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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  July 9, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that is going to do it for us tonight on this fine friday eve. i will see you again, tomorrow, on actual friday. uh-huh. here it comes. "way too early" with kasie hunt is up next. after 20 years, a trillion dollars spent training and equipping hundreds of afghan national security and defense forces, 2,448 americans killed, 20,722 wounded, and an untold amount coming home with issues with mental health. i will not send anyone else to afghanistan with no different
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achievement. the afghan troops have 300,000 well equipped, as well equipped as any army in the world and the air force against something like 75,000 taliban. it is not. >> president biden forcibly defending his decision to withdrawal all u.s. troops from afghanistan, but as the taliban continues to gain ground, the question is how long before the u.s. has to re-engage? plus, another warning from the white house as the delta variant leads to increases in covid cases. the question is could a vaccine that specifically targets this strain soon be on the way? and history at the skrips national spelling bee. the question is can you spell the word "murraya?"
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good morning. i am kasie hunt on this friday, july 9th. we made it, and we'll start with the news. with the delta variant surge across the country, biden officials are offering another warning to americans still not vaccinated against the coronavirus. the seven-day average of covid-19 cases in the u.s. has gone up by about 11% since last week, particularly in states where the vaccination rates remain low. >> we are starting to see some new and concerning events. in some cases hospitalizations are up. we're seeing outbreaks of covid-19 in locations such as camps and community events where proper hard-learned strategies are not in force and the variant is able to strive.
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>> the delta variant is the dominant strain, but in some parts of the country lie the midwest and upper mountain states, that number is closer to 80%. meanwhile pfizer is working on a booster shot. the company says clinical studies could begin as early as august, subject to regulatory approvals. executives from pfizer have repeatedly said people will likely need a booster shot or possible third dose of the vaccine within 12 months of being fully vaccinated. meanwhile the biden administration is renewing its push to pass voting rights legislation. president biden and vice president harris met with a delegation of civil rights leaders at the white house yesterday to discuss how to combat the wave of restrictive voting laws. civil rights activists argued the need. >> democracy is under vigorous, vicious, and sinister attack,
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beginning with the events of june -- january 6th at the capitol and cascading like a tsunami through state legislatures across the nation. >> the movement from the ground up is starting to be the only way that we can preserve our right to vote. we informed them that this is going to come not from the white house down but from our houses up. >> i told the president we will not be able to litigate our way out of this threat to black citizenship, voting, and political participation. we need legislation to be passed in congress, both h.r. 1 and h.r. 4. >> vice president harris announced the democratic national committee is invest 25g million in their voting rights campaign "i will vote." texas republicans,
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meanwhile, are wasting no time trying to pass new restrictive voting laws. they passed a bill similar to the one the democrats blocked when they walked out of the legislature back in may. it would require new voters to have i.d. and ban drive-through early voting and expand powers. one of the biggest differences is that it wouldn't ban sunday morning voting, which had popularized souls to the polls, something republicans had been heavily criticized for trying to block. a number of other issues are on the agenda for the special session including border security, critical race theory, and restricting transgender athletes from competing in school sports. joining us now, the co-founder of "punchbowl news." he's an msnbc contributor. jake, good morning. good to see you. we know right now there's no
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path to getting voting rights done in the u.s. congress. that's one of the most emotional and galvanizing issues for democrats. in texas you're seeing republicans focus on voting rights, but they're also discussing the culture war issues that they decided is the fight to fight right now. >> yeah, it is. it's a fight to galvanize a base, a fight to get people out to vote. it's the fight, as you said, kasie, a lot of parties across the country, a lot of local republicans are fighting. by the way, this is not only in localities. it's also on capitol hill, but here's the cold truth, think, for a lot of voting rights activists. in legislatures across the country and in washington, there's one way to get something done and it's with the majority and on capitol hill, a supermajority. but legislation can't be stopped generally speaking if the controlling party has the
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majority or a controlling number of people. so walking out during the end of the session was an important move by democrats, much lauded by everybody watching who was supportive of voting rights, but, quite frankly, there's not much more they can do to stop this in the special session. >> right. it's an important point. jake, we are sitting here on friday -- this was a short holiday week -- but congress is coming back starting next week and we're going to be halfway through july at this point, and chuck schumer in the senate has promised that they're going to put potentially, at least one, potentially two infrastructure packages on the floor of the senate to try to move forward. what do you think the chances are that they actually succeed in pushing this all through on their timeline? >> well, it's not clear what their time line is, kasie.
