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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  July 4, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪♪ good evening, and welcome to "politics nation" on this july 4th independence day. tonight's lead, from its founding, right now, i'm thinking about patriotism, what
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it means, and who gets to lay claim to it. because, as nancy pelosi's select committee takes shape to investigate the january 6th insurrection, with only one republican of conscience and a black congressman from mississippi in the lead -- who will join me shortly, by the way -- i'm disturbed. less by the thuggery of the insurrection, and more by the cowardice of the republican lawmakers who refuse to prosecute it as we would with any other attack on our soil. of course, there isn't much incentive, as the top republican in the house is reported to have threatened his caucus with career sabotage if they should choose to participate. but at a symbolic level, it sends a distinct message to black america this july 4th, as nearly half of our federal legislators now overlook a mob
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suffuse with racists by rate issing our people's house. and more than 100 of them voted last week to keep memorials to dead confederates in their house for decades to cop. it is a idea we have contended with since 1776, the idea that white separatists are just as -- all that shortly with the best guest possible. we are keeping an eye on the white house south lawn, where the president will hold a july 4th event in just a couple of hours, celebrating essential workers in what he calls independence from covid. meanwhile, the former commander in chief is just desperate to make fireworks.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, thomas jefferson is being removed from the jefferson memorial and being replaced with the reverend al sharpton. >> yeah. more on that. but first, joining me now, the chair of the panel who will be investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol, mississippi democratic congressman bennie thompson. he's also the chairman of the homeland security committee.wit fortunate to have you here with us tonight. and you are now leading this house select committee to investigation the insurrection. do you anticipate that any republicans other than currently congresswoman liz cheney will cross the aisle and participate in this investigation after house minority leader kevin mccarthy is reported to have threatened his caucus with demotion should they do so?
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it's hard not to read that as fear, congressman, but i will let you explain why this has become so partisan. >> well, thank you, rev. i hope leader mccarthy takes the chains off and allow republicans to participate in this select committee. as you know, the insurrectionists came to the capitol on january 6th. they wasn't looking for just democrats or black people. they were looking for republicans, white people, everybody. so i think it's in his collective interest, as well as his country's interest, for republicans to participate. now, he doesn't have to put those republicans who demonstrated that they don't have sound judgment on the committee. and that's why i support in this legislation that speaker pelosi has ultimate decision-making authority as to what individuals will sit on this select committee.
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>> and as you say, they didn't come looking for just democrats or people of color on january 6th. in fact, according to reports that i am sure your committee -- or your panel will come back to evidence to substantiate it, but according to reports and videos, they were threatening the life of the republican vice president on january 6th. >> absolutely. you know, this is some -- a moment in time that this select committee has to investigate all the facts and circumstances around january 6th. what we have to do is see what systems failed. we want to know why the military didn't respond in quicker time. we want to know why the capitol police was not adequately
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equipped or staffed to address what went on. we want to failures, then we want to recommend the corrective action to guarantee that it never ever will happen again. we have a lot of work before us. we have a lot of testimony to take. we have a lot of intelligence to gather. but, you know, just about every day we learn something new about what happened on january 6th. i look forward to hiring the best investigators that money can buy to make sure that we protect and preserve this great democracy of ours. if we don't, then those same people who tried to take this government down on january 6th will come back and try it again. >> let me go to another subject. in his first public appearance since the trump organization was hit with criminal charges this week, donald trump complained
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that democrats and yours truly were trying to tear down his understanding of history. i'm not someone who puts his name or likeness on everything he can. i leave that to others. but donald trump is no longer in office. but for those sitting republicans in congress who last month voted overwhelmingly in favor of a federal juneteenth holiday, why did so many of them vote last week to keep confederate statues in our u.s. capitol? >> well, the unfortunately thing, rev, is that some of them get easily intimidated. i think when the senate made the move on juneteenth, it kind of locked the house in place to do the same thing. but when the house had the opportunity to provide the leadership necessary and the independence, they failed. i'm glad that we approved it. for my home state, the two
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people that represent my state, one was president of the confederacy. jefferson davis. the other one was a general who was a slave holder who was terrible. we are a better country than that. those individuals should not be placed in the united states capitol where they are in prominent positions where everyone can see them because these were people who tried to divide the nation. so i am excited that the house democratic leadership moved forward to get this done with a few republicans, not many. but, you know, progress is a challenge anyway, as you know. but i'm firmly convinced with the leadership we have in washington we will mitigate a lot these circumstances and donald trump can go on on these speeches, he can lie about what
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happens with the legislation. but, you know, i think bloomberg said it best when he said that he knows a con when he sees one. and so much of what donald trump talks about on a daily basis is patently untrue. absolutely untrue. >> let me ask you a follow-up on that. will you subpoena trump to testify before your january 6th panel? >> i will tell you this. we will follow the facts, reverend. if the facts based on the investigation that we will have lead us to any individual who is complicit in what happened on january 6th, absolutely, we will do it. i won't say it with him, but i will say it if it is a member of congress, if it is anyone else. our job is to investigate any and all circumstances and facts surrounding january 6th.
