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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  July 4, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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pope francis hospitalized for surgery. plus donald trump makes his first public comments about the criminal indictments against his company and chief financial officer allen weisselberg. i'll speak with weisselberg's former daughter-in-law. and the conservatorship that continue to say control her. i do begin with surfside. we're looking live at the remaining pores -- portion of champ lane towers. they will in fact begin the process. earlier officials gave us insight into the process of how this demolition is expected to unfold. take a listen to this. >> the team is using a method of demolition called energetic
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felling, it clues small, strategically placed detonation and relies on the force of gravity to bring it down. the collapse area is confined to the immediate area around the building. >> so all this, of course has amplified with tropical storm elsa churning. they could experience strong winds there. rescue mission has been suspended since saturday night. we want to bring in vaughn hillyard with more. >> reporter: they're working actively to place the debt nations. we don't know exactly what time the officials in the demolition crews intend to take down the building, but it could be as soon as tonight.
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essentially they're waiting for the demolition company to give the green light, but they are racing up against that clock. that is the winds, and the potential rain from tropical storm elsa that could hit here as soon as monday here. demolition crews are, again, actively placing explosives beneath this building. i want you to hear from the mayor here t. addressing what their expectations are out of this implosion. >> as soon as the preparation is ready, the site is secure, the team is ready to go, we will begin the demolition. as both the governor and i have made clear, our top priority is that the building come down as soon as possible, no matter what time that occurs, and as safely as possible. bringing down this building in a controlled manner is critical to expanding our scope of the search and rescue effort. >> yasmin, i asked the officials
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what that you are degree of confidence was that this demolition will go as planned, as needed, and the way they framed is is that this building needed to come down. they did not want a wind to push it over in a direction that was not optimal to continue the rescue and recovery effort in the way they desire it to go, but again, with that question, what is the degree of confidence, this is a short order to plan out this demolition. the mayor indicating here they went with a company that has told them they are certain -- have a high degree of confidence they're able to pull it off and pull it off safely. again there are no immediate evacuations planned for the areas some of the demolition, at the same time the mayor urging folks to stay inside, with the expectation there could be dust and particles that are byproducts of this implosion that had happen in the later
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hours of tonight, yasmin. >> all right. that was nbc's vaughn hillyard. i want to turn to our guests to talk more about this. michelle, we really just want to tackle what we're seeing with elsa heading toward the florida area. so as of right now, the track is to the west. that is good news, means the most impactful. they stretch, so we're still going to say, including surfside. this is a tall mission. they have a storm surge they're
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going to see, so we're looking at -- and we're looking at 60-mile-per-hour winds right now, so it's a fairly strong tropical storm. this is really going to determine the future of this storm. it's probably going to slow a bit. so by tomorrow morning when we see it emerge into the gulf we'll see what's left of it. it's moving northwest at 14 miles an hour, it did slow down. it was zooming yesterday. over cuba tonight, closer to the keys tonight into tomorrow and also south florida, so certainly sunrise, they'll be feeling that wind picking up. by wednesday we'll see it make
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landfall, but yasmin, yeah, the winds will be a problem and we could see torrential rainfall. even in the best-case scenario, it's a tough mission ahead. >> we know that search-and-rescue missions have already been delayed. considering that it could hit florida around wednesday, how long are we expecting to clear that area, to stay and then clear so they can resume search-and-rescue mission, so long as everything else is in place? >> yeah, when we say wednesday, we mea the low will cross over the state. we're talking about 48 hours ahead of time whether they're going to starred to see impacts. we kind of focus on landfalls, we focus on winds. we really need to look ahead of that. these are really big storms. we'll have the winds picking up tomorrow morning, some heavy
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rainfall. it's a tropical system. we could see downpours, rain bands training over certain areas, so think of that sit-and-spin when you were little. again, yasmin, we're dealing with tropical weather as well. it's 90 degrees, it's hot, it's humid. those conditions are tough even just to begin with. >> michelle, thank you. i want to bring kit into the conversation here. talk us through the demolition of this building. they're using this terminology energetic felling. tell us how that works. what is that? >> so basically, you know, the current state of the building is extremely fragile, because essentially half of building is gone, right? the whole system is stable as a unit, but half is gone.
