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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  July 6, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. r with brian williams starts now. >> good evening once again, i'm chris dancing sitting in for brian williams. day 168 of the biden administration. tonight, elsa is now a category one hurricane and moving up florida's gulf coast. we'll have the latest updates on the storm's path in just a moment. but first tonight marks exactly six months to the day since a mob laid siege into the -- the fbi released more new videos of the january attacked as it steps up the search of some of the most violent rioters. they included those who directed law enforcement as they tried to defend the capital. the new images are disturbing and lead no questions as to whet officers were facing that day.
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[noise] >> chill bro. [noise] >> this is our house. [noise] >> the justice department also released new footage from inside the capitol. the rioters can be seen trying to force their way into the senate chamber, and taunting those officers who were trying to keep them out. more than 500 riders have been arrested in connection with what was essentially a failed attempt to keep president biden from taking office. late today, the winner of november's election issued a statement it read in part quote, this was not descend.
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this was this order. it posed an existential crisis and a test of whether our democracy could survive. a sad reminder that there is nothing guaranteed about our democracy. this past weekend, the men who lost november's election continue to push the very lies that fueled the january 6th insurrection. >> we won so much and then we had a rigged election. democrats used covid to cheat, they illegally change the rules of the key states and mailed out millions, and millions of absentee ballots. how can so many people are still in jail over january six? >> of course, trump did not win the election, no evidence of widespread fraud or illegal activity was found. court case after court case that attempted to overturn legitimate results, tossed out. earlier on this network, one counter-terrorism expert warned of the threat of more violence
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sparked by lies. >> there has been no repercussions to the political leaders for the big lie, about voter fraud, that did not occur. there's been no repercussions for the extremists that storm their own house. you will see them again, continuing to embrace violent rhetoric or incitement which will lead to violence, not just at a federal location but state and local. >> meanwhile the current president is facing more questions about yet another ransomware attack. the hackers targeted software used by small businesses. as many as 1500 may have been affected. a russian-based gang known as our evil is behind the hack, which comes just weeks after biden summit with vladimir putin. back then, biden said that he warned putin that the u.s. would response to cyberattacks from russian-based gang. today, he was asked about a possible response to this latest breach.
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>> it appears to have caused minimal damage to u.s. businesses but were gathering information to the full extent of the attack. >> the white house says that biden will be meeting with intel agency heads to discuss the u.s. response. tonight, we're also learning more about the federal sex trafficking investigation involving matt gates. nbc news reports that gates so she it, joel greenberg is asking the judge overseeing this case to delay his sentencing. greenberg's lawyer says his client continues to cooperate with federal prosecutors in that sex trafficking case, and argues that cooperation will not be complete before his schedule sentencing on august 19th. also tonight, the growing concerns about the covid-19 delta variant, which the cdc now says makes up more than half of all cases in the u.s.. earlier today, president biden outlined a new efforts to try to boost vaccinations including
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door to door outreach. and he had a warning for anyone who has not received a shot. >> if you're vaccinated, your protected. but if you're unvaccinated, you're not. you are putting yourself, more important from your perspective, your family, your friends at risk. >> there is also breaking news about the ranks to lead new york city. tonight the associated press has declared eric adams the winner of the democratic primary. putting him on track to become the second black mayor in the history of the nation's largest city. finally, we continue to follow the ongoing search at the site of the collapse in surfside, florida. the death toll has now reached 36 people, 109 are still unaccounted for. we'll get to our lead off discussions in just a moment but first let's get the latest on elsa and its potential path. for that we're joined by meteorologist jim nestle web, how are things looking at this late hour? >> hi, chris.
