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tv   MSNBC Reports  MSNBC  July 5, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪ the search resumes at the site of the condo collapse in
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surfside, florida. 118 people are still missing as they work ahead of a tropical storm brewing in the region. joining me now with the very latest from surfside, nbc news correspondent vaughn hilliard and also with us as well is nbc news meteorologist michelle grossman. we'll get to you in just a moment, michelle. i want to see what the preparations are on the ground. talk to us about what you're seeing in terms of the search and rescue teams, what they're doing ahead of tropical storm making land fall. >> they're making as much much progress as they can. got news here, i'll let michelle address the actual path here. it changes hour by hour and the potential impact on surfside. but essentially the crews cut back at is being a.m. this morning. they have been working nonstop eper since. targeting some areas with that other building being collapsed or demolished overnight. they're now able to access some other areas of that building
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that they have not been able to get to over the last 12 days. that is where the attention though is on this impending storm. i want to let you hear from the mayor here address those very questions in a conversation with our producer jamie who just down the road at the emergency operation center here in miami-dade county as they watch the storm approach. take a listen. >> at this time, if we are very confident that the storm will not have major impacts on the area. there will be wind. there will be rain. we'll be able to work all the way up to 30 mile-per-hour winds. and lightning strikes, that is all that will keep us off the path. >> a conversation you were having just last hour, rain is not so much the concern here on the ground but also though thunderstorms and lightning r in the initial days after the collapse 12 days ago, there were quite a few thunderstorms that did roll through here. and the search and rescue operation had had to come to
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halt for a few minutes at a time as that lightning passed by. but the question is, again that, threshold, 30 mile-per-hour winds, the hope is that the storm's impact is not leave too much of an effect here on this search and rescue operation in surfside now that they have access to this expanded area. >> let's pick up an vaughn's point about the path of tropical storm elsa. do we know where it's going? will it impact the search and rescue efforts base ond what you're hearing? i was noting to one of the officials earlier in the hour is the biggest concern is not the rain but the wind. it hampers the crane that's they use to lift the debris. >> yeah. the hi this. good news. we're going to see ones not as high as 30, probably around 26 miles per hour. we could see a gust or two. but to vaughn's point, i looked up the climate data since june 24th in surfside. they had thunderstorms every single day except for two, maybe
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three. i think yesterday was the third day that they didn't have thunderstorms. and we do have thunderstorms in the forecast at least for the next five days. and that's without a tropical system. the tropical system that is going to impact them will add to this. let's take a look at radar. this tells you the story. we have landfall as of 2:00 in cuba. it needs to go over this rough terrain that is going to impact the storm over the next seven, eight, nine hours. then we're going to determine where this trajectory is going to go. the it is going to weaken and then strengthen in the gulf? look at this radar enat outer rain bands. we're seeing sun in parts of the keys. not all of the keys. but like marathon, florida, we're seeing thunderstorms there already. so even though it's not the low that may pass over, a lot of times with a hurricane we look at the low. it really is a big storm. we have winds out 70 miles per hour. we have rain bands that stretch really far. they spin over the same area. so we could certainly have some lightning. i do think that the national hurricane center has done a really good job tracking this storm.
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so let's take a look at our tropical alerts. we're looking at lots of alerts up and down the west coast of florida. the we're looking at a tropical storm warning for parts of key west. then even stretching up to the big bend of florida. we're seeing the tropical alerts. so as you're looking at this cone here, you see overnight we're going to see it back into the gulf near key west. then it will make the trajectory to the northeast. it's going to make a bend. does it look still that most of the impacts will be on west side. that is in terms of the winds. we could see 50, 60 miles per hour winds. yeah, surfside, 26, maybe 30 at times. but that is not sustained. and then we're also talking about rainfall. so i know rainfall they're used to it in florida. listen this is june in florida. we're looking at thunderstorms for pretty much every afternoon. we have potential for localize the flooding. most of that rainfall will fall on west coast of florida. either way, we're looking at potential for some thunderstorms.
