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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  July 6, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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more bodies recovered in suvgside, florida, as crews recover them before elsa. plus, concern over how far vaccination rates have fallen. what will the president say when he makes another pitch for americans to get vaccinated? today marks six months since the attack on the u.s. capitol. the question is how does law enforcement doing when it comes to bringing those involved to justice? it's "way too early" for this.
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good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that will never forget what happened on january 6th. i am kasie hunt on this tuesday, july 6th. officials knocked down the rest of the partially collapsed condo. >> we're able to report that the search-and-rescue team has been able to search all sections of the grid on the collapse following the building demolition. now that the entire area is safe to search. and so the teams have now removed over 4.8 million pounds of concrete from the pile. >> four more bodies were found raising the number of those killed to 28. 117 remain unaccounted for nearly two weeks after half of the champlain towers collapsed in the middle of the night. search efforts were hampered throughout the day as
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thunderstorms and strong winds hit the area as tropical storm elsa approaches the state. joininging us now, vaughn hillyard. thank you for being with us so early this morning. i know you're putting in really long days down there. while we noel say is likely to basically miss surfside, it still is really impacting the search efforts. what's the latest there, and what's the impact? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, kasie. you could see yesterday afternoon the impacts of the outer bands of tropical storm elsa. it was about 4:00 yesterday afternoon when the clouds came overhead and wind gusts picked up here and then downpour, torrential rain. but we're expecting with that forecast the rain to begin coming down here within this next hour and to sustain well into the future here over these coming days. but when you look at the video, you can see what these crews were up against.
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the threshold they're working off is 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts that would lead them to pause their rescue mission. that took place to our understanding yesterday afternoon, even, at least two times. this is an effort that's now at 100% capacity. they now have full access to every part of the grid of those buildings, both the billing that collapsed and the one that was demolished here. you said that number is up to 28. 117 unaccounted for. to a big extent, to what extent are they hampered here? the other weather condition that could impact this could be lightning, thunderstorms. we saw that a couple of days after the collapse. crews had to stop for periods of time, and that is the big concern here over these next two days as the crews continue this rescue mission. >> so, vaughn, what's their estimate of how quickly they'll
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be able to find the rest of those people who are missing or at the very least to say they think they've done the best they can? >> reporter: kasie, what we have heard from officials, that is the best we can relate to the public here is that they have said they're now able to operate in an accelerated rate because the big concern, especially the one part of the building they said they had previously not been able to practice because it was helping to hold up that existing structure. they say they're now able to access all of those areas. they're able to effectively tunnel underneath the rubble sites. they were worried they were initially disrupting the rubble holding up the existing building. there is no timeline other than it's going to take a long time. again, 28 have been recovered. 117 remain to be unaccounted for. this is going to be a long haul. officials continue to insist they are also calling this a rescue effort. they say they're not going to be
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the ones to extinguish that hope for family members who are still hoping to find loved ones. it 1350es days after the collapse, kasie. >> still a difficult time for families already hurting so much. nbc's vaughn hillyard. as we mentioned, tropical storm elsa is churning over florida and it's hit the florida straits. it's expected to hit the keys before turning inland tomorrow. elsa pummeled cuba. the storm has claimed three lives after hitting the caribbean islands over the weekend. let's go to meteorologist bill karins for a check on the forecast there. bill, this first pretty early in the season, but here we are. what's the latest on elsa? >> elsa's going to be affecting the florida peninsula, especially the west coast, kasie over the next 24 to 36 hours. it has a slight chance of becoming a hurricane once again. the path it's going to take is a
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worst-case scenario with the florida west coast with storm surge. this isn't a huge hurricane, but even for a tropical storm, it's going to have significant impact. we just got the new information in from the national hurricane center. with very tropical storm warnings that go all the way from the west coast to the florida keyes, naples, sarasota, tampa bay area, all the way toward cedar key, and the newest information, they have 60-mile-an-hour winds. that's the maximum sustained. you notice that miami has had a couple of showers, not much going on. this is a small storm. it's not a huge storm. so the rain shield will not affect all of the florida peninsula. there will be rain squalls, but as far as the rain squalls will go, that's over key west. that will move toward the everglades and ft. myers and this afternoon and evening toward tampa. here's the new hurricane path.
