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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  July 4, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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the numbers remain unchanged. 24 confirmed dead, 121 unaccounted for. demolition experts are drilling holes in columns to place explosive charges. county officials say the building could possibly be brought down today, but they are hoping it's completed before tropical storm elsa makes landfall over florida. adding that the demolition will not affect the stability of nearby buildings. >> the team is using a method of demolition called energetic felling. this uses small strategically placed detonations and relies on the force of gravity to bring the building down in place, right on this footprint, and the collapse area is confined to the immediate area around the building. however, dust and other particles are an unavoidable biproduct of all types of demolition and as a precautionary measure, we are urging residents in the immediate vicinity to please
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stay indoors during the demolition. >> before the building comes down, investigators are using 3-d imaging to gather as many details as possible from the structure. and dump trucks you see right there on your screen, they're taking debris to a secure location where it's being held as evidence to try and help determine what caused the building to chance. a news conference on the condo collapse just wrapped up last hour. nbc's vaughn hillyard was there and joins us live. still in the room, in fact. vaughn, what are we learning here about the time line? >> reporter: yeah, lindsey, that press conference just wrapping up in which governor desantis was here as well as miami-dade county mayor, as well as rescue officials talking about the current state of this rescue operation and that planned demolition here. we do have some new details here about what this demolition exactly will look like. essentially they're relying on explosives from underneath here,
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underneath some key rodding and columns underneath this building, essentially allowing gravity to bring down this building within this confined area. i asked questions specifically to mayor, the extent to which they had a high degree of confidence that, in fact, this building would implode in this controlled area so that they could then begin that rescue operation and resume it promptly. the answer to that was that this particular company, this contractor that they are working with, controlled demolition, incorporated, is an experienced one and one that they felt most confident going with. this is the same company, they noted, that actually took down remaining parts of the federal building in oklahoma city following the bombing. the race comes to a head tomorrow morning. what is the time line, could it be tonight? potentially. i want to let you hear from the mayor. just earlier today, directly
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addressing where they are at in this planning process. >> as soon as the preparation is ready, the site is secure and the team is ready to go, we will begin the demolition. as both the governor and i have made clear, our top priority is that the building come down as soon as possible no matter what time that occurs, and as safely as possible. bringing down this building in a controlled manner is critical to expanding our scope of the search and rescue effort. >> reporter: lindsey, the surfside mayor telling you just this morning the latest it would come down would be tomorrow morning, monday morning here. and you're hearing from the miami-dade county mayor the urgency because there are still up to 20 to 60 mile per hour winds that can come into that surfside area from, as a result of tropical storm elsa. you know, that path of the hurricane is the big question
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here. every couple hours the path can change here and that is why they feel it necessary to bring this building down and not risk it potentially tipping over, going down in a direction that would only make that rescue and recovery option even more difficult. lindsey? >> all right, vaughn hillyard, we are grateful for your reporting right there in that briefing room. thanks for joining us so quickly on this. let's go ahead and bring in nbc news meteorologist michelle grossman tracking tropical storm elsa. what should people there expect? >> hi, lindsey. they should expect it as early as sunrise tomorrow morning. we'll see impacts monday through wednesday. we are expecting winds strongest on the west coast of florida, but still all of southern florida are going to see wind gusts. we heard from the mayor earlier of surfside saying how strong do they need to be? 30 miles per hour is what we're expecting. that could be strong enough. let's take a look at the latest on elsa. we're looking at 60 mile per hour winds. it did weaken since the last
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advisory. it's moving west northwest 13 miles an hour from kingston, jamaica. it's going to go over cuba tonight into tomorrow morning. that's going to determine what happens with the storm the next 24 hours. we could see it weaken once again. it will merge into the gulf and strength en. we expect it to stay a tropical storm. we see winds into key west. as early as tomorrow morning we could see the winds in southern florida. as we go tuesday into wednesday, that's when we expect landfall somewhere along the west coast, most likely near tampa. we have tropical storm warnings for key west, a tropical storm west that includes naples, and involved in those alerts. that's the story the next several days regardless of where they set up, southern florida, excuse me, all under the gun for these winds, also for heavy rain. so this is what we can expect for today, that heavy rain for cuba, increasing winds in
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florida, and then monday, this is where it begins or florida. elsa begins to approach the keys. we're going to see it strengthen possibly over the warm gulf waters. winds, rough surf, we could also see the chance of an isolated tornado by tuesday. landfall sometime tuesday into wednesday. we'll have a better handle on that as it moves over cuba later on tonight and then strengthen possibly in the gulf. tropical storm winds on the west side of florida, but still miami, all of southern florida could see winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. doesn't take much to get those winds going. 57 mile per hour gusts in key west, 30 in tampa. tampa is really where we are expecting the landfall to happen sometime tuesday into wednesday. let's focus on this forecast. this is for surfside today, also tuesday. very hot, very humid tropical
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conditions. already not favorable conditions for this recovery effort, and they've been working very hard for the past week and will continue to do so. but in terms of elsa, we could see winds 15 to 25 miles per hour gusting up to 30. rain with downpours that could cause localized flooding. we could see 2 inches. higher amounts, the band in a sit and spin where the rain dumps in the same area. and also wednesday the chance for some isolated tornadoes. so that would not be a good thing at all. regardless, we're looking at very unsettled weather in surfside and we're going to continue to track this the next day. it moves over cuba, we can pinpoint where the track is going to set up and where it's going to make its bull's-eye for florida. >> michelle grossman, thank you so much. we want to bring in joel figueroa, a fellow with the american society of civil engineers and founder of structural engineering partnership. so, joel, let's talk about this demolition here.
