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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  July 8, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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about to give an update any moment on the difficult decision to shift from rescue to recovery. the news devastating for the families of those lost. the crews still working 24/7 in that debris. we'll take you live there. also, at any minute, president biden meeting with his national security team for an update about afghanistan before updating the public today. we are live from the white house to kabul, i'm hallie jackson, with a lot to cover. morgan chesky, good morning. give us a sense of the mood there, as the mission is shifting. talk about what you're hearing from families and crews there. >> reporter: it's a tough morning for everyone here on the ground. everyone is trying to process the announce front from last night, shifting from a rescue to
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recovery mission. there is still work that needs to be done. there's more than 80 people accounted for, and officials and first responders making it very clear this is a 24/7 operation until each and every one of those individuals can be reunited with their families to provide some sense of closure. i had a chance to speak to captain ignatius carroll, who said every day that went by took a toll on his men. i want you to hear what he had to say. >> it's been very heavy on everyone that's here. there's nobody been a dry eye out on the search operations since we started any time we found a person, with he would stop, give a moment of silence. there would be a line created by the search-and-rescue personnel as they bring that person off that pile.
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>> reporter: now the death toll is more than 50 people whose lives were lost in the fall of the champlain towers south. we expect that number to rise, because machinery has been able to excavate the process, do deeper inside the pile of rubble. we're just minutes away from the official update. >> and i know you are right there morgan, a quick question for you, any sense of the timeline here? how long do they expect crews to be there on scene with such an active site behind you? >> think certainly have their goals, which they are keeping
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private right now. they're still maintaining a delicate search at this point in time. they're still catalogs evidence, taking everything to an off-site location, in the hopes of learning more about this collapse. >> i want to bring in pablo rodriguez, his mother and grandmother are still unaccounted for. i notice it's an incredibly tough morning for you. >> thank you. it's been rough. it's been over two weeks, and we're still waiting on any update. i know officially the policy changed from search and rescue to search and recovery, but for me, my family and several other families i've talked to, this has been the same, search and recovery since day one, so that part didn't come as a shock.
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i hope they can move quick her. i also know at the same time they're going through unsurmoundable debris. i want to say a special thank you to all of them, as a family member, it means a lot that they're doing this. it takes an emotional and physical toll that i can't even imagine. >> i was going to ask you, too, about that shift. you say you're not surprised for that. why? >> when you see the video of the collapse, my mom's unit in particular was right in the middle tower, and you see a perfect implosion, and then another building fell on top of it. it was hard to hold on to hope that she somehow made it out alive it's been anxiously, excruciating painful waiting
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here for a call that i know is going to come and i know i'm not prepared for. >> what does closure look like to you? is it getting that call and being ability to staff the grieving process? can you talk me through the upcoming days? >> of course. i think that would be a first step for me. again, i'm not ready for that call, but at the same time i think it will help begin the process of coping with this if that's even the proper word. i don't know how you cope with something like this that's so unexpected. i think that would be the first step. the second step is hopefully the investigations continue to find out how this got to this condition. not only to hold those accountable, but to make sure it doesn't happen again. the press conference yesterday, hearing the governor say that, you know, maybe this isn't requiring a statewide reinspection, but it could have been a one-off building.
