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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  July 10, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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scene. a rising death toll in the surfside condo collapse, new numbers and a touching new survival story about someone or rather something that made it out alive and is now reunited with family. >> this small miracle could bring some light into the lives of a hurting family. and the countdown to the billionaire space race. we're just over 24 hours away from blastoff, the stakes are high and so is the criticism. >> i mean, a lot of people are calling them like the billionaire boomers. their boomer rockets going to space as we do say good morning, everybody, it is saturday, july 10th, i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm lindsey reiser. i was talking to somebody about the news. i was telling them about the billionaire space race and he said nobody called me. >> exactly. >> a little out of touch. but we have a team of reporters and analysts following the latest for you right now. >> all right.
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but we are going to begin with the latest on charlottesville. we are there removing those confederate relics. it's been a long time coming you might say according to the charlottesville city councilman michael payne. the statues were at the center of the rallies that took place four years ago or in 2017 and of course resulted in the death and the injuries of many people there in charlottesville. these are the live pictures that we're getting in right now from charlottesville. we were told that the removal will happen sometime within our hours and of course now we're starting to see some heavy equipment pulling through into the downtown area. it's actually two different monuments that will be removed, lindsey, one of them is of robert e. lee that's been there nearly 100 years, the other one is of stonewall jackson. >> and this was all approved by the city council and was fought all the way up to the supreme court. that is why this is happening today. we are going to bring in right
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now council member from charlottesville michael payne. councilman, thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> definitely. >> talk to us about what's going through your mind this morning and how you're feeling knowing that this -- as kendis said -- long time coming event is final finally happening today. >> yeah, no, it's a lot of emotions. it's definitely a long time coming, definitely feeling a lot of gratitude. the real credit does not go with me at all, it goes with the community members who have been fighting for years with this. brian who started a petition, dawn and jolene who have been involved with the blue ribbon commission and efforts, former counselors bell knee and zakos our current mayor nikuyah walker. people who have fought for years to make this happen. it's a cathartic moment as well as someone who was there turning on to fourth treat during the terrorist attack, it's just a lot of emotions and a powerful moment for the city and i think hopefully can be a small part of
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deeper change here in charlottesville and throughout the country. >> but it's been a really difficult fight and even after all the events that took place some four years ago. i know that it's set to come down any minute now, but i get a sense that so many people there in charlottesville have been there over the last few years they say they will believe it once they see t is it the same emotion for you? >> yeah, you know, it's definitely surreal and it's been such a fight for so many people to prevent this from happening for so many years that to see it actually finally happen is -- it's surreal and, you know, i still won't quite believe it until it's finally removed and finally gone. >> we spoke in the last hour, councilman, with a professor there at the university of virginia and she said we need to use this moment to choose who and what we are going to
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memorialize. do you agree and obviously this is putting the cart before the horse, the statues aren't even down yet, but what would you like to see in that space instead? >> yeah, i think ultimately what i would like to see is public art that's driven by the community, that's telling a fundamentally different story, that's actively undermining lost cause narratives and that's using those public spaces to tell a completely different history than the kind that's conveyed by these confederate statues and one that uplifts the community and tells a more honest history. >> all right. we should mention to the viewers the images that you're seeing on the screen is of that press conference we expected from the mayor of charlottesville. she's making her way towards the podium, hopefully we will be able to have some audio and be able to bring it to you live. okay. they're saying -- looks like everybody is ready and prepared. this mayor, by the way, of charlottesville has been there in office, she was voted in just
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a few months after that incident that took place in august of 2017, she's the first black female mayor of that small community in the middle of virginia, her name is nikuyah walker. let's listen in, shall we? >> good morning. my name is zionna bryant, i initiated the petition in 2016 and i don't have much to say other than this is well overdue. this should have happened a long time ago. we are standing in a park where
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the city is still refusing to address systemic issues and the work of removing the statue is only the tip of the iceberg. there is so much work left to do to address affordable housing, to address policing, to address the wealth gap and so there won't be any unity and reconciliation of this place until there is a full redistribution of resources and until these systems are fully dismantled. to the young people out there i hope that this empowers you to speak up on the issues that matter and to take charge in your own cities and communities. no platform for white supremacy, no platform for racism and no platform for hate. thank you.