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what do you think is happening as we speak? obviously the time line is a little iffy, maybe tonight, tomorrow morning? what do they do to prepare for this? >> well, i think they're obviously placing the charges in strategic locations, specifically in the strongest parts of the building. they're potentially checking their sequencing with this type of demolition, not everything goes off at once. it goes off in a certain sequence. so i'm sure they're double-checking that. and thirdly they're probably checking as well the weather to make sure that when this building comes down, that there aren't any heavy or strong winds at that particular time.
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given what you say there at the site, we saw some dumpsters that are collecting some of the debris that will be taken. that debris will be considered evidence there.
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did you see anything that would be evidence? what would they look for in this rubble that they are now transporting? >> i think everything is evidence at that site. i'm sure that every piece is getting cataloged and potentially numbered. it's being stored. it's being transported to an off site on this closed facility where i'm sure they are probably going to run tests on the concrete, on the reenforcing and maybe also try to do a little bit of partial reconstruction of the joints to try to see if they can figure out this puzzle. >> all right. thank you so much for your time today andur your expertise. just to catch everybody up to speed, that south tower is still standing. demolition crews are on the scene to bring down the remnants before the tropical storm arrives. we'll bring youor updates as th
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come in. nowco for some other top stories. first to capitol hill. new reaction that trump could be called to testify before the january 6th select committee. >> they should go where the facts lead. they may be able to get what they want andab need without hi testifying. i would not want tong see a forr testify receive in such a situation as this, but if that's what it takes in order to get to the bottom of this because this is more thanec any one person. this is this country. we'reis celebrating today. >> today new vaccine data shows 67% of adults in the u.s. have gotten one dose of a covid vaccine and that is just shy of the white house's goal. president biden hoping to see 70% of adults vaccinated by now. in a sign of progress, 20 states have hit that goal. they areha up on your screen rit
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now. vermont, massachusetts and hawaii all have more than 80% of adults vaccinated. dr. anthony fauci with a warning for states with low rates. >> we will see two types of america. those t regions of america that level of dynamics and some state, some city, some areas with aty level of vaccination i low and the level of virus dissemination is high. that's where you'll see the spike. >> in time for july 4th celebration, barriers surroundingio the white house he been removed allowing the crowds to walk up to the fence that you see on your screen. the area had bp blocked off to tourists for more than a year. at f the white house, president biden and the first lady will host events to celebrate independence day andto honor service members. finishing with fireworks display
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over the national mall. let's go do white house. mike, tell me about the significance here of those barriers being removed and what's planned there today. >> reporter: it was quite a shock as i just walked up to the white house myself. we were talking ant the ways in which restrictions around our lives have been lifted because of health concerns. the security barriers north of the white house have been much more about security concerns especially given the protests we sawst throughout the cities las summer and the results of president trump and that walk through lafayette park through st. john's church. as part of a gradual loosening ofdu the restriction, you're seeing people here separating the fourth walking up to the north side of the would you say -- white house to get a peak. falling short, not having 76% of
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americans vaccinatevaccinated. he said maybe americans could celebrate with some small backyard barbecues. theba president will be welcomi more than llthat. 1,000 front line workers. military families here. >> my husband, president biden made ahu promise to you that ife all did our part by independence day, today, we would be able to gather with our friends and family to celebrate the birth of this nation with cook outs and festivalsts and traditions we love. here we are back together.
