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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  July 7, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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lindsey, the nurse from that hospital in queens who was the first to get the pfizer vaccine in december, and that is all happening tomorrow in new york city. that is going to do it for us tonight. i'll see you again tomorrow. "way too early with kasie hunt" is up next. ♪♪ developing news overnight, elsa weakens to a tropical storm over florida. but hurricane warnings and tornado watches remain in effect for parts of the state. the question is how will this affect search efforts in surfside? plus, president biden announces new strategies to getting more americans vaccinated. but as health experts push for more drastic measures, the question this morning is is it time for the president to get behind vaccine mandates. plus, president biden told vladimir putin to crack down on hackers inside of russia. since then, two new attacks have
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come to light. the question is what will the president do about it? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning. and welcome to "way too early," the show that always turns on two-step verification, you should, too. i'm kasie hunt on this wednesday, july 7th. let's get to the news. tropical storm elsa is lashing florida. it's been downgraded as a category 1 hurricane as it nears landfall near tampa. 10 million people are in the storm's path as strong winds and heavy rain pummel the gulf coast. let's get to nbc's janessa webb for the storm's path. janessa, good morning. >> good morning, kasie. i do have better news this morning. we do have a lopsided storm system so things are starting to crumble apart. you can see the western side of the storm nonexistent. it's the eastern part that is lashing across central florida, and right now that is causing a
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severe weather threat. we have tornado wants expanding every from from ft. myers to orlando. we'll be watching that. the latest update from the national weather service 50 miles south-southwest of cedar key, florida. that is where we expect to see the landfall around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, and also for that 3:00 hour. in that time rate, a potential landfall for that area. 65-mile-per-hour winds. there is that north movement at 14 miles per hour. there is some expectancy, with this warm body of water, it could threaten a little bit and potential where we could see it fluctuate between a cat 1 and a tropical storm. we do watch that closely. which you can see by 2:00, we're going to have the landfall. but we're not out of the clear just yet. we have about eight states impacted with this storm system. you can see from south georgia,
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to the carolinas, all the way to virginia, d.c., new york industry, going to be dealing with the storm all the way into friday afternoon. also, kasie, big time flood threat across central florida. just now not in the clear with this tropical system. >> all right, janessa webb, thank you for being with us this morning. we really appreciate it. let's go now to surfside, florida, where the death toll continues to climb, eight victims were pulled from the champlain towers rubble yesterday. that marks the highest one-day totally since the collapse two weeks ago. the rising death toll stands at 36 people. crews paused as lightning lit up the sky yesterday. light wind and rain is expected as tropical storm elsa makes landfall. joining us is vaughn hillyard, vaughn, it's good to see you.
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it's been another tough day. we're waiting, of course, for the effects of this tropical storm. what's the latest of where you are in surfside? >> reporter: you know, kasie, the expectations could be far worse. and even 24 hours was there was going to be sustained winds and rain throughout the day. ultimately, just about two hours of pause where it ultimately hit that rescue crew, yesterday afternoon, where torrential downpours, rains, and winds exceeding 30 miles per hour and lightning ascended on the shores here. and it could have been a far longer delay when we were expecting come sunrise that the rains and winds would be kicked up. you can see from that storm it has moved west and moved north of here. the hard part is the continued reality that 109 individuals are potentially unaccounted for. and that just 36 individuals have been recovered at this point.
