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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that's going to do it for us tonight. happy friday. i will see you again here monday night. it's time for the last word where many has sought is in for lawrence tonight. good evening, good to see you. >> good evening, rachel. it's friday night. can you confirm for the viewers of unpacked weekend ahead? >> no, not at all. i'm just going to be reading transcripts and stuff. not doing any fishing. [laughs] >> sunday afternoon joining virtually and watch england win the european football championship for the first time and my lifetime. >> fair and off. good luck. thanks, buddy. >> have a great weekend. good evening president biden
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finally is planning on using the bully pulpit and making his case directly to the american people to focus attention on the most important issue of our time. the future of american democracy and the defensive our voting rights. today the white house announced the president will speak in philadelphia on tuesday about what his administration will do, quote, to protect the sacred constitutional right to vote. biden at a civil rights leaders who pushed him to do more and take a more urgent stand in support of the democrats sweeping election bills. federal legislation is the only surefire way to protect our right to vote from dangerous anti democratic republicans in state houses across the country like indexes, where republicans are again pushing to pass incredibly restricted voter laws. it's the top priority upstate special session currently underway. today, texas senate democrats unveil their own voting
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legislation and called for a public hearing on their bill which would expand a vote by mail, lengthen the early voting period and allow for online and election day voter registration. if texas state senator race west. >> we'll do everything in our power on this vote, work with republicans and anyone else in terms of to consider bill one in this particular bill. [inaudible] whether we strike compromises to make all people in the state of texas are able to vote. that's transparent. that is secure. >> outside of texas, republicans have opted for other novel ways to undermine our democracy. for example, sham election audit like the ones still taking place in arizona. the brennan center for justice reports that similar parties and reviews are now taking place or being proposed in
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wisconsin, in michigan, in georgia, and in pennsylvania. the proposed election reviews failed to satisfy basic security, accuracy, and reliability measures. and the auditors themselves fail to meet basic standards of objectivity. and pennsylvania, the fake audit is being pushed by a trump ally who attended the stop the steal rally on january the 6th. i kid you not. republican state senator doug mastriano is calling on election officials in three counties to send him ballots and other election materials despite two previous audits finding no evidence of fraud. pennsylvania 20 general josh shapiro instructed the counties to refused to cooperate and vowed to take legal action to stop the process. state senate democratic leader jay costa will join us in a moment. demanding the state's republican leadership step in, writing quote, should you allow this to continue, senator mastriano will have build a frankenstein creation of a committee with limitless power,
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frighteningly controlled by his senate intent on taking every level of our government. it is your duty as officers of this body to put a stop to this. to be clear, these republicans are not going to stop on their own. they are going to have to be stopped. leading off our discussion tonight, democratic texas state representative armando martinez and harris county judge lina hidalgo. she is the chief executive of the most populous county in texas. thanks for joining me on the show this friday night. representative martinez, we start with. you managed to stop the republicans by denying them quorum not so long ago. they are back now in a special session. they're relentless. if it first you don't succeed, try and try again, i guess, is their approach. what is your party in the state houses plan for stopping them now? is there one? >> thank you very much, mehdi. i appreciate you having us on. we know texas is already among the most restrictive voting rights states in this country.
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it has a history of discriminating. legislators on both sides should be expanding the right to vote, not restricting. it i can tell you democrats are working hard to use every role we have in our power to make sure our democracy is not challenged. no matter our race, political party, or zip code, all of us know that a democracy voters pick our leaders are leader should not get picked by their voters. >> yes. we'll put. judge hidalgo, whether texas gop wants to get rid of, 24-hour voting, drive-through voting. these are all heavily used in your county, harris county and heavily used by people of color. you don't believe that's a coincidence, do you? >> no, that's right. here in harris county we have these innovations. the largest turnout we had seen in 30 years. we are home to houston, 33 other cities. beautiful voters of both parties, it was incredible.
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and of course now republicans in the state level are trying to fend these innovations under the guise this idea of this line there is massive voter fraud. what's happening is after the representative and his colleagues courageously walked out to stop that from passing in the regular session, now the governor has called the legislator back into session, into special session, a suppression session and he is trying to extort the legislators. saying he will not fund the legislative branch. not their sellers or staff salaries unless they pass these bills that allow poll watchers to get as close to voters as they want and a crime for poll workers to ask these poll watchers to leave that drive-through voting, 24-hour voting and the situation is urgent. this is happening right now in texas and we need everybody to pay attention.
