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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  July 6, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. . thank you so much for letting us logged into your home during this extraordinary time. "the beat" with our good friend jason johnson in formelber. >> thank you so much, i am jason johnson. new evidence on the mob/rioters stampeded into the capitol in an
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effort to stop joe biden becoming president. the stunning video right here. >> reporter: proud boys started fighting the police and other in the mob pushed through the line. over several minutes of the brutal fights at these steps. >> as of tonight, only one rioter had been sentenced. though she avoided jail time. more than two dozens pleaded guilty and more than 500 arrested. fbi still is hunting for more medium. awarding of some we are about to show you contain bright, flashing lights.
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disorienting strobe lights, that's real. "the washington post" reporting nearly 700 republicans filing paper work to run next year, at least a third have embraced trump's false claims about his defeat. here is what they sound like on the campaign trail. >> elections are the most sacred part of american democracy. >> i would like to talk to you about a project we have been working on at the capitol, called the arizona ballot integrity project. >> republicans soaking distrust and we are seeing the fall-out in realtime. white supremacists marched in
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philadelphia. at one point setting off a smoke grenade. >> they started engaging with citizens of philadelphia who are not too happy of some of the things they were saying. these males felt frighten and at some point somebody threw a smoke bomb to cover their retreat and they ran away from the people of philadelphia. >> they felt threaten. six months after the capitol attack, the nation is grappling with election lies and the republican party unwilling to do much about either. joining me now is congressman ted lu and cornel belcher and christina greer. >> congressman lu, i want to start with you, i want people to remember six months ago we were this close, you were there and
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can you remind us again and anybody out there how dangerous and frightening things were for our entire way of life just six months ago. >> thank you, jason for your question. six months ago, the forever impeached president incited an insurrection. 140 something officers injured, some severely and many lost their lives. what we have is a committee that's going to investigate what led up to january 6th and what occurred and the consequences of january 6th so this never happens again. >> and, here is the thing, just because the committee has put together and that won't stop some of these violent insurrection and they don't care about the law. what do you see happening within the congress? what has to happen within congress to also tamp down the
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irresponsible members who stoke these? >> republican leaders will simply say one truthful sentence, the election was not stolen. because they're unwilling to say the simple truthful sentence, you had people believing in the conspiracy theory that the former president isgoing to become president again in august. you have a radical right republican party that's becoming completely insane right before our eyes. >> you know you ain't got to lie about mitch mcconnell. we all know who won the election. republicans are not letting it go. cornell, this is something equally disturbing. we see republicans running across the country as secretary of state. they are seeking secretaries of state positions in the hopes of
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overturning any election next year. i am an academic and you are a pollster, we get beat up with our predictions from time to time. what does it mean that we can have an election. we already saw what happened to brian kemp two years ago. what does it mean that we have a whole bunch of corrupt elections? does that mean all pollings are out the window? >> it means our democracy ends. every american and look congress and hats off to congressman lieu and what they are doing. it is enhancing millions of americans who don't believe the lie and are far worried about paying their kids' tuition and
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struggling with healthcare costs and infrastructure than donald trump being in power. also understand, my friend, this idea of this election being stolen, it does make sense to them within their framework because their country is being stolen. this goes back to and you and i had this conversation before. this goes back with the tea party where we have to take this country back. we have triablism on the rise where people think their country is taken by the political empowerment of people who look like your panel right now. that's not sitting well with them. jason, they are not giving up power nice and easy as you see them marching through the streets of philadelphia. quite frankly this will get work as we inch closer to minority
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minority/majority in this country before we get better. >> you got to be bold in philadelphia. that's part of what's dangerous when these white nationalists decide they want to try to march in the city. the way in which republicans in the far right and white nationals are trying to whitewash what happened six months ago. i am amazed by these republicans who can try to sugarcoat the insurrection and celebrate 4th of july over the weekend. can you explain this to me? >> you can't have mitch mcconnell on the floor of the senate saying this is donald trump and he knew what he was doing and fast forward six months he says oh, i don't know what we are talking about. that did not exist. so this amnesia, this selected