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and we will do just that. we will not be shrieking violence, we will get to what happened. we have the protect this country of ours. for a moment, we were the laughing stock of the entire world. when you would see people with confederate flags, with noose hanging out on the field -- this is not who we are. but if we don't step up like we are doing with this select committee, they will come back. >> yeah. >> you know, there is a rumor that they are coming back in august. but i can guarantee you it won't happen. the results won't be the same, because the capitol police and everybody understand what's at risk. unfortunately, we will do some testimony, rev, on this, and we are going to bring the capitol police. you know, they have never -- the rank and file
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capitol police have yet to testify before a congressional committee. they have had their top people, but they didn't have the people who are out there fighting those crazy folk. we need to hear from them about their training. we need to hear about what kind of equipment they had. all that. so we can show them, but we want to talk about the staff that worked in the restaurant, the staff that worked cleaning the capitol. all of us were at risk. it wasn't just a select few. but everybody who worked in that building on that day potentially could have lost their life. >> we are going to be looking forward to it. just so i'm clear, you are going to follow the evidence. you are not ruling out the possibility of subpoenaing donald trump? >> absolutely not ruling not all right. anyone. >> if anybody knows anything about me, i am not one who is
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bashful. i will do what's right. >> you and i have known each other a long time. you have never been accused of that. thank you congressman bennie thompson. happy fourth of july to you. joining me now, senator bob casey, democrat of pennsylvania. senator casey, happy to have you here tonight. let me go right into it, as the big lie appears to be coming to your state, this week we learned that the republican majority state senate is now considering an audit of the 2020 general election results in pennsylvania. after prominent republicans visited arizona last month to oversee its audit, which turned up nothing. your response to the lie that won't die? >> reverend -- start with the word you just made reference to. they are talking about an audit. i think the better word is what
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someone came up with a few weeks ago. fraud-it, it's a fraud. there is no question when you talk about what they are trying to do -- [ indiscernible ] -- i was a state auditor general for eight years in pennsylvania. this is not an audit. it is an attempt to mislead the american people based upon a lie. and they are not going to get away with it. >> now, senator, on three key democratic primary -- priorities, voting rights, police reform, and infrastructure, senate democrats either face a wall or lowered expectations. the president's infrastructure appears to have a future, but hr-1 was blocked, and the floyd act is stalled. and additional voting rights legislation faces similar prospects. what will it take for democrats
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to advance these bills? >> well, there is no question that we've got a difficult agenda ahead of us. the problem right now is that you don't have a republican party that's working with us in any way to advance change for the american people. whether it is change in the area of criminal justice and police reform, or whether it's the change in law to protect our voting rights that a lot of states are trying to take away. so without republican help of any kind, very limited help, if any, we have got to make sure that we closely examine -- and i think take action -- to change the -- so you don't have the 60-vote blockade which is impeding progress. whether it is voting rights, police reform, or parts of infrastructure -- you know that i want to do a lot on care giving in this country, whether
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it's quality affordable child care -- [ indiscernible ] -- if we are going to make progress we can't allow some archean rule of the senate to thwart our progress. we have got to take action. that means, i believe, changing the senate rules. >> changing the senate rules. let me ask you this quickly before we run out of time. yesterday with my msnbc colleague ali velshi, you said that this flood of voter suppression bills coming from gop state lawmakers are, quote, about white supremacy. i appreciate that bold language and wonder if you can explain again for our audience what you meant. coming off a disappointing supreme court decision on voting rights last week, what did you mean by that? >> reverend al, you know the history better than i do in terms of what american history tells us about voter suppression. it was all about racism and white supremacy. some people want to believe we
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are beyond that today. unfortunately, we are not. there is a group of americans, as reverend warnock said on the senate floor -- he said, some people don't want some people to vote. i think what he meant was the -- americans that are very angry that joe biden is president. they know that african-american voters and other communities of color helped elect and may have been the decisive reason that joe biden is president. and that kamala harris is vice president. those same americans are angry that reverend warnock -- -- has not made it possible for us to get to the majority like jon ossoff. they are angry because they know that black voters led us to victory. they are trying to suppress the votes of black americans. simple as that. i think anyone who denies that is denying reality. >> all right. senator bob casey, thank you for being with us.
