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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  July 9, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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workers and construction workers and disproportionately women of color. think of the 20-year-old worker who is a star worker, but not treated like and underpaid and passed over for proportions and the competitor across the street wants to bring her in, but threatens her for legal action because of the noncompete clause she signed, and she can't afford a attorney, and you would feel disrespected, bullied and trapped. so someone should feel free to take a job if you want to. if your employer wants you, they
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should have to make it worth your while, and that is what should lead to higher wages and better dignity of work. there is noncompete clauses and people running the machines that lay down asphalt. if in fact, you get offered a job, and you have a, you know, that you are in arkansas doing it, a lot of the specific examples is that you can't take a job in west texas to do it. what in the hell does that have to do with anything? or clauses in mcdonald's contacts and you can't leave burger king or go to mcdonald's, and is there a trade secret about what is in that patty? i am serious. and a lot of you do know, and i did not know until five years ago the incredible number of noncompete clauses for ordinary people that it is done for one
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reason to keep wages low, period. look, let workers choose who they want to work for. i am calling on the ftc to do away with certain occupational licensing requirements. do you realize if you braid hair and you move from one state to another, sometimes you to do a six-month apprenticeship even though you have been this the business for a long, long time. what the hell is that all about? military families for example, they are often on the move between states with each new assignment, and so you have a woman in the military and her husband is following her or vice versa, guess what? if you are a plumber, and you have to have a different license to move from delaware to
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missouri. look, it can't be a significant burden to get a new license to a new state, and that burden can't be around anymore, because it takes time and money, and toll on the family's income while you are waiting. we need to remove that barrier, and provide more mobility and opportunity for families on the move. this is something that my wife jill has worked with michelle obama for the joint initiatives for the military. we are going to keep that moving. we are going to get it done with an executive order. let me close with this. competition works. we know that it works. we have seen it work when it exist, and fair competition is what made america the wealthiest and most innovative in history, and that is why people come here to invent businesses. in the competition against china and other businesses in the 21st
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century, let's show that the american democracy and american people can outperform anyone because given the chance, the american people will never let down the country. imagine to give everyone a full and fair chance. that is what this is about, and that is what i am going to do. i'd lick to invite the cabinet members up here, on the attorney general is up here, and attorney general garland and mr. secretary, you can come up, too, and i have been watching on television, and you are really good. and gina remundo, and also, leena khan and acting chair of the ftc, and am i leaving anybody out? well, come on up, because this may be the first cabinet meeting
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that we have had. first pen. second. third. fourth. fifth.
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and thank you. thank you, everyone. it is good to be with you. i'm geoff bennett and we are following several breaking stories out of the white house, and we just heard the president speak about the economy, and i believe that he is taking questions. >> the united states expects when operations are coming from the soil even though it is not, it is not sponsored by the state, we expected to have the information to act on who that is, and secondly, we have set up a communications for the regular
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basis for that to communicate to another country to affect the home country, and so i am optimistic. >> you said three weeks ago there would be consequences, will there be, sir? >> yes. and so the president was speaking earlier about the american economy and the new executive order that he signed to encourage competition. and the bigger headline is what he is talking about with the phone call to vladimir putin. according to the callout, he urged vladimir putin to take urgent action against the hack attack, and something that jen psaki underscored in the briefing. >> if if russian government cannot or will not take action against the russian hackers, we will. and the president sent that message in our engagements as well. >> and now, joining us is mike memoli, and former white house
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agent and security analyst clint walk. so mike, walk us through the phone call, and put in context of what biden said on the way out of the east room. >> well, the u.s. read out that you referenced just before we heard from the press secretary is jen psaki, and this was a few words, but it was a lot more discussed. she said that the discussion was about an hour, a if you want a sense of how complicated the rhealationship is, the first part was an area of collaboration about specifically a u.n. security council vote regarding the pathways of the humanitarian efforts under way in syria and russia has a big role. that is a part of the role there, and the president was thanking putin for the role in this. but then there was a question
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about why the u.s. has not seen more action on this, when we are seeing more ransomware attacks on the u.s. firms playing a significant role, and why haven't we seen more benefits, and the president going beyond what the readout of the call was, and he said that he did make it clear that there will be consequences, and certainly, one of the issues that we are discussing is attribution if the russian government is not involved, then the white house has made it clear that they cannot harbor the actors like r r-evil of the last attack. this is increasing warfare here over the last few years.