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essentially you take down the columns below, the pillars, so removing the so-called elements, carrying the gravity elements, we remove that instantaneously by the charges, and everything implodes into the gravity, which means down to where it should be. this is definitely the right idea. the reason is, again, as i say it's a very fragile state and the tropical storm is getting closer, and there's still people missing in the debris. this needs to come down. otherwise it's almost mission impossible. >> kit, how accurate is this process? >> there are a lot of competent people involved. this is definitely the really quick one. usually it takes days, weeks, months, but they are very
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competent people involved. i think they'll do the best they can. they can't wait for weeks, they have to take it down now. those people take down tall buildings, being this is a relatively small building. they're going to essentially avoid any risk to the debris itself. >> thank you both. kit, i'll see you at the top of the 4:00 p.m. hour, as we continue to bring you any updates of the demolition plan. we're also following breaking news. from italy, pope francis has been hospitalized in rome for intestinal surgery.
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nbc's claudio lavanga is in rome. how much of a surprise was this? >> uses my, it was a big surprise, especially to the pilgrims listening to the prayer from the pope, as you said. it was about nine hours ago when he was looking absolutely fine. at the end of the prayer, he said, as he always does, pray for me. he always says that, but this time i'm sure pilgrims will be playing a little harder. only two hours after that prayer, the vatican sent a surprise statement, the pope has been taken to a hospital where he's undergoing a scheduled surgery for what the condition is called diver particular stenosis. we learned that's a narrowing of the colon ar the pouching in the
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colon get infected, which can lead to intestinal blockage. that's probably what happened to the peep. the statement from the vatican was short and now when it comes to the vatican, we are used to cryptic messages, so you really need to read between the lines, or read the number of lines. there's only three lines, mean the vatican was trying to downplay the gravity of the situation. in fact they said this is essentially a standard surgery, but because the pope is 84, an 84-year-old man, the operation could lead to complications, but we will only know after the operation. the vatican promised an union date. >> claudio, you're going to join us against, also at the top of
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the 4:00 p.m. hour. thank you for now. tonight, also, the president will speak to the nation, and no doubt america's major decrease in covid cases will be the focus. according to a new poll by "the washington post" and abc, 62% say they think the president is doing a good job. mike memoli is at the white house with more mike, good to see you. what are we expected to hear this evening? >> two years ago he marked the independence day in independence, iowa, taking part in a parade, but last year when he was the presumptive democratic nominee, the fourth of july he was grounded, at home in delaware, like many americans, unable to celebrate because of the pandemic. so when you see him celebrating on the south lawn it would be a
12:13 pm
remarkable turnaround as this company what is tackled this, and we understand the president will say, to mark that progress and says there's a lot more work to be done. we heard the similar message take a license. >> with the lower vaccination rates, so it's really important that people gets vaccinated. the good news is confidence in the vaccine. those saying they're willing to get vaccinated has increased across time. we've heard some of the music, the preparations, rehearsals, even smelling some of the barbecue for the invited guests
12:14 pm
this is a white house easer to celebrate. not only are were see a time in really more than a year, the ordinary foot traffic used to be so common, tourists descending on the national mall to see the fireworks can walk right up to the gates of the north lawn. the secret service is saying they are, of course, trying to preserve access to the public while also ensure the safety and the security of the protectees, but quite a different scene on both sides as we mark this independence day. >> he ide seal if i can score an invite. >> mike memoli, still ahead, donald trump has an on-stage
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this is the kind of persecution that they're doing as an example in new york, and they're doing it all over, that you would see in a third-world nation. they have mobilized every power of government to come after me, my family, my wonderful employees, and my company solely because of politics. >> you know that that is former president trump expressing his rage in florida, just getting started, and now dating taxes on $1.7 million in benefits. the pressure is on to see had 'goods to go to flip jennifer,
12:20 pm
thanks for joining us on this. i appreciate it. are you willing to testify? >> yes, absolutely. >> have they been preparing you to testify? >> we're not at that stage yet. i need to be careful what i talk about in terms of what's to come, but what donnell said last night was just more misdirection. the d.a. is very capable of handling financial crimes as well as, like he said, they can't handle murders and other important crimes in new york. he used to be such a big proponent of new york. things have changed. talked more about what we can expect. people are wondering if there's
12:21 pm
a tip of the iceberg, if there's more to follow. what's your understanding of that? >> this is just the be ginning. you know, i don't mean to be coy. my lawyer and i are meeting with prosecutors. they've had asked me to be careful about discussion specifics. they have ledgers, paper files, a second set of books, and they like to alter those for their benefit. what's to come, probably the loan issues, you know, we'll see how far it leads, but this is just the beginning. it's not a witch-hunt. it's not political. >> will he face charges? >> yes, absolutely. they all will. >> would you are you so confident of that? >> i'm not a lawyer.