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that is going to halt the search, the lightning. we have a chance for that today, tomorrow, and the next five days. >> really quickly, big picture, is there any indication that more storms are headed for the florida coast in the next week or so as we know this is going to drag on for at least the next ten days. >> yeah. the so in terms of elsa, they'll be impacted tuesdayly with that faucet on, turning off tuesday and wednesday. and then we have that day time heating. that's where you get the thunderstorms really in the afternoon. in terms of elsa, you have all that energy that is going to spark storms tuesday and wednesday. even when i looked ahead throughout the next, five, six, seven days, there are thunderstorms in the forecast and that is just the nature of southern florida in the summer. you have that day time heating. you have tropical air mass. and that sparks the storms. so really will be the lightning that they're going to get with the storms that's going to cause the biggest impact. >> i had a chance as i mentioned in the earlier hour to speak to one of the effort -- one of the search and rescue commanders
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there who is helping with the efforts. they talked about the morale among those going through the pile, that the morale is high, they have the resources they need. they just need that lucky break from the weather so they can keep working through the next couple of days. talk to me about the morale in the community and the families and whether or not there is any sense of optimism that they may find any survivors. >> yeah. ayman, i haven't met anybody here in the last several days who, you know, family members or friends that indicated a true hope that their loved one is still alive. you know, we heard officials yield from calling it -- they're no longer calling it a rescue mission. they're not going to be the ones that put out that hope here. the but we're now 12 days out here. and there is a reality that has sunk in that there are 118 individuals who are unaccounted for and no survivors have been found except for the two
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individuals in those initial moments after that initial collapse. again, 12 days ago now here. but for the families, what we continually heard over the last several days is just want be to be able to put their loved ones to rest. proper burials, coming to closure. i talked to one father struggling to talk to his own 6-year-old son who lost -- they believe they lost not only that child's grandmother but also great grandmother. it's tough to explain that they don't know where she is. that is a tough conversation to have with a 6-year-old child without truly being able to have that burial and have that closure for the family that is why this rescue operation remains so paramount and to have it go in a quick fashion here. again, 118 individuals is a lot of. i got to note in the last few minutes we're feeling our first drops of rain here this afternoon in surfside. ayman? >> thank you both for starting us off this hour. joining mi me now is the lieutenant general who lead one of the largest search and rescue missions in the country's
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histories of katrina in 2005. general, great to see you again. thank you so much for joining us back on the program. as michelle grossman just told us, the rescue efforts in surfside have seen days of rain so far. we heard from an earlier official who was saying the rain itself not necessarily a problem. these are highly trained professionals who can work through the rain and get water out of where they need. to what they're concerned the most about is wind. how does that complicate the search and rescue operation? >> well, the old experts have said, good news is we don't have a hurricane. the bad news is we have tropical storm. and those outer rain bands as the experts have described, they can be unpredictable. they can be 30 miles an hour wind or 60 mile-per-hour wind. you certainly see the capacity of some of the search and rescue missions that are going on. the other thing is the microburst that we're seeing in recent years from these outer
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rain bands associated with tropical storms they can go way beyond the three to four inches of the six to seven inches in a period of an hour. and that will certainly complicate what is going on as well as the lightning produced as other experts have said but we're approaching that hour and this need to everybody -- everybody needs to understand this is a recovery mission. and the local politicians, they're trying to extend hope and the first responders are walking around there, of course, search and rescue. at some point in time this needs to focus on a rescue operation. so they can move with deliberate speed to remove debris and finish recovering the remains. we have to deal with that in katrina. we had over 1800 to be recovered. that is hard, dedicated work. and the best thing they can do is take camera off this and provide updates.
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i think it's an emotional toll on survivors to watch this on tv all this time. they need to turn this into recovery. we need to get those urban search and rescue teams reset for hurricane season. they have enough capacity in florida to do this recovery and i'm not saying this as a criticism. it's an observation. but the reality is we have to get ready for the next -- for the rest of hurricane seasons. these teams are significant. on the water, water will have a big impact on this mission. the hearts go out to the survivors and their families. the rain bands and lightning are going to get bad. >> you think it's a better move for officials, politicians and others to describe this as a recovery effort, to switch into that mindset so they can accelerate and move faster with the process of bringing closure to the families?
