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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  July 5, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we've got a lot to get through in the next, not one, but two hours. we begin tonight with a nation divided. on one side, we have president biden calling for unity, championing the country's progress on beating the pandemic. >> today, all across this nation we can say with confidence that america is coming back together. [applause] history tells us that when we stand together, when we unite in common cause, when we see ourselves, not as
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republicans or democrats, but as americans, there are simply no limits to what we can achieve. >> and then on the other side, there's florida man, still holding his maga cult rallies and spreading the big lie about the election. and now we're not gonna play what he said, not because it's really frankly sad how much of a sore loser he is but because his claims are downright dangerous at this point. he knows exactly what he's doing, riling up his supporters and then giving them hope that somehow, he will magically come back into office which is never going to happen. and he's gone even further than usual in the past week, asking the menacing question, who killed ashli babbitt? putting the officer who shot babbitt as she attempted to breach the doors, leading to the speaker's office were congressional staffers were cowering in terror, putting that officer in danger. that officer has been cleared of all wrongdoing. but it's the latest light that republicans like paul gosar are trying during congressional hearings that are supposed to
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be focusing on our national security. it's pretty obvious that republicans are doing everything they can to show loyalty to the mango mussolini and not to their country. and it's not just the ones currently in office. the washington post reports that republican candidates for state and federal officers are increasingly focused on the last election. burning on the falsehood spread by the florida man and his allies. but there is nothing really that exemplifies the undying fealty they have to their leader. like j.d. vance, author of hillbilly elegy who cnn caught deleting past tweets critical of trump. he told fox today, i regret the tweets and regret being wrong about the guy. i think he was a good president. because right now, there is no republican party without trump. there is nothing that exists without him. so americans are facing a choice between the real world, where coronavirus cases are falling in the economy is bouncing back and a fantasy world on the right, when the
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election was stolen and everything is a culture where. alexander burns of the new york times points out that in another age, the events of the season, namely biden's success, would have been nearly certain to produce a major shift in american politics but these days it's hard to imagine that such a political turning point is at hand. he notes that a moment of truth appears in a minute. it's one that will reveal whether the american electorate is still capable of large scale shifts in opinion or whether the country is essentially locked into a schism for the foreseeable future with roughly 53% of americans on one side and 47% on the other. joining me now is eugene daniels, white house correspondent for politico. susan del percio, republican strategist. and joan walsh, national correspondent for the nation. thank you for joining me. eugene i'll start with you because you covered the white house. i wonder if they get that because they do sometimes wonder just talking to people close to the white house myself whether they're fully aware of
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what's a schematic country that running. one in which all of the great things that president biden talks about and does simply wash over because they think that qanon is real. >> yeah, i mean usually i find that the people who were a bit older and been with biden a bit longer ten to think that the country can come back together. they tend to think that the unity is something that is in our reach even. you know, sometimes it's here. and the younger folks are more cynical, right? these are the people who are on this campaign. this might have been their first or second campaign out in the world and talking to folks spending a lot of time on twitter. twitter is not the real world, but it does show and exemplified the schism that exists in the world. so the white house some people know and some people don't but i don't think that with biden at the top, they do want the country to come back together. they talk about a lot more than i thought they would. no word about six months in and you think that okay, they start talking about the fantasy.