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with a note of caution about what lies ahead, that delta variant still a concern especially in those areas where we haven't seen vaccination ratescc herely as high. >> mike who is seemingly teleported from michigan to the white house, thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you. >> joining me ise arizona congressman, a democratic member of the house armed services and national resources committee. he's chairman of the bold pack. happy july 4th to you. i want to start with this new poll abou how the president is doing. a lot t of americans think that he's getting high marks for his handling of the coronavirus. he's getting low marks for the issue of crime and his lowest mark for the immigration situation at the u.s.-mexico
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border. all of these results are sharply divided among partisan lines but what do you make of this assessment here and how can the biden administration maybe approach things differently? >> well, i think that assessment so far is he's definitely doing much better than the previous president was doing at this time. i think that will be another great boost toil the economy. when it comes to immigration, you're dealingt with a very partisan world. the reason we aren't doing well in that regard is because we're probably getting know that's the one k scab they can pick on whe it comes to the american public that works. very few people understand the border. there's a clearly defined
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effort. i don't know if you saw a couple ofow days ago there were ten members from republican caucus that were taken videos at the same time at night on the border. there's a clear scare tactic that's being done now to really push back successes that the president has when it comes to pandemic and the economy. >> one t might say that about t election. scare tactics. there was fraud, which we know there was no evidence of. the supreme court upheld two new voting restrictions there in arizona. one thater discards ballots cas in the wrong precinct. another that says only voters, family member, care givers can deliver a ballot. what's the immediate impact in arizona? >> it's negligent. they took away section two of
10:18 am
the voting rights act. it makes it difficult to sue, us as u.s. citizens when we feel they are trying to suppress our vote and opportunities. this has been a two decade long approach. they know they are not a majority party anymore. they are largely a regional party and the best thing they can do is try to suppress the votes of the growing american electorate and by getting rid of the voting rights act. e need to bring that back. i worked with a bill that will allow people to defend themselves when the government tries to disenfranchise them. >> congressman, you say that we need focus on the fact that the supreme court decision stripped most of section two. at the same time this will have
10:19 am
an impact on voters, particularly minority voters in arizona. yesterday i spoke with the chair and they said they are going door to door in 115 degrees to educate people about these changes. is that education enough? >> there's voting centers. most latinos and young voters now are voting by mail. the biggest problem we will have and i guess i should restate it, will be i think our native american communities. thoseer areas have very little mail coverage. a lot of them have to hand their ballots to someone theyhe trusto bring itto in. their idea of family is much bigger than our traditional european idea of family. yes, there is going to be some issues there.
10:20 am
i think the bigger thing we have focus on is we have a now lesser protection when it comes to disenfranchisement that may occurra by government against u. citizens. >> congressman, let's switch gears and talk about the january 6th select committee. i know you counselled other lawmakers during the insurrection. they relied downas you drew from your militarywn experience. what m questions do you want to see themio get to the bottom of? >> i don't believe in coincidences when it comes to combat. these men were organized. a lot of them were men. they camere prepared with bear spray, differente types of shields. it wasn't just one but many. some had communications capability that were talking to each other. they knew when to attack and where to attack. there was definitely some of a a coordination. the question is how far does
10:21 am
this coordination go.oo how far into the trump administration or the trump campaign did this ogo. how many were were coordinating members of congress at the same time. these are the questions we need to answer. you knew that things were getting riled up by a local mom or leader to push people to come and fight us. it's kind of the same thing that occurred for the months leading up to the insurrection. you had trump and his supporters on tv, radio, on every type of mediary claiming there was frau that riled up these insurrectionists and picked a spot and sent them toe attack . we need to explore that. that's all part of the whole ecosystem of this insurrection. >> we'll have to leave it there.