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amnesia that republicans choose to have, it is something that happened january 6th, 2021 is a larger narrative. i may backup a little bit thinking of ronald reagan declaring he may run for presidency. we keep on changing the definition what it is. and fast forward to 2010 and then 2016, this is part of a larger republican project that they had been doing to whitewash and i refuse to use the term majority/minority, we are now soon to be a majority of the united states and that's where this hang anxiety and the violence comes from. and not just from january 6th. we see it now for years and
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years, not just black americans or immigrants or asian-americans, we are seeing with our native brothers and sisters as well. it is part of a larger conversation that so many republicans fundamentally refused to have and acknowledge. >> i love the deep cut of going back to philadelphia and mississippi. we also can't ignore there was one little gap that you mentioned there when you jump from the 80s, the black guy that got elected president in 2008. that ratcheted up this sudden question of our integrity of the election. that's one of the things that come into play. dr. greer, we are look at the possibility of people literally running for office with the intention of overthrowing the government, is there anything that we can actually do. you can't change the criteria under which somebody runs for office. if 30% of the republican party running saying i am going to
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make sure once i get into office, making sure black, brown and tan people can't vote. what are the options? >> one of the great things that happened with trump presidency is that so many americans learned the various levels of governments. democracy is not something we put on the wall and admire it and walk away. we have to be active and participate in on a daily basis. if they are contributing $5 or getting involved in local level politics to make sure they actually cut people off in the pipeline, the big lie. and really supporting candidate that fundamentally want to work on the democratic republic, that's a positive that could come out of this. so many people inspired to run or support quality members of not just congress but local level to make sure they get in
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and on behalf of truth and democracy and not the big lie. >> no problem with the honking horns or the fireworks in la stopped about 10 minutes ago so we are good. >> ted lieu, one of the other concerns that i have and eventhough as dr. greer mentioned and had been going on for a long time. this sort of pride, i want to play this clip from mitch mcconnell and get your thoughts on the other side. >> well, it passed on a vote. not a single member of my party voted for it. you are going to get a lot more money, i didn't vote for it, you are going to get a lot more money. >> so, covid relief act passes and all sorts of things with no republican support and yet they bragged and they're throwing out the money they gotten through
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the political efforts of democrats. first off, congressman, what's your immediate response to this to seeing this video and second, how do we move past this? if you have one party that simply sits and let the other side vote and pass legislations that all constituents are going to benefit from. >> hypocrisy by the radical right. i know leader mcconnell and republicans did give people a lot of money, just that those folks were corporate folks and 1% of our nation so it is not as if republicans didn't do the same thing. they just chose to give it to top 1% of our country. democrats are benefiting at a 99%. what we see is the american democratic plan is being affected. at the end of the day americans will see their life is better
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now than it was under donald trump and the republican control. >> cornell, thinking of americans say okay, our lives are better now. how have the numbers changed in the six months. we have seen biden's number getting little better. what are some of the big trends we have seen and polling that have changed in the six months since we came this close to losing american democracy. >> that's a really good question. one of the big trends you are seeing and this may not seem like a big deal but it is. the direction of the country is improving. people are being optimistic of how things are going in the direction of the country. underlying the idea that is not our country is -- women voters,
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they are anxious of what the future means for them and their kids if the country keeps moving in this direction with all this division. i have got to double down on this ideal of what we must do because i am scared. we got to double down with the ideal of getting more of those suburban moms get in the racism game. what i mean by that is it is too easy historically for our white brothers and sisters in the suburbs to say oh, that's their problem. that's not something we have to worry about. what's happening in our country right now, they have to understand that they have skin if the game and it is not okay to let mitch mcconnell or republicans to keep on getting away with this. if you do, democracy ends, right? the moment, jason, they overturn one of these elections -- everything goes up in smoke. our democracy must end. i know it sounds terrible and
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frightening. middle america must be afraid and terrify of what's going to happen in this country if they keep along this slippery slope. that's the only way it is going to stop. >> i keep on saying that the president need to go to the suburbs and say look, when you want to take hunter and tanner to school, you don't want to wait in line six and a half hours. thank you so much, congressman lieu and cornell belcher and dr. greer, thank you so much for starting off our show. plus, the surprising insights from donald trump's niece about who in the family may flip in this discover. the news in the push for teaching the truth of race in american history especially parents like joy reid, coming right up. joy reid, coming right up that one! and the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier.