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they start talking about all the love and they haven't. that is something that is at the heart of this, mostly because of joe biden so they know what's going on but i think they're hopeful that because of who joe biden is that they can overcome it but as you said, it's very difficult to see that happening. >> yeah, i mean it's nice to want that. and joan walsh, you wrote the book what is the matter with white people and it is a great read. i know the publisher was probably not thrilled with the title of the book but you wrote that during the obama era. the reality is there's been this fantasy out there that we can reach this age of magic trickle reckoning, and racial hearing i'm just because we elected obama that that was happening but instead we got a backlash. now 47% of the country is clinical. they really do think that -- there are a lot of them who really do think that donald trump is literally gonna be magically reimposed in office in august. , right? i don't know how you fix something that entire political
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party has invested itself and maintaining. >> we don't know. we never have and we never had to, but we have to now. joy, i don't know it's going to take and i look back to the book that i wrote and, you know, i saw trump coming. but i don't think i saw it being as horrible as it is or saw it being as huge as it is in terms of it being roughly 47%. let's take 40, that makes me feel better. 47%, but 40. that's more than i ever thought would be part of this kind of -- what i perceive as anti-american and it's kind of dangerous of a group of people who doesn't believe in democracy anymore because they no longer outnumber us. and that's sort of the bottom line of it. that's really the foundational
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point of how we got here. >> you know, and susan, in another era in time we called this fascism right? when you have this absolute devotion to a singular leader. when you have this desperate need to elevate the race that's considered sort of the top dog race, right? in society and to hang on to their power at all costs, even violence. there's a belief that political violence is okay. there's a terrifying poll out in february that are shocking percentage of republicans think it's okay to use violence to overturn an election if they don't get the results that they want. it's like an 80 i took this poll. it's not a liberal group. it was the american enterprise institute that took this poll and they found it four and ten republicans are okay with the idea of political violence. and let's talk about texas for a moment. you remember allen west? i do. allen west was cool for cocoa puffs before trump came along.
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-- okay allen west is now in texas. and he is now running against greg abbott because he doesn't think greg abbott is far-right enough. after all that greg abbott has done he's arguing that is slum is not a religion but it's a tolerant the crowded political ideology. he suggested that black communities were stronger and better during segregation and so he's anti-doctor king. he's called democratic hate and outs, quote unquote, the most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today. and he's viable, susan, in your party. thoughts. >> qanon and succession. here's the thing, you talk about fascism early on. really, i've been looking for a new word for trumpism because i hate it because i think it goes deeper than just donald trump within the republican party. and i keep coming back to the same name. it's neo-fascism. forget trumpism, it's neo-fascism. that is what the grassroots of the party looks like right now.
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and in some ways, in a really weird way, people who believe in democracy and normal republicans and democrats and independents should be almost happy that adam west -- island west is running. why? because he may win. and if he wins, he will be a very weak challenger to whoever the democrats put up. we're seeing these alter right wing candidates being put up by republican parties and not just in texas but in ohio and other places in these congressional seats. the wackiest lackeys are gonna win the republican primary but they're going to lose in general elections and that may not just help democrats but it will help the republican party in a way because it will burn it down. maybe not in 2022 but 2024, but after enough losses, we can see maybe normal returning because those neo-fascist will be out
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of the party. >> or, joan, and again i come back to your book. part of the premise of it is that over all of these decades, people who benefited from the new deal have turned on a new deal programs because those programs become extended to people of color. they were for all of these new deal ideas until black and brown people started taking advantage of them, and then they were suddenly not for it. the same thing is happening to voting. they were all for voting by mail, and then when black people started voting by mail, they were like we can have that. i don't know how it's so clear how adam was could win in the environment that republicans have created. >> i think he could win a primary conceivably. i just can't imagine -- i mean, i guess i just have too much faith in the people i know and love in texas that he cannot, you know, win but greg abbott is such an awful conservative person. how can anybody be to the right of greg abbott?
