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tv   Stephanie Ruhle Reports  MSNBC  July 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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really the most important line, it's okay to talk about it. >> and do what you need to do to help yourself. the last thing you want is someone who is suffering to then not take the steps to help themselves, to validate what they need. i commend her. that does it for us. chris jansing picks up the coverage right now. >> hi there. i'm chris jansing in for stephanie ruhle. it's thursday, july 8th. there's a ton going on. today marks a huge day as texas republicans try again to restrict how ballots can be cast. president biden pledges to fight voting restrictions nationally. the also is also talking about afghanistan today, new questions about the drawdown that's left
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afghans furious. in haiti, that stunning assassination. the president gunned down at home. four suspects killed in a battle with police, two more arrests as the country remains on edge. finally, the breaking news just hours ago, tokyo declaring a state of emergency as covid cases hit numbers they haven't seen in a year, and global deaths pass 4 million. what does it mean for the olympics? could there be no fans in the stands? there's a lot to get to. to tom mayamas, practically speaking the olympics will be under a state of emergency, what exactly what does it means? >> reporter: the olympics will make history, but not the type organizers were hoping for.
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this is the first olympics known in a host city that's under a state of emergency, also the first olympics where there are no fans in the stands. the prime minister declared a state of emergency. it has less to do with the uptick in cases in, but more to do with the influx of foreigners, like ourselves coming in. they're asking restaurants, bars, karaoke parlors to not serve alcohol. what they want is crowd control. they don't don't want congestion, especially late at night. they're concerned about the delta variant, and now they have people from all over the world coming to their capital city. >> people on the streets are not excited, but the animosities is not towards the broadcasters oar athletes, more towards their government. they're upset with the japanese
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government and the way they have handle covid-19. they've had a sluggish roll-out. only by 15% of eligible japanese are vaccinated. we are under a 14-day quarantine, even the got here quarantine. thank you, tom llamas. let's turn to shaquille brewster and dr. peter hotez. you heard tom's report, rising numbers? japan, but still comparative low, but pair that with a low vaccination rate and this delta variant. does this move make sense to you? >> it makes no sense to have the
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olympics right now, for a number of reasons. first of all, the percentage in japan that's been vaccinated is extremely low, 15% fully vaccinated, far less than half the rate of the united states. for instance, the delta variant is ascending, so places the japanese people at risk. remember, as good a job as we've done in the united states and parts of canada and western europe and the nordic countries, that's about it. we have athletes coming in from all over the world. so this is going to create this crucible of covid-19. i don't see how this goes well it would have been better to canceled, or at least -- the problem is japan needed help. the world did not offer the help. if the world wanted olympics, all hands on deck, they would have ensured that -- nobody
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really kay to the aid of japan. that's part of the problem. >> clearly the olympics are going to go on. tokyo officials will meet later with it is members of the international committee on whether to allow spectators. i take it you think they shouldn't do that. >> yeah, it's really hard. it's just asking for trouble in terms of transmission. then you have to ask, what is the point? there's no life in the olympic village or in the city, holding activities with no spectators, it's really not the olympics as we know it. so it's a tragedy that both the government and the world didn't organize this better months ahead of time and realize unless there was intervention, it was that going to work. >> shaq, let's talk about missouri. this is one of the states where less than half of the population is vvaccinated.