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hanna jones is taking her talent to howard university.
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i can say that, hu. she was appointed to a prestigious post in a journalist school but denied tenure for the position which forwarded for that protection. why? >> curriculum that teaches their kids to hate their country. >> critical theory is very real. it is very influential. it appears to become the animating ideology of this administration. that's caused for great concern. >> joe biden wants to spend your money on critical race theory lessons for a country that's already distressed students. the critical left in perpetuating this myth that america is fundamentally racist country. >> that's a small portion of over 1300 mentions of critical
3:22 pm
race theory on fox alone. gaetz suggested the pentagon effort to fight criticism within the military making our arm forces too woke. desantis banning - there is evidence that critical race theory is being taught in k through 12 as it was introduced at the graduate school level. conservatives stretched the term critical race theory to represent any discussions in schools. today the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell, is going after nicole jones and the
3:23 pm
1619 project. >> we should be strengthening the teaching of american history and civic in our school, utterly debunk propaganda to divide us, teaches kids the color of our skin defines it. the federal of the government should protect their dollars from being used to promote the 1619 project and critical race theory. >> it is one thing to debate scholarly findings. this is a whole political war to attack black scholars. hannah jones will be held to an institution where she's protected and she will have full tenure at howard university. my next guest is joy reid joins me in just 30 seconds. eid joins me in just 30 seconds. for mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble.
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we are back with joy reid, host of msnbc. and coming up next hour, she will sit down with nicole hannah jones, she talks to the biggest braves that we can imagine. it is great to have you here. it is going to be the conversation that we'll be having. i want to you to understand how real this is about to be. >> pretty much. >> i want to ask you someone who has taught at howard university and who knows how those students are like, talk about the significance of nicole hanna jones going over to the university. what does it mean to the institution and the students? >> she talks about it in her statement which everyone should read. we all come up, and you teach at
3:26 pm
msnbc, you know this, too. being achieving the highest is go to yale and stanford. the people like dr. king, it is abcu that produced the minds that broke segregation. i think we need to retrain our thinking about what it means to be any elite schools. i love the fact that of the two most elite minds in america are going to be at howard university together means that, that school is now $15 million. >> yes. >> and more coming -- to be able to educate. i taught some of the brightest and interesting and the most challenging students i ever dealt with. these young people deserve to have the absolutely best in
3:27 pm
terms of instructors and they're about to get it. >> i agree with you. i am a unt chapel hill alum. i recently got my doctor, i also talk about what it means when it comes to as you mentioned, clips with pwi, my alma mater, they're taking on this. they just lost nicole hanna jones, do you think this is a lesson that predominantly white colleges recognize that you can't engage in these hostility without taking a hit in your public relations or do you think it is going to ostricize it? >> well, i think they my think it is a victory until elite high school seniors start rethinking -- if i am coming up and i have an interest in journalism or history or learning about this country and
3:28 pm
then learning to speak about it and becoming a public intellectual, i am now putting howard much higher on any list than unc, they're going to start to lose recruits. all their other programs get weaker and faculty besides nicole hanna jones -- you know what i don't want to teach at this school. they're trying to humiliate here and making this brilliant woman, make her humiliated, you can only teach with no academic freedom or safety in terms of your job security. you may see a lot of people walk away. i hope that's what happens. i feel bad for the students and a lot of students are going to miss out. this is a lesson the university has to learn. i hope they'll lose a lot of money, too. >> i don't think they'll learn their lesson until a number one
3:29 pm