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and there are so many issues that it is one that has not gotten as much attention. >> well, mike, because the details matter, and i said it a couple of times that he was in the east room. but is this something that vladimir putin is going to respond to, mike, and you know that little happens in russia without his implicit or explicit consent? >> that is right, geoff. ransomware is a good source of income for the criminal hacker, and the criminal hacker industry is then a supportive mechanism into and through the intelligence services over the weekend and the news that the rnc committee was hacked into by intelligence services. this is a good deal for putin's
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perspective, and this is the second time that you need to do something, and why would they change course or do anything to enforce this if they don't see any response from the u.s. other than phone calls, and meetings. i respect what buy zen has been trying to do, and this is increasingly broad with the russian intelligence hacks, and when you add it up, from the kremlin perspective, why stop doing anything when you have been resisted, and there is not a deterrence other than sanctions that have been going on for a decade or so. >> and as he was leaving, a report asked him if he needs to retaliate, if he wants, and the president said yes. what might that look like, clint? >> on the stronger side, it was
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potential oligarchs or more information out on the russian collectives, but it is moving to the limited cyber operation, and against this russian criminal industry, and hackers that are there, and other things that are in between as well. we have seen the fbi recover some of the bitcoin that was deposited into the hackers' accounts, and they are still trying to do that but it is a defensive step, and that comes down to the most aggressive which is to use the partners to use criminals to get into another sovereign state. i doubt that the u.s. would do that, but it is a clear message to russia, and require someone like putin to explain why they would not respect the borders. we are told to respect the sovereignty of russia, and as far as ransomransomware, and the
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not done that. and now more breaking news from president biden, he is going to deliver a long awaited speech on voting rights. he has been pressured to use the presidential power to counter restricting the vote. they will try to do it again in texas. there a special session there called by the governor to consider more voting acts there. and it is a fight that the texas won, and the republicans lost back in may when the state democrats managed to delay the bill by stagesing a dramatic walk-on. and it bears to state that texas is not an isolated attempts by
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polymer -- the texas cpac convention gets under way in dallas. and joining us is the dean of the university of texas, and the executive director of the texas lawyers damon hue, and so, priscilla, what are we expecting in dallas tomorrow as it pertains to the voting restrictions. >> we know that the former congressmen have put out an all-call for the public hearing and not only to show up, but to sign up to give public testimony about how these new restrictive bills would impact them, and i spoke to one advocate about why that is so important.
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take a listen to what he had to say. >> i think it is critical for the lawmakers to hear the stories of texans to know that we are in here tonight, and for the long haul whether it is one special session or ten, and we know that we have the power to stop the bills. they said that we could not do it here in the regular session, and we are here to prove those people wrong again. >> so shaping up to be a long day here in austin tomorrow. geoff. >> and priscilla, the democrats there, they just unveiled a bill of their own named for the late congresswoman barbara jordan, and the trail blazing congresswoman barbara jordan ax -- and what are they asking for in that bill? >> yes, i am here, and one of the senators who signed her name to that bill is senator sarah eckardt. >> what is in that bill is fair and safe and welcoming elections
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and a statewide process that removes barriers to voting and makes it far more safe and welcoming for people to come vote rather than what we have seen for the republicans which is more chaos and intimidation. >> and what we have don't expect that the gop leadership is going to take this for a hearing, to have it on the bill, and if that does not happen, buzz this bill die after today? >> well, unfortunately, we don't expect that the republican leadership is going to be fair, transparent, and operate by the rules, so you right, we don't expect to get a hearing on this, and to lay down the marker, and have the barriers removed and we are relying on you and the press and the friends outside of this building to shine light on the darkness going on inside of this building, and the lack of transparency, and the frankly
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unjust legislation being pushed. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: so geoff, while they are doing everything they can on the ground there, they will be watching what president biden has to do on tuesday, and what if anything is going to be happening on the federal level. >> thank you, and to the state senator there. and can you put in context what is unfolding in texas, victoria, and the degree to which it could backfire, and especially the rural voters who rely on the vote by mail? >> well, geoff, this is the governor's priorities for the special session who plans the political issue. so this is an issue that is near and dear to the republican base. we are also looking at the governor greg abbott who is going to be running for