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yesterday was an opportunity, after that demolition of that existing building to really ramp up their case and accelerate their search effort. even then, still, there are just eight individuals recovered. this is still going to be clearly a long process ahead. >> vaughn, you were reporting yesterday as well that officials are still trying to sort through and figure out just how many people were actually inside the building when it collapsed. what have we learned about that? >> reporter: yeah. yesterday morning, they gave us a new number. that number was 70. 70 confirmed missing individuals. essentially there was a discrepancy of about 40 people. they say they were given names via phone calls. and they're still here in the last couple weeks trying to identify who still would have been in that building. and that they have individuals here working on the government side here trying to track down that exact number. and actually last night, kasie, we had the chance to, for the first time, the press were allowed to go up to that scene
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there of where that rubble site is. and to put in context with our own eyes what that scene looked like, i think it's hard to -- video only does so much. and my first reaction was just the extraordinary size of that rubble site, just about two stories in the air, is that existing cement. and the metal shards that are existing there. and this area that they have to go through is requiring this heavy machinery, those cranes. the slabs of cement that sheer man power, no matter how many menu get onsite, are not able to lift themselves here. and that is why, not only is it a difficult process trying to connect with families. not only here in the united states, but around the world, with family members that may have been in this site. but to also really go through and get to some of those bottom levels. this is clearly a complicated site for these crews to try to work through. >> of course, all right, msnbc's
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vaughn hillyard, thanks very much for being with us early this morning to share your first hand observations of what you saw there. we really appreciate your reporting. let's go now to this story, it appears russia is behind a computer breach that affected the republican national committee last week. bloomberg reports the hackers are part of a group known as cozy bear linked to russia's foreign service. cozy bear had previously been accused of breaching the democratic national committee in 2016 and carrying out the cyber attack involving shoulderwinds which infiltrated nine agencies. one of its providers had been infiltrated but denied that the rnc had been hacked in any way. meanwhile, president biden is under pressure to respond to a separate ransomware attack from russians, the largest of its history. biden said he would learn more
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about the cass sayah attack earlier this week. the president also said if russia was involved, the u.s. would respond. this comes three weeks after russian president vladimir putin and biden agreed to work together to prevent cyber attacks. jen psaki said the president will meet today to discuss the ransomware and meetings are ongoing over cyberconcerns. >> the president made clear to president putin when they met that if the russian government will not take action against criminal actors residing in russia we will take action or reserve the right to take action on our own. >> that company targeted in the hack told "the washington post" the hack carried out by revil a group of russian hackers affected between 200 and 1800 small businesses. still ahead here, u.s. track incision sha'carri richardson
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has been left off the roster for the upcoming olympics. plus, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is predicting a big arch over the democrats' plan for a bill of reconciliation. we'll have those stories and much more when we come right back. there's an america we build and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild.
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paul on the drive and one! chris paul putting on a show! >> chris paul in the first nba finals appearance of his 16-year career leads the suns past the returning giannis antetokounmpo with a game high 32 points. phoenix wins the opener 118-105. really, really hard not to root for chris paul. turning to baseball, the
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star ohtani hosting the red sox. starting on the mound, ohtani caught seven innings five hit balls, striking out four batters and walking none. although he went 1 for 4 in the previous 14 of 17 angels went on to beat boston 5-3. to minnesota and a rain-soaked matchup between the white sox and the twins. chicago center fielder billy hamilton takes away an extra base hit. leaping for a slashing down grab along the money track. watch this -- ooh, amazing. yikes. the white sox beat the twins 4-1. the olympics games are now just 16 days away. and the fastest woman in america won't be competing at any events in tokyo. nbc news senior national correspondent tom llamas has
2:14 am
more. >> reporter: it's official, the fastest woman in america, sha'carri richardson will not be competing in any events at the tokyo olympics. usa track and field announcing she will not run the 4 by 100 relay, her last chance to make the team. richardson earned a ticket to tokyo with that dramatic victory in the women's 100-meet in the u.s. olympic trials. >> i want the world to know i'm that girl. >> reporter: but following that jubilation, the 21-year-old tested positive for marijuana, a banned substance. >> i know what i'm supposed to do. and what i'm not allowed not to do. and i still made that decision. >> reporter: richardson was suspended for a month and disqualified from running the 100-meter at the olympics. her suspension ends before the relay. 500,000 signed an online petition to let sha'carri run. tonight, u.s. track and field
2:15 am
say they support re-evaluating the rules surrounding marijuana but, quote, while our heartfelt understanding lies with sha'carri, we but also maintain fairness for all of the athletes. as tokyo puts the fine touches on the olympics, this news will no doubt dampen fans. but richardson promises to be a world champion next year. let's now go to wimbledon where the final four women are set to compete. eighthkarolina pliskova and ash barty will compete between angie kerber. the men's semifinals will be decided later on this morning, but not before one upset in yesterday's fourth round match, second seeded daniil medvedev