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>> good morning. firstly i would like to honor the monica nation whose people cared for an honored the land upon which we stand. thank you to the previous and current council members who voted in favor of dismantling white supremacy, our former city manager maurice jones and police chief al thomas who attempted to navigate the storm of 2017 and who themselves were victim of white supremacy. thank you to all the staff who worked over the years and to current staff who worked to ensure that we are safe daily, whether we're fighting white supremacy or trying to keep citizens safe during a pandemic. thank you to zionna bryant and dr. wes bellamy for the work
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they did to bring us to this moment and on behalf of the entire council i would like to thank the community who continues to fight daily. after 3-2 votes, injunctions, court battles that landed us at the highest court in virginia, a white supremacist rally led by people whose minds were trained at the very institution built by an enslaver, that people still choose to idealize today. as we debate in america whether critical race theory, actual history can be taught, our community battles with the falsities that have created to enshrine and preserve whiteness as supreme. taking down the statue is one
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small step closer to the goal of helping charlottesville, virginia, and america grapple with its sin of being willing to destroy black people for economic gains. we the people are one step closer to the tranquility promised by the writers of the constitution, to form a more perfect union. we are so far from the perfect union, yet one step closer today as these two statues come down. it is my hope that we stop taking these steps in 100-year increments and increase the frequency to bold daily action and critical examination of
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accurate history, even when it denounces whiteness as supreme. the idea of this statue was commissioned 104 years ago and dedicated 97 years ago at a grand ole party held by a man who bought the land and demolished existing structures to create 104-year home for this object. the object was only important because of the race of the man who sat upon the horse. his greatest honor was his whiteness and the treason that he committed in the attempt to preserve the great american tradition of being able to enslave, rape, pillage and murder black people for economic
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gain. what was brewing in the mind of the man who commissioned this statue? my guess would be the desire to continue to perpetuate the erroneous theory that whiteness is supreme. as this community and our country attempts to reconcile with this hypothesis of white supremacy i hope that we can move to an authentic healing by embracing truth. it should not take another black child, tamir rice, another black woman, breonna taylor or another black man, sean bell, george floyd, for this country to be outraged by the injustice inflicted upon black bodies. this statue is finally being surrendered, it's just one small step. the real work has always been
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and will continue to be the willingness to accurately teach history, eliminate wealth gaps by investing at the same pace that white people invested in themselves. we have to let go of the sense of ownership that so many people feel because of the lies that have been told from centuries. this is what critical race theory is attempting to do. this is about true liberation, black people, this nation has been comfortably attempting to destroy us, today the statue comes down and we are one small step closer to a more perfect union. >> all right. we have been listening to charlottesville mayor here nikuyah walker, originally we first heard from zionna bryant she actually started a petition back in the spring of 2016 to get these statues removed. >> as a teenager.
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>> as a teenager, a student activist and the mayor speaking. we heard her say it is important to teach and espouse accurate history even when it denounces whiteness as not supreme. >> as she was speaking we were monitoring the live pictures that you are seeing in the middle of your screen, that statue there of robert e. lee who has been the center of so much controversy resulting in death over the years there in the center of charlottesville. that 26-foot-tall monument to robert e. lee expect to come down sometime today, perhaps within the next hour. >> along with the statue of stonewall jackson. still remains to be seen what will become of these statues, they won't be destroyed. right now the city is reviewing ten different offers from different organizations that might be interested in taking ownership of the statues. >> we will continue to keep an eye on all of that as it plays out there in charlottesville. we have a lot more to come, including the one last physical reminder of the violent january
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capitol hill is loosening some security measures this morning after more than six months since the january 6th insurrection the financing fortifying the capitol will now be coming down, will be completely removed before lawmakers return to session next week. this comes as house minority leader mccarthy mulls his five picks for the january 6th committee responsible for investigating the attacks. joining us on capitol hill with the latest amanda golden. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i want to first start with some new video that's been coming out
4:19 am