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is this news getting more people to get shots? >> reporter: while many people didn't want to talk on camera, several did tell me that one of the driving factors that got them there or one of the deciding factors was the delta variant and the spread they're seeing among their friends and neighbors. that's what doctors are hoping, the news is getting people to those vaccination clinics, especially in areas like this in this region where vaccination rates are so low. it's underscoring, after here at mercy hospital, for example, they broke a record of covid patients just this week. they had to surge in more staff, had to surge in new ventilators earlier this week, for something that doctors say is preventable at this point because of the vaccinations. listen to what a critical care physician here told me just
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yesterday. >> bock line, the solution. >> yes, get a vaccine, wear a mask, stay your distance. >> reporter: the reason he's saying that is, inside the hospital, 95% of the covid patients they're seeing are unvaccinated. when vaccines are widely available in the area, the people in the hospital are unvaccinated. among those who are vaccinated and still in the hospital, he's saying they're going through and getting through the virus much easier, it's a simpler experience for them, chris. >> dr. hotez, there are unvaccinated people hearing things like you said toy 8 to 10 times more at risk than a year ago, i presume that's bought delta variants, we're already hearing about the lambda
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variants. how concerned should we be? >> these a problem, as i've been saying, two covid nations, that we've got in the northeast, the west coast, is doing a good job in terms of vaccinating populations. as you get into missouri and arkansas, the numbers go down, and the delta is going up, so that's a toxic combination. now i'm looking at mississippi, that's going up, louisiana, those two states have the lowest vaccination rates in the country. this is just the beginning. i think we'll have a pretty big surge in the south, with a loot of young adults going into the hospital, because they've gotten the misinformation that if you're young and healthy, you go to the gym, you don't need to get a vaccine. it's not true. it's not a substitute, so this is all predictable. as i say, it's not too late. we can still vaccinate the south, if people would stop digging in idea logically and
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saying this interferes with our freedom and this sort of nonsense. >> this is not about politics. it's about saving lives. thank you both. stay safe out there. let's turn to the breaking news, where at the stroke of midnight the work at the site went to a recovery effort. first responders held a moment of silence last night for all those lost and all the victims why the to be found and identified. it's been two weeks since the collapse, two weeks since the last survivor was pulled from the rubble. a heartbreaking decision made yesterday, but wen we can only hope will help speed the recovery of the victims. >> reporter: chris, you're absolutely right. there's certainly a different feeling here. go back to when this collapse took place, there was so much hope that someone somehow would be pulled from that pile of
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rubble, but with the last survivor pulled out 15 days ago, this switch from rescue to recovery is hitting home. this morning in surfside, two weeks worth of tears spilling over. after a search-and-rescue mission until like anything seen in florida history, a pain and emotional admission from officials. >> we have decided, you know, based on everything that's been given to us, there are no live victims. >> reporter: crews finding 18 more bodies wednesday. 54 people in and out confirmed dead, more than 80 others still missing. >> our first responder have searched that pile every single day as if they're search fog their own loved ones. >> reporter: the chances of finding anyone else alive, official say, nearly impossible,
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but their mission is far from over. >> we will do everything we can possible to identify all the victims and offer closure to the families. >> reporter: the news devastating to the families assumption loss, and draining for the workers. >> it's been very heavy on everything that's here. there's not been a dry eye on that search operations since we started. >> reporter: the massive undertaking more than a job. >> anytime we found a person, we would stop, give a moment of silence, and there would be a line created by the search personnel as they brought that person off that pile. >> reporter: it was that pile crews, standing shoulder to shoulder, in absolute silence, paying tribute to those lost, and promising to make families
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whole one final time. there are still far too many families waiting for that closure. we know that they are dozens still unaccounted for in the pile. we're seeing an active saying here today, first responders working in thor 12-hour shifts, also a just line of dump trucks rolling by here, keep in mind all of the debris is loaded and then taken drove site where a lot of it is tagged as evidence in the hopes of learning more during this investigation. >> and wince again, first responders doing heroic work. now the latest on elsa, which has turned deadly in the u.s., as one person was killed by a falling tree in florida. elsa is slamming the carolinas now with my winds and heavy rain. after that it would turn north, moving quickly up the east
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coast. should be south of new jersey tomorrow morning. with the fight over voting rights in the spotlight and democrats continues to lose ground, president biden is sitting down with civil rights leaders, including al sharpton. he will join me next. l sharpton he will join me next ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪ facing leaks takes strength. tso here's to the strong, who trust in our performance and comfortable long-lasting protection. because your strength is supported by ours.