basketball elite comes out -- >> these schools only care about money. the right is in this war to suppress information. >> right. >> they're so terrified that americans can't handle the truth about the founders. no kidding. these people were doing fine from 16, 19 on until the 18th century, what changed? well, they made a lot of money. they were enjoying the fruits of their labor and didn't want to share it with the king. this is not going to crush too many americans that did not have enough security to understand that people can be a villainness and do things that are great. the republican party is not mature enough to hold those two ideas ahead so they are panicking. black people, we are not interested in the bs any longer. >> right. >> we are not going to take your
3:30 pm
sing-songing storybook history. we want the truths. a lot of young folks are saying give us the truth, stop treating us as if we are not enough to handle it. >> i read nicole hanna jones -- she said my commit to you have not waivered. i will continue to do as i have in the past as an alum of the school and not the faculty, i hope you will consider howard or another hbcu if you ever seek a new educational home. whatever you do, i know you will continue to fight for justice. that's her moment by saying if you are tieing people up all people in your video, come to an hbcu. >> if she starts to get faculty
3:31 pm
to start coming to howard, let's be clear, howard university just pulled a coup, this is january 6th, that one failed, this one succeeded. howard university right now, they can atrack top academic talents in terms of students and faculty. if people start saying you know where i want to be is where nicole hanna jones and coates are, other hbcu are going to start to compete. you created a marketplace at hbcus that have not been this hot since the 1950s. i am excited to see whether or not that mark place produces incredible financial and academic results for howard and for other hbcus, sorry unt, you dropped the bag. >> joy reid, thank you so much.
3:32 pm
>> coming up on the next hour on "the reid out," keep it right here on msnbc, you won't want to miss it. >> also, a new development on someone cooperating in the matt gaetz sex criminal probe. first, more indictments are coming up as trump admits to the crimes and public, mary, the niece says ivanka will flip on her father. next on "the beat" live. father next on "the beat" live. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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now the ongoing trump organization probe and new details from the indictment. "the washington post" reporting, spread sheets kept by the trump organization, proved a road map for prosecutors. like his kids, trump himself can't keep his mouth shut. he admits the crime in public and down play the criminal charges. >> they go after good hardworking people for not paying tactics for their company car. you didn't pay taxes in the c or a company's apartment.
3:37 pm
you didn't pay tax or education for your grandchildren. i don't even know -- do you have to -- anybody know the answer to that stuff? okay. they indict people for that. >> this is my confession, does anybody know the answer to that? off the books schemes are illegal. prosecutors are still pressuring allen weisselberg to start talking. now, mary trump is out with a stunning claim about who may flip first. >> there will be other people who may be more willing to flip than allen, i think among those who may be my cousin. >> oh, interesting. like the trump's kids? >> ivanka also received, i don't know the amount -- hundreds of thousands of dollars, consulting fees. that's not a thing. you are either an employee or
3:38 pm
not. i think we'll find a lot more of those kinds of things. she's much less likely to stay loyal than allen weisselberg. >> joining me now is general neal katya. i have to start with this. this ideal of ivanka could be the first family member may flip. i want to start a clip here. >> he's our dad but he was going to send me to jail, he would do the same to all of us. >> are you proud of this family or not? >> you would let me take over? >> i like "succession." i can imagine this is the conversation withen the family right now, right? if some of donald trump's children are thinking i could
3:39 pm
flip on my dad or at least i can slip some information that may cut me a better deal, do you think that's likely and if so, what are the kinds of things they would have to offer that would potentially get their father in trouble, the former disgraced two times impeached president but not put them in the hot seat. >> at first i have to say, thank you that segment with joy, it is an extraordinary conversation you had on an extraordinary day for howard, you captured and enjoyed it so well, i can't thank enough for that. >> thank you. >> look, i guess two minds of this. first donald trump raised his kids to put themselves first and so we may see ivanka reminding trump of his own favorite advice, it is nothing personal, it is just business. that's one side of it.