released from the department of justice under court order and i do want to warn this is obtained video by nbc from the government but it is quite graphic so let's take a look. >> you're going to die tonight. >> as we look to the next video here you're going to see what appears to be an officer grabbed and dragged into the mob but then the rioters physically attacking another officer. these are stark reminders of that deadly day and the new video that we're seeing just really underscores the security threat that has been ongoing throughout the capitol since that deadly insurrection just over six months ago, but as you noted now we are seeing that last physical reminder that inner perimeter fencing around the capitol square start to come down t began yesterday, it's going to continue throughout the weekend and essentially be completely gone we expect when
4:20 am
lawmakers return on monday. this is coming at the recommendation of the capitol police board that's the oversight body for security here on capitol hill following the recommendation of capitol police themselves saying that they no longer feel that this inner perimeter is necessary. they do say, however, the board says that they will continue to monitor and assess the threat levels, they can always put the fencing back up if they feel they need to do so. while the fencing a coming down that doesn't eliminate the questions of what the security measures and police force should be to bolster security across the capitol complex moving forward and some renewed scrutiny over whether or not capitol police will have the fund to go do what they need to do. this is an already depleted workforce, they are down a number of officers, they've been overworked, the overtime to protect the capitol in light of january 6th has been intense and they could potentially run out of funding by mid-august. something that could help to supplement that would be this emergency funding bill that passed the house about a month ago, that $1.9 billion bill that
4:21 am
was supposed to help bolster security around the capitol, renew completed forces for the police force itself on the capitol, that's now stalled in the senate with republican senators not believing it's necessary even though that bill would include $31 million going towards capitol police salaries. theres a republican senate counterproposal for funding, more narrowly just for the national guard and the capitol police that's coming out to a total of $632 million. theres a stalemate here and this is an issue that's clearly running out of time as we inch towards august, but in light of all of that we're waiting to see these five moments from house minority leader kevin mccarthy to join the eight appointments from house speaker nancy pelosi for the select committee in the house to investigate what happened. as they move forward the chair of that committee congressman benny thompson did say on the air yesterday that they will not wait for these appointments as they proceed, they are ready to bring about that first hearing either on january 21st or 22nd
4:22 am
that's 11 or 12 days away. as they move forward that first hearing is going to highlight the experiences of capitol police officers themselves as well as the support staff that were here on january 6th. >> wow, amanda golden so much to cover. thank you for getting us up to speed. just a reminder you see the small box right there at the bottom of your screen, we are watching those live pictures out of charlottesville and the imminent removal of the robert e. lee statue. you see it there. the crews are getting ready, they're hoping to do it in the early morning hours so as not to attract too much attention. this is all playing out in the downtown region of charlottesville. that college down in the heart of virginia. that statue which has been at the center of so much controversy, so many rallies, so much death and injuries over the years is coming down any moment. in the meantime as we continue to keep an eye on that,
4:23 am
quite a showdown expected in texas this weekend. >> just as a public hearing on a republican-backed restrictive voting bill is set to start at the state capital in austin. former president donald trump who is still touting false claims of voter fraud is head lining a big event in dallas. we have both angles covered for you this morning. priscilla thompson is live in austin and nbc news political reporter -- correspondent, either, ali vitali is live in dallas. priscilla, we will start with you in a rainy state capital there. a lot is at stake when it comes to voting rights in texas. talk to us about today's hearing. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, lindsey. a very rainy day here, but voting rights advocates are hoping that that does not derail what they have planned for these public hearings. there are going to be two hearings held on election bills, one in the house and one in the senate. this is really the first time that we're going to see -- see any action on the floor on these bills. the past couple of days in the
4:24 am
special session have been procedural, bills being filed, being referred to committee, but today we're actually going to get to hear from the public about these bills. now, folks who oppose the bill can show up, folks who agree with the bills can also show up. we won't have a sense of who is really going to be here until these hearings get under way, but what we do know is that dozens of voting rights advocacy groups have put out an all call to their followers encouraging them to get to the capital today and sign up to give testimony. we also know that former congressman beto o'rourke has done the same, calling on his supporters to come out and we expect him also to be here today giving testimony before these committees about how he feels these election bills would impact him, impact his community and so that's what we're going to be seeing today. to give you just a little bit of context about what exactly is in those bills, it's many of the same provisions that democrats sought to block by walking out during the regular session.