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coming up, "politics nation," frederick douglass once made a famous speech about the fourth of july. and we are still asking ourselves today, what, to the slave, is this holiday? i have more in today's rise up. but first, today's other top news stories. joe. >> thanks, rev. stories we are watching this hour. the partially collapsed champlain towers complex in surfside florida could come down later tonight. that's according to two sources close to the search and rescue efforts. crews are making preparations for the demolition and monitoring the potential impact of tropical storm elsa, which is tracking toward the area. 24 people are confirmed dead. and 121 are still missing as a result of the building collapse. pope francis has checked into a hospital in rome for scheduled intestinal surgery. the pope was seen greeting the public in st. peter's square
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earlier in keeping with his sunday tradition and told the crowd he was planning to visit hungary and novakia in september. visitors to the capitol can once again walk all the way up to the north lawn fence in front of the white house. the secret service has removed a series of black aids blocking off the area. they were put in place last summer following demonstrations in lafayette square to protest the death of george floyd. more "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton after the reverend al sharpton after the break. with relapsing forms of ms... there's a lot to deal with.
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for fo for this fourth of july rise up, i want to talk about the meaning of american independence day. and while many of us are returning to normal today, perhaps gathering again with family and friends, i have to take a moment to reflect on the sheer strangeness of the last four independence day celebrations. our farmer -- our former president revelled in the trappings of patriotism embracing the flag while skewing the ideas it represents. he put his own need for attention at the center the celebrations each year, demanding weapons of war be brought in for his own aggrandizement, and last year orchestrating gatherings of
4:23 pm
thousands of americans while a pandemic raged due in part to his own incompetence. even while constantly surrounded by red, white, and blue, that man never bothered to learn the real history of this great nation, remaining deliberately ignorant regarding some of its most historical figures. >> frederick douglass is an example of someone who has done an amazing job who is being recognized more and more i noticed. >> the former president was rightly mocked for that comment, as it portrayed the depth of his historical ignorance surrounding one of the greatest americans who ever lived. frederick douglass of course was a renowned abolitionist who escaped the brutality of american slavery at the # age of 21 and went on to become an unparalleled writer, orator and driver of social change. he gave one of the most
4:24 pm
well-known speeches ever given on independence day in a speech entitled what to the slave is the fourth of july. douglass forced his audience to own the inherent i want accuracy of this celebration, reminding them of the slaves who, quote, chains, heavy and grieve yous yesterday, are today rendered more intolerable by the jubilee shouts that reached them. end of quote. douglass's genius was in not shying away from the inherent contradictions in the american story. this nation was founded on the ideas of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, words that have echoed through the centuries as the rallying cry of freedom. but words that all the same were penned by a man who held his fellow human beings in bondage, and ratified by men occupying stolen lands.
4:25 pm
and while american slavery was abolished within douglasa's lifetime his own words still reverberate as powerfully as jefferson's, because we still have lessons to learn from them. douglass encouraged his audience to stand by the principles of the declaration of independence against all foes at whatever cost. just as frederick douglass once fought for abolition as the first and most imperative step toward fulfillment of the american promise, so, too, must we fight for liberty and justice for all. generations of americans have fought at home and abroad to ensure that we can safely celebrate this independence day. it is those untold thousands who make this country worth celebrating from the very first american patriots who served in the revolutionary war, to frederick douglass and his
4:26 pm
abolitionist contemporaries to the thousands of activists and freedom fighters who have spent centuries fighting to make the united states the more perfect union promised in the constitution. even now, as we celebrate our ancestors and that legacy, our very democracy is under siege from all sides. in the spirit of independence day, and in the tradition of frederick douglass, we have to rise up together and save it. on this independence day, what could be more patriotic than that? oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now?