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we're looking at a disjointed storm system that continues to remain offshore across southwest florida. we have these heavier bands that are really impacting sarasota into the tampa area, and that's going to increase for at least the next 24 hours. right now, we still have an hurricane it's 65 miles southwest of tampa, florida. we still have the ford north movement of 14 miles per hour and it's continuing to be on track to with the sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. we're gonna continue to watch this movement, what happened in the last few hours is wind -- and it will allow the system to intensify. we will continue to watch this overnight, we do have storm surge concerns that stretch even for the keys, all the way into the panhandle. tomorrow morning, we will continue to see the storm system offshore but really, the center of circulation will not
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make its way into see your keys, and a potential way fall into midday. then we will continue to watch, tracking elsa, all the way into wednesday evening. thursday, evening as well. for the carolinas, all the way into west virginia. we will still see the storm system tracking into areas of the northeast as we continue into friday. long go with the storm system, even if it's downgraded at our next update overnight, the potential flood threat and storm surge is going to be a huge problem. that's why we have hurricane warnings there still in place for cross city florida's into southwest florida as well. tampa, we're going to continue to watch, look at all these advisories now they are stretching all the way into sections of the mid-atlantic. now the storm surge, overnight, we will see a high tide across the tampa area around 3 am. this will mix with that storm and allow water to really flow
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in. right now the forecast is calling for 3 to 5 feet for sarasota, into cedar keys, this is going to cause major flooding is in this area on top of the rain that we're already seeing. torrential rain coming down currently. on top of that, locally, up to eight inches across the central florida into the panhandles subsections could pick up ten inches. we're also going to be watching georgia, south georgia, as well as the big time flood threat expands. also, severe weather threat. we have these heavier bands that are making their way across the keys right now into southwest florida, and this is sparking up a few tornadoes that we saw earlier today. a tornado watch still remains in place for this area. the wind speeds, we do have hurricane hunters that are out right now. they only extend 20 miles but that will continue to really
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pick up across the cedar keys going into later this afternoon, into this evening. so, the storm still a hurricane, potentially will be downgraded because it is starting to split apart, chris, but we still have a long way to go with this flood threat. >> janessa webb, thank you so much. with that, let's bring in our lead off guest on this tuesday night, philip rucker, pulitzer prize washington correspondent for the washington post. his highly anticipated new book written with his colleague, i alone can fix it, donald trump's catastrophic final year, is due out two weeks from today. ab stoddard, veteran washington journalist and editor for real clear politics, and former u.s. attorney joyce vance who spend 25 years as a prosecutor, she's also one of the cohost of the podcast, sisters in law with kimberly atkins store, and barbara mcquade. great to have you all here tonight. phil wrecker, obviously you off cup for it not just donald
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trump extensively but also his political circle. help us get some perspective here. what or who is an amazing, it's stoking these continued lies about 2020 in the belief that somehow somewhere, the results are still going to get overturned. is this trump's ego? who is he listening to these days? help us understand where we are right now? >> it's an important question all of my reporting suggests that it is trump himself that is directing the continuation of this " big lie ". he's not the only one responsible, he's of course having inputs of information from throughout his political circle, from his very is allies, political allies, from conspiracists. he's being shown articles or theories or commentary that he sees on some right wing cable shows or radio shows suggesting
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that not only was the election stolen but that there is a hope with the quote unquote recounts that are underway, somehow they can overturn the results and reinstating trump as president. it is not clear he actually believes he will be reinstated when he thinks rationally, but nonetheless, he is continuing to press this falsehood, this lie, that the election was stolen from him, that he was the rightful winner and that joe biden's victory as the president is somehow a legitimate. >> and of course ab, the extension of this believe that somehow this was all fraudulent, the 2020 election is the idea that not that much happened on january 6th. i want to play with adam king zinger had to say on cnn. >> i think the vast majority, if not all of the my colleagues believe that this was a trump incited insurrection, when
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you're in a tribe, and if you say something truthful that gets you kicked out of the tribe, you keep your head down to stay in the tribe. >> you keep your head down to stay in the tribe, ab, video after video, police from the capitol who were there that day seemingly having no effect. what is keeping republicans from publicly like knowledge-ing what we can see happen on january 6th? >> it's really devastating, chris, to see these new videos come out, it's really difficult to watch but it is so important to really amplify the violence that we saw that day, and the tragedy we saw that day, but also the threat that continues and could result in future political violence. all of the members of congress who are backing the big lie and whitewashing january six know what happened that day. they don't even need to watch the videos, like americans who