4:25 am
it is provisions like a ban on overnight voting, a ban on drive-thru voting, also increased penalties for election officials, criminal penalties. it would become a state felony to send unsolicited vote by mail applications. meanwhile, creating extra protections to bolster sort of partisan poll watchers. a lot of concerns here and we will be watching very closely today to see what impact these -- this testimony could have on the ultimate shape that these bills begin to take going into next week. kendis, lindsey? >> all right. to ali now just about two and a half drive up i-35 from austin there in dallas. a conservative political action conference is taking place or cpac, the second one this year mind you. has former president trump head lining the last day there. he probably won't mince words. what's been the mood there at the event ahead of his speech? >> reporter: kendis, texas is really the ultimate embodiment
4:26 am
of the republican party right now. priscilla really highlights the juxtaposition that we see here in texas' state capital, they are beginning to enact a lot of the legislation that is talked about at conferences like this one. i've been to cpac now, this will be my second time this year, but a lot of other conservative gatherings, too. there is a lot of conversation about red meat for the base in terms of the substance that we hear from the speakers here and it's not just the former president, though he is appearing at this event once again, we hear it from his son who spoke here last night, we have heard it from senators who have appeared at events like this one and others like it. so it really is the red meat for the base that trump himself stoked while he was in office and has continued to stoke since leaving. you can really see a cause and effect here, too. consider the fact that at this conference specifically you're going to hear people talk about things like banning critical race theory, like limiting trans athletes from participating on certain sports teams based on gender and of course continuing to stoke that lie about the 2020
4:27 am
election. you can see the tangible impact of that in the special session that priscilla is covering. there are bills that ban critical race theory, there are bills that limit those trans athletes and of course in this voting bill a lot of that is steeped in what we saw in 2020. so really you're seeing here this is the epicenter of the ethos of the gop where priscilla is is the actual manifestation of that. >> priscilla thompson in austin, ali vitali, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we're going to take a closer look at that texas special session by bringing in armando martinez who represents the 39th district. >> representative martinez, thank you for joining us. remind viewers of what's in the bill as priscilla and ali pointed out, it would ban 24-hour drive-thru voting, criminalize election officials who send mika brzezinski applications and adds new id requirements for mail-in votes. does this have any chance of
4:28 am
passing in its current form? >> thank you all very much for having me in morning. unfortunately republicans do have the numbers. this session is everything but special, you know, and we know that this depression session is something that is targeting voters here in texas and the introduction of these bills make it clear that anti-voter lawmakers will stop at nothing to prevent the rising texas electorate from exercising their fundamental right to vote. >> some of your democratic colleagues aren't ruling another walk out out to use as a stopgap measure but they may not be able to because the texas constitution requires two-thirds of members to be present to take action on legislation which means democrats could simply not show up, but there are some rules that allow for basically locking the doors to make sure that people stay, also asking state courts to order them to return. how do you see this playing out? >> well, i think we're leaving all options on the table. i think democrats have always been re resilient in the use
4:29 am
of -- especially in the texas house and we will use every rule available to us just like we did during the regular session to address these matters and make sure that the voting rights of texans are protected. >> you guys are running out of options, right? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, it's mainly trying to work and trying to have a peaceful legislation that everybody can -- that's palatable and everybody can pass, but of course if there is something that we don't agree with we are going to use every means available to us to address it. >> so do you have your bags packed just in case you have to hit the border to oklahoma or new mexico? >> i could tell you our socks are already packed and we're ready to go, but we want to make sure that we address any issue and try to make this work for the people of texas, but all options are still on the table for us as democrats. >> so you're saying all your bags are packed and you're standing there outside -- all right. thank you, representative
4:30 am
martinez. thank you so much for joining us and talking to us about this. please do come back and keep us posted on what's going on there in your state. we are going to head now to florida. the death toll in the surfside condo collapse jumping to 79. officials are expecting that number to rise. 61 people are still considered missing this morning. there is a tiny piece of good news in all of this. nbc's vaughn hillyard is in surfside, florida, with more. vaughan, tell us the good and the bad. >> reporter: yeah, lindsey, the good part is that this recovery process was accelerated over the course of this week, it was last sunday night that the demolition of that existing building that did not initially fall took place and ever since then these rescue efforts have been able to be increased. you've been seeing these crews on the mounds, he have single day, consistently pulling out a greater number of individuals. yesterday that was 15 more individuals, the rough part about this is that we of course are learning the names and the
4:31 am
faces of every one of these individuals every single day. the hard part, too, though, is that there's still upwards of 61 potentially individuals unaccounted for. now 78 confirmed deceased, 61 individuals unaccounted for. i do want to let you hear this is a story over these last three weeks that has had little in the form of good news and yesterday at least there was a little bit of light when it came to one particular family's pet cat. i want to let you listen to the mayor with her announcement yesterday afternoon. >> i'm happy to be able to share a small piece of good news. binx, a cat, living on the ninth floor of champlain towers south was recently found near the site and a few hours ago he was reunited with his family. >> reporter: i think the context here is that the only individuals that we know that