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notice the center line goes parallel. that will allow the water to pile up in the bays all on the west coast everywhere from cedar key southward. that's why the storm surge is the biggest concern right now for the west coast of florida. even winds at 70 miles per hour, did minimal damage in florida. obviously they're very storm tested over the past couple of years and decades, everything's built to withstand winds like that. there's still water surge you worry about. it will go up through the carolinas, the southeast coast, the mid-atlantic coast by the time we get to thursday and friday. there will be squally weather toward the eastern seaboard over the next couple of days. but the biggest concern is that storm surge. we'll watch that water piling up this morning, areas of the keys not horrible. you won't see any damage from that. then 2 to 4 feet this afternoon, evening, heading toward naples, and tonight and tomorrow morning, if we get any damage from water, it would be the 3 to
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5 foot of water that's possible. the high tide is an additional one foot. that's not going to cause too much additional problems. peak winds, we're not expecting a lot of huge issues with the winds. possibility of 40, 50, 60-mile-an-hour winds. you'll see gas station awnings and small stuff like. obviously if you don't bring stuff inside like lawn furniture, that could blow around. that's the worst of it. we have heat advisories for about 29 million people in the northeast and we'll see strong thunderstorms in florida today with the squalls coming through and also into the northeast. so we'll keep that in mind, kasie, for all of our people and friends traveling through the airport. as far as elsa goes, it's not going to be devastating. the storms can be sneaky, and we want everyone to be safe. >> thanks for the update, bill. everybody be careful. thanks everyone, let's go now to the coronavirus f after falling
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short of his july 4th vaccination goal, president biden will deliver remarks on the u.s. response to get covid under control and to push to get more americans vaccinated. figures according to the cdc shows the u.s. is averaging less than 300,000 doses of the first dose daily. compare that to april. right now 67% of u.s. adults have received at least one shot and the biden administration is moving to boost that number. nbc's correspondent nancy -- kelly e don't has more. >> for states lag the nation. mississippi ranks last. denise taylor who coached college basketball and in the wnba is trying to change that. >> i am coaching. i'm coaching on a different court. >> reporter: taylor is going one on one each day to make her pitch relatable. >> what i found is i put myself
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in their shoes and then i let them know, you know what? i was hesitant too. >> reporter: among those not yet vaccinated around the country, some say they will not be persuaded. >> i told them i'll take my vaccine on the way to the cemetery in about 15 to 20 years. >> reporter: as the president and first lady promote the vaccine as safe, free, and readily available, the white house touts progress while still short of its own goal of 70% of adults with at least one shot. >> our thanks to nbc's kelly o'donnell for that report. meanwhile as the delta variant continues to surge in the uk, prime minister boris johnson announced yesterday they'll lift face masks and social distancing. he acknowledged that lifting the restrictions are going to drive covid cases even higher.
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scientists have urged caution saying ditching masks and social distancing altogether would be dangerous. johnson said a final decision would come on july 12th. also in the uk, the duchess of cambridge is self-isolating at coming into contact with a person who tested positive for covid-19. she's not experiencing any symptoms, but she's following government guidelines by staying home for 10 days. she attended a golf match and soccer match. she was tested before each one. she has not disclose wrid she may have been exposed to the virus. closer to home after nearly 16 months, pandemic travel restrictions between canada and the u.s. began to loosen yesterday. now canadian citizens can skip a 14-day quarantine. eligible air travelers no longer have to spend three days in the country at a government-approved
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hotel. the barring of trips will remain inplace until at least jewel 21st. campaigns are gearing up for the 2022 midterms but republican campaigns are increasingly focused on the last election. we'll explain that next. plus, it's been six months since the capitol insurrection, and the justice department is still searching for rioters involves in the attack. we're going to have much more when we come back. much more when we come back.