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don't really know the full extent of what happened that day. they know. they are embracing this sort of walking back of the big lie in service to donald trump because it's serves the big lie. you have to say january six was no big deal and you have to say the election was stolen. members will not say the words the elections were stolen say things like my constituents have so many questions, and we want to get them questions, we desperately need new voting laws because we need voter integrity. but you saw those words from donald trump's just a few days ago. he not only continues it, he adds more in faces, more details and more specifics, and that is the litmus test for all republican primary politics going forward. anyone wanting to keep their seat next week down to the local level is embracing the big lie and saying to americans,
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january 6th is an obsession, it's what's elitist or focus on, most of us don't care, we went on with our lives. it was just something that got out of control. i've had these conversations with people who have told me this. it is directly emanating from the top, from president trump, we saw that because we saw the leadership including lindsey graham who has been trying to walk away from donald trump and circle right back because of those pressures in days and weeks to come. >> to the point of this voter integrity, there was this washington post opinion polls outlining detailing the formation of a group of anti trump republicans who call themselves republicans for voting rights, but you do wonder given what we're seen happen, and how campaigns are being run already for 2022 -- is it too late for a group like this? >> i praised their efforts and i want them to succeed. i wish people like adam
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kinzinger and mitt romney and liz cheney would get behind efforts like this. you don't see a push from republicans who criticize the big lie and talk openly about january 6th and the danger of future violence. you don't see them in the game about what's happening with these new laws. the amplification of partisan influence in the process, which would affect vote counting and ultimately nullify votes. that's the part i don't see, and that's the threat to voting rights remains. >> joyce vance, a couple big legal stories i want your take on. first more reporting on jewelry -- to delay his sentencing for among other crimes sex trafficking and bribery. here's the quote from our story. greenberg's attorney added greenberg is expected to participate in additional sessions with prosecutors, and notes his cooperation could impact his ultimate sentence.
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it's unclear what delay would mean for the investigation into gates who has not been charged with any crime and has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing choice, what do you make of the request and what might it mean for matt gates? >> this is a standard request you will see from the government and independent one cooperation is ongoing. it can mean one of two things. it can mean the cooperation is productive and they are making cases on other suspects. they need a little bit more time. another occasions, it can mean while there is a good faith effort to cooperate being made by someone in greenberg shoes, that it hasn't yet been productive. the government is giving the defendant a little bit more time to see if he can do something that will help them get credit for sentencing. we don't know which of those two scenarios is at play here. it seems a little bit more likely since this is
11:17 pm
characterized as ongoing meetings, that investigators and prosecutors simply need more time to debrief greenberg and make sure they get all of the information we he is privy to. this probably means that estimates gates would be indicted in july were a little bit too optimistic, and it may move that timeline back, if in fact the congressman is going to be indicted. a lot of this is grand jury and as i always say with grand juries, we will find out when we find out. there is a reason that process is secret and prosecutors can get the job done properly. >> in the meantime, we talked about this last week, joy, startled trump's company and cfo are facing an indictment. we but trump talked about this weekend. here's what he said. >> they go after good hardworking people for not paying taxes on a company car. company car. you didn't pay taxes on the car! or a company apartment. he used an apartment because he
11:18 pm
needed an apartment, because you have to travel to faraway houses. you can pay tax, or education for your grandchildren. we i don't even know. do you have to? there's anybody know the answer to that stuff? >> he asked if anybody knows the answer even though over the years he has repeatedly said some version of no one knows the tax code better than i do. we visit correct knowledge of tax law is critical to proving tax fraud, or not? we >> it depends on the specific charges. these charges are highly specific to whether they are brought in the state or the federal system. we and which violation you are being charged with. we if we are looking at the indictment that the new york a.g. has brought, and the men had didn't-y a gantz with trump's cfo allen weisselberg, we these are grand larceny charges. these are essentially false statement in obstruction type
11:19 pm