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>> yes attention is important. representative martinez, when you see what republicans are doing in a state like yours, in a partisan way and you hear democratic senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema in washington d.c. saying we have to be bipartisan. we have to work with republicans. what goes through your mind in texas? >> it's unconscionable to hear what's going on in texas, and would republicans are doing not only in texas but across the nation. i can tell you this session there's not anything special about. it the suppression session is exactly what it's called. our governor has not done anything to address the fundamental needs of texas. he's gone after a political ploy, he's gone after a political platform and you know this is exactly what republicans are doing across this nation and he's placed politics in front of people. he is going to restrict the vote in order to make sure
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republicans get what they want, and he's placed political agenda in front of what's important and that is the people of texas. it's just unconscionable, it's reckless, it's juvenile what republicans are doing. >> and judge hidalgo, it's not political agenda, if representative martinez points out. real people are suffering here. there's news out of texas that the stated tierney general ken paxton has arrested a houston voter, who went viral last year after lining up for six hours on super tuesday to vote. he's accused of illegal voting because he was on parole. his parole wasn't until june. he says he didn't know, he was registered to vote. he's in jail and his bail has been set for $100,000. what is your reaction to that place from your county? he voted in harris county. >> it's clear they're trying to create fear. there's a difference between massive voter fraud, which does not exist and innocent
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mistakes. we are still running down the details of this case. but fundamentally what they are doing is tearing down our democracy. making up strengthening this idea that there is massive fraud that we can stress in our democracy. i don't want people to think the lobbying proposed, the bill being proposed during this session is any later, it's a watered down somehow more palatable version. anything that builds on this flight to pass was in order to make it harder to vote is threatening to democracy. it's making it harder for certain voters to participate. it is just a terrible path to go down. i'm proud of the just these democrats. the situation here is dire. we need support from these federal levels. these guys deserve. it harris county, these brave courageous legislators. >> it is horrific to see people being jailed for voting when they were registered to vote. they've done nothing wrong. texas tech representative
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armando martinez and lina hidalgo, thanks for coming on the show tonight. it's not just texas, of course. the republicans are voter suppressing all over the place. they want to do a fraud audit in pennsylvania. joining me now is pennsylvania state senator senate democratic leader jay costa. thanks for joining me tonight. aywhat's happening in arizona were the fixed audit is taking place? officials and arizona slammed. it are republicans in pennsylvania going to copy arizona and do the same? >> they're trying to do that in pennsylvania and my colleagues in the caucus are taking every step we can to prevent them from continuing to put on this charade. we are fighting hard, to make certain our colleagues, senator mastery on who's the leader of this group doesn't get the opportunity to do audits and we are working closely with our department and state as well as our attorney general, the governor's administration to
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prevent it from being able to conduct one of these audits. it doesn't have the authority. they sell the news committee, was not used for this purpose. to conduct audits along those lines. we simply think it's the wrong thing to do and we will continue to fight it. >> is joe biden, is a democratic president of the united states, your party leader, the federal government doing enough to help democrats like yourself in swing states like pennsylvania where republicans are in the majority in the legislator? >> i think they have done enough. they've been very clear about what needs to be done and the conversation is taking place. it's simply republican colleagues here in pennsylvania and across the country continue to travel down this path where they try to undermine the electoral process here in pennsylvania. we know there are dozens of lawsuits that were filed all against trying to undermine the election. they were all unsuccessful. many issues have developed along those lines. no proof of any type of fraud in pennsylvania.