4:32 am
have survived at this point were in those initial moments after the collapse that thursday morning, june 24th. binx's discovery yesterday around this complex here at least was a little bit of light as one particular family found their loved cat. at the same time, again, we expect more recoveries here today, again, 61 individuals unaccounted for and there's also heightened concern around this community about other condominium complexes as reviews are ongoing and evacuations of one particular building are still in effect, but yesterday afternoon there was another evacuation and, in fact, it was at the miami-dade county courthouse. this is the same courthouse on wednesday where there was a major hearing with 30 to 40 lawyers representing these families and conversations with the judge about how to proceed with potential damages that these families that lost their loved ones or lost their homes are seeking. that very courthouse was
4:33 am
evacuated just yesterday afternoon out of an abundance of caution. the county ordering repairs throughout that courthouse complex after a review initiated following the surfside condo collapse here took place. again, this is sort of the heightened concern here around the greater miami area following that june 24th collapse, lindsey. >> yeah, i will take it here, vaughan. that is a legendary courthouse, it's been there since 1928. this is where al capone was placed on trial, but it is an older building, but you've had many building engineers and such who have been going all throughout miami-dade inspecting many buildings and they're coming up and finding some problems. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. there is a building the crest view towers, a condominium complex that was evacuated one week ago and folks just yesterday were finally able to return but only for 15 minutes to try to grab their items. then there is the -- then there
4:34 am
is the champlain tower north which is another building where residents are still inside of, but the mayor of surfside particularly has been the one waving the red flag about concerns about the structural integrity of that building. it was built at the same time as the champlain tower that collapsed, was built by the same contractors. that is where you see the cities and the county going building to building, there are multiple others that have had flags thrown up about their structural integrity here. of course, heightened concern because we still don't know what brought down that initial champlain tower two and a half weeks ago. >> know that this will be one thing that will -- this whole surfside collapse will be something that will be changing the structural engineering in that part of the country perhaps across the country for years. vaughn hillyard joining us from surfside, thank you. and we do want to note that we continue to watch these live pictures from charlottesville, virginia, this morning and we take a look at what's happening. that right there is the robert
4:35 am
e. lee statue, it is set to come down any minute now imminently we expect those crews, here from another angle there you see crews are getting ready to attach some sort of equipment to this statue that has been standing there in the center of charlottesville for nearly a century. it is 26 feet tall, but it might be coming down today after a whole lot of controversy, after protests and a lot of court decisions. there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l
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why shouldn't we as a human race be able to go into space and marvel, you know, marvel at the world and have the experience of a lifetime? so the billionaire space race is on. it's good to have that kind of money. starting tomorrow morning when
4:40 am
british billionaire richard branson takts off on his virgin galactic flight and he's showcasing his final preps as he prepares to blast off to 50 miles above sea level. >> i can think of a billion reasons why not. branson hopes to beat jeff bezos who is set to take his voyage is just a couple of weeks. as we await branson's trip bezos's blue origin has been taking hits at branson, suggesting he is not actually going to space. joining us right now is managing editor tarik malik. branson's trip will take his 50 miles, where nasa considers the border of space, bezos will go 62 miles up, the internationally border of space. blue origin taking a hit on twitter saying branson is not going into space saying only 4% of the world recognizes that 50-mile border. all right. all of this aside, does it
4:41 am
matter who goes first and who goes higher? >> you know, it's a little bit of shade there, between two competing companies online. what is exciting is that for over a decade the space industry has been trying to get to where we are now where you have multiple companies offering what is ostensibly a tourist and maybe elite science experience for people with a lot of means to be able to reach space. what we see now is basically two companies there at the same time, something that the inspiration for virgin galactic prize in 2004 wanted to see become reality. now, i'm pretty sure it matters to richard branson and jeff bezos who gets to be first even as you say if they are not really competing and the debate over are they really in space or not is kind of a good academic level of where does space really
4:42 am
begin? nasa and the u.s. military have that 50-mile measure for their pilots, that's something that richard will meet. they have special astronaut wings just for these types of flights. blue origin does go higher, that's a pretty clear benchmark and it will offer slightly higher views. is the experience that much different? they are very different vehicles so it's going to be a different experience but you will get minutes of weightlessness, you can float around the cabin, you will be able to look out big windows and look down on the earth. i think it will be pretty sublime. >> a 90-minute ride but four minutes of weightlessness. blue origin the shade that they have been putting goes beyond just the mileage point, they say vehicle types, branson is a plane and blue origin is a rocket. they also say they have the largest windows in space.
