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tv   Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt  MSNBC  July 5, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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and today we see the results of the unity of purpose, for together, we're beating the virus. together, we're breeding life into our economy. together, we will rescue our people from division and despair. but, together, we must do it. over the past year, we've lived through some of our darkest days. now i truly believe, i give my word as a biden, i naturally believe we're about to see our
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brightest future. >> president biden celebrates the fourth of july as a day where we're nearing independence from the deadly pandemic. as the nation misses the president's vaccination goal, the question is how is the white house preparing for its next covid challenges. plus, the latest from florida as a part of the surfside condo that collapsed has been demolished ahead of a tropical storm. the question is what does it mean for families still looking for answers. and new report tong issues republicans play to push as they try to seize control of congress. the question is the surge of violent crime the message for them? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning. it's "way too early," i'm kasie.
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a look at the surf side condo that was demolished overnight. wow, it mapped overnight. the worry was the rest of the tower south would come down on its own. >> bringing the building down in a controlled manner is critical to expanding our scope of search a use know, in the pile, and allowing us to search closest to the building which currently has not been accessible to the teams given the great risk to our first responders due to tin stability of the building. >> demolishing the rest of the condo was sped up due to a tropical storm that could hit surfside as early as this afternoon. 121 people remain missing 12 days after the building collapsed.
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24 people are confirmed to have died. families of loved ones still unaccounted for, they hope that now that the building has come down, they can move through the rubble and provide difficult answers. meanwhile president biden celebrated the fourth of july on the south lawn of the white house, what he called the summer of fro dom as he spoke about the nation's progress against covid-19. >> this year the fourth of july is a day of special sep bracing for we are emerging from the darkness of years, a year of pandemic and isolation, a year of pain and heartbreaking loss. just think back to where this nation was a year ago. think back to where you were a yearing a, and think about how
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far you've come from silent streets to crowded parade routes lined with people waving american flags, from empty stadiums and arenas to fans back in their seats cheering together again, from famiies pressing hands against a window to grandparents hugging their grandchildren once again we're back tos by again, we're seeing wreck cord economic growth t best in four decades, and i might add the best in the world. >> don't get me wrong. covid-19 has not been vanquished. we all know powerful variants have emerged like the delta variant, but the best defense against these variants, to get
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vaccinated. my fellow americans, it's the most patriotic thing you can do. police, if you have not got vaccinated, do it now. do it for yourself, your loved ones, for your community, and for your country. >> the nation has fallen just short of its goaltend of getting 70% of americans vaccinated by the fourth of july. more than 172 million adults have been vaccinated. that's about 67% of the country. meanwhile in recent weeks the department of justice has arrested a slew of capitol rioters in fr. a new category, attacks on journalists during capitol riot. the first arrest came last week. a man was seen on video knocking down a cameraman.
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on thursday fbi agents arrested a virginia man for allegedly destroying equipment. he smashed their gear outside the capitol and bragged about it in a text to fraend. there are no specific laws for attacking a journalist, so the doj is charge them with damaging equipment on capitol grounds. more charges are expected to be filed. meanwhile the house voted last week to create a committee to investigation the insurrection on capitol hill. jim clyburn said former president trump may be called to testify before the panel. >> do you think former president trump should testify? >> wherever the facts lead, they should be able to get what they want and need without him testifying. i would not want to see a former
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president testify in such a situation as this, but if that's what it takes, you know, to get to the bottom of this, because this is more than one person. this is the country. >> meanwhile republicans nationwide have unified around one issue as they gear up for a midterm fight that will determine control of congress. they're focusing on crime. gop operatives are centering their midterm message on rise in crime rates and defunding police. nbc news reports that a lack of clarity on where they stand on policing resulted in the result they received. 50% see crime as a very serious problem in the united states. joining us now, congressional reporter for politico, niholas wu.