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there's not been in many other states. i do you think the government has done with the count along those lines. collectively, state legislators across the country have to rebuke what's taking place along those lines, and they will stand up and fight back against those types of things. >> you have the republicans, the party of prudence, a balanced budget, small government spending a fortune on this stuff. this is your state a.g. speaking on msnbc earlier. have a listen. >> this is one insurrectionist state senator who is being enabled by the modern-day republican party which is beholden to donald trump who is demanding the private voting information of 997,000 pennsylvanian's in an audit if he were able to pull it off, which he won't be. it will cost the taxpayers of just those three counties alone over $30 million. is not only taking advantage of the taxpayers to the tune of 30 million bucks, but what he's
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also doing is compromising their personal information. he will not get away with it. >> a pennsylvania republicans and democrats alike ok spending $30 million on this fraud audit? >> they're not. it's as a general indicated, it's one person and followers who are trying to accomplish this. we know taxpayers are of raised with respect to what's taking place. this whole lot of conversation and our pushing back as well. i think there are reasonable democrats in our chamber who recognize and even some in the house who projected audits, and republicans that they won't do audits and we think that's the appropriate step to take. you know it, this gentleman is going to continue to try and do this. there are many other things he's done. part of the insurrection, brought people down to the insurrection, there's no credibility with respect to the people in our building and i think we have to do is continue to fight. that's what our caucus is going to do. >> fair enough. it'll be a fight. pennsylvania senate democratic leader jay costa. thanks for your time tonight.
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coming up, time is of the essence. that's the message senate majority leader chuck schumer has for his caucus as their work kicks into high gear on the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the more partisan budget resolution. christina greer and jonathan alter joins us next. ter joins us next. ls six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪♪
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schumer is warning his caucus prepared to work through the august recess in order to pass the two truck infrastructure plan. good. today in a letter to senate democrats schumer said my intention for this work period is for the senate to consider both the bipartisan infrastructure legislation and the budget resolution with reconciliation instructions. be advised time is of the essence and we have a lot of work to do. time is certainly of the
10:19 pm
essence. for all americans. democratic congresswoman alexandria crosser cortez pointed out on twitter in response to this video of a new york city expressway that flooded from heavy rain the congresswoman said quote, i'm so glad the filibuster is here to fix this. oh, wait. can't wait. joining us now our christina gears as a professor political science at film university and jonathan alter columnist of the daily beast and a political analyst. thank you both for coming on the show this evening. christina, let's start with you. pandemic economic crisis. at what point do you democrats just get on with it and try and get the stuff passed as soon as possible? >> well, as someone who's coming to you from new york city and we saw what happened yesterday, i really wish chuck schumer would read roberts book master of the senate and really think about how lbj used his limit your day to get what he needed done when he was
10:20 pm
majority senate leader. i'm frustrated we keep talking about why won't the republicans compromised. why won't they work with us? something else needs to change. i'm putting some of the pressure at the seat of chuck schumer to make sure he puts his caucus fully together and is able to strong-arm certain republicans into thinking about poisoning across cities and towns across this nation that are in republican districts. these bridges and roads are in republican districts and states. really help them think long term and largely about how all this infrastructure not only connects us but directly relates to some of their constituents services that they should be concerned about. services that t he should be concerned >> indeed. jonathan, christina put it a truck shimmer sweet let's talk about what's at joe biden's feet. you wrote your book on fdr's 100 days. joe biden has roosevelt in ambitions. that means going with a bernie sanders sized reconciliation bill around six trillion.
10:21 pm
not a joe mention sized one around two trillion by all accounts the white house is leaning more towards manchin than saunders. what is your take on this? >> well. they are roosevelt ambitions and i think he's on the right track. i wouldn't be too hard on chuck schumer or joe biden. this is complicated. they have a very slim majority and they have a very smart to track process where if they don't get what they want in the bipartisan bill, they can put more infrastructure into the so-called reconciliation bill. and we might not get to six trillion, but if you think about, they've already got 1.9 trillion in public investment in the inner american rescue plan they didn't february. if you add that two trillion to the four trillion they're likely to get this summer in his infrastructure summer, that
10:22 pm
investment is a huge amount of money. the idea somehow they would be betraying progressive dreams or something, they fall short of six trillion is folly. this is unprecedented public investment. the largest bill in american history, two of these together if they go through. i believe they are on track to do it. they have a skillful legislative strategy. it's difficult but they're getting it done. >> do you, i hope you're right, jonathan. christina mentioned progressive dreams. at one point do we see progressive democrats in the house flexing their own political muscles? we heard congressman say this about joe manchin to joe manchin on this show last week. have a listen. >> by the way, senator manchin, there are 221 of us who are in the same position in the house and another 49 in the senate who are just like you. every one of us basically has