4:43 am
they mention that they have an escape system and that they have done 15 safe flights as opposed to three by virgin galactic. and i have to be quick here with this, but there is a safety issue that comes into play tomorrow, they haven't had that many safe flights. if, god forbid, something goes wrong would that impact and hurt the private space industry? >> this is a very krit kral for virgin galactic. in 2014 they had a tragic accident during a test flight of another vehicle, the enterprise, this one is unity. it has safety enhancement to eliminate the pilot error. virgin galactic did lose one pilot and the other was critically injured in that test flight over california. virgin galactic feels they have addressed all of those issues so that they can make this company which wants to have many, many passenger flights as safe as
4:44 am
possible. but it is an open cabin, so there really isn't a way out if something does go wrong. so it's very critical that we get all of these steps right. blue origin does have a bit more traditional rocket, vertical launch and landing rocket and they have an escape pod system for the capsule away from the booster. that is a tried and true method. nasa and russia have used it for their rocket, spacex also another competitor for orbital flight has used it as well. >> thank you so much for joining us. we will all be watching tomorrow. good to talk to you. and tomorrow join msnbc for special extended coverage of the virgin galactic test spaceflight. alley we will chee will be joined by former astronauts plus watch the spacecraft in orbit and post flight commentary from richard branson. something we are watching this morning before we head to break a live look in charlottesville, virginia, they have strapped up that statue of robert e. lee as they are
4:45 am
getting ready to take it down. we will be monitoring these live shots and will be bringing you the latest development. of course, this several years in the making here as this statue and that of stonewall jackson finally come down today. we will be right back. l jackson finally come down today. we will be right back. hold my pouch. ♪ trust us, us kids are ready to take things into our own hands. don't think so? hold my pouch. washed your hands a lot today? probably like 40 times. hands feel dry? like sandpaper. introducing new dove handwash, with 5 x moisturizer blend. removes germs in seconds, moisturizes for hours. soft, smooth. new dove handwash. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, soft, smooth. now might not be the best time to ask yourself... 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture
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so... ♪♪ now's not a good time 3/5ths of nsync. are you sure? you have us booked all day. -read the room, guys. -yeah. right? the haitian government is asking for u.s. military support in the aftermath of president moise's assassination. the inter him prime minister says an american presence could provide stability as haiti
4:49 am
prepares to elect a new leader. according to the white house there are currently no plans to send troops to the region. >> but haiti could be getting a different form of help from the united states. the fbi could be stepping in to help with the investigation. let's get to nbc news correspondent kathy park joining us this morning. good morning to you. bring us a little up to speed on the latest on the investigation and exactly how would the fbi help out in this? >> reporter: well, as far as the investigation goes, right now they have made several arrests, at least 28 people have been linked to this assassination. the majority of the people who have been detained so far are of colombian dissent and the colombian officials have condemned the attack and said they will be helping with the ongoing investigation. going back to your initial question, kendis, u.s. officials will be helping out according to white house press secretary jen psaki. she initially said that both fbi and department of homeland security officials will be
4:50 am
heading to port-au-prince as soon as possible to peace together what happened and offer some sort of stability, but stopped short of saying they will be bringing in troops to haiti at this time. overnight haitian officials also tweeted looking for five other suspects, so this is still an ongoing investigation. but right now on a separate note, haiti is dealing with a whole lot. there is a lot of turmoil on the ground, a lot of up certainty and the mystery is deepening about who is ultimately behind this assassination. there are reports there are people on the ground, haitians, who are taking justice literally into their own hands and rounding up folks who may have been possibly linked to this attack which happened early wednesday morning. guys, keep in mind haiti was dealing with a whole lot of
4:51 am
challenges before this attack. it is considered one of the poorest nations in the western hemisphere. gang activity has gone up recently, especially in the wake of what's happened. then you add on the pandemic. so coronavirus cases are on the rise as well as deaths and vaccinations haven't even started in that country either, guys. >> wow, there's so many things they have on top of their plate and then to add this and this turmoil to it. it's just strange that there are colombian nationals involved. obviously we're just at the very tip of this investigation. kathy, thank you. so the punishing heat wave out west isn't letting up. marine wildlife boiled alife. it's weird. and forecasts are so high that you'll melt just hearing them. our meteorologist breaks down the new heat records that we can break this weekend. there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild.