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>> absolutely. i would not let the cameras go in when we're doing recovery. people are watching from a distance. they record certain parts -- the part of the building and that is not something we want to see on tv. there should be no direct camera shots at those sites anymore. they need to get the cameras off to the recovery people can get to work. this is not going to be something that we should be caught on television as they continue to work. they need to isolate that area and let the teams go in and do the recovery. >> all right. lieutenant general, always appreciate your insights. thank you for your time. u.s. troops withdraw from afghanistan, security in the country is deteriorating. f faster than anyone had thought. we're going to get a report on the ground from our own richard engel in just a moment. plus, the pope is set to be
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the taliban continued to advance across the country. hundreds of afghan forces fled as they covered several drikts in afghanistan. the taliban controls one-third of all districts in afghanistan. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richar engel is in kabul for us. >> there were several estimates predicting the situation would deteriorate as u.s. troops pulled out. it is happening very quickly. hang even more quickly than recent cia estimates thought would happen. in the outer provinces, areas outside of kabul, small towns and villages, the taliban is making rapid advances.
12:18 pm
the they're taking army outposts, police checkpoints, one after another. every day and you look at these situational maps where the taliban controls, they are more and more red. and there is a ring of taliban control that is tightening around kabul, making this city feel something like an island of government control. people here in kabul are looking at ways to leave. some people say they will fight to the end. some people aren't sure what will happen. a lot of uncertainty. but while many, many afghans are looking at ways of leaving the country, there is one group that is coming in. and those are foreign fighters. multiple afghan officials told me that encouraged and embolden by the taliban's success, al qaeda fighters are am coming back. isis fighters are coming back. other militants are coming back. they want to witness what they're describing on the chat
12:19 pm
networks as the final victory. victory able to push out the greatest superpower in the world. the taliban is painting that narrative. it is a narrative that has some credibility to it. narrative that afghan fighters would be able to defeat the british empire. they were able to push out the soviets with cia help and now they have been able to drive out the americans. and that is a very, very powerful narrative and it is bringing in foreign fighters who want to be here for the -- what they consider this final glorious moment. and they're coming in, ayman, through pakistan according to the afghan officials, the same route they took before 9/11. >> our thanked to richard engel for that report. joining me now is a writer for "the washington post" and msnbc analyst. i want to get your reaction, david, to what we heard there from richard. one, the influx of foreign fighters. two the eventuality that we may
12:20 pm
see a civil war between the taliban and the african central government for control of kabul. what do you make of the situation there today? >> so i think richard's reporting is exactly right. it's consistent with what i'm hearing from u.s. officials here in washington. president biden was cautioned by his military intelligence officials that if the u.s. announced a quick pullout of american troops, the situation in afghanistan could deteriorate quickly. it has. the u.s. pullout of combat troops has come two months earlier than president biden initially announced, essentially this weekend. they're all gone. they're only 650 remaining to guard the embassy and other facilities. the combat troops are gone. the bagram air base is now closed, turned over to the afghan government. and the advances as richard's
12:21 pm
reporting said by the taliban has been significant. this is for americans a mixed emotion. it's a blessing that our troops are coming back after longest war the country has had. s is been frustration. we all feel a sense of happiness to the troops coming home. but for afghans who depend on the united states, who took risks through these years, this is a difficult bitter time. they are desperate to get out. i think we'll see much p more chaos in the months ahead. >> yeah. there is obviously a lot of concern in terms of what happens if it does get into civil war and refugees in neighboring countries as well. you sat down with the u.s. commander of forces in afghanistan. he is considered one of the most brilliant mines in recent military history, what did he have to say about all of this? >> general petraeus has made no
12:22 pm