2:16 am
tweeting hurkacz. and finally italy has reached the euro 2020 final. 4-2, in the dramatic penalty shoot-out following a 1-1 in extra time yesterday. italy will face the winner of a match between england and denmark on sunday. finally, it's been two weeks since new york's mayoral primary and we finally have a declared winner. the latest on the hotly contested race coming up next. contested race coming up next. jobs for people like james and lacey and me. me, i love my work family. family here and home, is my life. life is better for us because of a job. a job created when you buy this tea at walmart. ♪ i got love ♪ ♪ i got love ♪ ♪ i got love mama... ♪
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2:20 am
with kathryn garcia, the vote is too much to overcome. adams' decisive victory comes after a major discrepancy last week. more than 100,000 votes in the system for testing purposes only were accidentally released as real results. adams will go on to compete the guardian angels founder curtis leewa in the general election. new york governor andrew cuomo issued a new order gun violence an emergency. to find resources for communities hardest hit. the state is committing $139 million to the effort. cuomoal announced the creation of a new police gun trafficking unit to address the surge of,
2:21 am
quote, illegal guns that come into new york from states with weak gun safety laws. though gun violence is up, homicides dropped 23% in june. new york city will hold its first ticker-tape parade in nearly two years to honor the essential workers who guided through the pandemic. 14 floats represent 260 different groups of essential workers will be celebrated, making it one of the largest ticker-tape parade in the city's history. but some will be missing as fire ems plan to boycott the event citing unfair payment during the pandemic. let's head overhead as the u.s. opts to withdrawal troops. 1,000 afghan troops fleds into
2:22 am
the recorder monday. this was the third wave of soldiers forced to flee in three weeks and the fifth in three weeks. and meanwhile, we're learning more about president biden's decision to withdraw american troops from the country. "the new york times" reports an unlikely coalition of veterans groups lobbied the president to bring the solids home. that included the american league the secure families initiative and secure veteran for america, the group that didn't support biden in the 2020 election. then there's this, nuclear talks to be in jeopardy after iran notified a nuclear watchdog with plans of uranium mineral. the white house urged to step back from nuclear provocations that could further enrich the
2:23 am
obama nuclear deal. and calling it an unfortunate step backwards. >> it's another unfortunate step backwards for iran, particularly as we, for our part, have demonstrated our sincere intention and willingness to return to the jcpoa. and to find more productive and durable ways to deal with the nuclear issue. >> all right. still ahead here, president biden announced a new push to boost coronavirus vaccinations as the delta variant surges across the country. and coming up on "morning joe," white house press secretary jen psaki will join joe to weigh in on that and where the infrastructure package stands. and we want to know why are you awake? email your answers to or drop the #waytooearly and we'll read some answers coming up later on in the show. n the show removes 99.9% of thes
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♪♪ welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 here on the east coast. 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. on the six-month anniversary of the january 6th capitol insurrection, acting police chief yog gallon pitman presented the follow enhancements. boosting staffing in the dignitary protection division, opening regional field offices,
2:28 am
and implementing a critical incident response plan to quickly mobilize personnel to respond to threats. additional changes, riot training for the force including the national guard. obtaining more protective equipment, acquiring state of the art campus surveillance equipment. pitman said it was based on congressional attack investigations of the capitol riot. meanwhile, the house problem solvers caucus has endorsed is the infrastructure deal reached between the white house and a bipartisan group of senators. the 58-member caucus is urging for a speedy vote on legislation. and that's against nancy pelosi's strategy of weakening any structure of the infrastructure deal to a second spending bill. meanwhile, in kentucky yesterday, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell vowed to pass a second bill through
2:29 am
reconciliation. >> this is going to be a hell of a fight over what this country ought to look like in the future. and it's all going to unfold here in the next few weeks. i don't think we've had a bigger difference of opinion between the two parties over the best thing to do for america than we have right now. >> joining us now, the co-founder of punchbowl news, john bbresnahan. bres, good to see you, mitch mcconnell is more loose in kentucky saying it's going to be a hell of a fight on infrastructure. what do you read into that? and how do you think pelosi threads this needle, considering that she now has a bipartisan group that's also saying what the republicans in that senate group were demanding which is these things not be linked together? >> these are excellent questions, kasie. it's a huge challenge for
2:30 am
pelosi. and i do think, you know, the democrats have a big challenge. i mean, we do have this bipartisan senate infrastructure group. there is a group of ten in the senate who are working on this. now, that is the proposal that the problem solver which is the 50, remember, house group endorsed. so, the problem with the bipartisan senate group, they don't have a bill yet. in talking to people yesterday, they're still working on it. we may see legislative text next week. we may see some scoring, you know, analysis of what the impact of some of these provisions are. so, there's nothing to really object to yet. it's clear, though, that mcconnell is rallying his side, you know, vote against whatever comes next. he wants to vote against the american families plan, the american jobs plan and president biden. look, joe biden is going to be crazy up on the hill.
