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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  July 11, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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my friend yasmin vossoughian continues our coverage. have on good one. good afternoon, everybody. a lot going on, on this sunday afternoon. richard branson becomes the billionaires. plus president biden preparing for a major speech on voting rights even as republicans in texas move forward with their assault on democracy. we do want to begin with breaking news. the new space race is now a reality, history being made just a few hours ago. 5, 3, 2, 1 -- release, release.
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>> what a moment, with the successful launch and landing of the first might havized flight for anyone willing to pay the price. they surpassed the 50-mile barrier, the suborbital flight lasted about 90 minutes. the crew was weightless in space for about five minutes before returning to earth. cal perry is following it for us. good to see you, my friend. what a moment, as i watched it on television from the comfort of my home with my 4 1/2 years old next for me, who was so excited to see this launch, what has been the reaction so far from the branson crew. do they feel as if everything went as planned.
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they purpose that engine for a minute. goes straight vertical, and then return, the same vehicle really under no power. the only hitch was a 90-minute delay this morning because of high wind speeds where they moved that large vehicle, eve, who was named after richard branson's mother, who died recent lid. one of the tech says the live capsule had been better, because, of course, this is an advertisement for future, hopefully, paid travel that richard branson wants to bring folks out. that aside, sir richard branson whether he landed, was ecstatic. i think like most kids i have dreamt of this moment when i was
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a kid, hongly nothing could prepare you of the view from space. all of a sudden you have three people looking down at you. anyway, i'm just taking it all in. it's just unreal. they talked about the mementoes he took with him. obviously on his mind, a very successful trip. the hope is, you know, as we have discussed to get private space travel underway, and hopefully getting the competition to drive the prices down. that's the theory, anyway. >> only richard branson would get a hot air balloon to fly
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over london as a trick. what's next for him, as well as for jeff bezos. we actually have a tweet from jeff bezos congratulating the crew, saying he looks forward to more. the bezos flight will go deeper into space, but a lot of this is about business. we'll see in nine days. it's a totally different-looking flight. bezos will go on a rocket. and will return with parachutes. >> i thought, man, i wish i went to space camp when i was little.
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what was it like for you personally to watch this thing take place? >> reporter: she went to space camp, we were all enthralled by it. and, again, i know a lot of people think a billion dollars, and what a waste, but there is something about reaching for the stars. i know that's corny, but that happened today, and it was pretty cool. >> i have to say, it was so cool to watch, and to see it happening. again, it's kind of like the battle of the billionaires, but they are taking a step in a direction where we all hope to go one day. cal perry for us in las cruces, new mexico, and aren't you lucky for this assignment? >> reporter: thanks, everybody. and chris hatfield joins me with reaction on this mission and the advice he gave the crew before the launch.
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you don't want to miss that conversation. we're also following some breaking news, pretty troubling out of denver, colorado, where police say a group of three men and one woman have been arrest on gun and drug charges. sources say they removed long guns, body armor and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition. joining me is andrew blankstein, also joining me by phone is jim kavanaugh. andrew, i want to talk to you first and get the abcs, and what we know so far. >> sure. police aren't giving a lot of details, but they aroasted four people at the hotel which is not far from where the major league all-star baseball game is being held. despite is the reports that there was going to be a mass shooting, that the game was
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somehow being targeted, the fbi has issued a statement, saying these arrests are not related to the all-star game or the venue our in any way related to the game. based on what's been made public so far, three men and woman being charged with the offenses are in court today. my colleague is there monitoring the hearing, which is underway. not a lot of details released there. obviously when you have proximity to a place like coors field when there's an all-star game, it will get a lot of attention, but there's no indicational this point there's any relation. >> i want to make sure i'm understanding correctly. there's no why the at this point as to what they individuals were planning to do? >> right.
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this look like it's related to -- of course, thing can change. they will be gathering evidence that not only was taken from the hotel room at the maven hotel, but also looking at their footprint electronically. so that may tell us more, but at this point. it's unusual to have the fbi come out so early, downplay and say, no, this is not related to that. >> even the defense counsel for some of the suspects in court was suggesting that this was not what it was and will use it as part of the defense. >> jim, so drill down on this.