charges, and the evidence laid out if the prosecutors can prove all the allegations that they lay out in the indictment, and it surely appears they can because much of what they discussed is documentary evidence, then weisselberg will looks like he is headed for a conviction. what that means for the former president is not entirely clear yet. >> finally phil, another ransomware attack, its reach does appear to be broad. the money advances are large. we how much pressure is president biden under to respond? n under >> certainly he's under pressure not only to respond to this particular attack, but to come up a strategy, a comprehensive national and economic security strategy for this country to deal with these attacks because it's almost certain these are going to continue in the months and years to come. remember, there is a serious ransomware attack just a couple of months ago that confronted
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this president and this white house, and we are seeing it here again. the pressure is on. this is a new realm for the u.s. to be dealing with in terms of our enemies. certainly there are people in the administration of a lot of expertise and experience on these sorts of attacks, but it now becomes incumbent on president biden to figure out what that kind of big picture strategy is to communicated to the american people and more importantly to communicated to our adversaries, so they can be warned not to do this again. we >> fill rocker thanks to you, amy stoddard, joyce vance much appreciated on this tuesday night. coming, up it sounds like a headline from a year ago. hospitals running short of ventilators. we will ask one of our top doctors about surging covid hospitalizations in places where vaccines are not. and later, it's been described as the moral failure of republican party. the events of six months ago are now revealing about the
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churches to the schools to the athletic events and we have to talk to these individuals one-on-one and answer their questions, and let them know it's okay to be hesitant, but look at the facts. don't talk to your friend, your neighbor, your family member. you understand that the benefits outweigh the risk. >> that's the message from the
11:25 pm
operations manager at a health center in mississippi, a state where only 36% of the population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. now the more contagious delta variant is quickly gaining ground in poorly vaccinated areas all across the country. 4th of july celebrations are fueling even more concerns over the weekend. the number of hospitalized covid patients went up. by nearly 27% in missouri. where this one hospitals running out of ventilators. back with us tonight, doctor irwin redlener. he advises us on public health. he's also a columnist with the daily beast. this was not a conversation any of us wanted to have to start talking about the lack of ventilators at this point. i want to play something joe biden, the president, said earlier on his latest vaccine push. take a listen. >> please get vaccinated now.
11:26 pm
it works. it's free it's never been easier. it's never been more important. do it now, for yourself and the people you care about. for your neighborhood, your country. that sounds corny, but it's a patriotic thing to do. >> he's passionate operations manager in mississippi we heard was also, urban. the problem is the message has been the same. vaccines, work they're free, easy to get. what's the new plan? when we see these poor vaccination rates in a lot of different parts of the country, what is your thought about how change gets made? trying to get made? is it baked in? >> chris, this is really an eerie replay of where we were going last year. hopefully we won't be anywhere near as bad. the here about a hospital running out of ventilators is pretty scary. the challenge now is there sort of no new message.
11:27 pm
the new strategy was really about getting people who were close to the communities that were being hesitant or resistant. that means spokes person is promoting the vaccine like the person you played earlier. those people who connect to the communities where there's hesitancy half to be out there. but beyond that, we have a certain hard-core you are dusable minimum number of people who are not hesitant. we need to make this distinction because they're not hesitant, they're anti-vaxxers who are resistant and are paying more attention to nonsense and conspiracy theories on social media than they are two medical professionals. what worries me is we'll end up with a hard-core 20% who just will not get vaccinated. those communities where the vaccination rates are low, and there is the new delta variant in the same place at the same time, we have a collision course that's going to spot is esther, unfortunately, for a
11:28 pm
lot of americans. >> you have a delta variant that's now the dominant one. it's more than half of cases. i mean, do we need to rethink the way we are looking at, this even if you are vaccinated? do you need to start thinking about wearing a mask again when you are indoors? >> yes, you do. if you're in a community that's highly vaccinated with almost everybody being vaccinated, that's one thing. if you are in one of these communities in mississippi or utah, or alabama where vaccination rates are very low, even if you have been vaccinated, he still might be susceptible to getting infected with the delta variant. let's be clear, no matter where you are, the vaccination strategy is key to keeping you and your family and your community safe. a lot of young people, you know, somehow in previous two messages we are talking about and feel like they are in mortal, or whatever. the fact is we're seeing more and more young people who get
11:29 pm