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i would imagine, frankly, they would get an infrastructure package through. there's a deal in the works that is being crafted. i have to imagine -- i really view this, kasie, and i hate to say this because this is going to be depressing for you and me and so many people, but i do this at probably a year-end like december situation in which we get some sort of large package. we could see a hard infrastructure package before then. i just think this will all snowball. some of this will snowball and become an end-of-september story and end-of-year story, and that is a story, kasie, we've lived through more times than we've lived most times in our life, but that's the hand that's been dealt to political reporters. >> oftentimes par for the course for sure. what are you reporting on with punch bowl this morning? >> we have a pretty good scoop
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and i will tease it here. the u.s. capitol police has a massive cash crunch due to the overtime it's paid to its officers and the fact that the supplemental spending bill t bill that was supposed to harden security in the capitol is stuck in the senate. a very dire cash situation for the capitol police, which we will detail this morning in "punchbowl news." >> right at the time when they, frankly, need it the most as they're trying to rebuild morale in the wake of january 6th. jake sherman, thank you very much. still ahead here, the death toll from the surfside condo complex is growing as they continue with recovery efforts with urgency. we'll have the latest. plus heavy rain hits new york city, flooding some subway stations. we'll take a look at what's next in the northeast as tropical storm elsa sweeps up the coast. don't go anywhere. we'll be back with much more.
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thunderstorms and heavy rain hit new york city and suburbs yesterday. rainwater seeped into subway stations. commuters trudged on. oh, my goodness. subway service was largely uninterrupted with only the northernmost end of the a line getting shut down. the interim president of the new york city transit said the underground flooding was due to overwhelmed drains. even more rain hit overnight thanks to tropical storm elsa. let's go right to meteorologist bill karins for more on the forecast. bill, good morning. always great to see you. what's next up there. >> good morning. elsa is about to cross over long island and eventually right over boston later this afternoon, kasie. we have our tropical storm
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warnings up for areas in orange. areas in green have flood watches. now you're getting elsa. one-two punch and a whammy, and that's why we're concerned with flash flooding in new england. we got the new advisory from the national hurricane center. winds are up to 50 miles an hour. it's a little stronger now that it's over the open water. we've had a couple of situations like waterspouts off of the coast of new jersey. we could see isolated tornadoes. the good news is look how fast the storm is moving, 31 miles an hour. it's going to be in and out as we go throughout the morning hours. by 7:00 to 8:00 a.m., new york city looks like you're done with the rainfall. boston, it looks like heavy rain early this morning. by about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, that's when it will begin to end in the boston area. by the time we get to the evening rush hour, portland, maine, augusta, maine, bangor,
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maine, you're done. as far as rainfall goes, there's the potential at least for 6 inches. many areas from connecticut to province to boston and coastal maine will get a good 1 to 3 inches. we have a good 3 million to 5 million under a flood watch. we have a drought condition as well. 27 million people are impacted by the latest heatwave, and how about this. death valley has the warmest temperature ever recorded on earth. 134 degrees back in 1913. this weekend? they have a chance to challenge that. they're predicting 131 degrees in death valley, california, on sunday. that would tie for the third hottest temperature ever recorded on this planet. i mean how crazy are those numbers for death valley? no one lives there, kasie, but it's still pretty nuts. it's amazing.
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>> i can't imagine. that's really stunning. all right, bill karins. here's hoping our friends out west stay cool. it doesn't seem like they're going to have much luck. thanks very much for that. we really appreciate it. time now for sports. the women's final for wimbledon is all set. the number one set, aussie ashleigh barty will face carolina plus co-va, the former number one seed. it pits two first-time wimbledon finalists for the first time since 1977. the suns held off the bucks' late rally attempts thanks to late quarter threes from booker and chris paul. booker went 7 for 12 behind the arc tying the record for the second most threes ever in a finals game. the suns lead the sooerks 2-0.
