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tv   Craig Melvin Reports  MSNBC  July 7, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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screen moment. we're watching for elsa to make landfall with heavy rains and strong winds. we're going to go there live in just a moment. this is the scene in clearwater. meanwhile we expect surfside officials to give us a update on the search and rescue effort in the wreckage of that collapsed condo building into two weeks after the collapse. we'll take you there live as soon as it starts. the president of haiti assassinated overnight. in his own home. a group of gunmen that also shot his wife. this hour how the united states is responding and as we speak president biden is on his way to illinois to make his case for investing in new infrastructure. this is the scene at joint base ann drews. you can see the president
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telling reporters that the assassination of haiti's president is very worrisome. katie beck starting us off down there in tropical storm elsa. bill karens is tracking the path, and waiting to get a update on the building collapse. let's start with you. apologies if we have to break away to this surfside press conference. we're getting ready for a deadly storm surge there. what are you seeing from your vantage point? >> conditions have improved quilt a bit here. the surf as you see these waves
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are still strong as they're coming up here on the sea wall. you have folks taking advantage of the big waves. for right now i think the sunshine state is taking a sigh of relief as it goes northward and inland. that is not the end of the story for those folks in elsa's path moving forward. there are millions of people that will be impacted by this weather. power outages, and there is some severe weather attached to the storm, but florida seems to be out of the way mostly. before it goes through the carolinas before it goes up the coastline and into the northeast. this will stick around for awhile. we have a couple more days
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talking about elsa and this is the near land fall in the next half hour or so. >> we should have those new coordinates from the national hurricane center. >> yeah, it has made landfall. we just got that news in from the national hurricane center. it was about 65 members. a relatively popular area. about a har hour to the south of perry and the storm itself has 65 miles per hour waves. it's not a hurricane, it won't be ever again. it will weaken from here on out, but the winds have not been a problem anyway. i have not seen anything close to a 65 miles per hour wind
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gust, that is a threat of bind and torrents. that concern is now dies as the system moves in. let's met give you the new forecast. the storm made landfall and i think there is a chance that we could get more damage from this storm and power out ans in the northeast of new england. so for the rest of today, this is not a wind issue. it will be a rainmaker, and then a tornado threat. and now right over the top of boston. so against. the winds will not be a huge issue, but remember the trees in the northeast are not like the trees in the south. they don't get as tested as
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often. so if we get the rain we could easily see the power outages. right in the heart of the rush hour washington dc it looks like late friday night. bonts friday morning going towards the noon hour. let me show you some of the latest as far as the watches and warnings go. we have that tropical storm warning, the watch that's extend to ocean city and maryland. look at these wind gusts in is a typical breezy afternoon in florida. we'll see if it goes over the top of perry if they get higher gusts, but i expect more rain.
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so again, craig, the headlines from the national hurricane center, elsa madelandfull and it will weaken from here and we [ expletive ] it to to come over r . >> that area in the county where the storm made landfall, fairly unpopulated, correct, so far? >> yes, i mean it is very unpopulated. i covered a storm once in cedar key. you didn't see much for probably maybe an hour drive. it's very rural. i would ark that this is the most unpopulated area of all of florida. and so that is where the storm is going inland. don't expect dramatic pictures of storm chasers, damage, or anything else like that. it's moving on shore harmlessly and we're happy for that.
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>> thank you, morgan, again we're standing by for this news conference in florida. help us set the scene there. any sense of what we could learn from officials once they start any moment now? >> craig we anticipate officials when they begin this press conference to confirm what our sources just have. that is the death here. we confirm that ten more bodies have been pulled from that. that is the most dramatic rise that we have seen since this collapse took place. we also anticipate officials credited the fact that they have been allowed to work at a more efficient and faster pace to move some of the larger pieces of debris out of the way.
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now we're seeing it rise by ten. and unfortunate think is tragic progress. they go deeper in that building and we still have upwards of 100 people missing. for the first time we got to see it ourselves. we were escorted by officials and standing across the street from it what strikes you first is the size and scope of what officials are having to dig through. and in some case it's is just bucket by bucket. from an investigation standpoint we know those federal investigationers are on site and those that debris is being tagged and stored in pokes of learning more about this collapse and when they have all of that secured.
