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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  July 10, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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at 10:00 a.m. eastern as i fill in for my colleague, jonathan capehart, so he can have a weekend. but stay tuned, because my friend alex whit has the latest. alex, i don't know if you saw the last segment, but jimmy jam and terry lewis. i was so excited to have them. >> i was pretty excited to be watching them. and i'm so happy you'll be back tomorrow. as much as we miss jonathan, we're very glad to see you again tomorrow. we'll chat again. have a good evening. thank you. a very good day to all of you from msnbc world het headquarters here in new york. it is high noon here in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. welcome to alex whit reports. we're going to start with breaking news out of texas because the state senate is starting to hear from voters about the new and controversial republican-backed measures to restrict voting. let's go right to msnbc's priscilla thompson at the state
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capital in austin. what can you tell us about these proceedings so far today? who is talking, who seems to have a majority of voice there, if you can tell that thus far? >> reporter: yeah, hey, alex. certainly a very busy day here at the state capital. gaveling in now. first up is going to be the controversial voting bill. they haven't gotten to the voting bill yet, but i will tell you when we got here this morning, hundreds of people were lined up to get inside that committee room in order to give their testimony and were prepared to give their testimony. there are several overflow rooms where folks are able to sit and listen and wait until they hear their names called. and it is going to be quite a long day. i will tell you most of the folks that i've spoken to here are here to express their opposition to these bills. but in terms of the mood on the ground here, it's been fairly joyful. we have seen some democratic
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lawmakers who have bust up their constituents. we've seen voting rights groups who brought buses of people. we're seeing lots of hugs and people excited to share their opposition to this bill with those lawmakers in these committees. and i also had an opportunity to speak with former congressman beto o'rourke. he has signed up to give testimony today about his opposition to this bill. and i asked him about, really, the political play here. we know that this is a state in which the gop controls both chambers of the legislature, and so i asked him, you know, what leverage do democrats really have here? what can they do to block this legislation? take a listen to what he said. >> i think democrats here in texas need to do whatever it takes to stop this voter suppression bill. and so if they can do it through these hearings and through the public pressure that is mounted to stop their colleagues from trying to tamper with these elections, i think that's great. if they need to break quorum
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again and take the fight all the way to the steps of the capitol in washington, d.c., they should do that. our representatives here need to meet this crisis with the urgency it demands. do whatever it takes to save democracy. >> reporter: and while we do expect these hearings to probably run very long today, given the amount of time we have seen here who have said that they plan to testify, it is expected that these bills will be voted out of committee at some point when this is all over and they could go to the floor for a vote as early as next week. so democrats are really having to strategize around what their next move is going to be beyond, you know, sort of getting all these folks out here to express their opinions about the bill today. >> really quick, any talk of a walkout like they did the last time in terms of the democratic lawmakers? >> reporter: we have certainly been hearing rumors about that as a possible option and it really comes down to, yes, are they going to break quorum, and if so, what does that look like,
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where do they go? or are they going to try to handle this through the legislative process, trying to find procedural errors or things they can do on the procedural level to block these bills. but as democrats have said, everything is on the table. beto echoed that. >> thank you so much, priscilla. appreciate that. let's go to the breaking news coming to us from charlottesville, virginia, two confederate statues are right now, including this controversial robert e. lee statue, they are coming down, or in fact down now. let's get the update. welcome to you. first of all, where do things stand? are the statues both down now? i know we saw the robert e. lee one coming down, but there was also another one which had yet to come down. are they down and how are folks reacting to it?
