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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  July 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

4:00 pm >> thank you man. >> on behalf of myself, "the beat" and juvenile, have a good weekend. "the reid out" is here now. >> i'm a fan. want to know who scott is, everybody want to smash with him to get a shot. i don't know who he is, but popular man, whoever he is. >> yes. >> he's important to the culture. >> i don't know who scott is either. >> can you ask for me, juvenile? just want to know. see a picture. >> want to smash scott, get vaccinated. >> got to get vaxxed up. >> thank you for doing what you do. come on now. >> appreciate the love. thank you. >> all right y'all, cheers.
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i was on with juvenile, don't happen every day. happy friday, lot to get to. you want to get a full cup of coffee or a cocktail if that's your preference. cpac kicked off with heavyweights donald trump jr. and stephen miller with a shocking and shameless rewrite of history you have to hear to believe and then you still won't believe it. how low will they go? antihistory activist objects to schools teaching the memoir of ruby bridges? seriously? brave six-year-old girl who faced mobs of white agitators to integrate her school in 1950s. but we have a moment that's a-m-a-z-i-n-g but we have to begin with something much
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darker. warn you it's disturbing to watch. this is newly released video evidence from the capitol insurrection, showing a police officer being dragged into the raging maga mob as they engage in literal hand-to-hand combat. among several new videos released from government today at request of nbc news and other outlets. include videos where you can hear member of the mob tell police quote you're going to die tonight. >> [ bleep ] you're going to die tonight. >> needless to say, fresh reminder why the select committee on january 6th has got to get to bottom of what motivated that unprecedented attack on american democracy. chairman of the committee says the probe is officially getting
4:03 pm
under way. congressman benny thompson said today the first hearing held this month, july 21st or 22nd. after having appointed eight members to the committee, including republican liz cheney, nancy pelosi is still waiting on kevin mccarthy to fill the remaining spots. chairman said they're moving forward with or without mccarthy's input. >> is the hearing happening whether there are mccarthy selected republicans on the paenl or not? >> absolutely. hope that kevin mccarthy gives us his five recommendations to fully populate the committee. if he chooses not to, we'll still do our work. >> for his part, kevin is whining that the select committee is unfair. here's crybaby kevin last night. >> this is the least bipartisan
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committee you can find. think about the structure, it's not equal number of republicans or democrats. she appointed adam schiff and raskin. this is impeachment committee, only the democrats have subpoena power. >> throwing temper tantrum over a problem of his own creation. only reason it's necessary is he and his party rejected a bipartisan commission to carry out this same investigation. if mccarthy wanted even split of republicans and democrats, would have supported the commission giving each party equal representation. if he wanted subpoena power would have supported the commission that shared that power among members of both parties. mccarthy negotiated the terms of that commission through his hand-picked emissary katko of
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new york, and still whipped the republican house vote against it. late stage of the game, mccarthy needs to put up or shut up. joining me now, congresswoman dean, impeachment manager earlier this year. it's amazing to me the chutzpah of kevin mccarthy complaining he didn't get the commission he rejected. your thoughts? >> i agree completely. but remember that mr. mccarthy like mr. mcconnell has lost all credibility. both spoken out of both sides of their mouths. more important than their fake words and whining and complaining like school children is their actions. you set it up exactly right. six months ago, look at that video, it's disturbing to me every time i see any portion of it. difference -- disrespect for the
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capitol police, would have thought we have to get to bottom of this, fully understand the thoughts and circumstances that led to insurrection where people died, where capitol police saved their very live, my very life, journalist and staff lives, so mr. mccarthy has no credibility. i have no doubt that mr. thompson will do the work that needs to be done. too bad it's not independent commission. still have the opportunity to do that if the leaders stand up and lead. but in the meantime we'll move forward with talented investigators and legislators who want to make sure this never happens again. >> and i can sort of see -- republicans very good at showmanship, not governing, their jobs, but showmanship. if he decides to have six empty seats on one side of the
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commission, reality is the commission will still be bipartisan because liz cheney is there, a republican. if he fills the seats, only one more democrat than republicans, nancy pelosi gave up one democrat seat to liz cheney. is the argument of bipartisanship moot because of that? >> i think it is. and because again of their actions. this is the mr. mccarthy who deputyized representative katko to set up and negotiate with thompson the independent commission, would be equally populated by both parties, equal subpoena power, everything set in place. then mr. mccarthy pulled the rug out from that negotiation and remitt. also talk about the time. there is urgent need to fund the capitol police. as senator leahy has warned, by