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baked and boiled to death. extreme heat continues to take a toll on the pacific northwest, really devastating the region's wildlife. scientists say more than 1 billion marine animals have been killed because of high temperatures in just the past few weeks. we'll show you some shocking photos here showing mussels and clams with open shells as if they had been cooked alive. sea stars and hermit crabs literally baked. they were able to move sockeye
4:56 am
salmon to cooler waters. it looks like we won't get any respite soon. california expecting record-breaking temps this weekend. 120 degrees for palm springs forecasted. possible record breaker in death valley. the national weather service has issued an excessive heat warning for much of the state. >> joining us right now, meteorologist janessa webb. just how hot are things expected to get in some parts of the west? >> i mean we are talking about all-time records being broken across the pacific northwest. the big-time problem, this is the third heat wave and we're still in early july. the core of the heat for the summer really doesn't go into place until mid-august, so this is very concerning. now, all-time record for death valley is 134 degrees. by sunday i am forecasting 131. so going to be coming close to beating that record. let's take a look at all these heat warnings currently in
4:57 am
place. we have 33 million people that are going to be impacted from the pacific northwest all the way into the desert southwest. so the core of this heat is really going to shift more to the south this time compared to the last two heat waves. it's going to hit across las vegas into the phoenix area and expect those warnings to be extended down in that area. so vegas for today forecasting 116 degrees. that all-time record is 117. so going to be coming close. the problem is that it's very consistent for the next six days across these areas. that advisory page that i just showed you, they do not let up until about tuesday, wednesday afternoon so this will be a prolonged heat. we're consistently at 114 to 116 degrees. across the rest of the area, we're talking about the rockies, 103 for today. that record is 105. but look at this, we are at 116, 123 in parts of the desert
4:58 am
southwest. now, if you're familiar with this area, the higher elevations, they're slightly cooler. the problem is they're about 20 to 30 degrees above average as well so there's just no escaping this. even for sunday we are slightly cooler for the central plains, but you can see we're still in the upper 90s. the feel-like temperature on your skin, that's a problem. we're in the triple digits as well, so even overnight lows were in the upper 70s to lower 80s. across this area people are just not going to have enough time to really cool off with the extended heat, even for overnight areas. by next week monday and tuesday i'm still going to be talking about heat advisories for denver, a high of 95 degrees. remember this area is still under a mega drought and these temperatures are only going to make it worse. looking at the extended forecast, no rain in sight. we're going to continue to be dry in this area, also fire danger really going to be critical across the desert
4:59 am
southwest into the pacific northwest. what's concerning is this is our third heat wave, we're just getting into the start of summer. >> yeah, that's the thing. it's early july and these are the temperatures that we're dealing with. worst of all, those northern cities where folks do not have air conditioning, that's where it becomes a really deadly issue. janessa webb in the weather there, thank you for joining us this morning. >> and thank you for being with us for "msnbc reports." i'm lindsey reiser. >> and i'm kepd kendis gibson. two monuments dedicated to civil war generals are coming down today. that one right there is a robert e. lee statue that has been the center of a lot of controversy and a lot of hate over the years and its removal is imminent. today on "velshi" how donald
5:00 am
trump's continue ed peddling of the big lie is being used against capitol riot suspects in court. plus, the growing evidence that the next january 6th is being planned right in front of us. then, the battle is on in texas where a special legislative session is officially under way, called specifically by the republican governor for the purpose of forcing through new voter suppression measures. democrats walked out once to stop the attack on voting. we'll ask a texas democrat if they're prepared to do it again. and the former grifter in chief is still at it. we'll talk about the tactic our former president is using to continue to bilk the american taxpayer. "velshi" starts now. good morning, it is saturday, july 10th. i'm ali velshi. we have plenty of news to get to, let's get to it. according to health experts, we are headed for a dangerous fall season. with the highly contagious


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