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>> reporter: yes, so the robert e. lee statue is down, the stonewall jackson memorial came down, i'm going to say, about an hour later. so it's about two hours since both of them have been removed. they're being put into storage and then we're going to have to figure out what happens from there. as far as the people go, there's about 200 people here this morning and there was a lot of excitement, there was a lot of cheers. there were a few tears, but overall, you know, the mood was for the people who were here, anyway, they were happy to see these confederate monuments leave. since then, there's been different people, stragglers, who maybe live nearby, coming from around the city. they've been coming one by one to see what's going on, to see the monument behind me is no longer here. among the people who were here earlier was a woman named zianna bryant and he's the woman who four or five years ago started the petition to have the
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confederate monuments removed and here's what she has to say. >> we are standing at a park where the city is still refusing to address systemic issues and the work of removing the statue is only the tip of the iceberg. there's so much work left to do to address affordable housing, to address policing, to address the wealth gap, and so there won't be any unity and reconciliation of this place until there is a full redistribution of resources and until these systems are fully dismantled. >> reporter: and i talked to a couple more people, including the pastor who flew in all the way from tucson because he said he had to be here to witness history in the making. >> okay, thank you so much. appreciate that. let's get to the day's other breaking news. threats of a record-breaking heat wave in the west, that has
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more than 30 million people on alert today. the dangerous temperatures are expected to hit triple digits across dozens of cities this weekend and there is little relief in sight. nbc's erin mclaughlin is in los angeles, looking calm, cool and collected at this point. i'm sure the temperature is going to get pretty high thereabouts later today. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, alex. and scientists as well as government officials are extraordinarily concerned. the governor here in california calling the situation jaw-dropping. after all, this is the third major heat wave to strike the western united states this year alone. we're seeing record temperatures in colorado, near record temperatures in nevada, as well as california. there's a stage 2 power grid emergency declared here in california, pleading with californians to conserve energy. that situation is being fueled bid fires in oregon, which is
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halting the state's ability to import electricity. in death valley, clocking a temperature of 130 degrees. that is just 4 degrees shy of the all-time record ever recorded on planet earth. all of this following what scientists say was the hottest june on record for the whole of the united states. they're extraordinarily concerned about the situation and they're pointing to climate change. take a listen. >> although it was a rare event, an event of this extremity would have been virtually impossible in the past. but we are going to be seeing more intense and more frequent heat waves in the future as global warming continues. >> reporter: and scientists say they're only just now beginning to understand the full ramifications of this kind of heat. for example, you may remember late june that staggering heat wave that struck the pacific northwest, killing an estimated
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200 people between the states of washington and oregon, also potentially devastating toll taken on wildlife, particularly the coastline. hundreds of millions of mussels literally cooked alive. scientists say they're only just beginning to now understand the full ecological impact of this staggering situation. >> i mean, the human deaths are horrible, the story about the mussels, millions of them cooked alive in their shells. it was just horrifying. >> reporter: hundreds of millions. >> it is absolutely staggering and we thank you for bringing it to our attention. erin mclaughlin in l.a. other top stories, first at the white house, president biden issuing a stark warning to vladimir putin after another wave of cyberattacks by a group of russian hackers. in a call friday biden telling the russian leader the u.s. will take any necessary action to defend its people and its critical infrastructure. >> i made it very clear to him
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that the united states expects when ransomware operation is coming from his soil, even though it's not sponsored by the state, we expect them to act. >> haiti is asking the u.s. to send troops as the nation falls deeper into political turmoil, after the assassination of president jovenel moise. the white house press secretary, jan psaki, saying that the u.s. will work with haiti and send resources to help investigate the assassination. >> we will be sending senior fbi and dhs officials to port-au-prince as soon as possible to assess the situation and how we may be able to assist. >> and now nearly six months into the biden administration, the first high-profile firing. andrew sull, the head of the social security agency and a trump administration holdover, the white house saying his actions ran contrary to the
9:11 am