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developing this morning, just as yet another state is
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about to vote on more voting restrictions today, president biden is set to meet with leaders of several organizations, including the groups on your screen here. topic one is the recent wave of voting restrictions as well as -- i've got the best team here to preview today's meeting. and he'll be at the meeting today, most importantly today. eugene, what details do we know about this meeting? what are your sources saying? >> we know that they are going to talk about voting rights, civil rights he wants to make clear, what he said in his
6:18 am
inauguration he does think that racial equity is one of the key arts in his presidency there's only so much that a president can do he can use the bully pulpit. vice president harris is leading on this effort for this administration in all these creative ways they're working on, improving there there's not much they can do.
6:19 am
>> what can the president do? >> well, one of our concerns is that the president used a bully pulpit of the white house, and his own pervasiveness and have an open discussion we cannot -- i think during her presidency there was the continues weakening he agree with eugene he won't have action steps, but that doesn't mean we won't have some to suggest to the president.
6:20 am
>> and trying to talk about whether or not they should go around that 60-vote necessity to really deal with voting rights. you must remember that we've been talking about having this meeting for months. he met with us when he was president-elect virtually. it escalated when the supreme court came back with this decision last week. that's when we said, no, we need to sit with the president, because now we're in a position where the supreme court has sent a signal that this will be allowable. it must be stop at the legislative level. >> what's your message to him on police reform, rev? >> i think the george felony justice in policing act is something he's supported. he needs to -- george floyd
6:21 am
justice in pleasing act is something he's supported. i spoke to a family at -- this is a white male in trump county, arkansas, that are beginning to move forward. i think the president has as opportunity to move this. he's supported it, met with the floyd family, and i'm sure we'll be discussing that, as well as gun violence. we need to deal gun violence, and the problem of police reform. >> what do you make of what governor cuomo did yesterday in new york, declaring a gun violence emergency, opening up new possibilities there for how to deal with it? >> i think it was a step in the right direction. others on the ground that have
6:22 am
made this an issue. i think it could be a template nation wide. we cannot act like it's normal that in some communities it's allowable, because that's how they are, and in other communities it will be an outrage. if this was going on -- you had 100 people shot over the weekend? chicago. if that was in beverly hills, california, it would be a national emergency. it is almost not even top of the news yeah more. ked cannot tolerate it. >> meantime the president is dealing with getting his infrastructure bill through. he visited an early childhood learning center in illinois yesterday, it gave him a chance to take a shot at majority leader mcconnell, for bragging about the relief bill he voted against. >> mitch mcconnell loves our program. sigh what he said? >> you're going to get a lot more money.
6:23 am
i didn't vote for it, but you're going to get a lot more money. >> he told me he wouldn't get a single vote to allow me to get, with the help of everything here, the $1.9 trillion program for economic growth. look it up, man. he's bragging about it in kentucky. it's going to be $4 billion to help. it's amazing. >> look it up, man. you know this, eugene, mcconnell strongly opposed the second human infrastructure bills. what is his point? does he think other republicans will make -- rather than deny biden a win? is it just a little tweaking? what was going on there? >> you know, i think what the president is saying, what he's doing is doing things that he feels are good for the country and if employees are going around bragging about the things
6:24 am
without their month ago, that's likely going to happen with the care infrastructure, human infrastructure reconciliation bill coming forward soon, that that means they're on board technically. it was really interesting to see republicans go around, touting what was in the covid relief bill, and we're expecting, if the reconciliation bill goes through and human infrastructure is beefed up, and it's good for the country, they would do the same thing. i think that's a good argument for the president and for democrats, right? what they're saying is republicans won't vote with us, but they know what we're doing is good for the country. that, going into the mid terms, into 2022, you know, when historically things would switch over by republicans, would sake over at least the house there, democrats are feeling good, because we can focus on the policy, if we can make it clear to the cub, what we're doing is
6:25 am
really important, especially if republicans agree that the money is good. >> i think that's what the isn't was talking about there. >> great to talk with both of you. thank guy we have breaking news, going back to our story from the top of the hour. we're just learning organizers of the summer olympics have just this second agreed to hold the games, but with no spectators in tokyo. japan has seen a drastic rise in cases, but the prime minister even declaring a state of emergency. so, again, that breaking news. after the meeting between tokyo officials and the international olympic committee, no spectators at the olympics. as the u.s. troop withdrawal nears completion and the taliban gains major momentum in afghanistan, president biden just a few hours from now will be addressing the quickly