secret that he thinks the does toigs withdraw the remaining forces from afghanistan is a mistake. that this was a relatively low cost, but significant benefit option for the united states. i think that view is widely shared within active duty military officers who like general petraeus have seen a lot of afghanistan over the two decades. i think the question that i focus on with general petraeus and we need to think about is how we keep faith with the afghans who work for us. who were interpreters for our front line combat units, who are now targeted if as we leave that they will be vulnerable to reprisal attacks from taliban and supporters. it's really important that we do everything question to get the people out to safety. i think president biden has affirmed that recently. of it's good he has. it was an important report in "the new york times" this morning saying that president
12:23 pm
biden's slowing slightly the pace of the u.s. withdraw allowing us to stay longer than he planned. allowing u.s. contractors to stay longer. these are all important things. the scenes of panic and pain for afghan people are going to be difficult for all of us. >> yeah. by some estimates 9,000 offer so afghan that's worked with the americans trying to get help or relocated. let me ask you, david, finally, if there is a difference between america's military might now and before it was 9/11, meaning you don't necessarily have to be in afghanistan for america to still operate and protect america without having the presence that it needs to have inside of afghanistan with the advancements and technology and the capabilities that the u.s. has, is there an argument to be made that you don't need to be there in these quantities anymore? >> that's the argument that president biden embraced. that over the horizon that some
12:24 pm
distance from afghanistan and pakistan you can have military assets that are available so if there is a resurgence of al qaeda and there is developing a threat against the u.s. homeland you can deal with it aggressively from the distant locations. that has yet to be scene. i've heard some skepticism from military intelligence officials the range that predators and other drones have to fly to get to afghanistan, their ability to loiter in that space long enough to be effective, those are all untested. >> all right. david ingacious, thank you. >> hospitals enacted strict rules when the covid-19 pandemic hit force manage patients to die or recover alone. now they're starting to relax the rules and we're going to have an update on how they're doing next. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." at wching "ayman mohyen reports. consider adding this. an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan
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pope francis will be in the hospital for a week. the surprise surgery came less than a day after he addressed per igsers in st. peter square for prayers. molly hunter, what do we know about the surgery? it was a surprise, obviously. how is the pope doing overall?
12:29 pm
>> it was a surprise to us. the vatican says it was scheduled. pope francis is an uncredibly private person. we saw pope francis on sunday hours before he actually went into the hospital. he spoke about a the lot of things. he announced an upcoming foreign trip. he spoke about a couple things he wanted to make headlines. did he not speak about his upcoming surgery. so we only found out maybe by the time he was already inside the hospital doors. now we did get a statement this afternoon, take a look at this. this is the late thaest we have. it says pope francis is doing well overall. he's alert. he's breathing on his own. it says the surgery on sunday lasted three hours. it says the pope will remain at the hospital for seven days barring any complications. now, look, he's 84 years old, of course. while this might have been a routine surgery, anything to an 84-year-old is going to, of course, raise some concerns.
12:30 pm
what we're watching for is on sunday whether he gives the sermon in person from behind me in the vatican or whether he does it from the hospital. over the pandemic, just like rest of us, he's become very savvy. he does a lot over facetime and skype. we may see him on sunday but he may still be in the hospital. >> all right. molly hunter live in vatican city. molly, thank you. joining me now is dr. vin gup that. >> how serious is this procedure
12:31 pm
and how lengthy will his recovery been? >> good afternoon. we're missing critical details. was mint mally unvase sniff did they stick a cram into a small hole or was it an open procedure? literally opening unand taking out part of the colon. it sounds like the former since he is making great progress. he'll be out for a week and then back home. that sounds like minimally invasive. the first 48 to 72 hours is key. can he start to have flew snidz he is tolerating? can they advance his diet. after that, pain control. we think a week to two weeks is general recovery for minimally invasive procedures like this. >> doctor, you've been on the front lines of the pandemic. we certainly had several conversations about it. from the very beginning when you look at the trajectory of the past year, a lot of questions about our health care system and about our hospitals and how
12:32 pm