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game three set for sunday in milwaukee. they really -- watching them move the ball around the court last night was amazing. now this. it couldn't have been scripted any better. bases loading, the team's down, and this is the time you get your first big league hit as a pitcher. watch. >> are you kidding me? the padres' pitcher they just brought up from el paso, the san diego kid. >> amazing. daniel happens to be from san diego. it was the first grand slam ever by a pitcher at petco park. the padres down 8-0 came back to win, 9-8. that's awesome. congrats to him. and in a stunning reversal, toke yol olympics has announced
2:18 am
there will be no spectators. >> reporter: there will be no claps, fans at all. pulling back plan. the ban on fans coming hours after japan's prime minister announced a new state of emergency in tokyo, which begins monday and will rinne through the entire olympics. >> one of the reasons for the state of emergency, they want to thin out the crowds in restaurants and bars like here in downtown tokyo. officials are urging businesses not to serve alcohol. they want people to watch at home. even the olympic rings are being shut off early. the new restrictions come after an uptick in cases in tokyo due to the dale ta variant. though transmission is relatively low compared to other hot spots, the vaccine roll jot
2:19 am
has lagged. >> the vast majority remain unvaccinated. they're afraid of the olympics kick starting another surge. >> reporter: 70,000 people from around the world are expected here for the olympics including ioc president thomas bach who has just arrived and is now in quarantine. >> our thanks to tom llamas for that report. still ahead, alzheimer's has gone eight years would a treatment. this week the fda has approved a controversial drug and it's a narrow list of who can receive it. we'll be back in just a moment. e it we'll be back in just a moment ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪ no matter how you got copd it's time to make a stand. ♪ ...and i'm feelin' good ♪ start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy.
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2:23 am
unaccounted for. recovery efforts intense five after the crews knocked down the remainder of the building. the timetable before they find everyone is still unknown. >> we're expecting the progress to move at a faster pac with our recovery efforts, but there's a search component as well. there are certain aspects as we're going through. unfortunately we don't have an exact time frame date-wise how long this is going to take. >> families who lost loved ones were brought to the collapsed site to meet with first responders, and they held a moment of silence to honor their victims and their families. now this. in a reversal, the food and drug administration is now limiting who's eligible to receive a controversial new alzheimer's drug after facing intense criticism. the fda says patients with dementia are the only ones who will have access to the drug.
2:24 am
the drug was approved last month becoming the first alzheimer's medication cleared since 2003. meanwhile the u.n. security council is set to vote today on a resolution to keep the syrian/turkish border open for humanitarian aid. diplomats warn of a possible crisis the a saturday deadline passes with no agreement. russia who has stood in the way of keeping the border open has renewed efforts for access to syria for at least sick months. last month they vetoed an extension resulting in a closure of three of the four entry points bordering syria. a spokesperson ned price said in part, quote, millions of lives are on the line. we'll keep an eye on that. here at home, toyota said they'll no longer donate. they faced blowback after the
2:25 am
corporation's contributions after the lincoln project created the ad. >> the seditious politicians who voted to overturn the 2020 election result. they even hired mitch mcconnell's former chief of staff. toyota is number one who financially rewarded the party who took us to the brink on january 6th, helping finance a movement that fought to take votes away from the american kmeps not to mention toyota's own employees. it's time to call toyota's leadership if they don't reconsider where they send their money, americans will reconsider where we send ours. >> after that announcement, the lincoln project said they'll no longer air the toyota ad and they declined to comment on what other companies they plan to target. still ahead, biden continues to pull out troops.