10:23 pm
the leverage to kill or succeed on passing a resolution. the attention paid to him, i understand. but every one of us is in the same position. >> he's right, isn't the, christina? >> he is. we do know there are certain geographic advantages and certain senators played every now and again. i think the larger question is the diversity within the ideological diversity within the democratic party and the different shades of blue. sadly, the progressives have been labeled as if people who are screaming at the sky, asking for unreasonable things. but they're asking for is people to pay their fair share of taxes and for the president and republican party to really think long term and critically about how this infrastructure and environment will affect all of us. that's just democrats. what we are hearing is a frustration, a certain faction in the democratic party feeling as though their colleagues, and this goes to jonathan's point,
10:24 pm
are way too eager to compromise and or roll over for republican needs and winds. and that's where some of the tension is coming from. many of the democrats are saying the republicans asked for this, so let's give on that and let's not fight too hard. there's so many progressive democrats that are saying well we should be the ones that fight and we shouldn't just be happy that they're taking four trillion plus two. if we want, six will get six and added to the two trillion because that's what we need for the crumbling infrastructure in our nation. >> jonathan, last question to you. some people say let me -- some people say fdr, lbj, that big majorities in congress. joe biden does not. isn't that the whole reason why he needs to move fast? if one single democratic got for better depress away tomorrow, that's majority gone tomorrow. not november. the one of our action is very small, is it not? >> absolutely. there could be some external problem.
10:25 pm
some international crisis or something, they must get this done during infrastructure summer or it might not happen. time is of the essence, progressives are right to press as hard as they can, as fdr said to a labor leader, make me, push me. that's important right now but it's also important to remember politics is the arc of the possible and if at the end of the summer they don't get everything they want progressives should still be celebrating because this will be a historic bill. cause thholds these two ideas ir mind at the same time. keep the goals very ambitious, keep the pressure on. but also recognize that politics can be tough and have some sympathy for legislators who are making this happen. >> we will have to leave it there. i thoroughly enjoyed that conversation. christina greer, jonathan alter, thanks for joining me tonight. >> thanks.
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indicted in the manhattan court, trump organization chief financial officer allen weisselberg has been relieved of his duties as director of the trump international golf club in scotland. weisselberg held that role since 2006. his removal is the first indication that the indictment by the manhattan district operations at the trump organization. weisselberg and the trump organization pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy, grand larceny, tax fraud, and falsifying records. the daily beast reports today that addition to weisselberg, the indictment lists seven trump organization companies including one where ivanka trump held an executive role for eight years.
10:31 pm
according to the daily beast. while it's impossible to know it charges are still to come, legal experts say the indictments jests bigger targets are in line, potentially including the former presidents adult children. joining us now is david cay johnston investigative reporter who's done extensive reporting on donald trump's finances. he's the author of the making of donald trump and glenn kirschner, former federal prosecutor and legal analyst. thank you both for joining me this evening. another big story about trump and his finances. david, is this news out of scotland the weisselberg removal, is this the trump organization trying to do damage control on one of its more prestigious outlets, the trump international golf course? what exactly is going on here? how big a deal is it? >> the one thing we know for sure is allen weisselberg is still working for donald trump. this is not representing a split between them which is what prosecutors would really like to get because it will make it easier to make the case
10:32 pm
against donald trump. it suggests to me, and i'm fascinated with what blend thinks about this, donald maybe trying to consolidate closer to the family, as close as allen has been for 40 years, he's not family. there's an effort in scotland to pursue what's called unexplained wealth inquiry. whether we have a law like that in america. it may be lawyers who advise them to remove as a controlling person allen weisselberg as they try to avoid this unexplained wealth inquiry. >> glenn from allen weisselberg to ivanka trump, given the daily beast reporting about her alleged role in some of these controversial trump is nurses. how worried should she and her brothers be that at some point the manhattan prosecutor's come after them? >> there's pretty clear foreshadowing and that 24 page indictment that was handed down
10:33 pm
by the new york grand jury. when you read the indictment, the evidence of allen weisselberg's guilt is overwhelming. from the two sets of books to an indication allen weisselberg 's own tax prepare or flipped on him to a pretty clear paper trail that shows he was criminally evading federal state and new york city taxes. but i think probably the most ominous part of that indictment is there are two unnamed people. presumably fairly high up in the trump organization, who enjoy the same criminal perks that allen weisselberg enjoyed. they haven't been named yet but we have to ask ourselves. who are two other individuals who would've been high up enough in the organization, and firmly entrenched enough and donald trump's inner circle that they may have enjoyed the same off the books compensation