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this press conference set to be under way here. we anticipate this is a search and rescue mission. as we enter week two of the search that hope is fading. >> the mayor just confirming what you just reported there, what the death toll now officially at 46. 46 the death toll there in surfside florida and again we will go back to this. frank. with regards to the storm here there was concerns about heavy rain, powerful rain. >> we were very fortunate. things have calmed down. we're cleaning up, we only have
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85 folks that were in shelters last night. and as our crews went throughout morning to look for downed power lines and trees it was not doable. fortunately the storm surge has not been an issue. we dodged a bullet. we open for the best of those that will experience the storm north of us. >> it looks like things in clear water went much better than folks were thinking it might go. best of luck to you in the next few hours. >> the mayor of clearwater florida. thank you so much. we continue to keep an eye on florida on the storm there. we look forward to hearing from
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surfside. in haiti, the country's president assassinated in the middle of the night. well have more on the investigation, and president biden weighed in on what happened. the president and the vice president meeting this morning with top advisors on how to respond to the massive ransom wear attack. >> the lieutenant governor there updating us on what it s being called a search and rescue effort. >> just information right now, el is a is currently making progress there. we're monitoring how this this will track across northeast
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florida and how it will go into the carolinas later on thursday. tornadoes are a continued concern. the state e.o.c. is at a level one, working with activation in 24 operations. all 67 counties and emergency management officials and the governor is actively involved with the discussions of those impacted counties. the division received 92 resource requests for tropical tomorrow elsa. and we will continue to monitor those requests. as of 6:00 this morning we we morted 26,000 customers with the vast majority in hillsborough
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and polk counties. in the event that they need addition gnat resources we have points of distribution. more than 64 pieces of equipment. as of early this morning we have no health care facilities that reported power outages. it's also important to note that all long-term care facilities and nursing moments have generators on site. please monitor weather alerts and heed warnings for your particular rare. there are important safety precautions that we continue to reiterate. again this you have reports of downed trees or powerouts please
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report them immediately. be caution as you light your homes with candles. we urge floridans to be careful and our thoughts and prayers are with nose currently experiencing the storm right now. [ speaking spanish ] okay, so so far we have gotten a updrat on the tropical storm, elsa, making land fall there.
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sounsing like 26,000 power outages primarily in hillsborough county. it seems like to this point to the mayor of clearwater, they dodges a bullet down there in florida. >> there is no other way of looking at it. at one point yesterday we thought this could have been a hurricane. what happened was the storm was west of that. it did a left jog last night and whatever core wind it's had that were the strongest they were out over the open water. just looking at the latest number, there is more power outages. i have 18,000 of mine. even michigan has 27,000
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poweroutages. it has been an inconvenience to this point. they got stuck in the keys yesterday. it was raining in ail of the areas and now we have the land fall and we had tornado watches and warnings. but there has been. and now we take to the next step. what we're going to worry about next is where we take this storm and what it will do. the new update at the 11:00 hour and it made landfall. if that is confirmed, that will be the strongest gusts. that is fantastic. as we go throughout the day today, we'll go to georgia.
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it will not be an issue. we'll watch that threat into savanna tonight. and by the time we get to friday morning this could be more of a significant impact when this storm is over philadelphia, a lot of trees and it doesn't take much to get the poutoutages there. we see the florida landfall and the florida story and we're probably going to have more outages on friday than we did for landfall. >> we're looking at a nasty friday here in the east. let's go back into that news conference there. >> good morning. now we're on the morning of day
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14. search and rescue has continued their operation. the teams continue to make progress in the areas that were inaccessible prior to the demolition and i'm glad to report that despite the difficult conditions the teams experienced no injuries to the first responders that were in this last operational period. through these efforts and since our last briefing, the teams recovered an additional ten victims bringing the number of deaths to 36. 32 have been identified and the next of kin notifications have been made. at this time, 200 people are now accounted for and 94 people are still unaccounted for.