agency's mission. saul, however, rejecting the move saying his term is protected and he plans to be back at work on monday morning, which should be interesting. nbc's josh letterman is in delaware. welcome to you. what sparked the president's decision to fire the head of the social security administration? >> reporter: well, senate democrats, as well as advocates for the retired and the disabled have long called for commissioner saul's dismissing, accusing him of undermining benefits as well as being anti-union. in fact, the white house seems to have ultimately come to that conclusion, too, alex, putting out a statement saying that commissioner saul had undermined and politicized benefits, as well as having bad relations with other federal agencies, as well as ending the agency's telework policy, which was used by a whole lot of employees. president biden asked first for the commissioner's resignation. we are told when he refused, he
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was then fired with the president appointing the deputy commissioner to take over in an acting capacity. but this is setting up a real showdown, alex, because typically these types of independent agencies such as the social security administration, their leaders have enjoyed set terms, regardless of who is in the white house. in fact, commissioner saul's term was not expected to end until 2025. but that tradition has eroded in recent years with former president trump firing the head of the consumer financial protection bureau, the supreme court ultimately saying that was okay. but as you pointed out, commissioner saul, he says he's not going anywhere. he says he plans to fight this, telling the "washington post" in an interview that on monday he plans to return to work as normal, even though the white house says he's no longer the head of that agency. so that is going to set up a real fight ahead that could end up in the courts. >> yeah, like i said, is going to be very interesting to see
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what happens monday morning in the tenure throughout the day. yeah, i guess stay tuned for that one. thank you so much, josh. so there are new and alarming videos to show you from january 6th. they've been just released by the department of justice. there's also a new doj filing that directly names donald trump in connection to 1/6. we'll tell you why next. hold my pouch. ♪ trust us, us kids are ready to take things into our own hands. don't think so? hold my pouch. don't think so? this is cynthia suarez, cfo of go-go foodco., an online food delivery service. business was steady, until... gogo-foodco. go check it out. whaatt?! overnight, users tripled. which meant hiring 20 new employees and buying 20 new laptops. so she used her american express business card, which gives her more membership rewards points on her business purchases. somebody ordered some laptops?
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right now capitol hill's loosening some of its security measures, the protective fencing surrounding the capitol is being taken down this weekend, six months after the deadly january 6th attack. it comes as the justice department releases brand new video evidence showing rioters squaring off with police officers. the doj made this footage public at the request of nbc news and other news organizations and we're going to warn you right now, it is violent and graphic. >> you're going to die tonight.
9:18 am
>> yeah, that's just a small part of it. let's go to nbc's amanda golden, joining us from capitol hill. welcome. so as this capitol hill fence comes down, there's a new security issue for capitol police, right? >> reporter: that's right, alex. a lot to unpack here. the footage really showing the need for the bolstered security around the capitol complex in the wake of january 6th, but now we're seeing the last permanent reminder, the last physical reminder of the violence that took place on january 6th coming down, with that inner perimeter fencing that was going around capitol square being removed. it started late yesterday and it's continued through this morning and will continue up to monday when we expect it to essentially fully gone by the time senators return to campus on monday. as this is happening, we've seen a lot of iterations of this fence initially surrounding the entire complex and moving back to the smaller perimeter. with it being completely gone,
9:19 am
that's not eliminating a lot of security concerns and potential risks and some increased scrutiny around where things stand with the capitol police force, if they have enough resources and funding. they've been through so many and gone through extensive overtime hours to protect the capitol during the week of the insurrection, as well as having difficulty recruiting and maintaining membership within the force. there's scrutiny if they will have enough funds come august. and one thing that could bolster that was the $1.9 billion supplemental security bill that passed through the house that included $31 million to go toward capitol police salaries. that's now stalled in the senate. and while it has very little chance of breaking through at this time, there is a republican counterproposal on the table from the senate that's seeking to do a $632 million supplemental bill that would more narrowly focus on both the national guard and capitol police. this is coming as there's a select committee to investigate
9:20 am