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when we're talking about what they seized, you're talking about 1,000 rounds of ammunition, of course, andrew making the point that the charges here are about guns and drugs, and the fbi sapg, no, no, no, in the not relateding to any events or stadiums in and around the vicinity of the hotel. >> so what do you make of all that we know so far? >> i think denver p.d. did a great job. near absolutely right, yasmin, to look at it as a possible motive when you have all the circumstances denver p.d. conducted themselves absolutely a-plus. >> that doesn't mean it was the motive.
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you don't get a lot of people -- it's hard to get a crowd of people into your delusion for mass murder. hey, let's go kill everyone. people don't just jump into someone's delusion to do that or murderous ideology. if you're a member of a terrorist group, sure, that's the reason you live, to kill everybody. but individual mass shooters come at it alone. so when you have actors here, it's possible that one, the person saying i'm going out in a big way, had some ideation, is what i mean, to have ideation about a mass killing investigators will be drink down
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on that. but it it could be a drug deal. they had sale quantities of narcotics. it could be a gun deal. when we were buying guns under cover every day, that's what atf did. they could use them to protect the drug deal. there's a lot of possible motives, but they're right to explore all of them. for now, thanks, guys. very much appreciated. so president biden will deliver a major voting rights speech tut. >> urging him to use the presidential bully pulpit to support voting rights legislation. the push is coming as new rules will restrict voting times and bose voter i.d. requirements.
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joining me is josh letterman. right to the speech, josh. what do we know so star as to what the president may say? >> president biden expected to announce and describe what he feels his administration can do to try to protect the sacred constitutional right to vote. president biden choosing for the location for that speech the city of philadelphia, where he kicked off his 2020 campaign at a place that president biden has described as the birthplace of our democracy. so far, president biden has been focused on executive actions he can take such as the justice department putting more resources into try to go fight for voting rights, but voting rights activists say that has been not been enough. they say his plans to try to make this a big push in the miss terms next year is not nearly soon enough. they say this is already happening all across the country, the new voting measure in georgia is law now.
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we we know -- right, we know the speech is coming in just a few days' time. what else is he doing? >> well, certainty the white house has been having conversations with a broad array of lawmakers on this. joe manchin was originally opposed, and then compromised, but ultimately it died, which is the filibuster, and the inability to get ten republicans
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on board with those measures. i think those dim prospects for getting a federal legislation, setting in for voting rights act vests, upshot that new arizona voting measure and suggest they would likely take these across the country. josh letterman for us in wilmington, good to see you. at the top of the next hour, congressman clyburn will join me, and i'll ask him about his called for a work-around to get legislation like the voting rights bill passed. growing concerns we're opening too quickly for our own
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good. plus new developments, for the gop taking a big step forward in its effort to limit voting. i'm going to talk about a state representative about what democrats are willing to do now to stop republicans. >> i'm going to vote. there's too many people, white and black, who died for this privilege. to see somebody to suppress it, you don't need suppression. you need more, easier voting. mg no way. my pants are pants, dog. pizza on a bagel—we can all agree with that. uhm whatever those are, they're not pants. [ ding ] this may look like a regular movie night. uhm whatever those are, they're not pants. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more.
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welcome back, a stark warning about the spread of covid came from an unlikely place. janet yellen, when she had, quote, she's very concerned about the variants for the global economic recovery. listen to this. >> we are very concerned about the delta variant and other variants that could emerge and threaten recovery. what happens in any part of the world affects all other countries. as long as the virus continues to spread, we're all still at risk. so her warning is arriving just as the suns in the crossroads. nationwide with 12,000 new covid cases reported just yesterday. with me now are nbc's steve
12:20 pm
patterson and the doctor. what kind of sense is vegas dealing with, especially with the concerns of a new strain. >> yasmin, there's little doubt. you look at the different rates and hospitalizations. we haven't seen numbers like these now since about mid-february. the worst part is official say it doesn't have to be like this. they estimate about 95% of the hospitalizations due to covid in the recent weeks have all been from unvaccinated people. there simply aren't enough people getting shots in their arms in this state. the state's about 45% or so totally vaccinated. it gets work when you look at clark county, the hard of vegas.