6:26 am
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6:30 am
is the safest way to end our longest war? monica alba is at the white house. also with us colorado congressman jason crowe, a former army ranger. monica, what do we expect to matter from the president later on? >> reporter: the president campaigned on this. he's going to portray this as fulfilling a promise, something he views as an unwinnable, that there was no military solution for keeping a high number of troops in afghanistan. that's why the president ultimately decided to do this drawdown, but we're going to get some specifics we expect today on the timetine of all of this. the president framed it as by the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attack. now it's possible that may
6:31 am
happen a little sooner, given we're at the 90% withdrawal completion rate. so expect to hear him talk about the logistics, what is left to do, of course, everything that's already happened, and also what comes next. there's still outstanding questions about what happens to these thousands of interpreters, drivers, engineers, afghan nationals who really aided the u.s. mission for more than two decades, who now want to be relocated to other countries, some of who may even come to the u.s. on special immigrant visas. the white house hasn't finalized or announced the plans for all of that. there's a lot at political stake here. his critics say if you leave now, there is a vacuumy the taliban will take more control, and the u.s.-backed afghan government is at risk of collapsing. we expect him to go into detail and talk about this personally, for military families, what this
6:32 am
means as america's longest war does come to a close, chris. >> congressman, let me ask you a personal question. you served two tours in afghanistan. now the taliban is clearly rush to go fill the vacuum. there have been a lot of comparesens to vietnam veterans who came back and felt like their sacrifices had been for naught. how do you feel, as you see this all unfolding? >> thanks for having me, chris. my personal feelings are complicated, no doubt about that. i think what is important, and i've been talking to a lot of my fellow veterans, we draw a distinction between the honorable service for our men and women who stepped up to answer the call after 9/11, and made extraordinary sacrifices, and the politics of this war. we'll argue about what we could have done better. there will be books and conference being it for decades to come, but we have to honor
6:33 am
the sacrifices of our troops. i agree with the president. it was a promise he made, a promise i agreed with, and a promise he's keeping. there's no way to militarily win this war. there just isn't. we've had over 100,000 troops on the ground there, penalty trillions. thousands of americans have been given their lives, and if there was a military solution, we would have found it a long time ago. >> yes, the taliban irmaking advances, but that doesn't mean the fall of kabul is inevitable. there's a lot of risk, but the commander in chief has to assess all the risks from russia, from china, from iran, lots of different terrorist organizations. we don't have limited resource. we have made the decision to focus on -- >> the taliban has been showing off the weapons we left behind
6:34 am
by some accounts 900 guns, 30 tactical vehicles, 20 army pickup trucks. the question they ask is, how is it even possible we just left it all for them? >> well, we haven't left it all for them, no doubt about it. we've massive logistical footprint there. there was a lot of equipment. withdrawals are extremely complicated. i think we have done a nice job of doing this in a quick way. remember, priority number one has to be protecting our troops. withdrawal operation are extremely risky. they're the riskiest thing you do in the military. no one wants to be the last person out. it's an extremely vulnerable position. it's security with speed, doing things at night, so we have to make sure we're protecting our men and women, but none of these things are perfect. what realized after three
6:35 am
deployments, that some of these things are not perfect. there's a messiness. certainly it doesn't mean it's acceptable for leaving equipment behind, but we're doing it the best we can. >> in our last minute, let me ask you what you will be watching for to make you feel and you can assure the american people that we have left in a difficult situation in the best way possible? >> well, number one, we have to make sure we're send ago clear message that security assistance and furnisheding to the afghan government will remain, we're going to continue to support the security forces. number two, security of the kabul airport and the contractors that keep them flying, because the key is the afghan -- if they're going to keep the city center and kabul secure, they'll have to have an air force that the taliban cannot advance along the major
6:36 am
road system. the third, the most important for me, is making sure we are honoring or promises to those afghan allies, the partners, interpreters who fought alongside us, and honoring our promises, we have passed legislation and will pass more legislation in the coming weeks to speed that process up. if there is honor to be had here in the months ahead, it's by doing right with our partners and sending a message that we will not leave behind those who fought with us. it's extremely pont we get that done. >> congressman jason crow, thank you. monica alba, thank you as well. a special session in texas politicians go ahead underway. we're live in austin, after the break. ad underway. we're live in austin, after the break.