2:26 am
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early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 on the west
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coast. i'm kasie hunt. president biden said he will move forward as planned even as the taliban moves closer to the city of kabul. >> it's the right and the responsibility of the afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. let me ask those who want us to stay, how many more? how many more thousands of american daughters and sons are you willing to risk? i will not send another generation of americans to war in afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving a different outcome. >> the president defended his decision to bring all american troops home yesterday, changing the end date from the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to august 31st, this as the taliban is taking control of one third of
2:31 am
the district. we're going to talk to nbc's courtney kube about this story a little later this morning. and john kirby will be joining us on "morning joe" late e on to give us more insight from afghanistan. let's go down to haiti. at least one american and possibly two are among the suspects detained in the asays nation of jovenel moise. they're reporting on a second american who was detained. the state department hased the y americans. moise was shot and killed in his home. his wife was also shot and is being treated at a miami
2:32 am
hospital. yesterday michael avenatti because sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. he said, i alone have destroyed my career, my relationships, and my life, and there is no doubt i need to pay. the judge said avenatti's severe remorse justified a lower sentence than the 9 to 11 years outlined in the federal guidelines. avenatti was convicted of extorting nike. he faces another trial next week for allegedly defrauding his clients. still ahead here, the totally different work of art that sold for millions at auction, plus new reporting from axios on an executive action that will be signed today that will make it easier to shop for internet service. don't go anywhere. "way too early" back in a moment. "way too early" back in a moment
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welcome back. as promised, joining us now, courtney kube. thank you for joining us this morning. we heard from the president yesterday and he said he doesn't think that the taliban taking over the country is inevitable. i'm wondering from your perspective and from your reporting, does the pentagon agree with that assessment? >> reporter: it depends on what you mean by the taliban taking over the country. so they're already taking over large parts of the country and they have been for some time now, but they're more focused on the rural areas. that's because they don't have the same strength and support they have as they do closer to the capital in kabul. the taliban has large swaths of land, large percentages of land around the country, but they don't have kabul. that's what people are really
2:37 am
concerned about at the pentagon, whom i'm speaking to. if they continue to push toward kabul and take it over, the government would fall. but then the question is do they with really want to take over kabul, or is their real effort here to take over as much of the country as they possibly can, that they're able to create an instability, be able to create what could be a very strong insurgency, maybe even a civil war in the country, and then be at a stronger negotiating point to take over the government with some sort of a negotiated settlement even. >> very complicated. courtney, the other complicated piece for the president and the country is how to protect all the people who spent years helping the united states over the course of our involvement in the conflict there, translators, but, of course, there are so many other people who helped our troops. what's the latest in terms of
2:38 am
that operation and planning because there's been so much red tape with the planning and visas? >> reporter: there has been. the u.s. government has the ability, if they really wanted to bring these people to the u.s. quickly third quarter could do it. there are a number of different means. they could change the law. the president could issue an executive order. there's a way to do it very quickly, and they've chosen not at to do that. so the administration is making efforts to try to bring them here. there's already more than a thousand who have come. but thousands of them are stuck in this pipeline. part of that is it's not just that they're waiting for approval, but they have to wait for the flights to get out. many of them can't afford to fly to the u.s., so they're reliant on whether it's an ngo or u.s. government to provide a flight, and they just can't get out. the other thing we should look for, kasiekasie, in the weeks a as the taliban move toward kabul and if they start to threaten kabul, many of these translators
2:39 am
and workers, they've been living in kabul for some period of time with relative security. we should expect more of them applying to leave. they could qualify for this imminent danger that in some cases is required for them to get a special immigrant visa, and so these numbers that we're seeing could even grow in the coming weeks ahead. that's one of the main reasons that the u.s. has said that they're extending the military mission there until late august. it's not only that. the small amount of military is expected to grow or we could expect to see more missions ahead. part of that is if there's a quote/unquote military presence there, it will be easier logistically to get the afghan civilians who may be leaving in the next few weeks, it will be easier to get them out of the country safely.
2:40 am
>> courtney kube, thank you for being with us. we appreciate your reporting. meanwhile, biden officials are skeptical that russian president vladimir putin will put an end to cyber attacks, despite talks. last month during the biden/putin sit-down in geneva, the two agreed to crack down on hackers targeting america. already russian hackers are blamed for attacks. a meeting between the two countries on ransomware attacks specifically is scheduled for next week. joining us now, the ceo of a cyber security assistance. she oversaw security for george w. bush and his staff. thank you for being here. we appreciate it.