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maybe it is, but as a family member, if i live in any other condo, i would want to make sure my building is safe. if all it took is another inspection, i would be fine with that. >> you said the word accountability. i wonder what accountability looks like to you? is it the statewide inspection? what else do you feel you need to see from the officials who represent you, after this horrific tragedy? >> unfortunately accountability will not bring back my mom. the only cement blaine of helping toward that closure is making sure if somebody was negligent here and contributed, that they're held responsible. if that's criminal negligence, the prosecutor should look into it and make that decision, but accountability as to builders, to inspectors, to the board, to make sure the maintenance is
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properly done, these are people who for the most part don't understand the consequences they're doing, which are life-and-death decisions that shouldn't just be left to them. you're starting to see the politics get into that discussion as well. we've been showing beautiful photos of you, your family, your mom, and i think it's your son, who i understand is just 6 years old. >> that's correct. >> how is he doing today? >> it was difficult trying to see how to explain it to him. he's the one that broached the subject with us. he kind of just told us he knew. we've got to a grief counselor a couple times to talk through the feelings. i don't know what to tell him. i'm having a hard enough time trying to understand what happened. so when he asks, you know, i
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don't have a good answer for him. he's stronger than we think. kids are more resilient, but he's struggling day to day, just like all of us. one minute he's happy, and he just keeps saying he misses them. >> pablo rodriguez, we are so grateful for you and your time this morning, and for sharing some of these memories. i know it's been a difficult couple weeks for you, a lot of folks are thinking about you and your family today. thank you again. >> thank you. we want to take you live -- we are monitoring the news conference in surfside, the update from officials that is happening. we've been our teams listening in. you can see, obviously the officials there, including debbie wasserman schultz, governor desantis behind her. we will bring you any headlines
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as soon as we hear them. we're also monitoring something else, over tess mouse president biden is speaking with his national security team, and the agenda, more than 90% complete, we're waiting to hear from the president publicly, and he'll be deliver a critical speech by the taliban's advance across afghanistan, the concerns this could set the country on a path to civil war, district after district falling to the taliban. peter alexander is at the white house. richard engel is in kabul. you had a top general warning that afghanistan may be heading toward a civil war. you've been taking us inside low the u.s. left bagram. what do you anticipate will be the reaction to the president's remarks closely watched not just
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by americans, but by people around the world? >> reporter: afghanistan is already back at war. it's back at war with the taliban, but unfortunately it's mostly a one-sided war. the taliban is making advances. the afghan security forces, except for two real divisions, the afghan air force, and the commandos. the other divisions seem to be falling apart. with half-harded resistance. it's been mostly small towns and villages, but over the last 24 hours, there's been fighting in a provincial capital. the city has changed hands more than once, with special mosts having been called in, the taliban freeing some of their prisoners, so this country is already back at war. the security forces are
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crumbling. the question is, what will it means for kabul. kabul is the capital, the center of energy here. what will it mean for the future of the united states? will this country once again become a center of international terrorism? numerous afghan officials have told me that al qaeda, isis and other radical groups are coming back, they are encouraged, coming back now, as the afghan security forces are losing control. give us a view on the domestic front. almost a decade when he was a senator, the president was repeatedly arguing the u.s. needed to stay the course. this is from 2003. watch. >> the burning question of the afghan people, the question is not why is the united states in afghanistan?
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the question is, will you stay the course? >> so, peopler, talk about the president's journey from then to now. >> obviously those initial, the president's position has changed. we heard from him briefly on friday, when he wanted to speak about happy things, but he did address briefly questions about afghanistan. he said, among other things effectively the afghan army there, the air force specifically, he referred to will need to step up and do its job as well. having spoken to folks who are familiar with the president's remarks, i think you'll hear a couple things from him. he'll talk about what he has inherited specifically as it relates to the security
7:13 am
situation there, beyond that, he will talk about what they describe as the over the horizon counter-terrorism capabilities, the ability the u.s. still has the abilities they believe they still have to fight back against the potential taliban gains, when he look back at the afghan government based in kabul, and i think he'll talk about what the plans will be going forward. the interpreters, engineers, drivers, translators those who helped the u.s. most at risk. facing a lot of pressure, obviously renewed criticism from all parts of the globe. >> peter alexander, richard
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engel, i know we will see both of you throughout the day. thank you. we have a lot to get through on this show. president biden is said to meet with civil rights organizations. the state of texas has a special session about to kick off. we are live with the chair of the democratic caucus, who is accusing the governor to -- of up and downers to right-wing groups. up and downers to right-wing groups ♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪
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you are seeing speaking now the mayor of miami-dade county. she's announcing new numbers. 60 people have been confirmed dead in the condo collapse now two weeks ago. 80 people are still unaccounted for. this is the latest news we are getting out surfside.