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i mean that's what my mind is going around all day. where is he going for this vote? well -- >> what we just heard today, eugene, that even the governor of ohio was sending troops to the border. now it's all stick. it's all theater. we have to show that we have to stop the brown people, were gonna stop the blacks from voting, stop the browns from coming, and it's all about this very race national sort of movement and i do wonder whether democrats that you talked to on the hill are prepared to fight that kind of war, because when i hear when i talk to democrats as when we have these programs and provide this much an infrastructure number gonna have this kind of bipartisan deal and by golly we're gonna build a bridge over there and there's also gonna be a pothole that's gonna be filled in over here -- it sounds like it's 1993 to me. i definitely don't see the sense of urgency. but when i talk to people who know about fascism and know about how democracies
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deteriorate, their hair is on fire. is the white house and are the dccc in the diaz ac -- are any of their hairs on fire? >> i mean, sometimes? sometimes the hair is on fire but usually what i hear is exactly what you said. they are focusing on the policies and will proposals are gonna put forward and this bill. that's good. that's a good thing for the country, right? so people are focusing on policy who are up here and supposed to make policy but it does seem like there's a bit of a disconnect, right? you hear this all the time. you heard from president biden and president obama that were not as split as we think we are and it's for reporters, were already a little bit cynical so it's hard to believe that but when you talk to people and you talk to lawmakers and as we've been watching since january 6th, as the whitewashing of january 6th happened and it wasn't that bad, it was tourists that were kind of hanging out and taking his single file line as they walked in and people opening
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indoors. when they talk about the voting restrictions that are put forward and they talk about the election being stolen which we all know, we have to say this every time, it was not. that is a lie from donald trump. it is a different environment, right? it's not the same. and that's why folks like president biden and folks like joe manchin when they're talking about compromise and bills, it's like this is the different senate. this is a different country. and i'm not sure even what they do about it. how could they counteract some of those things? because in the republican party it's about personality. that's why trump won. that's why allen west has a better chance than people think he does because it's about personality. it's about the politics of contempt. who's tougher, who's stronger, who says the toughest things, and that is a lot of what's happening on the republican party side right now and even if you talk to some republicans who you probably would think would be okay with all of that,
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they're not either. they're also americans. >> they're very concerned, but what are they planning to do about? it would are they willing to do about it? >> right now, nothing. right? they've opened doors. they say behind closed doors because they are -- they're scared that with a kind of build and what they've built up with former president trump is going to swallow them hole and so they're caught between a rock and a hard place and between the chair and the campaign of the house republican side, we didn't play book interview with him months ago and they said he doesn't want donald trump in the primaries kind of mocking about. he said it wouldn't be helpful. you know what i mean? so he said that publicly and that's exactly what is going to happen because just like they said a little bit ago, they're worried that they're gonna have these far-right candidates, the marjorie taylor greene, the allen west's winning the primaries and really the republicans should win in 2022 based off of history. and so there were donald trump marketing up is gonna mess it up for them. >> and that's the thing, susan
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-- go on. >> i was gonna say, what's the point? if liz cheney, i mean she's a conservative conservative, right? she's speaking out. no matter how many republicans from washington speak out, it doesn't matter. they know that. they know that it does not matter if they speak out and whether they should do the right thing is like a whole another issue but politically speaking, they can't change it. this has seeped into the grassroots level within the states and within the counties so much so that the folks in washington are there by the graces of those committees and not the other way around. they are not the heroes to those votes. >> joan walsh, i'm gonna ask you to try to work with this and write with me on a different course. because the john birch society existed, right? and i'm only gonna age myself. i remember with the birch society is. and it seemed unstoppable. when they basically ran the
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same trump played book, bananas crazy conspiracy theories. the idea that the president of the united states who is being captured by the communists, that the drinking water had fluoride in that was allowing mind control, okay? this is a real genuine threat to the republican party in the past and you know what's? i don't like ronald reagan but ronald reagan eventually said, yeah, nope. there was some real hard-core white supremacists in the national review were like nope. a deal with -- i don't like desegregation either. don't like civil rights act but nope. you can't be in our party. joan, couldn't they just stand up and have some components? >> i don't think there's enough of them who have whatever it takes. i don't think there are. i don't think it's gonna happen. i don't think we're gonna watch them go down. and susan is trying to do, i admire what it is. i want to learn more from her. >> i'll give you the last word on this, susan.