the events of january 6th in the house. we saw the eight appointments from nancy pelosi last week and we are waiting for the five additional appointments that are said to be coming from house minority leader kevin mccarthy. he hasn't given any hints of who he intends to appoint to the panel, the chairman of the committee, congressman benny thompson, spoke on our air earlier today to give us a look at what the panel is going to seek to do in the coming weeks. >> the first committee hearing, we'll talk to the rank and file employees who had to fight some of these people off on that day. we'll talk to the custodial help who had to clean the mess up after we got the people out of the capitol. none of these people have been talked to. so we want to set the tone. we want to set the tone for our committee's work that we care about the employees who work every day in the capitol. >> reporter: and congressman thompson said earlier on our air yesterday that they intend to
9:21 am
hold that first hearing as early as july 21st or 22nd, and as he noted there, really focusing on the capitol police force and those additional support workers that had that experience themselves on january 6th, alex. >> amanda golden, thank you so much. let's go from there to a new court filing, this by the doj, that names donald trump, siting his false election claims in a legal argument to keep monitoring an accused capitol rioter. federal prosecutors referring to trump's claims that he will soon be reinstalled as president without another election. joining me now, former assistant director for counterintelligence at the fbi and an msnbc national security analyst and contributor and a good friend to us here. frank, welcome. so these images are coming as the federal government is focusing on the former president's words, his actions, as being the inspiration of this, with the concerns that donald trump's behavior could inspire even more violence. first of all, how extraordinary
9:22 am
is it to you that the doj has directly named donald trump in this court filing? >> this is the first time we've seen federal prosecutors who work for the u.s. department of justice acknowledge in a court filing that they believe that former president trump plays a significant role in continuing the threat. and let's understand something. those federal prosecutors that are overseeing all of these january 6th insurrection indictments, they are privy to all of the evidence that we're not privy to as members of the public. so they see what fbi agents are seizing in search warrants, looking at digital media, and they're apparently seeing evidence of a continuing threat. and the continuing threat seems to rest in the president's mind and in his rhetoric. there's a second reference that's significant in this particular filing, alex, and that's the reference to cable news, that they say, the prosecutors say, continues to
9:23 am
push this notion that the president, former president is going to mysteriously be reinstated in august. you just had a piece on the fence coming down and the inner perimeter at the capitol, while, of course, we're talking about federal prosecutors saying, wait a minute, we can't let this particular defendant go, we have to monitor him, track him with an ankle bracelet. why? because the threat continues to our rule of law posed by these cult-like members who think trump is coming back. >> and we have to be pretty clear that the doj prosecutors would not include donald trump's name were it not for the fact that they felt they had the evidence, which you are pointing to here. and the fact is that there's an issue with these television networks that do put on donald trump's false claims, proven false claims, as an agitation to their viewers. how serious could this get? >> yeah, there's a volatility
9:24 am
here that either they don't care about, and i'm referring to the former president and/or cable news networks that continue to promote this lie that he's coming back, the danger of this cannot be underestimated. here's why. people who study cults and cult-like behavior have identified a thing called forcing the end. so when the thing you think is going to happen, that you've been force fed by your cult leaders, they've studied this throughout history, what happens with some of those cult members is they make the end happen anyway. so what that means is, if president trump doesn't come back magically and reinstate himself in august, there are some fringe dangerous people who are going to try to make that happen. and that could translate to violence, i believe the cable news networks would do that. i believe the former president and his cohorts who do that should be held responsible if indeed violence occurs. >> let's take a look at a couple more pieces of video that were released by the doj through the
9:25 am
request of nbc and other news outlets. it shows a police officer coming under direct attack and i just want to remind everyone, some viewers out there are going to find this difficult to watch. here it is. i mean, that's brutal. just a relentless attack on that officer. frank, equally disturbing, new details from another case that's related to january 6th and it shows undercover investigators, listen to this, they're monitoring a member of a so-called bible study group in virginia, which last month was exploring the possibility of future violence. they want to use molotov cocktails. what does this say when a bible study group warrants surveillance, i mean bible study? >> more importantly, we keep saying bible study in quotations
9:26 am