12:21 pm
there was a big fight last night. the strip was on fire, but moon while, you see several communities, 25% vaccinated. another zip code 30% vaccinated. we were there for a vaccination drive. it's so dire that senator cortez masko came. >> one of the things we have to continue doing is delivering accurate messaging, trying to get as many people vaccinated. the delta variant is a frightening concept. we need to meet people where they live. i think it's true across the country, but particularly here in southern nevada, people don't realize we're working 24/7. if we meet them where they live, more people will be willing to
12:22 pm
get vaccinated. we know fema is working with the nevada governor to put a federal surge team on, to try to do more to fight back. yasmin? >> first and foremost is the positivity rate. this is astounding to me. 10% to 15%. those are numbers we haven't seen in a long time, certainly troubling, i'm sure, as you can tell us. what is going on here in nevada? are you concerned it is just going to get worse? >> i am, yasmin. i think if you look at a study the cdc just put out about the delta variant, this is,a gymnastics facility in oklahoma. they found, of the people who got sick that took it home, and 50% of the people in hauer households got infected. this is a highly transmissible variant, if half of the people in your household can get
12:23 pm
infected, it shows you the power that indoors variant will lead to more infections. by the way, in the study 90% of the people infected, unvaccinated or under-vaccinated. i'm going to be uncharacteristically pes missic. my concerns are not just the delta variant is causing the cases to go up, you will see the hospitalizations follow that, because these cases are among unvaccinated people. the order pessimistic aspect is the demand for vaccines has gone down. when you compare to the beginning of june where we were about a million a day, we're about 600,000 a day, depending on the day you're looking at. i don't see states like nevada, when you track out when they might have 50% vaccinated, that may not happen until january
12:24 pm
2022. can you talk to me about the lambda variant? this seems is also an issue in nevada, saying the lambda variant, the latest is worrying officials and puzzling scientists because of its unusual set of mutations. dr. have i dalia? >> yasmin, this is what the w.h.o. calls a variant of interest, but it has some of the mutations that may give it the fitness table to transmit more. one study that's not been reviewed yet that shows some promise that hopefully it will know innovate the immune system at the same level, but we don't know enough. where it was first discovered in peru, it's becoming the dominant strain there. it's something to keep an eye on, but we don't know enough about its potential yet.
12:25 pm
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welcome back, nearly 300 texas residents flooded the capitol to make their voices heard, lawmakers hearing over 12 hours of testimony from voters on both sides of the aisle, late into the night, expressing their option, some for the support for the sweeping bills being moved through a special session right now. kyle wong spoke to msnbc after his plea to congress members. takes a listen. >> there's literally no time to
12:30 pm
waste. i'm seeing rights being taken away in front of my eyes. this is more urgent than ever. it's imperative that president biden and all the senators pass these acts. they need to happen now. otherwise the damage being inflicted will take years to decades to undo. >> house republicans advanced their restrictive bills as it was passed along party lines. that bill would add i.d. requirements for mail-in voting, drive-thru and overnight and early morning voting, and empower partisan poll watchers. joining me to talk more about this, and what democrats with do is texas representative jessica gonzalez. also have the executive director at next gen.
12:31 pm
representative, i want to start with you, the texas' sos's office declared it was free, fair, safe and secure, yet we're trying to affirm false narratives by texas republicans that somehow the election was stolen. where do they go from here? we're sees the same thing we saw during the regular session. -- still -- you know, puts more restrictions on texas voters. as democrats, we understand what this fight means, right? this is a fight against our democracy, so we're going to continue to do whatever it takes to try to defeat this bill.
12:32 pm
that's what i keep hearing, we're going to do whatever it takes. the question is, can you defeat this bill? and then there's the federal response. instead of trying to appeal they're trying to bend or break the rules to do anything they can to hold onto power. it took the passage of the voting rights act, and more to
12:33 pm
protect the rights for communities of color in this state. we are so desperate as communities of color, where we are expecting to see next election increased poll watchers terrorizing voters who are already afraid in one of the toughest states to vote in in the country. representative gonzalez the co-author has already said it seems as if it's a nonstarter. my question is, why? and do you think it could see a hearing or not? >> the bill that was filed in the senate, i'm unclear about that. i think it's a good baseline for to begin and to continue.