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♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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hey there, i'm joshua johnson. we are coming on news with breaking news on this independence day. president biden is about to address the nation. it's his largest event at the white house since taking office. the president has had 1,000 front line workers to the white house to celebrate the country's independence and independence from covid-19. >> freedom, our liberty, and independence, fourth of july is a sacred day in our country, a day of history, of hope, remembrance, and resolve, of promise and possibilities.
4:31 pm
before me stands monuments of the greatest and the goodness of our nation, monuments of light and liberty. there's a towering memorial to george washington, the general who led our revolution, the president who set our nation on its course. there is a memorial to thomas jefferson, whose words about liberty and equality literally changed the world. and across the title basin of the jefferson memorial, there stands dr. martin luther king jr., his arms crossed, his ice fixed ahead toward the promised land where equality is not only an aspiration, but a reality. they helped define who we are, guide what we do, remind us of
4:32 pm
the work that history has given us in our own time. this year, the fourth of july is a day of special celebration for we are emerging from the darkness of years -- a year of pandemic and isolation, a year of pain, fear, and heart breaking loss. just think back to where this nation was a year ago. think back to where you were a year ago. and think about how far we've come from silent streets -- -- from silent streets to crowded parade routes lined with people waving american flags, from empty stadiums and arenas to fans back in their seats rooting for teams again.
4:33 pm
from families pressing their faces against a window to grandparents hugging each other again. we are back traveling again. we are back seeing one another again. businesses are open and hiring again. we are seeing record job creation, and record economic growth. the best in four decades. and i might add, the best in the world. today, all across this nation, we can say with confidence, america is coming back together. 245 years ago, we declared our independence from a distant king. today, we are closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus. that's not to say the battle against covid-19 is over. we've got a lot more work to do. but just as our declaration in 1776 was not a call to action --
4:34 pm
was a call to complacency, or a victory. it was a call to action. the same is true today. back then, we had the power of an idea o thanks to our heroic vaccine effort, we've gained the thanks to our heroic vaccine effort, we've gaind the upper hand against this virus. we can live our lives. our kids can go back to school. our economy is roaring back. don't get me wrong, covid-19 has not been vanquished. we all know powerful variants have emerged, like the delta variant, but the best defense against these variants is to get vaccinated.
4:35 pm
my fellow americans, it's the most patriotic thing you can do. so please, if you haven't gotten vaccinated, do it. do it now, for yourself, you know, that's how we are going to stay ahead of these variants and protect the hard-one progress we have made. we never again want to be where we were a year ago today. so today, while the virus hasn't been vanquished, we know this. it no longer controls our lives. it no longer paralyzes our nation. and it's within our power to make sure it never does again. and for that, we can thank the scientists and researchers, the educators, and all the other front-line and essential workers, like many of you here today. who became the light to see us
4:36 pm
through the darkness. i hope you know that you, the american people, have been part of one of the most remarkable achievements in american history. but in this moment of joy, we know that this day falls hard on all of those who have lost a loved one. as i have told you before, each day, i carry a card in my pocket with my schedule on it. on the back of that schedule, on that cord, i have the number of americans who have lost their lives to covid, the precise number. as of tonight, that number is 603,018 people have lost their lives. they are husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, grandparents, friends, neighbors, coworkers.
4:37 pm
i would also remember all those who lost this year that we lost -- that family lost to other causes, other causes of death, and cruel twist of fate. they, too, left behind loved ones, unable to grieve or mourn or find closure. each of them meant the world to someone they left behind. and these of you who have been through all this know that to heal, we have to remember. we have to remember them. and we will. we'll commit to always remember them. that's what we'll do. i've long said that america's unique, unlike every other nation on earth, we were founded based on an idea. we hold these truths to be
4:38 pm
self-evident, that all people are created quality, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights among them life, libert and the pursuit of happiness. while we have never fully lived up on those words, we have never give up on them. they continue to animate us and when at our best are what americans believe, we believe in honesty and decency, treating everyone with respect, giving everyone a fair shot, demonizing no one, giving hate no safe harbor, and leaving no one behind. we lead by the power of our example, not the example of our power. we're part of something so much bigger than ourselves. we stand as a beacon to the world. it's a code. it's a code, uniquely american code. it's who we are.