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nicholas, it's great to have you here. thanks for getting up so early after the late fourth of july night celebrations. i want to spin back to the the possibility of president trump testifying. i mean, what do we know about how this is going to unfold? we talked about the benghazi select committee meeting. what is your latest reporting on how this is going to proceed? >> right. well, the very first hearing they're going to have is going to strike a slightly different tone. chairman benie thompson told us last week he wants to hold a hearing where the members of the capitol police will talk about their experience on january 6th, where many officers were injured, beaten by protesters, and are still dealing with the long-term psychological trauma of that day. but moving on from that, he and other top democrats have repeatedly declined to rule out calling people like former
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president trump or even former leader kevin mccarthy to testify about what happened that day and this could shed some light on exactly what happened. it's worth noting. you mentioned the benghazi committee hearing earlier that former secretary of state hillary clinton did, in fact, come and testify before the benghazi committee in 2015. so there is some sort of precedent for high-profile figures coming to testify before this kind of select committee. >> right. hours and hours in front of the committee at that time. so, nicholas, let's talk for a second about how it's going to work in terms of republicans because to continue the benghazi comparison, there was perhaps a sense of democrats and refusing to participate. ultimately they decided, no, they wanted seats in the room. obviously liz cheney has accepted a seat from the house
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speaker burkes what do we know about where kevin mccarthy is on this, who he might want to have on this panel if they are, in fact, going to participate, especially considering that he personally perhaps stands to lose a lot if more information about this day is revealed publicly. >> absolutely. mccarthy has held his cards close on what he plans to do about it. he dodged questions last week when members were in town. he did not make an announcement about it when he said he would. the views are rather strong. if republicans don't take part, this really could be something that democrats could use to drive the narrative on their own. so as a result. there's some sort of balance to be struck here between acquainting more incendiary
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republicans that dmitri carats might object to like marjorie taylor greene or matt gaetz or even-keeled members who could take things to bat. >> politico's nick loll wu, thank you for getting up early with us. dr. fauci is worried about the pandemic leading to two americans. and elsa is bringing heavy rain to the caribbean, and we're tracking where the storm is headed next. we'll be back with much more. wee
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welcome back. the governor of florida has issued a state of emergency as tropical storm elsa has closed in. it's battered parts of the caribbean and parts of florida.
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let's go to meteorologist janessa webb. good morning. scary stuff down there. what do we see? >> yeah, kasie. you know, this storm system is maintaining its integrity right now. we're just getting our latest updates, and we're seeing wind-speeds really starting to increase and the storm is really starting to come together. with this storm we will have two landfalls, one for cuba, which will happen later on this afternoon, and then that flooding rain is really possible across that area. this is a high terrain area, mountainous airy, so hopefully this storm starts to break apart just a little bit. but the problem is it will go back into the gulf, and that's where we're going to see the warm water and a turn toward florida keys. right now, 65-mile-per-hour winds. this is the latest track. look how the cone of uncertainty has really started to decrease? we're definitely going to see impacts across the florida keyes
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into southwest florida. the timing goes tuesday. overnight we'll see wind gusts continue to pick up. these are low lying areas, so the storm surge is really going to be an issue. then we'll watch another landfall potential overnight wednesday going into your thursday. we're going to be losing some movement with this storm and it continues all the way into the carolina coast into parts of west virginia as well. then it makes its way offshore. so we do have hurricane warnings that are currently in place across central cuba into that area, southwest cuba as well, and then look at this. these alerts, they spread across the keys into southwest florida. expect in the next 12 hours, kasie, these to change into tropical storm warnings. >> all right. be careful out there. janessa webb, thanks for being out there this morning. we really appreciate it. let's go over america's fast
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east woman. she was suspended for marijuana use, and while she can find her way on the u.s. olympic team, there are questions. nbc's matt bradley has that story. >> reporter: a call for compassion for a lead athlete. >> i am human. i happen to run a little faster. >> reporter: after the american sprinter was suspended for a month and may miss the olympics for using marijuana, she said to cope with the death of her biological mother. >> blinded by emotions, blinded by blinding hurt. >> reporter: in an exclusive with samantha guthrie, she apologized. even president biden weighing in. >> i was really proud of the way she responded. >> reporter: her dreams might
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not be other. a decision is expect ned day on wherever she can run one leg, but the team said they're focusing instead on her mental health. they say we have not focused the relay. i don't want her hopes to be dashed. it's sparked a conversation about the humanity of superhuman athletes. her fans said let her run. patrick mahomes said this is so trash. these days mental health particularly for athletes has been in the news. michael phelps struggled with mental health issues for years and naomi osaka skipped a press conference citing anxiety and depression, but her decision came at a huge cost. she was fined $15,000 before she withdrew from the tournament. it beat sky-high expectations where some say she should get a
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second look. >> we expect these extraordinary athletes to be superhuman and to be extraordinary in other elements of their life, but the pressure and the toll that that takes on athletes themselves can sometimes be extraordinary as well. >> reporter: a call to reform sports to make psychology a part of success. still ahead, former president trump appears to acknowledge some of the tax schemes alleged by prosecutors even as he tries to claim the charges are a political attack. we'll be back in just a moment. t , and undeniably sleek. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you. washed your hands a lot today? probably like 40 times. hands feel dry? like sandpaper. introducing new dove handwash, with 5 x moisturizer blend. removes germs in seconds, moisturizes for hours. soft, smooth. new dove handwash.