they're navigating their way out of it. what have you seen? >> that's right. hospital as cross the u.s. are navigating how to reopen up to visitors. each coming up with their own rules and some cases limiting visitors entirely. restricting visiting hours not allowing children in some cases. st now things are charpging. and now colleagues of mine across the country are clambering for standardized policies from the cdc. because recent studies have shown that such visits can facilitate recovery especially in critical illness. >> as hospitals reopen to visitors again this is causing confusion and frustration. >> they say wait a minute, can you go in there safely, why can't i? and i have to say i don't have an explanation for you. i disagree with this policy. >> 16 months into the pan domic, doctors are rerng how family visits impact the recovery of patients. they look at extreme confusion in more than 2,000 critically
12:33 pm
ill covid-19 patients and family visits lowered it by 30%. this is an icu doctor at vanderbilt. >> families are not a luxury in care and they're not an accessory. they are absolutely part of the treatment plan. part of our prescription for healing needs to be family at bedside. >> this 20-year-old covid-19 patient was in the icu in it april. his mom dianne not allowed inside his room. >> i had no way to communicate my needs. >> looking back on it, i don't know how i got through the day to day of sitting there and watching. >> she could stand outside his room but only for two hours a day. >> if i had had a loved one in that bed, could they hear me? >> they can't hear you. and not only can they not hear you, but then they also miss the touch and the eye contact. so standing here outside this room, you may as well be on mars. >> what about the role of technology? could televisits be the solution? >> there's no doubt in my mind that we need to use these moving
12:34 pm
forward for people who want to meet with a loved one in another country, another state. they can't get to them quickly enough. but i don't want it to be a crutch or a substitute when we could have the families actually in the room. >> once reunited for mother and son, the difference was clear. >> having the emotional boost of like a familiar face that i could actually, like, touch and not just see on the screen. i'm fairly certain helped me get out of there a whole lot faster. >> many experts are calling on the government to set national standards for hospitals to make visits safer, less restricted and more fair. >> scientifically we know how to do this. so to me, it is completely inappropriate anti-medicine and a threat to dignity of humans to keep these families separated from their loved ones. >> and to your point this is actually a risk factor for death. >> i think it is. >> in addition to reducing a patient's delirium, studies have
12:35 pm
shown that family visits reduce anxiety and the length of stay in the icu and result in better care. ayman? >> dr. gup that, great reporting there and great insight. one question that i have is do we need to at this point have hospitals mandate that visitors be vaccinated? could that be something that helps with the overall healing of the patients they have on the inside? >> you know, i think that will help with standardized policies across the country. what you're seeing in neighborhoods is one hospital has one approach. down the street they have an entirely different one. i have actually seen families clammer to have patients, loved ones transferred from one hospital to the other so they can be in the loved ones room. so, yes, actually mandating that family members get vaccinated will make this easier. whether or not we should expect them to show proof, that's an entirely different topic. >> very important point. dr. gup that, thank you for that reporting. greatly appreciate it. >> beginning today, after almost 16 months of closure, there will
12:36 pm
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today marks the soft reopening of the border between u.s. and canada after 16 months of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. adds restrictions ease across the continent, fully vaccinated canadian citizens will no long ver to quarantine for 14 days after entering canada from the united states. and while the soft reopening is a welcome sight for many, some families lament that the border hasn't reopened fast enough. joining me now from -- joining me now is shaquille brewster in detroit. thank you for joining us, shaq. let's talk more about what this means. what are you hearing from fap liz who have been affected by this protracted border closure?
12:41 pm
>> simply, they want the border reopened. later tonight, any fully vaccinated canadian who travels to the united states can go back to canada without quarantining for that two-week period. that lives in police the tl are so many other restrictions in place. for example, it's been american ones to go over to canada. and there is that frustration that you hear from them that this is tied more closely to vaccinations. in both countries, in both the united states and canada. you have more than two-thirds of adults having at least one vaccine dose. at least partially vaccinated. and despite those restrictions, they're still in place. look, this is having a clear economic impact. there is a study that estimates about 1.5 billion are lost for every month this nearly complete closure of the border is in effect. businesses are saying half of my clients from the other side of the border.