4:39 pm
to all the service members and your families who are here tonight, today, all of you serving around the world, it is a the greatest honor to serve as your commander in chief. jill and i -- [ cheers and applause ] jill and i, and our entire family, thank you for your service and sacrifice. like so many military families, thank you for the loved ones who served. we think of our son, beau, today. you are all part of a long chain of patriots who pledged their lives and their sacred honor in defense this nation and democracy around the world, for freedom and fair play, for peace and security, and opportunity, for the cause of justice, for the soul of america itself.
4:40 pm
but the defense of all that we love doesn't fall on your shoulders alone. it falls on all of us, every one of us, every american. each day, we're reminded there's nothing guaranteed about our democracy, nothing guaranteed about our way of life. we have to fight for it. defend it. earn it. folks, it's up to all of us to protect the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. the right to equal justice under the law. the right to vote and have that vote counted. [ cheers and applause ] the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and know that our children and grandchildren will be safe on this planet for generations to come. the right to rise in the world as far as your god-given talent can take you, unlimited by
4:41 pm
barriers of privilege or power. one of the great gifts of the spirit of independence -- think about this. one of the great gifts is our capacity to see ourselves whole and see ourselves honestly. what we've gotten right, what we've gotten wrong, it is a measure of the greatness of america. and we are a great nation. we don't seek to bury the wrongs. we face it. we work to make it right. you know, history tells us that when we stand together, when we unite in common cause, when we see ourselves not as republicans or democrats, but as americans, then there is simply no limit to what we can achieve. none. [ applause ] and today, we see the results of
4:42 pm
the unity of purpose. the unit of purpose we are forging in our nation for, together, we are beating the virus, together, we are breathing life into our economy, together, we will rescue our people from division and despair. but together we must do it. over the past year, we've lived through some of our darkest days. now i truly believe -- i give my word as a biden, i truly believe we are about to see our brightest future. [ applause ] folks, this is a special nation. a great nation. and there is a timeless truth about america, the most powerful idea in the history of the world in the hearts of the people this country. it beats in all our hearts, no matter your race or ethnicity,
4:43 pm
no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation, no matter your disability, no matter your faith, it beats in the hearts of rich and poor alike. it unites america. whether your ancestors or native to this land or brought here forcibly and enslaved. whether you were immigrants from generations back like my family from ireland or looking to come here today looking for a better life for your family like the citizens i swore in in the white house two days ago. [ applause ] the american creed. we use that phrase, the american creed. because we are all equal, created equal. it was written a long time ago. but the geniuses that every generation of americans has expanded it wider and wider, to
4:44 pm
include those who were excluded before. that's why it has never gathered dust in our history books. it's still alive today, alive in our hearts, alive in the work of our hands, alive not only in the history we read, but in the mak. my fellow americans, now we are the guardians of that very idea of america. it is up to save it, to preserve it, to build upon it. and i know we will. on this sacred day i look out to those monuments on our national mall and beyond them, into the hearts of our people across the lands, and i know this. it's never, ever been a good bet to get against america! never! we just have to remember who we are. we are the united states of america. and there is nothing, nothing we can't do if we do it together.
4:45 pm
folks, happy fourth of july, america! god bless you all, and may god protect our troops. thank you, thank you, thank you! ♪♪ >> arousing speech by the commander in chief as the united states marine band plays off president biden after remarks including about the fight against covid-19. one of the statistics that we heard from the president was the number of people, according to the white house, who have died thus far from covid-19 to the person. 603,018 people. he has repeated one of these themes that he has mentioned before in the effort to get folks like you and me vaccinated that getting vaccinated is the most patriotic do.
4:46 pm
the disease hasn't been bank wished. it is no longer in control of our lives. it is on each of us to make sure it never does again. he mentioned voting rights. and the ongoing push for two pieces of legislation that would protect voting rights across the country. and ending with a reminder of who we are as a country and reminding you if you want to place your money on anybody, don't place it against the united states. never been a good bet to bet against america, we just have to remember who we are. let's go to our white house correspondent for reaction. mike, this hit some of the themes i think we expected the president to hit. where does this speech sit in terms of his effort to -- among other things, to get the nation to the 70% goal of getting 70% of americans fully vaccinated? >> not every president comes into office knowing the challenge or the challenges that will define their presidency.