12:22 pm
well, him signing off and making decisions. those were his decisions, and he signed over most of the financial documents. alan didn't do anything without discussing it with him. they did it together. some folks have suggested this is an effort to get allen weisselberg to flip, in essence, calling the prosecutor's bluff. you and i spoke a few weeks ago about this and whether or not he would be willing to film.
12:23 pm
do you think he is now? the charges are still there. this is not just a big hoax do i think there's a better chance now? i would say my answer would be, absolutely yes. cristkristin snell said thi especially in white collar cases where there's usually a trove of business records. it's the receipts that make great cases. i know you have handed over a heck of a lot of receipts,
12:24 pm
troves of documents to prosecutors. can you tell us at all what it is you have handed over? >> so financials in my divorce, but there's seven boxes, as well as electronic sets, records with tax returns dating back to 2004, 2005. statements of net worth that have been signed, multiple depositions, testimony, bank accounts, subpoenaed bank accounts, information, expenses leading into the -- thing like that. i like what she said, it's true. it's base on bank accounts we've discovered, subpoenas we have
12:25 pm
discovered, transactions, deposit. you take the deposit, match it with the financial statement, and you match it together. it's a scheme. >> what does donald trump have on allen weisselberg. you've had that in the past. what is it? >> when he became president in 2007, it looked like he still only trusted allen for finances, so i think they were doing a lot of things together, that they were not supposed to be talking. i don't want to saying anything that could get myself in trouble, because i'm nervous in and out that allen did get indicted, that there's going to be backlash on me, but i think that they -- i think they're all trying to protect ives other, but i don't think the trump family understands he's that
12:26 pm
great of a guy. he would do anything to save trump money, but i think it put him in a bad position. coming up, our legal panel will dive into whether or not these indictments are the end of the road for the investigation or if the former president himself faces peril. you are also looking at the building in surfside, florida, where demolition is planned in the next 24 hours. after the break, we'll talk to dr. irwin redliner, about the chances of whether there are survivors in that rubble. we'll be right back. here are survivors in that rubble we'll be right back. to protect people. to help them save. with a home and auto bundle from progressive. ahh. i was born for this.
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welcome back, everybody. out of philippines, at least 45 people have died after an air force plane crashed in the sort part of the country.