12:34 pm
>> what about the you think back to justice kagan to recently uphold, as tragic. right now we have a difficult supreme court. that's why we desperately need to end the filibuster and move forward legislation to protect the rights of people and americans to vote. i think people are trying to see through the big lie, that people understand why the attack on voters is mostly targeted, but its impact is on everyone. the minimum wage would be $15 an hour, and marijuana would be legal.
12:35 pm
i just want to thank representative gonzales that walked out, that have been organizing and fighting back. that's the kind of courage that we need people to show. we have a clear message, no matter what happens this session, if greg abbott, our governor, wants to cling to the past, he can have it, but the future belongs to us of the state. that will inevitably happen. we are organizing and doubling down to make sure that happens and mobilizing especially young voters of color, that ultimately they will not stop their power. >> representative gonzales, how far are you willing to go? >> those have always been parts
12:36 pm
of the conversation here, what kind of negotiations or discussions, rather, will occur between now and then. we saw the bill got booted out last night. unfortunately a lot of folks that traveled to the capitol to testify had to leave before they actually got to their testimony, because a lot of folks had to leave. that's unfortunate. they stacked up the committee that day, and folks had to sit around all day. people are having an opportunity to express their voices in opposition of this bill. there was an overwhelming number of people opposing this bill. we're going to stand for the voices of texans, the folks who went out there to talk about their concerns about how it will affect them.
12:37 pm
that thank you both. will president biden make good on his promise to hold vladimir putin accountable for recent hack attacks? after the break we'll dive into what kind of consequences the kremlin could take, and much more on the billionaire space race that is just getting started. e billionaire space race that is just getting started. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition
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12:41 pm
about it with the president of crowdstrike and former assistant director of the fbi. thank you for joining us. >> sure. >> you have a white house official say potential actions could be a mix of clandestine and public, as they put it. what actions are available to the current president that would fit into that box? >> well, there are a whole host of actions, that the president and the white house could employ here, up to the u.s. takes a stronger, theory redically could include kinetic action, but when we think about cyber, it's the newest dough may.
12:42 pm
the cyberelement is incredibly complex. any actions the who you or u.s. takes has to be done very thoughtfully. first, what do you mean by kinetic action. when we have seen thousands of u.s. companies interrupted, we've seen companies hardware destroyed. we've see companies knocked off-line, and government agencies that have been -- those are serious national security concerns.
12:43 pm
as it describe its strategy between russia and other nations, they have to put think issues on the table and clearly define what the red lines are. >> who's to say his russian hackers don't already have their defenses up, not they'll be vulnerable to cyberattacks? >> but when we're talking about actions that can be taken, the u.s., for example, could demand that the russians take law enforcement actions.
12:44 pm
potential extradite those people to the united states, to serve under the judicial process here, so it's got to be escalated proportionately. i think it starts with very clear discussion, defining what those red lines are and to be measured in our approach. for something to be a strong deterrence, they've got to expect whatever response they say we're going to launch is actually down. if that doesn't happen and they're able to continue to push without any type of consequences, this goes on indefinitely. >> just what incentives, do the russians have, to cooperate with the united states? >> well, i think it is, if the u.s. through deterrent actions, if the u.s. proposes what they
12:45 pm
might do, you know, launch some type of an attack against russian infrastructure, they certainly could do that. i think that's been implied, at least in some of the public communications. i think the russians are also vulnerable. they were recognize they need to step up and take access to preclude that type of escalation. this is very similar, in my opinion to nuclear deterrence. we looked at the nuclear arms race in a certain ways that neither side launched an attack because it was mutually destructive. i think we have to look at cyberthe same. i think we need to be very cautious. >> thank you. in the spotlight, a pair of incredible women. co-hosts of all my relations are joining me after the break. rele
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welcome back. the past few weeks have been painful for the indigenous community, following the discovery of two mass indigenous graves in canada. the remain found at former boarding schools are a shameful reminder of the systemic racism and injustice this community has faced and continues to face, not just in canada, but here in the u.s. we are putting that in the
12:50 pm
spotlight this week. in each episode, they delve into the unique issues. one of their recent deep dive was the violence against indigenous women. take a listen. >> the noncollection of data around violence against native women and native people has become an excuse to not direct the resources, to not direct of policy and that lack of data is being used against us despite the sisms that have created why the data isn't being collected. when we're talking about data, we're talking about people's lives, our sisters, our aunties, ourselves, our mothers. i just had a baby girl. >> even if you don't know them, when you hear their story, it touches your heart. it's pardon of your story now.