2:41 am
it seems clear that the russians have not put a stop to the things that the president and vladimir putin discussed when they sat face-to-face here. at what point does the u.s. have to face the fact that instead of being at a defensive and reactive posture, we have to go on offense. >> i think we're at that point or we've been at that point of no return by basically saying you have to quit it. what we have to see at this point is putin always kind of denies behind possible deniability. what we need to see from him is i don't condone hacking. we need to see him condemn hacking. since he's not doing that, whey would like to see the biden administration do if i were
2:42 am
advising them is to work with our allies. sanctions are a great idea, but they're not always working. we have to hit them in the pocketbook. so think about whether or not our european allies actually buy energy from him, and instead of buying it from him, we need to buy it from somewhere else. we need to go on offense, and all options need to go on the table. will we take down their infrastructure? will we start to hold cryptocurrency exchanges responsibly with know your customs laws. there's a lot of options that can be played on the table, but they need to be played out soon. >> i remember a conversation a couple of weeks ago. there was a point made we as a country don't have the framework for responding to these attacks
2:43 am
that is obviously proportional. an example would be if we take down the destruction of americans, how would we respond? you mention a few examples, but it does seem challenging, especially when they can't actually say anything about what they've done to make it clear that there have been repercussions. i mean what are the ways we can hit back against them for these kinds of things that also the administration can turn around and show as examples to the american public of what's been done? >> yeah. so we do know about the offensive operation that happened during the midterm elections in 2018 where dod operatives reached out to russian operatives as part of their internet troll farm and said we know who you are, step away from the keyboard. those types of operations should continue as far as ransomware
2:44 am
syndicates are operating, ostensibly if not under russian direction and encouragement, they're allowed to continue because they specifically don't attack russian-based organizations. so one of the things we should be doing is hammering out an international accord as to what is a true cyber crime, gaining agreement to that. and an accord should include offensive and defensive measures that should be allowed to be taken should a country be under attack. we do have to be very careful though. we need to have the right rules of engagement just like we do in the physical sense. if somebody enters american airspace and they don't have permission, we have international accords that tell us how we can respond in kind. we don't really have those in place for the cyber realm, and we definitely need those. the other thing i would say, we should look at potentially either intercepting or
2:45 am
disrupting the infrastructure that allows the ransomware syndicates to continue to operate. that can either be the infrastructure that resides abroad or we can work with our internet services provider here in the united states and say as you see traffic that looks like this, we need it stopped. >> interesting. all right. theresa payton, thanks very much for bringing your expertise to us earlier this morning. we appreciate your time. we're going to have much more ahead, but as we go to break, let's take a look at this date in history 20 years ago when bill clinton chose al gore to be his running mate. >> the time has come throughout american history. each generation has passed on leadership to the next. that time has come again. welcome to allstate, ♪ ♪are you down, d-d-down, d-d-down, d-d-down♪ where we're driving down the cost of insurance.
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murraya, m-u-r-r-a-y-a.