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august will not be able to pay salaries. we had a short brief commission with important recommendations and in the house passed a supplemental to support the capitol police that saved our lives and the senate has sat on it. as i was preparing for this, senator shelby in last hour said as fencing is coming down, yes, better come up with supplemental support for capitol police and national guard. did it have to take fences coming down to say maybe we need to fund our capitol police who saved our lives? >> sounds as if they are defunding the police. refusing -- see the fences coming down. do you feel safe in the capitol in this moment? given the fact you still have insurrectionists on trial in which the judges are saying they
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can't be released because still could be subject to donald trump's influence, he's still a danger out there talking. with fences coming down, capitol police not fully funded and manpower shortages, is the capital safe? >> it's less safe. and i take this personally. they protected me as impeachment manager with loyalty and selflessness. the false notion that democrats want to defund the police, nothing more to look to than house and senate republicans. we got the money for state and local police in the american rescue plan. not a single republican supported the police or municipalities or local governments. they're the defunders of police. who voted not to offer -- 21 republicans voted not to offer
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gold medal recognition for the capitol police. they are the party of defund the police and disrespect the police. so mr. mccarthy and mcconnell, time to step up. >> and people on their side were literally beating and dragging and harming and injuring police. congresswoman madeleine dean, thanks for joining me. now robert p. jones, founder of the institute, author of "white too long" legacy of white nationalism in christianity. it's always great to talk to you. want to show you a clip of something that happened once the insurrectionists broke inside the senate chamber on january 6th. take a look. >> jesus christ, we invote your name. amen. >> amen!
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>> patriots that love christ, thank you for allowing the united states of america to be reborn. thank you for allowing us to get rid of the communists, traitors of the federal government. love and thank you, in christ's holy name we pray. >> amen! >> explain to us given the data you've put together and book you've written, does it make sense to you to see those people inside committing insurrection and praying? >> well, you know, i think what we're seeing right in front of us, if we're willing to take it in, is a demonstration of this historical entanglement in many ways of white supremacy and extremism with american christian. if you pull out and look at broader sweep of the pictures from that day, what we saw, trump signs, white supremacist
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signs, confederate signs, anti-semitic symbols, but not enough attention, the giant crosses, jesus flags that looked like trump 2020 flag and most striking is the christian flag marched into the breached congressional chamber with the confederate flag. and that's what i saw behind the pulpit growing up going to church. it's a mainstream christian symbol. to understand this insurrection and what happened to our capitol and country, we have to understand all the animating forces, it's not just political extremism and white supremacy but a version of white christianity animated that. people were side by side that day. >> and we've seen -- your data has shown the venn diagram
4:13 pm
starting to form between qanon and the far right, and insurrection. qanon people were there. shaman was leading that prayer, calls himself the qanon shaman. can you explain that? feels like qanon is worshipping donald trump as god. is that what is happening? baalification of the christian church worshipping the golden calf that is trump? what is that about? >> worth noting reporting from the ground that day, people in the crowd shouting it's all in the bible, trump's in the bible. give it up for jesus, give it up for trump, big cheers. part of the rhetoric of that day. and even in our survey, we found yeah, that a little bit more than a fifth white evangelicals or qanon believers, but violence in particular, nearly a quarter of white evangelicals in their
4:14 pm
survey say because things have gotten so off track in the country, true american patriots have to resort to violence. that's a quarter of the part of the country that voted 84% for trump in the last election. >> is there understanding at leadership level of the movement or are they in on it? >> in 2016, if you looked at elite leaders, there was more dissent between the never trump people like russell moore and others, and this last election cycle, did not see that big struggle. pretty much all in for trump in the election. in fact voted slightly higher in 2020, than they did in 2016. but important thing to remember, root of all this, make america great again, qanon, the
4:15 pm
fundamental belief that america was designed and given by god to white european christians as their private promised land. that's the animating force. as the country is changing around them, as those claims seem to be -- are no longer plausible, this is the reason we see the fights -- this insurrection committee is about making sense of our history in realtime. so the fights around critical race theory -- it's all about telling myth of a white christian america. when that falls apart, that's fundamental piece of the world view and this group becomes susceptible to delusional believes that prop this up. >> it is fascinating. i have to have you back. you're my numbers guy. thank you so much. have a great weekend. up next on "the reid out," scary stuff. eight months after the election and republican sore losers can't give up the big lie.