10:17 pm
because you're in this fight. you're still republican right? i think you're still a republican. >> yeah. >> and i talked to republicans like you all the time who say the same thing. my party is burning. it's burning and gone straight to hell. and nobody seems to have an answer as to how you pull it back. do you have ideas on how to pull it back to at least sanity where we're just fighting about tax cuts again? >> it needs to burn down. it literally needs to be demolished before you can go in and build it up again. and the people who actually say please stay republican are democrats who like to say let's argue about tax policy because they know you need a strong republican party. right now, it's not strong. but it really does need to be burned down to the ground so that it can come back up but that also means that there has to be people willing to keep that republican credentials to be there when it's time to build it up. >> but they are silent, and it's not helpful. not very many people are willing to go on tv into what
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you're doing tonight, susan. and meanwhile neo-nazis are marching in philadelphia. that's where we're at. eugene daniels, susan del percio, joan walsh think you very much. we're just getting started on the big two hour edition of the readout tonight. those mainstream on the right with racist marchers and all spreading the racist gospel right out and the open where you can see them. perfect the reidout comes after this. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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10:23 pm
administration. steve miller, who is currently helping sue black farmers on behalf of white farmers brought them out of the shadows by parroting there talking points. talking points that they hear on pox news by tucker carlson which is magnified by social media and qanon devotees. according to bulletin of the atomic scientists, qanon is using racist propaganda in an apparent attempt to appeal to a wider audience, particularly suburban women. right now, i'm joined by mia bloom who wrote that article. she's a professor at georgia state university and coauthor of pastels and pedophiles, inside the mind of qanon. i'm also joined by malcolm nance, and bc counter-terrorism analyst. thank you for being with me. qanon, when i first heard about it because a friend of mine has a family member that's caught up in it who is someone who seems to be a normal professional who burst into this good ideology. i think i didn't really understand how much of it was
10:24 pm
based on not just antisemitic racial tropes. let's talk about that. >> i fully expected that qanon was going to be antisemitic because it has elements and a global cabal and i'm talking about george soros or janet yellen. it also talks about blood drinking, which is all things that have been accused of for hundreds of years in europe and through the church. but when we started looking last summer at the save the children campaign, and i'm a supporter of save the children. the charity. >> the real one, yeah. >> and i thought wait a second. all these children are white. and all the save the children children are not. and so we did a systematic study because i needed data to show that we were using these races troops that go to let's say the period of restoration where there were stereotypes of the black brood who was gonna rape the white woman or kidnap the white woman. and so this is like heart and soul of qanon.
10:25 pm
>> and just to be clear for those of you who are unaware because you're living your life in trying not to pay tension to this, qanon is basically the belief that the world is run by a couple of pedophiles who kill children and drink their blood i guess this day young forever maybe? i guess they're also vampires, i'm not sure. but the person who's gonna unmasked this devilish conspiracy is donald trump who can barely read a qcard and could not run casinos in atlantic city. but somehow he's going to break this massive cabal. so that's the theory. you know, in the previous block malcolm we talked about if this was happening in any other area would be talking about fascism and people get uncomfortable using the f-word here and the global reach of all of this. but we just saw these new nazis marching in philadelphia and the group other than black lives matter which has the word blacken it which freaks people out against, the big opponent of the right is antifa. it's basically short for anti fascism. so the people that they despise
10:26 pm
and think of the most dangerous art black lives matter, a plea for black people not to be murdered by police, and anti fascists. so my unfair to say that we're talking about essentially american fascism? >> no, not at all. anyone that can see with their eyes understands what's going on here. we are in a neo-fascist era in american politics. back in 1939, 1940, there was a formal fascist movement which openly supported adolf hitler and called for american independence and isolation away from europe's war which hitler had just invaded, called the america first movement. it was championed by people like lindbergh, the famous flyer. they had a rally in madison square garden. it was george washington was juxtapose with adolf hitler.