10:34 pm
as allen weisselberg. could there last name beat trump? we will know soon enough. >> it's a very good question. david, returning to weisselberg there is hope he might turn on trump. flip, but he hasn't. he's risking a prison sentence. you've been following the donald. you've known him personally for decades now. why do you so many people around him risk and do jail time for this most disloyal of bosses, weisselberg, manafort, michael flynn, etc? >> people who work for donald trump, people willing to give up their own independence. ellen weisselberg is a psychological subsidiary of donald trump's criminal mind. if you work for donald in any high-level position, you have to commit criminal offenses. they've committed many over the years. so, it would be difficult to get weisselberg to flip in any circumstance. there is no minimum prison
10:35 pm
sentence in the indictment that he now faces. he could get in theory 15 years. he's a first time offender, in his seventies. probably would get probation or at worst home confinement. that's probably not enough to get him to flip. on the other hand, if they were to charges sun, we would know a lot about their family dynamics. >> absolutely. quick question before we run out of time, i have to ask you and i have had this discussion many times before, my friend. donald trump is organization may go down for some sort of tax payment corruption crimes. there are much bigger crimes he should be prosecuted for, right? >> yes. donald trump is a federal problem and we need a federal solution. it's wonderful new york has finally gotten off its death and it seems like they're moving towards indicting him for the new york city financial crimes. he seems to have been engaged and in some time for sometime. it's great that georgia is investigating him for a potential violation of georgia state election laws, but he's a federal problem.
10:36 pm
he is committed federal crimes against the united states and we need a federal solution. that looks like an indictment from the department of justice. >> i mean, 600,000 people are dead because of this guy. let's be clear about that. thank you both for your time tonight. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, joe biden's big populist punch at corporate power. that's next. that's next. ywhere in the u.s. who accepts medicare patients. call today for your free decision guide. ♪ what can i du with less asthma? call today for your free decision guide. with dupixent i can du more... yardwork... teamwork... long walks.... that's how you du more, with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types
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what happens when you make power your thing... above everything? you put muscle over matter.
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and you make horsepower... a superpower. ♪ our economy is not about people working for capitalism. it's about capitalism working for people. >> president biden made a bold and very popular statement today announcing an expensive executive order to counter corporate power. reminding us america is a country of people, not just businesses. businesses, by the way, should be competing to have people as workers and customers. >> if your companies want to win your business, you have to go out and upped their game. better prices and services, new ideas and products by the same token competitive economy means companies must do all they do,
10:41 pm
everything they do to compete for workers. offering higher wages more flexible hours. better benefits. >> the biden harris administration issued 72 directives to government agencies to empower workers and customers from helping import affordable drugs from canada, yes, to ending burden some licensing requirements to ordering the airlines to refund you when your in-flight wi-fi is dodgy. that happens to me all the time. and it's infuriating. and the nation magazine antitrust expert and law professors called it joe biden's big punch to corporate monopolies. presidential power in this areas technically-limited, but fast in practice. a clear signal a purpose and vision from the president has, in practice, an enormous energizing effect. this executive order is arguably most significant for the economic world viewed represents. if biden keeps going down this road, it suggests a massive realignment for the democratic party and a return to the 19
10:42 pm
forties to 19 seventies attitude towards corporate concentration. wow. joining us now is zephyr teachout professor and author jennifer gosar. you, zephyr, welcome to the show. where bernie sanders supporter in 2020. a big joe biden critic, i remember well. how surprised are you by this trust busting populist could not spin today from this president? >> at this point it's less surprising. if you asked me a year ago, i would have been surprised. i will explain. he's made a series of very exciting choices, most notably appointing lena khan to chair the federal trade commission. a really extraordinary move. also bringing in tim moore to the white house. bringing in economic populists two key positions. having said that, today's move was a really significant signal
10:43 pm
from the top. it's joe biden himself saying in an extraordinary speech you quoted part of it that the economic policy of the last 40 years has failed. he, in both the speech and the comments accompanying these 72 directives is the language of failure saying this, the last 40 years we've just gotten along and allowed for corporate compensation has been bad for consumer prices and bad for any quality. it really was a statement of economic philosophy that was really exciting to see. >> out of all the things he announced today and he announced a lot of 72 different directives only some of which i just mentioned a moment ago. what's stood out to the most? what do you think is most important and significant? >> i think the most important are the suite of directives related to labor markets.