when this is referenced. it's not unusual at all for organized crime figures, we've seen drug members do this, terrorist organizations, we're, quote, having our bible study. it's a code word. i'm not sure that there is any significant religious or theological substance going on at this rather than planning meetings. but it is a common attempt to avoid undercover work, electronic intercepts, because you're masquerading as a religious event. that does make it more challenging. >> most people would think a bible study, you open it up and start with genesis and go from there. it's remarkable to think that they are using that cloak all for nefarious purposes. let me ask you about donald trump, who has taking up the cause of ashley babbitt. she was the air force veteran
9:27 am
that was shot and killed through a barricaded door in congress. rioters were smashing glass, trying to get through and gain entry to the house floor. he says the officer who shot ashley babbitt should be identified. is that a fair request? >> it is typical practice, particularly when you're talking about state, county, local police officers because there's transparency in government that essentially an officer's name gets out in terms of a deadly force situation. i get that. here's the problem. with the current tenor of the threat, the risk picture that's in washington and throughout the country, when you have a former president and members of congress demanding that this agent or officer's name get released, you know what this is about. this is about putting that target on that officer's back and his family's for the rest of his life. so i believe there's a legitimate exception to any policy or protocol that says, hey, we generally release the name of the officer because of the threat picture of this agent
9:28 am
or officer. let's remember, this was thoroughly investigated by federal authorities and local authorities, the shooting was deemed justified and within policy. so trying to legitimize ashley babbitt tries to legitimize the insurrection, minimizes the threat and poses a real danger to law enforcement. >> the investigation was conducted, it was closed in april and there you have it. we'll see you again soon, thank you. coming up next, the frightening fallout of the two americas emerging from the pandemic. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year.
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during an emergency. so we have this breaking news to report, and an update. it's a good one. for about the last four hours or so, anybody at the florida/ft. lauderdale international airport will know what we're talking about because two terminals had to be evacuated. we're told there was a bomb
9:33 am
threat. imagine all the lines, social media was showing some long lines outside the airport. there was traffic like you can't believe because it was just a real mess trying to secure things and figure out what was going on. but, again, we have just gotten a call literally on the commercial break, letting folks know that that has all been cleared, and ft. lauderdale/hollywood international airport, the two terminals should be back up and running normally as soon as possible. if you're there, you know it's been a nightmare. if you're waiting for people to pick up or who will be on departing flights, just know there's been a pretty massive delay of about four hours. we'll keep you updated if we get more updates. let's get to the new numbers in the coronavirus pandemic. u.s. cases are up about 16% this week as compared to last, averaging about 14,000 cases a day. this is according to the cdc. 23 states have seen a percentage increase in new daily cases this week. and u.s. covid hospitalizations, they're also on the rise, up more than 8% this week.
9:34 am
that number has been increasing consistently since the end of last month. the cdc says americans age 18 to 49 now account for more than 40% of covid hospitalizations. new guidance for schools reopening this fall. the cdc says fully vaccinated students and teachers don't need a mask. now, those who are unvaccinated should continue to wear one. it is a push to encourage schools to fully reopen, while keeping distancing and testing measures in place. and despite the new guidance, california students, you're going to still need to wear your masks at school. the state says it will keep the mask mandate in place for increased protection, saying the requirement doesn't interfere with offering full in-person instruction. meantime, new warnings as the delta variant becomes dominant in the u.s. areas with low vaccination rates are at risk for outbreaks. states across much of the south and midwest have seen an increase in cases over the last two weeks. some of those even among the
9:35 am
least vaccinated. let's go to nbc's lindsey reiser joining me from new york city with all of this. how widespread is this variant? can you put it in perspective? >> reporter: alex, good to be with you. this delta variant is now the dominant variant in new york, and neighboring new jersey, and around the country, according to cdc estimates just this week. obviously there's a reason we're here in times square. alex, can you believe how busy it is behind me? i know you and i have both been reporting during the pandemic and every live view it is empty. this is good news for businesses here. restaurants are full capacity. you know very well that the bruce springsteen show reopened just last month. you covered that on this show. more shows opening in september. and state officials are saying that the reason why we're not seeing here in new york a huge uptick in cases, given the delta variant, is because of the high vaccination rate. nearly three-quarters of new
9:36 am