12:51 pm
what responsibility do you have to that story, now that you know it. >> all right. joining me are co-hosts of matika wilbur, and decenty small rodriguez. welcome both, ladies. matika, i just want you to expand on this,ed offthe data and why it perpetuates this problem, this data, by the way, accurately pointed out by you guys, representing a girl, a sister, a mother, a daughter. >> well, you're exactly right. indigenous invisibility is a very real form of racism. that's exactly why our podcast "all my relations" exists, to unpack what it means to be in a good relation-, a primary tenet of indigitius personhoo -- so
12:52 pm
protecting is protecting the sovereignty of indigenous nations. the doctor can speak more to the data part of this. >> i want to play a bit more of your -- go ahead, please. take it away. >> well, people don't realize that data are not objective, right? they reflect a certain perspective. because of that, they can also serve to erase other truths. that's what we're seeing this. >> i want to play more of the conversation that you had. i do want to warn folks, this conversation is surroundings sexual assault that i'm going to play, it could be triggering to some folks, especially if they have experienced sexual assault themselves. >> when we talk about our sexual violence report, there is
12:53 pm
actually one woman that we had to remove from the data analyses, because she had been raped so many times in her lifetime, it made the other data get skewed because of the number of rapes she had endured. you say, well, we took out this outlier, like, no, we honor you and your story. in honoring your story, we lifted up and we share what you shared with us, because every one of these women said they shared the stories, because they wanted to change the circumstances that resulted in their assaults. so we honor her in sharing such pain and sharing such trauma. >> that takes so much courage for these women to share this pain and those stories, so
12:54 pm
interesting referring to the one woman's story as an outlier in data terms, when it fact so accurately so, that story should be told over and over again to understand what is actually happening in these communities. >> absolutely. you know, unfortunately, you know, this is becoming more and more common, right? this woman's experience is not the exception. you know, we're only 2% of the united states population, right? that small number is a direct result of the ongoing violence that is continuing to be enacted against indigitius people and data is one weapon being used to do so. so i think we need to think hard about how the data systems are contributing to ongoing violence, trauma and eraseure.
12:55 pm
they're being misclassified as, you know, as exposure, as suicide. so many are just undetermined deaths. so we're being erased even in death. i think that's something we need to contend with as a society. indigitius erasure is continuing. even if test we are missing. >> thank you both. i appreciate you joining me this afternoon. make sure to do you know into the "all my relations" podcast. and we'll do this every single week. let me know when podcasts you love and we may feature it. joining me is jim clyburn, and his new suggestion that could change the game whether it comes to the filibuster, and the legislation needed to protect the right to vote. we'll be right back. needed to p the right to vote. we'll be right back.
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a short time ago pope francis made hi first appearance. he stood on a hospital balcony, saying he was happy to keep his sunday appointment with the public, and thanked everyone, saying he felt their closeness and prayers. he had surgery a week ago. a short time ago, history
1:00 pm
was made on the grass courts of wimbledon. novak djokovic won his sixth men's title at the venue. he won in four sets. this gives him 20 major titles, tying him with roger federer and rafael nadal. it also puts him in position to win the calendar challenge, which comes at the u.s. open in september. we're approaching the top of the hour, this is msnbc reports with yasmin vossoughian. hi, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. if you are still with us, thanks for sticking around. if you're just joining me, welcome. we are just days away from what may be one of the biggest speeches of -- as republicans across the country are involved in an all


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