12:31 pm
reports are saying that the plane missed the runway and crashed into a nearby village. rescue and recovery operations are underway. after 11 days, there are still 121 lives unaccounted for. surge-and-rescue missions have been suspended since last night, as crews prepare to demolish the remainder of the building. >> we do not know a specific time. all of the families have been informed about the impending demolition, and how it's proceeding. our top priority is that the building come down as soon as possible no matter what time that occurs, and as safely as possible. >> with me now, is dr. redliner, thank you for joining us on this. two more victims were pulled from the rubble last night bringing the total up to 24 victims, of course, with over
12:32 pm
120 still unaccounted for at this point, what is the likelihood that someone can survive 11 days beneath the rubble? >> you know, yeah, so this is the very sad reality about these building collapses, whether we're talking about the massive fatalities we saw after the earthquake in haiti years ago, or this particular event that tragically struck that building in surfside, florida. the rule of thumb is after 72 hours, this magic kind of golden hours of 72 of potential rescue, we don't see much survivorship, survival. what happens is people run out of the oxygen, they become very dehydrated, and they also are suffering from very severe crush
12:33 pm
injuries. so the chance of survival dims very sharply after 72 hours, so unfortunately the chance of anybody surviving in that rubble is basically nil. >> you write this an op-ed for "the hill." this tragedy is another reminder that francising infrastructure can have tragic public health consequences. we've seen this across the board why are we in a position where so many administrations past have been unable to correct the wrongdoings, the weaknesses that exist in our infrastructure? >> yeah. this has been an ongoing dilemma, yasmin. americans are much more comfortable responding to the disaster than preventing the disaster. fixing, upgrading america's
12:34 pm
infrastructure is all about prevention. it's prevention of the physicality of the building collapsing or not having appropriate, you know, shelters in tomorrow alley, we saw some tragedies about that, or not reinforcing buildings in hurricane-prone areas. this is all about making investments before the tragedy strike. we're just not into it. i don't understand why, but i am encouraged about president biden's push, along with the congress, to get a lot of work done on fixes and upgrading america's infrastructure, but until now, it's been a very, very hard pull. i wrote about this in 2006 in a book called "americans at risk" talking about we needed $2 trillion in infrastructure upgrades, and that still hasn't happened. hopefully we'll get on the past of preventsing this is horrible
12:35 pm
calamities. and we have helps stability in seismically active areas. >> it's been well documented about the consequences of the rescuers at the 9/11 tragedy, after those buildings came down. we are learning now that you have six emergency responders, medical workers, who have tested positive for covid-19, amid st. their rescue and recovery efforts. do you work about the health consequences here for those involved? >> yes, i do worry about it, for a lot of reasons. first of all, it's extremely dangerous work. pulling people out of the rubble, finding people, messing around with the huge chunks of concrete present a physical danger, but also medical problem. after 9/11, we saw a lot of
12:36 pm
people with serious lung disease, some developed cancer, and now covid-19 is in the mix. it's andang russ. >> good to see you, doctor. i appreciate you joining us. happy fourth, by the way. >> sure. still, bill cosby is free, and britney spears is not, sort of. what these vastly different case versus in common and what many say they feel about our society, but first to the trump organ. tamara keith joins me live after the break. me live after the break. with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. there's an america we build and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild.
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12:40 pm
how does this impact donald trump, at least politically, as he continues to tease that second run? >> i'm not sure that these are the kinds of things that could hurt trump politically, especially coming after years of investigation, what amounts to essentially allen weisselberg wasn't running a very good organization. i'm not sure that voters would then turn around and blame the president for or politically harm him in? ways. it seems as though, unless former president trump himself is actually indicted,or aro beonthat, convicted by a jury of his peers, it seems unlikely this will affect his political career. there have been any other number of revelations over the last many years that just rolled
12:41 pm
right off. tamara, thanks for joining us on this fourth of july. fascinating to hear you guys talk about it, the fact that you don't think it's necessarily going to hit the former president politically. let's be clear here, there's a big difference of how it affects him personally and businesswise, of course. talk me through why you don't think it could affect him. >> that was sue davis, my co-host, talking in one of our episodes this week. the point i was trying to make is former president trump has, on many occasions, been hit with some terrible revelation, thing the "access hollywood" video and
12:42 pm
the trump university lawsuits he eventually settled. they just rolled right off of him. i can't have written the script of his response to these charges against allen weisselberg and his family business, the trump family business. i can't have wring that six months ago. of course he talked about it being a witch-hunt. he goes back to it again and again and again. for his supporters -- and there are a lot of them -- for his supporters, they consider this to be a party of the pattern of people going after the president for political reasons. that's the way they per sieve it, haz the way they's sold it and the way he will continue to sell it. obviously there's much more to learn whether there would be more indictments. if it does, that could certainly
12:43 pm
ultimately have an effect, but these current charges, not clear how it would. >> it's interest, because i also wonder if in fact this would bolster him. we know his base, no matter what, they're going to support him through and through. that's become incredibly clear, but i wonder if in fact this could bolster folks to think, in fact, it is a witch-hunt. even if he's indicted, i wouldn't by surprised if it also doesn't necessarily hurt his political support, at least. what is really important to the former president and what was important to his rise in politics and his success in politics, it's attention. >> yeah. >> having a fight with prosecutors in new york, guess what? that's the exact kind of thing he leveraged throughout his political career, that fight, having somebody to fight against, being the underdog, even though he rarely is the
12:44 pm
actual real, true underdog. >> tamara keith, thank you as always. great podcast, by the way. new episodes drop every single week. we're doing this every week, let me know a podcast you love. coming up, britney spears and her efforts to end her conservatorship. her conservatorship. ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds.