york adults have had at least one shot. certainly not the case around the country. we're going to show a map for you, a heat map of cases around the country. right now you're seeing states in the mid plains, in the midwest. those right now are really hurting in terms of seeing an uptick in cases, hospitals seeing more patients now. we're going to show you another graphic showing the least ten vaccinated states, and it's no surprise that they also are the states seeing the highest 14-day rolling average. alabama's vaccination rate is only 33%. they're seeing 80% increase in cases. going to arkansas, their vaccination rate is 35%. they're seeing an 86% increase. tennessee up 106%. fourth in the u.s. right now. so certainly, definitely kind of a case of two pandemics right now across the country. we're going to listen to a missouri nurse talking about what it's like in their er right now. it's pretty reminiscent of
9:37 am
previous spikes we've seen. let's listen. >> patients are much sicker than what we've been seeing in the past, and so that cuts down on the nurse-to-patient ratio. >> we're seeing all of the regular problems that would bring patients to the emergency department, all those levels are essentially back to normal. but then on top of it you've got a really high covid volume. >> reporter: so, alex, a lot of republican governors who hadn't been pushing for the vaccine are now changing course because they are seeing this correlation between the least vaccinated states and the states that are now seeing the biggest uptick. many of these governors are now on the offensive, trying to change the messaging and encourage people to come out and get vaccinated. >> it's good they're changing their tune, but unfortunately too late for those who have gotten vaccinated or tragically have died. thank you so. . very populated times square. all the legal digging into
9:38 am
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that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪ new analysis suggests the 15-count indictment against the trump organization and cfo alan weisselberg could spell trouble for trump's kids as "the daily beast" points out, the indictment includes a list of seven trump organization companies, including one where ivanka trump held an executive role for eight years. prosecutors say these seven companies we're showing you right there, they show a pattern of paying a substantial portion of year-end bonuses to weisselberg and other executives as independent contractors rather than employees. prosecutors also claim the defendants knew this practice was improper.
9:41 am
experts tell "the daily beast" the arrangement also implicates the companies and possibly the executives who ran them. joining me now is former trump organization executive vice president, also author of "tower of lies, what my 18 years of working with donald trump reveals about him". barbara, welcome back. let's go to ivanka trump. let's say she was in charge of one of these companies for eight years. what are the chances of this happening and ivanka not knowing about it? did you observe ivanka in her role as an executive during your tenure with trump, inc.? >> no, ivanka was a child when i was there. >> but the way the trump organization is run, is there a chance that ivanka or any ceo of any of the particular individual companies would not be aware of what was going on within them, would not be aware of the financial structure?
9:42 am
>> i don't see that as a possibility, but i think the question about ivanka and the others is how she was paid, what the terms of her payment were. i understand that she was paid as a consultant, but the idea was to get a 1099 form, instead of a w-2 form, which allows you to have all sorts of special deductions. i think that's the problem, that they hired her and others as independent contractors. >> so do you think this spells trouble for trump's children, and if it does, you do know donald trump. how will he react? >> i'm sure it spells trouble. he probably is downplaying it and thinking that, you know, he'll get them out just like he'll get himself out of any trouble that comes up right now.
9:43 am
he's angry. >> well, donald trump's niece, you know mary trump has weighed in and given thoughts that ivanka trump could play on the battle if she does become a part of it. take a listen to what mary had to say about that. >> there will be other people who might be more willing to flip than allen and i think among those might well indeed be my cousins. >> interesting. like the trump kids? >> ivanka also received -- i don't remember the amount. >> yes, consultant money. >> right, consulting fees. that's not a thing. you're either an employee or you're not an employee. so i think we're going to find a lot more of that kind of thing going on. and she's much less likely to stay loyal than allen weisselberg. >> do you agree with that? do you get any sense that ivanka, any of the kids would turn on their father to save herself or themselves? i mean, do you think donald
9:44 am
trump would turn on other people? i mean, that's actually not even a question because we've seen him do that to save himself. they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> i think trump would turn on them, for sure. the only reason not to turn on them would be the abject fear, and i don't see that in ivanka. i see it in the boys. she doesn't appear to be afraid of her father like the others are. and i do think that to keep herself out of jail, they would turn on him. it's not a matter of turning. it's telling the truth. i love how people say flip and turn. the question is, will she tell the truth or will she not tell the truth? because it's my opinion that she did receive all these consulting fees and she either didn't work at all for the companies or she was an employee of the company. and that's nothing new, by the way. that went on way back. >> during your tenure as well?