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the instant air purifier removes 99.9% of the virus that causes covid-19 from treated air. so you can breathe easier, knowing that you and your family have added protection. ♪ ♪ we're getting a closer look. in documents filed in the supreme court last week, the state claims they've spent years paying allen weisselberg off the
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books, cars, partments, tuition payments all off the books. they treated the spread sheets as the accounting equivalent of a confession. he paid over $900,000 in taxes. at his rally in sarasota over the weekend the former president railed against the indictment and some say he may have incriminated himself in the process. >> they go after good hard-working people for not paying taxes on the company car. you didn't pay taxes on a company car or company apartment. you need an apartment because you have to travel too far from where your house is and you didn't pay tax or education for your grandchildren. i don't know. do you -- does anybody know the answer to that stuff, okay?
2:24 am
but they indict people for that. think of how unfair it is. never before has new york city and their prosecutors or perhaps any prosecutors criminally charged a company or person for fringe benefits. fringe benefits. murder's okay. human trafficking, no problem. but fringe benefits, you can't do that. >> okay. meanwhile as arizona's largest county undergoes yet another review of the 2020 election, new reviews shows the trump white house pressured them to stop the certification of joe biden's win in that state. on january 3rd, the chairman of the republican committee said he was given a call and he didn't return the call because he was afraid trump would pressure him to change the results. this is after a phone call with
2:25 am
georgia state's rat listate's. he said maybe there maybe a nice way to this is utterly unsurprising but let's not forget how outside of the norms that behavior is. >>dent biden celebrated america coming back together even as the delta variant causes cases to spike across the country. dr. vanita patel joins me. before we go to break, tell us, why are you awake? email us or tweet me and we'll read some of our favorite answers coming up later on in the show. r on in the show versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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early." it's 5:30 on the east coast and 2:30 on the west coast. i'm kasie hunt. figures from the cdc show about 67% of americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine. cases and deaths are at record lows but more than 200 americans die every day from covid-19. pockets of the country remain largely unvaccinated and there's
2:30 am
still work to be done to encourage more americans to get their shots. during an interview on "meet the press," dr. fauci was asked a question and issued a warning about regional disparities in vaccination rates. watch. >> we're going to see as i said in almost two types of america, those areas of america that are highly vaccinated and we have a low rate of infection, and in some places, some cities, some our yas is low area is low and the variant is high. that's where we're going to see the spikes. >> 62% of americans say they approve the performance, but while a majority gave biden good grades, 60% of republicans say they disapproved.
2:31 am
republicans were the outlier on vaccinations while 69% of all respondents said they had planned to get vaccinated, 40% of republicans said they probably already definitely will not get vaccinated. joining us, shannon pettypiece and dr. thank you both for being with us early this morning. this vaccin goal. they had set it at 70%. came pretty close with 67%, but it does seem that now things have gotten harder and harder as the issues have -- those, i would say, who are excited and were first in line for vaccines were finished with that phase and the challenge has reached those folks who said no. what does that say about the white house going from here?