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someone who is a veteran, you fought for our independence at home and abroad. thank you for your service. >> my pleasure. proud to be an american. we have an update now. breaking news out of italy. pope francis is in the hospital for a scheduled surgery. the news comes hours after he was seen here greeting a cheering crowd in st. peters square this morning. what more do we know at this hour in. >> reporter: as you said, it came as aou bit of a surprise t everybody. looking as normal as always and the vatican issues this statement, very short statement saying thator the pope was bein taken to the hospital for a scheduled surgery on verticular
10:23 am
stenosis. they are not usually a problem but when they get infected, they can cause that condition. they say at the hospital that this is a standard procedure. it lead to intestinal blockage. it's a standard procedure but when it comes to an 84-year-old person or man and in this case, when itin comes to the pope the the war is there always may be some complications. we will wait for an update. the vatican promises when and if the operation is over, they will issue ar, new statement on the success of the surgery and let you sknow. >> all right. thank you so much for that breaking news ucreport. we appreciate it. at it's a fourth of july lik it use to be but are celebrations free ofbe pandemic
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major fireworks shows are coming back as americans travel this weekend. many of them hitting the beach. we have two live reports. gary is in seaside heights new jersey. we'll go ahead and begin you. both of you with such a smile on your face. a lot of people behind you, gary. >> reporter: it is packed seaside heights here. it's beautiful beach weather. that's great news not only for the thousands of people up and down the jersey shore but for the folks and businesses on the boardwalk. those boardwalk businesses are entirely weather dependent. it's all apt the mercy of the
10:29 am
weather. memorial day was a total rain out. yesterday it was cloudy and rainy throughout the afternoon. today really hoping for a better day. it's important to recognize what it took new jersey to get to this place where we can have a packed beach and a packed boardwalk and we don't have to wear masks. that did not come easily. part of it was the 26,000 new jerseypeople that died. not efb was happy with the governor with the closures of hair and nail salons and the length of those closures and the masks issued here and across the country. i spoke to ma -- maria. here is what she had to say about not giving up hope. >> i think anybody in business gets those day where is the bills are piling high and the revenues aren't there but you go back to your roots. you go back to why you become in business. with us it's family tradition. it's carrying on what my parents
10:30 am
and grandparents have accomplished for so many years and it's not an option. we're resilient. >> reporter: if you look at the vaccination rates here in new jersey where five million people are fully vaccinated, that's more than half the state. you look at the rate of transmission of covid that still exists, it's at 1.0. about one sick person getting another sick. we have another one for you here. 150 million hot dogs will be consumed by americans across the country today. >> i mean, it's so nice the see so many people behind you. i reported from seaside heights last year. they had police on the beach keeping everybody socially distant. now i want pizza. art, thank you so much. we'll head over to new york city now where tonight's macy's fireworks spectacular will be back in its full glory.
10:31 am
cory is live for us across the harbor. what kind of show can we expect to see tonight? >> reporter: yeah, people are excited to have the first major event here in the past year. it's going to be spectacular. that's how you want to describe a fireworks show. people are breathing a sigh of relief. i want to give you a bit of a look. we're here at jersey state park and there's a big, big line right behind us. these are the folks going out to ferry. this has been pretty steady all day. that ferry will take them over to lady liberty. this is her day today. liberty island. absolutely packed today. then you've got the amazing skyline here. that's where you'll see the bulk of the fireworks show for these manhattan nights. people are all very excited to not only celebrate but reflect how far we have come in the past
10:32 am
year. >> feeling great. freedom. real freedom. >> it's just about hope. our country is build built on hope and learning our lessons. >> reporter: that gentleman told me their family lost two close friends from the pandemic. it was meaningful to bring their family out here and have the day of reflection and celebration all together. just to give everybody a perspective of where we are now versus where we were a year ago, we are talking about 14,000 coronavirus cases daily right now here in the nation. that is from last year we had 54,000 reported on this very day last year. a major difference. just to let everybody know what they can expect for tonight, as you said, it will be on nbc starting at 8:00 eastern but the actual show, over the east river
10:33 am
will be at 9:35. right here, along the hudson river, folks will be treated to another spectacular show starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern. a lot happening as soon as the sun goes down. just like gary, the weather is absolute perfection where we're at today. it's great day for every one. a day of reflection as well. >> yeah. that view, it doesn't get better than that. thank you so much. american troops leaving afghanistan but who is taking their place? he's the owner of petsworth vetworld. business was steady, but then an influx of new four-legged friends changed everything. dr. petsworth welcomed these new patients. the only problem? more appointments meant he needed more space. that's when dr. petsworth turned to his american express business card, which offers spending potential that's built for his changing business needs. he used his card to furnish a
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new developments in afghanistan and a threat that is getting worse by the day. taliban fighters are moving in where american troops are pulling out. richard engel has more.
