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tv   MSNBC Reports  MSNBC  July 5, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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hunt. we're watching the rescue effort in surfside, florida. search efforts had to pause while the remaining building was demolished last night. they say it could speed up the process because they sflou more access to the site. >> they really believe they will be able to make identifications, that they can accelerate now that they have access so that because because it had been inaccessible and there was likely a lot of people who were sleeping at that time unfortunately in that part of it. >> at the same time, florida's residents are bracing for tropical storm elsa turning off of the coast of cuba. vaughn hilliard is in surfside, florida for us and sam brock is
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in key west. vaughn, met he will start with you in surfside. what more do we know now about where things stand and where does the operation go after the demolition? >> that is right, the hope here is that the process of recovery can accelerate. they're still calling this a rescue mission essentially. they're not going to be the ones that extinguish the hope here for families. the same part is they now have access to that particular part of the building that was still standing. they're encouraged by the fact they're now able to access more easily that area because there was concern they could dismantle part of the rubble and part of that existing building that could have lead to that other tower collapsing right there on the rubble site. you see that video of that
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demolition with a successful implosion, that stayed in that defined area there. in it those crews ever since early this morning, they have been back out there. we know that since then three more individuals bodies were recovered, but 118 more. i was just talking with my colleague, we're kind of tag teaming it right here. she just finished having a conversation with one of the florida task force captains that say they're going bedroom by bedroom. and because people were leaving there in the middle of the night, they're getting a better idea of where the families and individuals will be located and they're going through each part of that building there trying room by room, layer by layer, to identify and find these individuals. >> so difficult if you're a survivor about your home going
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up in smoke there. what about the storm that is bearing down on florida. sounds like surfside is not getting the worst of it, but it still impacts the rescue efforts. >> correct two be frank there is no good news here other than last night the demolition going as planned, and this news that there is initially concerns of 40 to 60 miles per hour winds coming in here. they knock down that existing tower, but now the governor revoking the emergency declaration from miami-dade county. we have seen that storm move west where sam is more in the heart of now. but here there winds at 85 miles per hours and it was one feared. >> thank you for that. sam brock, let me go to you now. you're in key west, the first
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hurricane of the atlanta season has now been weakened and it seems to be steering away from surf side. it doesn't mean that others are not very concerned. what is unfolding where you are in key west? >> it is a pretty large chunk. it will be subject to the effects in elsa. as for about an hour about it was sunny, there was people out here on the beach, and you can see on my shoulder there is still folks out there on the peer and we're expecting somewhere in the range of two to four inches of rain. and once to two feet of storm surge nap is not the kind of dangerous conditions we seen before. in fact the county administrator says those in mobile homes, rvs, or living on boats to flee and get to some place safer.
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we're expecting conditions to deteriorate in the next several hours. the bigger concern is you walk around key west, they're out waiting for lunch or breakfast yesterday. the southern most point which is a giant buoy. they are here and they may not be able to get back out for the next couple days. they are driving on the highways at gridlock, and i was there a few minutes ago. one woman says the flight was canceled because of a mistake and they can't get her out on another flight and she is stuck here. she says look i have never been through a hurricane or tropical
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storm and i'm worried that i is will have to go thereth another one now. that said, it's a tropical storm, a 65 miles per hour sustained winds. maybe that will weaken or strengthen a little bit. and in the florida straight here, but we have seen what this can do as a hurricane. there was three people killed. the walls collapsed on a 15-year-old boy and a 75-year-old woman. so three deaths that we know of. certainly there is danger. we hope that people in cuba are okay, but they had to evacuate 185,000 people. a storm that is headed just a southern portion of cuba right now and it is coming next and everyone is paying very close attention. >> there is basically one road that is just two lanes and the idea of everyone trying to get
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out on that one road is definitely a hairy proposition. thank you for starting us off with your reporting. we appreciate it. for more on the rescue effort on surfside is the commander of the idf rescue delegation working in surfside. i have been listening to so many people who are hoping and praying. can you help us understand the demolition process that we saw last night? what are crews able to get to now? that they weren't able to access before? >> it is very simple. we could not reach a very wide perimeter because of the
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unstabilized building that is sort of about to collapse on our head. once it is down, we could get access to many apartments. four apartments, ten apartments that nobody touched them until tonight. so, sir, at what point. i know your team is considered a team of experts. you have done a lot of this time of work. i flow are so many family pe, and i know that this is called a search and rescue mission. but it has been 12 days. at what point does it become a recovery mission?