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we'll bring you other headlines as we get them, but also monitoring headlines. including leaders from the nation's top civil rights groups will be meeting with president biden today. these new headwinds to protect them. move in washington, pretty much stalled, but tess state level, there's plenty of movement, except to preserve newly passed limits. texas republicans, introducing a bill, basically -- then in georgia you've got the rnc and -- teameding up to defend georgia's new law. nbc's monica alba is at the white house. also with us is eddie glismt --
7:20 am
glaud. monica? >> reporter: president biden has said democracy is on the line when it comes to the future of voting rights. for the last couple weeks, he thought maybe he would tour the country, maybe give a major speech. neither of those things have happened yet, but the most chris cal sign of a renewed sense of urgency and push on this matter is the fact that the vice president will be giving a speech at her alma mater, howard university, later this afternoon. after that behind closed doors, both the president and vice president will be meeting with the leaders of many key civil rights organizations to does what i've been told is more the path forward. we don't expect to have any immediate outcome necessarily from this. as we know and have seen at the state level, so much is already
7:21 am
happening in terms of voting restrictions, that democrats have said they want to see action now, but in terms of their options, they're pretty limited right now. given what we saw on capitol hill, the legislation failed in the senate. they weren't even able to debate it, even though all 50 democrats got behind it, which was important and symbolic. that in effect has been shelled for the moment. it's heart of the president's portfolio. and a couple other key areas. we expect to see more from her about the incorrect steps forward, whereas the president is not the one coming out, me about this in the moment, even though. democrats have call the on him to do more. >> even the white house has been
7:22 am
hinting for weeks, major speech from the president. eddie, let me turn to you for the big-picture view here. what needs to happen federally in washington for any moments tum to pick back up in your view? >> first of all, i think president biden has to use his bully pulpit. you that tour the country, talk about the america family plan, but he said he would not be president of the united states if it wasn't for black voters, particularly black women. he needs to show the urgency of this. the supreme court has given a green light to what we're seeing across the country. they're emboldened. we need an argument from the bully pulpit and we need action. there's a reason it's all hemmed up, hallie. senator manchin and senator
7:23 am
sinema are not committed, we need to expose those who are not really committed to vote fog all americans. it's not just on the republican side, it seems to me. >> setting aside the radical so let's say congress is not going to do anything. is there anything the president could or should be doing through, for example, executive action? >> i think the president needs to do everything within his power to ensure that american democracy is working, that it's safe. we're seeing a systematic attack on the very foundation of our democratic policy i'm just
7:24 am
baffled. their opponents senior reading the terms for not only the midterm election, but the subsequent presidential election, if the democrats doesn't respond, if president biden doesn't respond aggressively, we won't see rafael warnock in the senate again. we need to be clear about this. we talked about what's happening in texas, right? a lot of action on that front. you have republicans rolling out an union dated version of a bill they tried to pass in may that would drive -- that would ban, for example, drive-thru voting, add voter i.d. requirements. the new pushes during this legislative session, a special one called by governor greg abbott. the governor vetoed the part -- that pays for the legislature basically after the walkout by democrats about a month and a half ago. joining me no is stocks at a time representative chris
7:25 am
turner, who chairs the state's house democratic caucus. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> of course. we talked about the walkout in may and it seemed at the time that that was frankly kind of the last card that the democrats in texas had to play. are you out of cards now in the texas house this time around? >> no, we're not. you know, the clock starts over in a special session. we're starting a new session in about 30 minutes, and we'll have to see how it goes. special sessions are different, limited to 30 days at a maximum, and if bills have to start over in the process, that's where they start today. so there's many steps to go to actually get to the governor's desk. >> is there a potential for another walkout this time around? >> look, we're never going to
7:26 am
take anything off the table, but i think it's important that everybody understands what is happening, reps are trying to pass antivoter legislation based on the big lie, that donald trump won the last election, because republicans in texas, in particular greg abbott are determined, and governor abbott is more worried about his primary election than even i realized, because if you look at the agenda he's put together for the special session, it's just a laundry list, a treasure trove of right-wing red meat to-do items. while governor abbott focuses on that around 40%.