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pennsylvania could be getting its own phony ballot audit. parents group in tennessee wants to ban a book about civil rights icon ruby bridges because doesn't have enough white heroes in it. right doesn't just want to whitewash history but rerace some of it. like the memory laws in russia. cpac, whiney conservatives never been more unhinged. "the reid out" continues after this. nged "the reid out" continues after this and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean now helps the places you go too. look for the ecolab science certified seal. among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. now helps the places you go too. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity and gum gives us a dual action effect
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faced with mounting pressure to do more to protect voting rights amid onslaught of voter suppression legislation across the country, white house announced that president biden will deliver a major speech on voting rights in philadelphia
4:21 pm
next week. one day after leaders of civil rights groups met with the president calling on him to take a stronger stance on voting rights legislation. >> we emphasized our backs are against the wall. this is the moment. there is no more time. we must have legislation, the president use his voice, his influence, his power. and use what he clearly understands about this moment. >> in texas, republicans are full speed ahead in effort. they introduced two new far-reaching voter suppression bills first day of the suppression session yesterday. will hold public hearings tomorrow. should come as no surprise that republicans in state that's one of the hardest already to vote in are trying to make it even harder. before the session started, republican attorney general paxton's office arrested houston
4:22 pm
voter hervis rogers for casting illegally in 2020 after waiting in line more than seven hours. formerly incarcerated prohibited from voting while still on parole. wasn't scheduled to end until june 2020. not first time a black texan has been charged. convicted of casting illegal provisional ballot in 2016 that was never even counted. president biden is going straight to republican's newest front and continuing to further the disgraced former president's big lie. senator who participated in pro-trump events in d.c. is demanding the ballots be delivered to him personally as he pushes for fraudit in his
4:23 pm
state as well. wants something like 900,000 -- do audit of 900,000 ballots i'm assuming in places where people of color vote? >> oh, yeah. >> sample the paper and ballots. can it be stopped or are you the next arizona? >> will be stopped. examine my track record of stopping efforts to try and disenfranchise our black and brown communities in pennsylvania. one insurrectionist state senator enabled by modern day republican party beholden to donald trump who is demanding the private voting information of 997,000 pennsylvanians. if he were able to pull off the audit would cost the taxpayers of those counties over $30 million. taking advantage of the
4:24 pm
taxpayers to the tune of $30 million and compromising their personal information. he will not get away with it. >> what scares a lot of us out here in the world is each of the states where republican insurrectionists are trying to mess with the faith in the last election and essentially put in place the tools to steal the next election, it all depends on everybody having enough people in the state willing to fight and in position to fight. in arizona they've disempowered the top elections official to make it harder for her to fight it. governor there was a kissup to trump as well. it's scary because it all depends on the individual morality of public officials. can this go on? don't we need to do this at federal level? >> i think we have to do it at all levels. sadly congress seems unable to do it. i think right now we all have a responsibility to fight like hell to defend our democracy.
4:25 pm
whether you're attorney general, secretary of state, member of congress, or any average citizen who just cares about the future, we have to defend the right to vote, the right for everyone to be heard so we can then work on perfecting our union, make it more inclusive, tackle the big challenges we have. every single day insurrectionist state senators like the one in pennsylvania focus on disenfranchises people, it's another day they're not fighting for good people of pennsylvania and real challenges we face. >> lot of southern states after the civil war, black codes were passed to create enough felonies to keep black people from voting because rules if you had felony, couldn't vote. convenient way to remove the black people from the roles. texas still one of those states. guy prosecuted there, on parole, about to end, i think he believed he could vote. crystal mason did not know she
4:26 pm
was unable to vote. in your state there was guy who literally used his mom's who died voting information to vote to give trump additional vote. got five years probation. feels -- i know other side doesn't like to think anything is racial but white guy who voted for trump illegally gets five years probation and black man and woman get the book thrown at them. do you see disparity there? >> absolutely. look, what's happening in texas is horrible. and there's people trying to do the same thing in pennsylvania. here's what i will say, in general, that's not my case in texas but voter fraud, a serious crime that i have prosecuted and people should be held accountable, including the three in pennsylvania in 2020 who committed voter fraud trying to add extra vote for donald trump. but ken paxton, the attorney general of texas, let me be clear. i know ken and what goes on in
4:27 pm
texas. he cannot be trusted in act in the best interest of the people. he was the one who filed the seditious loft trying to disenfranchise millions of voters to suck up to donald trump and i guess get himself a pardon for something. here's the reality we all need to be focused on standing up to attacks on black and brown communities. whether holding them to different legal standard or making it harder for them to vote. it's happening here in pennsylvania and in texas. >> does have negative obsession with your state, 72% of the people he's prosecuted for voter fraud, people of color. thank you very much. up next, republican pearl clutching over teaching history has escalated to disturbing heights or is it lows? over a children's book.