12:42 pm
there is deep frustration there and then the personal impact here. the fact that so many people in these border communities conduct business or have family or loved ones on the other side of the border including this man who we spoke to who lives in the united states, lives in michigan but has a house on the other side of the river. listen to what he told us. >> i don't understand why canadians and americans can travel to france or spain and enjoy holiday together but we can't reunite with our families and rejoin our properties andcy hello to our neighbors that we've known for impossible to plan. it just is another 30 day extension. you don't knsor the summer? you know, when am i going to get back? >> now you're also hearing frustration from members of congress. that's increasing on both sides of the aisle. they're asking president biden
12:43 pm
and the biden administration to put more pressure on the canadian government to accelerate this reopening. still a significant step. that's what the canadian prime minister is calling today but it's not enough for many people along the border areas. ayman? >> all right. shaquille brewster. thank you as always, my friend. in washington, congress is celebrating the fourth of july holiday today ahead of a busy schedule of legislative priorities that awaits them in washington. this follows last night's celebration by president biden. he touted the country's independence from covid-19 even after falling slightly short of the administration's own vaccination goals. joining me now are our punch bowl news founder and msnbc contributor anna palmer. and associate editor anita kumar. i'll start with you, anna. biden will take his first presidential trip to illinois visiting crystal lake. it is a suburb that went for trump in 2020.
12:44 pm
are democrats starting to look does biden on the road in swing counties helpluly. that is a key trip for biden. certainly while donald trump did take it in 2020, there are members of congress like underwood, the democrat from illinois and others who want him to be there, want him to help make the case that democrats are getting the business of this country back in order. you're going to see him continue to talk about covid-19. the but there are a lot of challenges. the a lot of things, infrastructure, police reform, among many others that still haven't gotten finished and unclear when exactly they will. so he's going to be selling certainly the recovery, the reopening of this country. but there still a lot of questions that will remain. democrats are going to have to make peace on when it comes to 2022. >> let's talk, anita, about the administration's covid-19 response. tomorrow president biden expected to get a briefing on
12:45 pm
covid-19 and how the country is doing in terms of the state of vaccinations. what happens next now that deadline has come and gone for the previous vaccination goal of 70%? it was off by 3%, not significant but what is the next goal that administration has for itself? >> you know, they're really putting good spin on it even though you're right. they did miss this deadline. they're saying, look, we're going to meet the deadline, we're just not meeting it on july 4th. we'll see the numbers go up. you're right, the vaccination levels are tapering off. they are doing a variety of events. the president is doing the first lady, the vice president and the second people out this talking about getting vaccinated as with he see this delta variant come into play here. they're very worried about that. they want people to get vaccinated. i think they're going to see more of the same. at this point, it is trying to get into some of those areas
12:46 pm
where people just do not want to get vaccinated. some of that follows along the electoral map really. and trying to get out there and trying to convince people not only to get vaccinated but also to make sure they can still get to a vaccination center and get the time off from work they need. all that sort of stuff. more of the same. but you're right, they're going to say this is sort of a success. look, it is july 4th. we're getting back to normal. >> getting back to normal, yet there are some within the president's party starting to get irritated about the key issues they care about. the anita reporting that they're putting pressure on progressive lawmakers to ensure that climate is a part of the democratic only reconciliation plan for infrastructure at this point. do their calls have a renewed momentum now following the record heat wave we've been seeing across the country? some of the other natural disasters playing out? >> yeah. i mean you're really seeing people of talk about climate.