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see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. anderson. caufield to the net. he scores! >> tampa bay can put away the broom. montreal avoids a stanley cup sweep with with a 3-2 victory
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thanks to a pier of goals scored by josh anderson including the overtime winner. the best of seven series shifts back to tampa for game five tomorrow night. meanwhile we're learning more about what authorities call a tragic accident at a michigan home on fourth of july that claimed the life of columbus blue jackets goalie dice. the firework tilted slightly and started to fire toward people on friday night. he was in a nearby hot tub and tried to get clear when he was struck. responders took about five minutes to respond to the scene after receiving a 911 call. he was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. he was believed to have slipped and hit his head on concrete
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while run from the mortar. they had a moment of silence before last night's game last night. so sad. it's the last time we'll see men's and women's singles at the same time. roger federer playing in his last grand slam before turning 40. he has a record-extending 18th quarterfinal at the tournament. meanwhile world number one novak djokovic answer advances making it in 12 straight sets while continuing his pursuit of a calendar year grand slachlt djokovic needs to win three more matches to equal the men's record currently shared by federer and rafael nadal. other on the women's side, 17-year-old coco gauff's run has ended. she lost to angelique kerber.
2:18 am
a day after ohtani pulled a double. he will hit and pitch in next week's game at colorado's coors field. the only remaining questions about are the logistics of ohtani's midsummer classic. wow. >> and finally in miami, dodger slugger albert pujols adds another accolade to his hall-of-fame resume with a single in the eighth inning. pujols now just the fourth player in major league history to reach 6,000 career total bases, joining greats hank aaron, stan muse yeo, and willie mays, but it's not enough to end the dodgers winning streak with a 5-4 victory last night. still ahead here, we are
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carbon capture and even nuclear fusion. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it. welcome back. the vatican announced yesterday pope francis was in good overall condition after he underwent a three-hour surgery to remove half of his colon. the operation had been planned in advance. the "associated press" reports the pope needed the procedure because of a nay rowing of the large portion of his intestines that doctors say can be quite painful. he's expected to be in the hospital for about seven days. now this. r evil is now demanding $70 million to unlock the thousands of businesses affecting by the hack. the hacking group best known for extorting $11 millimeter from
2:23 am
the meat processors jds posted a demand associated with the group. it wants the funds in bitcoin and says if it receives the money it will publish a decrypter key to unlock the files. a firm was the target of the attack. president biden said over the weekend the u.s. would respond if it finds the kremlin was at all involved in the tack. across the country many medics who served in the military are struggling to find work in the medical field as civilians. aaron gilchrist has more on why and what's being done to change it. >> reporter: he spent 11 years trained as a hospital corpsmen working on the front lines assisting with surgeries and mass casualties. >> hey, we have 20 people coming in, find someone to take care of them.
2:24 am
>> reporter: he volunteered as a covid field nurse at a hospital in new york. >> once it was over because the mission had finished, i applied for an e.r. job and was told i doesn't qualify. >> did anyone ask about your work? >> a lot of people said, hey, this is an impressive resume, but you don't have the right certifications. >> reporter: his problem is not unique. >> at a time of great need for great health care worker, we're turning away some of the most qualified workers. >> reporter: only a handful of states have clear pathways from military health care to military health care. >> you're confronted with these bewildering regulations and a lot of times these folks give up and find other careers which is a real shame. >> reporter: the mill heir has found a way to address this problem. now they come to one place where they learn, train, and they're able to take the skills and certifications into the civilian
2:25 am
world. >> reporter: this is the dean of academics at the defense department's medical training campus. >> over time we realized that it's better if we can provide each individual soldier, sailor, and airman with something they can take out to the civilian community once they have finished serving their country and the military. >> reporter: the military provides the certificates. >> they at least have a pathway using one of these bridge programs. >> reporter: the military shifting to help veterans help more people here at home. >> our thanks to nbc's aaron gilchrist for that report. still ahead t latest on infrastructure negotiations between the white house and conservative policy experts about a second bipartisan package. plus, before we go to break, we want to know as always, why are you up?