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shocking new reporting in "the new yorker" revealing more details, including that britney speer called 911 to report conservator abuse, a law enforcement source, and someone close to the spinner, are showing stark differences. bill cosby was released from prison on wednesday. he's been accused the sexual misconduct by 60 women. and her father's control, my next guest is one of those tying the two cases together.
12:49 pm
women's tram is city ignored. the author, kate lieber, is joining me now. the legal sim will not hear them, believe them or protect them. can you expand? >> i think this is one of those cruel times where two news stories not necessarily comparable kind of coalesce to give us an overwhelming message as women we're just not being heard. also, you could be the most recognizable face on the planet.
12:50 pm
that still can't protect you from not being heard and trauma. there's a lot of conservator ship abuse cases happening, she just happening to be most visible. that feels feels loon more than 60 women, those women gained nothing from coming forward? they came forward with such thought and such courage and such eloquence i am so deeply saddened on their behalf.
12:51 pm
to see a man out of jail. i think for the person at home, whether it's a woman or any group, reading those stories at home on the same day. it just phet overwhelming and dis spiriting. i'm so sangry and i'm so tired. >> you're not the first person that has made that comment, you just feel exhausted. you wrote this -- 60 women, 60 women made allegations against businesses cots my.
12:52 pm
his release indeed past 24 hours is an insult to every one of them. what needs to change? what can change? >> women across the world are nots so exhausted all the time in seeing these things repeated. >> i keep coming back to the catchphrase of listen to women. i mean that in a tiny, microscopic sense that needs to apply to protect the vulnerable. rather than the powerful people, let's say it, men in most cass who are wielding the abuse.
12:53 pm
we need to be working with it's one of those things where it sounds so ridiculous to me to say, listen to women, but essentially that's what it boils down to. here is a very famous person begging to be heard by a court of law, because her recording was broadcast. not even britney spears can get her message across, and my hearty breaks for these women who spoke out against bill cosby. we need to demand change so that power is not something is everyone else's experience. a vulnerable person with a mental health diagnosis, from my perspective looks more than
12:54 pm
capable from running her own life has been taken out of control of every part of hi existence i think a lot of understanding of the nature of trauma, for instance, that it may tame time to -- and if the complex nuances of human yesterday i think are not taken into account and that needs to change. >> i want to be clear that bill cosby was released because of a legal technicality, we need to keep that in mind. but britney spears, thinking that she's in prison literally
12:55 pm
herself, with the way she expresses whatsh talking about the iud she can't even take out, because she wants a child. we look at what's happened with the women why does it take instances of big stardom to recognize they societal problems on a much smaller indicate? yeah, looks there's a lot of bad stuff you know s. the status we afford to people, but the silver lining is that we do pay attention when a famous person is hurting. sometimes it takes a pop star on
12:56 pm
a sit com star, someone visible on our tv screens in our lounge room, we can't escape when it's on the news, or on twitter, however you get your news. sometimes it takes something of that scale to make us acknowledge the smaller problems and injustices that are happening, because they don't have the luxury of privacy, whereas a lot of the bad stuff that goes on in our lives, crime in our home where it's most likely to happen, a lot of people ignore it or neglect to act, because they want to give the luxury the privacy. celebrities don't have that. so let's listen to them. >> kate, thank you. great piece, by the way. >> thank you. coming up in our next hour, new information on the timeline
12:57 pm
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