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the detectives are working continuously to follow up on all of the leads to determine if all of the potentially missing persons were actually in the building during the collapse. as the magnitude of this continues to grow each and every day, our community and the world are grieving with all of the families in this unthink able tragedy. every single victim uncovered is somebody's child, somebody's mother, someone's teacher, colleague, classmate, best friend. our hears break for those mourning and for those waiting and waiting. so please, continue to wrap your love and prayers and arms around each of these around each of
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these. we gotten to provide quite daily briefings to the families of those missing loved ones. they are hearing developments firsthand from our first responders and they're able to answer questions and we're deeply grateful to the first responders that spent so much time with these family members hearing their stories and developing the relationships of trust. our commitment is deeply personal. this is our community, our neighbors, our families. and our first responders have searched that pile every day like they're looking for their own loved one. our miami-dade county task force one members that have been here since the beginning. they could go hope but they're
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still here. we're so grateful to these every day heros. they're super heros. we called upon them to do something extraordinary and i'm in endless awe of their grace, compassion, and dedication. we'll be back here at 5:30 to share our afternoon briefing. thank you, everyone, god bless. [ speaking spanish ] the mayor of miami-dade there updates us once again. the death toll there in that condo collapse, now, at 46. 94 folks still unaccounted for. the mayor who has done dozens of
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these now, appeared at one point to become a bit emotional as she talked about the first responders that continue to work around the clock sifting through that rubble trying to find, at this point, bodies, it would seem, morgan. >> yeah, craig, i mean this is an operation unlike anything they have ever seen before. we had eight units of urban search and rescue here. and we have that here on a few city blocks and they have been working nonstop through rain, shine, through el is a, going right on sop of that pile that as much progress as they made to this point in time there is still so much to go. when you see this effort here, particularly the pictures on
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those nearby fences, you realize the gravity of this situation. and this is still several stories high. pieces of concrete bigger than cars. they're hoping, today, on day 14 fill that someone somewhere could still by alive. i had a chance to speak to a woman whose sister was on a phone call when that line went dead. she says if anyone could make it, she could. that's why until they find her sister, she is holding on and praying for a miracle. and you get the real sense just hearing from local leaders on how close this hitting to hope. you realize how many people live in that building. you don't have to go far to have a connection here. you talk to people that live in yam. or anywhere in this state.
8:24 am
my friend's grandmother is there there, or a friend used to live there. there are so many connections to this building, and you realize the families left waiting to hear from word of their loves ones are not the only ones impacted by this. there is a web of tragedy that goes all over the world. i think you're really hearing that as you enter the later stages of this investigation. >> we expect to get another update according to the mayor, and another some suggestion hours from now. bill karens, big thanks to you as well. when we return here on a wednesday morning, very worrisome. that is how president biden is describing the assassination of haiti's president. we're going to play those
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we continue to follow breaking news in haiti this morning. jovenel moise was assassinated
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in his home early this morning. his wife was also attacked and she is recovering at a hospital. they say it is hateful, inhue inhumane, and barbaric. >> we need a lot more information, but it is very worrisome about the state of haiti. >> very worisome there from president biden. my guests are joining me now. dan, the western hemisphere's poorest country. the wave i violence in a few months. an election was set to happen here. what do we know at this point about who might be behind this attack. >> a statement was issued just a
8:30 am
few -- not long ago by the interim prime minister, and he said they were highly coordinated. so the suggestion was that this was not a lone amateur. that this was organized killers and he suggested they might be foreign. he said they were speaking spanish and english. we know that the country has been racked by, as you said political unrest and also terrible violence from dapgs. it is a terrible combination own cocktail there. >> the president met with top administration officials about the intensifying amount of ransomware attacks. what can you tell us about the
8:31 am
meeting? >> i asked the president what his message is to putin after having ma meeting with his advisors and he said something along the lines of "i will deliver it to him." so not delivering any messages to russia through the media. they are not attributing this attack yet to anyone, but there has been a number of outside agency that's are contributing to this group. the white house said if it is that group that is a criminal organization that operations in a number of countries. so trying to distance that distance themselves a little bit. they want to see russia respond. and that you know, their expectation was not that all cyber attacks would stop. but that they would step u up their enforcement for that.
8:32 am
jen psaki said if russia will not take those steps the u.s. reserves the right to act on it's own. >> thank you to both of you. plus right now president biden on his way to wrilz he will be pushing his human infrastructure plan just a few hours from now. why that means a big focus on helping folks pay for childcare. and for the first time in almost two years, new york city is holding a ticker tape parade through the canyon of heros. we'll go through to see how the city is honoring the essential workers that got new york city through the pandemic. also, in florida tropical storm elsa just made landful at the top of the hour. storm surges in effect. but the state seems to have dodged quite the bullet. the bu.
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in the next hour president biden will land in illinois to make a case for what he calls human infrastructure he wants to promote the president's priorities like the child tax credit. and paid family and medical leave. monica alba is in crystal lake,
8:37 am
illinois. and also i want to bring in former obama white house press secretary, monica we'll start with you there on the ground. what do we expect to hear from the president today? >> they are southing the bipartisan frame work on the programs that he would like to see get passed in congress. today is about part 2. if you think about it these are the programs that didn't make into that plan because the republicans were not on board with them. it is more about focusing on education, free community college, and that's why he will come to this campus where it is not just educational, but it is also a workforce development program and they have childcare on site. that is something that are main centerpieces of the american feel's plans.