7:27 am
>> talked to me about the mood that's inside your caucus when it comes to things -- at the federal level. we just had a conversation with eddie glaude, you know, about the lack of action, if you will, from congress. do you find that demoralizing? >> well, myself and other democratic lawmakers in texas had an opportunity to visit washington a few weeks ago and visit vice president harris and other leaders. we came back encouraged , but we are and you have frustrated it hasn't happened yet and things seem to be stuck.
7:28 am
i think it's fantastic that all 50 democratic senators have supported and have voted, as we need to resolve the filibuster. i would agree with your previous guests, a carveout on legislation. >> i think it's something they should strongly consider, because we need help. we can on this hold this back for so long. it's not just texas, but other states as well. we need strong federal voting rights legislation to protect all americans' right to vote. >> state representative turner, thank you. i know you have a busy morning and 30 days ahead of you. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. breaking news, the huge new announcement about the olympics coming in from tokyo. just after the country declared a state of emergency, we'll take
7:29 am
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breaking news, in from japan about the olympics in tokyo. events in tokyo will now have no spectators in the stands, none, because japan declared a state of emergency overnight, just 15 days before the games are set to begin. it comes as we're hitting this horrific global milestone. four million people killed because of the virus. tom llamas is here with us. >> reporter: a state of emergency declared here.
7:34 am
why? there's been an up tick in cases in tokyo, but largely due in part to the foreign travelers, thousands of them like ourselves, coming to tokyo. what they want is crowd control. they're asking restaurants, bars, karaoke parlors to not serve alcohol. they don't want the tourist sites to be mobbed by people. they want things to be call here. it will be hard when you have a giant amount of people coming here from around the world. when you speak to people in japan, they're not excited about the olympics. in fact more than 50% in the latest poll said they don't want the olympics to happen. they said them to be postponed or cancel. it really has nothing to do with the organizer or athletes, but more with their own government. they're upset with the way the japanese government has handled the virus and the roll-out of
7:35 am
vaccines. here in japan, only 15% have been vaccinated, so it's more toward the government, not to the olympics. just so you now how strict the rules are now, the president of the ioc, the chairman, just got to tokyo. he, like all of us, is doing his mandatory quarantine. hallie? >> tom llamas in tokyo for us. the united nations security council is now meeting with the assassination of haiti's isn't. nbc is confirming some of the social media video posted overnight, there it is, the believed assassins posing as american dea agents. it is startling video. police there say they have killed four suspects and arrested two more, with the international manhunt going.
7:36 am
the haitian first lady is now being treated at a hospital here in miami. gabe gutierrez is near the u.n. >> reporter: good morning. right now the u.n. security council appears to be discussing something else, but is expected to discuss something else later today, but yes, the new videos emerging overnight, hallie, haitian government sources tell us they do appear to be legitimate. the ambassador saying that it is part of the investigation. i spoke with the haitian ambassador to the u.s., and in an interview, he would not rule out whether the suspected killers, whether or not they had actually left the country, but there were some arrested announced overnight. head of the national police in haiti said that four suspects were killed during a gun battle. two others were arrested. three police officers, hallie,
7:37 am
were actually freed after being taken hostage. now, this all comes amid a very volatile situation in haiti. the acting prime minister is now under heavy security. he's calling for calm, so is the u.n. security council. the dominican republic has shut off its border with haiti, and the u.s. embassy there has actually told its staff to shelter in place. the airport in port-au-prince, and last check, the president's wife is in a miami hospital in critical condition. the top republican in the house has been talking with lawmakers in his own party about serving on the committee to investigate the capitol riot. pete aguilar joins me live on
7:38 am
who might be on the republican short list, and a whole lot more, after the break. list, and more, after the break. ♪ ♪are you down, d-d-down, d-d-down, d-d-down♪ where we're driving down the cost of insurance. ♪ ♪ are you down, down♪ ♪d-down, down? are you♪ drivers who switched saved over $700. ♪ allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands. click or call for a lower rate today. the instant air purifier removes 99.9% of the virus that causes covid-19 from treated air. so you can breathe easier, knowing that you and your family have added protection. ♪ ♪
