28th. that's why you should go to and register to march. woo cannot lose the right to vote. for many that i hear saying, well, i'm not into the system, everything you do, including watching this show, is putting you in the system. the system decides what stations are carried on whatever carrier
2:56 pm
you're using. the system decides the fda regulated food you eat. the system decides the water that comes through your drain. don't give up your right to decide who's in power in the system that you're going to live under as results of their decisions. so you're not doing us a favor. you're doing yourself a favor to stand up and fight for your right to vote. because you're going to have to live with the results. we'll be right back. buttercup! ♪ you're clearly someone who takes care of yourself. so why wait to screen for colon cancer? because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive and detect altered dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers even in early stages. tell me more. it's for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your prescriber or an online prescriber
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