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the demolition faze means that nobody is alive and you cannot find anyone. this is demolition. what we're doing right now is using heavy machines to find those people. so they operating heavy machines to get to the floors that we cannot reach them as fast as we want to but only by those machines. so we're working a lot with heavy machines, but it's very simple. we're doing it to get the
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missing people as fast as possible. they are doing it very respectfully. all of the task forces from pennsylvania, ohio, new jersey, from all over the place, we feel very honored to work side by side. >> so, sir, you said this morning the chances that you will find someone alive is pretty close to zero. how do you keep the faith in the work you're doing and that it won't be in vain? >> we're looking for people.
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okay? for human beings. not bodies, not corpses, for people. mothers, fathers, sisters, grandmothers. we found them, we're treating them very gently. very respectfully, and we will keep trying to find them. as fast as possible. and if we find them alive it will be a miracle. if not we will hug them and send them back to their families. this is our job. >> i know there are so many, so many of those family that's are just so grateful for all of the hard and difficult work that you're doing. colonel, thank you for your
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welcome back, the u.s. just got closer to a full withdrawal from the bagram airport. sky news alex crawford travelled with the taliban to see their operations firsthand. >> thigh are on the march, and gaining territory at an astonishing rate. they want to show how strong they are. the departure of the bulk of the
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american and other nato forces have emboldened them. one commander told me they work alongside the other groups in government 37. >> as a true afghan, they are the ones who are killing people and are corrupt and are thieves. we would never work with them. >> they want to show us that treasure-trove of mill riches they seized with it. >> many of these boxes supplied by the meshes were not even opened before the taliban got hold of them.
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>> reporter: can anyone bereave the taliban wants peace with all of these weapons? >> most of the time we rely on allah. the government doesn't want peace with us. >> that was sky news alex crawford. for more on this i'm joined by kevin barron, the executive editor of defense one. thank you for spending part of the day here with us in is a pretty dramatic situation. i think there was a lot of concern that something like this would happen with the u.s. withdraw, but what's your sense? is it going faster than officials thought it might? >> it seem it's is faster and the worst case scenario. if you were a critic of the withdrawal, especially. there was a lot of voices in the
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middle. a lot from the national security establishment in this country that were not in favor. they worry that this is exactly what we would see. the government getting weaker, what the supporters just showed us as welcoming on the way. >> what are the potential consequences here. general miller had this warning last we're. he said his civil war is a path to be visualized. what are the potential ramifications if afghanistan descends into civil war. >> the warning is that afghanistan might go back to the way it was before 9/11. before all of this started. and that it becomes a safe haven
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for terrorism. worst case scenario it is against the united states homeland or before that against europe. that long ago we were seeing waves of bombings that were all inspired by isis. so we worry that it is a isis all over again. isis was able to gain steam in syria, going into iraq as it melted before their eyes. they're seeing that in afghanistan. strategically in the long term the argument has been look, there was no immediate threat to the american homeland any more. that it is has been 20 years. and we realize that we had a couple combat deaths in the last
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couple years and it's their fight to have. the calculus that the united states can pull the military out mostly, sit back from affair, and if needed go back in and help that is really what is on the table. a lot of us are waiting for the administration to tell us what they're going to do. the pentagon said they're coming up with a plan for how to do over the horizon attacks, whatever else needs to be done. and in the meantime we had an announcement that 65 troops were being pulled out. i think there is a big gap between the reality on the ground and the rhetoric from the president and the pentagon. >> so the president got a little