10:27 pm
these people were fascists. but what we've seen is after world war ii, you know when they were essentially runs to the ground, there was a rise in the 19 fifties and sixties of these very small fascist groups that turn into terrorist groups like that christianity and city movement. what we are seeing now is a merger of every white nationalist trope and group and ideology bounce together by the crazy qanon conspiracy theory into an american neo-fascist movement led by a fascist president of the united states. look, if i were doing an intelligence assessment of, i don't know, hungry, i would be coming up with these exact same lines of investigation which would be bringing us to these conclusions that there is a fascist movement. not just in the united states, all over the europe which is actually funded, surprisingly, by russia. in france, italy, spain,
10:28 pm
neo-fascist movements everywhere are out to take down american democracy. >> and you know, it's sort of irony is if you read up on it, hitler was inspired both by mussolini's original fascism which is where it started not in germany but also by the united states in which americans invented the idea of coating anyone with african lineage as knee grow and does both as inslee bubble and segregated will, based on even one drop of black blood. look it up, it's actually true. mia, -- absolutely. me, at the other piece that you get to i think it's important and scary in a fundamental way because of how religious the united states is as a country. how much of this qanon movement is pushing its way into the evangelical movement and targeting evangelicals to try to recruit them? >> well that's the scariest part. it's making inroads into every religion, despite the fact that it's antisemitic it's drawing
10:29 pm
orthodox true's. it's anti catholic, it's drawing latinx catholics. but the largest group are the evangelicals which are around 34 or 35% of evangelicals believe that there is a couple. but remember, evangelicals are also a -- religion and they'll go to papua new guinea or ghana or anywhere and bring this ideology with them. and so we're seeing a must test this is of qanon to 85 different countries. and the reason i wrote the piece about racism is as they are spreading their tentacles to get to south latin america or africa or among african american voters in this country, i want people to know how racist qanon really is. >> and you know, malcolm, the thing is that the other piece is that for this kind of a movement to take hold of political party with the leadership just seems completely into potent to do something about it. they don't want to do anything about it because, am i gonna get power out of this? if i'm gonna get power, whatever. but if you want to be fascist i
10:30 pm
don't care. but kevin seems helpless. meanwhile, there's a poll that the global morning consult did where they found it 26% of americans qualified as highly right-wing authoritarian. that's twice the share of the number two countries, canada and australia. four in ten republicans versus in an american surprise institute, a conservative organization. they said that political violence may be necessary. if elected leaders will not protect america, they must do it themselves even if it requires violent actions. add to that, i want to know how concerned you are given that data, malcolm. the guy who runs my pillow, which is a ridiculous pillow but you can be ridiculous and dangerous. he said that on august 13, donald trump will return to office. this is a qanon belief system. he also claimed that there will be many down-ticket senators who will have different election results. i'm talking about stealing elections and troubling return. how worried should we be about a january 6th style events
10:31 pm
somewhere in the united states when he is not reinstated, trump? not reinstated, trump? i don't think we should worry about the august 8th. these things are come and go. we've had these states before. it's the post august period that i would really be watching us a terrorism professional. donny all's a sullivan, he did some interviews with these people, they said if trump is not reinstalled, then they will have to start talking civil war. >> i have been monitoring their communication since last december. these people are already, many of them, committed to the concept of overthrowing american democracy, and inciting civil war. oh you have to do is watch ar-15 ammunition prices, which wouldn't skyrocketing from 21 cents a minute to almost $1.25 a bullet now. many people think there is an apocalypse coming. let me tie it back into qanon, i think you were rather modest
10:32 pm
in what you said qanon was. they believe there is a global cabal of people talking eating and saffron sacrificing children the entire democratic party, all liberals, all progressives, and the fundamental way of dealing with them, is a mass genocide of all liberals and democrats, or bringing them to guantánamo, or having what they called the day of the rope, which actually came from the turner diaries, with both timothy -- mcvay read at the time. they are the farthest edge of the farthest extreme these people. they are now the core identity of the republican party. the republicans tried to co-opt them in 2018, qanon co-opted the republican party. they removed the letter q, they do not allow cued t-shirts. the belief system of the republicans now though, full on qanon. >> yes. day of the rope. speaking of that, you know the brought to the capital to hang
10:33 pm