10:38 am
it's major test and they are not always passing them. the security forces still control the big cities, places like kabul but you only need to drive an hour outside of the city to find many places under taliban control. the taliban aren't even waiting for u.s. troops to finish their crawl from afghanistan before launching their take over. em boldened and increasingly confident. they have taken around 150 afghan military posts in the last two months, including a dozen this weekend. afghan forces trained and supported by the u.s. military are in many cases, giving up without a fight. the taliban are taking their weapons, keeping some and selling others to pakistan according to afghan officials. this video taken by witnesses, the vent confirm shows local villagers moving in for anything
10:39 am
the taliban left behind. one unit that hasn't been collapsing is the afghan commandos. elite special forces trained by american special forces. they are launching around 100 operations a day, shouldering around 90% of the fight. >> if americans will keep supporting us financially and the way we want our armed troops for the future and our afghan air force, we can fight. >> reporter: there's a very troubling development. the united states invaded afghanistan after bin laden and his group of fanatics set occupy camps in the country. now foreign islamic radicals are rushing back to afghanistan so they can witness what they are calling the final victory, the withdrawal of u.s. troops pushed out, they say, by the taliban.
10:40 am
the foreign and al qaeda fighters are entering this country through pakistan. the same way they came in before 9/11. >> my next guest wrote a column about the charges against donald trump's company and peels back the curtains on the indictment, next. machine the curtains on the indictment, next machin
10:41 am
10:42 am
. they go after good hard working people for not paying taxes on a company car. company car. you didn't pay taxes on the car or a company apartment. you used an apartment because you need an apartment because you have to travel too far where your house is. you didn't pay tax or education for your grand children. i don't even know. do you have to -- does anybody know the answer to that stuff? okay.
10:43 am
they indict people for that. >> that's the first reaction from the former president following criminal charges against his company and former cfo. joining me right now nbc reporter. we'll start on those comments. we no trump is no stranger to digging in but could comments like that spell bigger trouble for allen weisselberg, for example? >> what we're seeing is a preview of what weisselberg's attorneys will argue at trial. the president is saying it for his own political benefit but he's saying he's trying to join forces with weisselberg and weisselberg's attorney and saying you the american people should not care about this case because it's small potatoes and nothing worse than other people would do in the same situation. that's simply not what the law says.
10:44 am
what's going on here is just the president making, the former president making his position known so that they can play off of that in future. >> you've been following the latest in this case. now the charges have been filed. what happens next? >> well, the next court date is not until september. we don't expect too much movement but a speech like last night's speech where the former president devoted about ten minutes to discussing these charges, i mean that will create news and continue to keep this in the news cycle as things settle and allen weisselberg comes to terms with these charges and the trump organization as well. this is really a body blow for criminal charges to be brought down against a company. it's not that usual and for trump, it bears his name. they are in the hot seat, obviously, right now. probably other executives are sweating right now as we wait to see what happens in the coming
10:45 am
months. >> you wrote in think peace called manhattan's trump organization indictment, swan song for cy vance. you says the district attorney should get credit for proceeding in the right way. >> this is why i wrote that. cy vance is not running again to be the district attorney. he has less than six months in his tenure. that gives him a certain amount of freedom. it gives him the freedom to pursue the case as he thinks it should be pursued without regards to what his constituents may say one way or the other. it's not easy for person in charge of a prosecution office to bring certain types of charges. when you prosecute people who don't have a lot of resources, you're criticized for prosecuting people who don't have a lot of resources to defend themselves.