9:45 am
i mean, you saw evidence of that? >> yeah. i know people that advised me that they were on 1099s. >> instead of 1040s? >> instead of w-2s, i think. >> okay. so let's check what's at the center of this indictment, and that is trump's cfo, alan weisselberg, who is accused of hiding $1.7 million from tax authorities. in the grand scheme of things, $1.7 million is not a lot of money for the trump organization. why not just pay the taxes on that? why take the risk that appears to have led to this indictment? is there a mindset that you can point to from your experience? >> you know, i can't conceive of it. when you talk about trump and ivanka, they have so much money. i mean, what is it, a game to defraud the irs? i just don't understand it.
9:46 am
allen was paid well. i think he was doing it for so long with other employees before he did it himself, that i think he just goes along with it, this is what we do, this is the way we operate, and i can benefit from this. does he know it's wrong? i hope so. he's an accountant. >> he has been reportedly spotted going back into his office at trump tower after leading, of course, not guilty to all the charges against him, 15 of which there are. can you interpret his actions in any way perhaps as a sign that he's remaining loyal to donald trump, or do you think it is possible that he ends up flipping, or to your point, just telling the truth? >> i do think that's possible, eventually. because i think that there's -- the government has things on allen which we know about, but i think they may also have something on the children. and i don't think he would let his children go to jail.
9:47 am
>> okay, barbara res, thanks for the chat. we'll see you again soon. thank you. new video of the attack on the capitol has come out and it's absolutely chilling, but what might be nearly as frightening is happening in a state with the greatest number of people charged in the assault. for mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪
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i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. today a group of republicans are expected to rally at the florida capital, calling on the authorities no free the, quote, political prisoners who were arrested after storming the capitol on january 6th. the rally is hosted by a far right republican looking to primary senator marco rubio. it comes as the doj released some new extremely graphic and disturbing body cam video at the request of nbc news and other news organizations from capitol police officers who came directly under attack from rioters, and another reminder, this may be a little difficult to watch for some of you.
9:50 am
so violent. joining me now, michael hopkins, democrat strategist who served on the presidential campaigns of barack obama and hillary clinton, and campaign adviser. welcome to you both. thanks for joining me. i'm curious your reaction. that video, does that look like just another tourist visit to you? >> it sure doesn't, alex. it's hard to believe we just got through, we're in month seven removed from january 6th, and i just can't believe how quickly republicans are trying to turn the page and make it seem like this didn't happen and to re-write history and using the instruments of their propaganda
9:51 am
to really brainwash their followers and recast these domestic terrorists as victims, as patriots, as being who are being held with no reason. you look at the footage and it's undeniable how serious and dangerous january 6th was. and, again, for a party that walks around and screams things like law and order with every other breath, here we have body cam footage of law and order in action being attacked by their people, and yet they still continue to do things and fuel these people. i mean, they are setting the stage for another violent insurrection attempt. there's a lot of concern about what's going to happen next month. we hear all the time new stories about how these supporters are expecting something monumentus to happen. then people are saying it's time for civil war. this is only going to get more and more dangerous as republicans continue to run cover for these terrorists.
9:52 am
>> we have republicans, michael, who are not only trying to sweep january 6th under the rug. some are actually embracing it. they call the rioters patriots. all this to curt's point, what do you think of this? what does it tell you? >> it tells me how unserious and how disingenuous the republican party is. they are more the kim jong-un-style party than george bush. republicans have been beating their chest, saying blue lives matter and criticizing protests. but then on january 6th when a bunch of racist, bigot white nationalists attack the capitol and our capitol police, they have nothing to say. when they finally have something to say, it's to cover it up. it just shows -- i can't use the language i want to use to define the republican party right now. >> please don't.