2:49 am
>> that is correct! ♪♪ >> time now for something totally different. look at her. 14-year-old zaila avant guard made history last night when she won the 2021 scripps national spelling bee, beening the first black american champion. murraya, m-u-r-r-a-y-a. it's a type of a tree. this isn't the teen's only title. avant guard holds three guinness records for dribbling a basketball. that's awesome. congratulations to her. and a work of art the size of a post-it note has set a new record. this tiny sketch by leonardo da vinci sold at christie's in
2:50 am
london for $12.2 million. it's the head of a bear believed to be from the 1880s. it was sold to an unnamed buyer. it follows a soaring trend ital and many saw it as possibly the last opportunity to buy an original dy vin chee. and bucking ham palace is opening the gardens for the first time ever to the public. wardens will be on hand to provide talks and arts and crafts will be available for children on select days. guests will also is have the rare opportunity to picnic on one of the monarch's lawns -- i would take that opportunity. too bad covid is prevepting us
2:51 am
from being there. we asked why are you up way too early. kelly said i'm up early navigating ships through the storm. mel is up way too early driving to see family. and bob our new rescue cat is adjusting to our household. i hear that. thanks for watching, have a good weekend. coming up on "morning joe," the latest on afghanistan, president biden defending his decision to withdraw all u.s. troops even as the taliban gains ground. plus reverend al sharpton on the meeting he and other leaders had with the president yesterday. eaders had with the president yesterday. but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪
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2:55 am
today? >> good morning, kasie. happy friday. today's top story on axios is a look at how the vaccination gap is growing in trump country. so a new analysis from the kaiser family foundation shows that the vaccination rates in counties that voted for donald trump in 2020 versus those who voted for president biden is widening. and the reason this matters is because the delta variant is becoming far more concerning to scientists and health experts across the country. and, you know, recent studies have shown, particularly one published yesterday in nature that the delta variant is far more potent for those who are unvaccinated than those who are vaccinated. so knowing where this could spread, where the delta variant could spread, which counties and those vulnerable to it is going to be key in helping combat the virus moving forward. >> yeah, it's really giving us a
2:56 am
chance to see exactly the political ramifications of a lot of this. let's talk about you guys have new reporting about an executive order that president biden is set to sign. i think the jargon they're using is internet provider transparency, but basically it's to require providers to tell you, the consumer, exactly what you're paying for, right? >> exactly. and so, the team got a tidbit we saw on president biden's schedule today that he's giving a speech at 1:30 on american competition and the american economy. and they found out he's going to be releasing an executive order on broad band nutrition labels as they call it. this is something that the fcc first introduced in the obama years. but it's to allow consumers to shop for different broadband packages. this is a huge deal and it's going to play a huge role in the
2:57 am
infrastructure fight as we see the debate over which packages may come through or which parties will vote for packages because infrastructure is a huge deal with regard to broadband and broadband access in rural communities. so this is something the biden administration is trying to do to help consumers decide which packages are right for them. >> interesting. you guys are looking at the historic drought affecting california in some pretty, frankly, scary ways. what have you looked at? >> i mean, what's happening out in california is, you know, they're going through a lot especially with wildfire season upon us. but the drought right now is terrible. axios reports how 100%, huge number, of california is experiencing some level of drought right now. and, of course, this plays into climate change and again,
2:58 am
something that will be addressed in this infrastructure fight. and about 33% of the country is experiencing what they call quote/unquote exceptional drought, which is the highest degree of what -- the type of drought california can see. so the state is struggling right now with extreme heat, dry conditions. i think a lot of politicians we're going to see point to this as they call for climate change measures, particularly those on the left. >> thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. as we wrap up this week, we are setting the stage for what is likely to be an incredibly intense and trying period for the biden administration and for president biden's overall agenda. they promised to try to put these two massive infrastructure packages together to actually get them through by the end of the summer. it's an absolutely incredibly
2:59 am
ambitious goal that has a lot of speed bumps ahead of it. a trying time for them. those of us who cover all of that, enjoy your weekend because it's going to be a tough slog from here on out. thanks to all of you for getting up way too early on this friday morning. don't go anywhere, "morning joe" starts now. good morning. a wet, windy, sloppy morning in times square in new york city. welcome to "morning joe." it's friday, july 9th. we're following a number of developing stories this morning. it's the weather that's making a major concern across the country. whether it's major flooding on the east coast or historic heat in the west and even reports of an earthquake. president biden forcefully defends his decision to withdraw all u.s. troops from afghanistan.
3:00 am
we'll have a live report from kabul. and major news in the fight against covid with pfizer now saying it is developing a booster shot of its vaccine that strongly extends protection against the original virus. history was made yesterday at the annual scrips national spelling bee. we'll show you who won and what the winning word was. oh my gosh, love that. we're going to start right now with the extreme and dangerous weather impacting much of the country, thunderstorms and heavy rain hit new york city and its suburbs yesterday. videos on line, flooded streets, rainwater seeping into subway stations. some uptown stations getting hit the hardest. subway service was largely interrupted with only the northern most end of the a-line shutdown. the interim


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