4:28 pm
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one of the most iconic and powerful images of the american civil rights movement is this, this photograph of ruby bridges, age six, on november 14th, 1960 became first black child to desegregate a public elementary school in new orleans, walked in escorted by u.s. marshals and her mom. screamed racial slurs, threw objects, spit and yelled, a moment so crucial to america's
4:33 pm
desegregation journey, young ruby depicted in painting by the norman rockwell, later loaned to the obama white house. when ruby bridges was invited to see it there, president obama told her if it wasn't for you guys, i wouldn't be here today. ruby bridges a civil rights icon. not everyone thinks so. vocal chapter of the group moms for liberty in tennessee wants her story out of the classroom. fighting to ban the children's book "ruby bridges goes to school" written by grown up ruby bridges herself. tennesseean claims that it's harmful because of the large crowd of angry white people who didn't want black children in a white school too harsh. and didn't offer redemption at
4:34 pm
end. terrorized black children for wanting to go to school were real. parents carried tiny coffins with black dolls inside. ruby had to pass coffins like these to get inside her school building. lot of things don't feel good about history, war, slavery, genocide, just to name a few. but these things really did happen. only by facing them with the boldness of ruby bridges on that first day of school can we understand how we got here. separates history from fairy tale. history has been ambushed by this fairy tale before. united daughters of the confederacy, a white supremacist ladies club infamously targeted textbooks they deemed unjust to the south. including books that spoke of slaveholder as cruel and unjust
4:35 pm
to slaves. slaves were depicted as happy and well cared for or else. this scrubbing, sanitizing and systematic whitewashing of our history has roots somewhere else, soviet russia. that story is next. story is net from the world's number 1 selling nerve care company. as we age, natural changes to our nerves occur which can lead to occasional discomfort. nervive contains b complex vitamins that nourish nerves, build nerve insulation and enhance nerve communication. and, alpha-lipoic acid, which relieves occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. live your life with less nerve discomfort with nervive nerve relief. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes
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the right's obsession with rewriting history when it comes to slavery and racism has disturbing precedent in authoritarian him. timothy schneider notes that republicans banning critical race theory takes a page from russia's playbook, using memory loss to rewrite the past. memory laws arrived in moment of cultural panic, when national politicians are railing against traditionalist teachings. in russia it's those who write critically about stalin or
4:40 pm
honestly about the second world war. tends to mean the parts of history that challenges their righteousness. shouldn't have to feel negative emotions and difficult subjects should be kept from us. he joins me now. so geeked out we managed to book you. saw nicole tweet out your essay and i read it twice, so good and fascinating. explain memory laws. >> so glad to be talking to you and have a chance to talk about this. i'm an american and historian, but work mostly in other countries. when i saw these laws passed in the united states and discussed, i was reminded of things we've seen in eastern europe, particularly in russia. basic idea of memory law is make
4:41 pm
governing very easy for authoritarian regime because it puts everything into the past and caters to emotions of majority. teach the population and raise the children to think the past is there to make you feel good and the future goes away. and everyone lacks the facts they need to become aware citizens. citizenship becomes impossible. can only be a good citizen if you know the difficult truths about your own country. you can only raise people to be citizens if you educate them in such a way, they're looking for difficult truths so when they grow up they know how to challenge power. that's the way democracy has to work. >> in the past the memory laws were not really laws but bullying. daughters of the confederacy enforced that stories of slavery be told from confederate's point
4:42 pm