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? just over an hour, texas
6:41 am
lawmakers will be back at the state capitol for a spect legislative session called by governor abbott. on the agenda, a slew of conservative priorities with an extra focus on voting restrictions. they'll also hone in on critical race theory, censorship and restrictions on abortion. it comes as texas republicans filed their new voting bill last night. priscilla thompson is with us, and -- great to see both of you. priscilla, by many counts, which is not as restrictive as the one where democrats staged the walkout in may, but what is in it? >> reporter: we're seeing some of the same provisions, but not all here. this new bill would ban
6:42 am
drive-thru voting and overnight voting. it would still make it a felony to send the unsolicited vote by mail application. it would also an add i.d. requirement, but also note al change. sunday voting is now back on the table. republicans essentially said that removing that was a bit of a typo, so that has now been brought back in. this new bill would at an extra hour of early voting from what was presented during the regular session. i had an opportunity to speak with the democratic caucus chair, representative turner, about this new bill. he said the whole premise is built on a lie that there was widespread fraud, but i did ask him, this big is less restrictive. does that mean for any democrats? take a listen to what he had to say. >> this bill changed many times
6:43 am
and at the 11th hour they sprung an entirely new version on us, with all these extraneous versions. we have to be on guard again that. >> important to note here, republican letter has signaled they expect to see dozens, if not even hundreds of voting bills coming up this session. so while this is the first bill we're getting a look at, it certainly may not be the last. >> victoria, that's the key point. give me your take on what we're seeing, some concessions, by still many restrictions. >> overall we know this is going to be an extremely contentious session. we know this is a priority for the governor, but let me give you context to just highlight how much of a priority it is. governor greg abbott is up for reelection next year. he's already had two republican opponents come out and challenge him. so he knows that the pressure is on to shows his bona fides of
6:44 am
his conservative here. republican texans, according to a u.t. tribune poll said we don't think there's widespread fraud, but nonetheless this is a priority to tighten up voting. i think the pressure politically is very intention. democrats, however, as we saw, are going to be playing some intense defense. it's going to be fascinating how it plays out. they themselves have said the walkout again is not off the table. the first obvious thick is abbott ''s reelection campaign, and some are suggesting it's
6:45 am
more about his national ambitions. >> that's the worth-kept secrets. he has aspirations for the presidency. texans -- we know that is also where his eye is. his eye is political on the national level, and also on the state level our legislature is more republican, so there is this split pal piece but he knows the sister branch and what they had need to put forward to roll up their sleeves and dig into what they've been called to do. >> victoria, thank you. and priscilla, thank you as well. in a move that many legal experts say is doomed to fail,
6:46 am
former president trump is suing google, facebook and twitter, and his political entity started fund-raising off of it. trump was banned by the social media giants after the january 6th insurrection. hours after the assassination of haiti's president, four suspects are dead, two arrested. the interim prime minister there declaring a, quote, state of siege. what should the u.s. be doing for a country that's just a short hour's flight from our shores. ort hour's flight from or shores when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪
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a day after the assassination of haiti's president, the country's police chief says four suspects were killed, two others arrested, in connection with the brazen early-morning killing tess president's home. the united nations is urging calm, as this should cause further instability. gabe gutierrez is outside the united nations in new york city. and ian -- is also here. gabe, what do we know? what do we know about the rest of the suspects? >> reporter: yes, first, the u.n. security council is expected to meet today to discuss the ongoing situation. overnight the head of the
6:51 am