2:31 am
they're going -- they're coming back next week, the house, the following week, and they're going to start fighting over this. and we're going to start seeing fights, you know, over the budget, over infrastructure. and mcconnell is right. this is a huge philosophical difference between the two parties. that's the fight we would have, though, and both parties would argue. >> yeah, we're talking significant policy differences here which has gotten pretty lost. >> yes. >> in recent years. bres, let's talk for a second, though, about yesterday which was the six-month anniversary of the insurrection. i have to say, it caught me a little off guard. i sort of woken up in the morning and not realized we hit that anniversary. and it hit me pretty hard. you can quoted in a very striking vice news piece about just how difficult it's been for those of us, you've been covering the capitol so much longer i have. you're always up there when i
2:32 am
go. you were so helpful to me for so many years. can you talk a little bit how you felt. as someone -- you're a navy vet, you've been in the building covering these people. you've seen the best and worst of them. after january 6th, what's changed for you? >> you know, i was there in the '98 shooting when the two officers died. i was there on 9/11. i've been there for other shootings, other incidents, 2013, that poor woman got shot down. i've been there. but it's nothing to compare to january 6th. and to me, honestly, it's horrible as that day was, and the role the president of the united states, the sitting president of the united states took in that event, and still needs to be really explored and investigated, but the thing that got me, and i said this in this piece, and i probably read the harshest of my language. but after that insurrection and they cleared out the building,
2:33 am
republican -- the number of republicans still vote to object to biden's electoral college victory. and i find that -- honestly, i find that hard to take after six months. and i've talked to a number of these republicans. and members i respect. like how could you take that vote hours after that happened -- you know, i also will say, i do think about going in the building. i never once in my entire career, i mean, we're talking nearly 30 years going on the hill ever worried about my security. you know, we've got the capitol police. they do a fabulous job under very difficult circumstances. but now, every day i walk in kind of think, you know, is it safe? is it secure? i mean, you know, i think every reporter, every member of congress, every staffer, every person who will visits the capitol has to think about that. and i think that is a really, really damaging place for our -- for one of the most important
2:34 am
institutions we have in this entire country. >> two quick notes. first of all, that word you used that starts with "f" is entirely appropriate describing the context of this. >> my mom read it -- she had to google a word. i don't know why my mom had to google a word. >> i think joe scarborough used it the day after, too. >> yeah. >> the other thing, too, one of the things that struck me, and one of the reasons why the riot was so incredibly difficult for many of us, they ended up on the very floor of the house and senate. it's not the same walking into a situation covering a conflict where you know you're walking into dangerous territory. these places are supposed to be the safest, potentially in all of washington, barring a catastrophic foreign attack or natural disaster. >> sure. >> i think that's part of the reason why everyone who was there felt so very shaken by what happened.
2:35 am
thank you very much, john bresnahan for sharing your experiences with us. we appreciate it. i'll see you soon. meanwhile, a braurn senate bill aimed at countering china's growing influence. somehow lawmakers are skeptical that the bill won't adequately fund the expansion. and wording that the bill framed changing on the chinese government rather than the chinese people. "the washington post" reports house and senate democrats expressed optimism that a final agreement will be struck. but how long that will take and what the package will look like will be the subject of intense negotiations in coming months. and lawmakers may run into time constraints with a packed legislative calendar that bres was just boxes us through that includes an infrastructure bill. we're not talking about that in this context, we're going to be talking about christmas. still ahead, why a majority of americans now believe a
2:36 am
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2:40 am
attending i'm instead going to work in the legacy of a university not built by the enslaved but for those who once worked. interesting decision there for her. and a recent poll has found that 66% of respondents think there's intelligent alien life on planets beyond earth. the pew research poll surveyed over 10,000 u.s. adults, ahead of the congressional uso report released at the end of june. 51% believe the ufos reported by military are likely evidence of extraterrestrial life. younger americans were more likely to believe with 76% of adults under 30 saying that intelligent life exists on other planets. versus 57% of those 50 and older. i mean, why not? why not believe in it? who's it going to hurt anyway. anyway, this, too, the city that never sleeps could soon
2:41 am
live up to its nickname than it does. and a new proposal for 24-hour entertainment districts in new york city. the city's office of nightlife that officials recognize areas of low density where 24-hour limits may be tested. and the new trial hopes to promote a safe alternative for revelers to party all night. and i am most definitely too old for that. you kids, have fun. still ahead here, the white house is taking a more personal approach in its vaccination efforts but will it help push the u.s. past that 70% threshold ? as we go to break, let's take a look at history. ronald reagan announce head was nominating sandra day o'connor on the supreme court.