3:40 pm
the other is, serious as a whole allegation is, everyone does it and so on. do people not pay taxes on fringe benefits? yeah, sometimes. and keeping celebrate books? no way. if listeners are going to look at one thing is this piece, dan shiviro, he read the indictment and he says this is not a fringe benefit case. it is fraud. plain and simple. he says it is two sets of books and anyone does this would be indicted at the state and the federal level. for him it is kind of like we are at the election night stage of the investigation. he's taking a victory lap of the same reason he did on november
3:41 pm
4th because he knows the next results are not going to be so kind for him. that's with or without ivanka and weisselberg and all the others. >> just for the laymen out there. if your organizations are keeping two sets of books, the only reason you are doing that is because you are not paying taxes or you are using the money in some way you have not publicly stated. that makes sense to me and anybody who seen three episodes of "law & order." how can the trump organization be so stupid or lazy as to have it so where it could be found? was this a result of very serious investigation or somebody on the inside flipping? >> jason, are you really confused? really? donald trump thinks he's above the law. he's not smart as a mafia, they
3:42 pm
run the thing like a mafia except the competence that they have. it is disrespectful the mob basically. it is not surprising that you see two sets of books like this and all the shenanigans. i think the hard thing now is we see the state moves against the trump organization and against allen weisselberg, the cfo. the question i have and it is teed up nicely is what is the u.s. justice department and the irs going to do. shiviro says look, if this is any other time, when this happens at the federal level, we prosecute. i want to make sure trump gets the same rule book. i just want him to get the same rule back as every other american and the idea that oh, it is only a million dollars and that's nothing to the trump and weisselberg of the world. well, it sure is to every american. i think this got to be looked at by the justice
3:43 pm
department. quickly i want to get to the matt gaetz probe. joel greenberg just asked his sentencing to be delayed. it will not be completed prior to the current date. what does it mean? what does it mean that he's asking for his sentence to be delayed. does that mean he's trying to come up more deals, how much trouble could this mean for congressman gaetz? >> i think it means that mr. greenberg seems to be an excellent wing man for a certain kind of date, at least, court date. if i am matt gaetz at this point, i am feeling worried. this guy written a confession and now he wants more time to tell a story. this is the way the investigation begins. they start with a lower level
3:44 pm
person and flip to a higher level person. it was the same thing we were talking about the ivanka and all the other people. it is the same strategy used in many different law enforcement investigations. this time is working out and looks like against gaetz and others in the trump organization as well. this is the way criminal investigations begin and end. >> this is the way. neil katyal, thank you so much. not only giving us the background but telling us where it could go. you can find more of neil on "opening arguments." ahead, tucker carlson lying about the vaccine, i will talk to an expert about the fact and the variant, and biden's push to get more shots in arms. ush to get more shots in arms start 'em young. let them fail.