mike pence? a rope. a real one. mia bloom, thank you. malcolm blends thank you. still ahead, conservatives are trying to turn critical race theory into a catchall label encompassing any and everything they disagree with. scholar and author abrams candy joins me about being anti racist next. ant racist next. there's an america we build and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪
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found the perfect issue to take it to you -- critical race theory. the co-opting the term and applying it to anything to anti-racism. there -- are recently spoke with doctor
10:38 pm
candied asked him directly if he is indeed a critical race theorists. >> i have certainly been inspired by a critical race theory, i certainly admire critical race theory but, at the same time, i was in trained on critical race theory. i didn't go to law school. i don't necessarily identify as a critical race theorists. >> you have to go to law school to be one, right? you made that point. well they don't either or know what it is. here is senator josh hawley. sort of one of the worst offenders. he is slamming you by name. >> dr. abrams kitty wrote this -- the only remedy to cast discrimination is present discrimination. the only remedy to present discrimination, is future discrimination. that's right. that's what he said. think about that for a moment. he is saying that he is opposed to a quality under the law. doctor kendi and his followers,
10:39 pm
are in no uncertain terms, advocating for state sanctioned racism. >> given the fact that they can't seem to quote doctor king accurately, i would just assume there misquoting, you are getting their own context. can you explain please what's that quote, even if it isn't inaccurate quote means? >> sure, so joy, we recognized as a nation, that elderly people who are dying at the highest rates. they were the most vulnerable to covid-19. we decided that it was best to provide vaccine to those people first. no one described that as a bad policy. young people could've said hey, you are discriminating against us. we would've responded, older people are dying at the highest rates. should they not receive vaccine first? if we would've then started speaking about black people also dying at the highest risks
10:40 pm
from covid-19, maybe they should also receive vaccine first. maybe we should have a system in which those who have the greatest needs are provided with white they need. they call that reverse discrimination. they call it discrimination. they are against it. how are we going to create equity and justice for all, if we are providing the same resources to middle income people as we are providing to billionaires? >> yeah. this is the same theory under which they have gone under black farmers receiving benefits when they have only 14% of the land at this point. they've been stripped of their land. then they say white farmers need to get all the rest. all the benefits need to go to white farmers towards reverse discrimination, they're doing that in court. steve miller's part of. that i want to ask another couple questions. do you believe that white americans are inherently racist? >> oh, i do not.
10:41 pm
indeed, and how to be an anti racist, i make the case that anybody is inherently racist, or that we should identify anyone as a racist. i make the case that racist isn't a fixed category, it's a descriptive term. it describes what a person is being in any given moment, based on what they are doing or saying. if a person is saying black people are lazy, they are being racist. the very next moment, there than advocating a policy that creates justice and equity for all, they're being anti racist. >> do you know of any schools that are teaching, that white americans are inherently racist? have you ever heard of any school teaching that, anywhere? >> [laughs] i haven't. indeed, i would speak out against that school if it was doing it.
10:42 pm
>> and we now know that, one of the groups that is under attack from the same people who were attacking you, our mayor. tillie strictly military generals including the secretary of defense, in the joint chiefs of staff's here, general milley. he's been attacked by donald trump, matt gates, who never served and probably wouldn't have the guts to serve for ten seconds, normal tucker call us -- carlson on laura angles and. they've gone after him. bill crystal called them out as ground level fascism. trump voters are pro military. why are trump and carleton attacking the military. what do you make of the fact that people like trump wanted to use the military to attack a black lives matter protesters,
10:43 pm
specifically. and really refused, by the. way they went into a casting match. he said i'm not doing that. they don't believe the military should study whether there are racists, and white nationalists, in the military, because some of those folks attacked the capital. what do you the then make of that the economy? >> i mean, i think it is pure insanity that's presented as logic. the fact of the matter is instant merrick and armed forces have a white supremacist problem and the leaders have recognized that. the leaders have decided in the way that which you address the issue is by teaching people to be anti racist, by touching people to recognize the racial groups as equals. it is fascinating. we have learned, this year, that the republican party is not pro cop. if they were pro cop, they would respond differently to the capital insurrection. certainly, we are showing now, they are not even pro military.