2:32 am
>> the administration acknowledges they've gotten past the eager doctors and low hanging fruit. they've also gotten past a lot of the people who wanted the vaccine, they weren't opposed to it. but they had. gotten around to getting it. it wasn't convenient. and now it's reaching into this last group and you can see in the poll numbers, 30% of the people by that poll that say they just won't get it. they're not suggesting there's any new levers they have to pull or any new strategy they're going to try to pull out but more of continuing do what they've been doing, which is try and get information out there to people, try to make the vaccine more available, try and offer more incentives than just chip, chip, chip away at these people, in a way, almost like a political campaign or trying to get people to register to vote, and it is a low long process and that's what they're anticipating. the president as you mentioned
2:33 am
did fall short of his goals oufrm calculations as we look at the data shows they'll probably need that by the end of the month. about 3,000 people are getting vaccinated. but once they get to the 70% goal, the work is not done. they still see a large section of the population particularly because the 70% is spread uniformly across the country as you heard dr. fauci talking about there. >> shannon, when we thick about this from the perspective of politics, when president biden came into office, this was the top priority. what are they saying now? they phrase this as this is a day of freedom. do they see that in the data too? do they feel like they need to start demonstrating to americans that their focus on other things in addition to the pandemic? >> well, we have certainly seen publicly them starting to shift their focus toward other things, more away from the pandemic.
2:34 am
we don't have these daily coronavirus briefings or three-time-a-week briefings like we used to. the white house still has work to do, but they're taking a victory lap, trying to show that things are back to normal, talking about declaring our independence from the virus. there certainly is a sense that within the white house, they are moving on to other issues like infrastructure like we keep talking about, voting rights. we expect to see the president out there more on voting rights and less on the pandemic. at least compared to where they were at the very beginning month thofs when that was really the singular focus of the white house. >> right. it does seem we're on track with infrastructure year let alone infrastructure week. let's talk about dr. fauci where he told chuck we may be heading toward two americas because of
2:35 am
vaccination rates and particularly as it relates to the delta variant that we're seeing increasingly here. what impact do you see on those of us who are vaccinated, that there are these communities across the country where this variant is spreading because there is this vaccination resistance? >> yeah, kasie, look. i think the fact that you cited some of those polling statistics shows essentially why we're seeing two americas. i do think we're going to have these regional pockets of highly vaccinated people. it will be more like what's going on with this variant? unfortunately as dr. fauci referred to, we have hospitals full of covid. you have infrastructure on health care that's getting kind of demolished and toppled because of the rise in cases. i see where this plays out.
2:36 am
we'll have more and more people vaccinated. to shannon's point, it's highly likely in the fall where most of the country is vaccinated. where vaccinated individuals will see this play out is if we see emerging variants that potentially escape immunity, our three vaccines all have coverage against this current variant, but that means we'll see future variants. it could pose a risk to vaccinated people. and, of course, kasie, 50 million people where you have vaccinated adults and unvaccinated children as cases in children rise, we're going to be watching closely to see if those lead to more significant hospitalizations. that's how it's going to affect vaccinated people, vaccinated households and confidence come fall. >> i'm glad you brought up kids because we're now july 4th, kids are headed back to school in two months or so. what's the latest in terms of
2:37 am
the approvals for younger children under 12? people are going to be going back to elementary schools hopefully, especially in this context where there are parents who are concerns that we're going to head into another round of absolute disaster in terms of scheduling and in and out of the classroom if we can't get that far. >> yeah. again, good news, all current manufacturers in the united states have various phases of the rye us have going on. so i think you're seeing a hope, one, we'll see a full approval for pfizer by the end of august. that's already on track. they've put in an application. right after that, you heard pfizer's ceo talk about putting in emergency authorizations for essentially all the age groups for under the age of 12 to about 2 years. i think we will see the fall start without mass vaccination
2:38 am
available for children but potentially select age groups by september or october. here's the conundrum. we know when the expansion of 12 to 16-year-olds was given, we know only a third received the vaccination. even i have caulked about concerns linked to inflammation of the heart and other side effects. this is one of those situations where i do not expect all children get vaccinated, but i'm hoping more adults get vaccinated by the fall to get that level of activity and less mutations at a much lower pace than what we're seeing. again, it depends on the world. our story in the united states is going to be dependent on that one. but i do have optimism by the end of the year, our kids will have an option for a vaccine. >> good news. all right, dr. kavita patel, dr. shannon pettypiece, thank you for being here on the official
2:39 am
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removes 99.9% of the virus that causes covid-19 from treated air. so you can breathe easier, knowing that you and your family have added protection. ♪ ♪ all right. welcome back. time now for something totally different. a new ad campaign has sparked much debate online pitting new york and ohio against one another. they're talking about large cities with low taxes and greater opportunity. they say your buildings are taller, our taxes are smaller, which did not sit well in the big apple. they fired back over the weekend saying, quote, a gloomy day in new york city is still better than a sunny day in cleveland. yikes.