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm kasie hunt. republicans are preparing for the upcoming election by focusing on the last election. they're endorsing the big lie that former president trump won
2:30 am
the last election. the "washington post" reports that of the nearly 700 republicans who filed initial paperwork with the federal election commission to run next year for the u.s. senate or house of representatives, at least one third have embraced trump's false claims. some are voting not to certify biden's election win on january 6th. election officials who spoke out like liz cheney and georgia secretary of state brad rat liz berger have become key challengers. today marks six months since the devastating attack on the u.s. capitol. while 500 have been arrested, the fbi is working to identify more including whoever's responsible for placing pipe bombs outside the offices. as the a.p. points out, officials made few arrests on the day of the riot because they were focused on clearing the
2:31 am
capitol and protecting lawmakers, however, officials have gotten help from amateur detectives using crowd sourcing to identify rioters. more than two dozen have pleaded guilty so far. one woman received a sentence, though, she avoided jail time. the biden administration is revamping the way the u.s. is using punitive economic sanctions involving the planning process. they've shattered the process with an economywide sanctions against iran. the use of sanctions must be part of diplomatic efforts including cooperation from allies and purr situation. according to the journal they want to collaborate against sanction on china for human rights and russia. former trump officials are concerns relying on international consensus offer quality compromises that can undermine national security.
2:32 am
joining me now white house correspondent eugene daniels and also an msnbc contributor. thanks for getting up way too early and now we have to wear pants because we're in the studio. there are candidates who are concerned about what the former president is going to do. he wants the endorsement in the races, but the effect is that this is continuing be disseminated, repeated over and over again that frankly just divides us feather. >> in those photo races but also the local races and the state races, too, where they're having to repeat these lies by former president trump, and what you hear, what's really interesting because he's promised to be mucking it up in the primary over and over, picking candidates that will spread these lies, all of that good
2:33 am
stuff. but tom emmer who heads up the republican arm on the campaign for house republicans have told us at playbook month ts ago that he wouldn't find that helpful, so i would assume he wouldn't find it helpful the spreading of that exact same lie over and over, and they're worried about that. there are republicans. you talked to a lot of republicans on the hill who are worried about what this does to the country when you're spreading these lies to win something and some spread it and don't believe it. >> some is about money. they want to fund raise. this seems to generate small donor base. we saw how much money president trump raised, but how much damage does it potentially do? we talk often about who's going to take the house in 2022 i don't want to say a foregone conclusion, but history would say republicans are likely to pick up seats at redistricting. on tom of that, it's a tough road for democrats, but do you think republicans sacrifice for what the few swing voters are
2:34 am
left still have a significant impact especially in the suburban districts? >> no, absolutely. especially in those suburban districts. you get a trumpy, marjorie taylor greene in the primary, but if democrats get enough people to the ballot box, they're going to vote against the marjorie taylor greene character. you talk to republicans that work on the campaign side that they're a little bit concerns about. they talk to us about. they won't say it in front of cameras just yet, but they're worried about it. they know that those suburban districts are key for them as there's a realignment happening with those orders right now. >> let's talk for a second. we had that story about the bide ayn approach a to sanctions and it's an interesting strategy. it's a shift. republicans -- i can already hear them seizing on this and saying this is another example of the president's weakness. what's the white house's thinking on this change? >> yeah. one of the things they have
2:35 am
talks about over and over is america is back. what they mean by that is the way they use carrots and sticks and that is what they're looking at to do instead of just going to do sanctions on their own and that's something in the white house they have always believed. joe biden believed he was the foreign policy guy in the administration. and so that is how they view it because what they want to do is differentiate themselves from the trump administration as much as they possibly can that working with allies and ways to use the diplomatic things before hitting them with those sticks. >> it's clear this is an area where the president is personally involved, not that he's not personally involved but he particularly likes these types of issues. thanks so much for getting up early and being with us.
2:36 am
afghan military officials are speaking out after the u.s. left the bagram airfield and shut off the power and slipped out overnight. they left the biggest base in the country aft 20 years. before the afghan ar himy could take control the area was ransacked by liters when they saw the power was turned off. u.s. troops left behind thousands of vehicles but many were missing the keys. they also say the u.s. took the most powerful weapons with them and blew up the ammunition before leaving. one afghan soldier said in part, quote n one night they lost all the good will of 20 years. wow. still ahead, baby, we were born to ride. the totally different springsteen taking the reins as a head liner for team usa. "way too early" back in a moment. "way too early" back in a moment
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try boost today. welcome back. time now for something totally different. the boss's daughter is headed to tokyo. jessica springsteen, daughter of bruce, has been named an equestrian rider. now making her olympic debut as a member of the jumping squad. the 289-year-old began riding horses at 4 years old on their family farm in new jersey. she's ranked 27th in the world. good luck. meanwhile amazon ushers in a new era as jeff bezos officially steps down handing the reins over to andy rasy. he'll take over the role of executive chair, focusing on new projects like blue origin.