8:38 am
you will see the president talk about all of those elements. but the other critical thing to think about here is that these are the things that the president has talked about personally. his experience as a single father and how important some of these things have been to him in the past. we're hearing where no sitting president has ever visited. clearly illinois, and in a county that is far more republican, and president trump con near 2020. we're seeing some trump supporters here, and it comes as a time when the minority leader senator mitch mcconnell says he will do everything he can to potentially derail the human infrastructure element of this program so we expect to hear more from the president about how he wants this to continue on this two-track plan but really he focused first on the barm one
8:39 am
and he would like to see this all happen, but most of that will be pursued by democrats in the process of budget reconciliation that doesn't require bm votes. >> monica alba on the ground, just a few hours from now, thank you. >> mr. gips, from a purely political perspective, a lot of what the president is saying and laying out, it would sound pretty easy to sell as a campaign message. how do your fellow democrats go about making this a winning message ahead of the midterms in 2022? >> that is a great question. i think you heard the then candidate biden talk about this in the campaign and in the pandemic. and i think you're seeing him pick that up in the human infrastructure component of what he proposed through far. strengthening education. making the country more
8:40 am
competitive. making sure that we can take care through childcare. the pandemic made that a cause and a concern for a larger number of people that dealt with having to have childcare needs during this pandemic. so i think all of this goes into this build back better agenda that he has been talking about, and i think it is quite frankly a fight that the democrats want to have in the midterm elections. making it around how does the economy look different from middle class families. it's what republicans want a fight about as well interestingly. in congress and in the selection. so i think this trip, it is represented by a democratic congress in a very narrow district in a swing district, punchbowl news reporting this is the pattern of a few recent biden stops. so this is very much the backdrop of what congress will deal with, and politically what
8:41 am
democrats and republicans will fight about in the course of the next year and a half. >> the dnc announcing on tuesday they are launching a new campaign program. ahead of the midterms focussed on arizona, michigan, pennsylvania, virginia, and new jersey. those are the states that they are targeting. how important is it to accomplish that kind of an election infrastructure so early? >> it is crucial, craig. you have to build those relationships and you have to be in there early. one of the things that hurt democrats a little bit is that pandemic county allow that face to face organizing that was built up. i know in 2008 and 2012 on the obama campaigns we took great advantage of that. some of that shifts to online
8:42 am
and it was very successful, but i think what you're seeing the dnc investment early and importantly is creating the connections online and face to face. identifying your voters, and getting them out, will be key to winning in 2022. the earlier you can identify them, the more you can get them excited and put them to work and talking to their friends. >> perhaps you heard in the last hour or so, the immediate past president of these united states speaking at his country club in new jersey. he just announced a class action lawsuit against facebook, twitter, and google claiming he has been wrongfully sensored by them. it seems like he is the guy in the republican party. fellow republicans trying to shore up support or at a minimum trying not to upset him. how will his continued presence,
8:43 am
if not dominance in the party, shape the conversation ahead of the midterms? >> well, craig, i think you have seen it in the actions of most of the republicans in congress. they're still waiting to understand what donald trump wants to do and reacting to it. and quite frankly you see the republicans that find themselves out of sorts with that republican base, those trying to move away from trump or hold him responsible for what happened on january 6th. so i think the presence looms large. the lawsuits today i think will be interesting to see if it is a genuine legal strategy or a pr strategy. he is running up against the legal departments of a couple trillion dollar companies into this is not your average threat of a lawsuit that he might have done fairly successfully over many decades in business in new york, but there is no doubt that his presence looms spormsly on
8:44 am
the republican side. far greater than anyone else. and people are positioning to be the alternative to donald trump should he decide not to run in 2024. his presence will be huge in 2022. >> former white house press secretary robert gibbs, always good to have him, my friend. thank you very much. also this morning a whistle-blower has filed a complaint to congress detailing what he says is the poor treatment of migrant children in one of the biden administration's shelters. they were caring and they say that the they were reluctant to get help for medical children in need jewel yay is -- julia
8:45 am
ainsley has more on the report. >> we were the first to obtain this report. some of the things these two whistle-blowers were saying is that they could not get clean clothes or underware. they didn't have anything to change into. they talked about children and stress. a child that was pleading profusely, and another had a panic attack. when they went to these contractors to try to get help they were told maybe that child doesn't need to be taken to the medical tent. it was a franchise of serve pro. they are the people who are
8:46 am
often called in after disasters. they come in and they clean up. and we went there them. they said as soon as they found out they asked them to stop performing these services. this is not something they had experience to do. so the question remains how did this franchise get this contract in the first place. >> serve pro cleans up messes. i had to call them up before. really quickly, where do we stand with the reunification. >> we know they stilt more than 2,000 families remain separated who were separated in the trump
8:47 am
administration right now. a lot of those families the parents remain deported. they need to get visas and large status. they are staying separated or bringing their children back to conditions. we're monitoring that but it remains under 2000,000. >> thank you, from doctors and nurses to grocery store workers and teachers, new york city today honoring the hometown heros that helped get the city through the worst days of the pandemic. we'll go live to the parade, next. parade, next this is cynthia suarez, cfo of go-go foodco., an online food delivery service. business was steady, until... gogo-foodco. go check it out. whaatt?!