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re-election, but at the same time, he has the white house in his sights. so, he is trying to fight not just for political survival but the opponents that he has drawn, and to get to the next front, and that is important to understand how this is going to go through, and he is going to make sure with his republican colleagues in the legislature, that it is going to be done to promises yet made. now, as far as the unintended consequences as a policy professor, i am always teaching on the first day, when you make a policy, think of the intended consequences and the unintended consequences, and so this is going to be interested to see, because traditionally the republicans, and the more rural voters and older voters here in texas are the ones who use the vote by mail, and this voting bill that has been presented, you have to show more
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identification. and so this could have more restrictions that all republicans should deeply consider. >> and damon, you were in that meeting yesterday with the president, and the vice president focused on voting rights, and give us a sense of what was said in that two-hour meeting, and what more you want to see the administration do? damon? >> right here. sorry. geoff, it is what we have been saying all along, we need the president's bully pulpit, and his cover. the texas legislatures need it and in ba ga as well, and we need a full-fledged doj doing not just what they are doing, but unencumbered via the legislation to allow them to once again be the partner that it must be that it has
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historically been in the speech next week, because it is time that we really call out what is happening. and i think that senator eckardt said it well, and to what victoria said about the unintended consequences, and i the they texas is going too far and just like ga -- georgia. they are making discriminatory intent easier the prove by what is filed by this horrible legislation. >> is that the overreach there, because the senate math is what the senate math is, and so i cheryl and i have with the naacp says that organizing isn't going to do it, and organiing from the courts is not going to do
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it, but legislation is going to do it, but the path is not totally clear. >> right. we understand that president biden push those buttons that he has more visibly, and that is what he is doing, and announced it a day after our meeting and some uptake right away. what we have to keep our eyes on, it is not just legislation from congress, and not just lawsuits at the time that we file from the lower courts or legislators. we have to be clicking on all cylinders here, because the threat is imminent on every front. >> damon hue with it, and priscilla and anne, i thank you. >> and coming up, the
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billionaire race. just 24 hour away from the battle of the stars. >> you have spent 17 years and now it is coming true. >> yeah. it is definitely a pinch yourself moment. removes 99.9% of the virus that causes covid-19 from treated air. so you can breathe easier, knowing that you and your family have added protection. ♪ ♪ when our daughter and her kids moved in with us... our bargain detergent couldn't keep up. knowing that you and your family have added protection. turns out it's mostly water. so, we switched back to tide. one wash, stains are gone. daughter: slurping don't pay for water. pay for clean. it's got to be tide.
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in south florida, the death toll has risen to 78, and the searchers entered the third weekend of digging through the rubble at collapsed champlaine tower right. and amid the lawsuits and the rush to make sure that other buildings are safe, the search to make sure that every person is accounted for, vaughan hillyard has the latest. >> the new number of 14 individuals recovered overnight, and the announcement from the individuals is indicative of the acceleration of the recovery process now that it is formally a recovery effort here.
11:25 am
since sunday night's demolition, 54 of the 78 total recoveries have happened just this week alonement and again, 54 recoveries just this week. to give you an idea of the rubble area now, and initially after that initial collapse, the rubble area up to four stories high, and the officials say that they have worked through the rubble, and cleared enough cement, and twisted rebel where it is just two stories high here, and at this point, there are 60 individuals unaccounted for and look for the closure themselves. and the miami-dade county medical examiner is coming in to assist the broward county medical examiner. and so there is other similar apartment complexes are ongoing here. and a week ago, there was the
11:26 am
crestview towers a few hundred miles from here, people were evacuated, and just today, folks are given a 15-minute window to go back in and try to recover some of their possessions here, as further evaluations are going in, and the heightened concern, because the questions are still outstanding about what brought down the apartment building here. back to you. >> thank you, vaughan hillyard. and joining us is the mayor john brickette. tell us about the meetings with the families today. >> we have worked hard to bring the family members out of the rubble today, as soon as
11:27 am
possible. they have been very, very cooperative and patient. and you know, the pain that they are experiencing is really unimaginable and waiting and the knowing, and they know that we are doing everything humanly possible to bring their relatives out of that rubble and reunite them with the ones they love. >> and at that point, i understand that there is help bringing in the speed of the process to process and identify the remains and notify the families. >> we have had winds and fires and winds and hurricanes through this process, and it has been tough through the rescue and the families understand that and know that and i believe they are appreciative of all of the love and effort and passion that has been put in this effort to bring