10:46 am
what cy vance did here is he brought a case that in some ways doesn't appeal to either side. it's dismissed by the former president trump and his camp as not being a significant case and criticized by the other side as not being enough given the expectation, given what's been written about the trump organization. it's important to realize that this is not the end of the investigation. my own view is that there was probably concern that they were losing certain counts of the indictment to the expiration of the statute of limitations. they had to bring the case within a certain amount of time. they are preserving the charges that they feel they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury of 12 people you nan mousily which is a high bar they have to clear. i think they are proceeding
10:47 am
cautiously and proceeding in a very deliberate manner. not necessarily the most popular way to go with either side of the debate. >> anna, noting this is the second rally since he left office, politico is calling this a revenge tour. what do they mean by that and do we know when and where the next stop is? >> well, what they mean by that is trump platform has been taken away. he used to have cameras surrounding him at all hour of the day. he had a constant platform where he could get his grievances out and continue the narrative that he's a target of the left which, frankly, he's been saying since his candidacy for president and throughout his presidency. his revenge tour is now his opportunity to have cameras once again. he doesn't have as many opportunities as he used to. the question is will he run in
10:48 am
2024 and there are a lot of people who wonder is he going to risk another loss and that's also a big question. this plays to his base and people like him defending himself against what he calls mainstream attacks and attacks from the left. >> thank you both so much for joining us on this today. many questions still linger about next steps for the january 6th select committee. what members will investigate first, after the break. machine l investigate first, after the break machin ♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪
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and most reliable 5g network. plus customer experience that finds solutions in the moment. and first-class benefits, like 5g with every plan. network, support and value-- without any tradeoffs. that's t-mobile for business. new reaction today, and perhaps clarification about what the january 6th committee investigation might look like. we asked the committee's chair whether donald trump himself would be called to testify. congressman betty -- dennie
10:51 am
thompson says he is not ruling anything out. >> are you prepared to s&p the president united states. >> i am prepared to s&p anything who is behind the facts and circumstances of january 6th. >> johning me now a reporter at "politico," and a correspondent from reuter's. jeff, we'll start with you. what is your reaction to that? what kinds of information could trump provide? >> he could provide a lot of information. in particular, a look at what he did on that day after his rally outside the white house, and went back to the white house, when he was watching what was unfolding at the capitol. who he spoke to, who he did not speak to, what he directed people to do or did not direct people to do. all of that has been reported on, of course, but -- [ no audio ] -- not directly by the former president.
10:52 am
>> nicholas, give us a sense of what's next here for this committee? >> well, chairman champson actually told us late last week that his first hearing he wanted to hold of this committee would be to convene members of the capitol police to talk about their experiences on january 6th when many were seriously injured, beaten by rioters. we saw many are still coping with the psychological trauma of being attacked that day. that will be a powerful hearing. then after they move on from that we could potentially hear from other former administration officials and others that this committee wants to bring in to try to penitentiary a fuller picture of what happened that day. >> jeff, we are going to hope that your camera hangs out for us for this next question. but in the next segment nbc legal analyst carol lamb said last night's rally was a preview of what we might hear from allen weisselberg's defense here. when you heard the comments
10:53 am
there, did you get the same impression? >> well, i think that's -- i think it was definitely sort of a heads up about the thinking at the trump organization, and certainly at the top. they are dismissing all of it, having an overzealous prosecution. and i am sure that that's what they will continue to do. >> nicholas, going back to the committee here, the select committee, do you see any scenario in which there could be republican support drummed up for this committee? if not, what does that mean for the details that it uncovers? >> as things stand right now, minority leader kevin mccarthy has held his hands very close about how exactly he wants to handle this panel. only two house republicans voted for it in the first place, liz cheney and adam kin zinger. cheney herself is actually sitting on the panel now. it remains to be seen whether republicans are going to try to appoint, you know, more
10:54 am
knowledgeable, potentially more even-keeled members to this committee or if they will try to appoint more ins incendiary members like matt gaetz or marjorie taylor green. it will decide whether we can going to see bipartisanship or if it will descend to akri moany. >> you acknowledge there has been progress on covid, on recovery, but it is union that is present on the country's 245th birthday. how does the uniter in chief address this between lawmakers and americans? >> july 4th was a day that the president wanted to celebrate a milestone on covid. he has a lot to celebrate. we go into that in that piece.
10:55 am
but disunit goes back to everything we were talking about so far in this segment. it has to do with republicans and democrats not even being able to agree how to investigate what happened on january 6th. it has to do with the millions of people around the country who still believe that donald trump won the last election. so those types of things are factors that are a part of this moment on july 4th, on the 245th birthday of the united states. but as i talk about in that piece, there has been a lot that changed in the p biden's short . covid is one of them. the improvement in the economy is as well. >> jeff, nicholas, hope you have a barbecue or some family time on the docket today. there are still a few more hours to enjoy. thanks so much. the long wait at the site of the blag collapse in florida. we will have new developments at the top of the hour. like a long, long norwegian winter.
10:56 am
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11:00 am
continues our coverage right now. good day from msnbc world headquarters in new york. welcome to alex witt reports. here's what is happening at 2:00 p.m. eastern, 11 a.m. pick. demolition crews have taken over in surfside florida. the part of the being that's still standing would be demolished in the next 24 hours. officials say certainly before tropical storm elsa makes land fall over florida. >> this morning, the crews were about 80% complete with their preparation to bring the building down. as you know, the fact that the building is being transplanted to be demolished as stopped the work, which is critical. we need to get back to work as soon as possible. we need to get this building taken down. and we need to move forward with the rescue of all these people


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