2:42 am
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welcome back. the white house announced yesterday that it's shifting gears in an effort to get more americans vaccinated. turning the focus from mass vaccination sites to a smaller community-based approach. the president said the administration will concentrate on getting vaccines to family doctors and local pharmacy using mobile clinics and knocking on doors. >> the study after study after study has shown that since early may, virtually every covid-19 hospitalization and death in the united states has been among the unvaccinated. so, if you're vaccinated, you're protected. but if you're unvaccinated, you're not. and you're putting yourself, more importantly, from your perspective, your family, and your friends at risk. so please get vaccinated now.
2:46 am
>> the president continues to urge americans to get the vaccine willingly, he's resisting calls for health officials to push for vaccine mandates. the new push come as the highly contagious delta variant spreads rapidly across the country. by cdc estimates the strain now accounts for half of the covid-19 cases in the united states. nbc news correspondent miguel almaguer has the greatest on the growing number of infections. >> reporter: the delta variant is fuelling a worrisome rise in covid cases now being recorded in a third of all states where vaccination rates are low, infections are exploding. in missouri over the weekend, one hospital treating covid patients briefly ran out of ventilators. in the past two weeks, cases here have risen nearly 50%. and covid wards are reopening. >> this is not only faster, but it's more aggressive. people are getting sicker, sicker quicker. and we're seeing an increased amount of sickness in a younger
2:47 am
population. >> reporter: even where vaccination rates are high like california, in may, delta k.d.s for 5% of all cases. now that number has ballooned to 35%. experts who say you don't need a mask indoors say now you should probably wear one. >> our thanks to miguel almaguer for that report. joining to us talk more about that the director of the columbia director of the national center, doctor, thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. let's talk about the shift in this vaccine plan and effort. this is, obviously, something we've talked about for a while that this was going to be a need, once we got to the point where everyone who was eagerly trying to get the vaccine would be. is this, do you think, going to be enough to boost vaccinations to where we need them to be, or not? >> well, it's hard to say, kasie. you know, this is a really, really serious problem.
2:48 am
because for one thing, we have very low vaccination rates in certain particular states. and many of those are in states that voted republican. or voted for trump to be re-elected. so there's a lot of political overlay to this whole challenge. the changes that the biden administration is putting forward now that it's going to doctors' offices, smaller venues, et cetera, may do a little bit. but it won't do much, i don't think, kasie, for the very serious anti-vaxxers who believe the conspiracy theory and the nonsense on social media. whatever it is whoever is putting out the message is going to have a lot to face or overcome. but no question, the combination of not being vaccinated and being in an area where the delta variant is exploding is putting your life at risk and the lives really of the people around you. so, it's a really big challenge that we've got to get ahold of. i don't know what we'll do about
2:49 am
the hardcore anti-vaxxers at the moment. >> it's scary there's hospitals in missouri, as miguel reported is running out of ventilators. doctor, let's switch gears because you recently wrote an op-ed on the hill talking about the infrastructure problems are also a persistent threat to public health. of course, you cite the building cop lapse in surfside. >> yes. >> and i think those of us covering the infrastructure completely see the connection. how do you look at this? >> well, that's right. you know, i think what happened, take this horrible tragedy in surfside, by the way, we're now 14 days out and the chance of finding survivors is extremely limited. but what we've seen there is a terrible impact on people of all political strifes. in that building there are republicans, democrats, independents, who knows what, and children.
2:50 am
and it just strikes me as so disturbing to see this become a political football in washington. i mean, fixing our infrastructure, including the infrastructure that involves buildings, roads, whether these are electrical grid, it's really important to all americans. i hope they get their act act tr in washington and get something substantiative passed as soon as possible. it creates jobs and makes us much much safer as a nation to fix the infrastructure and upgrade everything that has to do with protecting the lives of people in the country. >> i mean, what does this kind of a collapse, we haven't talked too much about it, but obviously there's a lot of debris and potentially hazardous materials that go up in the air. what problems does that present to people living in the area around this building? >> first of all, there are the two other condos that are in the so called champlain complex.