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irritated when he was asked. >> is the draw down done in the next few days? >> no, we're on track exactly where we expect to do be. i'm not going to answer more questions on afghanistan. >> i'm concerned, i'll answer next week. it's the holiday weekend, i'm going to celebrate it, there is great things happening. >> that is a pretty tough question based on his reaction. >> not a good look. he took a lot of criticism for that. all we focus on is the president saying i'm not going to answer any more questions about afghanistan. i don't think we're challenging the president's commitment to the troops. he is the father of one. or to his plan in the war, but the fact that there was rumors
10:24 am
that they might have more information, and the number one most important base in the country, we're getting in and out for running counterterrorism missions. last time i was at bagram was in 2018 when they were selling these matches. there was some that said bagram, too, seems like that was a long time ago. >> i will say i have known a lot of people and know a lot of people that left a lot on the line or put everything on the line in afghanistan. it is astonishing to watch those and think that we're no longer there any more. thank you for being with us on this july 4th observed holiday. we appreciate your reporting. coming up, a larger than
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january 6th riot could, potentially, call one very big witness. former president trump. here is what james clyburn said about it sunday on cnn. >> former president trump should testify? >> if it comes to that, they should go where the facts lead. they may be able to get what they want and need without him testifying. i would not want to see a former president testify in a situation like, but if that's what it takes, they what they should do for this country. joining me now is garrett haake. it is good to see you as always. let's be real here. former president trump and his allies essentially denied every single request that congress made. for the most part, i may be
10:30 am
forgetting about some things, but for the most part if they were subpoenaed or they tried to bring them in front of a committee, they said no. i don't see how they would force donald trump to testify. what's your take? >> i agree. i think it is possible but unlikely that donald trump could eventually testify in front of the committee, but that is one of the reasons. think about the don mcgann testimony. just to get the heavily limited closed door deposition from a presidential lawyer. the idea of bringing a former president down here. he will not show up if you send a nice letter to bed minister so i think it is unlikely on that end. you also heard the congressman elude to this a little bit. i'm not sure this is a precedent that democrats want to set.
10:31 am
that you're going to haul former presidents down to testify if there is another way to get that information. there is former aides. there is documentation, and there is a lot that involves what was happening at the white house that has not been explored that has presidential powers, questions, and logisticslogisti. you could set them aside and deal with this, potentially, in another way. yeah, i mean i heard him saying there -- i think you're right to under score that. we would probably prefer not to do it that way, but he didn't seem to want to slam the door. that was kind of how i read it. garrett, thank you my friend. i appreciate having you here today. let's bring in our panel next. victoria francisco de soto. and former press secretary to john boehner, and harry
10:32 am
lipman. it's good to have you all on board. brendan, i want to start with you because right now liz cheney is the only republican on the committee, and of course we heard what kevin mccarthy had to say about that before she accepted nancy pelosi's appointment to that committee. we're not sure quite yet if kevin mccarthy is going to put more republicans on the committee or decide not to participate. from what i can tell, from the conversations i had. it seems like they're leaning towards participating, it's more like what kinds of republicans will we see on the panel. how do you think it will impact the proceedings if republicans decide to participate versus boycott. >> i think they will name a republican to the panel. i think prior to liz cheney being named, they were not. i think there was an effort to
10:33 am
delegitimize it. i think he will now put members on. i think basically the biggest thing they're looking for is who can run interference for trump. this committee is going to be run by democrats. so democrats will be in charge of the proceedings and what happens. you're do going to be looking for brawlers that could really fight. and saying that this is a partisan exercise, it's purely political, and they will talk about it being delegitimat they don't want to leave the democrats to run the inquiry. >> one name to really lookout for is jim jordan because is is one of the people that served in the role, repeatedly and he has
10:34 am
a lot of practice doing it. victoria republicans blocked the bipartisan commission in the senate. that set up a situation where we have a process that is inherently more partisan. that is just the nature of it. but it's clear that the speaker wants to try to make this as bipartisan as possible as evidenced by cheney's appointment there to give them a full accounting of this day. it's not going to be easy. there is a lot of people that prejudged what this committee will find. what other steps could the speaker take to try and give them the credbility with the widest swath of the american public. >> i wish i could be more optimistic, but it is not going to be as much forward movement in this bipartisan investigation. i agree with my former colleague here saying that there is likely