national police in haiti said during a gun battle that four suspects had been killed, two others arrested, and three police officers who had been taken hostage were actually freed. it's important to know that the officials have provided evidence linking the suspects to the assassination, so there's lingering questions whether all of them have been rounded up. it's almost certain they all haven't been. in my interview with the u.s. ambassador yesterday, he didn't rule out that some of the killers may have left the country. yesterday more video emerged of the time outside the president's home, president moise's home, where armed gunmen can be seen walking the streets as well as other vehicles. that's factors into the investigation. chris, the government there has declared a state of siege, the dominican republic has shut off its borders with hatist, and the
6:52 am
u.s. embassy has told its staff to shelter in place. and the president's wife would you say critically wounded in the attacks, and she's been flown to miami, and at last check she's in critical condition. >> there's too earlier to have a sense was who was behind this? was it an excuse or a could you de -- some streaming into the dominican republic, those why they just closed the borders. the fact there are armed gangs, no, we have no idea which were involved. we know some spanish was spoken, apparently, during the assassination. given that it's a french-speaking country, there's
6:53 am
a view perhaps there means there was some international involvement or some sort of people were paid that were mercenaries to get engaged. this is all so speculative at this point. the real problem is that the country is in a complete set of disarray. the majority of the population lives in extreme poverty. they haven't had a single jab distributed of vaccines so far in dealing with their own covid outbreaks, and right now they really don't have a functional government. last time a president of haiti was assassinated was just over a century ago, the united states sent thousands of troops in and didn't leave for decades. we're not going to do it this time around. we're calling for free and fair elections. inconceivable that will happy anytime soon. >> it's almost like a novel or a bad hollywood movie, a gang leaders very well known by the
6:54 am
neighbor of barbecue. so what's the u.s. role in all of this? president biden called the assassination a heinous act, but this is a country that's long been dependent on assistance from the united states? what do we do now? >> i think -- we have been sending aid, we will be sending humanitarian aid, but frankly, calling for free and fair elections is not going to accomplish anything. in the last election, 11 million people in haiti, and 600,000 voted, with massive irregularities. it's can we have some basic level of security. i hate to see it, but you kind of need to see u.n. peacekeepers. i hate to do so it, because they wrapped up a mission a couple years ago. there was sex abuse going on, untreated sewage was put into
6:55 am
the water supply, but this is the poorist and the least governed country. we kind of need to do something. >> we on this have a few seconds level, but i think echos what up z you said, a former ambassador told "wall street journal" that haiti will sink too absolute chaos. those are his words. how do we stop that from happening? >> i think this is kind of like what would happen in belarus if luke shenno were assassinated. that's what we're looking at. the country next to it has shut down the border. truly they cannot get their act together by themselves. it would require some kind of international intervention.
6:56 am
i can't see the americans taking on that role by themselves. last time around the brazilians took the lead. ian bremer, gabe gutierrez, thank you. hallie jackson will pick up our coverage next. l pick up our coverage next. the more youe the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. i'm really nervous. i don't know what i should wear. just wear something not too crazy, remember it's a business dinner not a costume party. on a spotty network this is what she heard... just wear something crazy, remember it's a costume party. a costume party!? yes!
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7:00 am
about to give an update any moment on the difficult decision to shift from rescue to recovery. the news devastating for the families of those lost. the crews still working 24/7 in that debris. we'll take you live there. also, at any minute, president biden meeting with his national security team for an update about afghanistan before updating the public today. we are live from the white house to kabul, i'm hallie jackson, with a lot to cover. morgan chesky, good morning. give us a sense of the mood there, as the mission is shifting. talk about what you're hearing from families and crews there. >> reporter: it's a tough morning for everyone here on the ground. everyone is trying to process the announce front from last night, shifting


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