2:41 am
it comes weeks before he's set to launch into space alongside his brother. and two-four-day workweek trials in iceland have render ed, quote, overwhelming success. more than 2,500 across 100 workplaces took part in 200 backed trials in four years representing 1% of the working population. many had their work hours reduced to 35 hours from 40 hours with no loss of pay. it found teams were actually encouraged to work more efficiently. there was also an improvement in worker well being with perceived levels of stress and beenout falling in many cases. 86% is working fewer hoyer or a shorter workweek. still here, the second infrastructure package heads into the white house. 24 years ago the rover so
2:42 am
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welcome back. the "washington examiner" reports that senior white house officials are holding, quote, informal discussions with liberal and policy experts. the separate package could be an offshoot from the plan that addresses infrastructure including tax credit. senior advisers to the president as well as a handful of other economic aides are leading the discussions.
2:46 am
joining us now, the former chief of staff and seen your aide to the hillary clinton and joe biden campaigns, good to see you. thank you so much for being here. this is turning quickly into infrastructure year. at the beginning of the year they got a huge covid relief package done and the president has touted that as a major accomplishment, but since then there have been negotiations. i guess i'm curious, the stopping point for this was supposed to be memorial day. now we're past the fourth of july holiday and the administration doesn't have much to show for it necessarily. what's the end of the road here for you on these bipartisan talks? >> first you've got to take a step back and look at joe biden's career. he spent 35-plus years working with republicans. was during a time when democrats
2:47 am
and republicans worked. it's passing with democrats. i think the big questions for joe biden are, number one, how do you keep the moderates and progressives together at this point, and, number two, it's going to be difficult politically for not just joe biden but anything frankly with the fact that the paid leave and paid economy, those are big factors that democrats and republicans across the country want. just passing an infrastructure-only bill is going to be chiaming for both parties. going forward, how do you get this care economy passed and that's something they'll both want. >> republicans on the hill have been very critical of that saying this isn't what we're talking about, this is an excuse to expand all of the social
2:48 am
perhaps. what do you make of the fact there are conversations led by others about the second bipartisan package? i get republicans are into the child tax credit, but i find that a little far-fetched at this point. >> here's the bottom line. you've been covering the hill for a long time. there's a big difference between what republicans will support on the hill versus what their constituents want. paid leave, child care, that is not a democratic issue. that's something the republicans want too. it's something american people want regardless of their affiliation. you're signing shorthand operatives who know the hill and know the white house really go to bat and see what they can get done. probably at the end of the day, kasie, very disappointedly you're going to see a bill pass that doesn't have republican support. >> you're talking reconciliation there. how confident are you that they
2:49 am
can get it through the house? house speaker majority nancy pelosi is so, so, so narrow. >> nancy pelosi has got one of the toughest jobs in washington, d.c. >> she's good at it, i'll give her that. >> she always pulls through. she knows her caucus. she knows the members of her caucus and what makes things work. she knows she's got a fine balancing act to make sure the moderates don't leave and the progressives too. climate change has to be addressed. whether that's a larger prodder package or some smatter stand alone measure, you're going to lose. she's got a fine balancing act, but i have all the faith in the world she's going to figure out how to make this work. >> i remember watching her from the gallery with the affordable
2:50 am
care act. it was in that very moment and she pulled it off. i'm with you. adrienne elrod, thank you so much for coming up. earlier we asked you why you're still awake. nancy tweeted i'm still up in california when i wake up my lo weekend will be over. sorry about that. susan says my husband and i and our twoky with you as are halfway through our 20 hour drive to connecticut visiting my 88-year-old mother after missing our annual visit because of covid. thanks for listening. joni sent us this photo, she's awake because of these two little guys. thank you all for being with us today. coming up next we'll look at the axios one big thing. and we'll go to surfside, florida, nearly two weeks after
2:51 am