9:53 am
it just defines how complete without merit and without substance they are. >> okay, well done. message delivered. we get it. look, donald trump has made a couple of mentions of january 6th while speaking this week and he's invoked ashley babbitt. she's the woman who was killed after storming the capitol. he says there was, quote, no reason to shoot her and asking about the police officer who fired that shot is not being investigated, despite the fact that the investigation was closed in april. this is someone who lost her life and donald trump is trying to turn her death into a conspiracy. what do you make of it? >> i mean, the irony here is she lost her life because of donald trump, because of these right wing propaganda networks that brought her to this location in the first place. i think there's a lot of us, frankly, after watching how donald trump and his justice department used law enforcement to impose a lot of draconian measures against peaceful protesters at black lives matter
9:54 am
plaza, how are those measures not in place on january 6th? what happened on january 6th was way more violent than anything i've seen from peaceful protesters and yet most of them came out unscathed. why is there one standard for people of color and a completely different standard for white nationalists? that's what we saw unfold on january 6th. it's actually amazing that there wasn't more of a body count on january 6th. but if ashley babbitt and people in her world want someone to blame for her death, they should look at donald trump and fox news and right wing conspiracy theorists who are driving people into these situations. >> in oklahoma, langford, one of the most conservative members of the senate, langford has refused to repeat the lies about the 2020 election and support trump's false claims that the election was stolen.
9:55 am
michael, is this the new republican litmus test? even the people who were most loyal to the president was langford was, are not conservative enough if they don't repeat election lies, or are they just not trump-ian enough? is that the new definition of the republican party? >> it's the new dangerous problem with the republican party. and god knows there are enough of them. but when you have people like james langford, people like liz cheney, people who i disagree with on politics, but can say when it comes to the country that i think their heart is in the right place, they are getting primaried on the right because of people like donald trump, because the party is leaning so far to the right and demanding a purity test that shouldn't be able to be fulfilled. and so what we're going to see is the party continue to move more to the right, to deny reality, and at the end of the day we're going to end up having a party that's not just cultish, but in many ways nationalistic and dangerous both physically
9:56 am
and mentally for the country. >> michael star hopkins and curt, it's good to see you both. thank you, guys. haiti is calling on america for help, and that includes sending in some u.s. troops. wht e given humanity! fuel for vast migrations! sustenance for mountaineering expeditions and long journeys across the world! but most importantly? they give us something to eat when we drink beer. planters. a nut above. don't settle. start your day with secret. secret stops odor- causing sweat 3x more. they give us something to eat when we drink beer. and the provitamin b5 formula is gentle on skin. with secret, outlast anything. no sweat. secret. all strength. no sweat. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪
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♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪ paychecks has president biden touting his american families plan. he's also promoting his separate $2.6 trillion jobs plan. >> build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out, to truly deal everybody in this time, we need to invest in our people. my plan will also do more to invest the high quality job training and apprenticeships in fast-growing sectors. >> experts say inadequate skills may account for job openings. in a labor department survey done in may, some 9.2 million jobs went unfilled, at the same time nearly an equal number of americans claimed to be looking
10:00 am
for work. if a new survey is any indication more help wanted signs may be in the onning, it finds 95% of workers surveyed say they're thinking about quitting their jobs with burnout being the reason for about one-third of them. and the surging stock market is allowing some well-off investors to join the wave of retirements. the dow, s&p and nasdaq each closing friday at all-time highs. and a very good day to all of you from msnbc headquarters here in new york. welcome to "alex whit reports". we begin with the developments in haiti and the assassination of the president there. new doubts today about who exactly was behind the killing and an appeal from the government for u.s. military support. let's go to nbc's kathy park, with the latest on this


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