of view, seen for decades, now seeing critical race theory bills that tonight have anything to do with real critical race theory, all have the same language, arizona, iowa, texas. individual should feel discomfort, guilty, anguish or another form of psychological distress because of race. bars any teaching to feel discomfort because of their race. meaning you can't teach let's say about jim crow or about ruby bridges in a way that says those white people were screaming at ruby bridges, that makes the white kids feel uncomfortable. can't say jim crow was done by white people because feel uncomfortable those are memory laws right? >> look at two countries for authoritarian patterns. one, if you put censorship laws over the heads of teachers,
4:43 pm
teachers have to self-censor. i teach history, making up lesson plans like thousands of teachers are in july for september. i know the teachers are thinking about these laws, what they can and can't teach. and they're going to be very conservative this fall and teach worse and students will suffer as a result of it. that's one way authoritarianism works. self-censorship. other way, state laws down the law of what doesn't want to happen, what should or shouldn't happen and expects people to rise up and respond. that's what is happening, teachers fired in tennessee and courses canceled in oklahoma, people authorized to enforce their views of what should be taught. unfortunately americans respond that just like everyone else does. >> do we have to think of teachers being arrested, students who don't like their
4:44 pm
history teacher naming them, saying they were teaching things that made me uncomfortable as white student, talking about arrests? what are we realistically being worried about? >> laws prove that critical race theory is true. if you're on the fence, these laws prove it's true. people passing laws saying we're not racist, this is neutral. they're aiming at concept of racism that only makes sense to white people, it's just feeling discomfort. right? sad to say, that's not a concept of racism that makes sense to anybody not white in this country. and authorizing folks as you say to say look, talking about lynching makes me feel uncomfortable. talking about voter suppression makes me feel guilty. guilt and shame -- we should feel guilty about lynching and ashamed of voter suppression, normal human emotions part of growing up and teaching.
4:45 pm
i teach difficult things and my students go through difficult moments in order to learn. perfectly natural. laws put teachers in position of being denounced by students and parents. anybody who has studied history knows that's the purpose. that's the point. that's what is now supposed to happen. >> i have taught lynching to predominantly white students, it's uncomfortable, and faced it better than a lot of these adults. and who feels uncomfortable seeing bodies of lynched people? black kids, i don't think that's something the critical race theory worriers think about. thank you. up next on "the reid out," conservative freak show arrives in none other than the suppression state itself, texas, to praise their orange florida god head.
4:46 pm
meanwhile, one right-wing snowflake is urging conservatives to pack up their belongings and move. my panel and i will discuss how quickly we can help them get bags packed. next. bags packed. next i've never slept like this before. i've never woken up like this before i feel like doing things... and then doing other things after those things. it's hard to explain, i'm just back what even is this? clinically studied plant-based ingredients passionflower, valerian root, and hobs. i feel really good. new zzzquil pure zzzs restorative herbal sleep. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. you're strong. you power through chronic migraine
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this that will wine about whine about how their guy lost. don't expect much talk about how they lost the senate, house and white house in the span of one presidential term. this weekend's tent revival is a whose who of snow flakes like rotting tree punchering and part-time madison. texas congressman ronny jackson who after an investigation was found to have run a hostile and
4:51 pm
booze latent work environment. donald trump junior, the man child desperate for daddy's attention and beloved donald senior will never give him was the featured speaker today. he's second fiddle to his orange papa who is set to speak on sunday afternoon. i would play you a clip but it was a lot of nonsensical squealing strung together in mid libs of conservative trigger words. it's now become a rally for trump extremism complete with a golden statue to the one term, twice impeached former queen's resident. joining me is democratic strategist. tim, how far cpac has fallen. where is its dignity, tim?