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most notable cases, a bond hearing for the man you're about to see, doug jensen, who is seen leading the mob toward the chamber. and we're also covering new governments from capitol hill about the january 6th select committee. multiple congressional sources telling nbc news that kevin mccarthy has been talking with lawmakers about serving on the committee, meaning we may get an announcement anytime about who will fill the remaining five spots. lee anne caldwell is on the hill -- >> our sources are confirming that he is in fact going to do so, and he's having the active conversations with some members, of course, what type of republican he chooses will be very critical. some of the names that have been floated are representative elice stefanik, who's been in the news
7:43 am
because she replaced liz cheney, because she's a big trump defenders. there's representative jim jordan, head of the judiciary commit year, and probably one of the best communicators on behalf of the republican party s another one is rodney davis. i spoke to him yesterday in his home district, and he says he's willing to serve, if asked. >> i would always serve if i was asked, but leader mccarthy is going to have to make the determination who the best republicans may or may not be. we have a graet conference full of a lot of talented republicans, and i'm when he makes his final choices will do the job we need them to do for the american people. >> davis is one of the few republicans who have come forward and publicly said that they are willing to serve b. but he also admits that leader mckate hasn't yet asked him. he would be an obvious choice,
7:44 am
his's head of the admission committee. but mccarthy has not tipped his hand just yet, or people who are going to, perhaps, actually investigate what happened on january 6th. leigh ann caldwell, thank you. congressman, thank you for being with us this morning. you serve on the january 6th select committee. of the names that have been mentioned, based on our reporting, would you welcome any of those people to join us in this investigation? >> well, i'll let the republican leader makes his appointments. that is his prerogative.
7:45 am
i have served with some of these members on his committees so i hope he appoints people who will work with us in pursuing the truth. that's the only objective here, to find out what happened, find out how we can prevent this, and make sure that it never happens again. it shouldn't be that hard in pursuit of the truth. that's what we hope the republican leader who appoints people with that focus. >> you point out thats kevin mccarthy's prerogative to choose the residence. it's also speaker pelosi's prerogative to veto any of those potential picks. is it possible she already has? where does this process stand? >> the republican leader can make his nomination, and we'll go from there.
7:46 am
again, we just hope it's folks guided by following the truth. that's what we want out of this committee, and that's what the focus will be. >> so let's talk about next steps on this investigation and what your committee has been doing so far. have you started building a list of who you want to call to testify? >> no, that work plan will be golf, developed by the committee, but we're not there yes. staffing up the committee, you know, working on, you know, a timeline and timetable so we can get back in person and together, and have discussions as a committee, that's what we're focused on. we've had a couple informal conversations and huddles, and so we're going to just continue to do that. this is -- we are going to move with urgency, though, and we're going to be guided by exactly what the house resolution, you know, passed, the objectives for the committee, which was to seek
7:47 am
the truth and make sure we follow every lead. this was an attack on our democracy. we have to treat it that way. we have to be guided by that focus to this objective. >> you talk about the pursuit of the truth and following every lead, do you want to see members of congress themselves, perhaps kevin mccarthy or oats others testifying in -- >> the chairman as mentioned that's not our first objective, but cuff to be willing to following the truth, pull all of the threats and see all the available information on who, what, when, who communicated that, and as this was happening in real time, what decisions were made that led to the terrible outcomes that we sought, capitol police officers injured and hurt, people losing their lives, those are the things we want to seek to resolve. >> to get to that end, when i
7:48 am
hear you say that, wouldn't there be members of congress relevant to those questions? wouldn't you want them to speak to the committee? >> we want all available information. if there's members, individuals, or people spread across the country that have information that will help guide our decisions, then we're going to want to talk to them, but it isn't the first inclination, but we will be focused and guided toward finding out the truth. >> it sounds like the door is not shut to that. for example, what about an accused rioters? are those people you would want to see testify about what they did and why they did it? >> we'll get into the committee work plans, but i would say there's a lot of information, you know, within the indictments that have been handed down. there's a lot of publicly available information already. we will go through that.