4:47 pm
that wasn't the case with president biden, who came in knowing his ability, his administration's ability, to defeat the pandemic was going to be really how it was going to be defined at least in the early stages. and that's why the fourth of july has been a date circled on the white house's calendar for quite a while. you will remember in march the president in his first primetime address to the nation set what was a modest goal, that if americans masked up and ultimately got the vaccine we could celebrate this fourth of july with small backyard gatherings with fans. we saw the white house surpass its expectations the white house hosting 1,000 essential workers and military families today. of course he set another goal a few months later, this idea of having 70% of americans at least getting a single doles of the vaccine, and having 160 million americans fully vaccinated. the white house missing on both of those goals, but the president casting this -- you saw the tension reflected in that as he said that the single most patriotic thing you can do as an american right now is to
4:48 pm
get the vaccine, that we don't, as he put it, want to go back to where we were a year ago. joshua, think about where we were a year ago. president trump then at the time speaking to a similarly crowded gathering on the south lawn of the white house with the virus very much in full bore, no masks, no vaccines in that audience. it was a superspreader event. the white house having this event on south lawn today with a numbaced. audience was expected to have a covid test. many having been vaccinated. but the white house in the weeks leading up to this soundsing the alarm about the delta variant, the fact that this is a pandemics that still not yet fully behind us. you heard the president balancing his remarks there. but there was an effort to mark the fact we are in a very different place than we were a year ago. it sounded like a mid-year state of the union address pivoting
4:49 pm
from the defining challenges and pointing out how far we have come, something he said at the end of the speech like he punctuated every one of the campaign speech he is gave last year, if we do this together, drinking clean water is a right, as he put it, the ability to vote and have that vote counted is a right on this fourth of july that every american is entitled to. cognizant of the challenges ahead with the first quining challenge of the coronavirus pandemic and at this point ready to pivot to the next challenges. >> we are close to that goal, 7.1% of people 18 and over have had at least one dose of the vaccine according to the cdc. thank you mike, mike memberly on the north lawn at the white house. a quick breaking update on the partially collapsed condo in surfside florida. the building may be gone by morning. moments ago officials say they plan to demolish the remaining side of the condo between 10:00
4:50 pm
p.m. and 3 a.m. tonight. demolition experts finished drilling holes controls for explosions. as of teams to explore. as of this hour, 24 people are confirmed dead, 121 remain missing. "politics nation" continues in a moment on msnbc. s in a moment on msnbc this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more.
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on this fourth of july, one of the thing that i am happy to see is this country begin to at the highest level of government become more diversified. we have elected the first woman and first black woman as vice president of the united states even though this week i saw some media reports of all kinds of dissension in the staffing and what was going on with the white house, none of which as i dug into it was true, but i expect that they are going to attack vice president harris just like they did president obama because they are trying to adjust to seeing a strong black woman at that level, and i think that we must look at things, not based
4:55 pm
on oh, they are attacking her because what have she may run for in the future but because of how well she's doing right now. also this week i received a call from the family of hunter britt, a white unarmed teenager, 17-year-old boy, who was killed following a traffic stop in the early morning hours on june 23rd in arkansas. the deputy involved in the case was fired by the county sheriff for a policy violation because the officer's camera was turned off at the time of the deadly shooting, again, of an unarmed 17-year-old young man on a traffic stop. the fact that the cameras was off was against the sheriff's specific directions for the department, but that community and that family has rallied for justice into the investigation. they have hired local attorneys who was brought in attorney ben crump and on tuesday they have asked me to come in and give the
4:56 pm
eulogy at his funeral. i am proud to be there because this has never been just about black and white. it's about right and wrong. blacks may disproportionately from there but whites marched for george floyd and breonna taylor and others, and we must be bigger than the forces that we oppose and show that we'll stand together for what is right. we may not agree on politics, but we agree that police need not get away with shooting unarmed people. that does it for me. thanks for watching and have a happy fourth of july weekend. i'll see you back here next weekend at 5:00 p.m. eastern. msnbc continues coverage at the top of the hour. msnbc continues coverage at the top of the hour.
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>> this is the entire history of tulsa right here. greenwood, murder, arson, looting. i find interesting right above, that reconciliation and shaking hands and everything is okay now. that's not the case. in america, you can sometimes convince yourself that the nation's legacy of trauma


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