10:35 am
going to be additional republicans put on the committee. but what i have been watching over the last couple days, especially the last couple weeks, is now donald trump has become more public again. we saw the rally in florida earlier during the holiday weekend where we saw him not just goi thing that's are happening in terms of january 6th and the trump organization, but also establishing an offense saying there should be an investigation into ashley bobbitt that was fatally shot by capitol police. so it will be a big deal on the front and in the congress where you have the republican brawlers that are likely going to be put on the committee and at the same time in the court of public opinion where we have a donald trump reemerging. i think it will be especially
10:36 am
hard giveen the re-emergence of trump. >> i'm glad you mentioned that, we saw the president potentially incriminate himself. he slammed prosecutors over the indictments of the trump organization and their chief financial officer. we'll show you what we said and then we'll talk about it. >> ghie after good hard working people over not paying taxes on a company car. or a company apartment. you used an apartment because you needed an apartment because you have to travel too far from where your house is. you didn't pay tax, or education for your grandchildren. do you have to, does anyone know the answer to that stuff? but they indict people for that
10:37 am
about whether or not people in that crowd feel like it's normal to have a company car, send kids to fancy schools, or have an apartment on the side. let's talk about the legal implications. he is saying i did all of these things, what's young with them? what's your take? >> exactly, three quarters of an admission. prosecutors would love this, normal fringe benefits. paying for grandchildren's schooling and also for someone's wives car. they charged a whole fraud scheme here, not occasional collapses. and he has talked way too much. he could come here, and just one brief thing about the 1-6 commission. he is citizen trump now he can't
10:38 am
make the same claims and interestingly it's the biden white house that determines their legitimacy. i agree we won't see it because he will do any shameless maneuver to tie up the courts for a couple years. the circus will come to town. it will not happen here, just because they will be brazen in tieing up the courts and stalling for sufficient time. >> i'm very glad you mentioned that, it's a very good point, i forgot about reagan's testimony. there is is some precedence there. victoria, harry, brandon, thank you for being here this afternoon. the white house is celebrating progress made in the fight against covid, but how do they plan to convince
10:39 am
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today, we're closer than ever from declaring our independence against a deadly virus. that's not to say the battle against covid-19 is over. we have a lot more work to do. president biden's 4th of july speech celebrated the progress that we have made since the 4th of july. the delta variant is spreading and vaccination numbers are slowing down. mike memoli is tracking this from the white house, and cal perry has been at mount rushmore talking to americans traveling for the 4th but holding out on the vaccine. mike, the white house just short of their 70% goal at 67%. what do they see as the best way
10:44 am
to convince those holdouts to get their shots? and how do they see what they can contribute in trying to convince people. >> the white house recognized several weeks ago that it would not hit that 70% single dose vaccination goal. what i heard was pointing back a few months earlier. in march the president said maybe if everyone masked up and did get the vaccine we could have small limited backyard barbecues. so that was sort of the larger framing, but you did hear in the president's remarks the sort of enthusiasm that might have liked to have brought to this occasion tempered by the fact that the delta variant is still a very real concern. polling indicates that the population that remains unvaccinated is very hesitant
10:45 am
and seemingly dead set against getting the vaccine. the white house and the surge teams are dealing with the increasing prevalence. one of the things that i saw was the national cherry festival. the large scale gatherings, you're seeing pop up vaccinations. the first lady was at a houston astros game. she was impressed how many people were taking advantage of the pop up vaccination sites. so that is part of the strategy, but the president will be speaking again tomorrow about this. p it is not an indication of what they can fully put in the rearview mirror. >> of course, and i have to say i'm so jealous you got to go to the cherry festival. it is amazing. one of my favorite places in america. and kevin, you're in a place that i have never been but i have always want today go.