7:49 am
committee staff will go there you that, we'll develop a work plan, and to chase every lead. it sounds like you have not settled on a date for the first hearing yesterday. is that in the works? >> i'll let the chairman spoke to that, but i would expect in the next few weeks we'll have some sort of public hearing. >> that seems to be fairly accelerated. let me ask you, congressman. it's our reporting here that the fencing around the capitol that has been, as you know, for those of us who live in washington, a symbol of what's happened over the last six months, is set to be removed over the coming days. isn't something you support? what message do you think that sends to the broader community? >> i think we're going to be guided by the cap 208 police and
7:50 am
the house sergeant at arms did, i think that it is time. i support that. i want to make sure they do it in the right way, and obviously if there are additional threats to the capitol, then they are steps that they're going but for the time being, i think it is appropriate. >> thank you very much for joining us this morning. i know it has been busy for you and i appreciate having you back on the show. particularly as this timeline starts to develop. we appreciate it. >> thanks, hallie. coming up, would qanon by any other name be just as fringe. how supporters of that movement are trying to revamp by going local. y going local.
7:51 am
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what do you do if you believe that donald trump is a crusader secretly taken down a fictitious group of child eating cannibals. what do you do if he is not reelected? you go to local school boards. they are weaving together qanon dog whistles warning against child trafficking all trying to sanitize the qanon gospel and elevate it in a new push for power. ben collins has exclusive reporting out today. good morning to you this is some bananas stuff.
7:56 am
i feel like that is what we always say when we have you on the air. talk about how this is bubbling up and how some of these people are having success running for the local elections. >> i think there is a movement recently to forget about q. and qanon believers back in society after their plan fell aparts. and there are still the same words, they are not using the branding qanon. one of the people they follow is mike flynn. they're taking the messages saying run for school board, run for local office. they have taken that and put that at the top of their qanon forums. and they will say, explicitly by the way, a person said qanon parents you should do this. the top post was "there is no qanon." stop saying qanon.
7:57 am
they look to brand them extremists. if you say we're qanon everything we say is viewed as toxic. >> you quoted someone that say if you identify as a qanon people will think you're crazy. but if you say you're passionate about saving children and protecting them from trafficking then you're no longer a crazy cult people. people on the forums, whether or not they call it q or not, understand that and are reframing the way that they talk about some of these issues. i should not say issues, i should say conspiracies. >> that's the thing, too, by the way. these are not real issues. one county in florida a guy went up to the podium a few months
7:58 am
ago and said that masks are a boom for child trafficking. if you talk to trafficking organizations that try to stop trafficking they say that's not how it works, it's usually done by people in the community. it is not an elaborate tunnel system involving an elite conversation. but you talk to people and principals they are saying they have to deal with all of this nonsense right now. it is a laundry list of stuff. >> how much is that is overlap,
7:59 am
right? how much is culture war stuff with the q stuff? >> i think these podiums as these meetings, aired on youtube in lots of places, is a place to air grievances. and trying to go viral. it is a place where you can try to make a name for yourself. there is a large gap between people with race theory and other things. they are riding the waves of a larger conservative movement. >> there is a little bit of delay, i'm sorry for the interruption. is there the end game true political power for this? >> it is to get these talking
8:00 am
points into traditional g.o.p. talking points. getting people to believe there is a kabul controlling everything. >> ben collins, great to have you on the show. thank you to all of you for watching this hour. we'll put some of the highlights from ben's reporting on msnbc. right now we have a lot more with craig melvin who picks up our coverage right now. >> good thursday morning to you. msnbc headquarters here in new york. our country's voting rights are playing out in split screen this hour. first in austin, texas where the special legislature will get under way. the governor called this session after democrats walked off of the house floor at the end of pay to keep


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