infected, and getting infected with long haul covid infections and it's really dangerous and it's a concern but getting the message out strongly as we're doing right now is absolutely key. we must try to do everything possible to make sure that people are getting vaccinated. that's the whole trick, here with earth out the delta variant in the community. >> and yet israel releasing its preliminary data but that data did show that there is a drop in protection and a pretty big one from the pfizer vaccine against delta variant. what do we need to know about the? t. >> well it's concerning information, but as tony fauci said today, we need more information. we need more fine-tuned data about what we're dealing with in israel. a lot more information about who exactly is being infected and how are they making these estimations about that level of protection given by the vaccines. we'll get that information, israel is very good about
11:30 pm
collecting and providing it. we're still in a wait and see period here right now, while we get more information. it is concerning and we are picking attention to it at the highest levels of the federal government. >> we all need to pay attention to a doctor irwin redlener, thank you, good to see you my friend. coming up. the deepening political factors following the events of six months ago. and what if anything can heal the division? when the 11th hour continues. hour continues
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frankly offended by the attack by americans on americans, on our democracy, on the seat of our democracy, and do not want to invest in knowing what happened, and invest in our people, our capital police, i think it is a shameful decision, a failed governing by the republicans. >> while republicans decry the need for an investigation into the capitol riot, many questions remain unanswered. for its part the capital police department is announcing changes it's made since one six, among them, more protection for our elected officials when they're off the hill. in a statement the department said, the uscp has enhanced our staffing with our dignitary protection division as well as coordinated for a hand security for members of congress outside of the national capital region. the department is also in
11:35 pm
process of reopening regional field offices in california and florida, with additional regions in the near future to investigate threats to members of congress. for more let's go to juanita tolliver, and tim miller, contributor to the bulwark and former communications director for jeb bush. good to see you, juanita, what is going on? what is your reaction that capitol police are now feeling that they have to have field offices to handle threats to lawmakers? >> chris, it shows the recognition in gaps of what we saw in the lead up to january six and an effort to rectify and show those gaps and make sure that intelligence is being not only spread through the organization but collected in a more efficient way that can have tangible impacts, before anything happens. more importantly, chris, i think we need that full exploration, that full understanding of other gaps need to be filled to prevent
11:36 pm
this from ever happening again. as well as still an understanding of what led up to january six. who was involved? who gave tours? what was said to trump? what was trump doing during the entire attack when he was silent? that's when we see the select committee coming in. i really appreciate benny thompson's statement today, that every option is owned table right now. there are going to get to the truth because it is their mandate. he is going to see that through, in a way that i think is going to be highly productive, but also important in understanding would happen in the lead up in wood gaps there are still remaining to ensure that this never happens again. >> on the other side of that, however, that equation, his kevin mccarthy and adam kinzinger said this about the gop later, tim, let me read from it, kevin gave a great speech the week after january six and that he went to mar-a-lago and charge the petals and brought trump back to life. that's the moment when i
11:37 pm
realized oh, man, this is a problem. i will certainly talk to kevin if he wants to. but i don't see how we're ever going to come eye to eye on this until there is a recognition that we can't be the party of insurrection. >> i mean, tim, this seems just one example of the fundamental question right now for the republican party, is that the party of trump and mccarthy or liz cheney and kinzinger? is it even close? >> hey, chris. the fundamental question has been answered. it is the party of trump and mccarthy. kinzinger and cheney are this vigil apparatus, that's hanging on to a party that there are no longer apart anymore. i wish they were. i wish that they could fight and win people over, but the reality is that the republican elected officials in washington have made their bed on this. they had an opportunity to go
11:38 pm
into the route of cheney and kinzinger, the week after january six, many of them were speaking in distinguish louis from how adam speaks now but they decided to go another path because that's with their voters wanted him to do. and now in order to stay in power kevin mccarthy has no choice but to continue down this path, to continue down the path of energizing mega voters with this sort of election conspiracy, to step, while hoping that enough swing voters will look away from what happened on january 6th and won't have these long memories and will focus on other issues as we get into the midterms next year. that's the bet that he has made. he's already made it. there's no internal fight to have. i'm glad it kinzinger is out there singled he saying, but the fight within the parties over. >> let's see with the commission can do and juanita i want to play would congressman jim cline said when he was asked a former president trump
11:39 pm