2:43 am
and then they shared favorite scenic spots. my family is from michigan, so i'm not a big defender of ohio, but, my goodness. anyway, there's now -- now there's this. the oakland zoo in california is now vaccinating some animals against covid-19. bears, big cats, and ferrets are the first to receive the shots donated to the zoo. the company is donating vaccines to nearly 70 zoos across the country. zoo officials want to reduce the risk of spread of the virus. very interesting. and we're so happy about this story. former president jimmy carter and his wife ross lind will celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary this wednesday. they're the longest married couple in history. the former president told the a.p., quote, my biggest secret is to marry the right person if
2:44 am
you want to have a long-lasting american. he said every day there needs to be reconciliation and communication between the two spouses. we don't go to sleep with some remaining differences between us. rosalynn carter said they look for things of mutual interest. she had a caveat. each person should have space. that's really important. if you're going to take advice from anyone, a lovely pair who have made it work for 75 years. congratulations to the carters. still ahead, another ran some attack on u.s. companies. the question is whether russia is to blame. we're going to tell you what the president is saying about that. we'll be back in just a moment. we'll be back in just a moment
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michael mccaul is slamminging president biden for his decision to withdraw u.s. trooping from afghanistan saying the president will be responsible for the
2:48 am
actions of the taliban. >> we're going dark in afghanistan and there will be consequences at the end of this. at the end of the day, mike, when we fully withdraw t devastation and killings of women and humanitarian crisis, president biden is going to own these ugly images. >> biden announced in april by the fall the u.s. would withdraw nearly all of its troops from afghanistan after nearly 20 years there. the top u.s. general scott miller is warning of the possibility of a civil war in the region. >> you look at the security situation. it's not good. the afghans recognize it's not good. the taliban is on the move. we're starting to creation conditions that won't look good for the future of afghanistan if there's a push for a military takeover. >> all right. let's go now to this story. a ransomware attack has
2:49 am
threatened the networks of two u.s. companies and a russian group appears to be behind it. the software company is said to have been the target of the attack and experts think it could be the same hackers who shut down a meat company on memorial day. it's affecting corporate computer systems in 17 countries. the white house is encouraging countries affected to file a criminal complaint. during a summit in geneva last month, biden said he and president putin agreed to work together on things like these ransomware attacks. biden said he would speak to putin if marco rubio was, indeed, behind the attack. >> the fact of the matter is the intelligence community is doing a deep dive on what happen and i'll know better tomorrow, and if it is, either with the
2:50 am
knowledge of and/or a consequence of russia, then i told putin we will respond. >> have you already, sir? >> no, no. i haven't called yet because we're not certain. the initial thinking is it was e carson of indiana, meanwhile, is calling on congress to hold a series of hearings on reported ufo hearings following the release of the intelligence report. carson said the report was inconclusive but there have been at least 150 reported sightings. >> we have to look at natural phenomenon, weather balloons, drones, aircraft that we may not be able to understand at least most people may not be able to understand, but if it is other worldly, we have to take into account our advancements in terms of our cell phone technology and why aren't these
2:51 am
images captured. we have to think of the 4,000 satellites that are or bitting the earth right now, most have cameras attached to them. we still want to make sure that our adversaries don't have a technological edge on us but we can't rule out that 2% to 6% being something we can't explain, maybe other worldly. so my hope is that we will have a series of hearings and possibly a public hearing in the very near future. >> i am all for that. let's find out. i think we all want to know what is flying in the sky. earlier in the show we asked all of you, why are you awake? one viewer writes too many fourth of july water sports for this oklahoma boomer adding national news shifts the pain. toni tweets i'm up and can't sleep because fireworks are
2:52 am
still going off way too early in san juan. delores tweeted i'm up because of this guy, he was up chasing fireworks and now is hungry. coming up next here from allies to potential 2024 rivals? we'll look at the dynamics playing out between donald trump and florida governor ron desantis. on "morning joe," president biden said we're nearing independence from the pandemic but will those not vaccinated pose a challenge. but chrissy hula han joins the conversation. don't go anywhere. "morning joe" just moments away. . "morning joe" just moments away. no sugar. no pizza. no foods you love. stressed? no stress. exercise.