12:47 pm
but you're also seeing the president expressing disappointment he didn't make immigration or gun control or the minimum wage the top priority. that he's put it all on this spending plan. as you know, he needs both democrats and republicans on these spending plans. he needs republicans to get onboard on this infrastructure plan. he doesn't have the ten votes he needs currently. and, of course, he needs democrats to get onboard on this plan to reconciliation plan, the plan that he's going to go ahead with without republican support. he's got a lot of balancing here. he needs members of both parties. of as the months have gone on, you've seen progressives as just indicated. getting really frustrated that the majority -- democrats have the majority but they haven't been able to push through some of these priorities. >> anna, on thursday the house laid down a framework for a five-year, $750 billion transportation and drinking
12:48 pm
water bill as leaders see as a baseline, i guess, for talks with the senate about the broader topic of infrastructure. how does this vision contrast the senate bipartisan compromise that the president has embraced and is it possible even to find a way that they could melt together into one? >> listen, for democrats it was one of the things that speaker pelosi prom was going to do a s transportation bill by july 4th. they got that done. the chairman of be the languagee june pinnings for what goes forward. i think that is unlikely in terms of size, in terms of scope. you're going to see things contract quite a bit when it comes to the senate and what can actually get passed when you look at the facts. they're going to need the ten republicans and so even joe manchin and these others would not go for such a large bill. but certainly was one step in
12:49 pm
the multistep process. they are gone now for the next couple of weeks. and so we're going to see what the actual framework, what the language is. that's why all of us are really watching for this in the next step forward of where does this process for infrastructure go next? >> all right. thank you both. greatly appreciate the political week look ahead. some americans are out in record numbers this holiday weekend. coming up, we're live near mount rush more where the areas around the national parks are being inundated and businesses are struggling to keep up. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." you're watching "aymann reports. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today. struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes was knocking me out of my zone, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic®
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after a year spent apart, many americans hit the roads. in south dakota crowds gathered around mt. rushmore for family vocations leaving restaurants and hotels completely booked. despite big business some places are struggling to keep up with the surge this demand. joining us now our good friend and in-house tourism expert cal perry. always finds the plush
12:54 pm
assignments to visit this country's national monuments and parks. tell us what you're hearing about how the summer season starting off. >> reporter: business is up 157% in the town of keystone which is in the shadow of mt. rushmore from this year compared to last year. the national parks back to their levels of 2017-2018. as you said so many people take that go great american road trip. if you leave here now, you can be here in nine days. one of the concerns is labor. it's hard to find seasonal workers. take a listen. >> our biggest challenge by far is employment. custer in particular we have 1,800 people in our small community. we see over a million travelers come through here every season. it's really hard to find at our seasonal properties, five of the six that we operate are seasonal. we utilize the h2b program which
12:55 pm
was trying this year and last year with covid. it came with its own problems with travel. it's been all hands on deck. >> reporter: because of that labor shortage we're seeing a couple things. businesses that may be open 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. are closing early, 6:00 p.m., for example. a lot of restaurants are shutting because they don't have the workers. people are being creative about how to attract workforce. they are offering free housing. in fact, the custer hospitality group owns a number of properties around the state. they bought a nearby hotel to house people in. as you heard there, it is a seasonal problem. depending on the delta variant, what happens in the coming months and into next season. some of the businesses are booked for the next year, ayman. >> do you get a sense from the people, the tourists you're speaking to there, is there a sense of frustration about the
12:56 pm
service? are they happy with the way things are given the fact people are coming out after a year's long pandemic where things were shut down? what's the general mood among the tourists you're speaking to? >> reporter: more often than not people are just happy to be out and they're willing to deal with the difficulties, the long lines, the flight delays, the hotels booked and overbooked. a lot of people moving to rvs. there was disappoint here about the fireworks. now the south dakota governor has made a big political issue of this. there was a high fire danger. out of town tourists a little bit sad about. >> let's encourage everyone to be patient as the country reopens. cal perry, you may want to pick up one of the meditation books at the stand behind you. if you don't mind. >> reporter: it's because you know me well. >> good to see you, my friend. safe travels. that wraps up these two hours for me. i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. omorrow. did you know that your toughest cleaning problems can be caused by hard water metals?
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you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. hello and welcome to "deadline white house." today we start with this telling quote. didn't pay taxes. that's how donald trump this weekend tried to describe the tax fraud scheme that the trump organization is purported to have orchestrated for the last -- >> they go after good, hard-working people for not paying taxes on a company car. you didn't pay taxes on the car.
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or a company apartment. you used anrt


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