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welcome back. joining us now with a look at axios a.m., hans nichols. good morning, always good to see you. you guys are looking at a new conservative ad, this one targeting the kansas republican senator jerry moran, it's designed to push back against biden's spending plan. let's look and then chat about it. >> if joe biden gets his way, they're coming, irs agents, biden's tax increase plan includes $40 billion to help recruit an army of irs agents, agents coming for every dime they can grab at your house and our small businesses. the new america, defund the police but add thousands of irs agents. we need senator moran to step up and stop biden's plan. kansas votes no. >> they're talking about the plan to pay for the
2:55 am
infrastructure deal by enforcing more tax problems by adding money to the irs budget so they can do more. why are they focussing on moran specifically, and who's behind this? . >> it's mark short's group, the former vice president's chief of staff, mike pence, they're going after moran because they think he can be soft. he's a republican from kansas, one of the group of 20 or 21, i think he was the 21st added, may be up to 22 now. and this is all part of their strategy, this conservative group, to sink the bipartisan deal. remember, this group initially got started to go after any funding, any tax components going after the irs or corporate or individual. that ad that you just played there, it's a version of something they did similar attacking democrats in swing state districts. so this is the next phase of the battle. obviously there's going to be a lot of road bumps along the way
2:56 am
getting any infrastructure deal passed but some groups are focused on republicans, they're going after their own. that is significant. i don't think we're hearing the end of that. when you look at the 10, 11 republican senators for the deal, they'll get a great deal of pressure to vote against it and that's what this summer is going to be about. >> it's an old school strategy like we saw from heritage back when something seemed to matter. this is the risk of letting the negotiations drag out, opposition has time to mobilize and spend money, and shoot these things down. >> you're talking about the school board recalls, the elections surging across the country. we've seen videos of contentious school board meetings just down the road from us what's going on. >> twice as many recalls this year as last year. i have a colleague looking at this at a state and i state and
2:57 am
local level, california has the most. but in arizona, ida hoe, there are more recalls. they're different from elections. i don't remember the last school board election that was contentious at all, at least in the parts of the country i lived in, this is changing. two fronts on this, one the old fashioned elections and also the recalls. it tells you how emotional some of these debates are. some of it is on critical race theory, but there's also covid, covid responses, which schools stay open. another area of american life being politicized. we saw a little bit on that, maybe a lot, over the fourth of july weekend of what's turned into a hyper approach to anything. it seems the school boards are going to be ground zero for this fight on tough issues that people care a lot about. kasie?
2:58 am
>> i think we should not forget that the schools have always, in many instances throughout our history, brown versus board of education, et cetera, where ashs have played out but this is an example of our time. let's talk for a second about this because we'll see this summer richard branson and jeff bezos headed into space. everyone is hoping this goes as well as it possibly can. but it does raise these questions as to why are these billionaires allowed to hop in rockets and go to space without anybody telling them what's allowed or not. do we end up with regulation of this very, very new industry? >> i suspect. i have a colleague writing a story and the big question here is if there are any, you want to be very respectful about this, but if there are any errors or
2:59 am
mishaps, the possibility of regulations increase. as of now, it's two titans of industries competing and you have to love the trash talking in between. the ceo of amazon says it's nice to go, but they're below 62 miles so they're not actually going to be in space. nothing like billionaires talking trash. >> i don't think i can say the word that comes to mind on tv. but i take your point. continue. >> but behind this is sort of real human impulse to explore. we can all acknowledge regardless of politics, humans like to explore and be first and testing limits. there will be derivative technologies that could open up to the masses that don't have a cool couple million to get into space. we're into it in our household,
3:00 am
i suspect you are as well. >> we are. hans nichols thank you very much for that. to this point, that does underscore the difference of wealth in our policy and created these billionaires out there doing this. i'm interested to see if the politics of this develop in unexpected ways. thanks for getting up "way too early" with us on this tuesday morning. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" starts right now. >> good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it is tuesday, july 6th. we're following a number of developing stories this morning, including concern over how far u.s. vaccination rates have fallen. is there anything new the white house can do to convince the unvaccinated to get the shot? and today marks six months since the attack on the u.s. capitol. we're going to t


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