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president biden is urging americans to get vavaccinated. fox news is coming out an opt-ed with lies. "the unnecessary deaths of many americans by disparaging -- >> we are going to air some of this for context to show you what is being said as the country tries to fight off the virus. >> why should i get vaccinated? >> you can travel freely if you take a couple of shots in the arm, am i the only one who sees a giant problem with that premise? >> i am telling my friends i am taking the vaccine, they think i
3:50 pm
am absolutely nuts. >> since covid, bill gates gaining extraordinary power on what you can and can't do with your body. >> the it protects 64% of people against delta and down 3 mercedes. still 94 mercedes still 94 3%. still 94% effective preventing illness. president biden plans to vaccine, pushing the message, getting vaccinated is patriotic >> if you're vaccinated you're protected. if you're unvaccinated you're not. and you're putting yourself, more importantly maybe from your perspective, your family and
3:51 pm
friends at risk. so please get vaccinated now. it works. for your neighborhood. for your country. it sounds corny but it's a patriotic thing to do. >> joining us now epidemic yolgist and senior fellow american scientists. first i want to say i've been follow you on twitter for a year, you're one of the best most informed follows because you stick to the numbers. first, i want to ask this, we just had a huge holiday weekend, people travelled. many states no longer have mask mandates. given this new delta variant, should we expect to see another rise in covid cases over these coming days after people are getting together for the weekend, if we don't, does that mean we've moved past the danger point and possibly into a safer future. >> thanks for having me, thanks for following me for the past year. what i'm trying to say is delta
3:52 pm
variant is like no other variant. we're in act two of the pandemic. this is not the same pandemic that we had last year. delta variant is faster, it is the most contagious variant known to date. it is more severe. it leads to four to five times greater risk of hospitalization and you really need two doses. fauci and biden said we really need two doses. and problem is the surge is happening in missouri hospitals are opening another icu covid ward and sending patients to other states like kansas. the surge in delta is already here. just today the cdc announced the delta variant is now 51% of all covid strains. it is now dominant in the united states and is only going to get
3:53 pm
worse. >> doctor, the cdc also announced today that, you know, not only with have this new delta variant coming through but obviously it seems to be breaking through slightly better with pfizer than some of the other vaccines. i want to clear this up. this sort of thing can lead to vaccine hesitancy, people say they don't want to, is there a real difference in one vaccine than another. it's not crazy for people to think about. if you still haven't got vaccinated would you say it doesn't matter if you get pfizer, moderna or johnson & johnson or are they all equally safe protecting someone against the delta variant. >> we don't have enough data on johnson & johnson, we don't have real efficacy data. best data is on pfizer and astrazeneca vaccine which we don't have in the u.s. but pfizer and moderna are both really good vaccines and the vaccines show protecting you from hospitalization is 93 to 94%.
3:54 pm
that is great. that is not as high as 98%, 99% against hospitalization that we used to have. and israel saw that drop from 98 to 93 within one month of the delta variant a rising, for hospitalization protechnology. and -- protechnology. protechnoy protection. efficacy is now 64 to 75% against delta variant. still good for infection. that also means the virus will still -- you can still be a carrier for the virus even if you're vaccinated. this is part of why w joe and cdc are knocking against each other. w joe said you need to wear mask if vaccinated and cdc saying you don't. i think that cdc is making a mistake because half of the country is not vaccinated, the other half that is only 64 to 75% efficacy against the delta variant. you're still carrying it along. please, everyone, take
3:55 pm
precaution, double vaccinate. realize delta variant is dangerous and it's rising and will only get worse for the under-vaccinated states. >> doctor eric figeldean thank you very much. very important. ahead. president biden move president biden move s in the prf deferring them, paying them... then i discovered sofi. completely changed my life. lower interest rate. my principal is going down. sofi is a place where you can start to tackle those money goals today. compared to where i was three years ago, i'm kinda killing it. ♪♪
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. reverend sharpton delivering a powerful message for member or service for 17-year-old who was a white teen shot and kill in a traffic shop and reverend sharpton talked about getting the news. >> he said, he was a white, young man, i said, well then we must go. because the issue of policing is not about black and white.
4:00 pm
we don't just come for one race. [ cheers and applause ] >> britain was shot three times by a sheriff's deputy who was fired because he didn't turn on his body camera until after the shooting. state police are now investigating. that does it for me. the read out with joy reid is up next. hey, joy. >> thank you for highlighting that, rev is the real one since the 80s since he was a kid really, really. good evening. six months since far right supremacists stormed the capital some are down right proud of their role as they continue to spread the big lie. look at these lawyers in a court filing that brooks believes the 2020 electionser


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