will be called to testify about january 6th. be called>> if it comes to thal go wherever the facts lead. i would not want to see a former president testify in such a situation as this, but if that's what it takes, in order to get to the bottom of this. >> i don't think there are a lot of people who are making bets on donald trump going before the committee. realistically, are we ever going to get a satisfactory answer about what went wrong that day? >> i think we will get more information, chris. will we get it from trump? probably not. like you said, it's highly unlikely that he will show up even if a subpoena was issued he would fight it tooth and nail to avoid it. eventually, there will be something to come out from trump. here's the reality, with subpoenas like this floating in the air potentially, what's this drumbeat of other potential subpoenas to republican leadership,'s that shows that this committee has going to run as long as it
11:40 pm
takes that's what we got from pelosi, clyde byrne was mentioning that -- we will do whatever it takes. that's the message that benny thompson was communicating especially as someone who has investigated other terrorist threats, national security issues, he knows what it takes to get this done. while we might not get it from the mouth of trump, i still think figures like mccarthy, or lauren booker, or any other republican who might have had something to do with this coming before, coming before the committee to offer full testimony under oath is a definite probability. >> real quick, tim, what do you think it's going to happen with the committee? do you think there's going to be an announcement? they are going to name republicans who might seriously look at this? what do you think kevin mccarthy's movies? >> i doubt it. i think that the republicans who want to be on it or the matt gates of the world. >> marjorie taylor greene. >> i don't think we can ignore it for now.
11:41 pm
but we will see. >> tim mueller and's juanita tolliver, you'll stay with us. what is next for the presidents infrastructure plan after a big endorsement from bipartisan lawmakers in the house. when the 11th hour continues. 1th hour continues
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representatives the bipartisan problem solvers caucus is now endorsing the infrastructure deal created by the white house and that bipartisan group of senators. cnbc sums up the development of this way. if a group for nine gop members vote for the plan, house democrats have room to lose support from skeptical progressives, and still pass the roughly 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure framework. one to tolliver tim miller still with us. juanita, what do you think this new support from the problem solvers caucus means for the deal? should the white house be feeling good tonight? >> absolutely. especially after the conundrum they were in a few weeks back.
11:45 pm
right, chris? this shows additional growing bipartisan support, which shows the likelihood of this framework, becoming formal legislative language it's higher in probability because that more people we have signed on preliminarily, the more likely it is to be successful. the white house should be celebrating this moment. i think they did make that signal -- so that is still some remnants of that conundrum they had a few weeks back. with biden and policy being backed up saying this will be a two bill package. the other thing here is as the cnbc reports stated, this gives pelosi breathing room. she wants, that she welcomes that, especially recognizing there were progressives in the democratic caucus who are hesitant about this. they want to make sure the
11:46 pm
second package comes through. they have hesitations about voting for this bipartisan deal on loan and on its own. >> today mitch mcconnell said that second bill is going to be a hell of a fight the way he put it. let's go back to this first bill, tim. what's the biggest roadblock you see for this infrastructure plan? >> i think first bill is going to be a fight and the ten republican senators. mitch mcconnell has no incentive to give donald trump or joe biden a win on this -- >> except the american people want it. >> i don't think mitch mcconnell's constituents and kentucky want it. i think miss recall might make the but it's better to stop biden from having winds ahead of the midterm then to pass a popular infrastructure bill. >> mitch mcconnell is not going to lose his seat over this,. >> i think as he looked to trying to become the majority
11:47 pm
leader, he is going to have to make the calculation about should i whip my ten republicans to pass, this or that give biden a win and make democrats look good, or look bipartisan. mitch mcconnell doesn't care about policy. he cares about judges and winning. he might be the roadblock there. the ecosystem might not give biden a win of this getting ten republican senators on that first bill is a lot. there are only five stand behind joe biden. doubling that number is significant and if they can't get to ten i think imagine isn't want to break the filibuster of it's a 50 vote thing, would he brick it for 47, 58? those become the questions. there is a long way to go on that part of negotiations still in front of us, and fortunately. >> juanita, do you see the roadblock the same way tim does? >> i take whatever mitch mcconnell says with a grain of salt. as pelosi said, vote no and
11:48 pm
take the dow. you've heard him talking to lawmakers and connecticut about, hey, you're about to get a lot of money! i didn't vote for it, but you're going to get money. suspended. he wants investments and kentucky. i think tim is right. and you are right. he's not going to lose a seat over this. but there are other senators who could be facing a challenge if they were not to be able to deliver something like this, a single legislative bill that they support in their own states. >> can a republican sell this by saying we do this for you, our constituents, but we held them off on the egregious spending, the way they see it, of the second bill. >> you could see some of that. again, in the key senate races not to get to in the weeds here, but wisconsin and pennsylvania is an open seat, as ron johnson will run in wisconsin to make bipartisan deals with democrats?