11:28 am
the family members back, and we keep adding the resources where necessary, and we don't have a resource problem, but as the fire chief said, we have five rows of men and women to come on board to do what needs to be done, and wed are praying to get everybody out of there, and give the families closure as soon as possible. >> as vaughan hillyard said, people are rushing up and down the coast to make sure they are stable. what more can you tell us about the process of surfside. >> well, it is all over, and listen, vi contacted my engineers and asked them, because we have 40-year certifications coming up on one of my buildings and i have asked them to sort of move it up so we can get it done sooner so i have peace of mind, and the tenants have peace of mind that everything that needs to be done is being done. the buildings on the ocean are a
11:29 am
different animal. the engineers believe something related to the building next door, and washout in respect to the pilings underneath, and this building kind of fell down, and buildings in america don't do that, and that is a third world phenomenon, and so we have to look carefully at the cause. by the way, the reporter is correct, i was out there this morning, and the pile is actually below grade in some areas where below it was four or five stories tall, and they are making incredible progress right now, and as we are getting deeper, and deeper into the pile of rubble, it will expose what we need to start to see and the answers as to why that building fell down. >> do you is a sense of how much longer this recovery effort is going to go? >> i think it is going to go until we get everybody out, and go until we have the rubble
11:30 am
cleared and go until we can dig in and get to the foundations of that building to try to understand what exactly happened there, and we have nist, the national institute of structural technology out there, and i saw them this morning taking a lot of pictures and i took them this morning to forward them to our engineer, and we are looking hard at it, and analyzing the concrete, and we took samples from the north, and that is esseially the same building, and we want to know if there is anything glaring that is jumping out to us with respect to the concrete samples of that building, and the ground penetrating radar, and the steel content, and the columns that we took out of that building the other day. so we will be looking at it until we have some understanding of the data and picture as to why this happened. >> sufferside mayor, and thank you very much. and of course, we are holding the families close in thought
11:31 am
and prayer. thank you. and now, the nbc is reporting that the fbi is involved into the assassination of the haiti president. more than a dozen suspects are under arrest, and two might be american. and still, back to school. the new cdc guidance that is going to encourage in-person learning even if the school cannot meet covid safety protocol. stay with us. stay with us. you already pay for car insurance, why not take your home along for the ride? allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands. click or call to bundle today. the instant air purifier removes 99.9% of the virus that causes covid-19 from treated air.
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there new guidance from the cdc today urging all public schools to reopen for in-person instruction come the fall, and even if the schools can not take every measure to curb the virus, all school districts should fully reopen, and complicating the virus is the surge across rural america. this new delta virus is leading to a spike in cases where few people are vaccinated and new to that end, pfizer is announcing it is developing a booster to enhance the effectiveness against the delta variant, and joining us now with more of this is shaquille brewster? springfield, missouri, and dr. uche blackstock. and so, shaq, how are the individuals handling bluestock there?
11:36 am
well, geoff, they are emphasizing, and also and now, in missouri, they have broken their record again for covid patients and this is not recent, but over the course of the entire pandemic, and 16 months into the pandemic, and that is the hospital system over the july fourth holiday had to bring in extra ventilators to support the patients, and the doctors say it is the worst it has been, and they are blaming the delta variant, saying that 95% of to patients that they are seeing in the cowing and that is why the emphasis is on the vaccinations here. i had a conversation with the chief as a vaccination clinic. listen to what he is putting
11:37 am
what is happening in his community. >> i would call it a mass casualty event, and it is certainly through the social distancing around and the isolation, and the masking, and we have done what we can do, and now it is up to the individual to vaccinate, and in light of the delta variant which is extremely dangerous. >> i have had the conversation with the fire chief and hospital administratorssh and they are seeing the influx and seeing people suffer by something with that vaccination dose. >> yes, and so they are readily available, and dr. blackstock, thank you. and now i want to talk to you about this pfizer statement saying that the people who are vaccinated do not need the
11:38 am
booster. so to degree that we are trusting the science, and which science are we trusting here? what is the advice? >> it is the pharma companies coming out saying that we need this. so far, we have had studies coming out in recent weeks that show that our immune system is incredibly important reports that show the effects of somebody who is exposed to the coronavirus virus, and there is no indication that boosters will be needed now or any time soon. >> thank you for clearing that up for us now, and let's taub about the cdc on the guy dance of reopening the schools, even though they cannot meet all of the benchmarks that said that schools must reopen for to the