10:44 pm
these are régis and terms and constructs they use, to lie about them just as they lie about anti racism, and critical race theory and the 1619 project. >> and your book, it really took off after the george floyd murder. so did robin deangelo's book, white rage. i believe that's the name. do you think the right is using the george floyd movement, and the fact that white americans saw what happened to george floyd and said oh my god, we need to question whether or not there is structural racism in our society that said this is about. it's about one americans waking up to what happened and they want to stop that. >> if you are an elected official, a white elected official, who has been instituting policies that have harmed the majority avoid americans, and all the while you have been convincing those very white americans that you
10:45 pm
are fighting for them, that you are instituting policies that help them, then you are teaching them that the cause of their pain are people of color. you will not want them to wake up. >> yeah. >> you will not want them to understand races, and then they will see you as a problem and vote you out. >> there you go. if you are anti anti racist, think about what that says you actually are. ibram x. kendi, so glad you could be here. author of how to be an anti racist. up next, the crisis in haiti. a severe shortage of covid vaccines, a wave of criminal violence at his capital city, and yet another tropical storm. all this, ahead of crucial elections in september. stay with us. stay with us (customer) movie night. (burke) should have been watching the stove instead. (customer) tell me something i don't know. (burke) with your farmers policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost, your home can be rebuilt, regardless of your limits. (customer) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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storm elsa brushed by haiti as it moved through the caribbean. haiti has been pummeled by hurricanes before, but a direct hit from a storm would be even more dire this year. as the ap points out, reasons for a spike in game gang violence for several people to flee from their homes. they are running low on items including food and water which could lead to a catastrophic situation the next time hadas hit by a serious storm. covid-19 is still raging which makes matters worse with few
10:51 pm
haitians of vaccinated and getting basic covid care. i'm joined by democratic consultant of -- thank you for being on, jay are. you have been pushing because you are saying the store has got to get out. what is going on in haiti that americans need to understand? >> thank you very much for having me, joy. and giving me the opportunity to talk about what's happening in haiti. haiti is in the middle of political crisis. you have massive insecurity, constitutional crisis, and a lot more. the gang violence is taking over. and you have people displaced from their homes, and the people are suffering. that needs to change. >> what can the u.s. do? there is a long history, we won't go into the overthrow of the french that led essentially
10:52 pm
to the creation of new orleans, and the annexing of the western part of the united states because the chief jefferson was able to make the louisiana purchase, all because of haiti, and the punishment inflicted on haiti ever sense meaning they had to pay reparations to france. i think they still are for the loss of all those enslaved people. what kind of condition is haiti? and can a presidential and -- election changed and what can the u.s. do to help? >> haiti isn't a terrible situation right now. athe insecurity, there's gasoline shortage, electricity problem. people are afraid to go out into the streets because lives are put at risk every day. that's a problem. the second part of your question, what can the u.s. do? president biden visited haiti and promised to turn things around for them. a firm believer that the president will deliver on his promise i am.
10:53 pm
unfortunately now, things cannot go as fast. for the left-hand portion, recently the oas was found in haiti and they recommended an election to happen. we know it. that's the way to democracy. when you look with covid-19 though and the resources, and the insecurity, there is no possible path forward for referendum election, or an election to happen. nobody would participate. >> yeah. >> with the u.s. can do is help move things along, change policy towards haiti. that has to happen. >> having lived in florida, i know whenever there is a crisis in haiti eight quickly my tests sizes into a migration crisis. the judge jeb bush crisis was hard but they had a relationship with haiti had his favorite -- we are dealing with the
10:54 pm
scientists who has an anti immigrant and migrant lined. what's gonna crisis would be basing affront to ends of dealing with immigration in the state of florida? >> a tremendous crisis. back in the eighties, there was a problem with migration happening. we are on the professes of seeing that return, where people are going to risk their life, jump on ships, and try to reach u.s. shores. or, are they gonna go to central america and do the track all the way up to the border to get in? the reason that is happening is because, the life conditions of patients, are not sustainable. these people who are certainly looking for a better opportunity, an opportunity that the government has failed to deliver. one of the biggest reasons is corruption. haiti, i understand the president just was nominated --
10:55 pm
nominated the seventh or eighth prime minister a few moments ago. they need to rebuild the rehabilitation process. the united states will issue a government to stabilize, train a balance the deficit. they don't need coffee, rice, beans, it's produced in haiti. >> but vaccines would be nice. i hope the biden administration or someone from there is glistening and going to get on top of. that we will stay on top of the story. i appreciate you jr. we have a second idea of the readout. new insights on through the january six investigation, six months after the capitol storm. trump admitted to the indictment against his business. outrage over the track superstar should carry richardson, just weeks before
10:56 pm
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everyone. we begin everyone, we begin the the second hour of the second hour of the readout tonight with rideau with the a grand commemoration. grand commit implication. and prevent the peaceful transfer. they descended on to our capital and hunting for the vice president and the speaker of the house attending to capture and assassinate elected officials. they built a gallows and chanted, hang mike pence. this also means that we are six months into a vast republican undertaking. to gaslight the american people into memory holding what went down on the horrible day the day that president biden has described as the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. we've


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