2:51 am
those other two buildings were built with the same architectural designs and construction strategies as the one that just collapsed. if i were officials, i would evacuate both of those buildings and make sure the engineers have completely inspected the stability of those other buildings, and, you know, make sure that people are not in them at this moment until we make sure everything is okay and they're not going to be the next building collapses that we see. yeah, it's really important that they deal with that, and don't forget, too, kasie, we have issues with climate change producing elevated sea level in that community. so there's like lots of recurrent flooding that occurs and that erodes the base of the buildings. >> dr. ervin redlenner, thank you for being up early with us. we appreciate your time this
2:52 am
morning. we asked why are you awake? >> eleanor is preparing to run in oppressive heat and humidity. chris posted this picture on twitter, new puppy. and martha sent this picture, it was time for someone to be fed. how do you resist those eyes. thank you for watching this morning. and coming up next, we're going take a look at axios's one big thing. and jen psaki joins the conversation, and mika's interview with valerie biden owens, "morning joe" just moments away. biden owens, "morning joe" just moments away and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪
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- had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. welcome back, joining us now with a look at axiosalayna treene, we are looking at the
2:56 am
new york city mayoral race. we know who the democratic primary winner, eric adams, which poises him to be new york city's mayor come the fall. i think that, you know, the story we examined today is he's really charted a path for how democrats can handle the police issue, particularly as republicans are looking to make defund the police a key messaging against democrats in the midterms. he was a former nypd police chief and he really, i think, showed that, you know, we don't have to embrace police to win this issue. we can talk about reforming police and how to make the system better without reverting to something that has made especially moderate democrats worried as we gear up for the midterms. and so he's a really good example of how democrats can win on that issue. >> yeah, i mean his slogan is interesting, the justice we
2:57 am
deserve and the safety we need. you're starting to hear washington democrats talk about the police issue in slightly different terms than they did last year, but i haven't heard anyone sort of put a fine point on it like that. >> they haven't and i think coming from someone like eric adams who has been in the industry, he had 22 yearlong law enforcement career. he's someone that understands him, and i think that helps him, and the former deputy mayor for mike bloomberg, told me colleague that he created the biden coalition in new york, very popular among blue collar workers and noncollege educated voters who do care about the police reform issue but are, you know, not as deep on police. this comes as we're seeing cities across the country deal with some of the cuts they have had to police department, and
2:58 am
some cities, including new york, and texas, giving money back to police departments, after realizing some of the cuts aren't working as we're seeing spikes in crime. people want police, they know they help, particularly in certain areas with a lot of high crime, but they also recognize the issue of reform that we've seen really become a prominent issue over the past few years, particularly since george floyd's murder. eric adams a great test case for how democrats can reform their messaging around this. >> you are also doing reporting on the covid pandemic, and i particularly noticed america's deepening drinking, the study from nielsen that shows a 54% increase in national alcohol sales and in particular, a 40% almost increase among women in drinking during the pandemic compared to 2019. i think that says everything about the state of particularly women in america and just how difficult of a year we've had.
2:59 am
>> exactly, kasie. we've seen this, i mean, we saw this beginning in the pandemic, a lot of liquor stores, you know, seeing insane increases in sales, and the data proves that's accurate. americans across the country have increased their alcohol consumption. i think the question is now as we're seeing widespread vaccinations is does this increase in drinking continue, and does these habits among americans stick, and that's something that i think we're all still watching for. yes, like you said, it speaks to the state that everyone's been in since the beginning beginning. >> as we close here, i want to say the six month anniversary of the attack on the capitol hit me pretty hard yesterday. i'm not sure i was expecting that, and i know we've said it before, but i'll say it again,
3:00 am
those of us who were there are just so grateful for the capitol police who kept us safe, who did their jobs, who put their lives on the line for all of us. know that we have not stopped thinking about you because six months have passed. thank you for getting up early with us on this wednesday morning. don't go anywhere, "morning joe" starts right now. good morning and welcome to "morning joe," it is wednesday, july 7th. we're following a number of developing stories this morning, including tropical storm elsa's impact on florida as hurricane warnings and tornado watches remain in effect for parts of the state. how will this affect search efforts in surfside. we're going to get a live report. plus, president biden warned vladimir putin three weeks ago that he'd better crack down on hackers targeting the u.s. from inside russia. since then, two new attacks have


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