10:46 am
they have a tough road to hoe and it is still extremely important. what are the reasons for getting or not getting the vaccine? >> i think mike nailed it. i will put it in terms of voters. i don't know if there is any more undecideds out there. people have made up their mind. people said i want to see how the vaccine is rolling out. i'm worried the technology came out too quickly. and now people are saying i'm just not going to get it, take a listen. >> i told them that i will take it on the way to the cemetery in about 15 or 20 years. >> i don't think it is safe. >> you want to give it more time. >> i have an immune system. >> i had covid, i recovered. i figure that is the best immunity you can get. >> i kissed her on the mouth the whole time and i didn't get it. >> we have seen the polling on this. south dakota is a republican state. a lot of people we spoke to said
10:47 am
they came here because it is open, there is no mask mandates, and there is a freedom to be around and be outside. the issue is really going to be down the road. 157% year over year. they could be going into lock downs. and certainly they're going to fight that tooth and nail, kaci. >> cal, you win the holiday of july 4th live shot award. with all of mount rushmore behind you. thank you for being with us today. meanwhile one big change as more americans get vaccinated, hospitals are urging strict visitation policies. some doctors that want process to move even faster. dr. vin gupta has been working on the front lines throughout the pandemic and he has more on
10:48 am
the story. >> as hospitals reopen to visitors again, a hodgepodge of visit teenage policies is causing confusion and frustration. >> they say you can go in there safely, why can't i. and i had to say i don't have an explanation. i don't know. doctors are hearing how family visits impact the health of patients. family visits lowered risks by about 30%. >> families are not a luxury in care and they're not an accessory. they're absolutely part of the treatment plan. part of our prescription for healing is having family at bedside. >> a 20-year-old covid patient did not have his mom allowed in
10:49 am
the room. she could sit outside of his room, but only for two hours a day. >> if they're in that bed can they hear me? >> they can't hear you, but they also miss the touch and the eye contact. so standing here, outside of this room, you might as well be on mars. >> what about the role of technology? can televisits be the solution? >> there's no doubt in my mind that we need to use these moving forward for people that want to meet with a loved one in another country or state who can't goat them quickly enough. but i don't want it to be a crutch or a substitute when we could have the families in the room. >> once reunited for mother and son the difference was clear. >> having the emotional boost of a particular face that i could actually touch and not just see on a screen, i'm fairly certain it helped me get out of there a whole lot faster. >> many experts are calling on
10:50 am
the government to set national standards for visits to be safer, less restricted, and more fair. >> scientifically we know how to do this. to me it is completely inappropriate anti-medicine, and a threat to the dignity of humans. >> to your point, this is a risk factor fordeath? >> i think it is. >> and our thanks to msnbc's dr. vin gupta for the report. meanwhile, as america celebrates the anniversary of our independence, former president jimmy carter and his wife rosalyn are getting ready to celebrate 75 years of the union. look at that, the longest married presidential couple in american history. in an interview the former president said that they have had a full partnership over the 75 years, and he has often said that marrying his wife is the most important decision he ever made. if anyone is going to listen to marriage advice from, it is those two. all right. now the story, fans and
10:51 am
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welcome back. fans across the country want to see sprinter sha'carri richardson back on the track after she accepted a 30-day suspension from her sport. 18 days out from the tokyo olympics. richardson had tested positivity for marijuana, but many fans are calling for her to be reinstated and asked why the drug is panned -- banned at all. kathy park has more. >> sha'carri richardson breaking her silence about competing in the game. tweeting, "i'm sorry i can't be all olympic this year, but i promise to be the world champ next year." the 21-year-old accepting a one-month suspension after testing positive for marijuana. she turned heads after her style and speed in the 100-meter dash last month. in an exclusive interview on
10:56 am
"today" she said she used marijuana to cope with the death of her biological mother after learning and it from a reporter. >> i know what i am supposed to do and not allowed to do, and i still made that decision. not making an excuse. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands now signing and online petition to allow her to run. hundreds of thousands coming her to defense, and actor seth rogen said, if weed made you fast, i'd be flo-jo. >> and i am proud of her. >> and controversy is for the backlash of banning swim caps for hair designed for black
10:57 am
hair, soul cap. ho do we achieve representation in the world of competition if swimwear is banned, and fina said they were recognizing the importance of inclusivity and representation. >> our thanks to nbc's kathy park for that report. all right. that's it for me today, and thank you so much for joining us for the past hour. don't go anywhere, because ayman mohyeldin is going to pick up the coverage after the break. and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪ age is just a number.
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1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. good afternoon, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin in new york. and the surfside, florida, search resumes after 118 people are still missing after the champlaine, condo collapsed. the south tower collapsed out of concern for another collapse of that building. the miami-dade mayor spoke to my colleagues this morning on the
11:01 am
"today" sho


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