10:44 pm
what we have seen again for generations is the federal trade commission and other enforcers have focused on consumer prices. and as much as they have used their power, it's been really focused on consumer welfare. there's a series of directives including to ban noncompete agreements. it's really significant. might affect 30 million americans. you see biden get worked up about the unfairness we allow companies to say, hey, you can only work for me if you agree to not work for my competitors. this is the epitome of anticompetitive practices. it's those particular roles but also the fact he is focusing on labor markets and what we would call monopoly power, where the buyer of labor and other
10:45 pm
products uses their buying power to squeeze values. there is another significant directive addressing repair, for instance. ce>> these big buyers, these big corporations aren't going to sit back and take this, are the? they have their armies of lobbyists, their members of congress on both sides of the aisle. what should we expect in terms of corporate backlash to this really important anti monopoly executive order? >> there are three things biden did today. he laid of the vision, the second is he issued these directives. the third as he set up a council to kind of ride herd on the agencies to making sure they would follow through. i think that's quite important because what you know is happening already is swarming and swamping the agencies with corporate arguments against this kind of rulemaking.
10:46 pm
it's important biden made clear that it's not just a moment in time where he issues these directives but the white house will be following up. what have you done? why haven't you done it? what is your argument here for not moving fast? and for a long time especially in the democratic camp. you've seen hesitation to these rulemaking. it's clearly a recognition the agencies are going to be running into lobbyists. the white house needs to be the counter veiling for us giving those agencies that want to act the cover and kicking those that want to relax back into a less aggressive mode and say hey, get your act together. we've got a major problem in our economy. it won't be easy. >> let's hope joe biden stays the course.
10:47 pm
i'm sure you will continue to hold his feet to the fire. zephyr teachout, thanks for joining us tonight. coming up, the most dangerous republican member of congress is maybe not the one dropping nazi references to the tv camera. we will tell you who it is and why next. and why next reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. i'm still wowed by what's next. even with higher stroke risk due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,... i want that. eliquis. eliquis reduces stroke risk better than warfarin. and has less major bleeding than warfarin.
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his number? delete it. deleting it. so break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy far-right republicans like to switch and save hundreds. marjorie taylor greene and matt gates honestly spew white nationalist ideology and talking points. political message is beyond extreme. but green and gates are more or less carnivores. they're in it for the self promotion. the bigger danger comes from house republicans like paul grocer. goes our testify under the radar because he is not as loud talker as the others. he's a dealer and the doing nixon far more of a threat. in the weeks before the
10:52 pm
captain's direction paul gosar told trump supporters this. >> he's been accused of being one of the organizers of the stop to steal rally that sparked the insurrection. >> i was the person who came up with the january 6th idea was congressman go sorry. >> i generally sixth poll girls are posted photos from the trump rally that turned into a violent mob. now joe's are embraced white nationalist leader nick hunt this and what the new york times calls the most vivid example of the republican parties growing acceptance of extremism. nick qantas has been accused of holocaust denial and discussing things like the founder never intended for america to be refugee camp for non white people. go sorry was the keynote speaker at a conference hosted by nick flint is in february. the gop congressman is even return to the fbi to defend
10:53 pm
foreign this. last week he was fund-raising for polio star. twitter finally suspended him, but paula costar continues to spread his lies and hate using his pulpit as a member of congress. while house minority leader kevin mccarthy says nothing and obsesses instead over ilhan omar. joining us now, is jennifer costar, paul casarez younger sister and a very outspoken critic of the congressman, and part braddock. he's a faculty fellow in american universities polarization and extremism research and innovation lab. thank you both for joining me tonight. kurt, how dangerous is it to have elected members of the united states congress playing footsie with holocaust deniers and white nationalists? attending their conferences and tweeting out there talking points. >> i think it's extremely dangerous. he rightly said earlier that goes our is not so much a speaker but a do or.