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a winner in the new york city
8:52 am
democratic mayoral primary. eric adam, the current brooklyn borough ballot will be on, if he wins he will be new york city's second-ever black mayor, a former police captain. he talked about his plan for new york city a few hours ago over on "cbs this morning". >> every agency in the city and the country must be a part of deal with gun violence. if we deal with the gun violence, we will start dealing with the feersd of gun violence and we've ignored that for far too long. new york will show how to run cities because i know how to lead. eric adams will face off against republican curtis sliwa. the founder of the group known as the guardian angels. a hopeful sign of the big apple's recovery. those essential workers who served on the front lines at the height of the pandemic are being
8:53 am
honored with a huge hometown heroes ticker tape parade and the route is used to honor, celebrities and sports teams who win championships. rehemaelis is in downtown manhattan. an event connected to the parade has been canceled because of the extreme heat and what can you tell us about the celebrations and precautions that are being taken, as well, huh? >> absolutely, craig, and because of what's been cancelled and let me tell you what's going on. one of the folks being honored. sir, tell me. the parade -- do you feel honored that people are standing out here. absolutely, great turnout. a great day for new york. >> thousands of people, craig, have come out here to line this route to say thank you to these essential workers. they're waving here, all along this line. why did you come out? is this the parade to honor essential workers?
8:54 am
>> we extended our trip just to be here today. >> oh, wow. >> you came for this? >> we came here for the fourth of july, but extended this for this. >> you talk about what was canceled. the ceremony at city hall has been canceled because it was supposed to feel like it's 100 degrees out here today and that's too hot for people to be sitting in the hot sun. so that's cancelled and they've got water stations along the route. emts are out here on duty. some of them will not be in the parade because there say contract dispute going on with them, but that has not stopped the thousands of people who come out here to honor these essential workers and the nurses and 260 other groups are being honored and the nurses and health care workers, the teachers, firefighters, the police officers, the sanitation workers and the delivery service people who helped keep this city rolling when it was at great risk and all of these people who were being honored today put their lives at risk to make certain this city would be, and
8:55 am
people along this route are saying thank you. >> it's so good to just see a parade in new york city, but so good to see so many people show up to celebrate the folks who helped us get through it. thank you, rehema ellis and thank you to the first responders and essential workers being celebrated. before we go, former president and first lady jimmy carter and rosalynn carter celebrating a huge milestone today. their 75th wedding anniversary. before heading to the white house, the carters grew up together in the same town in georgia having their first date back in 1945, plains, georgia, the longest married presidential couple in u.s. history plan to celebrate with a party in their hometown of plains. happy anniversary to the carters. that will do it for me this hour, four-time olympic gold
8:56 am
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good day. this is "andrea mitchell reports." i'm kasie hunts in washington. as we continue to monitor two major stories on the florida coastlines. 46 people now confirmed dead in the surfside condo collapse and the tireless effort to find the 94 missing continues while across the state millions across tampa and tallahassee tracking tropical storm elsa. >> i ask floridians to simply be safe and use common sense. i just hope that if this is your first rodeo just please heed the warnings about handling power outages and handling some of the issues with your yard or with your debris. >> right now, there are a mix of storm surge warnings and tropical storm watches just an hour after the storm's landfall and elsa could be a major problem for millions more from georgia all of the way up to new york city throughout the week. also in new jersey, former president trump's political grievance tour continues with the announcement moments ago o


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