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they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. welcome back. there is a bright spotlight on florida governor, ron desantis as he leads his state through the aftermath of that condo collapse and the anticipated
2:56 am
storm elsa. he and president biden seemed to put issues aside when president biden visited last week. even praising president biden. over the weekend, the former president told desantis not to attend his fourth of july rally although he said it was a mutual decision that desantis stay in surfside. joining us mark caputo. thank you for getting up early with us. good to see you. this dynamic fascinating for me especially as desantis is rising on the stage as a potential 2024 contender. what is the behind the scenes dynamic between these two men right now? is there tension? >> best we can tell is most of the tension democrats hoping that tension is true and some of the folks from the inner circle who see desantis as a likely
2:57 am
presidential candidate who doesn't run but they don't see themselves on desantis' team. so it's almost wholly aligned to strange bedfellows where you have democrats and some trump-style republicans hoping to stoke the dissension. best we can tell there's no tension. desantis has been respectful of former president trump. trump on occasion does like to remind people, at least a bit subtly from what we understand, that he built desantis and the suggestion is he could tear him down as well. there's probably prove from that. the polling shows desantis is popular. in february i wrote he was emerging as a top tier candidate. i was interviewing republicans,
2:58 am
texas, california, new york and the midwest and all of them were talking desantis. and that buzz has only grown since then and obviously president trump is considering running for president. the if he does, i doubt ron desantis would run. my colleague wrote about how desantis was making sure not to anger the former president and so far he's going to remain true to that. >> it's the play to make if you want a future in this party. certainly many of the members of congress that i covered who were willing to criticize trump are out in the wilderness. it's interesting to watch desantis, when he was first elected governor, people were surprised, didn't take him seriously in the beginning, some of the things he said were too right wing or not in the main
2:59 am
stream. he has evolved. watching him with president biden and saying thank you is a very -- the way that he approached that, much more traditional way of doing things in a big, what has been, historically a swing state like florida and seems to acknowledge that he's growing in ways that understand he would need a broader appeal if he wanted to make a national bid. what's your take on how desantis is handling things and he has to lead the state through this awful collapse and the tropical weather. >> i don't know if he's changed but for those of us who observed him govern on the right wing, did surprise a lot of people here. >> mark caputo, thank you very much for getting up early with us this morning. we appreciate it. thanks to all of you for getting up "way too early" with us. we appreciate it.
3:00 am
don't go anywhere, "morning joe" starts now. today we see the results of the unity of purpose. for together we're beating the virus. together we're breathing life into our economy. together we will rescue our people from division and despair. but together we must do it. over the past year, we've lived through some of our darkest days. now i truly believe, i give my word as a biden, i truly believe we're about to see our brightest future. >> president biden leads the nation in a fourth of july celebration. touting it as a day where we are nearing independence from the deadly pandemic but as the delta variant spreads across the country is vaccine hesitancy creating two americas. plus the latest from florida as part of the surfside condo that was left standing after the collapse has been demolished


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