4:52 pm
>> first, joy, in case any of your viewers are having which experience, i swore we just did this. i had to google it earlier. i was like didn't we just have this. if you were a soulless, money grubbing grifter, you would want to be reanimated. he is apparently found way to make cpac happen more than once a year now. it's like quarterly. it's unbelievable. it is a big change. there are three issues on the table down in texas today. it is making sure that nazis have free speech online. making sure that woke teachers do not have free speech in the classroom and imaginary vote r fraud. that's it. you talked about the old three legged stool. there could be disagreement ons the policy back in the day on social conservatconservativism. we are a far cry from that. >> every day is cpac. i don't know if anybody told you
4:53 pm
but it's like we're in hell. every day is cpac every day for the rest of our lives. juanita, the democrats are dealing with it as well. before we get to the democrats, they're dealing with their own issues but i have to get to dan. i want to ask you as a woman of power and authority, how can we help him move? let's strategize from him. get away from the liberals and shrink the federal government to live in our own freedom and liberty loving enclave. how can we pack him up and his friends and get them the hell on? >> joy, as my grandmother would say, don't let the door hit you. deuces. get gone now. it's the ultimate reversal of woe is me. even in his diatribe that he delivered on his radio show, he went from aggressively attacking
4:54 pm
progressives and calling us thugs and liars to say need safe space now. correct me if i'm wrong, this he spews hate and lies on a regular basis almost daily basis now claiming he needs a safe space questioning that concept for years and laughing at the concept. now he is so fragile. now he needs to run and hide and he needs protection when the reality is, i'm ready to be done with you. move as far away as you can. move, go, bye. >> nobody is staying. we're like, go. go where ever you're going. just make it fast. go let ted cruz help you. he knows how to get to mexico. >> ted cruz is definitely help him book a flight. let's talk about stephen miller. speaking of creepy and weird people. stephen miller has crawled back out of the crypt and his new
4:55 pm
thing is to go on and brag about the great hand that donald trump left to joe biden. he said no president in history has been dealt a better hand on day one. think about what trump left him and what it's become. i'll put it up here as you comment on that. trump inherited 75 months of job growth, six straight years of gdp growth on record and biden inherited the opposite. your thoughts, tim. >> obviously there's no reason to argue with this on the merits. i think it's an important reflection of the alternate universe that they are living in. there is a completely alternate information universe that's sealed from reality. no real information is coming in or going out. it's dangerous. this is -- we can't -- we tie everything back to 1/6.
4:56 pm
this is how you get people believing that the election they lost, they really won. it's part of the new information ecosystem and it's really incumbent on us to try to pop that bubble in different ways possible. that's going to be an important boost for policy and our nation but also for the democrats stra -- strategically. they are living in a world where that is true for them. things are so great for donald trump and he left joe biden this amazing economy. he can get away from saying that because they are not listening or looking at the stats and getting other news information into their bubble. >> they will be getting their weather from fox news. they will be going outside with their raincoats in storm and stuff because they will believe that ain't real rain. that's a lie from the libs. let's talk about the supreme court. i don't think any of them really understand what's happening that
4:57 pm
work in washington. i think they think that everything is fine and that like these republicans are basically just it ration of ronald reagan. there's now a dear colleague letter that was written by chuck schumer just sort of inching briar out the door. it doesn't seem like briar is in a hurry. he's like i'm good here and if anybody happens to me, you'll get a 7-2 court. >> that's exactly right. i feel the pressure. i'm surprised at the lack of discretion here from schumer be but i see the pressure. i'm not sure he will take it. he is fine. he is comfortable. he's healthy more than anything. he's probably like i'm just going to ride this out. we know that pressure is growing. breyer make room so we can have the first black woman asent to the supreme court while democrats have control of the senate. democrats are right to fill the
4:58 pm
pressure. i'm surprised at the lack of discretion on display. i feel like this is the most explicit, come on out. we have the majority. i feel like schumer is looking at the clock to 2020 realizing the clock is ticking on what democrat court reporting school -- control of the senate can look like. >> the thing that scares me about democrats is what i feel like is lack of urgency. i don't know if you feel the same way watching them. >> look, i think it's true on breyer. mitch mcconnell said that even if 2023, he wouldn't promise to fill the seats. i think the democrats actually better for the house, chuck schumer could keep control of the senate. time is ticking to january 2023. the thing that i'm missing is where is the strategic approach to say, what are things that joe
4:59 pm
manchin and kristin can get on board with and let's get those things passed and deal with everything else. i think there is a lot of we're blaming manchin. he can't do this. now we're going to negotiate trying to find ten republicans never going to happen. rather than saying maybe we can get not everything that we want but at least get some point ons the scoreboard here while we know we have control of all three branches. i'm surprised we haven't seen that. maybe that's something they move to in the fall but time is ticking on that. >> i think he wants his them. thank you all very much. before we go, our moment of joy. 14-year-old zaila avant-garde became the first african-american to win the
5:00 pm
spelling bee last night. >> that is correct. >> i love it. zaila has many other talents. she holds three guiness world records for juggling basketballs and has some really impressive goal. >> i want to do something like going to harvard to play basketball and maybe going to wnba or overseas or something before i go into my next thing of like working with nasa or something like that. >> she's so cute. that is tonight's reid out. all in with chris hayes starts now. tonight on "all in." >> ask yourself if you have a problem with this. they will knock on your door and demand you take it. his administration is panicking and infiltrating our lives. >> the deadly consequences of right wing backlash politics as the door knocking starts and schools begin mandate vaccines.


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