11:39 am
guidance of the cdc. what do you make of this new guidance? >> there are updated guidelines for the mask individuals, and so they are leaving much of the measures up to the localities based on the multi-layered approach of masbes, and physical distancing, and encouraging and it is very much evidence-based and so the question is how will it be vaccinated in several levels and vaccination rates, and to make sure that the lines are equitable. as we know that the families are
11:40 am
not equitable, and they will go, and if they have the infrastructure to care for the updated guidelines. >> so shaq, any button to push the unvaccinated, and to autoto vaccination clinics throughout the town here, and the conversationis very, and i should say that the people who have chosen to get the vaccination, and i asked if it was the delta variant, and some said, yes, but a gentleman said that he saveded it because he is running a garbage collection company, and didn't find the need to get the vaccine dose, but what happened his mine is
11:41 am
that he has seen him for past two week, but he brought his entire family to get the vaccine touch, and it is sometimes week personal, and it takes some folks longer when it hits closer to home. >> thank you, all. meanwhile, the white house this afternoon says it is sending a team from the fbi to help to investigate the assassination of haiti's president. it comes after a formal request from the haitian author vis killed or arrested more than 10 suspects, and what can you telling us, gabe gud yarz. >> reporter: we are told that they are planning to send out
11:42 am
about 20 pieces of silverware. arrested is that he had worked for a contractor to work at the embassy more than a decade ago. and now, within the past few minutes the colombian national police has also released new information about the other suspects that were arrested. four security companies in klum bayh ya are under investigation for and the head of the police who said that ex-military between 20 and 22 were revealed and they also talked about at the travel routes, and they apparently flew from bogata to
11:43 am
punta cana over the border into haiti, and there was a dramatic news conference last night where many of the suspects were paraded in front of the cameras, and 15 saesed and again the two u.s. citizens, and four suspects have been killed so far, and the hay shen authorities are saying that nine more are on the run. in all, 28 suspects, at least 28, have been identified to be involved in the assassination, according to the authorities, but on the ground, there is some skepticism of the government version of event, and people are asking if this is such a sophisticated group of killers, why were they caught so soon. all of this is part of the inside help, and as you mentioned the breaking details
11:44 am
that the u.s. is sending personnel to investigate this assassination yet r. >> gabe ute yars thank you. it is got to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> sure thing. what have you been able to piece together about what has transpired here, and any reason to believe what the haitian officials have to say in the case? >> well, first of all, we have to understand the magnitude of the situation. i mean, you know, assassinating a sitting president in his house, in his room, and trying to assassinate the first lady who is thank god alive, and survived the vicious attack, and so those suspects, they were, you know, from all reports, he wants to get to the president
11:45 am
's home and heavily armed and basically made the hit, and while they were escescaping, an there are very few routes to go leaving from the president home, and they were blocked from different angles, and that is the version of the facts out there. and of course, we will know all of the facts when there is an international impact, and so it is encouraging to see president biden, and also the president conference of the white house saying that i will get involved. i think that the president more des that. he is a democratically involved reform, and he had some enemies. and they are, and you know, they are there. so, we have to make sure that
11:46 am
this investigation is done thoroughly, and that the real suspects are about the justice and to stop the different conspiracy theory going on, and that is why it is crucial, and super important to have not only the fbi, but i saw that the president el duque, and i thank him for that sent the intelligence service, and some experts to haiti to meet with the authorities to el h hp with that, but i think needs to go bethe investigation so that it never happens again like what happened in lebanon, and special tribunal for 80, so that you have not only investigation, but international prosecution. so you keep everybody at bay, a keep the politics, and the financing out of it. and the financing of these
11:47 am
mercenaries, it was a very good proposition, so they would have had the means to finance any cover of operation and not to be caught. >> so i have to ask you, what next for haiti? >> a constitutional ak poverty, an pandemic, and very fuch what is next for the country that you love? >> for my beloved country, there is one specific and certain date, and that is september 26th. that is the date set by jovenel moise to give a voice to the people of the early yes for the
11:48 am
keys for the keys to get out of this mess, because it is going to get out of a mess to get out of the mes, and get out of this mess rather than having leaders chosen by special interest groups. >> and thank you for speaking to us, the prime minister of haiti. thank you very much. >> thank you. and now, i will talk to this special launch to the stars.