11:49 pm
that's not the ron johnson i've been watching. on an individual basis, might everyone or to republicans that make that case? absolutely. ten? ten is a lot. especially with where the party is right now, and the pressure they will be getting from conservative media not to give biden a win. i think that's where the fight is going forward. >> surely you know right now that nothing is really in the weeds for the smartest audience watching cable news. i think we're good. we are good. tim miller, juanita tolliver, thank you. coming, up new developments on why the fastest woman in america won't be competing in the tokyo olympics. when the 11th hour continues.
11:50 pm
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11:52 pm
>> a pretty stunning decision to tell you about tonight. america's fastest women track and field star sha'carri
11:53 pm
richardson won't be at the tequila picks. 17 days away after testing positive for marijuana and accepting a month long suspension, she was still eligible to be named to the relay team. thomas now on why richardson is the latest marquee athlete who won't be on team usa. >> here comes sha'carri? >> it's official, the fastest woman in america, sha'carri richardson will not be competing in any events at the tokyo olympics. tonight, usa track and field announcing she will not run the relay. her last chance to make the team. richardson earned a ticket to tokyo that dramatic victory in the women's 100 meter at the u.s. olympic trials. >> i want the world to know that i am that girl. >> but following that jubilation, the 21 year-old tested positive for marijuana, a bad substance. >> i know what i'm supposed to
11:54 pm
do. i know what i'm allowed not to do and i still made that decision. >> richardson was suspended for a month and disqualified from running the 100 meter at the olympics. her suspension and before the relay, more than half 1 million people signed an online petition to let sha'carri run. tonight usa track and field saying they support reevaluating the role surrounding marijuana use, but quote while our heartfelt understanding lies with sha'carri, we must also maintain fairness for all of the athletes. as tokyo puts the final touches on the olympics, this news no doubt is going to disappoint fans. but richardson for her part says is not the end of her career she's about to come back stronger promising to be a real champion next year. from tokyo i'm thomas, back to you. >> thanks for that. coming up, summing up the drum of the world saw take place on capitol hill six months ago tonight. when the 11th hour continues.
11:55 pm
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tonight, we want to take you back to exactly six months ago tonight, after a day of unimaginable riding in violence at the u.s. capital. chaplain, closed out the certification with a prayer. here is a portion of what he had to say. >> we deplore the desecration
11:59 pm
of the united states capitol building, the shedding of innocent blood, the loss of life and the quagmire of dysfunction that threatened our democracy. these tragedies have reminded us that words matter, and that the power of life and death is in the tongue. >> amen to that. that is our broadcast for this tuesday night, with our thanks for being with us on behalf of all my colleagues at the networks of nbc news, goodnight. >> tonight on all in.
12:00 am
>> we will march the capital building and call on congress to stop the steal. we are hoping patriots like you will join us to continue the fight to protect the integrity of our elections. >> six months later what we're learning about the institutional accomplices to the trump insurrection, the tread that kept them up at night and why so many americans are not letting go of the big lie. then, how a climate denying billionaire is about to do the weather forecasts what news outlets have done to democracy. >> we should approach climate change would skepticism. climate change has been here as long as the planet has been here. >> the absolute outrage at their decision to stop sha'carri richardson from wanting in the olympics because of marijuana use, all in starts right now. all in start right now. >> good evening from new york i'm chris hayes. just over six months ago on


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