10:54 pm
one of the biggest dangers of individuals like him isn't just the things he says. it's more of the things he doesn't say. he's trying to distance himself now from nick qantas and the america first movement. the fact them and of the far-right groups think they have an ally and an elected representative in congress that's a huge boom for them regardless of what go sources and what he doesn't say. >> it is, sadly. jennifer you and your siblings first grabbed the headlines back in 2018 when you told voters in arizona not to vote for your brother and accused him of antisemitism among other things. a pretty bold move. he's only become worse since then. i guess it's difficult having the family name go sorry when he's the most they missed one of you. >> yes it is. but it's important no matter what's the name is to stand up to it every way shape or form. i degree, he's a very powerful
10:55 pm
force within this type of cult, fascist group of people. paul is, there he was a big proponent of the big lie. constantly out at those rallies, there are multiple tweets between them. [inaudible] he is really a garbage fountain. he is a garbage source and paul has been there with nick. where are the charges? >> it is awful. kurt, the republican party becomes more and more radicalized and racist as the years go by. i'm old enough to remember when it was sarah palin, then we shall blackmon, than donald trump and now it's qanon supporters in congress, white nationalists in congress. supporeven if the party leadersp wanted to stop all this and
10:56 pm
they don't seem to want to, they couldn't. the ship has sailed, it's too late, this is what they grand old party is now. >> it seems difficult to do so. you're absolutely right. i think in the wake of the donald trump presidency, he left a huge constituency of these individuals on the far-right. i think what we see now are individuals who are left in the republican party trying to scrape up those constituents. there are a large number of affected individuals who still feel as though the election was stolen, and individuals like paul gosar and others. they see it as an opportunity. they see it as a political opportunity for themselves and unfortunately it serves both politicians to get those constituents and it serves the far-right constituents because of the legitimacy of having a politician on their side. >> and jennifer, no one expects kevin mccarthy to do anything about your brother, but what about the democrats? i feel like i hear more public
10:57 pm
criticism of paul gosar's role in the insurrection and the big lie from you, from his siblings than i hear from nancy pelosi or any other house democratic leader. >> we've been scratching our heads to figure that out as well. i mean, in every way shape or form, that was a lynch mob going after mike pence and it was definitely targeted on nancy pelosi. the squad has been outspoken in so many parts of this past four years. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, i mean, honestly where is the democratic leadership? i only hear from my representative in washington state and the didn't take her up on the ethics charges investigation she initiated. i don't know what they need their lives were in danger. here they are allowing paul and his group to fund-raise, to
10:58 pm
distract with these other things. it continues the dialogue, and it continues the machine rolling. >> every day he seems to get more extreme and there is no ethics complaint or charges as you say. no stripping of committee assignments. we look at marjorie taylor greene's carnival barking. the anti-defamation league wrote this new report published yesterday. he largely avoids by too much surprised language, and instead focuses on at establishing thinking targeting the gop, mainstream idai and leftist's. the strategy, along with the adoption of mainstream meme culture like the frog allows america first movement to attract younger, mainstream conservatives who are then exposed to the groups extremist ideology. that is the apt description of what's happening across parts of the right, especially online. i'm guessing that's what you see in your research and it's popular, sadly, with a lot of people. >> absolutely. we finished a study at the polarization and extremism
10:59 pm
innovation lab that found individuals who were exposed to these kinds of memes and messages are what we call subversive kinds of outlets more likely to be persuaded by right wing propaganda. these messages are getting in front of all neural eyes and they are appealing to them. it might not seem racist at first, but the absolutely turn in that direction. our research has shown these individuals are vulnerable to persuasion. >> it's very scary, and you are right. they are persuading people. jennifer and kurt, thank you for your analysis and your time tonight. that is tonight's last word. the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. s now. >> good evening once again. an illegal she and for brian williams. day 171 of the biden administration. 170-day we begin with 171 of the a major change from the biden cdc administration involving one of the most
11:00 pm
divisive issues to ever emerge during the pandemic. the agency urging schools to fully reopen this fall, even if they are unable to put into place all the recommended says to keep the virus from spreading. says to keep the virus from spreading. just today, the justice department released more brand-new video evidence, this time showing rioters literally dragging and beating police officers. the doj made the footage public at the request of nbc and other news organizations and we warn you, this is among some of the most violent and graphic videos released so


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