11:49 am
11:50 am
so we're less than 48 hours
11:51 am
away from a new chapter in space exploration that space tourism. it's going to begin with the battle of the billionaires. sir richard branson and jeff bezos, two of the richest men in the world are racing to the stars. branson flying in a virgin galactic space plane in new mexico. he's going on sunday. the complete trip should last two hours, all of it will be live streamed. now bezos is blasting off in a blue origin rocket from the deserts of west texas. he'll make his attempt later this month. branson gave nbc's tom costello an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the final preparations before he and his civilian crew take off. >> this is your baby. i mean, you have spent 17 years and now it's coming true. >> he yeah. i mean, it's definitely a pinch yourself moment. >> it's actually happening. and i'm really just in credibly grateful. >> nbc's tom costello is in new mexico with more.
11:52 am
>> reporter: jeff, good day from beautiful southern new mexico. the space port is just a few miles out into the desert. this is where on sunday morning branson is going to take off from that mother ship. as you know, his space ship, unity, is going to be connected to the bottom of the mother ship, named after his own mother. they're going to soar to 40 to 50,000 feet and then that is when the big mother ship will release the space ship. the space ship then lights a rocket and the rocket sends them to the edge of space. there is a little bit of controversy brewing right now because bezos is going to go on the 20th, branson this weekend. so branson beats bezos. in the battle of the billionaires, there is this brewing controversy here is. had nasa and the air force say that line between the atmosphere and space called the carmon line is 50 miles up. there is ain't national organization based in france,
11:53 am
they say, no, that line is 62 miles up. so the bezos folks this morning are suggesting, you know, maybe branson really isn't going to get to actual space. maybe he's just going to barely dip his toe just below the space level. but we, the bezos team, are going to space. branson is saying, wait a minute, nasa and the air force say that line is 50 miles up. so bit of bragging rights. egos on the line here as you can expect. i had this exclusive interview as you know with richard branson. i said are you nervous? he said, no. not at all. i believe in the technology. i believe in my engineers. and we're ready to go. 7:00 a.m. mountain time on sunday. jeff, back to you. >> nbc's tom costello. thank you for that. with us now is former nasa administrator and astronaut charles bolden. it's a real honor to speak with you, sir. glad you made time for us. so you experienced -- >> glad to be with you.
11:54 am
>> you experienced a launch in space before. four space shuttle missions. what's this going to be like for richard branson? what is he going to experience as he hurdled towards the stars? >> my hope is that he will find himself thrilled and excited in spice of what he says. it's an exciting thing. it's exhilarating. he won't -- won't quite have all the vibration and rattling that goes on when you launch from a launch pad where you got solid or other kinds of engines going but it will be exciting for him. >> talk about the training that astronauts like yourself would normally undergo for a mission like this. >> yeah. here you're talking about the difference between a nasa astronaut and civilian astronaut or more particularly, what i would call a professional astronaut. someone who is trained to actually have to maybe fly the vehicle to understand the systems and everything. sir richard and the crew won't
11:55 am
have to do anything -- won't have any interaction with the vehicle at all. they'll all be involved with pay loads or experiment that's they're carrying along. they have two very capable pilots, dave mackey and i want to say michael masuchi who are both have been to space before. in the virgin galactic spacecraft. their training is not as indepth. it's a little orientation and things to tell them what not to do, don't touch anything. listen to the real crew. >> yeah. what do you make of of this new era of space travel? you know, space tourism funed by billionaires? >> i'm excited. when i became president obama's nasa administrator, i was lukewarm to commercial air flight with reference to humans. over time i became an convert. and you may call me a disciple. it has opened doors for us to do things for us nasa to do things
11:56 am
that just we weren't able to do before for reasons of cost. the other thing is just diversity of thought. diversity of ideas. we get so many new ideas from the commercial sector and universities and colleges around the country and from our international partners. and that's what makes space flight today and in the future so much different than it was when i first came into the program in 1980. i think it's awesome. >> yeah. former astronaut major general charles bolden, really great to speak with you, sir. you're a hero to a lot of folks. i appreciate you taking time out of your busy day. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely. that does it for us this hour. ayman mohyeldin picks up our coverage coming up next. ayman mohyeldin picks up our coverage coming up next. he grea. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends.
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our dry roasted peanuts have an incredible ratio of size to substance a delicious, salty, crunchy ratio. planters. a nut above. good afternoon, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin in new york. just over three weeks after their summit in geneva, president biden and russian president putin spoke again today about the on going ransomware attacks on u.s. businesses being carried out by russian criminals. the president was asked about this controversy with putin a short time ago. here's part of what he had to say. >> i made it very clear to


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